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Klark, queen of the ice nation, from “the white queen running” by @entirelytookeen

Games and Piercings (Voltron Langst One-Shot)

Based on the prompt by @ohwhataprettypinkhat ! Please do enjoy!

           Lance had a game as a child, being the middle child. He really didn’t get too much attention from anyone except for the stray little one or two. Or when something drastic happened to him, like a broken limb or something. Which is why he created the game. Whenever he would talk, and he would notice someone not listening. He’d say something crazy. He’d remembered one time specifically. He was maybe eight at the time. With a gap-toothed grin and a mint green band-aid on his cheek as he babbled to his mother. Wild hand gestures and crazy exaggerations as she chopped vegetables at the stove. He remembered her nodding along, humming ‘yes’s and ‘okay dear’s every so often as he paused.

           “Hey Mama, I’m going to go off to war and break my arm, okay? A hum.

           “Okay mijo, go have fun.” Lance frowned before he stumbled off. Later that day he did actually break his arm. His friend’s mom had to call the ambulance and Lance’s mother hadn’t even know he was at the hospital when his friend’s mother drove him home and talked to Lance’s mother herself. Lance had smiled as he was smothered with attention and love from Garcia’s mother. But, it wasn’t his mother’s attention. It wasn’t the attention he wanted.

           They’d never notice.

           Even when he went off to Garrison, the game continued. Telling instructors he was going to go clubbing. Or that he was off to become a rebel fighter. Giving loud, exuberant stories about sailing the seas. Hell. He told his best friend Hunk he was going to go throw himself off the Garrison room. All he got was a absent minded smile and a ‘okay, see you at curfew.’ Lance wasn’t even sure Hunk had heard the leaving part.

           Then he was a paladin. One of five defender of the universe, fighting an intergalactic war. He was the first one chosen in over ten thousand years. And still, when he’d make jokes, or give his serious opinions. No one heard him. After so many years of the same game, he’d finally gotten bored. So, Lance did the only logical thing.

           Change up the rules.

           Allura was one of the few who noticed him, so she helped him out with his little game. Smiled when he told her the rules. How he’d say crazy things to see if someone was listening. Except for now, just like that one time when he was eight. He’d actually do them. And see how long it took for them to notice the changes.

           First was with Pidge, he’d sat in a room with her for three hours. Talking loudly and in great detail about the new blue highlights he was going to get in his hair when they stopped off in the next planet. How they’d be blue and teal and he was going to look like a god damn gorgeous fucking mermaid. Pidge only ignored him, only noticing and greeting him with a ‘huh?’ after three hours of Lance talking. The reason she noticed him was because Allura had entered the room and called his name.

           He’d gotten his hair dyed on that planet, just as he said he would. And no one noticed.

           The next one was his first ear piercings, he had been sparring with Keith, spouting nonsense as they fought in hand to hand combat. Lance was losing pretty much the entire time. But Lance knew that wasn’t anything new. Keith barely could tell the difference from fighting a training bot from fighting Lance. He got his piercing the very next day. Allura had done them herself. After one of their self-care and venting sessions.

           And it just spiraled from there. Hunk was cooking one day as Lance was drawing and talking about a tattoo of the ocean themed Lion he was going to get to cover most of his upper left arm. Shiro was his verbal bouncy wall for both his right eyebrow piercings. Pidge, that was his tongue piercing. Keith caused his lip piercings, both of them. Hunk had driven him for the belly button piercing. Shiro had gotten him the star tattoos on the corner of his right eye. It was fun yeah, Lance loved the little changes in himself. Each one gave him confidence in his appearance, but they also hurt him.

           It was like a reminder. Each thing he got was a time he was ignored. Rejected and alone. There were like constant reminders of his failings to get the attention he craved. Even Allura was getting agitated. Assuring him that she always noticed when he added the more noticeable things, and being surprised and often delighted and intrigued to see the more obscure and hidden changes. Lance always smiled when she fiddled with his new piercings, buying him new shiny ones that she matched with her own ear piercings, when she admired the progress he made in training, or when she traced his new tattoos with delicate nails. In return he always helped to braid her hair, painted her nails. Hell, he’d learned how to speak Altean for her. She was like the doting big sister he’d always wanted. He’d always craved to have.

