shes in london soon

i will be angry about willhelm for the rest of my days tbh he psychologically tormented noora at her lowest point when she was assaulted by ignoring her for days and days while he fucked about feeling sorry for himself in london. he SAW how bad she was but as soon as he found out what (they both thought) happened he blanked her. he abandoned her in one of the hardest times of her life and its unforgivable

I’m so glad that taylor just happened to be in the right place and the most convenient time for Ari, because by the looks of it they clearly wanted to get out of their as quick as possible. This is a great example of celebrities helping others in times of need, and doing it privately so don’t y’all dare try coming for her now. All we should be doing during a time like this is sending our love to the victims, and Ariana who must be so traumatized. 

a quick anecdote about middle school me:

so when I was in probably seventh grade a fellow student was telling literally everyone she talked to that she was dating Tom Felton.

I swear she had pictures of him in her locker and told us all she was going to London to see him soon but that they talked all the time.

sidebar: she was a very mean girl who mercilessly mocked me and a lot of my friends for being poor

so I came up with a plan,

and let’s be clear here, I was a total ass (am a total ass) and when she finally made her rounds and told me and my friends,

I was ready.

prior to that I plastered my locker with pics of Dan Radcliffe and forged a note from him so when she told me I was dead ass like “oh what a coincidence, I’m dating Dan and he never mentioned that Tom had a girlfriend…weird” and handed her the letter which said how sad Tom was that he didn’t have a girlfriend

last things last, she babbled for a few minutes trying to regain her ground and then gave up and said “fine I made it up” and I have never felt more satisfied

So um

Here we go, unanswered questions, feel free to add on:

  • What was so important about “That Night”? The constant use of yellow tops, Alison’s “you all combined know more about that night”, constantly having flash backs to said night. The girls had nothing to do with “killing” Alison or Bethany (that was Mona and CeCe) so what was the point?
  • Why did Toby fake his death? Or who forced him to fake his death? Why did he never apologize to Spencer (this whole ordeal sent her into Radley). Why was this never discussed more? 
  • Who knew the truth about what happened to Toby’s mom and led him on a wild goose chase about finding it out only to never mention it again when he dropped it because of Peter? What did Peter know? Was this supposed to be CeCe’s doing? 
  • We’re honestly supposed to believe Eddie Lamb just poofed? How did he recognize Aria, what was he going to tell Ezra? Why was he so scared of Wren?
  • What did Wren have to do with anything? Seriously? Drawing red coat, talking about “you take care of your end, I’ll take care of mine”, Mona mentioning she couldn’t trust him because she knew now where his loyalties were and they weren’t with her. (He did NOT know Alex at this time) Alex specifically said they met after he moved back to England and after him and Melissa had broken up for good. He was shady AF all through out and only came into being part of the shady story after meeting Alex IE. way after all of that occurred.
  • Why did A/UBER A/A.D never use any of the liar’s murders against them but Archer’s? 
  • Who put the vial of blood in Spencer’s bag while she was in London? 
  • How did CeCe and Wren know each other? As soon as Wren saw Alex and realized she was 100% not Spencer messing with him he told Alex everything and then called CeCe right away to tell her she had a long lost sister who was Spencer’s twin. Why did he call her? How did he even know they were sisters? How did he know CeCe?
  • Alex says she was jealous of Spencer and wanted her life (Toby, parent’s, and the liar’s friendship) so why was she trying so hard to break the girl’s apart? If she wanted parent’s why force Veronica and Peter into a divorce (granted she should have divorced him forever ago but, alas she didn’t until Alex forced Aria to put the recording into their house). 
  • Did Alex cause Toby and Yvonne’s accident? How? They hit a deer, how was she able to force a deer into the road? Did she in fact, kill Yvonne as well by poisoning her?
  • Who created the underground bunker in Alex’s house? Toby sure as hell didn’t create that or know it existed when he sold the house. How did Alex have time to do that?
  • What the hell was the point of the comic book? It was legit the entire story of what was happening to the girls. Yet had absolutely nothing to do with it. Why was Alex using Lucas? And you really expect us to believe that Lucas had no clue who CeCe truly was?
  • WHO WAS THE MAN/WOMAN OUT TO HURT ALISON? That occurred before CeCe even met Archer didn’t it? And it was before Wren/Alex came into play. 
  • Dr. Cochran said he only delivered two of Mary’s babies and he was speaking of CeCe and Spencer soo how did he also deliver Alex? That was clearly him in the flash back yelling at the nurse to come in cause another baby was about to be born after they handed Spencer off. So why did he lie? 
  • Who was the second hoodie in the dollhouse? If one was CeCe, who was the other? This was before CeCe knew of Alex. Who was the figure that was manly? Who was the figure that Spencer saw face to face and said “I feel like I knew them.” No way that was CeCe, that was clearly a man. 
  • We’re seriously supposed to believe that Mona, CeCe, and Alex had no cameras? How the hell did they know every little detail about the girls? 
  • Alex wanted to be loved so badly and she was (Wren) so why did she kill him because she wanted him out of the way so she could have Toby. Why was Toby so important to her? Spencer and him weren’t even together.
  • Alex started the game because she wanted revenge for CeCe, she wanted to know who killed her sister. Yet the game ended when the girls found out that it was Mona who did it. So according to all of that, Alex knew the whole time it was Mona as the game was meant to have the girl’s find Mona out. So why then did Alex NOT kill Mona? Why did she NOT punish Mona? But she punished the girls, especially Hanna, for thinking they did it?
  • How did Mona get Alex and Mary to London? Apparently the guy she was with was the same guy who “arrested” them. So they weren’t actually ever sent to jail but, how did she meet this guy? Was he a police officer turned bad again? Was he someone who worked at the sanitarium she was at this time around? Even still, how did they smuggle the both of them into London unseen? How did the girls not realize Mary/Alex never went to the Rosewood PD?
  • What was the importance of Bethany? Why did we never see her face? Why was Wren so pissed at Melissa over her killing Bethany if he had 0 connection to her? 
  • Why did Jenna choose to actually help the girls when she finally realized who A.D was (Alex) when that’s all she wanted. What was the Endgame she read?
  • Why did Alex kidnap Ezra and want to kill him?

