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Hehe idk if it possible to put two request in or not but since it's open, I will try:)) Can you make a scenario with JB X makeup sex? Lolol eeep love u adminn💕💕💕

I just got to Corpus Christi! It’s 10:22 at night but you know what? I am currently on a pull out couch…but I am in the mood to write some smut lol

Jaebum paced back and forth in his “ex” girlfriend’s apartment waiting for her to message him back. Or to come home. It had been hours since he heard from her, and the last thing he did read was: “Fuck you JB, if you’re going to be like that, I don’t even know why we are together. I’m done.”

Being his normal self, JB figured she was just mad and so he wrote back: “Whatever you want.”

It had been two days and he hadn’t heard a word from her. Two days and he had called and texted her to no avail. She couldn’t have been serious. Just the thought of no longer kissing her plump, pink lips. Or cuddling up next to her bed, letting his hand slide down her long, brown legs before squeezing her luscious ass made him mad. How dare she? He tossed his black hair back, how dare she want to leave him. He was everything to her, he knew that. Didn’t he?

The sound of a key inside a lock, made his heart jump and JB stopped his pacing long enough to sit down on the couch. One leg over the other inside his jeans, his button up shirt opened to his chest. He waited.

She opened the door, sighing heavily as she carried in some shopping bags. She kicked her door closed, flicking her shoes off her feet. Shuffling the bags she put her keys on the hook before moving into the living room, not even seeing the figure on the sofa. She walked right past him to her room. JB grinned. Oh this was sweet. He quietly got up following her, to her room as she peeled off her outer shirt, sitting down on her bed in a crop top to look at her purchases.

“Went shopping?” JB asked her. Leaning against the frame of the door.

He smiled even wider as she screamed, before she recognized him. Her eyes angry she growled at him.

“What are you doing in my house? Sneaking up on me!” She rose to a stand, pointing out her door. “I wasn’t playing with you JB, I’m done. Get out.”

Walking fully into the room, JB closed her room door behind him. “See, I was thinking. You can’t really be done with me. We’ve been together what? 3 years. You love me too much. I’m just too stubborn for you sometimes.”

She scoffed, arms over chest now. “You were late to our anniversary dinner. I planned this weeks in advance. You knew. You were late, you didn’t even get me a gift.”

JB pointed a finger at her. “I got you a gift. I just forgot it. I was in a rush.”

“A 2.5 hour late to dinner rush. Whatever, I told you I’m done. See yourself out.” She turned her back on him, only to have him grasp her wrist, turning her around again.

“See the way I see it.” JB pushed her down on the bed. “I was in practice, last minute things to do for the guys. For JYP. I forgot to text you, yes but I’ve never forgot anything else important to you. To us. Ever. This is my first offense.”

She rolled her eyes, hand reaching up to toy with a curl on her fro. “We’ve been reaching our boiling points with each other a lot lately.” Rubbing her arms she shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe the novelty of us being together has worn off.”

JB eyed her body in her crop top. Her chocolate stomach peeking through. The way her shorts hugged her wide hips, and the long legs the sprouted from that. How could he grow tired of her? How could he grow tired of the woman he had fantasized about meeting at every fan meet. Every concert. He got to his knees in front of her, hands on her waist, stroking her skin.

“You know I love you, jagiya. Why do you have to be like this?” He kissed her stomach, hands moving up her shirt to grasp the two, firm breasts there. Bra or not he slipped his hands under and came to skin, twirling her nipples in each hand.

She groaned, her mind willing her to open her legs and lay back almost immediately. Look at his face, he was begging her. His dark eyes stayed on her as he licked a trail from her stomach. Hands unbuttoning her jeans, she allowed him to slip them down her legs. The lace of her panties making him bite his lip. Red lace. How he loved seeing her in it, she looked wrapped up like expensive chocolate.

“What are you trying to do?” She wanted him kiss up and down her thighs before stopping at her temple.

“Makeup sex.” That was all her said before he pushed her legs open, and kissed her mound still inside her panties.

