shes kind of a fave


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞


“For such a long time, when I was younger in school, girl’s were really, really mean to me. It’s really unfortunate that [bullying and online bullying] goes on and I truly feel like putting positive energy out there and being positive and a good influence, I feel like that attracts that kind of thing.” [x]


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Did you hear about that fan that met Amber & she actually escorted her back to her car to make sure she was safe?? Amber is so sweet and cares about her fans so much 😭

YES 😭😭😭😭😭 this is the kind of reason why she’s my fave. She’s so genuine, hardly thinks of herself as a celebrity and loves her fans like they’re all her friends. I’d be nervous to approach her for sure but I’d never feel like she would be annoyed if I wanted to say hi or whatever because she’s made it so clear she loves meeting fans when she’s in the us. Remember when she literally told people to go find her at Disney last time she was home??? What kind of celebrity lmao I love her

She was a force of nature. And, like all forces of nature… she was unpredictable and difficult to be around. She was extraordinarily attractive, in terms of being magnetic, and sometimes repellant. She had the ability to suck all the air out of the room, because she needed it all, and it was more important for to breathe than anybody else to, and at the same time, she had the ability to breathe life into a room, depending on whether she was ebbing or flowing.
—  Alan Myerson, qtd. in On the Road with Janis Joplin

I saw The Force Awakens for the second time Monday and I have been listening to Duel of the Fates for about five hours now, I am in full on star wars mode shoop a whoops


Rest in Peace Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) - November 12, 1929 - September 14, 1982

“She was always present and ready to do things either with me or for me if I couldn’t do them. Let’s say the change is that we worked as a team and the team has been split up.” - Prince Rainier, (x)

quirks of mine that I headcanon Holtzmann doing

- she puts ranch dressing on almost everything she eats, including pizza and any kind of sandwich

- she likes putting weird and colorful pins on her fave bag

- in the mornings she takes her coffee and climbs back into bed and does useless tinkering for like two hours before she actually gets up

- plus, she often stays up late doing whatever and listens to music loudly on headphones and enthusiastically mouthing along to the words

- she never ever sits normally. She’s always crossing her legs weirdly or propping one leg up on something other than the chair or slumping all weird

- when she was little she had a little stuffed red bear and she likes taking it with her in her bag on trips, occasionally on busting missions. She is fiercely protective of her old childhood friend

- quite often she just makes weird noises when she’s excited about something, or just whenever. Of course this is likely already proven by the movie

- her apartment is a huge mess almost 24/7, but she still knows where everything is. About once a month she stays in the apartment for like 3 days and works without ceasing to tidy it up. Then a week later it’s messy again

- when she’s upset or anxious, she tends to shut down. She can’t really focus and she kinda disassociates from everyone. Her favorite coping methods when she’s feeling that way is watching the great mouse detective and futurama and drinking peppermint tea

- she sleeps best when her bed is piled with like 4 comforters and three blankets, plus a big stuffed animal for good measure. And like 8 pillows.

- her apartment walls are full of movie posters and pretty framed things she found at thrift stores

- she really likes looking at clouds. Especially the huge dark ones as a thunderstorm is on its way. She loves thunderstorms and likes watching them come

- alternatively, she is deathly afraid of tornadoes due to a windstorm she witnessed when she was 2. High winds and overcast during warm weather make her anxious

- she actually owns tons of weird pendants and tiny trinkets but she only wears them like once a week. But on a regular basis she only wears one pendant and that’s her “screw u” pendant

- she adores the little joys of life. She sees them all the time and gets excited about them even if it’s just something like how the street lights look against the rainy streets. She sees life in moments captured by Polaroids and she keeps a scrapbook of them in her memory

Idk she’s just so much like me that I project my quirks onto her

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my opinion on;

character in general: I LOVE MINNIE!!! legitimately one of my fave OCs. she seems like your kind, simple country girl trope, buuut there’s a lot more to her. and not all of it is sweet and naive, like it’d be easy to think of her as.
how they play them: see above since she an OC

the mun: moonie is the star of my life. we have been friends for about a year i guess and have become VERY GOOD FRIENDS, we can talk abt literally anything, and never have to worry abt how the other will react. she’s VERY FUNNY and cracks me the fuck up constantly, i laugh so much w her. not to mention she’s also so very very nice!!

do i;

follow them: ofc!!
rp with them: ofc!!
want to rp with them: no but im contractually obligated
ship their character with mine: yes! these 2 in particular, in a way, that is

what is my;

overall opinion: a+++++, one of my very faves