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Okay I might be experiencing denial among other things but what are the odds that Levi's talk with Mikasa during the carriage scene might be continued in a different way after Eren gets kidnapped again. It does fit considering how she lost control during the female titan chase in the forest and the timing won't be off. Plus they might want to give Levi more screen time this season. (Yeah definitely in denial but what are your thoughts)

Hi nonnie, I think the only way anyone could talk to Mikasa after Eren gets kidnapped again (this time) would be during the few hours the SC spends waiting for their horses to be lifted over the wall. That job already belongs to Hannes, and since Levi is out of commission and far from the wall I don’t think the anime team would teleport him there, lmao.

However, I’m really curious about episode 31′s preview. Levi wasn’t supposed to be there. He was supposed to depart with Hange and EMA, taking Pastor Nick with him, and reappear only at the “hot titan date scene” in chapter 45…

It could just be Levi fanservice. Or maybe the carriage scene talk will be continued, but in next episode’s changed flashback instead. @raraarara even drew a concept sketch of it! 

That would be amazing not only for shipping reasons but because Mikasa needs this particular character development scene. 

Some thoughts on Shou

-Shou has many many scars on him all from his father. he sometimes just sits shirtless in front of a mirror and traces over them remembering what happened. Reminding himself that this is not normal. That this is not okay.

-Shou once saw Ritsu’s father pat his head and Shou almost blasted him across the room before he realizes that it was actually an affectionate gesture.

-Shou has a very nervous habit of biting on his sleeves. The ends of his jacket are frayed and wet and disgusting and he doesn’t remember the last time he washed it but he doesn’t want to lose it. So he never does.

-Shou has received affection once, just once, from his father after his mother left. He was eight and he was in horrible burning pain and his father picked him up and carried him to the med room and wrapped up his injuries. It never happened again and Shou is almost sure that he dreamed it…but it’s also a massive reason he sometimes doubts the abuse.

-Ritsu cries very easily. Shou laughs instead of crying. Ritsu wants to punch Shou in the face for making fun of his crying but then gets a massive pit of dread in his stomach when he sees Shou laughing off a stab wound or a broken bone.

-One time Shou did cry in front of Ritsu though…it started off as laughter that then turned hysterical and caused him to collapse on the ground shaking as he started sobbing between laughs and he couldn’t breathe and he wanted to die because he broke down and…He kept saying that he was sorry for crying….Ritsu held him tight and tried to be comforting but all he could really do in his state of shock was to rock him and try his best to soothe him

-One time Reign tried to pat Shou on the Shoulder and Shou nearly threw him into a wall. Mob stopped him but Shou was so embarrassed he didn’t come back for a month

-Shou uses memes as a way to cover for his emotional shortcomings and trauma

- Shou…knows how to dance…he learned…as part of his training???

-Shou is simultaneously afraid of touch and completely touch deprived so it ends up in this odd situation of “i can touch you but for the love of god please don’t touch me.”

-Shou batterdick cucumber memes his father’s name. He has over one hundred and twenty seven ways of saying ‘touch your toes sucky key.’

-Shou attempted to live with his mother….but….she kept trying to do things he wasn’t okay with…but by that i mean…giving him rules and curfews and things Shou has never done in his life and he gets angry and he calls bullshit and he runs away from home to hide for a few days and she panics because she lost her baby again but Shou….is not okay…with being controlled…

-Shows mom still doesn’t like seeing his power and everytime he uses it she makes a small uncomfortable expression and Shou begins to dislike them a little bit more…

-Shous hamsters are very well treated but at the same time…Shou is terrified to interact with them because he might hurt them

-Shou has a fully documented file on every injury, every scar, and every trauma his father has given him…he doesn’t really know what to do with it…

-Shou just wants to hug somebody for hours on end. To feel another person’s warmth encompassing him and keeping him safe…but he feels childish whenever he does because….who would even want to hug him??? he Should just get over it??? grow up???

-One time his mother dropped a pan and Shou nearly started crying….he hates…loud noises….he doesn’t mind if they are natural like thunder…but…the sound of a pan banging against a floor…a door slamming…hands slamming on the table….it terrifies him.

-Shou hugs his pillow when he sleeps.

-Shou used to have a stuffed animal collection but his father destroyed them..calling them childish.

-Shou has a shit ton of money coming his way because of his father but….he doesn’t really want it….it feels dirty and he doesn’t want any help…from anyone

-Shou has exactly 0 social skills. He never learned how tf to deal with people. He just tried to make himself seem as big as possible and hopes things will go his way.

-Shou uses comics, manga, books and tv shows as a way of escapism. He surrounds himself in the stories so much that he used to call his father DR. Robotnick. (Sonic sat am ref lol.)

-Shou hates taking showers or baths. He feels entirely too vulnerable and sometimes he’ll push it off for a solid month before taking one.

-Shou has never had a good night’s sleep. Ever.

-Shou has freckles. hundreds of freckles. they’re all from his mom

-Shou wants to go to school with Ritsu but at the same time he’s terrified to try.

-He’s not good with people. his schooling did not keep up 100% with academics, he hates being told what to do ect ect…

-One time he hung around reigen and did a dumb doodle on a sticky note and reigen praised it and said it looked really good and Shou started crying….he doesn’t know why. maybe it’s because he’s never been praised on his art before..

-Shou sometimes breaks into Reigen’s office to sleep on his couch. Reigen is mildly concerned but lets him do it anyway

-Shou is that person who always, c o n s t a n t l y, has to show somebody up. You ran a mile?? I ran two!! You’re feeling depressed?? well my father ran a cult and tried to take over the world and constantly abused me!! He does not mean to be mean by it…but he’s so used to his thoughts and feelings being completely invalidated that…he h a s to…you know???

-Shous relationship with his mother….hmm….It’s kinda rocky. Like they love each other but they don’t really know much about each other anymore and she doesn’t really like his powers but they still do try and they really do care for each other but there will always be this……unspoken…gap….between them.