           Most of the time, it was able to shove away all of the bad thoughts. Enough to stave off the personal demons inside of him. Clawing at him and constantly nagging at him. Reminding him that he was just a speck in the universe. That he could die one day, and there would be not a single person to mourn his death or go to his funeral.

           Those thoughts hurt. Until eventually, they didn’t. Soon the buzzing thoughts became normal in the back of his mind. Fading to silence as his excitement and live retreated in the castle. Being reserved for celebrations on saved planets, or for the Alteans that paid him attention and treated him like the family he saw them as. The paladins only seeing the bored, indifferent side that Lance adopted to deal with the people who no longer seemed to even care what he did.

           At least, he thought they didn’t, but by the time they did notice he didn’t care whether they did or not.

           It was a planet with a higher rate of gravity and magnetic activity. Gahtic’al or something? It wasn’t in a tongue that Allura talked about very often, but Lance was sure he’d get it by the time he meant the natives. The only thing he recognized as noteworthy was as Pidge announced they’d have to get rid of any metal they carried on them. Lance’s eyebrow raised up. His tongue running over and rubbing against the metal in his mouth. He almost felt anxious. It’d been a while since his skin had been bare of piercings. But, Lance knew he’d have to take them out as he watched even Keith give up his knifes. Lance sighed as he stepped up.

           His hands were already reaching to his ears to take off his piercings in his ears when he felt eyes on him. Shiro was gapping at him as he pulled more and more metal off of his face. Then incredulous as Lance even pulled up his shirt to get off his belly button piercing. Shiro studied Lance up and down. There was three holes in each of Lance’s ears, one industrial bar, and two piercing holes in his right eyebrow. Snake bites, a belly button piercing. Were those tattoos on his skin too?! Shiro gaped. He. When? Lance. Who cared more about his skin and hair than he cared about his health, had piercings and tattoos? And dye in his hair?! Shiro looked around, seeing more dazed and staring paladins. Guessing he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t noticed. Maybe it had happened recently? Shiro looked back to Lance, who looked calm and relaxed. Shiro was in awe.

           The boy looked so different. His body was stronger than Shiro remembered it to be, it was still lean. But with obvious strength, power, and muscle tone that didn’t compromise the litheness of his figure. His hair was brown with shimmering hues of blue and teal that framed his tan and tattooed skin perfectly. His face was set in a neutral expression. Not unfriendly, more of a calm blankness that looked like it could change into the most heart warming smile, or the scariest glare in the world. With a sharp jawline and the soft glowing blue lights of the ship, Lance looked striking, almost ethereal. With sharp royal blue eyes that were trained on a smiling Allura. What the princess did next surprised Shiro.

           “Lance, your tongue piercing too?” Lance seemed to gauge her words for a moment before he got them. Immediately sticking out that long tongue, revealing a thick black metal piercing straight through Lance’s tongue. Causing Shiro to catch a noticeable shudder run through Keith. Almost making him smirk. Keith always had a thing for the blue paladin. And a thing for piercings. Keith had to be in heaven. But, how long had Lance had these piercings? Was Shiro so caught up in training and leading that he hadn’t notice so many drastic changes in one of his paladins? Lance grinned at Allura.

           “Thanks princess.” Pidge was the first one to talk, pointing accusingly at Lance.

           “What?! When did this happen?!” Lance quirked an eyebrow at Pidge, the expression on his face was friendly, but didn’t hold that same joking light it once did. Now it just seemed like a cool neutrality, as if he’d just noticed Pidge’s shock.

           “What? The tongue piercing? I got that…” Lance frowned and looked to Allura, [When did I get the tongue piercing again?] Shiro gaped as fluid Altean language left Lance’s lips, as if he’d spoken the language his whole life. The other paladins’ reactions were much the same as Allura answered back.

           [I’d say, eight months ago? Your newest thing was the industrial bar, which was about six months ago, and the tongue piercing was about two months before that. Didn’t you get it at that at the market place on Shero’sic?] Lance nodded.

           “Yup. I remember now. It was eight months ago. Remember? Because I got it shortly after my face tattoos.” Allura nodded.

           “Mmm, I still like your arm tattoo. But the stars are quite quaint.” Lance’s fingers brushed the two small stars just at the outer corner of his right eye. Bringing Shiro’s attention to the little stars that almost looked like beauty marks next to Lance’s almost glowingly blue eyes. Lance placed the peicings into a small bag for safe keeping and handed them to Allura to put with their other metal objects while they landed on the planet. Lance looked back at them expectantly.

