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What do you like most about Stiles and Lydia's characters?

oh god Here We Go


  • I mean. the sarcasm. i too, use sarcasm and humor as a defense, in literally every situation.
  • the fact that he canonically has anxiety and panic attacks and social anxiety like that’s so?? important to me?? and he’s so in touch with it and it’s such a big part of his character but it also doesn’t rule his life and that’s just so important to me x2
  • his fierce loyalty. for a slytherin, the dude really does have some hufflepuff characteristics. he would die before he betrayed any of his friends, and is always on guard against any threat toward them
  • i also really love the fact that he is inherently suspicious of everyone. it’s a flaw, but it’s important to me because i can #relate and i think it says a lot about him as a character. not only is he loyal to his friends, he’s protective of them, because he can’t believe he has them and doesn’t want anything or anyone to break them apart. he wanted them to all stick together for college. that’s so precious? stiles stilinski loves his friends with everything in him 2kalways
  • going off of that, i love how deeply he loves?? like whether it be his dad, or scott, or LYDIA, he just loves with everything he has and so selflessly it’s heartbreaking like what the fuck save some for yourself you ball of mush.
  • i mean, he’s Too Smart. he’s the one who Always Figures It Out. he’s clever and observant and PERSISTENT when it comes to solving mysteries and figuring shit out and he’s gonna do so well in the FBI my son
  • his moral grey area is also very fun. me too stiles, me too. 

Lydia: (i have spent a significantly longer amount of time diving into who Lydia is than Stiles, so this could be even more extra than his list.)

  • her fear of vulnerability. it is extremely hard for her to let anyone see all of her at once, and she’s reluctant to show genuine emotions. this has changed quite a bit, through the seasons, but you still get that sense sometimes that she’s uncomfortable in intense emotional situations, and that hits my core man.
  • she’s insanely brave. we see this really early on, like in 2x11 (EEP) when she wanted to help jackson and had literally no method of defending herself but she was about to march into battle anyways. and now that she’s come into her powers, that bravery is still there, but it’s more confident now, like she’s not sacrificing herself anymore, but actually fighting.
  • my girl is a literal genius. deadass going to win a field’s medal. the actual reason i haven’t dropped out of school yet. and i love love LOVE the slow progression of her owning her intelligence and letting people know about it, from pretending she didn’t know a cougar was a mountain lion, to molotov cocktail, to “i read”, to slipping in little Lydia-isms here and there, to Kira in season 5 literally baffled at the fact that she used to pretend to not be smart. I’m so proud of my baby. that’s my girl.mp3
  • lydia martin exists unapologetically, and that’s kind of always been the case, now more so. she is here, and she is HER, and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, you can watch her perfect strawberry blonde hair sway as she walks away from you not giving a fuck.  
  • her development into someone who stands up for herself, removes herself from toxic situations, and fights for what’s right. this is where the pack really comes into play in her evolution, and it’s truly one of my favorite things. before allison and scott and stiles and the rest of the pack, she had never experienced or seen real love and friendship and what it can do, and once she had them supporting her and started fighting The Good Fight, she gained so much strength for herself and realization of what she deserves. (which is the world btw)
  • lydia martin rocks kickass outfits, on point makeup, beautiful hair, and HEELS most of the time, all while being an actual genius/badass in every sense of the word. she enjoys looking nice and spending time on her appearance, but it never takes away from the fact that she’s the smartest person around and could ruin you in a single “AAAEEE!” ?? lol this is really important to me because i love looking nice every day but i’ve legit had people question my intellgence because of it, and lydia just helps me to say fuck you to those people. 
Abby’s 20 Birthday Celebration

by far the greatest moments of my entire life!!! 

My best friends, my sisters, my lifelines 

@bellarketm: Babes can you believe that we’ve officially been friends for more than 2 years already? It’s weird to think that it’s only been that short of a time. It literately feels like I’ve known you my entire life. You’re in high school now so you aren’t on here as much but you’re still my little sister and I love you dearly 

@blyedeeks sometimes you meet someone and they fill a missing piece in your life, Cams, for me that is you! You are by far the most positive kindest person on here and I can’t believe that I only met you almost exactly a year ago. You are literally my soul twin and I love how relentless you are in spreading joy. You are also so so talented and smart and I literally can’t imagine this year without you by my side. I literally feel like something is wrong if I don’t talk to you once a day. 

@abazethe100 my partner in podcasting, my brain twin, my dear dear Anna. We complete each other in all the best ways and I’m so glad I reached out to talk to you about Odyssey parallels. We’ve come so far from that first talk and I adore how you build me up when I am down, you are by far one of the smartest people I know

@rosymamacita you’re kinda like my tumblr mom Rosy. I feel like I can go to you for anything and you’d be there to help me and calm me down. I love how smart you are how you don’t take anyone’s bullshit and most of all you have such a giant heart. 

