shes mine forever now

She doesn’t like to be called babe because it’s sort of a lazy way of saying baby, she loved it when I called her by nicknames, babygirl, princess, tiger (because she wants to reincarnate into a tiger if she one day dies) beautiful, etc, she doesn’t like when others call her by her name, because she prefers “soph” but she loved it when I called her by her name and she sat there smiling at me for ages. Her favourite drinks are iced coffee, those frappe things from McDonald’s and rubicon (the mango one though) she loved coffee and I’ll never understand why. Shes insecure of her face and when You look at her too long she’ll cover it, she’s insecure of her body, though it’s perfect just the way it is to me, she’s insecure of her smile but I find it beautiful. No matter how many times I called her beautiful she didn’t once believe it because she believes she isn’t. No matter how many times I tried to prove to her she was beautiful she didn’t believe it. She’s insecure, she’s scared of being hurt, she’s scared of wasting time, she’s scared of putting her all into somebody to be left alone, her guard was up, even after I showed her the craziest amounts of love, because she’s afraid of letting people in and it’ll take her ages for her to be able to trust you and open up, the way she is stubborn drives me crazy because I want her to tell me what’s wrong but she won’t. She’s spend all night crying over me but has been happy for me the next day because whose wants to see a smile on my face, she will be emotional, she’ll cry, she’ll cry and lot, she won’t tell me she’s crying though because she’s scared to bring attention to herself. She gets jealous but only because she doesn’t want to see me with anybody else. She has days where all she wants to do is be alone and cry, there’s days she’ll have no motivation but all you need to do is try to be there for her regardless of how much she acts as though she doesn’t care because deep down she does and her pain is too much to explain so she’ll keep it in rather than tell me what’s wrong. She thinks she’s stupid and not intelligent (which I think and believe she is) and regardless of what i tell her she will never believe it, she always believes she isn’t enough but she is more than enough, I look at her and see my future, I look at her and it will physically hurts me because i know that she is worth much more yet she sticks around just for me, I think back to all the times I’ve hurt her and made her cry because of stupid arguments, I’ll look at her and my eyes will light up from the way her smile forms and the way her pupils dilate, the way she turns her head to the side so I won’t see her smiling or laughing. she never wants to see me upset, she may never say much but she knows, she wants to say things but her shyness takes over, she wants to be here for me but she will have no idea what to say, she will try her damn right hardest to be there for me and even though i don’t realise how much effort she puts in she will still carry on doing so. Even though I don’t thank her enough for making you happy she will still carry on doing so because she wants me to be happy. She never really speaks about what’s on her mind until i physically beg her to, she hates to talk of her past and her future and if I’m lucky she’ll tell me a story or two about her past, I need to pay attention because she hates to repeat herself, i need to reply to her like I’m interested or she’ll think i don’t care. She hates to talk of her future because it’s “depressing” because she doesn’t believe in herself but now is the part where i should interfere and motivate her to believe that everything she wants will be hers as long as she tries. She hates it when i give her “positivity rants” on the phone because it makes her overthink. She hates feeling like I’m not paying attention to her. She hates when I don’t realise everything you do for her. She hates feeling depressed and alone so i much bring as much happiness to her as possible, she hates knowing that I’m not okay. she loves sci-fi movies and that’s another thing I’ll never understand why she loves but when we’re married I’ll sit with her through 3 hour sci-fi movies because it’ll put a smile on her face and I’d do anything for that, She loves to mess and play with her hair, she is so downright passionate about photography and she loves relating to somebody, she loves when I know things about her, she loves having deep meaningful conversations, she sometimes stays up until stupid o clock to check up on me and to see if I’m okay or just to speak to me because she craves me and the feelings I give her. She stays up some nights doing things for me which I would never expect and some nights she will cry herself to sleep because I upset her or because im not okay. She loves to play fight and she loves it when I look into her eyes and she loves it when I lay in bed with her and just talk absolute shit. She loves long walks and pleasing sights, she loves going to pretty places, she loves the nights and one day she would love to travel the world with the love of her life, even though she’s never been an an airplane before but it’s fine because neither have I. she would love a long car journey to wherever as long as it’s with somebody she loves, she loves old music and she loves to make you happy. She loves wearing casual clothes and rarely ever wants to look “feminine” but I love it because its her character and who she is and she will never change that. She will make me happy even if I’m not making her happy because she loves me and will do anything to see a smile on my face. She doesn’t like going to busy places like concerts or crowds etc, she loves dogs and practically develops bonds with them, she dislikes her dog because she’s ‘boring’ but she still loves her and sees her as a sister, because she’s grown up with her. She is sometimes so full of life and so happy that its literally contagious, her smile makes me smile and her laugh is honestly the best sound ever, I see my future every time I look deeply into her eyes and i realise that she is worth so much more than me yet she sticks around, once she loved me she has not once stopped, ever since that day 3 years ago. Sometimes she will act heartless but only because she wants me to show her that I care, sometimes she’ll cry and not tell me because she wants me to figure it out. She doesn’t like to be around many people, she doesn’t want to go to college because she hates the whole school vibe but I respect her for that because going straight for a apprenticeship takes guts, she doesn’t have many friends and although people think they know her, I can assure you they don’t, she will make you feel as though you know her but you really don’t, even I don’t know/understand her to the full extent, because she doesn’t really let anybody in unless she really wants to tell them something, she doesn’t really open up to anybody, she may talk a lot on the phone sometimes but in real life it is the complete opposite because she will become shy. She loves her dads car because of it’s blacked out windows so people can’t see her. I’d describe her as mysterious and as every single day which goes on I carry on learning more about her. She is the book I’ve opened and I will carry on reading her till I am finished reading her which will be never because she is an endless story. She loves it when I hype her up when she looks beautiful when I replay, screenshot and reply with endless emojis because her beauty takes away my breath. Sometimes she’ll have an attitude because she’s upset about something and she wants me to figure it out. But her attitude is nothing to fuck with at all because she can talkkkkk I assure you, she will fight her opinion onto you and she will make her point, but she won’t say a word in person, regardless of the arguments and regardless of the heartlessness she will love me entirely and will carry on doing so and I will never question that. Her heart is made of gold and she will always want what is best for me. I’d keep on going because this isn’t everything about her, if I could, but quite honestly I’d be going on for hours, I could never lie, me and her have made the most happiest and craziest memories together, and I could never doubt that. If forever does not last for me and her and you’re the next person who falls in love with her, take this all in and realise what you’re getting yourself into. Treat her well because she is honestly a queen, you’ll learn to love her, but let me assure you something, you will never love her half as much as I do. But for now and hopefully till forever, she is mine and I will carry on loving her till the day I die.
—  dedicated to my wife.
By the Light of the Moons