           “Well? Don’t we have a job to do?” And Lance walked away from them with Allura, leaving four shocked and confused paladins in his wake. Just what happened to their blue paladin? When had his body changed so much. So drastically in front of them without notice? When had he matured into such a strong young man? Calm and patient. The gleam and innocence of a child no longer in his eyes.

           What had they done to him?

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Every Song on Taylor Swift’s reputation

As analyzed by Time Magazine

1. “…Ready For It?”: Starting things off with a thumping bass line and rallying cry, “…Ready For It?” also offers one of Swift’s prettiest melodies. “In the middle of the night, in my dreams, you should see the things we do,” she sings sweetly before switching into her new-era rap-singing. “He can be my jailer, Burton to this Taylor,” she insists, name-checking a famous — and drama-filled — pairing, and setting the scene for the rest of the album’s investigation of the perils of stardom.

2. “End Game” (featuring Ed Sheeran and Future): Swift tapped her good friend Sheeran for this slow-jam-style track, a self-reflective — and self-aware — plea to both the listener and a lover. “I wanna be your end game,” Swift sings off the top, allowing in a little vulnerability — before jumping into a rap-sung chorus. “Big reputation, you and me we got big reputations,” she chants, recognizing the baggage that her stardom brings (and name-checking the album’s title, of course). Of-the-moment rapper Future of “Mask Off” success adds in a slick verse, sticking to the love-against-the-odds theme. Swift goes on to sing she doesn’t want to be an “ex-love” and that she isn’t into the drama; it’s just her burden to bear. This is peak Swift: emotionally open, but ready and willing to have some fun with the hype around her own persona. Sheeran’s contribution comes in the form of another rap-sung verse in the same vein, seeming to reference his own relationship and the pitfalls that fame has placed in his path to love. His advice? Ignore the rumors.

3. “I Did Something Bad”: Swift knows that her critics have strong opinions about her; after all, the album is called Reputation. And in the bombastic “I Did Something Bad,” she appears to address some of the narratives that have surrounded her. “I never trust a narcissist, but they love me / So I play them like a violin, and I make it look oh so easy,” she opens this one over a sharp string pluck. “If a man talks s–t then I owe him nothing.” Here is new-era Swift: holding her head high, unapologetic and fiercely protective of her own success. Then, a funky dubstep drop brings shades of her mega-hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” into the mix. Heavily electronically manipulated, and punctuated with a strong beat, it’s a banger of a track — and her defiant response to her detractors. “I never trust a playboy, but they love me,” she insists, stating matter of-factly that it’s best to “leave before you get left,” and hinting that maybe her splashy former relationships weren’t all they might have seemed. And then there’s the kicker: “They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one,” she croons on an auto-tuned bridge. “Go ahead and light me up.” Of all the quotable lines in Swift’s oeuvre, this one is right up there at the top for its blazing imagery.

4. “Don’t Blame Me”: If you’re a fan of Avicii or Kygo’s brand of un-rushed atmospheric electro-pop, you might like the rich, vibey notes Swift brings together in “Don’t Blame Me,” a moody, dark song that starts out swinging and pretty, and builds into a gospel-backed EDM anthem. “Don’t blame me, love made me crazy / if it doesn’t you ain’t doin’ it right,” she sings emphatically. “Lord save me, my drug is my baby, I be using for the rest of my life.” Swift has endured criticism for her relationships: the fact that she’s in them, the fact that she sings about them. “Don’t Blame Me” could be a clapback to that criticism, reminding listeners that the heart simply wants what it wants, as her friend Selena Gomez once said.

5. “Delicate”: Swift is, appropriately enough, at her most fragile on “Delicate.” Refreshingly honest, it’s a melodic electro-ballad with a resonant refrain. “My reputation’s never been worse so, you must like me for me,” she muses, her voice a light wisp, in a wry nod to her year in the spotlight before breaking down her insecurities: “Is it cool that I said all that? Is it too soon to do this yet?” Like pretty much anyone dealing with a new crush, Swift sings of moments of doubt. Perhaps even superstars have their sore spots. She couches this sweetly uncertain song in snippets of dates — at a dive bar, in her apartment — but keeps it about her circular internal monologue, always questioning just how much her feelings are being reciprocated.

