shes kinda more than a pet now


Prompt:  "I need this.”
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: James Potter, Lily Evans
Setting: Canon, November of 6th year
1,000 Words

A low rumbling sound filled James’ ears as he woke up, sprawled on a sofa in the Gryffindor Common Room. For a while he just lay there, groggy and exhausted and utterly confused why he was down here and not in the dormitory. The other big question was why he was feeling like shit? 

The crick on his neck was probably thank to slumming it on the sofa but other muscles were sore as well. His shoulder was stinging, there were occasional twinges of pain at his left temple and his chest felt heavy.

James blinked blearily and it all came back to him in a rush that left him gasping: he was having perhaps the worst weekend of his life.

Saturday morning had started well enough, James had been full of hope. The start of the Quidditch season had got him brimming with barely contained energy that was part excitement and part anxiety. They had been training hard all week and he had been looking forward to going out to the pitch so he could show the whole school what his team could do.

Perhaps it had been arrogance on his part, but not even once did he seriously believe that they would lose the match.

But they had. Thankfully, at least the final score was fairly even; Slytherin had only won by 30 points so they still had every chance of winning the cup. For the majority of the match – until James had taken a nasty Bludger to his head and Regulus Black had snatched the Snitch right under Dorcas’ nose – Gryffindor had been winning.

Of course, thanks to the incident with the Bludger, James had missed out on the end of the game and hadn’t actually seen the capture of the Snitch. He’d been too busy plummeting towards the ground while unconscious. He later learned that he had narrowly been saved from becoming a pancake by their Beater, Frank Longbottom’s, heroic dive to grab him.

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So Nickel is fucking adorable and awesome but like, and I know I am gonna be 100% wrong with this

but I know she looks kinda young, but wouldn’t it be cute if she was actually really really old? And had the voice of a grandmother? I just thought about this this morning and now that she’s been revealed, I can’t stop thinking about how adorable a grandma bot would be. 

Grannie DJD. Furiously packing lunch for all the DJD members.

Or is that just me?

bingulovely-deactivated20151105  asked:

I love your posts!! I was wondering how BigBang would react when they find out that you have a pet snake (I have a beautiful Ball Python named Lady)

To be honest I have no idea whether they’re afraid of snakes or not…but I know that they are such big babies so I assume they’ll find them fascinating from a safe distance but a little scary in your house… send me a pic of your snake? I love snakes ^^


Well t.o.p is a good actor and he had a scene with a snake in a MV, so even if he was a liiittle bit scared he wouldn’t let it show. 

 When you show him a pic of your  pet snake

‘So…baby, you like dangerous stuff huh…?’

Full of charisma when you let him hold your snake

‘Now, isn’t she cute’


Oooh the little scaredy cat Jiyong…now, he would be terrified and amazed by the idea that you have a pet snake in your house. I think he would even have nightmares if you asked him to sleep over, but eventually he would get used to it. I hope :P

You have to go to an event and he comes by to help you pick your outfit when  he sees your snake in the living room.


You kinda read the atmosphere and ask him if he’s afraid

*plays it cool*


Youngbae would be more amazed by the fact that you have something exotic and dangerous like that in you place, than scared. I think he would tease you about it saying to all his friends how cool and brave you are.

Youngbae at the snake

“Oh hello snake how are you today?^^”


rly now?! -.- A SNAKE?! AND DAESUNG? This guy is afraid of his own shadow. I mean do you guys remember this!? or this?! XD GOD I LOVE HIM! XD

You showing him your pet

“I just can not understand why do you find it cute…but still it’s ok if you like it”


Maknae just wouldn’t believe his eyes first and would be a little shocked but he would go from shock to admiration and I think he would even grow fond of it ^^ 

Coming at your place to see for himself ‘cause he didn’t believe you when you told him.

*looking at it through the glass*

“Baby, it moved…”

After that he always comes up at your place when he drops you off to check on your pet 

“Hello there little snake ^^ Looking good today too”


@bingulovely sry for taking so long ♥

klarolineforevermine  asked:

kc+ "We live in the same building and you’re locked out of your place in your underwear because you were doing laundry and forgot your key" AU

Being Neighborly

Every Wednesday Caroline does laundry.

The building she lived in was situated close to the financial district, filled with power suited stockbroker types, with a few exceptions, so the laundry room was usually pretty quiet midweek and she didn’t have to feel guilty about monopolizing the machines. Today she’s got four of them loaded (lights, delicates, darks and knits), her basket of sheets and towels waiting for the next round, and is humming absently as she feeds the machines quarters.