Summary: Solas reunited with his Lavellan after 5 years post Tresspasser…smut ensues.

Reposting in case someone needed Solas smut (that isn’t awesome but it’s here)

NSFW near the end..

I peer through the window.

Her hair has grown long once more and falls in silken waves about her shoulders. She sits staring at the portrait she had drawn of me those many years ago. Somehow she’d managed to capture one of the happier times, although I suppose, my time spent close to her were always the happiest times. It must have been much easier to catch me with a smile then.

She places the portrait back on her bedside table and quenches the dim candlelight with a single breath. The room falls into darkness except for the faint glimmer of the moons’ pale light that casts a heavenly glow on her still figure.

My breath catches in my throat and my heart swells beneath my chest as I move toward the door. I have waited long enough now and it is time I gathered courage and made an apology. She deserved to have that at least, though I’d gladly give her more if she wished.

My hand grasps the knob. I twist and push and the door lets out a low groan as my shadow crosses over the threshold. She bolts upright, rubbing at her eyes and blinks.

“Solas?” She slides her legs to the edge of the bed, bare feet skimming along the floor. “Is it really you?”

“Yes.” My voice comes out raw and husky and I choke back the tears that beg to make an escape.

She stands, still wary of my presence at her door and doesn’t move.

“I know this is rather late.” I explain. “But I needed to come here and tell you that I am sorry, for what that is worth.”

She studies me for a time, her eyes boring into mine own. Still unmoving, her expression still unchanging, I choose to continue.

