shes majestic

Let her be, someone she is, for once. Let her feel what freedom is like. For once, listen how beautifully she talks about the things fell in love with.
You will love her, for what she really is. Let her fly for once and she will the most majestic thing you have ever witnessed. Don’t strangle her with the chains of your judgment. For once, let her be, her.

♔♕ Jon & Sansa of House Stark

↳ “They look beautiful and majestic, sitting there with Winterfell in the deep background.”

When I fall in love I hope she reminds me of blueberries-
I hope she stains my way of thinking
Along with every part of me she touches
I hope she leaves my skin soaked in such a majestic violet
She makes the galaxies overflowing with shades of
Mauve, sunflower yellow, and ocean blues look bad.
I hope when she lies next to me
The rhythm of her breathing
Will remind me what it feels like to be reckless and free
I hope she evokes such a natural energy inside of me
That my insides become her canvas
And she gets lost in the art she’s created underneath my rib cage
I hope every time she talks I’ll forget what she looks like
Because in 20 years it’ll be her mind I fell for,
Not the way her nose crinkles when she smiles
Or the way her eyes light up when she’s happy
I hope that she stains my soul in a beautiful lilac
So I never forget how brilliantly we burned
If she doesn’t stick around
—  Don’t be fooled I’m still a fuck boi