6. “Look What You Made Me Do”: Swift’s lead single — and immediate chart-topper following its release — “LWYMMD” was a shocking reintroduction to the Swift of Reputation: hard, unapologetic, focused on retribution. Step aside, “Bad Blood,” this song is much more cutting. “I’ve got a list of names, and yours is in red, underlined,” she reminded her haters over a Right Said Fred sample. The propulsive beat and insistence that the old Taylor was “dead” only sharpened her point.

7. “So It Goes…”: Here, she switches things back to romance, reflecting on just how a new love interest might help her out of her fixations: “you make everyone disappear,” she explains in the moody, murky opening segment, which opens into a trap-lite chorus about getting caught up in the moment (and, of course, leaving some signature lipstick “on your face”). But for life with Swift, that’s just how it goes. “I’m yours to keep, and yours to lose. You know I’m not a bad girl, but I’ll do bad things with you,” she adds with a wink; this version of Swift has made a marked departure from her squeaky-clean roots as America’s Nashville sweetheart.

8. “Gorgeous”: Yes, that’s Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s baby daughter James opening up “Gorgeous” with a gurgle. But the rest of the song deals with adult topics. Over a bubbling, chime-like beat, Swift sings about the irresistible power of attraction — even when it’s not the best idea. “You’re so gorgeous, it actually hurts,” she sings with frustration. “There’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have.” Despondent, she talks of heading home to hang out with her cats — and then, with a wink, invites her object of attention to join her.

9. “Getaway Car”: Told as a dramatic story of a heist and an ill-fated love adventure over shimmering 80s-style production, “Getaway Car” is one of Swift’s most metaphor-driven tracks on the album. “We never had a shotgun shot in the dark,” she sings with a rebellious twang. “Nothing good starts in a getaway car.” Swift’s has often had its fair share of melodrama; remember “Into the Woods”? In “Getaway Car,” though, she calls herself a “traitor” who turns in her erstwhile partner in crime. Looks like Swift might be willing to flirt with the dark side, but she’s no good at following through with crimes — of the legal kind, or of the heart. Instead, she says, she takes the keys and leaves the guy stranded at a motel. It’s no happy ending, but it’s a reminder that Swift isn’t afraid to assert her independence.

10. “King of My Heart”: Taylor Swift has always been good at love songs. In “King of My Heart” she hits her sweet spot, over a synth-heavy track and strategic auto-tune assist. “I’m perfectly fine, I live on my own, I made up my mind I’m better off bein’ alone,” she starts off. But it doesn’t stay that way for long; after meeting a (evidently non-American) paramour who pursues her, the story (and the song) go straight into the romance. “You’re the one I have been waiting for,” she gushes, dissing some other guys with “their fancy cars” who didn’t quite measure up to this new interest. And yes, the character in the title is indeed the king of her heart — and body, and soul.

11. “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”: Although it starts off as a down-tempo, melancholy kind of tune, “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” adds in Swift’s now-rote trap-lite drop to amp up the drama on this will-we-won’t-we tale of star-crossed lovers separated by an unkind fate. “I had a bad feeling,” she suggests about the romantic interest, but she goes on to dance with him anyway; some chemistry just can’t be denied.

12. “Dress”: “I only bought this dress so you could take it off,” Swift sings slyly on “Dress,” her most overtly sexual work yet. She wants her lover to carve his name into her bedpost; her hands shake in anticipation. A breathy, synth-y track with lots of whispery vocals, Swift is unequivocal about her interest in this person as much more than a friend. “Made your mark on me; a golden tattoo,” she sings cryptically. It’s a departure from her usually PG approach to love songs, emblematic of a Swift who’s claiming her maturity more than ever.

13. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”: Kicking things off with a siren sound, Swift strips it back to a stomping call-out of the haters, a giddy sister of sorts to dark lead single “Look What You Made Me Do.” “Why’d you have to rain on my parade?” she asks, her voice petulant, sneering with humor and attitude. “This is why we can’t have nice things, darling: because you break them, I have to take them away.” When she tries to go diplomatic — “forgiveness is a nice thing to do” goes one line, sung in an angelic lilt — she breaks the fourth wall with a burst of sharp laughter. Swift is no longer willing to “Shake It Off,” as she once tried to do.