Why he never talks about his father…why she never wants to hear.

they hug and kiss and would do anything for each other…but at the same time…something unspeakable happened here and neither of them are willing to acknowledge it

[i say kiss because familiar kisses are a thing but i’m not 100% sure they happen out of the south so like;;]

-anyway if Teru and Shou ever start talking about their feelings they would get…so frustrated with each other. constantly trying to say who had the shittier experience because i feel like this shouuppance [pardon the pun] is a core part of their characters and honestly it would reach a point where they would fucking f i g h t.

But in the end it turns out being good for them because they had the chance to let off some of the steam that they’ve been building up and lets them relax a bit and they eventually realize they won’t win against each other. They’re both too stubborn. and instead they start comparing stories and laughing their ass off about how fucked up they are.


Shou: And then he left me locked in that room for three days without any food lol!!!

Teru: Oh god, do i feel that!! I don’t have anybody to take care of me so It’s just constant isolation and if I get sick, well then! I’m not eating till I recover!


[Anyway this post is 1000ish words long so i’ll cut it here lol, I have more Shou hcs that I’ll probably upload later~~ Thanks for reading!]

You are more.

Request: “Request Hey! Was wondering if I could get a request? It’s where the reader is Tony’s girlfriend (they’re really in love) and has been for a while but Bucky is completely in love with her? If you could write about Bucky seeing them doing random stuff that you think they would do and his thoughts on it all? Also, Bucky is super confused because she is not his type at all as she likes heavy metal and basically everything Tony does? Btw adore your writing :) ❤” -@y0ulo0ksoco0l

Summary: Bucky had never experienced true love until he met you.

Word count: 3,154

Warnings: Mild swearing

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, I had SO much fun writing it! By the way, I adore you :)


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For some unknown reason, Bucky had woken up this morning knowing something was different: today was going to be good.

Loud laughter filled the air, every nook and cranny overflowing with the echo of happiness. The sun seemed to burn brighter as rays of sunlight gleamed off every surface and danced across Bucky’s skin. The darkness that normally marched around the back of Bucky’s mind had been lifted, gloom no longer infected his thoughts and a deep, dark mist was no longer sewn onto his eyelids.

Walking into the living area, which could be frequently mistaken for a youth club, Bucky rubbed the last remaining fragments of sleep out of his eyes. The laughter he heard from his bedroom had grown into a roar of hollering and Bucky certainly wasn’t a fan but, at least, it woke him up.

Despite being comfortably settled in and used to city life, large social interactions still wrecked havoc on Bucky’s anxiety and, therefore, he certainly didn’t want to somehow wind up being asked to ‘join in’ as, after that, there would be no escape. But, he certainly wasn’t helping himself, the longer he stood there, the higher the risk of being caught and reeled in.

All he needed to do was get into the kitchen, get something to eat and get out, a couple more minutes and he’d be able to slip back into the comfort of his room Yet, his feet stayed firmly planted in the doorway, his body turned to ice.

As he desperately attempted to calm his mind and slow the frantic beat of his heart, he took in his surroundings. However, while observing the theatrical setting before him, he noticed a person that he had not seen before.

Every pair of eyes were latched onto her image, confidence dripped off the end of her slender fingers, long blonde hair rippled down her back in waves of delight and elegance, fused with an overwhelming sense of sexiness. She was mesmerising.

Bucky’s heart lost control, once again, and a faint blush climbed upon his cheeks. Never in his life had he seen someone so beautiful. For all Bucky knew, she could have been a model. Her body was perfectly proportioned, her smile sparkled and she was surrounded by an aura of happiness and light. With a flick of her finger, she was able to capture the interest of the people surrounding her; she made them smile and laugh, her confidence was intimidating, to say the least. She reminded Bucky of Tony, well except for the fact Tony was an asshole and the woman before him looked like the complete opposite.

Like the rest of the Tower’s occupants he felt hypnotised by her presence, his body begged to join in, to reach out and touch her…

But, Bucky had to keep away. In the silent corners of his day, demons would creep under his skin and plague his mind –he was still dangerous, he had never stopped being dangerous. Whenever he got close to someone, fate would dangle them before his eyes then rip them away. He did not belong with people of such beauty, he did not deserve to.

Ripping his eyes from her figure, he trekked back to the comfort of his bedroom and begged his mind to forget the addictive smell of her fragrance.

A few hours later the laughter had died down and Bucky assumed the coast was clear. So, he got up and he headed to the gym, desperate to relieve the tension that pulled at his heart strings.

As soon as he opened the door, he sensed the gym was not empty like he had hoped. As he looked around, searching for the intruder, a sea of blonde hair flashed at the corner of his eye. Shit.

Taking a deep breath, Bucky vowed to ignore her. All he had to do was stay for twenty minutes to reduce the suspicion that he was avoiding her then, leave. What could go wrong?

Heading in the opposite direction of where she was positioned, Bucky put in his earphones and turned his music up to full volume, praying that the authoritative lullaby of an orchestra would settle his nerves.

After twenty minutes had flown by, he silently thanked the Gods. He could leave and, oh, he planned to as quickly as possible. Hastily, he turned off the machine, wiped the sweat gathering at his brow and turned around. But, of course, he happened to collide with a body much smaller than his, throwing the person to the ground.

A deep red sprung upon his face as he apologised profusely, helping the young woman up, whom after brushing herself off and gathering her wits, thrust her hand forward, a look of embarrassment flushed through her cheeks.

“I’m really sorry; I shouldn’t have been standing so close. I guess I just grew incompetent in my excitement to finally meet you, Steve has said the most wonderful things.” Her voice flowed like honey and her eyelashes fluttered as she sent a sweet smile Bucky’s way.

Stupefied, Bucky searched for something to say. He longed to shake her hand but she’d held up the wrong one, he’d have to shake it with his metal arm and he wasn’t quite ready for that. Just as he’d formed a sentence that was somewhat coherent within the mess that was his mind, the woman in front of him filled the empty silence instead.

Dropping her arm, her smile faltered as a realised her mistake. “Anyway, it’s lovely to meet you even if I’m currently drenched in sweat. My names Rosemary, maybe we could hang out sometime? It was a real shame that you couldn’t join us this morning.” Giving Bucky one last smile, Rosemary turned around and started to leave the gym. Thinking that she’d upset Bucky, she deemed it best to just give him some time; maybe she could try again later.