@everybodyknows-everybodydies my soulmate, god I’m so jealous you get to go back to the place where we began but I’m so utterly proud of the person I’ve seen you becoming over the past year. You are so talented, so talented and you are so tiny and cute that sometimes I can’t believe how much passion you have in your body. I love you so so much

@thesnowyswan Rae, my gorgeous darling, shakespeare loving, essay saving badass. You have strengthened me in so many ways and thank you for ruining my life and introducing me to lucifer

@goodqueenalys Mere is literally a goddess among mortals, her take no shit attitude is inspiring, her love and dedication to her friends is incredible. I never could have imagined that when I sent you that ask I would make a friend who always believed in me and has my back. 

@marauders-groupie there are not enough words in the english language to describe just how incredible Lana is. She is incredibly brave, supremely dedicated and just an all around badass. She is the most talented but she also the most kind and I’m so glad we became friends 

the babe squad

@bellarkestrut (Karly you are literally everything to me) @lydias-martin (Gi, you are so kind and talented and I’m so lucky that SBB brought us together) @wellamyblake (MJ you are an utter badass, unfairly funny and so incredible) @wellsjahasghost (Jadey, my love. she is the most talented and it’s unfair that she’s so fantastic, it leaves the rest of us to shame) @hiddenpolkadots (Nai is simply hilarious, and her words leave me speechless on a regular basis) @cupcakeblake (Cam is so talented and positive and she gives off so much light) @bellarke-stydia (Nik, I can’t thank BCRev enough for bringing us together, you always light up my day just by existing) @thelovelylights (Jen is so fierce and brilliant and so so incredibly beautiful, she’s one of the greatest people I know and doing those ATLA watches was so fun) @junebugninja (Amanda is literally the goddess of kindness, no other person in the universe holds as much heart as she does) @stilesprefers-screamers (SYD!!!! My precious bean who has so much talent and so much strength and I just love her a lot) @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx (Tate is the greatest, her snapchats give me so much joy and she is just so cute) @mego42 (Meg is infinitely better than chocolate at cheering me up, she’s also incredibly smart) @hisstericallypawesomesleepurr (Jenn is so talented and badass and unapologetic and amazing and I just I’m in awe of her gifsets every time I see them @jontyaxefive (Rory is the best, I’m so so grateful she exists and is so smart and kind and I can’t wait to see you again) @raincityruckus (oh my god Kayla is the kindest most honest bravest person ever, she’s a gem among the rocks) @bellamysprincessa (KATIE, MY POLY RANGER HEADCANONING LOVE OF MY LIFE, I’m so so glad that we meet through BCWC and that we are constantly going back and forth headcanoning all kinds of fics) 

BCFamCaravan aka the people who blow up my phone on a daily basis and whom I love more than I love bellarke

@bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 (april is such a badass and so smart) @iam-dollparts (Nikki makes me laugh so hard all the time) @forgivenessishardforus (Sam is giant goddess of pure sunshine) @ginalou16 (Gina is an angel) @allisoneuph (Allison is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met) @hehmionee (Alyssa is the most fantastic) and I know I’m missing a few of you but rest assured I love you all with all my heart

BCWC aka my girls, my loves, the ones who always have my back, the ones I feel comfortable sharing any and all unpopular opinions with and the ones whose conversations sustain me 

@singinglikeapenguin @stardustrebelprincess @missemarissa @bellohmyblake  @molliiholmes @harpermcintyre and so many more of you that I adore but I’m awful with urls 

the writers, the ones who send me into a fangirling fest almost as great as the ones I have when my otp kisses for the first time, the one who leave me speechless and envious and inspired in equal measure

@deadcatwithaflamethrower (her world building is fantastic, her writing is glorious and if you are a star wars fan go read her fic now and come die with me) @so-caffeinated/ @dust2dust34 (the verse these two have written, FICON is compelling and awe-inspiring and a great counterpart to when Arrow both is fantastic and when it lets you down) @ink-splotch (I was lucky enough to meet her at SVCC last year and she is just as amazing in person as you think she’d be, her What if verses are absolutely killer) @rongasm (the absolute pinnacle of Stydia fic for me, like I said in a review of one of her fics, she draws you in with absolutely glorious characterization and then makes you cry like a baby for hours so it takes a while to read her fics because I just can’t stop screaming and her Rainflower fic with @redstringbanshee is absolutely killer and beautiful) @missemarissa (some of the best hottest and brilliant smut that I’ve ever read, so informative and careful yet so hot) @caramelkru (Mel’s fic are so funny and in character and I just love everything she writes) @ajrchaosrising (her fics are on hiatus right now but for real some of the greatest bellarke fics I’ve read belong to her) 