The coolest six Fallen London Professions we wish could’ve existed in our mundane Surface world!

1. Glassman - The Fearsome Romantic, thanks @historiographics for letting me paint your character!

2. Licentiate - The Formidable Alienist, based on my close friend who’s really into psychoanalysis. Sadly she doesn’t have a tumblr account.

3. Correspondent - The Mirthful Suffragette, pretty much a carbon copy of @bayoubash if they had one too many Correspondence sigils seared to their brain.

4. Monster-Hunter - The Bawdy Socialist, my real-life boyfriend. He does have a tumblr account, but he only uses it for… Bawdy uses, if I may say.

5. Crooked-Cross - The Rambunctious Nihilist, which is me during my edgy Nietzschean phase two years ago.

6. Midnighter - The Lyrical Libertine, wonderfully designed by my best friend @psylockss. Here’s hoping she would join us soon in Fallen London.

darling you deserve the stars

Okay so here’s my jily youtube au I’ve been working on. If I fail my Chemistry gcse we can all blame this.

The first time she meets James Potter, she’s having a bad morning. She drags her suitcase behind her, a bag filled with a ridiculous amount of camera kit weighing down her shoulder and colliding painfully with her hip bone at every other step; the key the girl on reception had given her is clasped in her teeth as she juggles her laptop case and the leather jacket that had been necessary in the unpleasant drizzle she’d left behind in England but not the Californian sun.

Mary likes to say that Lily is an over packer, Lily likes pointing out that at least she has never managed to forget all her jumpers on a trip to Scotland like someone-who-wouldn’t-be-named did. “For fucks sake, Lil, that was one time!” “You also forgot the sun cream when we went to Spain.” “Shut up, McKinnon.”

To make matters worse, she can hear her phone ringing from inside her handbag that was swung over her other shoulder. “Shit,” She mutters, looking around frantically for somewhere to dump her stuff, accidently dropping her key. “Oh fuck.” Her phone’s still ringing, Nicki Minaj’s ‘superbass’ blaring out of its speaker. She’s about to give up and ignore her phone, not seeing any possibility of her managing to retrieve it in time without damaging her laptop or camera bag when suddenly out of nowhere comes a young man, a mess of long limbs and black hair, a pair of ray bans fixed hazardously over his eyes and a crooked grin that might have made her heart flutter a little.