On cue, Bucky’s stomach growled and gathering all the courage he could find, he blurted out the sentence that led to the blossoming of a beautiful friendship. “Do you to get McDonald’s?”

Stopping in her tracks, a smile burst onto Rosemary’s face. “I’m not a big fan of fast food but, after we’ve cleaned up, we could cook something? There’s no point Tony having a massive kitchen if no one uses it.” Turning round to see Bucky’s reaction, her smile grew even as she was faced with a warm smile and Bucky’s sparkling, grey eyes.

“That sounds good!” Bucky agreed.

Every day since then Rosemary and Bucky cooked together: sometimes it was for the whole team, sometimes it was just for them and sometimes they used their impressive skills to microwave some popcorn as they sat down to watch a movie. It gave Bucky, the release he needed. For that small part of his day, he could relax and forget every worry-

“Buck! The plums! You’re burning the plums.” Rosemary shouted as she rushed over to save the day. Well, every worry except burning the food in front of him.

“Are you doing okay today? You look very distracted.” Her voice turned soft as the turned towards Bucky, giving him her full attention.

The truth was that he was more than alright: he felt like he was on cloud nine. He and Rosemary had grown exponentially closer as they spent more and more time together, he woke up looking forward to seeing her and feel asleep still laughing at the mischief they wound themselves up in that day. His nightmares were fading and his face frequently wore a smile, a major improvement since when he’d first arrived.

Day by day he also felt himself falling further in love with her. He now noticed the way Rosemary’s hair shone white in the sunlight, how her blue iris’ were surrounded by a ring of emerald green, how her love of rock music (much to Bucky’s disgust) fuelled her shower sessions in the morning and how, despite her confidence, she often got embarrassed when given compliments.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Bucky sighed, a smile written upon his face. If only had the confidence to show her how he really felt.

“Good,” Rosemary replied, her voice almost a whisper as she doubted Bucky had told her the truth. “However, I have some bad news: I won’t be able to make our sessions anymore. Tony gets back from his mission tomorrow so, from now on, I’m going to be one very busy lady.”

Bucky’s body tensed up, what was he going to do? How could he get through her day without the smell of her sweet perfume or her infectious laughter? How dare Tony steal his happiness from him!

Much to Bucky’s disgust, Rosemary wasn’t lying or even exaggerating. She always seemed to be doing something or going somewhere and elevator conversations turned into quick nods of acknowledgement as she flew past him on the way to an important meeting, hugs turned into small smiles as they connected eyes from different sides of a room. It was killing Bucky.

His nightmares blazed throughout the night, scorching his mind and covering his skin in a thick layer of sweat. His room became his sanctuary once again, as he missed movie nights and stayed away from the smallest sign of human contact.

But Bucky wasn’t the only one his isolation was affecting, Steve’s heart hung heavy in his chest as he watched his best friend fall backwards into a pit of sorrow. Steve had to do something.

“What the hell happened to you, Buck?” Steve exclaimed, his throat dry and sore. Seeing Bucky like this filled him with so much pain and he couldn’t take it anymore.

Turning his head to look straight into Steve’s eyes, Bucky’s own eyes filled with tears. “I think I fell in love,” he croaked out. The look in Bucky’s eyes was indescribable; they were coated with a raging insufferable ache that turned his grey eyes dark with despair.

“Buck…” Steve sighed, reaching out to comfort his friend, his breath full of unease.

“Go on. Tell me that my feelings aren’t real, that I’m imagining them.” Bucky taunted, his voice laced with spite.

“I wasn’t going to say that,” Steve replied, averting his gaze to the floor.

“Yes, you were! You were going to say exactly that, just in the overly polite language that comes out of your mouth. I’ve had enough of people telling me what to feel and what not to feel.” The volume of Bucky’s voice increased as his body turned to stone; the only inclination of his true emotions was that sad look in his eyes.

Just as Steve was about to bombard Bucky with questions about his strong feelings of affection, it all fell into place. One word explaining it all: Rosemary. Without realising it she had strung Bucky along, every time they met he had latched more of himself onto her until Tony came back and she left. Steve would understand if Bucky had described it as a crush but love? How could you feel such strong feelings towards someone who was dating your enemy?

That was the thing: Bucky had no idea. Not wanting Bucky to hate her like he hated Tony, Rosemary had kept it from him. Her intentions were innocent but she’d wound up breaking Bucky’s heart into a million pieces. There was so much Bucky didn’t know that he’d filled the gaps with his own explanations about his arm driving Rosemary away, how she grew scared of him, how she got bored of his company and would now do anything to stay out of his way.

How was Steve going to explain the truth to Buck?

“She’s not the one for you, Buck, and you know it. There’s a difference between being in love with a person and being in love with the idea of that person. Or, maybe it’s the idea of having someone but she’s not yours to have.” Steve didn’t know how else to say it. But Bucky obviously didn’t take it the right way as he quickly stood up, mumbling phrases of hatred directed towards the world under his breath.

Steve was lost, he didn’t know what he could say nor do that would make it better. Maybe there wasn’t anything he could do.

“She’s dating Tony.” The words left his mouth before he could stop them tumbling out, he didn’t want to say it but someone had to tell Bucky and if Rosemary wouldn’t then it was up to Steve.

Bucky stopped, each word slicing a fresh wound into his heart.

“They’ve been dating for what seems like forever. Yes, that time has been filled with breaks here and there but at the end of the day, they always manage to wind up in each other’s arms. I’m not trying to manipulate your feelings, or whatever you’re accusing me of but, Buck, do you even know what you’re feeling?”

Bucky gathered his broken pieces together and kept walking.

“She’s truly a lovely person; she’s intelligent, kind, confident and normal. She doesn’t have a dark past or a hidden super power, the world doesn’t plaster her face in every museum known to man and a secret organisation doesn’t try and take her down. But that doesn’t mean she’s the right person for you. Someone is out there waiting for you to be their hero in shining armour but that girl isn’t Rosemary. She already her hero, she has Tony.”