Others whom I adore and have made this year one of the best ones ever

@sassamyblake @bellamys-griffin @bellamysfern @prosciuttoe @saltymonty @nataliecrown @deadshotbellamy @ravenreyess @morleybell @ravenbellclarke @queensusan @kindclaws @zoemonroe @bellsgirl @asexual-mechanic @swanhookheart @llysandra @lukesaysbreathe @scottmcblake @rashaka @brayvenlarke @grumpybell @rhysand @bellamypotter @asweetdeception @clxrkblake @katefullergecko @rememberiloveyou @readymachine @grounderbellamy @apirateslifeforsmee @sanabakkosh @warriorsaralance @xyouss @turtlejustice @jbuffyangel @spacexualkids @anabthchse @allisonaergents @rhysandly @chancellor-reyes

and to all that have read my fics or reblogged my poetry, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the courage to be brave and share my work. 

I love all of you so so much!!!!!!!!


Major Crimes is back…and I’m SO FRAKKIN HAPPY. Darth Raydor takes a punch like the badass she is. Winnie is gonna be a problem. OMG Stroh??? My word so much going on I can’t wrap my head around it. All I can say is Major Crimes is back, and Duff surprised the SHIT out of me tonight ♥

If you’ve seen the leaked Befana trailer:

Basically I saw the accidental leak trailer for Befana and there was a section there that showed a blindfold being taken off (assuming that it was being taken off Marinette) and in her eyes we see her whole class with a banner that read: anniversaire Marinette! (It was cut off so I could only see those words). And with my basic knowledge of French, I’m pretty sure it means happy birthday Marinette so a I’m assuming it’s a party for her.

Then it cuts to her kinda coughing/choking. Not sure if she’s nervous or clumsy or both. And probably why Chat carried her away from danger is maybe because he was able to get away from the party and transform and get the birthday girl outta danger. Idk these are just my assumptions, not entirely sure how her Badass grandma fits into this, (probably taking her to her party?) but it’s just my assumption for this episode!

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Aelin and Feyre having this huge dramatic kiss in the Court of Nightmares and everyone is shook to their core (Rhys and Rowan are so turned on)

FEYRE x AELIN IS MY SECRET FAVORITE CRACK SHIP. Like two badass QUEENS who have gone through absolute hell and still know how to love so fiercely? It is everything to me.

But no for real they all come together and Feyre is lamenting how she killed those two faeries UTM and Aelin just marches over to her, stares at her with fire blazing in her eyes, takes Feyre’s face between her hands and can’t think of any words to convey the admiration she has for this fellow queen so she just kisses her senseless and everyone stares and they don’t care at all. When they separate Aelin just presses her forehead against Feyre’s and Feyre whispers “thank you”

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HC's for Muu, Kouen and Sinbad discovering that their cute, five feet tall and apparently harmless wives are seasoned war veterens capable of beating the living daylights out of them (even when using Djinn powers) with only a sword like it was a walk in the park? Your blog is my favorite imagines blog :) Thanks!

Aww thank you! Glad to hear that^^


  • would stare at his wife with wide eyes
  • would gap like a fish that´s out of water, trying to find the right words to respond to what just happened
  • ´she- but, she is- wow
  • needs to take a deep breath before embracing his badass wife- she took part in a war, something that he never knew about and therefore something that he could not help her to cope with
  • will be worried about the impact that the war leaves on her: even when you come back from a war, the person you were before will be long gone
  • tries to ask his wife cautiously to let him handle the fights while smiling to show her not to beat the living daylights out of him
  • cause she is sure as hell capable to


  • you think Kouen does not know? ha, jokes on you
  • he noticed the swift moves of his small wife and knew that she has a strong will- she is capable of keeping Judar in check after all
  • her capability to defeat a djinn user might have taken him by suprise, thou
  • smirks proudly when he sees her form walking away from the training grounds with a spring in her steps
  • ´god, she is so perfect´
  • it is possible that his wife might not be able to do those springs the next day- or steps in general


  • the discovery will cause a spark to ignite in his golden eyes
  • is not interested in the new information at first, is more likely focused on the way her normaly cute face turns into one of a war goddess
  • he knew that a woman that tame him and get him into marriage has to be amazing,but the embodiment of the definition of perfection was not something that the king of Sindria expected
  • yet, it describes his wife perfectly right now
  • questions will be asked later
  •  now, it is time for some quality time

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Prompt - Season 5


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Alex Danvers, Maggie Sawyer, Root, Shaw and Santana :P

Alex Danvers:

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

I do not have the words to describe my love for the One Alex Danvers. She stole my heart in S1 of Supergirl, and I haven’t gotten it back (hell I don’t think I want it back). She is up there with Santana Lopez and that is a fucking honor. She is so courageous, such a badass, and looks good while doing it. Ahem…getting off track, I love Alex Danvers!!