His thumb rubbing against her slit, before moving up to the neglected pearl. JB blew gently on her mound, before giving a long, lazy lick to the fabric. Hard enough for her to feel his tongue. She quivered and moaned, hands reaching down, burying into his mop of long black hair.

He took his time kissing her waist and removing her panties. He took his time, kissing down her a shaped temple. His hands squeezing her thighs, opening her legs wide. He pushed his tongue inside of her and listening to the heady moans she made, watched her body undulate under his precise tongue movements. Watched her face contort as he flicked his tongue, record speed on her clit, her mouth making an ‘O’ shape as she came, and her toes sought purchase on the blanket of the bed.

His mouth was wet with her desire, and he shared it with her in a kiss. Letting her taste himself on his lips. “That’s where you belong. Right on my mouth. You know that jagiya.”

She nodded her head, looking at the obvious tent in his pants. JB followed her gaze, smiling.
“Oh you want this?” His hand cupping his package.

She nodded again, eyes on the prize. “Yes.”

JB removed his shirt, his skin glistening with the light sheen of sweat from the work he just put in. His jeans followed, his bulge now apparent.

“I can’t hear you yobo, what is it that you want?” He slid his boxers down, palming his length in his hand. Stroking diligently. His head leaned back, stifling a moan.

“I want your dick. Now.” She had some edge to her voice, his eyes sultry with need looked at her.

“Kiss it. He wants to hear your sorry.” She was eager, flashing him one more look at her temple, she crawled forward, placing a light kiss on his tip.

JB licked his lips. “Kiss him with your tongue.”

He watched her face disappear and only the curls of her fro remained as her head went back and forth. Tongue skimming greedily over his shaft, she worked him like she never had. Her hand coming forth to stroke him. He was on the verge of orgasm, wanting to pull out. Just as he was about to, she held his waist close. Her mouth fully on him as he let go. His hand on the back of her neck as he spurt forth his seed into her mouth.

Like always, she swallowed. Smacking her lips when she was done. She wiped her mouth with two fingers, leaning back on the bed. In all her naked glory, just a gold necklace on, contrasting on her skin like an Egyptian pharaoh. She opened her legs, begging him close with her eyes, her fingers touching herself.

“Come and get it.”

JB wasted no time. Condom be damned at the moment, he slid home. Feeling her walls clench around him, accepting his length, accepting his girth. Her hands on his forearms as he backed out, and slid in once more. Oh, the delicious heat of her body. How could she not want this? How could he not? JB closed his eyes, his ears concentrating on the pitch of her moans. The tone of her groans. The rhythm of her pleas.

He was working his way toward oblivion when, her legs tightened on his back, her breasts bouncing against his chest. Her lips close to his ear.

“Just like that daddy, I’m gonna come.”

That was all he needed to know. Her nails pierced his skin, and he saw white light as he came within her, struggling to pound harder as he felt her achieve orgasm.

As she showered in the bathroom, JB laid on her bed, watching the door as she came out smiling. He decided to be an ass, smiling at her as he spoke.
“So are you still done with me?”

Hope this was what you wanted!

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I KNOW RIGHT!!! A lot of them work really well for Sherlolly but that one especially :) Sorry for the delay! My husband has family in town from out of state so we had to be social for a change, lol.

“Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

I’m thinking this works best sometime early on during The Empty Hearse. Post letting Molly know he’s back but pre crime solving outing (It’s been a while since I’ve watched that episode…might need to do that soon…) Anywho! On with the story…

Molly groaned as she fished her keys out of her purse, her muscles aching from her double shift at the hospital. It had been a long day and she could not wait to get inside to treat herself to a warm bubble bath and a night of peace and quiet all to herself.

She clicked open her door, kicking her shoes off in her entry way, practically tossing her bag down on the table in exhaustion. To her surprise, Toby wasn’t winding around her feet in his usual greeting. Must be napping somewhere, the lazy little fluffball…

Molly strolled to the kitchen, eager to make herself a cuppa. She pulled the elastic from her hair, tousling her locks loose from their confinement with a contented sigh. She reached to unclasp her bra, which had been digging into her all day…

“Hello,” a familiar baritone greeted, making her jump.