Bucky was soon out of sight as he rushed away, fearing the words would blow out the small flame of happiness he felt inside him.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” Steve cried, consumed with grief at the sight of his friend falling apart right before his eyes and he realised it was too late. Bucky was already torn into pieces.

Days and night soon merged into one as time was not a concept that interested Bucky anymore, he had to let himself grieve and he didn’t care how long it took. Steve’s words had brought him a sense of comfort and he realised the images that he made up in his head were thankfully just a product of his imagination. Bucky had no choice but wait till his body fixed itself, there was no cure for heartbreak or way he would speed up the process but he was willing to wait. It would all work out in the end.

Bucky no longer isolated himself from his friends; he joined in on games night and had frequent competitions with Sam in the gym. He laughed and let himself enjoy the comfort of his closest companions. Of course, the itch inside his chest remained but with every passing moment, it started to fade.

Then, finally, one day it clicked.

The feelings Bucky had once felt were not love, they were just as complicated but not the same. More than anything, it was a sense of admiration that consumed him. He was awestruck by her confidence and charisma but didn’t want them for himself.

Rosemary was an excellent cook but his plum pies were better. Rosemary was a good fighter but Bucky’s metal arm always gave him the upper hand. Don’t get it wrong, it was not a competition to Bucky but he realised all he’d done was put himself down by comparing himself to Rosemary. He’d instilled his happiness in the thought of her and that was dangerous, it had caused him to lose himself. He was too focused on her excellence to appreciate his own. It was impossible to truly compare himself to someone else as, that person had not experienced the same things as Bucky, not had to deal with the same grief and happiness Bucky had been through.

He realised that now and he realised how Steve was right all along: Rosemary was not the girl for him.

Months had passed and Bucky’s heart had healed, he certainly wasn’t ready for another heartbreak but was, somewhat, putting himself out there. He’d gone on a few dates ranging from bad to beyond terrible and maybe it was because he wasn’t used to modern dating or maybe it was Sam whispering (the worst) advice into his ear but he’d decided to ‘go with the flow’. It would happen when the time was right and Bucky was prepared to wait.

To Bucky, dates felt staged and unnatural. The women always seemed to be both kinky as hell and extremely bad at hiding it or scared. Two things Bucky was certainly not ready for.

Walking into the coffee shop, he was caressed by the warm smell of cappuccinos and hot chocolates. The store had recently opened up and, despite its popularity, the queues were short and the drinks were of the highest standard- according to Scott anyway, not that the man needed coffee anytime of the day. But the thing that interested Bucky the most was that upstairs was a library, anytime from 6am-11pm you could waltz into the store grab a coffee, sit down and read your favourite book.

Once Bucky had grabbed his drink, he practically ran up the stairs in order to get his favourite seat in the house. Stuck in the corner next a massive window, Bucky could sit peacefully in silence while admiring the views of upstate New York.

Bucky read in order to calm his mind, the words were a lullaby to his soul that slowed the erratic beating of his heart and transported him to another reality. He could spend days pouring himself into the pages as the dusty old smell sung his mind to sleep. A mind that overworked and over thought, haunted by the taste of blood and the screams of innocents.

“Sir, would you like some more coffee?” Your quiet voice questioned, rescuing Bucky from his thoughts. Looking up Bucky was awe-struck and with a quick nod of his head, he drank you in.

There was a shyness to the woman before him and a softness in your voice, your beauty was not regular like super models but gleamed furiously in the delicate edges of your face and the swell of your lips. It was as if the stars had decided to rest inside the beauty of your eyes, wrapped up in the warm hues of your soul.

Your beauty was not something that could physically be held, it was not determined by the size of your jeans or the colour of your hair but flowed through the warm winds that rippled through your clothes and intertwined with the fiery passion that raced through your veins.

You were neither a model nor someone who walked down red carpets and men would not stare as you walked through the street, due to the fact you were not the embodiment of society’s twisted definition of beauty.

And you were simply not what Bucky had wished for, you were more.

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theories? on MY blog??

Okay, so remember that ask about how Luigi is buddy-buddy with his ex-minion pals? I’ve gotten a handful of reminders from both anons and actual users telling me that Luigi wasn’t conscious during his time as a villain and therefore would not remember his time in the castle. That’s cool, you can believe that if you want! But I just can’t agree.

Here’s what bugs me about Mr. L:

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Make me feel - A HakYona one shot

Well, this is very new blog so i would like to draw a little bit to atenttion to it by posting this, if you don’t mind, i know you don’t.

This is a HakYona fluffy the-sexual-tension-got-too-stroong-omg one shot, i self beta’d so all mistakes are mine. Also i wrote this before chapter 111 got spoiled so it doesn’t really fit into any part of the story, i just couldn’t believe that they had those nights where they slep TOGETHER ON A TENT and nothing happened so i made it happen k, please enjoy and check out my blog :)

Make me feel.

“What’s–” She stopped herself, but then went ahead anyways “What’s the type of girl you like?”

He didn’t move an inch, but she knew he was awake, she heard him swallow and sigh every once in a while, he  went like that all the time, he pretended to be asleep but never actually slept. Maybe it was because she was there, maybe she made him uncomfortable. She didn’t want to share a tent with him anyways, she just had to. And it’s been hard for her, for some reason for hours before closing her eyes, she’s been super aware of him, of his breathing, of how his scent fills the place in just a second and then travels through her nose and into her, making her brain fuzzy and nervous. It bothers her that she spends so long with him, just him in there, yet they don’t talk at all.

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This was your life, New52Lois Lane...

Psionic powers forced upon her (Superman Annual #2):

Almost dies thanks to said powers, while helping Supes to fight Psycho Pirate (Superman #24):

She falls into a coma (Superman #24-#27):

Almost dies when Parasite absorbs her powers and energy (Superman #24-#27):

Superman was a jerk to her and Jonathan Carroll (Superman #27):

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Can you write about the SCM gods reaction to MC wedding dress? 🙌By the way I love your blog 🙌

You are finally going to marry your God with the approval from the King. Your God brought you to a boutique and you are surprise there is such shop in heaven. Your God explain that they mirror from human realm and designs are much better than earth. The wedding dresses are so beautiful and you are not sure which to pick. Finally your God pick one for you and you step out of the changing room after putting it on for him.

