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Harold was a Liar

by reddit user AtLeastImGenreSavvy

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My brother, Harold, almost never told the truth. He was six years younger than me, and, although our mother tried to hide it, he was her favorite. It was easy to see why. Harold was adorable. He had round apple cheeks, curly blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Even at age seven, he was a social butterfly. He was always on the move, always playing with a different set of friends every week, and always charming.

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It makes me sad how misunderstood and misrepresented Aphrodite is. She’s more than just the Goddess of love. She’s the beauty in the world around us, the passion that drives you through each day. And at the same time She’s also that rage you feel after being mistreated. The raw power of anger that surges through you. She’s not always soft pinks and roses. She’s multifaceted and complex, something far greater than we could ever begin to comprehend.


Zendaya is more than just a pretty face. She’s a beautiful human being and an amazing role model, and this is why I stan for her.

[update: finally got around to fixing the caption for the the photoshop and barbie photo’s. Thanks for letting me know @underbree@merlzii ]

She has a laugh almost as melodic as her voice,
A smile just as bright as her eyes.
When she talks the crowd goes quiet,
All eyes on her when she enters a room.
She walks with elegance and moves without a care.
She is kind and gentle,
Her touch comforting and soft.
Her grace is abundant, her faith strong.
She is more beautiful than the stars.
Lovelier than flowers.
And you simply cant help but love her.
—  A.P
“وإني أراها بأضعاف مِن جمالٍ على ما هي تظن من نفسها.”
I see her much more beautiful than she thinks she is.
—  زيدالحوراني

This week’s Jewish character of the week is: Leia Organa

(Her favorite had always been Sukkot. Sleeping outside with her adopted but still very real family, in the beauty of Alderaan; she’d missed that more than anything after Alderaan was destroyed. But teaching her brother the Shabbat prayers, watching Ben at his bar mitzvah - that was worth it.)

Reasons why to keep Cassandra Clare away from Shadowhunters:

And these are very valid reasons, mind you:

  • She has [and still does] bullies fans and has even gotten a girl expelled from her university years ago.
  • She plagiarizes and won’t apologize for it and tries to hide that away.
  • She blocks fans who point out problematic content/flaws in her novels instead of sorting it out and discussing it.
  • She has a incest fetish [which is disgusting] to the point she makes an incest storyline about Jace/Clary’s fake relations and makes them lust after each other after thinking they are siblings. She also made Sebastian attempt to rape Clary. She also ships Stefan/Damon from TVD [The Vampire Diaries] and they’re brothers.
  • She prompts female/female hate, making Clary hate Isabelle for being more beautiful than her [which is ridiculous].
  • She slut-shames Show!Isabelle and says she looks like Sebastian’s girls because of the clothes she wears [meaning; she’s trashy].
  • She slut-shames BOTH Clary and Isabelle.
  • She made Isabelle get slut-shamed in the books by everyone around her.
  • She fetishizes a gay couple [Malec] and is writing their first time for the Trevor Project, to make fucking money [which is disappointing[.
  • She claims her books are diverse but treats her POC/LGBT characters like shit.
  • She made a girl [specifically a biracial girl, Maia] go back to being in a relationship with her abuser [romanticizing abuse is disgusting and sadly still happens in media. An example is Reylo.]
  • She sidelines her one lesbian couple [banishing them to Wrangel Island] and doesn’t give them development what so ever.
  • She once clarified in a post, first referring to Magnus as ‘Half-Asian’, then later, referring to him as ‘Asian’. [-.- WHICH IS IT CLARE?]
  • She said in a tweet that Magnus is Pansexual but currently identifies as Bisexual [which shows her ignorance of the LGBT community and sexualities]
  • She’s a misogynist.
  •  She just has LGBT characters in her books as her Token Lesbian/Gays and gives them little to no page time and scenes.
  • She made Alec biphobic [he showed disgust towards Magnus being a bisexual man and makes biphobic comments].
  • She attempted to get a producer from the show fired AND EVEN ENCOURAGED A FAN.
  • She is exploiting Malec for profit and money, which is wrong and disgusting.
  • She hates Shadowhunters [and made it clear in her tweets and shades] and now wants to be more involved in season 2.
  • She’s a homophobic, biphobic, a misogynist, a slut-shamer, a plagiarist and a malicious, incest/rape/abuse and LGBT fetishizing woman who needs to stay the fuck away from Shadowhunters.

