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the children of cronos

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They were three sisters, suckled on madness, consumed with power, and still paralyzed in the unrelenting cycle of time.

Sina, Rose, and Maria. Before they were legends.

Characters: Personifications of the walls and the Shiganshina trio
Author’s Note: Thanksgiving boredom drove me to basically sketch out and play with some snk theories, most notably stuff related to the Coordinate ability, time looping, and the walls themselves.

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I’m really upset that this wasn’t animated though. I don’t particularly ship anyone in Assclass but this scene was still important in showing Okuda and Karma’s relationship and the fact that Okuda understood Karma to the point that she didn’t want him to lose (even though he was against what she and her team were standing for) shows how Karma actually had deep friendships in 3E. It goes along with the short monologue he had later on about 3E being the only place he can lay bare his feelings.