Originally posted by missmaclay

Maggie Sawyer:

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

Maggie Sawyer, there is a lot I can say about this lil lady. She is a badass in her own right, she makes Alex happy. Maggie kicks ass and looks good while doing it. She’s so tiny I want to pick her up and put her in my pocket.

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who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

Root, what can I say about my favorite hacker and all around badass. She is very skilled and takes no shit from no one, and she makes kicking ass look good. *sighs* It doesn’t hurt that Amy Acker is beautiful as well.

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who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

What can I say about my beautiful Shaw *waxes poetic* I love her okay, she is such a badass and she’s gorgeous while kicking ass. Words cannot express how I feel about her. It also doesn’t help that Sarah Shahi is beautiful (I still love her as Carmen on the L Word).

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Santana Lopez: Already Done

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My sister says that work out is not my thing and that just hurt my feelings. I have been working out for 3 weeks and i feel so good. Anu advice what can i do with her words? Just her words really hurt my feelings.

Truth is, your sister is probably jealous that you’re motivated enough to take care of yourself like this. But dude, you feel good working out. Remember that. If she doesn’t think it’s your thing, prove to her that it is. You just started and you shouldn’t be olympic material or 100% muscle or anything like that, and neither of you should expect that. Honestly if your sister isn’t being supportive, then move on. Be the badass you are and she’ll eventually have to realize that yeah, this is your thing.


EL showing up to the club all fashionably late like god’s grace of heaven she is


El + Hopper bonding just gives me all the feels.



Murray waving to the enforcement officials like the cryptid badass he is. 

Typical closures to any 80s movie - end it with a prom. 

Them 80s jams giving me nostalgia. Also anyone got Napolean Dynamite vibes when Time After Time started playing? XD *Lucas you gotta compliment on her sleeves*

My sweet baby ships Maxus and Meleven kiss! (not pairing in a weird way but they’re too dangright cute). 

Im about to stomp into this prom and hose down every girl for not dancing with Dustin and making him cry omg my poor son . You go Nancy

Again please let Steve find his happiness

Aaaand the upside down still lives which means season 3 is gon be lit again.


LOVED this new season. I think what really stood out is how these new characters were introduced in a way that really gave the story dimension and breadth. At first I didn’t know what Max and Billy’s roles were but their story (especially Billy’s antagonistic role) helped to carry the conflict of human relationships in the story, and how Billy being such a monster parallels him to the actual monsters that exist (aka humans can be monsters too). Eight’s intro was the most convoluted/fascinating one because we see her and the misfits in the beginning but they’re hardly in the season at all. That filler felt like a completely different universe/story/landscape compared to what was happening in Hawkins, but it allows the audience to step back and see a bigger picture. For one thing, Eight is going to be back and I’m excited to see how her story will fit in the future with the others. The Duffer Brothers have a great way of introducing new people/situations to keep adding to their universe. 

One of my favorite things about Stranger Things in general is the family bonds and also how it’s not only the kids, but the teens and adults that are involved taking down a monster. This is not just a story about a band of kids or a band of teens solving a case/fighting an obstacle. Its all of them working together and I think that’s the shit. 

All in all, awesome season. Can’t wait for 3! 

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Part one;Why do I hate Juliet Simms?Let's take this from the beginning. I discovered BVB only like, two weeks ago, and I thought they're pretty good, so I decided to look them up and get to know not only the band's work, but also the members. And that's when I found Juliet – she's basically everywhere. I figured she's the girlfriend of Andy, and I swear I tried not to believe my first thought –

