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YOU GUYS. I just remembered that when Maui earned a new tattoo, it was not of just some accomplishment he achieved by going on this journey. It was MOANA, showing how a lot of this was due to her and how it was she who literally changed him on the inside and outside. AND, ITS LOCATION IS NEAR WHERE HIS HEART IS (and near where his tattoo conscience is), because she made him look to his heart and see that his hook was not what defined him. SHE’S DEAR TO HIS HEART, and that just makes me so happy 😭 I loved this movie 🌺

on my main blog i made a post about a Moana 2 where she has a tattoos, i played around with the idea a little bit and made a super super rough sketch. On her leftt shoulder she has a stingray in honor of her grandmother and i think in a more detailed version there would be pictures of boats and sea imagery. and then on her right shoulder blade and moving under her arm would maybe be a representation of Maui’s fish hook? Maybe has some images from their journey in it. She also has a seashell necklace shaped like a sail and the swirl symbol

no one i work with has liked any of the photos of my new tattoo. i have coworkers i consider friends who have liked every other photo i’ve posted since i’ve added them.

only one person at work asked to see my tattoo. all she said was “oh it actually looks prettier in person!” everyone else glanced and ignored. one coworker who is heavily tattooed noticed i had a new one right away and he smiled and said “that’s fun!” when i got a tattoo of mickey mouse in august, everyone crowded around and complimented and asked to see it.

i had a conversation with one of the vets only to find out we had similar wednesdays spent in depression and tears. she was very happy when i showed her my tattoo. it made me feel relief.

on the white board where we list all of our kennel duties for the day, a coworker has been writing “build that wall!” for all of the past three days, in what he considers to be a “joke.” on tuesday i erased it when he wasn’t around. i later heard him wondering “who erased it? i don’t actually mean it, it’s a joke.” must be fun to be a straight white male with no worries.

i’m pretty disappointed in the people i work with. my tattoo was out there to see. yes, i wore a sweatshirt during some parts of the day because i work with dogs and need to protect it. but it was out plenty. everyone saw it.

there’s something liberating about having this on my skin. even if you ignore it, it’s there. it’s a part of me. you know and i won’t hide it.

Literally can’t understand straight people. I stopped being friends with someone irl tonight because they went back (again) to a girl who abuses him emotionally but he has said time and time again he wouldn’t go back and he was done but here we are bc she got a tattoo and it “made him realize she’s not so bad” and I’m done wasting my breath straights are dumb

Pppp please !!! Requesting a smut filled captain boomerang x reader imagine, dealers choice 😍

I swallowed, feeling a tightness form in my trousers at the thought of finally, finally having Y/N in bed with me.

I could tell Y/N was apprehensive, but once she was in the right mood she could be wild. Biting and clawing at my flesh like an… Well.. an animal, spurring me on to bury her in the soft mattress.

“ All I want is nothing more than you have, Captain. ” she whispered, stroking my hair back from my cheek.

I’d barely locked the door to the closed off room before she was undressing me.

We’d seen each other naked thousands of times but she never failed to amaze me. She’d always be hiding some new tattoo or piercing that made my head spin.

She was such a beautiful specimen. And she was all mine until the end of time.

I held her close to me as she undressed herself, never letting a hand leave her beautiful skin. She was soft, but tough at the same time. Her hands were well looked after, but they were hard working hands. Her lips like fresh dewy roses. Her eyes, shone like sunshine. Her hair soft and shiny, swinging about her shoulders.

I watched her intently, never letting her leave my sight.

I lifted her up, holding her to my chest. I took her to the bed and set her down gently, pulling back the thick blankets.

We laid down together with our fingers interlocked. To this day, I’ll never forget how she looked. We lived and loved now. Not for tomorrow or next week or five years from now. Right now.

I kissed her, my heart speeding up. The kiss grew more passionate as I stroked her sides.

* * *

“ That’s it ..! Like..t-hat-.. ” I attempted to say before Y/N’s jerky writhing caused me to hit that spot again. I was moaning uncontrollably and she knew why. I continued to thrust into the exact same spot, getting off on the sound of her being pleasured. She arched her back, but tried her best to remain in control. She gave a sound between a sob and a moan and shuddered as she came for the last time.

She grabbed my shoulders and pulled my mouth to her neck.

“ Please, please, please, bite me, mark me, make me yours. ” she panted all in one breath.

I obliged and bit along her neck as I sucked lovebites into her skin.

I laid down beside her and we caught out breath.

“ I missed you, Digger. ” Y/N said.