“I cannot bear the burden of my choices any longer. I cannot go another day knowing that you’re alone in this world just as I. For you,” I take a step forward and reach out to her but she looks away, out the window and my hand falls back in rejection. “For you are my heart, my home. I would not see this world burn if you would burn with it too.”

A tear begins to trickle down her smooth cheek. “And so you’ve come to make amends…”

She pauses to wipe at her eyes and I wait, for what seems excruciatingly long for her to continue. My brows knit together with concern.

“After all this time…” her voice is barely audible when she speaks again.

My breath catches in my chest as she moves toward me, hips swaying in the thin nightdress. Her hand reaches for my face while more tears fall from those beautiful grey eyes. I lean into her gentle caress on my cheek while maintaining her steady gaze.

“Ar lasa mala revas.” (You are free.) She breathes, cutting away the chains of self reviling, guilt and shame.

I am a broken man.

The tears I’ve been fighting against fall freely now and I sink to my knees in a violent sob. Arms wrap around my shuddering body. It is she who holds me now. She who comforts me. Even after what I’ve done.

Faint touches of her lips graze against my brow and I shudder.

“Ar lath ma.” (I love you.) A kiss at my temple.

“Lasan ara’ sal…” (I give you my soul.) A brush of lips at the corner of my lip.

My quaking ceases and I sit still in her hands, “sule halam'sal'shiral.” (Until the end of life’s journey) A wisp of a kiss to my lips, offering a forgiveness that I do not deserve. She pulls back to look at me again, her hand stays in its place, thumbing away what remains of my pride.

My hand moves to the slender, delicate fingers at my cheek and I interlock them into my own, gathering them between our laps as our knees press against each other.

“I do not deserve your forgiveness.” I say, looking at our hands intertwined.

“But You have it. I told you I would not give up on you. You know that I do not go back on my word.”

My heart soars within me. I lean forward, wetting my lips with my tongue, and offer a gentle kiss of my own.

We both let out a soft groan as lips part and meld together with longing, lingering with each intake of breath and carrying through the next heart beat.

She squeezes my hand as our kisses grow fervent and my other hand finds its place at her back. I rest it there gently, not wishing to force anything from her that she doesn’t wish to give, and she breaks her hand free from my grasp.

With great need and hunger, she climbs into my lap, arm clasped about my neck, and legs wrapped around my waist, kissing deeper. Kissing harder. Chasing my tongue with her own in desperation.

Heat pools in my stomach and catches fire within my veins. I clutch her tight against me, never wanting to let her go.

My heart is singing but cannot drown out the words that my mind wantonly speaks over and over again.

I do not deserve this. I do not deserve her. I deserve spite and hatred. Loathing and animosity.

I pull back, out of breath and panting. The look on her face is disappointed and frightened.

“You’re not leaving again are you,” she says accusingly as her hand goes slack around my neck as I shake my head.

“Only if that is what you wish.”

“No. Never. I want you always. Now and forever.” She touches her head to mine, our noses brushing each other and says, “I know you are struggling inside of that mind of yours. I’m sure you’re saying you don’t deserve this but Solas—I’m tired. I’m tired of waiting for you to just accept that I love you for you. Flaws, failures, disappointments included. ‘Ma'sal'ahiral.” (Love of my life)

“Ar lath ma, vhenan.” (I love you, my heart)
My lips crash into hers again, making sure to dizzy myself in the taste of her. Her fingers slide down to my chest, sending shivers up the length of my spine. My hands glide down to her rear, cupping the softness of her bared curve

I would be content to stay like this forever, locked in her warm embrace, showered with her kisses and touches and scent.

Nimble fingers pull at my shirt,
“Are you cer…” I ask breathlessly but she cuts me off.

“Yes. More than you know.”

More kisses along my neckline. My pants become tighter with each stroke of her dancing fingers.

Her hand grapples with my belt, and I give assistance, stripping away the hindrances. There are no more pretenses here. Clothes become like withered grass, discarded on the floor.

Heavy breaths catch with the taste of recycled air that reverberates with soft, quiet moans.
Scooping her up into my arms, we float along the floor until we’re falling, ensnared within the others’ arms across the down feathered bed.