Before she has time to think, he’s rescued her stuff from her arms and nods at her handbag. “Your phone’s ringing.” She scrambles into action, searching through the empty sweet wrappers and headphones until her hand made contact with the phone. Pulling it out, her thumb swipes across screen and she presses it to her ear. “Hey, Marlene.” She holds a finger up to the man, mouthing “One minute,” at him. He keeps on grinning. Her heart keeps on fluttering.

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A Day In The Life Of

| Request: “Hi !!! Could you do a imagine where Dan and Y/N are watching after Y/Ns niece for the weekend and she is scared to sleep alone so she sleep between Y/N and Dan ?! Please :)) Ok maybe a thing, (if that’s alright) y/n is a youtuber so maybe she is vlogging a bit of the week end and the phandom is crazy (in a cute way) about Dan and y/Ns niece :)” |

| Warnings: None. |


“Hello Internet!”

Dan said to the camera with a sleepy smile and a yawn.

“It’s around 7 am and I’m about to wake [Y/N] up because her, well, our, niece is going to spend the weekend with us!”

The Phandom loved Dan and
[Y/N]’s niece, falling in love with her after [Y/N] vlogged a hectic day babysitting her by herself when she was two.

Dan crept into the bedroom to wake up [Y/N]. She lay there, wrapped in the checkered duvet, hair messy and a soft snore leaving her lips.

Dan approached, gently shaking her shoulder. “Wake up, babe.” He said softly.

She groaned, rolling to her other side and gently slapping away his hand. “Five more minutes.”

Dan turned the camera back on himself, shaking his head. “Get up, Sleeping Beauty.” [Y/N] giggled. “I’ll get up if I get true loves kiss.”

He groaned, leaning down and softly pecking her lips, making sure to film it as he did. [Y/N] got out of bed, taking Dan’s large hand in hers and following him down the hallway as he filmed.

“When’s she getting here?” She asked, yawning as she spoke.

“Around 11, but we need to be prepared before she comes. Making up the guest bedroom, buying food a five year old will eat, things like that.” He explained, making his way into the kitchen to cook breakfast.

By “cook” I mean pour cereal and milk in two bowls.

After breakfast, Dan stopped filming to allow them to get dressed and such, quickly he began filming when [Y/N] walked in the room in her favourite outfit, laughing as Dan sang “Here she is, Miss America.”

After filming, preparing the room, shopping for food, and everything else, the doorbell rang.
Dan and [Y/N] walked to the door together, Dan filmed as [Y/N] opened it and greeted her niece, Bandit, pulling her into a big bear hug. Dan greeted [Y/S/N] and they left, leaving Dan and [Y/N] with a rowdy five year old and her luggage.

“So, Bandit, how do you feel like filming A Day In The Life Of video with Auntie and I?” Dan asked, handing her the camera and taking her from [Y/N]’s arms. Bandit nodded, having filmed with both her aunt and uncle before.

[Y/N] grabbed her nieces luggage and they put it in her room, getting her properly dressed for winter in London, and headed out.

“Uncle Dan.” Bandit started, sitting between her aunt and uncle in the taxi. “When can I get my ears pierced like yours?” She asked, taking note of the pink studs Dan wore today. [Y/N] giggled, and he didn’t know how to respond. “When your mum and dad let you, I suppose.”

The taxi soon stopped at a toy shop, where they bought Bandit a toy of her choice. A pristine doll with features scarily similar to her own.

“Of course she picked one of the most bloody expensive items in the shop.” Dan mumbled to the camera, [Y/N] shaking her head as she gave her niece the money to pay for the toy. “You said she could pick anything, love.”

They walked out of the shop, Bandit holding [Y/N]’s hand with one hand and carrying the doll that made Dan’s wallet cry with her other.

[Y/N] whispered something to Bandit as Dan talked to the camera, and Bandit let go of her aunts hand and grabbed her uncles. “Thank you, Uncle Dan!” She yelled to the camera and her very tall uncle with a scraggly toothed grin. “You’re welcome, kiddo.”

[Y/N] took the camera from Dan, talking to it about random things about London, most of which she was telling her niece.

They soon arrived at the next location, an ice cream parlour. “But [Y/N] it’s winter in England!” Dan whined. “Dan Howell how many times must I tell you that ice cream makes you warmer because of its fat content?” Bandit giggled at the playful banter between her aunt and uncle that was all being caught on camera.