14. “Call It What You Want”: Maybe the most by-the-book Swift song on Reputation, “Call It What You Want” is a slow-burning meditation on the transformative power of relationships, filled with lyrical puns: “All the liars are calling me one,” she sighs at one point. “All my flowers grew back as thorns.” But this is still a love letter, and a reminder that Swift has moved on from the fray around her so-called “reputation.” “My baby’s fly like a jetstream, high above the whole scene,” she sings proudly, making it clear that the baby in question has taken her along for the ride.

15. “New Year’s Day”: Her one acoustic piano ballad on the album, “New Year’s Day” is a tender and intimate love song. The snapshots are sweet and evocative: glitter on the floor after a party, candle wax and polaroids on the hardwood floor, holding hands in the backseat of a taxi. “Hold on to the memories,” she repeats in the chorus, “and I will hold on to you.” Nostalgic for the moment even as it’s happening, it’s a lovely, effecting closer, letting Swift’s voice and earnest message shine without the complications of over-production. She may get her kicks with big pop anthems, but vulnerable ballads like this one are just as much a part of her musical DNA.

Lifted from Time Magazine





Here they are y’all! They’ve actually been done for a while now, but I just wanted to make some environments for them before I showed them off. And before you ask, yes I’m working on young versions too. 

A huge thanks to @watermelonacups for helping me design them and generally giving me feedback throughout the whole thing! She also made one of Red’s tattoos which you’ll see some time later. She does commissions, so go throw your money at her dumb face

Come As You Are

A/N: Part 2 to Smells Like Teen Spirit. I am weak for bad boy Shawn and am turning this into a series. Hope you enjoy. xx

Title is again a Nirvana song and I feel it could be the soundtrack to this. 

Hunched over her textbooks and notes, Liz is massaging her temples, trying to study for an upcoming exam. She has been trying to get the very attractive curly haired guy from the bell tower out of her mind but it has been harder than she has thought. And when he had actually appeared in class this morning – twenty minutes late but still – he had given her a little smirk and she did forget about the class, unable to focus. He had asked her if he could borrow a pen and she gave him her favorite one. A black Montblanc fountain pen her dad gave her for her 18th birthday.

He didn’t return the pen. Of course not. From the vibe he was giving her he had probably broken it already. 

Or lost it.

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my grandmother was born somewhere between romania and transylvania
i do not know much else about her
but i know
she had one older brother
(like me)
she had bright blue eyes
(like my brother)
and her father died when she was too young
(just like mine did)

my grandmother was sent to auschwitz. 
she watched her mother get sent to her death.
her life was saved by a nurse
whose name she never knew.
she met the love of her life in a dp camp
and she moved to canada not speaking english
and just five years later
she had a son
(and then three more)
and she was happy.

i do not know much about my grandmother
i don’t know her birthday or her hometown
or what she sounded like when she laughed
i don’t even know the number that was tattooed on her arm,
her reminder that she made it out of hell alive.
but i do know that only two things
truly separate me from my grandmother,
and they are
time and circumstance
and nothing in this world scares me more than that.


(family) history

I wrote this as part of a poetry suite for my writing lab, and i thought that today, yom hashoah, would be a good time to share it with you all. my grandmother lived a good life after the holocaust. at the time of her death, she had four sons and thirteen grandchildren. now, her legacy is two sons, fifteen grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren; her great-granddaughter bears her name. my zeida, he’s still alive, though his dementia is so bad he can no longer communicate at all. he and my grandmother were so incredibly in love, so incredibly happy, and they lived with daily reminders of the atrocities they survived. we can never forget, because we cannot allow the same horrors to be relived. i can never forget because it is a horror that flows through my blood and makes up my atoms.


It’s been a while since I haven’t posted one with mister Jack Maynard so here we go! I really enjoy this idea though, my imagination is weird sometimes haha . By the way, sorry for not posting this week end I was spending it with my sister but here I am, with some of my own ideas again! Hope you like it my lovely bunnies (Idk what I’m on about )

Jack walked into the shop, the paper in hand as he looked around the empty shop. Jack was confused as he was here for his appointment in time but not one was in the shop. Just as he made his way to the counter, a girl showed up and as soon as she looked up, he was mesmerized. A smile was forming on his lips as his eyes analysed her face. “Mr Maynard , right?” He jumped out of his thoughts at the sound of her voice. “Yeah, that’s right. You can call me Jack.” The fake blonde boy said, a smirk showing on his lips. “I’m Y/N. I’ll be the one tattooing you today.” She replied, smiling back and Jack noticed the small dimples showing on her cheeks.