Dipping my head, I trace runes onto her breasts with the tip of my tongue; she tastes of sweat, of salt and a hint of buttered rum.
Her voice breaks into melodic sighs as I trail a path amidst her thighs, where my tongue flicks across her sex in a perfectly timed tune.

Again and again.

Her fruit is ripe, tangy and sweet, I relish in its savory flavor. Her cries call out to me and my arousal heightens. With nails digging into the flesh of my shoulder, I’m driven to escalate her pleasure with a touch of electricity. She shivers and a small sound catches in her throat.

I pull up, a smirk on my face to see her relaxed and utterly vulnerable before me. A sheen of sweat sparkles in that pale light along the entirety of her body and she looks glorious. A majestic sight for my eyes. I dust a finger along her inner thigh and she shudders, sensitive to my touch.

Her eyes flutter open, mouth pulled up in a joyous smile.
“Please tell me that isn’t all.” She says. I cannot help but laugh.

“Well then,” I say as I inch up toward her mouth, “Lasa ar’an alas’nira aron fen’en,” (let us dance as the wolves do). I growl into her ear with a gentle nibble and push myself into her.

My rhythm is slow, breath for breath, so I can watch her chest rise and fall with each rock and sway.
She begins to mutter into my ear, “Rosa’da’din in’em.” (Come inside of me)

“Ha’mi’in. Lasa em tua rosas’da’din.” (Relax. Let me make you come). I reply with a deeper thrust and a quickening of pace. Her voice cracks and fades into breathy sighs interspersed with euphoric cries.

We fall into our wild pattern, becoming familiar once again with our highs and our lows until I finally cannot hold myself any longer and spend all that I have inside her. She clenches tight around me and my elbows almost give way into collapse. I inhale sharply to catch my breath and she’s pulling my face to hers, enveloping me once again with her enchanting mouth.

I fall to my side, pulling her in close so our lips never have to part. And we continue this way, two lovers and two wolves, dancing in the light of the moon.

hc time

jake recently discovered that amy keeps an EpiPen in her purse in case he ever gets stung by a bee … what he doesn’t know is that she’s been carrying it around for nearly eight years


Now I am strong (now I am strong).
You gave me all.
You gave all you had, and now I am whole.


AU: Bellamy was unquestionably a leader among the Grounder army. Demanding respect from his seconds and standing loyally at the side of his Commander. Which is why he doesn’t understand when the Commander, Clarke, banishes him for questioning her decisions. Now, with war approaching, Clarke is struggling to inspire her warriors without Bellamy at her side. The Commander must decide between her head and heart, when it comes down to the good of her people.


this is elijah mikaelson, traitor to our cause! and i would rather die than accept you as leader.

Oneshot(Request) Traveling w/ tc to tlm & Smaug is interested in u. He trades u for tlm & Thorin agrees bc he's mad.(U r a skin changer u just don't know)(Thorin doesn't realise what he's done till after and tc is furious) This might be long.

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You treaded through Erebor, as the boys began to take off their armor and place  the dwarvish armor on. You laughed at their excitement. As you walked, you traced you hand along the wall, and thought about the stories Thorin had told you about the mountain. Smaug couldn’t be real, could he?, you thought to yourself. You breathed in through your nose. It doesn’t smell like dragon breath, or charred flesh. You shrugged off the thought of the dragon and walked down some stairs. You could tell your were getting close to the center of Erebor. Suddenly, you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around to see Bilbo.

“Miss y/n, Thorin doesn’t want you to go down there yet.”

“Yet? And I suppose you’re allowed?”, you crossed your arms and looked at him. 

“Well, yes acutely, I am a burglar after all. Now could you please head back to the others?”, he pleaded. You scoffed and began to head back, but stopped as soon as you were no longer in sight of Bilbo. You saw him walk left, then right, then left again. You could tell he didn’t know where he was going. You giggled at his innocence. You began to follow him, but far enough that he could’t see you. I’m not going to sit and wait for some stone to be found, I’ll find it myself, you thought. You really didn’t want to find it, you just wanted to go home. After entering Erebor, you could see a change in Thorin. Balin had mentioned to you of Dragon sickness, but you didn’t believe in it; at least not until you entered the mountain. You were pulled out of your thoughts when your heard a deep rumble coming from Bilbo’s direction. You didn’t realize it right away, but you had stopped walking. You couldn’t see Bilbo anymore, and began to panic. You grabbed your sword and began to run down a hallway. You didn’t know where it was taking you, but there was no time to think, Bilbo might be in danger. The stories can’t be true. Their just silly fairytales. You thought. You began to feel sweat run down your brow. You skidded across the floor, when you saw it. The dragon. It’s long scales reflected against the gold as it moved. You gasped and quickly ran behind pillar. 

