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I think it was all staged with some bits improvised & accidental ie. Eleanor & Louis were both briefed that a rowdy pap & fan(s) would be there hassling Eleanor & they were to engage with them, with Louis playing defensive BF. The pap accidentally trips. The so-called brawl gets a little more heated in the moment. It serves the purpose of a more dramatic official confirmation of Elounor & makes her more "sympathetic" rather than being dragged to filth like she has been so far by lots of fans.

I think the video shows it all. An incredibly staged scene at the airport where Louis appears like he’s confronting a pap over taking photos of Eleanor ( watch the video, Louis’ so laughably unaggressive with the pap while he’s clearly just letting the photographer off camera get a few shots). Louis then sees what’s happening in the corner and loses his footing because it really appears to catch him off guard and he falls taking the photographer with him.

I think Eleanor’s job was to stand off to the side while this was happening with Louis but got mouthy with the girls that pulled out their cameras and the girls just likely didn’t take well to it and then the argument escalated from there. Eleanor is sassy AF so she likely just mouthed off to the wrong girls tbh. Don’t think that part was planned or staged

  • Baba: What's the sweetest thing Hiki has ever said to you?
  • MC: .......
  • MC: ............
  • MC: .................
  • Hikaru: What's taking you so long, stupid? I'm nice to you.
  • MC: You literally just called me stupid.

After showing Hannibal to about a dozen or so friends and family members, finally one of them has shown genuine interest! My oldest sister likes it and I’m so stoked! We’re going to marathon the series this week and asdfghjjklk.

When she realized how excited I was about it she asked me, “But haven’t you see this like five times already?” And I just grinned at her like a maniac and cooed, “Every time is like the first time, baby.” 

I wasn’t lying, though. This is going to be the third time that I’m seeing the series in its entirety (I re-watch my fave episodes often though) and I’m almost ridiculously enthusiastic about it. The prospect of watching it with someone else is sooo exciting! Guh!

Maybe someone will finally be able to catch all the cannibal puns I casually drop during meal times, haha. 

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am I the only one which totally think about Cor as a single parent? this would be so adorable... he alone with a daughter (poor cor.. let's hope she won't be so stoic like him as a teen) <3

This is so cute! I’m not sure if this was a request or just a submitted headcanon you wanted me to respond to immediately, but I wanted to write something for you just to make up for how long it took me to get to responding to your ask dearie <3 :D Hope you like it! (Plus, Papa Cor = adorable)!

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A Precious Bond (A Papa!Cor drabble)

There was no doubt about it- Cor was quite literally freaking out. After the tragic death of his wife after giving birth to their daughter, Cor was left on his own to take care of the small fragile girl. The midwives all around had looked at Cor with pity in their eyes as his misty steel eyes regarded his daughter with ambivalent feelings of adoration and spite. Initially, he had blamed her for the death of his beloved wife. He had blamed Kari for the heartache that he had felt as he watched his beautiful wife’s life slip away from her eyes.

But then, months later as he was leaving for work, Kari had grasped onto is finger with an iron grip. Familiar steel blue eyes gazed almost desperately into his own and that was when he fell in love with his daughter, despite all the pain she had supposedly brought into his life. This child was his. This little infant was his legacy. This baby needed him.

And so… began the reign of ‘Princess’ Leonis.

Over the years, Kari grew up healthily and happily with her father. Though she had bonded well with the nursemaid that had been caring for her since her birth, her first person to call for help when monsters were under her bed, or even in her dreams, was her big, strong hero of a father.

She’d call Cor Leonis- the Immortal marshal of the Crownsguard. And he’d come running, immediately dropping everything he was doing just to protect his baby girl.

At the age of five, Kari was a little heartbreaker. Even Prince Noctis, at the tender age of two, would bury his face into the nearest grown up’s leg due to his extreme shyness around the raven-haired, blue eyed beauty. But over time and exposure, Kari and Noctis were joined to the hip and developed a sibling-like relationship. This meant many play dates, supervised by the king and the marshal personally. Kari was something of an older sister to Noctis, and was quite bossy with him.

“Noct, eat your vegetables!”

“No- they’re icky!”

Regis would refrain from breaking out into a grin, side-eyeing an amused Cor as he’d address his son. “Listen to Kari- she’s older and wiser than you.” Regis would gently chide. This would set off a brief episode of crocodile tears before Kari would proceed to shove pieces of carrot and peas into Noctis’ open, wailing mouth. Funnily enough, the small prince would eat every bite. It was quite the endearing picture.

At the age of twelve, Cor began to worry about his daughter. She was growing into quite the strong beauty, even at her young age, and he didn’t want her to attract any unwanted attention. Given her mature nature, Cor was almost certain that some knuckle-head would end up mistaking her for a teenager and do something terrible to her without her understanding what was going on. And so… Cor decided to have ‘the talk’ with his baby girl.

“Kari. Do you know about the stuff teenaged boys and girls sometimes do behind closed doors?” Cor asked one day, during dinner time. Kari turned a curious look up at her father, and Cor had to avert his gaze from her curious, steel blue eyes. That was the precise moment he realised why so many soldiers were intimidated by his neutral gaze. Those eyes looked cold, calculating and all-knowing. Still, he knew his daughter was filled with warmth and all the prettiest things in the world.

Cor took a deep breath when Kari said nothing. “They have sex.”

