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If the requests are open could you do, if you don t mind , RFA and Saeran reaction to MC that is short and thin and cant open water bottles or cookie jars or wrapers so she always asks them to open it for her if they dont mind to

Yep requests are open, I’m just a slow writer hindered by exams (THAT ARE NOW OVER!)

Thanks for your request~

RFA + Saeran’s reactions to an MC who can’t open water bottles or jars

Zen: Finds you so cute in response to this and would gladly open any jar or bottle cap for you. Something about seeing you struggle to open a water bottle makes him laugh and he can’t help but tease you a bit before swooping in to relieve your stress.

Yoosung: At first he teases you for not being able to do something so simple and so he’s dying to show how manly he is but when he tries his hand…. it doesn’t go as he expects. Now the two of you are sitting at the table with a jar of strawberry jam in the middle wondering just how on earth you’re going to enjoy your bread with some nice jam on it. There’s also a noticeable cloud of depression surrounding Yoosung now.

Jaehee: You always know you can rely on Jaehee to be there for you in the hardest of times…. especially when trying to open a water bottle. She finds it a bit cute that you’re unable to open it but assures you that it happens to everybody. Even she struggles with it a bit but in the end she’s able to open it up.

Jumin: He’ll walk by the kitchen one day when you’re struggling to and just out of no where he’ll take the jar of mustard from you and open it without effort. If he sees that you’re having trouble, he’ll help you right away because he doesn’t want to see you struggle. He’s there to help you be as comfortable as you can, or that’s what he wants at least. He’ll be the type to help you ‘nonchalantly’ but really he’s been watching you from the couch for a while now. #tsundereJumin

707: You’ll ask him to open a bottle for you and he’ll be happy to help as he goes away for a bit only to return with a strange machine which will solve your problem… in the most roundabout way. Sure it’ll give you a laugh but when you ask if he can open it with his own hands and arms, he runs away at the speed of light.

V: He’s happy that you asked him for help! He quickly solves your problem and can’t help but dote on you because of how cute you were. You can bet he’ll always be there for you to help you out, as long as you ask. If it’s a cookie jar you’re asking him to open, he’ll want a cookie and a kiss as payment though.

Saeran: He looks like a stick and seems like a stick but he’s actually pretty strong. When he offers his help to you because he’s been watching you for a while, you’re surprised when he’s unable to open the jar of pickles no matter the struggling. In frustration he leaves and returns with a hammer, ready to ‘open’ the jar but you try your best to hold him back. Just be careful, take the hammer away just in case. He always wants to help you because he doesn’t want you to feel hopeless, but of course he hides this worry behind his glare.

Dreaming? || Daehwi scenario

Daehwi’s Pov

There she is, y/n, walking down the hall with her friends. Ahhh! Look how pretty she is! Her hair flowing around and bouncing every time she took a step. I was in heaven wasn’t I, I was still in my daze as y/n passed by me, she kept giggling over something. “Daehwi stop staring at nothing, she’s gone now you know” I was taken out of my thoughts by Samuel. “What? I wasn’t staring… I was just admiring… yeah admiring” I quickly said, before going to my locker and picking out the stuff that I need. “‘Admiring’ sure you where” Samuel shook his head. “Okay fine I was staring, I can’t help it!!! Y/n looks so cute everyday” I sighed just thinking about her. “Well you should always keep in mind she’s a year older than you” Samuel said just as the bell rang for class. “I know but that won’t stop me” I gave out a huge smile as we walked to class together. As the hours passed, I couldn’t help but think of y/n. Sure she’s a year older and all, but I still say I have a chance. I didn’t see y/n the rest of the day, other than in lunch and after school. Sometimes I wished we were the same age, just to see her daily, and even have a bigger shot with her.

It was lunch time, the time of the day that I get to admire y/n for almost an hour. I’m not crazy I swear… she’s just too cute. “Lee Daehwi come back to us!!” Woojin screamed at my ear. “What?? I’m here aren’t I?” I got up to go to the lunch line “so who’s coming with me to get food?” Then and there y/n walks by, I couldn’t help look at her. “Just go talk to her” Guanlin said when he put his arm around my shoulder. “It’s not as easy as you think” I sighed as I went to get food. It was a daily thing actually, I look at her daily, the guys tell me to move on cause she’s older. I just cant move on, I’ve fallen for her so much. I grabbed my food and headed towards my table. As I was walking I ended up tripping on my own two feet. Someone stopped me from falling. I looked up and saw y/n’s eyes staring back at me, I couldn’t breath, she was this close to me. I had to say something, be cool Daehwi, you gotta impress her “oh um…hi”. That wasn’t cute, nor cool, omg I sounded like a idiot. She giggled at me though, she probably thinks I’m weird. “Are you okay?” SOMEONE HELP ME, HER VOICE IS SO CUTE!!! “Uh hello? Daehwi is it?” I snapped out of my thoughts, did she say my name?? “Hello Daehwi are you there?” I looked at her with a questioning look and said “How do you know my name?” Y/n blushed “It’s on your name tag.” I looked at the tag and smiled “Well thank you for helping me” Y/n gave me a smile and a nod. I looked at my food all over the floor and pouted, y/n looked at the floor too and took my hand. “You’re coming with me, you’ll be sitting with me and my friends today, you don’t have a lunch but I have extra.” We got to her table of friends, I looked back to my table to see all the boys with their phones out, some giving out thumbs up. I blushed, couldn’t they make it any more embarrassing for me. I sat down, all her friends where staring at me, “I know I’m ugly, you don’t have to stare at my face for so long” I looked down awkwardly. I never had this much attention from girls before. “You aren’t ugly Daehwi, you’re very handsome” All the girls agreed with Y/n, I couldn’t help but blush. “ah… thank you.”

