shes mine forever now


You’re my guy. Always.


Maggie roasting Glenn in S2 | I’ll have sex with you. Really? Why…?


Now I am strong (now I am strong).
You gave me all.
You gave all you had, and now I am whole.

hc time

jake recently discovered that amy keeps an EpiPen in her purse in case he ever gets stung by a bee … what he doesn’t know is that she’s been carrying it around for nearly eight years


AU: Bellamy was unquestionably a leader among the Grounder army. Demanding respect from his seconds and standing loyally at the side of his Commander. Which is why he doesn’t understand when the Commander, Clarke, banishes him for questioning her decisions. Now, with war approaching, Clarke is struggling to inspire her warriors without Bellamy at her side. The Commander must decide between her head and heart, when it comes down to the good of her people.

the wedding guests shriek as the Queen of Darkness appears.
“you fools!” she laughs, “I enchanted your darling princess’ ring! she is under my spell now, and will forever be mine..!”
“my princess won’t be taken from me!” shouts the Prince, loudly and forcefully as ever, “she is too pure and innocent, and our love is true!”
the crowd gasps as the princess reaches for the Queen’s outstretched hand and grasps it firmly, and the prince howls in anger as they vanish in a cloud of ravens.

within few years, the queen and the princess conquer the lands, defeating all kings and knights in their way. their magnificent fortress oversees the ruins of a once prosperous city, now overgrown and infested with dragons, fairies and other dangerous creatures.

the princess nervously approaches the queen as they lounge in their castle’s luxurious chambers, to tell her something that has been on her heart.
“my love.. I have something to confess to you.”
the queen sits up, a worried expression crossing her face. “what is it, my darling princess?”
“back then, at the wedding.. I didn’t come with you because of the ring’s enchantment. I had been harbouring feelings for you, and felt trapped in a marriage with a man I didn’t love. I made this choice myself.”
the Dark Queen laughs, gently, and says: “I know. the ring you wear bears no magic.. I never enchanted it.”

so, at least in the older versions of ant man cassie is a canon fan of star wars (see darth vader poster, what seems like a R2D2 toy)

(image not mine)

and since she’s still young now (forever annoyed that she’s fourteen again but that’s beside the point), and even ignoring that – just imagine her seeing the new star wars movie (in this case she would’ve seen the originals on dvd/vhs and not in theaters)

she adores rey because of course she does – she kicks butt, relies on herself first and foremost, and certainly reminds cassie of both herself and kate at least on some level

finn’s redemption story is so important, because it shows how even if you were placed under unfortunate circumstances (see: her own father), you can make a new life for yourself and help save the universe

poe is dreamy and amazing and just super rad (she needs more time to form thoughts on him, but overall she’s a super big fan of his)

she appreciates the diversity in the new trio because her closest friends (the young avengers) are a diverse bunch and seeing other friend groups that resemble that even in the smallest of ways is such a good

she turns to scott when the big surprise scene (that shall go unnamed) happens and just goes “why”, with tears falling down her face because father figures are so important to her. (and as much as she has an appreciation for villains on occasion, she decides then and there that she hates kylo because of what he did)

she totally asks for a BB-8 toy the second they leave the film because it’s the coolest new robot there ever was, and she’ll always like R2D2 but BB-8 is her new favorite.