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Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞

Sherlock characters Hogwarts houses (Opinion list)

Always that disclaimer of “disagree If you must, just don’t think I care enough to argue about it”. Enjoy.


Sherlock: I’ve gone over this many times but I guess I’ll go over it once again. A lot of people assume that he is a Ravenclaw because he’s smart. False. Sherlock Holmes is a textbook Slytherin. Yes he’s smart, but he’s smart about what HE likes to know. In the books for example he doesn’t care to even know that earth revolves around the sun & he even goes as far to say that he doesn’t care to even remember the fact. A Ravenclaw would NOT act like that. Sherlock is just a snarky, sarcastic, SOB who has very singleminded goals and aspirations. He isn’t a bookworm if the book doesn’t pertain to what he’s doing at the moment.

Mycroft Holmes: He’s fantastic for a sarcastic one liner. He’s like Sherlock but he’s even more of an asshole in my opinion. He and Sherlock constantly try to one up each other, but they don’t have similar goals necessarily so it never gets too rough. Totally a Slytherin.

Mary Watson: Two words… DECEIVED EVERYONE. She’s fantastic. Also very resourceful and has straightforward goals / aspirations.


John Watson: He’s brave, daring & it takes a bit of recklessness to follow after Sherlock. Absolutely brilliant friend. I just feel like Gryffindors would do the John thing and just make faces if they disagreed 😂

Greg Lestrade: Also a very obvious Gryffindor. Courageous and daring. He’s very friendly and seems like he would be popular with other humans.


Mrs. Hudson: She’s just a cute little puff. Ya gotta love Mrs. Hudson. Fave. PLUS she just kind of loves Sherlock & that’s just a cute little like family Slytherin/hufflepuff thing ya feel ❤️

Mixed houses…

Molly Hooper: This is only based on the show BECAUSE THERE IS NO MOLLY HOOPER IN THE FREAKING BOOKS. Anyways… she’s like a mix between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. She’s absolutely brilliant at what she does so I’ll credit that to Ravenclaw. She’s got hufflepuff traits too though like she’s loyal (even when Sherlock is awful to her lol), she’s a hard worker, she’s V PATIENT (with Sherlock again lol). Like idk she’s both in my mind. She doesn’t fit in just one house.

Jim Moriarty: This is gonna be an unpopular opinion to many because he’s the bad guy… but I wouldn’t say he’s 100% Slytherin. Like yes his goal is to beat Sherlock, but he’s kinda brilliant and he’s got the cocky thing from Gryffindor. So like he’s a Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw. He’s so calculated and ingenious, but again he’s a cocky bastard & he’s very straightforward with his goals aka he has one goal in a sense.


Anderson and Sally: I loath them. They don’t deserve to go to Hogwarts.


“For such a long time, when I was younger in school, girl’s were really, really mean to me. It’s really unfortunate that [bullying and online bullying] goes on and I truly feel like putting positive energy out there and being positive and a good influence, I feel like that attracts that kind of thing.” [x]

just a lil doodle but i know i mentioned my dino sona a few times and she’d be some kind of neon blue glowy thing bc its my fave color scheme in the whole world??? and she’d be like the part of me that loves super bright neon lights and stuff

shes all glowy in her horns and mouth and has blue feathers on her arms and on her tail ♥


She was a force of nature. And, like all forces of nature… she was unpredictable and difficult to be around. She was extraordinarily attractive, in terms of being magnetic, and sometimes repellant. She had the ability to suck all the air out of the room, because she needed it all, and it was more important for to breathe than anybody else to, and at the same time, she had the ability to breathe life into a room, depending on whether she was ebbing or flowing.
—  Alan Myerson, qtd. in On the Road with Janis Joplin

There’s no better proof I’m an aries than the fact I like all the angry songs from musicals

thinking about the kuro girls together in modern AUs is like one of my favourite pass times
  • ran mao and hannah as coworkers at a starbucks or whatever, ran mao is the barista and hannah mainly on register and they bond over mutual hatred for arrogant dickfaced costumers. they people-watch together and quietly judge everyone
  • or nina being mey’s outrageous lesbian flatmate, at first mey doesn’t know how to react to the woman’s nonchalant advances and exuberant behavior, but after a while mey can’t help but really like her
  • Francis and rachel bonding over motherhood, rachel always finding a new and exciting place to take little ciel and lizzy on the weekends, Francis always teases rachel about how excited she gets, saying things like: “rachel from how excited you are, someone might think we’re here for you”
  • hs au with elizabeth and ran mao being really competitive frenemies when it comes to any class that requires physical activity, phys ed, wrestling club, after school martial arts. it’s all unspoken tho and kind of subtle, so not a lot of people notice it but it is there 
  • a younger angelina admiring her new brother in-law’s older sister, and asks her for advice how how to be more professional when being interviewed, they go for coffee and francis give her connections for a job
  • punk teenager mey and slightly younger, preppy teen elizabeth meeting each other through ciel and really getting along, mey taking her shopping to her favourite clothing shops because liz wants to try out an edgier style but is really nervous. Liz gets permission from francis to let mey put some pink streaks in her hair.
  • Hannah and angelina working as school nurses at the same school, they give secret lessons and advice about some of the things the school wouldn’t want them to talk about(gender issues, sex ed, etc.) to any student that asks, they never get ratted out cause everyone loves them.
  • lizzy being hairdresser grell’s favourite costumer and her letting elizabeth talk about her life as her hair is done, she makes mental notes after each appointment so she can  things ask how things went, how this person is now, how did this situation turn out, etc the next time liz comes in. shes always to to convince elizabeth to try something drastically different with her hair, cut it short, dye it auburn, something, liz is more tempted then she’d care to admit.
  • Angelina and grell getting married and adopting little girls together, the legal process was a bitch but they couldn’t be happier with the turnout. Grell gets the lovely home, garden, children and  little white dog she always wanted.
  • An and Rachel helping Elizabeth get ready for her first date, giving her tips and the dos and don’ts and embarrassing her all the while. she would have gotten ready at home but Ed was bugging her about just what kind of guy was this soma. 
  • high school locker partner ran mao being the one to make mey realize she was bi
  •  preteen Elizabeth babysitting luka for hannah and being exited about her actually being payed a wage. she is intimidated by hannah but is quick to warm up to her, hannah starts love her because she’s so patient and kind with luka, so she ups her wage and finds out her fave snack so she can leave some for her and luka whenever she needs liz to sit.
  • An and Grell finnally covincing rachel to join them in a pole dancing class with them, with Beast as their instructor.(they also tried recruiting francis but to no avail)
  • just, wow ,the kuro girls man, gotta love em.
  • add stuff if you’d like~

Rest in Peace Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) - November 12, 1929 - September 14, 1982

“She was always present and ready to do things either with me or for me if I couldn’t do them. Let’s say the change is that we worked as a team and the team has been split up.” - Prince Rainier, (x)