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Rolling my eyes at the antis saying that Wennoist/Benwood won’t last because she just got divorced. Pretty sure Josh Dallas was still married when he met Ginnifer Goodwin and they’re happy as clams with two kids now so the rebound stuff is a ton of crap besides from the clear fact none of us know either of them or their relationship personally so shove off.

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I really feel like Anne has the same IT factor harry has. She's just glowy and pretty and seems magnetic.

I would agree. Makes perfect sense that she’s his mother. I wish I was more like her tbh. She just exudes sunshine and all things pleasant.

Can I just say I’m surprised at the approach SU has taken with the fusion Alexandrite specifically? All the fusions we’ve met have been established to have their own personalities. Whole episodes dedicated to flexing out the character and elaborating more on who they are. Sugilite was a brute, Sardonyx was an entertainer, Smoky was an insecure joker, Opal was….well she hasn’t had much screen time to determine a definitive personality. Regardless, of all these fusions have been established as their own person.

Why not Alexandrite? I understand she only exists in times of severe combat, but its honestly surprising how she’s pretty much just the three gems in control. Even when she was first introduced you could tell it was just Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl controlling one body. Not its own thing. Even a monster like Malachite felt like it had its own personality. When I listened to the character speak I never considered it to just be Jasper and Lapis.

I don’t know. It’s not even that big of an issue. I just find this specific kind of treatment to be odd.


she had the world || panic! at the disco


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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


she had the world // panic! at the disco


i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open

ways to make peridot have a “dorky” side without damaging all previous characterization:
-camp pining hearts (which was, admittedly one thing the series actually managed to pull off imo)
-occasionally deliberately peppering in earth slang she’s learning in between her articulate speech patterns
-have her geek out over tech!! isn’t she supposed to be a technician with lots of prior experience with machinery? or is she only suddenly that when the plot requires it
-conducting meticulous earth experiments on various topics, such as which organisms can fly, which conditions are ideal for the phenomenon of rain, etc., and recording all this data in a giant book/log/something else which documents everything she has learned on earth for reference for her to peruse through at later times
-having an affinity for wearing “shirts,” and usually doing so when (she thinks) no one is looking
-spending hours on end making advanced, convoluted contraptions for simple actions solely for the purpose of showing off her metal powers
-just. building robots and contraptions in general and treating them like her children instead of making w/e the hell those morps are
-drawing out complex diagrams for “where she’s going to put the star”/making rough sketches of a “crystal gem” outfit
basically redemption arc peridot; any peridot after that is a cursed shrieking gremlin child