shes laughing with her friend after that omfg

Happy Valentine’s Day~! ❤

I had several Valentines today LOL. One of my friends had brought a box of chocolates with her after I suggested it (I didn’t think she’d actually do it omfg), so some of my classmates grabbed one and dramatically asked the first person they saw to be their Valentine. 

In the end everyone was laughing and throwing chocolate around it was the best thing ever. Esp cause one of the guys was dared to ask our Japanese linguistics teacher to be his Valentine aND HE ACTUALLY GOT DOWN ONTO HIS KNEES AND THE TEACHER GOT SO FLUSTERED x’DDDDD it was the best 

He was all like, “W-what are you-? O-oh! Um, sure? If it means I’ll get chocolate.” Everyone cheered huehuehue

I got kissed on the cheek a few times help and lots of ROMANTIC VALENTINE HUGS 

Hope y’all had a lovely day as well ~ <3333