which was something like „Holy fuck, who’s that bitch.” So there I went again, looking her up this time. (Ignoring the several hate-blogs I ran into… though this gave me a hint that I’m not going to end up liking her. Whatever.) First, I saw she’s a singer /songwriter. Good good, I thought to myself, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Needless to say, I was not. I’m not saying she has no talent, but definately, it’s not like she’s ever going to be the next Joan Jett or anything like that, nor will she get near to that. Someone needs to inform her, that screaming and trying to make her voice sound raspy is NOT going to make her punkrock, badass, etc. But honestly, when she’s not making attempts at sounding raspy, her voice is even more un-tolerable, in my humble opinion. Song-writing. Average, nothing outstanding. Sappy lovesongs, songs on heartbreak an Anyone cares to inform me about what makes her a wild child? Colorful hair? Piercings? Playing guitar and failing miserably at trying to look oh-so badass? (Yes, she’s a child actually for many reasons. LOL.)Let’s move on to her behaviour during interviews, online communities, social media, and onstage. I’ve noticed (others did too, I’ve read that), that she just walks in on Andy/BVB during interviews and takes the words. Also, when they were doing an interview for Rock Magazine (if I remember well) at Warped Tour, she continously cut off Andy, and just kept talking talking talking. Social media. She disses people who are much more famous and talented than she’ll ever become, as if she had the Holy Grail. Someone asks a question, she goes off on them and blocks them. What a way to treat fans! Also she sells her stuff for ridiculous prices. Who is she? Karl Lagerfeld or something? Let’s not mention that she keeps bringing Andy into everything. Okay, girl, we get you are dating Andy but… get a fucking grip! Onstage. That’s what got to me the most. When she’s „performing” she constantly runs off to Andy to cling to him, kiss him. No one’s EVER going to make me believe that she’s not rubbing him into the BVB fans face. (Many of them are somewhat in love with Andy, and she’s very aware of that.) That’s just so un-professional and childish. Seriously, you are dating, so.  Oh, and grow the fuck up. Some personal stuff here – I myself dated a musician once. (He was a drummer/guitarist/bassist.. basically whatever instrument was needed he played it, and also did background vocals.) They didn’t get far but had quite a few shows, which I of course attended, but I NEVER went up to him during the show to hug him, kiss him or whatsoever. I was either waiting for him in the so-called backstage or was in the crowd having fun in the moshpit. Also when they were doing rehearsals, they were in the garage doing their business, and I (with the girlfriends of the other dudes), was in the house minding my own stuff. We went to join them only if asked. (Like, they needed our opinion or were finished, you get my point.) And I was around 20 during that time, young, punk, and still, more mature than a chick that is nearly 30. And then came that EP. I looked it up, she was promising to release an album for 2-3 years now, and she releases an EP with 6 songs on it. (Am I right?) Also I saw she was telling people to give her money so she can release her stuff and so on. 3 years, one EP, 6 songs. So much for someone who was in „The Voice”, coming as second. This kind of leaves me thinking that there’s something.   At first they really looked happy together, but if you look at their recent photos, Andy just looks tired and bored. Juliet is never looking at him, but into the camera. To me, it’s pretty obvious she’s using him, and is only with him because of his fame. If I’m correct, they got together when she auditioned for the Voice (Whoosh, already some kind of a recognition, girlfriend of Andy Six/Biersack) – coincidence? I think not. And ever since, she clings to Andy, follows him on tours – Andy said so himself – and shit. Honestly, if she was minding her business and building her career, she couldn’t be up his ass all the time. She got NOWHERE during these years, but still makes it seem like everyone wants to work with her. As if she was a rockstar. Also, Andy’s probably looking bored because he’s fed up with her ways – he’s done so much for her, participated in her video, sang with her on that sad excuse of an EP, kept promoting her… and still, she’s nowhere. And finally, how she treats fans. I’ve read stories on both sides, but the one that truly got to me is the one where Juliet damaged the girl’s phone, all for she wanted a picture with the guys. (I’ve read that on your blog). This PERFECTLY shows that not only she’s insecure about herself (and is a pshychobitch), but she’s also unsure about Andy’s feelings – which means, their relationship has a very weak base, that is weakening day by day. If they were as happy and she makes them seem to be,  Also she’s a bad influence on Andy. I have a feeling he got ruder towards fans because he doesn’t want Juliet to bitch at him. To sum it up – to me, Juliet comes off as a childish, immature wannabe, who thinks she’s all that, just because she dates a rockstar. Basically a julietsimms. That’s an insult. Thank you. Sorry, this got a little long. (if there’s any grammar mistakes, I’m sorry, English is not my mothertongue.)

My response to your (very well put and in depth) message:

Originally posted by loquaciousfiasco

This message completely puts together everything we have conjured up together in one submission. Juliet has always been a nobody in the music industry (unless you count a suck up). Her songs have always been those crappy pop love/break up songs that you hear Adele singing. Once she got with Andy (after breaking through Andy’s and Scout’s relationship barrier), she used him to get as much fame as possible. Sure maybe at first they were happy together (Andy was happy with her), but soon enough, she saw how much worth Andy is in the music scene he’s aiming for and did all she could to put herself in the spotlight to gain all the attention. She’s gone for so long trying to make her relationship with him seem as strong as one can be. Now, it’s easy to see things aren’t as honeymoon-ish as she claims it to be. Juliet has changed him; he’s easily seen unhappy, he’s been rude, and doesn’t stand up for the things he used to. Juliet is the reason many people have left the BVB fanbase and it’s NOT because of jealousy.