Base on their POV
Staring at her ivory over light gold wedding dress, I can feel my lips curve up. The illusion lace low neckline with a stunning open back and the dress with long trail drag over the floor, clearly define her perfect body and skin. She looks so beautiful and the dress matches my taste.

“You look ravishing.” I whispered to her after walking to her.

“Aren’t it too revealing?” She asked worryingly.

“It is perfect. I want everyone to know this beautiful lady belong to me. Moreover, it will be easy for me to slip down your dress later.” I whispered into her ear and she blushed instantly. “Should we give it a try?” I continued and snapped my finger to pull the curtain shut.

I pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately. I have to train up my self-control on our big day, to prevent stripping her instantly but at least let me enjoyed myself now. I unzipped her zipper and move my hands to her front, slipping my hands in through the opening at her breasts.

I can’t take my eyes off her cleavage the moment she stepped out. The strapless chiffon and lace slim A-line gown perfectly bring out her cleavage. The thought of everyone able to see her on that day, I feel kind of conflicted. However, the dress matches her perfectly.

“Why are you staring at my cleavage?” She teased.

“I am not.” I blushed and she laughed, clearly knowing that I am lying. “Well… I am.. I guess I have to be careful and not step on your dress that day. I definitely do not want other to have a free show.” I muttered.

She giggled and I just had to pull her in. I need to stop her from teasing me and there is only one way. I kissed her deeply; making her lost herself with my kisses. I guess along the way, I lost myself as well. I moved my lips down to her neck, collarbone and eventually on her cleavage. I snapped my fingers to close the curtain. I want some private moment with her now and with that thought, I unzipped her dress.

I feel my heart as if going to stop when I saw her in brocade drapes the bodice of this ballgown before cascading into voluminous cut-away skirt revealing tulle. The strapless on top show off her cleavage, and the tightness at her waistline make her look sexy. She looks just like a princess to me.

“You look just like a princess. Jeez, I feel like wanted to hide you just for myself. I don’t want other to see you in this dress.” I whispered to her.

“You are so silly.” She teased me, blushing from my comment.

Feeling her body close to me, I just don’t want to let go. I rubbed my nose against her and slowly, we kissed. I bet I can hide under her ballgown and make her feel good below. No one will notice right? I pulled away from her and get under her dress.

“Teorus, what are you…Mnmm..” She gasped before she can finish her sentence. This dress is perfect. I snapped my fingers to close the curtain and continue cunnilingus below while she trying hard to suppress her moaning sound.

My eyes grow wide when I saw her stepped out in this elegant sheath tulle wedding dress. She looks so lovely. The crystals and pearls encrusted, making illusion at the front and back neckline brings out her elegant personality.

“You took my soul away. I can’t wait to let everyone see how this beautiful goddess standing beside me.” I smiled sweetly at her, placing my hands at her waist and pulled her close to me.

“I like this dress as well. You pick it well.” She smiled lovingly back at me.

“Of course, I am the one who know you best.” I smiled and lean in for a kiss.

However, the kisses just get deeper and deeper, passionate and more passionate. It is never enough when I kiss her. I wrapped my arms tightly around her and continue kissing her. I feel so conflicted. I want to continue seeing her in the dress but at the same time, I want to take it off her. Jeez, what should I do? Only she can make my mind mess up.

I am not dreaming am I? She is wearing a silver embroidery adorns the satin sweetheart bodice with rich corded lace appliques embellish the figure flattering trumpet silhouette. The beaded straps transform flawlessly into crossed beaded straps complimenting the chapel train with beautiful hem lace, clearing show off her bare back. It stills feel like a dream for me to see her wearing a wedding dress.

“I am not dreaming am I?” I can’t help asking her.

“You are now.” She giggled and wrapped her hands around my neck.

“You look gorgeous that I wanted to place a kiss on your lips.” I whispered, as I pulled her even closer.

She surprised me with a light kiss on my lips. I took this opportunity to deeper our kiss. This dress is good. I can easily slip down as well. Closing the curtain behind us without breaking my away from her, I then unzipped her dress. I place my hands on her strips, slowly pulling it down and hear the dress drop down to the floor.

My eyes almost pop out when she stepped out. The sleeveless trumpet gown with V neck, cut-outs and leaf beading and embroidery at bodice and hemline matches her. The dramatic illusion back and signature side zipper detail bring out her sexiness. She looks like a beautiful mermaid.

“You look stunning, just like a mermaid princess.” I smiled lovingly at her.

“Don’t you think it showing too much skin?” She asked cautiously.

“But it fit you so well. The others are going to get so jealous at me.” I replied teasingly. “Oh, so the zipper is at the side? Maybe I should practice how to undress you.” I smirked while taking a closer look at her.

She panicked but I already capture her in my arms. I just want an excuse to kiss her and of course my hand can’t help but unzipped her dress. I slide her dress down and snapped the curtain close. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply, while my hands caressed her naked skin.

As she stepped out wearing the sleeveless illusion asymmetrical floral print natural waist ball gown with illusion back, my eyes just can’t tear away from her. I am so happy to finally see her in wedding dress and she look so gorgeous in it. I can look at her in this dress forever.

“You took my soul away.” I whispered into her ear and she blushed instantly.

“Thank you.” she smiled.

“May I have a dance with you?” I hold up my hand and she placed her in mine immediately.

I snapped the finger for the music and we dance gracefully. The more I look at her, the more my heart beating nonstop. Unconsciously, we lean in and our lips touch. As the kisses get deeper and deeper, I can feel my hand moved toward to her zipper. I don’t think I can control myself any longer. She looks too beautiful to resist.

I can feel myself blushing when she stepped out. The stunning trail lace V neck white dress, complete with illusion lace ¾ sleeves really bring out her perfect bodyline. I just can’t take my eyes off her.

“You are so gorgeous.” I finally manage to whisper out to her, while blushing nonstop.

“Thank you.” She blushed.

I leaned over and embraced her in my arms. I move my face closer to her and kiss her deeply. I can’t move away from her soft lips.

