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Hi, I’m Trash. I’m well known for my stupidity, AUs, and habit of putting guys in dresses (so hmu if branch *eye emoji*) so there’s that. And we’re gonna have a good time, I hope akndas XD

I wanted to doodle Poppy since I fell in love with her so bad while watching the film *o* And hhh Thumbelina AU, why not? :) Enjoy!! ^o^


This is very “hairpulling” isn’t it?



part ½ of the class characters as crystal gems gems!! (except, theyre not all crystal gems. probably. i haven’t completely decided on that yet)
and yes i know im complete trash and also line art is hard

           one of my roommates bought a bunch of underwear from Victoria’s secret, and she comes into the apartment and goes “i’m going to keep the bag & the paper, and give my boyfriend a gift in it. and the gift is going to be, like…. an empty bag of Swedish fish. or a paper that just says ‘fuck you’ on it.”

I’ve been following gelasticat (follow them for quality homestuck arts) because their art is gorgeous and I’m kinda wryly amused at the stupidity that follows them around because people keep forgetting that trolls’ lips are canonically black.

But that got me thinking - trolls lips are black. Like. Solid black. And then they have lipstick. Kanaya specifically uses lipstick. The quality of pigment in their lipstick needs to be pretty fucking intense, considering their lips are black.

I now want silly rosemary fluff where upon Rose tries Kanaya’s lipstick and makes a mess of herself because there’s jade. Everywhere. And it’s thick and vibrant and holy fuck it will not come off.

I don’t know, I am a sucker for makeup messes and fail cleaning up as part of a domesticity trope.

I just want Rose sitting in the middle of her room, surrounded by clothes and stuff smeared irreparably with jade, staring at the camera with a “I have made a terrible mistake” expression on her face.

at the risk of angering the hive…

(obvsly the vocals from last night’s performance were impeccable. those two songs were a couple of my favs off the album & i think they’re relatively slept on. & our girl was robbed, rude af when these awards shows are happy to profit off her performances.)

however like we did with willow smith as kali or miley wearing a star of david, were this any other singer we would be dragging her saying religion is not a costume. it’s one thing to pay homage to goddess figures across cultures, in a celebration of motherhood & womanhood. but it’s another to personify them, deify yourself, have choreo of dancers prostrating themselves at your feet. & it is a confusing message after “GOD IS GOD AND I AM NOT.” ppl are welcome to use ambiguous signifiers like halos, mother-child imagery, which predate / are not exclusive to these religions. but they were p specifically stylized last night & it rubbed me the wrong way

anyway *back to my regularly scheduled stanning*


“you know who i hate? vriska. not in the pitch way either, she’s just the worst troll i’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. full offense to you.”


ghhgh pitch teradia is… my weakness… terezi listens to aradia badmouth everyone until the setting gets too pale and then she drops a bomb on aradia to piss her off… im gay

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I'm laughing so hard because Angelus is the name of an extremely brutal, sadistic and truly evil vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel (and in fact is the evil counterpart to the main character of the spinoff, Angel) and now I can't stop wondering if Halsey has been bingewatching Buffy and Angel

lmao imagine she’s just trolling us all and has actually spent the last two years writing a Buffy/Angel themed album