She’s a little bleary eyed on this particular Wednesday. Last night had been Bonnie’s birthday and they’d celebrated with pitchers of margaritas and amused themselves by catcalling Enzo and his bandmates (like they were teenage girls at a Bieber concert) as they played a show. She’s only one cup of coffee in, her brain sluggish and distracted. She doesn’t see the puddle of water and detergent on the floor by washer number two. It’s been leaking for weeks and Caroline’s emailed the building manager three times.

She really should have known better.

Caroline slips and lets out a shriek as she loses her balance, pitching forward as her legs slip out from under her. She mostly lands on her side but manages to catch herself with her hands, saving herself from a possible head injury. Her relief is short lived and turns to irritation as Caroline feels water soak into her leggings and t-shirt, the fabric quickly becoming sodden and clinging to her skin.

Her next email was going to be a lot less polite.

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I don’t even have a title. I’m too crestfallen to care.

This is my third attempt at eating and/or drinking while liveblogging this thing and the first two did not end well, all thanks to John. I spat tea all over my keyboard. BUT THIRD TIME’S A CHARM and I take a stab at it again with tea and cookies. Let’s hope John is less of a dork in this post.

Where was I? …Oh, man. Dave’s STRIFE. Oh, gosh.

I clicked. There is no turning back. Let’s hope that nobody falls from the building, that no meteor hits them while they fight, that BRO isn’t as creepy in this flash, that there won’t be any suicide attempts, etc, etc…

*crosses fingers*





THAT’S IT???? This let me down so much, you have no idea. Well, only ROUND ONE but still. I expected so much more. Some insightful stuff about their relationship! Like with Rose and her mother’s strife… I don’t know. I expected more. This was kinda disappointing.

OOOOHHHH, MY. Was this supposed to scare me?? I think Cal is losing its touch. BRO and Cal just look ridiculous. Now I’m waiting for the day I stop screeching every time squiddles show up and do… that… tangled up thingy—OH GOD.

….That will take more time, I think.

YES. This is way more interesting and I’ve been waiting for it.

THE SASSINESS, IT’S BLINDING ME. You got the right person, girl.

Yes, well. She has to feed her pet dragon with irradiated food as she does any other day and probably will meet her grandpa and hopefully it will end up in a more interesting strife than the Striders one. Make it quick, Rose.

So Dave WILL pull through and get her in The Medium! …As soon as he stops fighting with inanimate objects, that is.

IS SHE EVEN TRYING TO HIDE IT AT THIS POINT?? Yes, Jade Harley here, professional psychic at your service, did you need to know anything in particular?

Yes, it had to be the crappiest day ever, this fits the descriptio— WHAT. Jade never lied??? She doesn’t have the game! She knew about the game but not about its name… She’s so fucked.

She’s not fucked. She knew about everything beforehand. She knows of a way to get a copy, the little shit. Otherwise she wouldn’t be so unconcerned. …I thought she got little glimpses of the future, but it looks like she knows every little detail now. …Whenever I think I got the hang of her powers she pulls things like these on me… 

But actually, getting a copy shouldn’t be that hard. Jade has transportalizers in her house, right? And they showed the same symbol of the contraption in WV’s capsule. So who says her grandpa doesn’t have an appearifier hidden somewhere?? All she would have to do is appearify the only copy nobody is using and nobody is going to use anytime soon. That would be Dave’s copy. All she would have to do is sneak into her grandpa’s laboratory or wherever they store the thing and appearify Dave’s game. And you may say: “But how would she know the right coordinates??”. Well, Jade has already seen the way she will get a copy. In this case she would have seen herself insert the coordinates, and would know what to type into the thing. Easy. This is the most logical theory I’ve ever freaking written. I don’t even care if I’m wrong. It makes perfect sense.

Okay, I was lying… I think I will scream if it just turns out grandpa has a copy hidden somewhere.

ROSE. You keep yourself and your ambiguous opinions on Jade’s home situation as far away as possible. HE’S NOT THAT KIND OF SCIENTIST, OKAY? …I think.

They will be fine because I just said so. I won’t have another strider-like situation. DID I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR??

My Homestuck experience so far.

Patience may not be Rose’s forte, but she makes it up with courage. She will be alright. Hell, the girl stared at meteors all around her and smirked intrigued. She takes every freaking thing as a personal challenge.


I don’t think she’s grasped this concept yet.

Jade just outdid herself with the hearts. Probably compensating for the fact that Rose will nearly die engulfed by flames before entering The Medium and SHE KNOWS ALREADY.

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