“I would like to help you change out of the wedding dress.” I whispered in between kiss and pulled the curtain shut. I know that once I remove her dress, there is no stopping me. However, I simply lost control of myself at this instance. I guess it is okay to lose it once a while. I unzipped her dress and slide it down her body. I move my lips down her neck and caress her body with my hands.

She looks even more gorgeous now and I can feel my cheeks burning. The amethyst floral sequin ball gown, sleeveless V-neck bodice with delicate trim accent front and back, full tulle skirt and cathedral train looked perfect on her. I bet she will be fluffy to hold in my arms although I love holding her naked. Jeez, I just want to strip her off that dress.

“Does it look good on me?” She asked nervously and I finally realized that I am still gazing at her.

“It looks really stunning on you.” I blushed.

She heaved a sigh of relief and I simple can’t take it any longer. I carried her to the nearby couch and immediately embraced her in my arms, while resting on it. I kissed her deeply and my hands wondered around her body, trying to look for the zipper. I could just snapped my fingers to undress her but for now, I just want to enjoy the moment of slowly stripping her naked.

I can feel my heart beats increase the moment she stepped out. The ivory tulle ball gown with marzipan floral accent, draped taffeta bodice with curved V-neckline and spaghetti strap detail, hand-painted floral appliques accenting a cascading tiered skirt make her look like a princess. I realized that I just keep gazing at her v-neckline curve which clearly showing her cleavage. Why she always has such effect on me?

“You are staring at me.” She teased me and wrapped her hands around my neck.

“I just can’t help it. You really look beautiful.” I admitted and pulled her closer by placing my hands on her waist.

We leaned our forehead together and slowly, our lips touch. Our kisses get deeper whenever I change the angle on her. I soon pushed her against the wall. I break away from her briefly and lean back in to kiss her neck. I snapped the curtain close and my hands unzipped her dress. I just lost all my self-control.

She once again captures my soul. She look lovely in the antique tulle bridal ball gown with a sheer embroidered V neckline and low back. Thin satin ribbon at the natural waist and a horsehair edged flounce skirt with sparkle throughout bring out her charm.

“I guess it is right when they say woman look beautiful on their wedding dress. I simply can’t take my eyes off you.” I smiled while pulling her closed.

“So I guess I make your heart beating faster than usual.” She teased.

“You naughty girl! Do you realize that your bareback allow me to slip my hands easily inside? Let me get your heart beating fast as well.” I whispered into her ear and start kissing her earlobe.

My hands caressed her naked back and I blush the side of her breasts with my fingers. I pulled down her stripe and grope her breasts with my hands. I am so eager to feel her that I don’t even bother to close the curtain behind us.

The dress I chosen for her look so perfect on her. The white over nude lace illusion flared gown make her so stunning and at once gaze, it like she is almost naked. It show her perfect body shape and skin colour perfectly, especially her cleavage. She is going to get all attention from everyone and I bet that they will be jealous of me.

“I am so lucky to have you. You look ravishing.” I am smiling nonstop at her.

“You sure this fit me?” She asked worryingly.

She must be worry about how nude the dress look like. “It is perfect, especially it clearly show your cleavage here.” I smirked while running my fingers at her cleavage and I can feel her shiver at my touch.

The sight of her just make me want to tease her further. I continue running my hands over her contours and she soon gives in to my touch. I hold her weak body and kissed her deeply. My hands can’t help but slowly unzipped her dresses. I am going to take her in right here and now.

It’s My Turn

Here’s a feelsy little ficlet based on the scene in the 2nd trailer with Molly on the phone looking emotional. I have no basis for, well, anything…but I just thought I’d have fun. :)

Molly cursed under her breath as she heard her mobile ringing on the table. She hurried to dry her hands from the dishwater and run over to answer, her pulse already racing.

“Yes, hello?”


Her heart soared but also ached at the familiar sound of his voice. “Sherlock, where are you? What’s going on so far?”

“Are Mrs. Hudson and Rosie ok?”

“Y-yes, they are, but what’s going on with you?” Her fear was mounting, given the way he was evading her question.

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Upon my third rewatch of TFA, I noticed a little detail about Rey’s outfit change for the final scene that I hadn’t before

She’s wearing these knitted arm warmers, which got me thinking as to where she got them. My first thought was Poe (precious clothes-sharing cinnamon roll) but he doesn’t really seem like the type to wear knitted arm warmers?? So then my mind went to JESSIKA PAVA, SPACE BABE

All the talk in the base is about this girl, Rey, who had a fight with Kylo Ren and WON and at first Jess was just as enthralled as the next guy, but eventually all of the talk gets a little old. I mean, the girl can’t be all that special, right? She’s gotta have some fatal flaw

But then this girl about Jess’s age, maybe a couple years younger, literally runs into her in the hallway and Jess is about to tell them off until she looks up and sees possibly the most adorable, beautiful girl she’s ever seen and so now they’re both flustered and just kinda staring at one another and Jess is just like OMG JESS, SAY SOMETHING so she (very not so smoothly) goes “I uhh, haven’t seen you around before. You new?” and the girl looks like a deer in the headlights but finally answers with a “Um, yes.” (and now Jess has lost control of her thought process again because sHE HAS THE CUTEST ACCENT) But the girl is apologizing profusely and honestly Jess is wondering what there is to apologize for and so she just sticks out her hand and says “I’m Jess, by the way!” and the girl stops talking and reaches out to shake her hand, smiling as she says “I’m Rey.”