After lunch I went back to class and waited for the guys. “GUYS! DID YOU SEE ME?! I WAS TALKING WITH HER!!” They all nodded “Did you follow my advice” Guanlin said. “No, and you didn’t even tell me advice?” Guanlin thought for a second “Oh yeah that wasn’t you” then he headed towards his desk. I just shook my head, after talking to her I’ve gotten a surge of confidence going trough me. “So Daehwi are you gonna ever confess to her?” Samuel asked as he took a seat beside me. I thought for a second “I don’t know when, maybe sometime later?” I answered, maybe later? Or the perfect time?
After school I saw y/n walking to her house, I ran up to her. “Hey y/n can I walk you home?” She looked at me and smiled “Thank you for offering to take me home Daehwi” I chuckled and gave her a big smile “Any time.” We walked towards her house, we didn’t really talk, but it wasn’t awkward, more like a comforting silence. Once we reached her house she turned and gave me a smile. I felt like this was the time to confess to her, right as she was about to walk in I stopped her. “Hey y/n… I’ve had feelings for you for about two years now, and I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out one day? I know I’m ugly and not the greatest guy, but I’m very loving and I will give you lots of attention, love and-” I was stopped by y/n’s hand covering my mouth she started to laugh. “You’re cute when you ramble, I’ve always thought you were cute. I wouldn’t mind accepting your offer for that date.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before walking into her house. I touched my cheek, y/n, the girl that I’ve been crushing on for so long, the one who’s a year older, just accepted to go on a date with me… am I dreaming?!

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bnha is one of my fav shows because its, of course, a trope-heavy superhero plotline BUT some of the biggest tropes are turned on their head or totally absent. like having superpowers being normal and being without a quirk is weird and othering, but one of my most fav twists is the fact the main character HAS A MOTHER. who, as the story progresses, has more moments and a say in whats going on… kind of the opposite of whats normal! usually the mom exists and then fades off into the background, deemed useless to the story, or doesnt even exist in the first place.

every time the show follows the manga and shows deku’s mom watching her son on tv and sobbing and cheering him on and wigging out, i cant help but smile! even if its just for a split second to show she’s there, its still showing she’s THERE and a part of his life. its kinda nice to see? 

Imagine watching Pixar movies with RFA + V & Saeran


¤ You two were watching all three movies of Toy Story cause why not
¤ At least you get to cuddle with him and eat popcorn and cry together, right?
¤ Everything was a-okay until you got to Toy Story 2
¤ You know that part where Jessie’s owner abandons her
¤ When she loved me
¤ Right. In. The. Feels.
¤ You were crying. He was holding his tears in
¤ Conceal don’t feel. Don’t let them know
¤ And that part where they found out that Stinky Pete is a traitor?
¤ Lets skip to Toy Story 3
¤ The “So long, partner” scene
¤ It was a very short scene
¤ Both of you are crying by then
¤ You were sitting on his lap and you leaned on him
¤ Baby buried his face on your neck
¤ RIP MC and Yoosung
¤ Cause of death: too much feels


¤ You wanted to watch a Pixar movie
¤ So he agreed
¤ You borrowed the dvd from Saeyoung
¤ Whenever Sullivan’s scare face is shown,
¤ “Zenny, look, its the beast.”
¤ MC no you are too pure and innocent
¤ He will not cry he said
¤ Guess who cried during the “Kitty has to go” line
¤ Uhhh well not him but
¤ MC
¤ “MC, was it that sad?”
¤ wtfzenwhereareyoyrfeelings???