I just hope she doesn’t ruin any other fanbases. She needs to be out of the picture ASAP

idea for a positive representation of mental illness in comics

Okay so people have been asking me about how a mentally ill superhero with a solo series would “work” and I hadn’t really formulated an idea as to how DC/Marvel would go about it but now I have one. 

So here’s the pitch.

It’s a Batgirl book (because teenagers are the group most prone to mental illness and women are twice as likely to experience it than men.) My reasoning is that mental illness is probably so stigmatized in Gotham due to super-villains. As tumblr user shevathegun stated in her brilliant post about Jason Todd, “batman has a long and problematic history of thematically identifying mental illness with criminality. think about just how much of bruce’s rogues gallery can be identified as “psychotic”.spoiler alert: it’s most of them. that’s no accident. it’s no accident that gotham’s largest prison is an asylum. mental illness and criminality are inextricably linked in gotham in a way that they’re not in the dcu at large.”

I mean you can’t pick up Batbook without someone dropping the word “lunatic” or “nut” or “loon”. Usually it’s the good guys more often than not. I’m pretty sure everyone in the Batfamily have used those words more than once. So it would be so satisfying to see someone correct them or tell them it’s ableist and insensitive. 

So, here’s this kid. Maybe she’s dealing with PTSD or panic attacks from a traumatic event. Maybe she has OCD and has to get up and wash her hands in the middle of speaking to someone or touch a doorknob three times before opening it. Maybe she has bipolar or schizophrenia or DID. Maybe she’s on meds and coping or maybe she’s not. What matters to her is she has a drive to do good, and she’s inspired. 

So she makes a costume and she goes out crime fighting. If she’s bipolar, maybe it’s a manic episode. She goes out and gets her ass kicked. She almost dies. Maybe Batman yells at her. It’s scary to her but it’s worth it. So she does it again and again. Because what she lacks skills she makes up for in heart. She can emphasise with the villain. She understands compulsion is a difficult thing to control. She can speak from experience to talk people down. She knows sometimes it’s better to negotiate than to burst in and punch someone in the face. 

Outside of the cape, she’s still fighting. Maybe she’s being bullied at school because of her mental illness or maybe she’s afraid to go to someone for help. I know a lot of people in my life who were scared to seek help for their illnesses because they were afraid they’d be locked up with criminals and that’d be so relevant in Gotham for mentally ill people. Maybe it’s an inner battle in terms of her psychiatrists advising she not take risks even though she’s out on the streets as Batgirl or maybe she feels like she’s protecting people who’d despise her if they knew. Ofc Bruce would find out her identity sooner or later and be like, “you’re a danger to yourself and others” and she’s just like ??? “I take my meds and I live with it. Would you be saying this to a "sane” person?“

I also really want this for a badass fight where someone’s like, "you psycho!” *knocks them out with one punch* “I really don’t like that word”


DC i will write this for you, you can pay me in free comics.

Mistaken Identity

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Rated: T (language)

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Fandom: Marvel

by: Bigeyes-redmouth 

Bucky Barnes had always said Steve had the worst luck with women. If he could look at Steve now in his current situation, Steve was pretty sure he’d be rolling around up in Heaven. He had been shot at, man-handled, and choked by women before, but having ice cold water thrown at his head was a new one. 

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IT’S SO FLUFFY! Chapter 1

My contribution to #mlflufffiction



Chapter 1: Gimme Kiss

Adrien thought that once he and Ladybug finally revealed their identities to each other, that he’d be the one with his head in her lap, getting pats and scratches and all sorts of affection. He was a lap cat, after all. What he didn’t expect was Marinette– Marinette who sat right behind him in class god he was so blind!–to be the lap cat. He also didn’t expect to enjoy showering his lady with love and adoration and…

Okay, he totally expected that.

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Week 8 + Firebird fics

previously: Week 1 Week 2 8 Stories Week 3 EMERGENCY pt I and II, III,divorced list Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 

I am half dead/ half waiting for the funeral. there are not enough crying gifs to describe my current situation. so read up and come to panick together. A season 2 cs list in on the way and guys, if they only knew what they were getting at! 