As you can imagine that came as quite a shock to Jess, but then Rey starts seeking her out and hanging out with her more and more and they fix up and fly x-wings together and Jess introduces her to all kinds of foods and they swap stories about their childhoods and it’s great… until Rey leaves to go find Luke Skywalker. Jess knows it’s necessary and she’s happy that Rey will get to have proper training, but she can’t help but feel upset that her friend (even more than that, she often wishes)  is leaving her. As a parting gift she decides to make Rey something that she can have and think of Jess whenever she sees it

A week later as Rey is about to leave on the Millennium Falcon, Jess runs up and gives her a hug, pressing a pair of hand knitted arm warmers into her hands. “I know you’re tough as carbonite, but that doesn’t mean you have to have cold arms, desert girl.” she teases, and Rey puts on that smile that makes Jess’s stomach feel light and she thinks she might float away when Rey puts them on and says with teary eyes “No one’s ever given me anything they made before… Thank you, Jess”

Do You Think I’m Crazy? Pt. 2

Part 1

Word count: 727

Bucky’s POV

It happened again. She lost control and attacked Tony. I don’t know if it’s her fault since Stark can’t keep his mouth shut. Now, (Y/N) is her own prison cell. Tony and Bruce built it exclusively for my (Y/N). At least it looks like a comfortable room from her sight. From where I am, staring at her through the thick glass, I can see the iron, the steel, and the wires that keep her abilities under control.

After twenty minutes screaming and throwing the furniture at the walls, she finally sits down on the floor, crying in silence.

“I’m coming in. Open the door.” I command. No one can keep me from being with her, so nobody tries to stop me.

They lock the door behind me and turn off the cameras. I hate how they steal her privacy while she’s here.

“Doll.“ She raises her head slowly, and it kills me to see her crying.

“Bucky, why am I here?” (Y/N)’s voice is so weak I can barely hear it. If I could only take her pain away…

“You attacked Tony.”

“No. I didn’t! He told Nat I’m crazy! I am not! No!” She stands up abruptly, trying to run pass me and reach the door. I hold her by the waist, putting her down on the messed up bed.

“(Y/N), please, calm down.”

 (Y/N)’s POV

“(Y/N), please, calm down.” Bucky keeps you still as you try to set free. The image of Tony’s dead body fills your mind. Somewhere deep inside your memories you can still find your funny friend Tony Stark. But now, with your mind clouded by hate and angst you just want to murder him.

“Bucky, I’m begging you, please let me out.” You throat burns and it makes more tears roll down your eyes. You wanna die. You want this to end. If you could only climb out of this pit you live in, you would. “I need to… I need to…” You can’t say the words, not even to your boyfriend.

“Doll, you just need to calm down first. Then Tony will come to apologize and you’ll be free to go.”

“Tell Nat I’m not crazy, please. She’s my best friend and I don’t want her to think that I’m crazy.” You beg again, scared that Nat won’t talk to you anymore.

“Nat loves you and you know that. She’s aware of you flaws but she loves you. Just like I do. And Steve, and Thor, even Loki who doesn’t like anyone.”

“They love me? They’re all my friends!? ” You jump, almost hitting Bucky’s mouth with your forehead. “But…”

“What, doll?” He kisses your lips, softly, making you cry again.

You know, in some moments of sanity when you can think clearly, that you’re dangerous. You may freak out and hit someone’s with a heavy rock. And don’t even feel guilty.

“They never come to visit me when I’m here. Just you.”

“Yes, they’re not allowed to come.”

“No. That’s not it.” You push him away, not wanting his hands on you. The painful truth takes the air out of your lungs and you can’t breathe anymore. Crying again, you stare into his beautiful kind eyes. “They are afraid of me. I don’t blame them. I am afraid of myself too.”

Bucky’s POV

Nothing could hurt me more than these words. What should I do to make her feel better? To rescue my love from this dark place she is now.

“(Y/N), that’s not true. What did I just say?”

“Don’t, Bucky.”

“Look, I know how to make you feel a little better.” I smile at her, caressing her thigh. “Why don’t we go to the beach?”


“Yes. We can rent a small isolated house and spend a few weeks there. Just you and me.”

(Y/N)’s POV

“Yes!” You yell, making a laugh escape Bucky’s lips. You kiss him, hug him and kiss him again, feeling like all your problems just disappeared. “It’ll be like a honeymoon!”

“Can’t you wait until we marry?”

“No! We already had sex and…” Your voice faints again, sadness creeping over you.


“You wouldn’t marry a mad girl.”

“I will marry you. That’s a fact. I’m just waiting for… I don’t know what I’m waiting for. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Then it will be a honeymoon!” You scream again, jumping into his arms. You don’t care if you’re crazy or not, you’re the happiest woman on earth.


‘’I made you, I made all of you!’’ Ali’s Pretty Little Dolls (+some Aria clues)

How Ali made them her bitches dolls

According to Mona, Alison picked each of them to assemble the perfect group- the perfect dolls to play with (compassionate, etc etc). She did pick them because they were easy to manipulate, to make her do what she says, but how did she know? Ali picked each one of them because they remind her of.. well, Ali!

This post is going to get deeper of how Alison managed to manipulate the girls

hear me out, somehow it does makes sense

Spencer’s known to be Ali’s rival, so obviously what they have in common is their go-getter personality and they’re both smart, competetive, both of their families good in keeping secrets.

Hanna, uhm! Well it’s been pointed out too often that they look alike- so she probably picked her because of the appearance 

Emily as we know is gay and has been struggling with her sexuality before. While we found out Ali is bisexual- so she probably picked Emily because of her sexuality.

Let’s try to describe Alison. We know her as really smart, she does everything to get what she wants, wanted to be better than everyone, she’s gorgeous, she values her appearance and popularity, she attracts and gets attracted by the opposite sex as well as the same sex. 

But let’s not forget what else makes Alison the Alison we know and love. Her family has a lot of secrets and baggage, She’s cunning, she has a temper, she’s manipulative, she’s a liar, and most of the people who know her would describe her as evil. 

‘’You know why I picked you, right?’’ (Ali to Aria)

Why did Alison really pick her? The others have something in common with her.. but what does Aria have with Ali?

You know what I think? I think it’s because Aria has a temper, she’s a liar (well all of them, but it’s been said she’s the best liar among the group)- could she also be manipulative and evil? Also they both like older guys lol

Going further with this, we know Alison manipulates the girls according to their secrets, and observing from the flashbacks etc, their secrets mostly roots back from what they have in common with Ali. And of course Alison knew how to manipulate this as you can only know if you’ve experienced the same, am i right? Let’s see!