“It seems you’ve brought a friend for dinner, barrel rider.”, Smaug hissed. He heard you and was now after you. You took in a big gulp of air and gipped your sword. You knew if you were gonna die, it wasn’t gonna be this way. You ran from the pillar and faced the beast. 

“I’m here you worm! Bilbo run!”, you screamed at the two of them. Bilbo slid across the gold pieces with the shiny, white stone in his hands. You sighed in relief and looked back at the serpent. He looked at you as if he was studying you. He came close to you, inches from your face. He sniffed you and smiled. 

“Who are you?”, he breathed into you. You coughed at the stench of his breath. There it is, you thought. You opened your mouth to speak, but was cut off by the yells and screams of the dwarfs. They were on the opposite side of the huge room, waving at the dragon, so you could run. You looked around the mountains of gold to find Bilbo. He was climbing up some stairs that were covered in the shimmering gold. You looked back at the dragon, whose attention was now on the Company. Nows your chance, you thought. You ran down the hall from which you came and began to make your way to the others. You wiped the sweat off your face, and began to slow down as you came closer to them. You hugged Bilbo and looked down at his hands. You frowned at the sight. You knew it wasn’t his fault that he had dropped the Arkenstone. You looked over at Thorin who was now furious because the Arkenstone was still with Smaug. You stepped in front of Bilbo ready to defend him, when you heard the deep voice of the dragon.

“King under the mountain…what a surprise. I knew the Barrel Rider was in the company of filth.”, he grumbled, as he slithered towards you all. The others got in a fighting stance ready to kill the beast, when Smaug chuckled.

“I won’t eat you..not if you give me the girl.”, his eyes traced towards you and a smile crept upon his lips. Your eyes widened at his request. You stopped your sword and stepped back. Bilbo stepped in front of you and waved his sword at the beast. 

“You cannot take her!”, he yelled at Smaug. Thorin pressed his hand against Bilbo sword, lowering it. He stepped closer to Smaug and looked at him. 

“The Arkenstone, is it there Bilbo?”, he asked as he continued to look at Smaug. Bilbo pointed to the spot of where he dropped it. Thorin looked to the spot and saw the shimmering stone. He smiled, then looked back at the snake.

“The girl, if you want her so much, then you will not kill us and give us the Arkenstone and Erebor.”, he whispered as his eyes began to trace back to the stone. 

“No! Thorin, you cannot-” Balin started.

“Am I not the king?!”, he screamed at the company. They stopped yelling and looked at you. You shook your head in disbelief, as tears began to form in your eyes. You knew there was no way out, if only. You looked at Bilbo, whose eyes were now red with tears of anger and sadness. You forced a smile and hugged him, then hugged the rest of the Company, except Thorin. You walked over to Thorin and looked into his eyes for any sign of sanity, but only found madness. A tear fell from your eye and ran down your cheek. You placed your lips on Thorin’s cheek and whispered in his ear,

“I hope this trade of the girl for Erebor is enough to make you happy.”, you stepped back to see your friends one last time. Your lip trembled at the thought of an eternity with a dragon. You turned to Smaug and closed your eyes. You felt the hard skin of his claw wrap around you, as you were lifted up into the air and placed onto his neck. You gripped onto his scales as a low rumble came from him. 

“I hope you know you just gave away one of the last skin changers in the entire world. Now she is mine…forever.”, he laughed, as his legs began to move, quickly, to the gates of Erebor. You looked back at Bilbo in shock and tried to jump off, but he was too fast for you to jump. 