I’m not writing a descriptions for Firebird fics, the one thing you need to know is PAIN. every one of them. except the post/spec ones. but pain. If you haven’t named your fic, i’m warning you: I got creative

To @swanjones

Firebird one shots

Non- Firebird 

Hit me with your best shot by @swanjones​ [emma is a tough bartender, but even their unfortunate first meeting can’t erase the spark that formed between them. guitar, charm, killian jones] 

Ok, But First Coffee by @wingedlioness [chapter 2: The Morning After includes adventurous flashbacks of awkward first meetings and more vegas madness]

Head in the Water: Chp. 2 by @georgianablythe16[emma moves to storybrooke. searching for a flat, a curious ad leads her straight to the arms of Killian Jones, a childhood friend who clearly hasn’t forgot a thing about her]

The Look of Love by @kat2609[killian knows his way around women. we know that all too well. it’s time that he shares his wisdom with henry, who finds it equally awkward and helpful]

About Last Night by @on-the-nightshift[captain charming’s swashbuckling tales in the modern world, thankfully nothing to do with the movie of the same name]

how to find the love of your life by @themmaswan[a guide to spend the rest of your life with your True Love -i can’t stop saying this after yesterday- by the dashing and smooth Killian Jones]

you don’t wanna be my boyfriend by @swallowedsong​ [if you meet guy-who-you’re-sleeping-with-but-definately-isn’t-your-boyfriend in prison, you probably want to keep in under wraps. but there’s more to it. always is]

Dangerous Woman by @dassala[oh mama. when they FINALLY exit the UW -i’m fucking tired of the amateurist filter i have more photoshop skills than their entire team- emma plans to keep killian on bed all day. and night. for rest purposes of course. yep]

Long As You Got Me by @colinschest[killian stubbornly broke his wrist and emma takes care of him. really good care of him. you guessed right: smut. incredible smut. also read this house isn’t a home, i hope it comes back soon!]

say something (never again) by @midnightswans[angsty one shot, inspired by jen’s awesome upcoming project To Dust Return, beautifully written, leaving us on a hopeful note. she’s also written amazing mc Wrong Number]

Emma staying at Killian’s by @madquerade[house sharing with denial of feelings! isn’t that the best recipe? biting puns and couch snuggling]

bruise by @killians-dimples[emma may take a punch like a champ -that’s my badass girl- but killian thinks retribution is in order. his protective mode gets me every time, even when it’s expressed in such a hillarious manner. dork]

Angsty pre-UW drabble by @literatiruinedme[there’s no scariest torure in the underworld for killian than emma’s altered voice, her fake presence spitting bitter words. sequel here: Just Hold On, We’re Going Home]

shared, not lost (let’s be selfish together) by @jadeddiva​ [this lady’s writing is more than i deserve. she pulled me into the pit of canon divergence and i can’t seem to get out. her alternative plots are exquisite]

Letters From a Travelin Soldier by @princesslillyan [70′s cs, where killian is in the navy and the send letters. not the notebook bullshit (there, i said it, i hate this movie), but genuine romantic communication laced with uncertainty and the danger of never coming back] 

all the time in the world by @kindredsspirits [did somebody ask for morning, sensual and loving post-UW smut? thank god. thank you, fay, you secret smut agent!]

Until the next list (tomorrow?)


seetheskyaboveus  asked:

Hi, Bre! I warned you on twitter that I'll end up here lol. So everyone is thinking about smut BUT I wanted to see Oliver's reaction to the fact that Felicity (with Mr. Terrific) was attacked again. I think it's gonna be different now that they're together. I twitted about this & everyone was like: "OMG, I haven't even think about it!" I'd like to see your take on it, maybe Felicity mentioning shooting the machine gun too, but you don't have to write it if you don't feel like it. :)

The second they were outside, Felicity was only aware of three things: one, her ears were ringing like crazy, she had no idea guns could be so loud, although logic certainly dictated as such; two, Curtis was looking pretty shell-shocked - he looked pale, and the flashing red and blue lights were doing nothing to help his ‘I’m going to hurl up everything I’ve ever eaten’ look; and three…


One second she was walking out the doors of Palmer Tech, blinking against the bright lights shining right in their faces - could the SCPD be any more rude? - and the next she was being swept off her feet, a movement that made her squeak in surprise as a pair of strong, familiar arms wrapped around her so tightly breathing became a problem.

Oliver picked her up, pressing his face into her neck with a cracked, “Oh god, Felicity,” and a heavy inhale, like he was really making sure it was her.

That she was okay.

That she was alive.

She didn’t even think - Felicity wrapped herself around him just as tightly.

“I’m okay,” she whispered. “I’m okay.”

Felicity closed her eyes, feeling a hundred times safer already - for a split second, she let the real terror that had been trying to take over since they’d heard the gunshots, since she’d seen that scary tattooed guy coming right for her… she let it in, and her next breath was a shaky one. Felicity shivered at the sudden adrenaline spike, her hands starting to tremble and she clutched him tighter.