¤ I honestly don’t know how to write this
¤ You begged asked Jumin to give Jaehee a break
¤ And
¤ He
¤ Did
¤ !!!!!!
¤ Live updates in twitter from you
¤ It wasn’t bad
¤ And also
¤ Both of you haven’t tasted ratatouille yet
¤ One day, she prepares one for both of you ♡


¤ [cracks knuckles]
¤ lezdothis
¤ You know those videos where the reactions are shown on the upper left side of the screen
¤ Well the Mistah Trust Fund Kid hasnt seend the movie yet
¤ I cried during the part when EVE was trying to fix Wall•E
¤ The big question is: DID Mistah Trust Fund Kid cry?
¤ No but there were tears
¤ They werent falling *yet*
¤ Also probably couldnt keep his eyes off the screen


¤ Look at the trailers and posters for this
¤ Its so happy and colorful right?
¤ A flying house with colorful balloons
¤ You two watched it in the cinema
¤ Awww
¤ AWWWWW ♡♡♡
¤ And its so cute???
¤ Two childhood friends and
¤ Their decorating their child’s rooms [insert heart eyes here]
¤ Wait
¤ She cant have children?
¤ Uhhmmmm
¤ Serious Faces™
¤ You were gripping Saeyoung’s hand
¤ the music just keeps getting sadder
¤ Elly noooo :’(
¤ Even after the Married Life part, you havent gotten over it yet
¤ Whereas Saeyoung was like
¤ Saeyoung no


¤ He didn’t have a good childhood
¤ Boi don’t know the good childhood movies
¤ So you dragged him to watch Inside Out with you
¤ Brother Saeyoung approves
¤ Its new so you havent watched it yet
¤ Its also your first time seeing this
¤ [cue Disgust]
¤ “Look Saeran, she’s as sassy as you are”
¤ you know those cliche scenes where one of them pretends tp stretch then their arm is around the other person?
¤ boi is as red as a tomato
¤ you pretend you didnt notice so he wont get too embarrassed
¤ Remember that part where Bing Bong died?
¤ Tears were streaming down Saeran’s face
¤ Boi cried harder when Riley ran away from home and came back
¤ Looots of hand holding with Edgy McEdgeLord
¤ Ate Ice Cream afterwards
¤ stress eating? Ahahahaha
¤ I forgot to mention that he was probably very confused afterwards because
¤ This movie is for kids???
¤ Is it supposed to make you cry hard???


¤ Probably wasnt even watching the movie
¤ Cause he blind
¤ Im joking
¤ He was too focused on your face
¤ And your hair
¤ He liked how soft it is
¤ And how your face shows so much emotion when they kidnapped Nemo
¤ Lets just say that he is very in love with you
7x17 thoughts (NOT IN ORDER)

- dont remember the beginning nor do i care anymore 

- aria needs to fucking stop this helping AD thing, getting annoying and boring 

- ezra brought up his fucking book again, YES EZRA NO ONE LIKES YOU 

- DADDY HASTINGS is actually deluded 

- idk why veronica hasnt left him yet, sounds like the worst husband 

-again i hate marco furey some of the questions he asked haleb today were just plain dumb

-as much as i hate him he is the only cop who has done his job 

- MONA MY PRECIOUS BABY, if you die i promise i wont forgive anyone, she just wants to help





caleb and hanna rivers

am i the only one not impressed by park jihoon so far?? like i know he can dance and he got visuals, but i never really saw him showcase his singing. i havent seen much of his personality yet either. 

for example sejeong in s1. i can easily understand why she held her place as #1 and #2 bc she was the full package. she was good natured from the first ep., she blew ppl away w her singing, worked hard on her dance, and helped others.

i wanna like park jihoon (mainly cause he cute but i dont want that to be my only reason) but mnet cant just have him be #1 in popular votes and not give him more screentime for me to understand his rank. like i wanna watch all my talented boys be judged fairly w everything they got, not through a beauty contest


So I just realized in chapter 62 way back when Eto’s childhood was shown, the shrine where the 19 year old Arima beaten her is actually her home or the Aogiri’s mini base. I cant help but feel sad about this , poor Eto :( and she is so cute when she was 14. That can only means that Arima whooped her before she became Sen Takatsuki, I wonder if she ever informed him about her  becoming an incoming author because it seem Arima knows that Takatsuki and Eto are the same person and Im rooting for it,, well, they are in cahoots after all. 

Lyra - Draco x Pregnant Reader


hi i have a request , can u please do a draco x reader imagine .. so the reader is pregnant ( after their marriage ) and she tells draco about it and he helps her do stuff since she has gotten big and cant do much and then the reader goes into labor and he helps her go through it and it is pretty much just about her pregnancy and stuff , please make it super fluffy and cute ! :) srry if its alot btw i LOVED Running late it was so good ! love you xoxo

Thanks for the request! I’m glad you liked my other imagine - love you too! xo

These have three different sections, showing different stages of the reader’s pregnancy.

Y/N = Your name

“Need anything else, dear?” Draco asked, kissing you on the cheek.

You chuckled. “I’m fine, Draco. I can still move!”

You attempted to push off from the couch, causing him to give a little squeak as he rushed to catch you.

“Merlin, Y/N! The baby!” He exclaimed, propping you up on a pillow as he gently patted your large belly bump. He crouched down next to the couch, smiling at it.

It had been a few months since you found out you were pregnant and had told Draco. He was… the least to say, ecstatic about it.

“Y/N! I think she’s kicking!” His hand was pressed to the bump, grinning wildly.