“ I missed you more. ” I whispered.

xpyre  asked:

a hand presses against the wall behind her, cornering the musician. ❛ is it.. really that painful to be around me? ❜ Perhaps stupid to ask but long months had passed, a division change as well, and still she avoided him, unable to act as they used to. Of course she couldn't. But it frustrated him anyhow as it possibly meant he even lost her as a friend for good. ❛ Did I.. screw us up that much? Rosa.. ❜ He didn't want the polite smiles, the formalities, the silences.. He just wanted her back.

    | ♪     Cornered, no escape presenting itself so the musician could no longer avoid her love the way she’s been doing since that fateful night everything they shared fell apart. Heart leaping out of her chest like a bird set free, quickening in pace while cheeks were quick to redden as a side effect to his proximity; all evidences pointing to the single fact, despite all their distance and time elapsed, her feelings remained unchanged.

      ‘ is it.. really that painful to be around me? ‘ he would ask and truth was it had been much more painful to not be around him — any time the hummingbird would find something, her heart would instantly wish to run to him first, tell him about her day, only to recall that was no longer an option, thus it had been decided:  her heart, she could no longer trust in his presence. However, such realities could not be voiced to the one who already turned her down, in fear they would only add to his burden. Therefore, indigo hues would merely stare up at him, wounded, tearful and likewise pleading for him to release her from this situation.

    It had only been when his later question was voiced that Rosa would finally and rather instantly respond, unable to withstand the mere thought of the freckled male blaming himself for any of this. ❝ Nuh-uh! No! — No, you didn’t! ❞ she would argue, head shaking in rejection and face finally dropping, guilt rendering her unable to face his freckled visage any longer.

    ❝ — But I did. I was selfish.. I wanted more.. ❞ and when he held her tight and voiced his request, she had assumed he did too. ❝— That night.. I should have never told you how I felt. I should have never walked away.. ❞ but after years of wondering, she simply had to. Did she regret the decision? The hummingbird still had no answer as it seemed both options left her deep in pain and remorse. 

she is the morning you wake up feeling rested. she’s all of the lightning bugs you saw outside your window. she’s the soap your mother used to use with the washing. she is the car you fell asleep in.

i want to touch her with only the softest hands, hold her gentle to make up for all the bruises life’s given her, want to follow those collarbones with my lips and hold her hand while she knits and lick the moon out of her. 

but i’ve got rough palms and a stuttering tongue, a list of mistakes i’ve made tattooed on my lungs. she’s the summer you never forget. i’m the winter that took the life from your chest.

At last I have finished design n#1 for my Dragon Age OC Evadahe. Go through her tag if you want info, there’s plenty, I think. Quick notes: She’s a rivaini dalish mage, it’s fucking cold in the south, I changed her design a bunch of times.

I settled on a mixture of the re-design I had recently uploaded and the re-design of her original design a friend made when she drew her. She’s covered with tattoos underneath all of this, I’ll upload a picture of that soon enough.

((P.s. Most of the design is a mixture of Dalish stuff we’ve seen from DA, some ancient elvhen stuff too, Ferelden fur boots and lastly the jewellery and scarf around her waist were based on what I’ve based Rivain on. Mostly the Caribbean. Her scarf is a mixture of Aveline (from AC)’s scarf and random Surinamese koto patterns while the bracelets and stuff are based on “surinaams zilver” and Isabela’s jewellery. ))

Edit: a mistake got made during clipping, she’s supposed to have a bit of edge on the side of her head, not a bald spot.


Tonight, Heather had learned that she could be the life of the party, if you put enough alcohol in her. Let it be known that this was not the kind of activity she usually got involved with. Her colleagues from work had been trying to get her to go out with them for months now, but Heather always seemed to come up with some sort of excuse that prevented her from going. They were persistent, though, and Heather figured that if she went out with them one night that they’d finally get off of her back. After one drink too many, she’d made the silly suggestion of the group getting tattoos. What was even sillier was that the girls eagerly agreed with the idea. So the women headed from the bar to the tattoo parlor down the block, trying their best to act as sober as possible. Once they got there, though, Heather didn’t have to pretend to be sober too much. The artist at the parlor was painfully familiar. 

Quinn,” Heather blinked, stepping forward as the rest of the girls flipped through folders, looking for ideas. She looked back toward them while wobbling just a little, feeling the strangest urge to explain why she was with them. Finally she looked back toward the dark-haired woman, “So, um – l-long time no see and all that junk, yeah?”