“Y/n?! You’re a-?”, Bilbo yelled as he ran, trying to stay with you. You shook you head at him, you gave him a face of ‘I didn’t know’. The rest of the company tried to stop the beast so they could get to you, but Smaug rammed into the gate and began to move his wings, up and down. You and Smaug were soon in the air, and all the Company heard was your screams of terror.

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Her. I love her.

I’m in love with her. I’m in love with the thought of her. I love how she sounds; when she laughs and talks about anything and everything. I love how she smells; the intoxicating lovely smell she exhibits everyday. She is the best thing in my life. I want her and i need her. Theres no one else who i want to be with all the time besides her. I love her hands, her fingers, her arms, her legs, her toes, her curves, her ocean blue eyes, her perfect teeth and smile, her cute nose and nose piercing i picked out, her soft lips, her everything. My everything. She is my everything. Im so in love with her. I want to please her, make her the happiest ever. Give her everything and more. Do whatever it takes to leave a smile on her face. I am in love. Im in love with her. And i also am a her. I am pansexual but ive realized how much more attracted i am to women. I believe women are pure and magical, like her. My girlfriend is the one for me. Shes mine, and i want her…now and forever and always. Baby, if youre reading this i love you…you are perfect and i am in love with you. You dont need to do anything to change yourself. You dont have to impress me; you do it naturally and i love that about you. You dont need to force a smile or laugh, fake a smile, hide your feelings, lose weight or diet, or anything else to hide who you are. I love you, just the way you are, nothing will change my love for you baby. You are my beloved…i belong to you and you belong to me, forever. I love you i love you i love you. Forever.

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I Don’t Dance - Steve x Reader

Warning: Can you count ‘too adorable’ as a warning?

Summary: Based off of Lee Brice’s song “I Don’t Dance” // Read from Steve’s perspective of the reader and how she snuck her way into his life and ultimately his heart.

Word Count: 1421

I’ll never settle down,

That’s what I always thought

Yeah, I was that kind of man,

Just ask anyone

“You’re too hard on yourself, Steve. If you don’t give women the chance to look past your age, you’ll never even know true love.”

Her words rang through my mind a moment as I reeled. “You don’t understand, (Y/N). How are people suppose to look past the fact that I’m practically a hundred years old? That’s not exactly something you can avoid telling people. The whole world knows.”

“I didn’t say avoid. I said give them a chance. If they really like you for you, age doesn’t matter.” She snorted a bit, glancing up at me.

“Oh yeah? How do you know that?” I asked searching her eyes for any sign of laughter.

“Because I really like you, Steve. And your age doesn’t bother me one bit.” She stood her ground, looking into my blue eyes with nothing but the truth reflecting in her own.

I don’t dance, But here I am

Spinning you round and round in circles

It Ain’t my style, but I don’t care

I’d do anything with you anywhere

Guess you got me in the palm of your hand

Cause, I don’t dance

“Why’d you even bring me here, (Y/N)? You know I can’t dance and I’m still not so sure about Tony’s music.” I frowned a bit as I twirled her around.

“Because we needed to celebrate. And Tony insisted we come. Besides, I really wanted to. You said we could do whatever I wanted tonight.” She always looked adorable when she pouted that lower lip of hers out. It drove me crazy to see her beg for something that I thought was silly.

“You’re right, I did.” I smiled, twirling her back towards me. I’ve realized the last few months that I did anything for her. At first I thought I was just being nice. But now? All I could think about was making sure she was the happiest woman alive.

Love’s never come my way,

I’ve never been this far

But you took these two left feet

And waltzed away with my heart

“What’re you talking about, Steve? I can’t be the only one you’ve ever loved. What about Peggy?”

“Well, I do love her. But not in the way I love you.” I admitted, running my fingers through her hair as she curled into my side. It was far too early in the morning for this conversation but it was my fault for letting ‘I love you’ slip from my mouth for the first time. She had started talking about all kinds of things at that point without ever responding to me.

“But you did at one point, didn’t you?” She looked up at me so innocently and I was surprised she was curious instead of upset like I expected.

“Well..” I sighed, rubbing the arm she had laid across my chest. “No, actually I didn’t. I really, really liked her but I wasn’t given the chance to let our relationship get to the point of ours.”