She turned to see Sherlock sitting on her couch, bowl of cereal in hand, Toby sprawled out asleep next to him. Just like old times…

“Sherlock…don’t scare me like that,” she scolded, silently glad he had spoken up when he did. So much for her night to herself…

He gave her an apologetic smile. 

“What are you even doing here?” she asked, continuing on into her kitchen for that now desperately needed cup of tea.

“Problem?” he asked through bites of cereal. 

Yes. “No. Just a bit surprised you’re not at Baker Street. Thought you’d be there getting settled since you’ve been…away for so long.”

Sherlock shrugged. “Mrs. Hudson’s still a bit upset with me. Needed somewhere a little more quiet.”

“Giving you that much trouble, is she?” Molly smiled to herself as she opened her cupboard. Good for her. 

“Oh she’ll get over it,” Sherlock replied dismissively. “Do you have any ginger nuts? Mrs. Hudson only had boring things to eat at her flat. Bran…has everyone really gotten so dull while I was away?”

“Bran is good for you,” Molly chided, opening the fridge. There was only a splash of milk left in what had been a full jug that morning. So much for that…maybe there was some green tea in the cupboard… “You know a lot has happened since you’ve been gone. People got on with their lives.”

“Pssh, what lives? I’ve been away,” he joked. “Would you mind fixing me a cuppa while you’re in there?”

“Yeah, fine…” Molly replied, trying to ignore the headache that was forming at the base of her skull as she rummaged through her cupboard.

She paused a moment, noticing that the shelf that had been stocked with cereal before she left for work was now completely empty. “Really, Sherlock? If you’re going to eat me out of house and home, I’m footing you the grocery bill.”

“You’re angry…” Sherlock observed, sounding confused.

“No I’m just…You know what? Yes. I am angry! Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years! Do you know how worried I was when I stopped getting your postcards? I understood when Mycroft stopped giving me updates but you…” Molly huffed, smacking the cupboard shut. 

She turned around to see him standing beside her. She’d forgotten how fast he could be sometimes… He looked down at her softly, pressing his lips together as he thought about what to say. He looked confused and a little bit hurt by her words, though Molly didn’t want to admit that to herself. He pulled his wallet from his pocket, offering her a few quid. 

“I didn’t realize it would be an issue,” he said quietly.

Molly sighed as she felt her anger drain out of her. 

“It isn’t,” she replied, pushing his hand and the offered money gently aside. “I’m sorry I snapped at you. I’ve just had a very long day and I…I guess I just wasn’t expecting you to be here. Not so soon at least. Of course you can help yourself to anything. Any time. I said before anything you needed and I meant it. Honestly, I’m just happy to see you eating something! You always starve yourself on a case and that can’t be good for…” her words trailed off as Sherlock wrapped his arms around her in a tentative hug. She let out a breath and hugged him back reassuringly, letting her head rest against his shoulder.

“I missed you too,” he replied hesitantly.

“That’s nice to know. Disappearing like that, making everyone believe that you were dead…It was more than a bit not good,” she rebuked though she couldn’t help but smile, allowing herself to enjoy the comfort of having him close enough to her that she knew he was really there. God he smelled good…

“I was only gone for two years…” he mumbled.

Molly rolled her eyes at him, but hugged him a little tighter. “Felt a lot longer…”

Sherlock bit back a groan of pain as she wrapped her arms tighter about his rib cage. She released him immediately.

“Sorry…forgot,” she apologized, stepping back slightly. Mycroft had briefed her on the injuries Sherlock had sustained while he was undercover. Broken ribs, several fractures throughout his body, not to mention the bloody nose John had given him when he announced his return. Mycroft had tasked her with tracking Sherlock’s recovery and while she knew it she was the logical choice to look after him, she couldn’t help but feel a little touched that the elder Holmes had thought of her.