They walked into the shop, Bandit releasing Dan’s hand to look at the brightly coloured ice cream in the shop. Pastel pink strawberry, bright yellow lemon, even a blue coloured flavour that Dan swore was radioactive.

Bandit settled on a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of lime, which [Y/N] noted was a “Lovely shade of green.” And rainbow sprinkles. Dan got a scoop of coffee, and [Y/N] got [Y/F/F]. They took their seats in the shop, enjoying the cold sweets and filming a bit more.

“Auntie, can you make spaghetti for dinner?” Bandit asked, her bright [E/C] eyes sparking. “Of course, we’ll have to go to a shop and buy the stuff to make it though.” [Y/N] smiled, despite hating spaghetti with a red hot passion.

After finishing their ice cream, sightseeing with their niece, and going food shopping for the second time today, they finally arrived back at the flat.

After dinner was eaten, the lounge was completely destroyed and then put back together again by Bandit, and the sound of cartoons filled the flat, they decided it was bedtime and [Y/N] prepared her niece for bed.

Together, Dan and [Y/N] tucked her, and her favourite stuffed animal, in bed, let her say “Goodnight internet.” to the camera, and prepared themselves for bed.

After crawling in bed, it wasn’t long before they heard the patter of little feet on the floor. Dan stood up at the sound of a light knock on the bedroom door.

“Uncle Dan, can I sleep with you and Auntie? I’m scared.” She asked, carrying a stuffed toy with her. Dan nodded, picking her up and placing her in bed between
[Y/N] and himself.

“Goodnight Bandit.” [Y/N] mumbled sleepily, placing a kiss on her nieces forehead, Dan did the same, and Bandit kissed both of their cheeks and told them goodnight once more.

And soon, all three of them fell asleep after a long day of babysitting.

(A/N: this comes a day late but I wrote a lil angsty something for @fuckyeahdwightcaroline’s fanwork week! except for a few nods to show!canon, this is based on the books which means Uncle Ray is still taking his time dying but Caroline already knows that Dwight is being held as a POW by the Frenchies. many thanks to the thesaurus, and above all, @dismiss-your-fearsx for beta-reading ❤️)

slipping through her fingers (ao3)

fandoms: poldark (all media types)
rating: g
warnings: no archive warnings apply
characters: caroline penvenen
relationships: dwight enys/caroline penvenen, caroline penvenen & ray penvenen
additional tags: angst, introspection

If she doesn’t keep busy, Caroline thinks, she shall go quite mad with worry.

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Connection Chap Twenty One

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four.  Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten.  Eleven.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.  Eighteen.  Nineteen.  Twenty.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 3106

Your name: submit What is this?

Will sat in front of the small television watching a cartoon while eating cereal and you were on the couch, once again, staring at the case wall. You had started covering it with a bookshelf during the day but this morning you slid it to the side after shuffling into the living room.

Something had been nagging at you the last few days, something that Sherlock had told you about his last conversation with Moriarty before everything unraveled but you couldn’t remember exactly what it was. Something about rogue governments and something else but that was the only part that stuck with you. Was he working with them or was it just because of the key he supposedly had?  You closed your eyes trying to grab the information that seemed to be just beyond your reach.

Sherlock was lying beside you in bed at Baker Street, his gaze fixed on the ceiling as his hand squeezed yours. He had woken from another nightmare and told you about his last moments with Moriarty on the rooftop. “That was the last thing he told me before he put the gun in his mouth. That I was him and the way he smiled like it was perfect logic…”

“He was insane. You admitting you would do anything for your friends probably infuriated him more than you can imagine because he couldn’t understand it. He hated it.”

“It was like he was seeing something in…”

“Sherlock, he didn’t see a damn thing in you but he was getting inside your head. There’s only one reason he wanted to shake your hand in that moment, to leave a deeper scar, to imprint his final moment in your head so he could live on.”  

You watched him for a moment but his gaze was still fixed to the ceiling. “He did things like that with his subjects, anything that would make a bigger impact on the person. Some people feel they live on in the things they accomplish, Moriarty believed in that wholeheartedly except his accomplishments weren’t… healthy. You have no idea how many people he almost destroyed before we… and a few that he did. That was his addiction, seeing the power he could wield over another human, the things he could talk them into doing, and sometimes I think he got off on the look of devastation in their eyes while knowing they would never be able to get rid of him. He knew what he was doing to you and that’s what made it worth it for him.”

