shes just so cute i cant help it

Lyra - Draco x Pregnant Reader


hi i have a request , can u please do a draco x reader imagine .. so the reader is pregnant ( after their marriage ) and she tells draco about it and he helps her do stuff since she has gotten big and cant do much and then the reader goes into labor and he helps her go through it and it is pretty much just about her pregnancy and stuff , please make it super fluffy and cute ! :) srry if its alot btw i LOVED Running late it was so good ! love you xoxo

Thanks for the request! I’m glad you liked my other imagine - love you too! xo

These have three different sections, showing different stages of the reader’s pregnancy.

Y/N = Your name

“Need anything else, dear?” Draco asked, kissing you on the cheek.

You chuckled. “I’m fine, Draco. I can still move!”

You attempted to push off from the couch, causing him to give a little squeak as he rushed to catch you.

“Merlin, Y/N! The baby!” He exclaimed, propping you up on a pillow as he gently patted your large belly bump. He crouched down next to the couch, smiling at it.

It had been a few months since you found out you were pregnant and had told Draco. He was… the least to say, ecstatic about it.

“Y/N! I think she’s kicking!” His hand was pressed to the bump, grinning wildly.

You rolled your eyes. “We don’t even know the gender yet!”

He shrugged. “I just have a hunch.”

You smiled as you pulled him towards you so your foreheads were touching. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he gently pressed his lips against yours. Even after all these years, it still sent electricity through your body. You grabbed his shoulders to pull him closer when he gently pulled away, much to your despair.

“What if the baby can see us?” He smirked at you.

“Oh my god, Draco!”

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So I just realized in chapter 62 way back when Eto’s childhood was shown, the shrine where the 19 year old Arima beaten her is actually her home or the Aogiri’s mini base. I cant help but feel sad about this , poor Eto :( and she is so cute when she was 14. That can only means that Arima whooped her before she became Sen Takatsuki, I wonder if she ever informed him about her  becoming an incoming author because it seem Arima knows that Takatsuki and Eto are the same person and Im rooting for it,, well, they are in cahoots after all. 

klance “collab” with @christina-pop (collab I say as she did the drawing and background and pretty much everything else, I just helped with coloring and lighting and a little bit of lineart???) anyways THESE TWO ARE SUCH CUTIES 

anonymous asked:

I keep embarrassing myself in front of my crush and making a fool out of myself. I do everything I can to try to make myself seem cool to her; I even went to a club meeting today that she was at, but then I didn't know anyone and looked kind of like a loser. I don't know what to do, I like her so much she's so smart and pretty. I keep making an ass out of myself though:( any advice? (I'm pretty sure she's queer, just way way out of my league)

honestly this is so relatable anon, like, the things wlw will do for crushes are… ridiculous tbh

but girls are so cute u kno sometimes we cant help it :’)

just talk to her! compliment her! maybe initiate some friendly touching if she’s ok with it and see if she reciprocates. make her feel wanted! and drop hints that you’re into girls if she doesn’t already know ;) good luck!!

My favorite thing about the Jailbreak episode(aside from everything) is just how happy Garnet is. She is just so freaking ecstatic and glad to be together again that she cant stop smiling. Even though she is in the middle of a battle and she needs to be a bit more serious she just cant. That happiness, the joy of Ruby and Sapphires reunion is just too much. And the normally serious(sorta) gem cant help but poke fun at Jasper as they battle and she has a grin on her face the whole time they are trading blows.  


We got married (종현♡승연) « unaired scenes « Jong Hyun brings his wife Seung Yeon around his room 

i wanna write a fic about Marinette getting like nightmares from times Chat has like literally almost died or vanished from existence and Adrien, Nino and Alya get concerned at school cause shes like sleeping in class and wakes up all panicked and she start getting in trouble for not focusing

so they all basically have a sit down after she like wakes up yelling during a lecture or something and she tells them about how shes having nightmares about a friend or family or something (trying to hide some parts)

Then during an Akuma battle she like freezes cause likethe fights reminds her of something and she gets injured and Chats like ‘whats happeing to my lady omgomg’ and yeah like she opens up about whats happening and hes like ‘my friends having the same thing’ and then hes like ‘wait’

Instead of like telling her its him though as Chat he like comforts her and goes to visit her as Adrien or takes her to talk and tells her how he knows the stress shes under and shes worried about her friend cause she doesnt know whats happening with him when they’re not together but she doesnt have to because

HES CHAT NOIR and like gives her a big hug and shes super shocked and he just tells her that she doesnt need to worry about him, he mau be a black cat but with his lucky ladybug always around him, he doesnt have a worry in the world

and she very ungracefully like falls asleep with him there cause she can finally put her worry away 


Did you notice? Our girl didn’t look very happy on Dec 26th… 

First pic, is her leaving her NY Tribeca apt after spending a couple days over Christmas with her family. That pic was taken when they all left her apt together with the new cat carriers and her two darling cats. Then, they got on her private jet to Nashville. The second pic is her sitting on her jet. She was sitting all by herself even though her family was with her. She seemed lonely. She posted that pic showing her cat (Olivia) sleeping in her arms. It was really cute to see Olivia. Taylor made light of how ‘Olivia was tired from all the naps she had taken that day’. In my eye’s, Taylor seemed like she was missing someone something fierce. I didn't like seeing her gazing out the window looking so sad. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe she was just being introspective? I cant help but look at her face and still think she looked unhappy. I think she was missing someone. I just wonder who she was thinking about?