You rolled your eyes. “We don’t even know the gender yet!”

He shrugged. “I just have a hunch.”

You smiled as you pulled him towards you so your foreheads were touching. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he gently pressed his lips against yours. Even after all these years, it still sent electricity through your body. You grabbed his shoulders to pull him closer when he gently pulled away, much to your despair.

“What if the baby can see us?” He smirked at you.

“Oh my god, Draco!”

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klance “collab” with @christina-pop (collab I say as she did the drawing and background and pretty much everything else, I just helped with coloring and lighting and a little bit of lineart???) anyways THESE TWO ARE SUCH CUTIES 

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hc request: what if mc didn't like what RFA liked? (jumin: mc doesnt like cats, zen: mc doesnt like musicals, yoosung:mc doesnt like lolol?) :D hehe


  • when Yoosung first talks about LOLOL and MC says they think video games are childish, he literally pretends he doesnt play them
  • after he talked to them for the first time, he announced that he was leaving to “play games”
  • “what kind of games? i hope not video games. i think those video game addicts are so childish, lololol!”
  • childish???
  • he’s not a child he’S A MAN
  • alright Yoosung dont panic
  • “um i, uh, was actually talking about soccer! yea, games of soccer with my college buddies”
  • lies, it was all lies. Yoosung doesnt have college buddies
  • oh yea, the soccer thing was bullshit too
  • “oh, how fun! i’ll be cheering for you!”
  • “haha…yea…lets talk again soon, MC”
  • Yoosung has left the chatroom
  • the next time him and MC talked in the chatroom everything was going great till Seven showed up
  • 707 has entered the chatroom
  • “LOLOL? whats that, Yoosung?” -MC
  • “i have absoloutly no idea! what are you talking about, Seven?!” -Yoo
  • “i’m talk about league of loneliness of life, dude. yknow, the reason you had to take college algebra twice?” -707
  • “isnt that an online game?” -MC
  • why does Seven have to ruin everything in Yoosungs life
  • “yea…it’s an online game that i play all the time…i didnt want to say anything cause i know you dont like gamers T_T” -Yoo
  • “i know i said i dont like gamers, but you’re more than just a game junkie, Yoosung! you’re sweet, thoughtful, and capable. i realize that now after talking to you for a few days” -MC
  • Yoosung felt his heart flutter and his cheeks heat up
  • his phone buzzes with another message
  • “lol they still called you a game junkie tho” -707
  • once again, Seven is ruining everything for Yoosung T_T


  • Zen decides to bring up his glory high school days in the chat
  • bragging about how he basically ran the theatre program for four years
  • “no way, you were a theatre kid?!” -MC
  • “um, yea. that was me” -Zen
  • “i used to hate those kids when i was in high school! they were always so obnoxious LOL” -MC
  • those kids??
  • but he cant fight someone with such an innocent soul as MC…
  • “haha, yea. we are pretty obnoxious” -Zen
  • “obnoxiously HANDSOME” -Zen
  • MC is just kind of like welp i cant fight you on that one
  • he goes on to basically school MC, saying that acting is one of the highest paying jobs and that all the hot actors they’re probably in love with were “theatre kids” in high school
  • Zen liked MC, but he will defend what he loves until the day he dies
  • “you’re right, Zen! i was such a jerk in high school but now i think i might even have a crush on a theater kid…” -MC
  • what the hell? one second MC was saying the they hated theatre kids and the next second they’re apparently drooling over some-
  • oh…oh wait
  • it’s him


  • MC is one of those people who is like, normal
  • and doesnt drink 5 cups of coffee a day
  • every time Jaehee tells MC she’s drinking coffee they get all
  • “Jaehee that’s really unhealthy”
  • “you have a caffeine addiction”
  • and Jaehee really appreciates the gesture but honestly she’s like just let me live my addicted-to-coffee life T_T
  • one time Jaehee and MC went out for lunch and she hid her coffee inside this big ass thermos
  • “i see you brought your own drink, Jaehee! what is it?”
  • “um, just some water. i keep it in here to keep it cold!”
  • Jaehee goes to take a sip of her “water”
  • but she brewed to coffee right before she left the house, so it was still really hot
  • the burning liquid spills into Jaehee’s mouth and she instinctively spits it back into the thermos
  • MC smirks at her
  • “is your, um, water too cold to drink right now, Jaehee?”
  • she sighs
  • “alright, you caught me. it’s coffee”
  • MC motions for Jaehee to hand over the thermos
  • “you’re really so cruel, MC”
  • “whats cruel about looking after your health?”
  • Jaehee crosses her arms and pouts, mumbling
  • “meanie…”