Sherlock rolled onto his side and those intense eyes found yours. “How did you see through him?”

You laid your hand on his cheek. “Because I wasn’t focusing on him, I was looking at what he was focusing on. For some reason, he focused on you, whether it was John’s stories or the rumors that he heard about you, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play a game with you. Maybe he was looking for someone like him or maybe he just wanted to see if he could beat someone that he thought could match his wits.”

His gaze trailed down to your hand in his in between you. “Well, he certainly had enough people under him to continue on.”

“Do you really think you got them all?”

His gaze flicked back up and you could read the conflict, “I want to say yes but if I’m honest, No. I don’t think I found them all. Truthfully, it would be impossible but I got the various heads, the leaders on different strings of the web.”

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So I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the Marina Joyce situation, and I’m sure a lot of you are confused, so I’m going to explain this the best I can. Marina Joyce is a beauty YouTuber with 600k subscribers and recently in her videos she has been acting very strange, repeating things, stuttering, acting forced/frightened, and moving as if she is just very uncomfortable and jittery. She also appears to have many cuts and bruises all over her body and in her most recent video a voice can be heard saying “help me” at 0:13. This has lead many to believe that she is either using drugs, or that she is being forced to make videos by an abuser, possibly her boyfriend or father, and they also might be drugging her. On social media she’s expressed that she’s fine, and she’s also replied to most YouTube comments claiming to be okay, but it’s likely that that’s her abuser who’s actually replying/posting for her or they are closely monitoring what she posts online. On one of her more recent videos, however, someone commented asking if everything was okay and she replied yes, and then also commented no under it. This comment has been deleted but I have provided a screenshot. She also replied to a comment theorizing that she edited in the “help me” saying that she did edit it in, but that was also deleted and she liked a tweet asking her to like it if something was wrong, although she tweeted saying that everything was fine. Her mom was also contacted by someone and she claimed that Marina was fine, which leads me to believe that it’s possible she’s involved in the abuse, or that she’s covering for her father, and Marina does live with her parents so that’s very possible. It’s also possible that she’s abusing drugs such as heroine or speed, which could explain her behavior and the bruises on her arms may be track marks, but it doesn’t explain the bruises all over her body. In her most recent video there are bruises that can be seen on her arms, neck, back, and legs and in her “Annoying Things Girls Do” video there are very clear cuts and bruises on her legs. Another thing is in her Q&A video when she answers a question about if she’s changed, she gets very jittery and looks almost like she wants to cry, and even says she didn’t do anything to deserve this. Additionally in many of her newer videos her eyes dart around a lot, she looks behind the camera a lot of the time, as if she’s looking at somebody.
Finally, in her everyday makeup tutorial, a shotgun can be seen in the corner of her room starting at 1:43. Marina lives in London, and shotguns are illegal there, which makes it even more suspicious. I’ve heard that many have already tipped the London police, so hopefully she’ll get help if she needs it soon. Feels free to reblog with corrections/more information.


Inspired by anotheropti’s own masterpost, I’ve decided to make this one so that people can find my fics easily. Let me remind you that all authors love recognition and appreciation: if you read one of my fic and you like it, be sure to leave a comment or even a request for some other fic!


Let’s pretend the sky’s for us : Fluffy The Master Plan AU where Andy doesn’t get interrupted by Ann when he orders drinks for him and April, April doesn’t get jealous and the night goes just as planned by both of them.

Just the two of us: Tom and Lucy discuss whether or not they want kids.

Harvest What You Sow: Andy and April’s first time together. Explicit content.

Double Trouble: April is insecure about having twins and asks for Leslie’s advice.

Tommy’s Girl: Set just after Save JJ’s. Tom has just asked Lucy out to be his date at Donna’s wedding. But as it happens, they can’t wait till there to start all over again. Explicit content.

Dark Places: Some thoughts about April’s teenage years. Pretty dark at times. Happy ending.

Snakehole Love: Smutty The Master Plan AU where Andy doesn’t just leave when April and Jean-Ralphio hang out, but actually speaks his mind. Happy ending. Explicit content.

Songs and Swooning: Andy, April and songs.

