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there’s a reason this pup has her own fans

  • Baba: What's the sweetest thing Hiki has ever said to you?
  • MC: .......
  • MC: ............
  • MC: .................
  • Hikaru: What's taking you so long, stupid? I'm nice to you.
  • MC: You literally just called me stupid.

Look, I’m all for snark and sass. But what I cannot stand is when Regina throws at Emma lines that mock her upbringing, childhood and youth as an underdog and juvenile delinquent when she was responsible for Emma being basically orphaned in the first place.

Lines like “where did you learn that, in the school for bail bonds persons?” or “how would I know, I’ve never been in jail” are not “sassy”, they are hurtful and victim-shaming, and I cringe when I hear them.

And “I’m a queen, I’m a bit more refined”? No, you arrogant bitch, your mother was a miller’s daughter who tricked a nobleman into marrying her and a king into marrying you. And the woman you’re talking to so condescendingly is a full-blood royal by her own birthright which YOU stole away.


JEFF AKERS — Chadwick Boseman
EMILY GRIFFEN — Melissa McCarthy
RED KNOTT — Ed O'Neill

Let’s talk about a child AU. [part 1]

Mar and I have been yelling about this for years now and I am just too far in not to share. I had to cut it off because it was getting SO LONG I love this AU SO MUCH.

A Bakugou/Kirishima/Kaminari AU in which they find a baby.

[find part 2 here]


  • They find a baby one day. Well, technically Kirishima is the one to find it. Out back behind the dumpster of one of the restaurants he goes to constantly, she’s just laying in the alley in a basket crying, note pinned to her little onesie.
  • He takes it home, not really sure what else to do. ((He can’t just leave this baby??? That’s not manly – it’s not something a hero would do!))
  • The three of them have no idea what to do with this tiny human being. Denki just kind of holds her out at arms length like ???? “Why did you bring home a child???? What are we supposed to do with this????”
  • Kirishima: “We can raise it!”
  • Bakugou: “What the fuck are you thinking? How are we supposed to raise a kid?”
  • He takes the baby from Kaminari to take her somewhere else ((where, exactly? An orphanage? A hospital? Anywhere but here, really.)) and she smiles at him. Just looks right up at him and smiles and wraps her tiny fingers around one of his own and he’s gone. He’s lost. Shot straight through the heart dead goodbye he’s a ghost and no one will ever be able to have this baby besides him ever.
  • Kaminari pipes up from behind him: “She was in the garbage, right? Let’s call her Gomi 8)))”
  • Bakugou, without even looking up from the tiny angel in his arms: “You aren’t naming my fucking daughter garbage.”
  • your daughter?”
    “Well no one else is going to take care of her!”

Putting this under a read more because there is SO MUCH.

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Sassie Devereaux in The Queen Gambit Job

ok so i was thinking about this earlier so

•we all know how andrew always uses percentages when talking to neil
•it’s like their thing
•but what if one day they’re both at home and talking about exy or the cats or something
•andrew is making hot chocolate (and putting so many marshmallows in like chill boy)
•and he says something that neil doesn’t necessarily like, or something that is borderline sweet and it shocks him and neil just turns around
•and in this flat tone just says
•'143%, minyard.’
•andrew just stops stirring his chocolate and
•'what the fuck, that’s my line, josten.’
•and this dork is stood there grinning at him and just shrugs
•'mine now.’
•and andrew is just stood there staring at neil and he’s quiet for a few seconds and neil starts laughing and looks back up
•'go on, i know you want to say it.’
•'fuck off.’
•'go on.’

•'479% and rising, now fuck off.’
•and andrew can hear neil laughing even when he goes into the other room


Braley Appreciation Week

“He’ll be here at 7. Have fun.” (1x08)


I’m sorry about that, I just had to get a snack my bloodsugar was dropping, so…