Y/N grabbed the paper from his hands and looked at the drawing, who seemed to be the tattoo. “Follow me.” She ordered and made her way to the equipment, sitting down on her stool and watched the young attractive boy sit on the other stool and cross his arms on the black bench, clearing used to the situation. “Are you a loyal costumer of ours?” She asked as she was putting the plastic gloves on and putting the transparent liquid on Jack’s toned arm. “I actually am.” He replied, grinning up at her and his eyes suddenly fell on her own tattoos. She didn’t have too many but still quite a few. And it had Jack hypnotised. His eyes were watching every detail of the three ones on her forearms. A small guitar on her right arm, a feather with some letters on her right wrist and a date on her left one.

Jack didn’t even realize that she was already sticking his skin with the needle impregnated in black ink. But he was so used to this sensation that he couldn’t feel any the pain anymore. His eyes were darting over to the wall behind Y/N. Some drawings were hanging on the wall and they were insanely good. “Did you draw that?” Jack asked, breaking the silence in the room. And Y/N glanced over her shoulder slightly, smiling at him. “I did.” She simply shrugged before focusing back on the tattoo. “You’re very talented.” Jack admitted, watching the cheeky little smile that she was trying to hide. “I’m not sure flirting whilst you’re getting a tattoo is the right thing to do.” Y/N joked. “Who said I was flirting?” Jack teased and she blushed even more. And then it went silent again only for a few minutes until Jack’s curiosity grew.

“Sorry for asking but what’s the date for?” He asked, eyeing the tattoo on her left arm. “I could ask you the same question.” She replied, eyeing his own and Jack laughed slightly at her comment. “It’s my birth date. Silly, I know.” Jack answered, his blue eyes meeting her green ones. “Your turn.” He said, nodding towards her arm again and she sighed. “It’s the date where I got my first tattoo.” She replied, her eyes focused on the last touches of the design. “You really love being a tattooist, don’t you?” Jack asked but it sounded more like an affirmation. “I do.” Y/N stated, wrapping the plastic foil around his arm as a smile appeared on her lips. Jack was fascinated by the way her eyes were glowing at the question, simply by her. And he was annoyed that it was done so quickly because he had to leave and probably wouldn’t come back in a long time.

As Y/N was putting everything away and throwing the gloves in the bin, she looked at the tattoo, her arms crossed. “Why ‘LDN’?” She asked, her own curiosity growing. Jack stood up as they made their way to the counter, allowing him to pay for his new creation. “I just love living here. This city is incredible.” Jack admitted, glancing over his shoulder to the glass windows, were the sunset was visible. As Jack looked back to the girl in front of him, he felt the urge to see her again. “Will you go on a date with me?” He blurred out, carefully watching her reaction. “Oh so you were flirting after all.” Y/N laughed and Jack quickly joined in, before his eyes fell on the piece of paper that she was handing to him. Jack simply took it and his eyes darted over the number written on it. “It was nice to meet you, Jack.” She said, smirking at him as Jack slowly walked backwards , his eye still locked with hers. “Nice to meet you too, Y/N.” Jack replied, smiling one more time at her before turning around and walking out of the shop.

Jack was already filled with excitement at the thought of seeing her again. The tattoo girl, as he would call her.

anonymous asked:

Hi, this is probably way out there, but I just recently read the comic "Jughead: the New Hunger. In it Jughead is a werewolf (a long running Jones family curse) and Betty is a werewolf hunter (Coopers having hunted werewolves for generations). In the comic they are just really good friends, but their friendship is tested once they find out each other's secret. I think it'd be interesting to see this concept with them in a romantic dynamic though. Epitome of Romeo and Juliet and forbidden love.

Werewolves of Riverdale

Summary: The people of Riverdale are terrified fearing there is a serial killer on the lose but Betty Cooper knows better. Werewolves have come back to Riverdale. She will do whatever it takes to protect her town, even going head to head with the packs Beta, Jughead Jones. 