“And you’re okay with that? I mean with us having that instead of the two of you?” I could see her start to doubt herself as she chewed on her lip.

“Hey, now.” I said softly, lifting her chin to look up at me. “If I wasn’t okay with it, I wouldn’t have said it. I wouldn’t be here, with you. Especially in bed of all places. I’m completely yours, (Y/N).”

The smile she gave me could have lit up the entire world. And it did, because I hadn’t been lying to her. “I love you, too, Steve.”

I could feel my heart flutter at those words as I pressed a kiss to her lips. She is my world.

No, I don’t dance, but here I am

Spinning you round and round in circles

It ain’t my style, but I don’t care

I’d do anything with you anywhere

Guess you got me in the palm of your hand, girl

Cause, I don’t dance


I don’t dance

“She’s got you tied around her little finger, doesn’t she, Capsicle?” Tony asked me as we both watched a giddy (Y/N) talking with the other girls over a stack of magazines stuffed full with pictures of wedding dresses.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. The smile she held was the brightest I’d ever seen. She hadn’t stopped smiling since the day I asked her to marry me. Through missions, injuries, and even helping me find Bucky. She’d been by my side through it all supporting me in whatever way she could. Bucky and Tony had been right. She deserved more than I had been offering her. She wanted a wedding. I’d be damned not to give her the one of her dreams.

I smiled at her as she looked up at me, grinning. I could hear the others give a soft ‘aww’ as our eyes met. “Nah, Tony. She’s got me in the palm of her hand, not just wrapped around a little finger.”

I don’t dance, but here I am

Spinning you round and round in circles

It ain’t my style, but I don’t care

I’d do anything with you anywhere

I found myself once again talked into dancing with (Y/N). It was just a rehearsal dinner but it came as no surprise to me that Tony went all out as usual, including a small social formal for our closest friends and her family.

“What happens if I step on your shoes that you spent two weeks picking out?” I frowned after having just stepped on her foot for what felt like the billionth time that night.

“Then it’s a good thing the bulk of our pictures will already have been taken, eh?” She giggled softly as we danced.

“That’s not funny, (Y/N). I’m being serious.” I sighed.

“So am I. You’re stressing too much. It’ll be a miracle if I even still want to be wearing shoes by that point.”

“Oh, yeah, cause that makes me feel so much better.” I groaned.

“Then I’ll stand on your feet. We’ve danced enough that you know how to lead. Like this.” She grinned playfully up at me as she did just that. I felt the slight pressure of her standing on the tops of my shoes as we swayed. “See? Can’t step on me if I’m on top of you.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle and kiss her forehead. “Alright, I’ll give you that one, doll.”

I don’t dance, but here I am

Spinning you round and around in circles

It ain’t my style, but I don’t care

I’d do anything with you anywhere

Yah, you got me in the palm of your hand, girl

Cause, I don’t dance

I’m quite certain I couldn’t have smiled any bigger than I was that day. I had Bucky and Tony standing at my side as I watched her walk down that aisle dressed in white. It didn’t matter what others were saying. I couldn’t hear them anyway. All I could do was stare at her and how much she radiated such beauty.

Things had been such a whirlwind. They weren’t kidding when they say that you never remember much of your own ceremony. I didn’t care. All I cared about was that she was now mine. Forever. My Mrs. Rogers. I never thought it would happen. But there I was, having my first dance with my wife. I spun her around in circles, eliciting sweet giggles from her as I tugged her back into my arms. I don’t think I stepped on her feet once that night.

As the song ended, Tony had managed to get a hold of the microphone despite promising Pepper he wouldn’t touch it. I knew it was too good to be true as his voice rang out. (Y/N) and I turned to looked at him.

“I know I promised I wouldn’t touch this thing. We all know how I get when the attention is on me.” Tony mused. “But I just had to say well done, Steve. You couldn’t have picked a better woman for you to fall into. Almost literally.” He grinned, referencing how the two of us had met.

Bucky gave a playful smirk, snatching the mic from Tony. He winked at (Y/N) causing the entire room, including me, to burst into laughter, “And I want to add, welcome to the Avengers family, Mrs. America.”

