shes laughing with her friend after that omfg

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ok so yesterday I met Christen, Tobin, Alex, HAO, krieger and Ashlyn after the USWNT practice. My friends and I actually really wanted to meet Christen and Alex because #caligirls lol. And we did!!! But we mostly got to talk to Christen though because there were a lot of fans around Alex and bby really wanted to get to everyone so adorable. Anyway so after Christen signed my poster I kinda whispered to her that she was my favorite forward and holy shit she was so adorable (cont)

(Cont) she was kinda shocked and she was blushing i stg. She is so humble for real. Anyway she thanked me and gave me a hug!!! And when my friend was talking to her it kind of got chaotic around Alex and omfg Christen and Tobin (who was talking to another group a few feet away) kind of gave each other a knowing look like I guess it happens all the time lol and they smiled at each other and Christen shook her head and laughed it was so cute!!! (Cont)

(Cont) and then after, I noticed Tobin kinda hung back a bit after she was done and I dunno if she waited for Christen but they walked back together. They looked really close! Like as friends (tho i am preath trash also. Hello captain hahaha) they looked like they really got along really well. (End)


“It was after many years. I’d remarried and she’d remarried [to Richard Burton]. I was going to London on the Queen Elizabeth ship and I looked up and I saw tons of luggage going by me and birdcages and dog cages and nurses and I realized Elizabeth was on the same ship as me. I almost changed my mind about going but my husband said, ‘Don’t be silly, we won’t be on the same floor. Of course we were so I sent a note to her room and she sent a note back to mine saying that we should have dinner and get this over with and have a good time. Because we were very good friends when we were 17 and went to school together on the MGM lot. And we had a wonderful evening with a lot of laughs.”

Debbie Reynolds on her reconciliation with Elizabeth Taylor in 1965, years after Elizabeth’s affair with her then-husband, Eddie Fisher.