Words: 5,690  

Warnings: Violence, swearing, drinking, smoking and mild sexual situations. 

A/N: So I’m not happy with this but I never will be so I’m just gonna post it. I have never read the comic this idea is based on so it’s probably very different. I’m basing a lot this on Wynonna Earp, which is a fucking amazing show and you should all watch it. This is more sci-fi/fantasy/horror based, theres not a lot of romance. I’m also not an expert in werewolf/lycan lore so I’m sorry if there are inaccuracies. I won’t be writing a follow up to this but if anyone else wants to take this idea and run with it go for it.

I edited this myself so there are probably a lot of errors. 

Betty Cooper had a bad reputation.

Her family lineage called for it, for her to be an outcast, a weirdo, a short fuse. A person others did not get along with.

She had spent a lot of her younger years trying to fit in. She tried to say the right things, do the right things, join the right clubs and make the right friends.

When she realized her blonde hair and heart shaped face couldn’t get her a spot on the cheerleading squad, she embraced what made her different.  

She embraced the leather and tattoos. The nightly training in hand to hand combat and the hours of studying lore, fairy tales and wolf anatomy. She learned to love Shadowmoon, the gun that belonged to her great-great-great-great grandmother; the first werewolf hunter in her family.

There had been no need for a hunter in Riverdale for decades. The great war had all but ended the werewolf bloodline and a need for a slayer disappeared. Her mother, who was also her mentor, had never needed to fight a day in her life. There had been nothing but peace for as long as Betty could remember.

But now there were four dead bodies and a serial killer on the loose. The news called him the Riverdale Ripper but Betty knew better.

Werewolves had come back to Riverdale.

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Girl’s Night Part Two.

Relationships: Lance Tucker x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) wants to drink with her friends. A friend from the past will come with her while she waits for her drink.

Warnings: smut. (Guys, I don’t know the types of warnings. Is there anyone who could help?)

Word Count:1428

part 1.


A/N: Lance Tucker is one of my favorite Sebastian Stan characters.  After yesterday’s messages, I couldn’t resist. I know it’s a little hasty and short. Forgive me. I hope you like it. Please warn me if I have made any grammar or spelling errors.Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to text and say your opinions. With love.x

    When returning to her home, they needed to board a taxi. She felt the whole body was burned with excitement when she was in car. Lance was looking out the door with his left hand laid on her knee. The woman who examined the lines of his face with the light hitting the window. His blue eyes, his drawn nose with pen, his swollen lips … She did not want to be unfair, he was very handsome. She pulled air from the open glass into her lunges. The alcohol was losing its effect. She ignored the look of the taxi driver and approached Lance and put her head on his chest. The upper body made of hard muscles was hot. The man threw his hand at her shoulder as a reflex and pulled her to himself. When Lance buried his head in her neck, she nervously thrilled.

“I look forward to going home, doll.” When she felt the dangerous tone in his voice, the woman looked up at the man. His blue eyes darkened, he was staring at (Y/N). in front of the apartment where she lived, Lance paid the taxi fee and looked at her..

“You look so gorgeous right now.” He turned his hand over her cheeks. The hand wandering in her face. She saw his face smile when she looked up at the man. She took his hand and pulled him towards the apartment. She wanted the guy waiting for the elevator next to her body. The door closed when she breathed his cologne. When he pushed her on the elevator, she screamed a little bit in amazement. She had her head on a cold wall while he was wandering around her waist.

“You should keep your screams, honey; you’ll need it later.”

   She saw Lance studying the apartment while she pulled the keys into the bowl and took off her shoes. The house had a charming and simple design. Too much stuff has always been overwhelmed by (Y / N).

“I have to go to the bathroom; there is tequila in the cupboard. If you want to linger until I come, you can drink. "When the man shook his head, she walked into her room. She was angry at her own discretion while trying to sum up the furniture on the bed. When she entered bathroom, she looked at herself at the mirror. She smoothed out the makeup and hair. She took a deep breath and winked at his reflection. "You can do this.”   

       When she came back inside, she found Lance sitting on the couch. She looked at shot glasses in front of him. Lance even managed to find even lemon and salt. The woman approached him by trying to ignore the looks that followed her. She reached out to the remote and decided to open the music set. When she sat in the chair, the man filled the woman with a drink and stuck it together in the head.