Neither paid attention to the whirlwind of activity around them, to the police running past them, to the news crews, to the people trying to talk to them, to Curtis standing right there… 

“I’m okay. Really.”

“What happened?” Oliver asked gruffly, setting her down, but he didn’t let her go. In fact, he was practically glued to her, and she was really okay with that. “Did you get hit, are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. We’re fine,” Felicity said, waving at Curtis. “We make a really great team actually, especially considering we were just attacked in what is supposed to be one of the safest places in this city - they really let Ray’s security go down the drain while we were away - and also considering we’ve never really fired guns before either. Ever.”

Curtis gave her an amused huff - a sarcastic ‘you don’t say?’ - shaking his head. She could read the ‘what the hell did my life just become?’ look all over his face.

She almost said, “Welcome to Team Arrow initiation,” but she stopped herself.

“Guns?” Oliver repeated, his voice a little weak.

“Yeah,” Felicity said, nodding. “Guns. I had a machine gun.” She glanced down at her hands. “And it really makes your hands numb. Makes everything numb, actually… and kinda deaf too.”

“You…” Oliver’s face was blank as he processed her words. “You fired a…” 

The anger and fear lacing his words was suddenly cut off when he clamped his jaw shut right before shooting poor Curtis an accusing look, a look that came straight from the Arrow - or, the Green Arrow, but they hadn’t really talked about specifics yet.

Felicity smacked Oliver’s arm in chastisement as Curtis’ hands immediately flew up and he took a quick step back, shaking his head. “Whoa, man, don’t look at me. That was all her. Your girlfriend’s a really terrifying badass.”

Felicity smiled at him, nodding her agreement - duh - before turning to give Oliver a, ‘Really, you jerk?’ sort of talking to when she caught Oliver opening his mouth… and then closing it again.

Oliver finally huffed out a laugh, smiling slightly.

“Yeah,” he said, shaking his head in wonder, looking back down at her. “I actually already know that.” 

She barely got a second to appreciate his words and the look of pride and amazement shining on his face before Captain Lance was on them, a hundred questions spilling from his mouth. 

Oliver and Felicity didn’t look away just yet though, taking just a second… 

The secret smile he gave her said she’d be feeling that appreciation later.

Felicity blushed.

(Beautiful Human Squad under the cut.)

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Just got back from watching Strange Magic for the first time and GUYS. GUYS.


I’m not saying it doesn’t have some flaws, BUT THE PARTS THAT WERE GOOD WERE SO DAMN GOOD. I’m thinking that this movie is going to be the equivalent of Labyrinth for the kids of this generation. I’M CALLING IT NOW. 


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Anonymous said to superheroesincolor:

Yo how do you feel about DC comics making Amanda Waller thin in recent years? I personally dont like it much cause i always saw myself as her and I genuinely loved seeing a big black woman as a badass character who wasnt stereotyped, but now thats changed :’(

I feel Heartbroken, for one I was emotionally connected to the original Amanda Waller (she looked just like my now gone aunt) and me being  big fat since I was kid found awesome her being so bad-ass, she would take no shit from anyone not even the Justice League,

I don’t dislike the new Amanda, and she is great in her own way, sadly I can’t see her without the shadow of the original being cast over her.

Final word: I have no ill feelings for the new Amanda Waller, she just isn’t the same. 

I CHOOSE YOU (part XII - the final chapter)

a/n: this is it, kiddos! it’s been a long, amazing journey, but this story has sadly come to a close. I hope you enjoy this final installment and that it doesn’t disappoint. :) Once again, please take the time to listen to the acoustic version of the lovely and talented Sara’s song that this fic is based upon, “I Choose You.” The song shows up again at the end of this chapter. :) Enjoy!

I CHOOSE YOU (the final chapter)

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven ]

Traci cornered Gail two weeks after the blissful night spent in Holly’s bed. And on her couch. And in the shower. Oh, and there was that encounter in the kitchen where Holly pressed into Gail from behind and slid her hand all the way down to her—


The blonde blinked as a dark hand was waved in front of her face. She turned to see Traci standing next to her as she stood in the locker room after finishing her shift. She’d been staring into her locker, thinking of the brunette singer and the amazing sex they’d shared over those two weeks.

“What?” Gail snapped, slamming her locker shut to hide the photograph that now adorned the inside of her locker door. “What is it, Trace?”

Traci grinned at her, looking smug. “Help me settle a bet, Gail,” she said, leaning against the meal door beside Gail.

Gail tugged on her leather jacket and stared at the detective.

“You’re dating the singer chick, aren’t you?” Traci continued. “Hailey?”

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