  • he really just doesnt understand
  • whats not to love about cats?
  • they are beautiful and gentle and graceful and ADORABLE
  • he ends up like showing MC the cutest pics of elly he has on his phone
  • “MC, look at this, Elizabeth 3rd was sleeping on her belly today. it’s it just so precious?”
  • “um yea, i guess”
  • YOU GUESS????
  • after a bunch of failed attempts to make MC like Elly, he starts sending them pics of cats in dog costumes
  • cause like, wont they like cats then?
  • and it kind of works
  • “look at this photograph i found today”
  • “alright, i guess that is pretty cute”
  • Jumin is happy, but Jaehee is so frustrated that she had to pick up Jumin’s slack at work while he spent all day google searching “cat in dog costume”


  • MC cant use a computer for their life
  • “Seven, can you help me out with something? my computer is running super slow today”
  • “yea, sure thing”
  • he’s on their computer for like two seconds before he wants to scream
  • its so slow
  • there’s so much just….shit
  • clearly MC has fallen for some click bait more than a few times
  • at least a million times
  • he straight up buys MC a new laptop after being on their old one for five minutes
  • “alright, MC. i’m going to teach you how to use this”
  • he shows them how to bookmark things and how to recognize things that are, yknow, like OBVIOUSLY VIRUSES
  • lots of
  • “you dont have to double click”
  • “ god you type so slow”
  • he literally just takes the computer away from them
  • “its a good thing you’re so darn cute”


into the unknown

summary: She doesn’t know when her fascination turned to trust, probably somewhere between “You’re in shock” and “Welcome home.” But she knows that she does trust him implicitly, more than anyone before. Their experience on Scarif was just that: theirs. No one else understands. No one else cares to.

word count: 7366

also on: ao3

I posted this weeks ago, but forgot to put it on Tumblr, so…here goes.


They should be dead.

Jyn holds Cassian close, pressing a torn fragment of her shirt against the blaster wound in his side. “Stay awake, stay with me,” she whispers desperately, pressing her forehead against his and willing some of what energy she has left into him. He smiles.

“Till the end.”

“No,” she growls fiercely, hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at her. “This is not the end.” Cassian’s hand comes up shakily, caressing her cheek with a tenderness that kills her.

“I’m in the Alliance channels,” Bodhi announces from the cockpit. “There’s a firefight up above. We should jump to hyperspace. Immediately.”

“Plot coordinates for Yavin IV,” Jyn says, eyes still on Cassian. “He needs help.”

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hey i know you guys have so many asks to answer but this is somewhat time sensitive: my grandma is coming back around the beginning of june for my graduation and she has no sense of privacy or personal space? she'll always be touching my clothes saying it's cute like she could've just pointed? and touching my shoulder in almost a fondling way and hover over my shoulder if i do anything on my phone. its super uncomfy and i cant say this as she gets mad when things don't go her way. what can i do?

I would suggest talking to your parents about this and seeing if they could address the matter with your grandmother. She likely will be more inclined to listen to them so they might be able to help. Explain to your parents what behavior makes you uncomfortable and why (if you know why). Then ask them if they could talk to her on your behalf. Hopefully she will change her ways.

If she refuses to change or your parents aren’t willing to talk to her, the best thing you can do is try to prevent these things from happening. Position yourself across the room from your grandmother whenever possible. Keep out of arms reach. Sit with your back to a wall when using your phone so that she can’t look over your shoulder. If she comments on this or calls you rude, tell her that you’ve had to do these things because she won’t respect your personal boundaries.

I hope this helps!



this boy has been playing with my feelings lately i hate him sorry for the slow updates school has been rly hectic ENJOY YALL:

  • woozi as a normal person scares everyone already imagine him being a vampire
  • he’d probably get them dead
  • when you found out he’s a vampire you’d be like…….. … ????? youre a vampire???? the heck thatS HOT and asks him so many questions about his kind
  • he’d be confused why is she not scared and all but he’s glad that this was ur reaction it makes him love you more and more
  • but sometimes he could be all cute and squishy and you cant help it and call him a fairy on accident
  • youre not dead bc he loves u sm only you who got to call him a fairy
  • “youve been in the studio for straight 6 hours are u not hungry ur eyes are red like”
  • “can i just bite u instead i dont feel like getting up” I CAN SEE HIM DOING THIS
  • “and i bet u taste better than those bottled blood in the fridge”
  • “uh ok” AND HE’D BE SURPRISED AT FIRST LIKE DID U JUST SAY THAT I WAS JOKING CANT U SEE but he’d thought abt it for a while thinking that it would be rly hot to bite u this kid
  • in the end he did bite you after he askes you 100x if youre serious
  • when you felt his teeth grazing your neck youre gripping his shoulders tightly and you felt his smirk on your skin fUCK
  • this fairy kid would secretly made you songs and keeping them in his folder for when he’s gonna surprise you he probably prepared a song for when he’s gonna propose you
  •  halloween with jihoon? probably staying at home in ur onesie and watch horror movies its probably a movie abt vampire
  • he knows ur gonna be scared and absolutely take an advantage of that seriously he would purposely scare you and you’d hide your face in his chest and he’d be all like FRICK YEA
  • he’d get scared at times too but one thing he’s so scared of is losing you
  • “lets get a pet”
  • “what????? no i dont want a little creature running around the house”
  • but you’d buy a pet anyway and its a cat he doesnt like that decision at first but when youre away and its only him and the cat…… … . 
  • the cat would just lay there watching him compose songs and sometimes snuggle to him and somehow he felt like the cat is his best bud :,)
  • you’d caught him being cute with the cat and film it for blackmail you know this is important and say “and you said you dont like a little creature running around the house”
  • “youre just jealous i payed attention to him more than to you”
  • but kissing vampire!woozi guys gUys Gu ySss
  • when i told you he’s not innocent i meant it i can see him making out with you in his car bc he always thought its hot @ jihoon I KNEW IT OK
  • its whether in the backseat the driver seat the passenger seat aNYWHERE IN THE CAR HE’D BE UP FOR IT NICE
  • but he’d love it if you straddle hiM GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH
  • when you tug on his hair a little too hard he’s gonna leT OUT THIS GROAN AND HIS CHEEKS WOULD TURN PINK ‘DID I JUST LET OUT THAT UGLY NOISE’
  • but u think its hot wtf
  • he’d also love it when you bit his lip and his neck
  • but lets also remember this fairy loves you sm and cares abt you too and he wanted you to always be happy all the time and he’d always tell u he’d be there with you no matter what bc he loves you
  • the thought of you would cloud his mind at 3 in the morning and he cant help but smile the whole time remembering how silly and stupid you actually are ‘im in love with an idiot’
  • he sees you sleep on the table whenhe got home and he’d carry you to your bedroom and lay you down and itd be all just sweet and???? no???? jihoon i do not ask
  • “hey youre home” you’d say and he’s like “sssh i am now go back to sleep okay baby you need a rest”
  • “but you need one too” “im a man and a vampire ok im strong” you’d laugh at his words and without realizing falling back asleep, feeling his lips on your forehead
  • he’s gonna rant probably abt his day about how much he lvoes you about you guys’ cat about seokmin probably just anything
  • “…. …but i have you by my side so its all gonna be alright right? i love you so much oh god i am so lucky to have you i wouldnt trade this for anything else in the whole universe”

i got carried away now im rly sad i think i am in jihoon’s lane rn idk guys but like kim mingyu exists and i rmbr soonyoung is probably breathing rn and iM JUST IM A TRASH FOR ALL OF THEM for more vampire!aus click here

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how would the mystic messenger members react to the mc falling asleep on their lap?

i was super excited to finally start posting! i have five already planned out in my notebook~


  • He acts like a puppy just fell asleep on him, and he tries his hardest to be completely stationary
  • He really doesn’t want to wake you, you just look too cute even if you just kinda inhaled a piece of your own hair
  • But oh god there’s a LOLOL event


  • He’s overjoyed
  • Like he’s smiling so hard
  • you look so cute and peaceful (he cant help but take a million pictures)
  • he sends them in the RFA group chat, “Isn’t she just the cutest?”


  • She was doing work on her phone while you were watching TV and using her legs as a pillow
  • She meant to say something to you about a funny typo in a business email
  • but you were fast asleep
  • she’s just glad that even though she has to work, you can get some rest (she also puts a small braid in your hair when she took a small break of her own)


  • He’s. So happy.
  • This sappy fuck takes MILLIONS of pictures
  • he also plays with your hair but tries his hardest not to wake you (you just look so dark cute and he loves you so much)


  • This boy
  • He was doing work, but when he saw you asleep, no work could be done. 
  • Are you snoring? He thinks its adorable. Its a lil puppy snore
  • He takes pictures and shows them to you when you wake up
  • “Seven delete that now!” “But you’re so cute!!”
  • “Seven please” “Look right here!! You were smiling in your sleep!”

I just saw Alice Through The Looking Glass and let me just say it was AMAZING WONDERFUL FABULOUS! I think it was better then the first one. Here are some things I liked about it:

The Wonderland in this film is WAY more cheery and beautiful, dont get me wrong I loved the first one but it was so much more dreary. 

It showed the backgrounds to more of the characters which I loved. It was rather interesting to see the stories of some of these characters and to find out how they became who they are.

Loved when the red queen and the white queen made up!

The costumes and wardrobe were colorful and beautiful! I especially liked Tarrants costumes. Johnny looked DAMN fine in his costumes.

Dont you even get me started on Tarrant and Alice! OMG when they would hug each other I just cant, the feels were too much! And Tarrant kept calling her “my Alice” omg I died at that. She is his and he is hers. 

Basically this whole movie just shipped Alice and the Hatter <3 so many cute moments.

Here is what I didn’t like:

I know it wouldn’t make much of a plot line but I really just wanted to see more of Alice and the Hatter being cute together and drinking tea together and doing happy normal things together with their friends in wonderland.