“Papa… ew. I know what that is. I thought you were going to talk to me about interrogations or something… gross Papa. I’m trying to eat.” Kari spoke quickly, her tanned skin breaking out in a barely visible blush as she shoved some of her steak into her mouth. Cor was impressed with the even tone at which she answered him, but he still had to continue to talk about… the stuff. It was for her knowledge. It was for his baby’s safety. Repressing a blush of his own, Cor pushed his mashed potatoes around on his plate before spearing a piece of steak and holding it on his fork in mid-air, the steak not quite reaching his mouth as he tried to think about how to say what he wanted to say.

Kari rolled her eyes at her father, which Cor did not exactly appreciate, and sighed.

“Look Papa, I know what sex is. It’s when a guy and a girl like each other a lot and then decide to make babies with their penis and vagina. It’s supposed to feel good or something, but I personally think it’s gross and you don’t have to worry about it right now. I want to join the Crownsguard like you did, and I want to make you and Mama proud. That’s all. So can we eat our dinner and read our story and then go to bed?” Kari said, slightly exasperated.

Cor could only nod, dumbfounded at her maturity and level of knowledge. “Sure. But just be careful… if any guy comes on to you-”

“They won’t, you’re my Papa. They know they’ll die if they do anything to me-”

“Yes,” Cor conceded, a smile on his face, “but if they don’t know that-”

“Then kick them where the sun don’t shine and then run on back home, straight into the panic room, and then wait for you to come to my rescue?” Kari smirked around a bite of steak.

Cor stared at his cheeky daughter with disbelief. When had she become so sarcastic and sassy?

“Sure… or you can just contact the Crownsguard after engaging in self-defence.” Cor reiterated. Kari smiled up at her father from the other side of the dinner table.

“Okay Papa. Good talk!”

Cor sighed, feeling tired all of a sudden. “Indeed.”

Funnily enough, Cor didn’t have a thing to worry about, even when Kari had found a man to give herself to at the age of nineteen, because Kari was a strong young woman who knew the difference between what was right and what was wrong. Kari knew how to separate work from play, she knew to respect him and his wishes, and she knew exactly what kind of man he’d approve of.

So when Cor followed Kari and Gladiolus into their favourite diner and witnessed their date and affections, Cor was mostly happy. But a part of him was upset- as most fathers would be. After all, he was losing his daughter to a man truly worthy of her love. A man who was capable of protecting her just as well as Cor had protected her up until then.

She had found a new hero.

But years later, in the thick of the darkness, when the King of Light was nowhere to be found and the whole of Eos, including Cor, was beginning to lose hope- Cor received a letter from his Kari.

‘Papa, you’ll always be my light in the darkness. That will never change- you protected me and taught me so much and you remain to do those things even when I am no longer by your side in body. Just know… that I am always with you in spirit, and your love will always reside in my heart. I love you Papa- I don’t say that often enough. I just wanted to tell you that because… times are hard right now and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. But… I love you and I miss you and I hope that we get to go on a hunt together or something because I want you to read to me and put me to bed like when I was little because I’m scared and I don’t want to tell anyone but you. Because you’re my hero. You’ll always be my hero. Papa… take care of yourself and don’t die on me. Not yet- I don’t want to be left here in the darkness without you.’

Admittedly, Cor cried openly at receiving the letter, though no one looked down upon the legendary marshal for it. He was a father after all- a worried father. Cor kept that letter with him, in his pocket, as a good luck charm and as a motivator. Stay alive. Stay immortal just a day longer. And another day. And another yet…

Until he could tuck his baby girl back into bed and reader her a story until he could watch her steel blue eyes shut into a peaceful sleep at least one more time- he’d have to stay alive and live just one more damn day…

He could never deny his precious daughter any wish.

I can’t believe I just stayed up until one am just so I could watch the most badass and gay moment in all of Attack on Titan when I haven’t even kept up with the show

Let’s talk about a child AU. [part 1]

Mar and I have been yelling about this for years now and I am just too far in not to share. I had to cut it off because it was getting SO LONG I love this AU SO MUCH.

A Bakugou/Kirishima/Kaminari AU in which they find a baby.

[find part 2 here]


  • They find a baby one day. Well, technically Kirishima is the one to find it. Out back behind the dumpster of one of the restaurants he goes to constantly, she’s just laying in the alley in a basket crying, note pinned to her little onesie.
  • He takes it home, not really sure what else to do. ((He can’t just leave this baby??? That’s not manly – it’s not something a hero would do!))
  • The three of them have no idea what to do with this tiny human being. Denki just kind of holds her out at arms length like ???? “Why did you bring home a child???? What are we supposed to do with this????”
  • Kirishima: “We can raise it!”
  • Bakugou: “What the fuck are you thinking? How are we supposed to raise a kid?”
  • He takes the baby from Kaminari to take her somewhere else ((where, exactly? An orphanage? A hospital? Anywhere but here, really.)) and she smiles at him. Just looks right up at him and smiles and wraps her tiny fingers around one of his own and he’s gone. He’s lost. Shot straight through the heart dead goodbye he’s a ghost and no one will ever be able to have this baby besides him ever.
  • Kaminari pipes up from behind him: “She was in the garbage, right? Let’s call her Gomi 8)))”
  • Bakugou, without even looking up from the tiny angel in his arms: “You aren’t naming my fucking daughter garbage.”
  • your daughter?”
    “Well no one else is going to take care of her!”

Putting this under a read more because there is SO MUCH.

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modern au where enjolras and grantaire meet over the internet but they live on opposite sides of the country. they constantly text, skype and video message each other. enjolras gets often teased by his friends because it’s obvious that he’s very much besotted with r.