“Dang she’s hot. Get it”
Those words are always echoing whenever a picture of her is shown and it’s starting to become vile.
Not for the fact that it’s rude but because it’s inconsiderate.
Yes she is hot, but more than that she is beautiful, in ways not seen by a strangers eye.
The way her mind works is like a beautiful painting, with long broad strokes to start with and as you get deeper the details become more obvious.
Her mind is a library and filled with small books meant for making people think they know her, yet the deeper you get the thicker the books are. Filled with details no one could ever imagine.
Her mind is a song and when you first talk you’ll hear the loud bass. The almost deafening bass. The more you talk, the more you’ll hear the other instruments singing out behind that bass. Soon you’ll hear the most beautiful masterpiece to ever be played for your ears.

Those words are inconsiderate because although her eyes are the storms that people love, her smile is worth thousands of pearls, and her laugh is as amazing as the thunder to match her eyes, she is not just looks.
How I’d spend every second admiring the paintings, books, and notes to her song if she’d let me. I’d look into it all once and then again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’d hold it close to remember how to make that smile worth a thousand pearls form, the thunderous laugh boom out, and for her stormy eyes to feel accompanied with its thunder.

—  Yes she is attractive but her mind is beautiful.

So I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the jock falling in love with the nerdy guy, and I love that prompt. But hear me out: imagine the hot girl, like the really hot girl that literally every one likes. Talking mean girls type of hot girl. And her entire life she thought she just hadn’t found the right guy yet, but she’s tooootally straight. Then one day a nerdy, frumpy girl walks into class carrying a stack of books. And the hot girl’s heart legit skip a fucking beat. Like she’s seen hot, she’s seen pretty but this grey mouse nerd is a whole nother level of beautiful! And imagine the hot girl who hasn’t cared for books or pursuing any of her interests because she’s always been told that she’s nothing more than a pretty face. Now she finally realizes the beauty in the brains, so she starts reading, nerding out, trying to pursue the same stuff the nerdy girls like. Just like imagine it. Imagine the two of them finally going on a date together, going to see a superhero movie. Imagine the hot girl watching the nerdy girl talk about it afterwards.

How fictional men flirt
  • Luke Cage: Wanna get some coffee?
  • Steve Rogers: *same as Luke because apparently, coffee is the universal term for getting it on*
  • Leo Fitz: *compares sex to a black hole and says that she's more beautiful than a robot*
  • pre-Daredevil Matt Murdock: You're bored, I'm bored, let's go have some irresponsible fun.
  • post-Daredevil Matt Murdock: Let's just stand here in the rain and get you super wet so I can get a look at you. That came out wrong.
  • Mike Wheeler: *super awkward* You wanna go to the Snow Ball with me?
  • Jim Hopper: You were right. You were right all along. *insert what that problem was here*
  • King Ezekiel: *casually shows up at your place with his pet tiger and a pomegranate*
  • Rick Grimes: Here's some breath mints because we ran out of toothpaste.
  • Anakin Skywalker: I hate sand, it gets everywhere.
  • Robb Stark: Girl, I'd break my vows and ruin the war effort for you.
  • Jon Snow: Girl, I'd break my vows and turn away from the Night's Watch for you (jk, crows before hoes)
  • (EDIT!)
  • FN-2187/Finn: *panics* DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?
  • Kylo Ren: GO ON A DATE WITH ME *smashes furniture*
  • Carl Grimes: Hey girl, wanna read some comics with me?