Let’s Show Them

Tyler and Stefan watch Klaus and Caroline have sex.
25 Days of Klaroline - Day 23: klaroline + smut
NSFW, obviously.
I’m pretty nervous about this one, but I hope you like this

Caroline couldn’t quite believe that she’d agreed to doing that.

Sure, she loved experimenting and Klaus had never done anything that she hadn’t liked, but perhaps this was too much.

Or at least, that’s how she wanted to feel.

Because surely she shouldn’t be as turned on as she was in that moment.

But the fact was, only the thoughts of having Stefan and Tyler watching as she let Klaus have her managed to make her more aroused than she was ok admitting.

Not that she needed to say a word. Everyone in that room had probably already picked on the scent emanating from between her legs or the way her breathing had quickened.

“Is this ok, love?” Klaus asked as he lowered the strap of her dress down her arm and pressed a kiss to her shoulder, making her shiver.

Her eyes darted to the other men in the room.

Their eyes were wild as if they didn’t quite believe that was actually happening. She knew Klaus had compelled them to stay quite and don’t interfere, but also that they were free to leave if they didn’t want to watch.

Both of them, however, didn’t seem to have the intention of leaving.

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9 Book Recommendations Based On Your Favorite Pop Songs

If you’re listening to…

  • Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine
  • read: If I StayWhere She Went by Gayle Forman

If you’re listening to…

  • OneDirection - Story of My Life
  • read: Now and Forever by Susane Colasanti

If you’re listening to…

  • New Politics - Harlem
  • read: the Scott Pilgrim series, by Bryan Lee O'Malley

If you’re listening to…

  • Passenger - Let Her Go
  • read: Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

If you’re listening to…

  • Neon Trees - Sleeping With a Friend
  • read: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

If you’re listening to…

  • Icona Pop - I Love It (ft. Charli XCX)
  • read: The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

If you’re listening to…

  • Ed Sheeran - Sing
  • read: Exile by Kevin Emerson

If you’re listening to…

  • Bastille - Pompeii
  • read: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

If you’re listening to…

  • Fitz and the Tantrums - The Walker
  • read: The Princess Diaries series, by Meg Cabot

Click the link to read the full article and why these songs are paired with their books!

I met this little nugget two years ago. My best friend Chase showed me a picture of her because he knew I had a soft spot for black lesbians. After seeing her and having my first conversation with her I just knew she was going to be mine forever. Now two years later, and hundreds of miles apart she is finally mine! I cannot wait for August to get here so there will be no more distance between us. I love you! <3

the wedding guests shriek as the Queen of Darkness appears.
“you fools!” she laughs, “I enchanted your darling princess’ ring! she is under my spell now, and will forever be mine..!”
“my princess won’t be taken from me!” shouts the Prince, loudly and forcefully as ever, “she is too pure and innocent, and our love is true!”
the crowd gasps as the princess reaches for the Queen’s outstretched hand and grasps it firmly, and the prince howls in anger as they vanish in a cloud of ravens.

within few years, the queen and the princess conquer the lands, defeating all kings and knights in their way. their magnificent fortress oversees the ruins of a once prosperous city, now overgrown and infested with dragons, fairies and other dangerous creatures.

the princess nervously approaches the queen as they lounge in their castle’s luxurious chambers, to tell her something that has been on her heart.
“my love.. I have something to confess to you.”
the queen sits up, a worried expression crossing her face. “what is it, my darling princess?”
“back then, at the wedding.. I didn’t come with you because of the ring’s enchantment. I had been harbouring feelings for you, and felt trapped in a marriage with a man I didn’t love. I made this choice myself.”
the Dark Queen laughs, gently, and says: “I know. the ring you wear bears no magic.. I never enchanted it.”

I thought I would feel more about tonight.

I thought I would feel myriad of things, I thought I would be angry but in fact right now I feel so incredibly liberated. Beth Greene is now mine to write for forever, she is ours to head canon. She is ours to worship, to love, to protect and I am so thankful for finally getting to move on. I’m so thankful for getting to say ‘FUCK YOU’ to these men and women who have run my favorite show into the ground. Goodbye Walking Dead. You steaming pile of mediocre shit! Team Delusional has more creativity in our toe nail clippings than your entire staff has put together.