I AM CRYING AT ALICE AND TARRANTS GOODBYE!!!! help me! why did they have to say goodbye?? and after all that to save the hatters family, she never really got to properly meet them and talk to them and then she had to leave the hatter. and that part about “meeting in the palace of dreams” omg i couldnt take it. I wanted them to be able to see each other again. Like have some sort of thing that they could travel through to get back and visit each other. Could you imagine the hatter meeting alices family awwww!!

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed it but that fact that Alice and the Hatter will not see each other again totally rips out my heart! 


Also, those puns throughout the movie about time just killed me, haha it was too good. 

You sighed, glancing at the door again as you waited in the cute bakery for your date. He promised to meet you there at three, but looking at the clock you realized it was almost three-forty-five. 

Not wanting to admit defeat, you checked your phone again for what had to be the hundredth time and saw no new texts. You felt tears starting to form in your eyes at the thought that you had been stood up.

“Cheer up, cupcake.” Your favorite cupcake was placed in front of you. You smiled over at Gabriel, the baker who you knew pretty well since you stopped here almost every morning for coffee and a doughnut. 

“Thanks, Gabe.” You tried to blink your tears away as you took the cupcake.

“This one’s on the house. That loser doesn’t realize what he’s missing.” He rubbed your back gently, helping to stop your negative thoughts. “You’re gorgeous, cupcake. Remember that.” He kissed your temple before heading back to the counter.

“Hey, Gabe.” You called out, watching him stop in his tracks at your voice. “What are you doing after work?”

He smirked at your question as he faced you. “Taking a beautiful, wonderful girl out on a date.”

“Oh.” You tried to hide your disappointment. Of course, he had a date. He was funny, charming, smart, and just a great guy.

“Yeah. She comes here almost every day and she loves my pastries.” Gabriel walked forward with his hands in his pockets. “Sadly, she got stood up, but I’m hoping that it could work in my favor.” You blushed, realizing he was talking about you. “So, what do you say, cupcake? Wanna go on a date with me?”

“Yes.” You smiled as you got up and kissed his cheek. “I’m sure you’ll make her day.”

KITTEN part 1



 i sat at the bonfire alone thinking a bit with gallys drink in my hand watching the fire till i find what I've been looking for the greenie two months back y/n just going to her room hardly anyone really see’s her much and she hardly ever speaks to anyone its strange as soon as i see her i get up and try to walk over to her without her noticing “hi love” i say

“hi” she says briefly

“you al right” i ask

“fine” she says briefly 

“are you sure, how bout you come hang with the rest of us no point being alone y/n” i say

“im fine alone” she says seeming distracted

“so you say, but come on one night with the guys, or if you want me and you can find a table and just have a nice chat” i suggest

“thanks but no thanks” she says trying to walk off but i just move so im in her way 

“what's wrong y/n something up two months you been here and you hardly say a word to anyone what's up” i ask

“nothing i like keeping myself to myself now shuck off” she says pushing past me and walking off and practically disappearing into the darkness i stand for a moment looking in her direction till minho comes and puts an arm around me

“try and chat up the girl again newt” he says

“no, i wasn't chatting her up, i was trying to talk to her” i answer

“really that's not what it sounded like” he replies

“what did it sound like then” i ask

“it sounded pervy and desperate newt, like you where trying to get in her pants” he says

“well no im not trying to get in her pants, im just worried about her” i say

“why” he asks

“she doesnt talk to anyone she always is alone she just wants to be alone it worries me if that's how she chooses to deal with this place isolating herself from everyone” i answer

“one girl in a maze full of teenage boys can you blame her newt” minho says

“true but im just worried you know me” i say

“unfortunately i do, but why not talk to her now when she’s in her room then know one else is gonna be around maybe she’ll talk then” he suggests i nod and walk off from the guys towards the homestead and y/n’s room i stand for a moment before knocking and opening the door.


i went back to my room in the homestead after that i don't like talking to people for long to scared someone's gonna find out about me im not exactly a girl glader because im not exactly girl well not all of me as soon as i get to my room and let my tail UN wrap from my skirt and move my hair so my ears are the normal place yep im half girl half cat i have ears and a tail but a lot more catish things come out in my personality and things i do like how i disappear without people really noting i like to sit like a cat and i often go around the glade at night like a cat on all fours one problem is my ears and tail my ears i can easily hid with my hair but my tail is the real problem unfortunately it has a mind of its own often doing things the tail wants and me having no real power over it, i don't what the guys to ever know about me so i keep myself to myself till i hear a knock at the door i quickly hide my ears but the door opens i don't have time to wrap my tail so i just grab it and hold it down behind me its newt what the hell does he want he steps in and looks like he has something to say so i just it there trying to keep my tail under control 

“hi” he says nervously 

“hello” i say “what did you want” i ask

“i wanted to uh, tell you that, uh well im worried about you y/n i am im worried about you, and i think that uh you and i should discuss something about you and such as to understand why it is that you keep yourself to yourself” he says nervously and a bit confused 