           With  musical rhythm, her hips swinging, her arms wrapped around his neck. After the shots, he could get drunk enough to feel horny again. Even if she was sobered, she would not go under Lance Tucker. He brought his hands to her hips and turned the woman. When the back rested on the man’s chest, she bit her lips and pressed her ass to his dick. When she felt the hard dick,, Lance bit her neck, she turned to the man and took her hand to his dick. She wanted to release the hardness that forced his jeans.

“I want to fuck you until we wake up your neighbors.”

“Fuck me, then.” After that, it turned to the battlefield. Lance embraced the woman and he sat her up on the dining table. Her fingers expertly solved the buttons on his shirt, while their lips were fighting about who would be dominant When he pulled back and pulled out his shirt, he grabbed her blouse. He licked his lips when he saw black lacy underwear. He wanted to taste the plump breasts that were overflowing. She leaned over and kissed his lips, pulling the hook with one hand Y/N) dipped her hand between Lance’s hairs; he started to suck her nipples.

She could not hold her breath when he turned his tongue around her nipples.

“Fuck.” Lance released the chest and put his hand inside the woman’s skirt. Her wetness even wetted the inside of her legs. When he brought his hand over her underwear, he felt that she was soaked.

“You’re too wet, doll. Is it all for me? "The woman shook her head when she could not find voice.

"You look so fucking sexy right now.” She grabbed the man from his hair and pointed to his knees.

“Shut up and do something Lance.” She watched the man kneeling between her legs. She wanted to help remove the skirt by lifting the hips.

“Do you like these panties?” (Y / N) heard the voice of the torn fabric as she thought what the man was talking about. As she looked at the wet fabric in the man’s hand, his lips curled and grinned.

“Relax … Just lie back and let me make you cum.” She did what he was told. She was moaning when his tongue was in her core. Lance’s liking sounds are mixed with the sound of his moaning. (Y/N) sought a place to hold when she felt close. (Y / N) looked for a place to hold when she felt she was close

“Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you. "She grabbed the edges of the wooden table with her hands and lived her orgasm. With her orgasm, she shook her legs and closed her eyes tightly. He was cleansing her pussy with his tongue.
"Fuck babe, you taste so good.” Her mouth was watered with the size of his dick in his jeans.

“It’s your turn.” Lance held the woman in her waist while she was standing at the table. She wanted to thank the man when she realized the weakness of her legs.

“Turn over.”The woman stepped on the table and Lance pulled out his pants. She laughed at his tattoo. (Y/N) wondered where his mind was when he made this. She looked at his dick as she examined the tattoo, which included the entire penis. The tip was infiltrating the precum and the head was red. When he grabbed her from her hair, Lance pressed her legs and went inside. She moaned, feeling herself stretch around him.

 "Fuck, how-” He closed his eyes as he felt a deep breath and gently pushed the entire dick.

 "How can you be so tight? It is like you’ve never fucked. “He began to move when she got used to it. (Y / N), had never felt so full before, no man she had slept with had a big, thick cock before.

 "Faster.” The man could only say “fuckfuckfuck” while he was fucking her.When her second orgasm approaches life, she squeezed around him.

“Keep doing that baby, it feels so good.” Lance whispered in the room as the voice of the body hitting each other, the groans echoed in the room, and he held her by her hair and. She could understand that he was close from his movements.

“Fuck, baby, I am close. Are you? ”(Y / N) shook her head and rhythm increased.

“I am on the pills.” When the man pulled himself, (Y / N) spoke. When the man pushes his dick back into her pussy, they both reached orgasm.

 While (Y/N) was drying herself, Lance came out with a towel in his waist. Drips flowing through his hair, dripping into his naked chest, disappeared in the towel. (Y / N) tied her bathrobe and stood up and approached him. She grinned when she saw that the man was staring at her exposed legs.

"It was fun.” The man shook his head and bowed to the woman with a smile on his face. He grabbed her chin and lifted her head and left a kiss on her lips. When (Y / N), felt his mental breath, her arms stuck around his neck. Lance whispered when he unzipped her bathrobe. “You won’t kick me out, will you? Because I am not done with you. "She had never thought he would stay. She knew he’d run away after sex. She could not believe it that he had a sincere look.

"I think you’re looking like a sexy little angel with your lips wrapped around my cock.”