Examples from the girls’ secrets from the previous seasons:

Spencer: - Stole Melissa’s paper and pretended it to be hers
               - kissed Ian, Wren (Melissa’s boyfriends)
               - had substance abuse issues
               - secret half brother (jason)
Those secrets were mainly because Spencer wanted what she can’t have, wanted to be the best (Spencer was speeding to be better at studies)- and Alison knew that and knew how to play her because she was the same, she knew exactly how to blackmail her. Plus the family affair- jason lol they have that in common too.

Hanna - throwing up after she eats
           - shoplifted
           - financial issues
           - secretly smart

As stated above, she and Ali both valued their appearances and their status- also, Ali taught Hanna to puke after eating. And the financial issues and the secretly smart things were a secret as she thinks her popularity will go down for those things. Alison played push and pull- knowing what to say to Hanna to bring her down, and making it seem like being in her group was the only good thing about her. Because she too, probably had self esteem issues.

Emily - lesbian
         - in love with Ali
Alison knew Emily wasn’t straight from the beginning, because she noticed how Emily looks at her, looks at girls- because she was struggling with the same problem with her sexuality at that time. Even easier for Alison to manipulate Emily back then (don’t come at me i said back then), because she was in love with her.

Aria - knew about her dad’s former affair
       - Affair with her teacher
       - Trashed her dad’s office 
       - the most records of cheating on partners (correct me if this is wrong)

It’s obvious Aria has some temper, trashing her dad’s office (and ezra’s some time later). is a Liar as she cheated on multiple occasions, but also she used guys and throws them away when they are no longer needed (Andrew, Jake, etc). Ali was there during the office incident and was the one to give her a little push to trash it- she knows how to play Aria’s temper and emotions.

I heard somewhere that some witches or magical people know how to put some parts of them into a lifeless objects, so they can own them and control them.

I’m not saying Alison is a witch or anything, but if we look at it like this- the girls seem to carry a part of Alison inside them- the parts Alison know how to control. As if Alison really does own them.

The girls were happy Alison was gone.

After she disappeared, they continued living their lives- thinking she was dead. But the -A game started and it made them revolve their lives around Ali again. 

They were her dolls. 

But she lost control in the latter seasons. 


Because they started losing that part of them they connected with Ali.

Spencer stopped going for what Melissa has, settled with not going to Upenn. Hanna started being her own person, regardless what anyone says. Emily is not struggling with her sexuality. Aria, who knows what’s really going on with that girl tbh so much secrets!

That’s why the -A game started again, didn’t it? To make it revolve around Ali again.

I personally think Ali might be Uber A, since the beginning- and she played Aria to help her. 

ps: sorry if it’s not very well written, i’m a bit sleep deprived- and i still have things to do today. But i hope the idea is there!

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I've lost all control and I need you now

A/N: Hi guys, the below drabble was written for a prompt from Olicity Kink Meme

Prompt #7: Facesitting

I hope you enjoy it. [FF] [Ao3]

Felicity gasped; her head falling forward; her hair tumbling around her. She wrapped her hands around the wooden headboard, fingers gripping into it as she bit her lip, letting out a strangled moan.

Her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips, as her eyelids fluttered open to take in the sight beneath her. Oliver’s face was framed by her thighs on either side, his eyes locking with hers as he dragged the flat side of his tongue along her wet labia.

The heat in his gaze sent another jolt of arousal through her. His calloused hands gripped her hips, pulling her wet pussy towards his glorious mouth as he set to devour her.

Yes, that’s the only way she could describe what he was doing to her.

He was devouring her.

Like she was the last meal he would ever have and he couldn’t get his fill of her.

White light popped beneath her lids, making Felicity moan low and long as Oliver gave her clit a slow teasing stroke. She could  feel of his rough stubble against her inner thighs while his tongue languidly stroked her pussy; like she was an ice cream and he was savouring every drop.

Oliver loved the sight of Felicity looming over him as she lost control. Sweat trickled between her breasts, her nipples swollen and pointed, waiting to be touched or kissed. He enjoyed taking her to the brink and pulling her back again, teasing her over and over again until she lost all control. Her moans and incoherent whimpers as her hips writhed above him spurred him on.

He licked his way to the swollen bud that was begging for his attention, throbbing and pulsating, inviting him to suck it. He flicked his tongue against it, enjoying the rush of wetness that greeted him and slurping it up. A mixture of sweet and tart exploding in his mouth, making him crave more.

Oliver groaned, the noise reverberating over her clit causing Felicity to rock her hips.


The breathy sound of his name leaving her lips edged him on.

Teasing her was like teasing him. His dick swelled, straining painfully, wanting to be engulfed in her heat, to be deep in her, but right this moment it was all about her satisfaction.

Dragging his fingers down and digging them into the soft swell of her buttocks, Oliver thrust his tongue inside of her, laving up all her juice. Her walls were pulsing around his tongue, the warmth making him crave for more as he deepened his ministrations.

Felicity’s moans grew more desperate as she craved for release.

Another onslaught of sensation coursed through her, causing her back to arch. She threw her head back, tendrils of hair clinging to her sweaty shoulder blades as her pelvis thrust downward and knees dug into the soft pillows.

“More.” She moaned, “I need more.”

Her thighs tightened around his head, the soft flesh pressing against his cheeks. His nose rubbed her clit over and over as Oliver kissed and sucked her pussy. Her juices overflowed, dripping onto his jaw, rolling down his neck; her scent surrounded him.

Felicity could feel the coil of desire building up in her; her release only moments away. Her breathing changed, coming out faster and shorter, and moans tumbled from her luscious lips as her heart pounded in her chest.

Then Oliver plunged his thick finger into her, curling it to hit her sweet spot over and over again as his lips sucked her swollen clit hard.

Felicity came, screaming his name as pleasure exploded through her body, her pussy clamping around his finger.

Oliver drank in everything, not wanting to waste a drop of the sweet nectar he was addicted to. He could spend the rest of his life just lying here between her legs, giving her pleasure.

Releasing her grip on the headboard, Felicity moved down, draping her languid body across him. Sated.

She smiled at the sight of his face glistening with her juices, his tongue licking his lips as he tried to get everything, his eyes dark with desire as they raked over her naked, wet body.

“It’s your turn now.”