“okay” i reply 

“and i think we should uh know that you dont need to be alone and i am available 24 hours a day seven days a week, available to talk to not that i available- which i am but not in that scene- i mean i am but not in the way the guys would think i would be saying this- well i am as your the only girl and im defiantly not gay- not to impose or anything just uh im gonna stop talking now” he says making me almost laugh at him

“okay right thank you newt” i reply 

“but yeah so you can come and talk to me when ever you want just one rule” he says

“what rule” i ask battling with my tail again

“no secrets” he laughs

“okay” i say

there's then a silence as neither of us really know what to say

“what’s that” he asked

“what's what” i say

“what's that your hiding” he asks

“nothing” i say

“no seriously y/ n what are you hiding from me” he says trying to move closer to me

“nothing” i repeat

“y/n we just agreed no secrets now come on what are you hiding” he laughs

“nothing i swear” i say trying to make him back off a bit

“love come one just tell me, i swear it wont leave this room” he says

“you swear” i ask i guess having a friend would be nice plus i know i cant hold this tail back much longer

“i swear what happens or is said in our chats stays with us i swear on my life if i say a word you can kill me” he says i then just sigh 

“okay” i say letting go of my tail and dropping my head to the floor i know my tail is where he’s gonna be able to see it and i just sit a moment i look up at him he looks like he’s gonna freak or scream “PLEASE DON'T FREAK” i say

“uh,uh,uh,uh,uh” he says “you,you,you have a you have a, a tail” he says 

“yeah” i reply 

“uh, tail ,you have a tail” he stutters

“yeah” i say moving my hair to show of my ears as well 

“oh god and ears okay, uh anything else” he asks

“no” i answer

“okay, okay uh what, what the shucking hell are you” he asks

“cat girl” i answer a bit a ashamed of what i am

“your a cat” he asks

“yes” i laugh 

“uh okay can i” he asks gesturing to my bed i nod and he sits beside me on my bed looking at me “your a cat girl” he says

“yep, half cat half girl i didn't want anyone to know so i keep my ears covered and my tail wrapped up” i explain

“your a cat girl”he says again

“newt i think the think the fact im a cat girl has been established” i tell him 

“im telling alby” he says trying to get up but i then just pin him down again using both my hands and my tail 

“newt you promised me, you said what happens never leaves us, please don't tell anyone else, i want to trust you with this” i say

“but y/n i meant i would tell people about you know personal stuff but this is big your half cat”  he says

“i know that's why you cant say anything, newt please” i beg he sits a moment before answering 

“al right, i will keep you secret cat lady” he says 

“thank you” i say hugging him and he hugs me back till he jerks and pulls away from our hug “what” i ask

“your tail was touching me, in places” he says making me laugh

“sorry it has a mind of its own” i explain “so what do you think” i say standing up and spinning around 

“uh , well if i may use the cheezy wording but, meow” he says slyly making me giggle

“awe thank you” i say returning to sitting on the bed 

“do you do anything like a cat” he asks

“what do you mean” i ask

“do you, you know sleep like a cat, eat like a cat etcetera” he asks

“i don't know i don't pay that much attention” i answer

“what about play, do you play like cats do” he asks

“how so” i ask

“if i got you a ball of yawn would you play with it” he asks

“no” i lie i have tried that before its very fun 

“why do i think your lieing” he says 

i cant help but glance at the underside of my bed where i know it is he notices and puts a hand under my bed and getting the ball.


i got the ball from under her bed and looked at her she just refused to make eye contact so i threw it across the floor she sat for a moment before jumping of the bed onto the floor and playing with the ball like a cat “awe” i say

“slim it” she says sitting back on the bed 

“what about, if i like stroked you would you purr” i ask

“never tied” she says

“well come here then” i say opening my arms

“what” she asks

“come here kitten” i say she then just shrugs and crawls over to me like a cat and hugging me so i just move slightly so im cuddling her and slowly move my hand up and down her back after a little while of us both sitting lost in the enjoyment of it i can here her purring “awe that is so cute” i say to her

“shut up, i cant help it” she says but neither of us moving till i can feel her tail again trying to wrap its self around my belt and trying to UN do it “HEY,  keep that tail under control” i say pushing her away 

“sorry newt, it got a mind of its own i don't have any control over it” she says

“it al right just mind where it goes” i say “what about if i scratched you behind the ears y/n”

“DON'T YOU DARE” she shouted

“why not” i ask

“because my ears are a personal place newt know one is allowed to touch my ears but me” she says sternly 

after a few seconds i try to reach up to touch her ears but she just hits me and glares but i just throw the ball of yawn cross the room she glares with hatred at me before running off to play with it before coming back “i cant even trust you with a ball of yawn newt” she says 

“maybe not but i swear i wont tell anyone” i say

“okay i trust you” she said hugging me 

“but i have but one request” i say

“what” she asks

“can i keep calling you kitten” i ask

“okay” she says

“kitten” i reply