“It’s fine,” Sherlock laughed with a wince. “Are we…okay?”

Molly nodded “Yeah…yeah we’re okay, Sherlock. It’s just been a long time, you know? I guess it’s not as easy as I thought it would be…going right back to how things were before you left…”

“You were looking forward to a night alone,” Sherlock observed.

“It’s no big deal. Like I said, just a long day,” Molly replied, absently rubbing the back of her neck.

Sherlock smiled and held out his hand to her. “Come relax with me. I think there’s still a bowls worth of cereal in the box by the couch if you want some.”

“I’m good for right now, thanks. I just need to unwind for a bit,” she laughed.

Molly took his hand and let him lead her back to the couch. She noticed as she did that her ring finger was bare. Must have left it at work…again… She really needed to stop doing that. But deep down, she felt glad that she didn’t have her engagement ring on. He most likely already knew—not that it really mattered to him anyway—but she didn’t want to discuss her engagement with him right now. He always ended up saying such horrible things when he got caught up in his deductions and she honestly wasn’t in the mood to deal with that sort of thing. She’d tell him soon, of course. He was her friend. She should tell him…just not right now…

They spent the night trying to catch cereal pieces in their mouths until the box was empty; talking about what they’re friends had been up to, laughing at how ridiculous John’s new mustache was. He showed her pictures on his mobile of all the places he’d been, telling her of all the wild scenarios he’d found himself in while tracking down Moriarty’s remaining operatives. They laughed and talked about everything…and nothing. Eventually, they both fell asleep on the couch watching a marathon of old horror movies on the telly. To Molly’s surprise, he was there when she woke up the next morning, still sound asleep, all tangled up with her and Toby on the couch. He usually wasn’t, the times that he’d spent at her flat before…

It was a knock on her door that woke her. One of Mycroft’s agents stopping by to drop off a bag of groceries.

Date Me?

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, Kurt (mention)
Request: can u please do a Peter Maximoff x reader where the reader is Charles’s daughter and she kinda grows this crush on peter and so does he , so like he knows the professor might not really like the idea of his daughter dating a guy like peter .. but then Charles finds out that his daughter has a crush on peter, so he tells peter that its fine for him to ask out his daughter and it just ends with fluff i guess ? lol im so sorry this is too detailed i hope u can do it since u are an amazing writer.
Warnings: Thoughts will be in italics. Kissy kiss kiss, fluff, mentions of sexual activity. Cuteness overload cause ye know Peter Maximoff ( YUM 😍)
Word Count: 1957
A/N: This took me a long time to even get started and I can’t begin to explain the word block I had.. I apologise for it being long overdue but I do hope it is to your satisfaction Anon… However me myself.. I dunno if I like it :/.
GUYS that’s the longest imagine i’ve written to date 🙀. Anyway Enjoy Love G xx

Originally posted by thewinchesternightangel

Y/N shuffled back and forth across the front of the closed office door. The door to in which it belonged to was her father. Charles Xavier. Yup you heard correctly Y/N Xavier was not only a student at the school for the gifted but she was the daughter of the one of most powerful psychics in the world.

As to why she was pacing in front of the door? Well she’s been at it for an hour now, waiting to hear any kind of confrontation but all she heard was silence. No doubt her fathers doing, blocking anything from reaching her ears. The one of may annoying things about having a father as a telepath.

The other was him finding out about her big fat ginormous crush on Peter Maximoff and telling her off for such vulgar thoughts. So you can guess who’s behind those closed doors… Peter Maximoff and Charles Xavier. Uh Oh.

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Hope || By Anon Kelsey

Pairing: Valdaya

Summary: Val meets Z’s new boyfriend at a family dinner.

Disclaimer: This is fiction, not reality.

He smiles when he sees her face on the screen.

“Hey, beautiful.”

“What up, Grouchypants?” He chuckles.

“We’re getting ready to get on the bus. Are we still on for dinner while the tour is in California in a few days?”

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