Multi-chaptered fics:

Granny Stripes: Series of domestic fluff moments capturing Andy and April’s life as a couple at home. Centered around a blanket. (Ongoing)

Andy didn’t have a crush on April (until he did): Moments marking the evolution of Andy’s feelings for April in season 2. (Ongoing)

The Great Girls Getaway and the Grand Guy Gathering: A weekend with just the girls in April’s cabin in the woods, and just the guys at Ben’s. (Ongoing)

The Right Sort: Hogwarts AU where April gets sorted in Hufflepuff and isn’t very happy about it.

Twelve Days of Ludgate-Dwyer: Set in 2032. April, Andy and their children go back to see Leslie and their friends in Pawnee for Christmas. (ongoing)


I’m pregnant: April announces that Jack is gonna be a big brother.

This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in: Andy/April with the triplets as special guests.

Anticipation: April’s fourth pregnancy comes to an end

Anticipation: April and Andy are invited at Leslie’s house for Christmas.

Exhaustion: Sometimes, three babies is a bit too much. Lucky Leslie has a friend in April to help her out.

Tender: Leslie takes care of her three children.

Affection: Ben is definitely starting to feel something for Leslie.

Loneliness: April misses Andy as soon as she gets on the plane back from London. Leslie comforts her.

Holding: Leslie tries to help April through her feelings toward Andy. (early season 3)

Relief: Andy keeps hope in his heart that he and April belong together. (Mediablitz)

Soft: Ben and Sonia’s relationship throughout the years.

Acceptance: Wesley has something big to admit to Leslie.

Holding: Ben is at Leslie’s side every second leading up to their children’s birth.

Embarrassment: Andy is being a little too open about what happens at triplets sleepover at April and his place.

Worthless: Ben is starting to wonder why his babies are so calm at night.

Broken: Andy is heartbroken when he finds out April brought back a boyfriend from Venezuela.

Satisfied: Andy and April bring their baby home for the first time.

Enthusiasm: Steven, Sonia and Wesley are very excited to meet baby Jack.

Graceful: Ben and Leslie take up dancing lessons.

Things you said when you thought you lost me: Andy is moping on Burly’s couch when April is dating Eduardo.

Things you said when you were scared: April soothes her daughter who is scared of the monster under her bed.

Things you said when we were the happiest we ever were: Leslie just got elected president of the United States.

Things you said at the kitchen table: Leslie and her kids around the kitchen table over the years

Things you said on the phone: Ann has good news to tell Leslie regarding her second baby.

Things you said when you thought I was asleep: Ben wakes up in the middle of the night during his first night at Leslie’s

Things you said when you were crying/Things you said when I was crying: Ben isn’t too happy about how his favorite show turned out. Leslie comforts him.

Things you said when you thought I was asleep: Andy still has jetlag and April is sick of it.

Things you said when you were crying: Ben isn’t dealing with his break-up with Leslie well. Not well at all. Lucky his roommates are here to help him through his feelings.

Things you said when you were crying: April has some news to share with Andy

Things you never said at all: Ben and Leslie just got back together, and Ben knows what he’s going to do if Chris wants to inflict some punishment.

Things you said when you were scared: When Ben runs away from Sonia’s wrath, he finds that someone is already hiding in his usual hiding spot.

Things you said at the kitchen table: Andy interrupts April’s thoughts with an idea for their one month anniversary.

Things you said with too many miles between us: Words exchanged between Tom and Lucy over the years

Things you said after you kissed me: There’s a reason Ann broke up with Mar. That reason is Leslie Knope. Romantic Ann/Leslie.

Things you said under the stars and in the grass: Ben and Leslie miss their best friends.

Things you said when I was crying: Andy and Leslie get emotional over Jack’s birth.

Things you said at the kitchen table: Sonia and Leslie bond over one simple truth: men are dogs.

Things you said when you were crying: Donna helps April through her feelings when Andy leaves her birthday party.

Things you said at 1 am: College AU. While trying to get work done, April gets interrupted by a cute little blonde who just won’t stop talking. Romantic April/Leslie.

Things you said when you were leaving: Mark and Leslie share waffles for the last time before he leaves Pawnee. Platonic.

Things you said when I was crying: April wakes up to Andy not in bed after he failed the police exam.

Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear: Stephen comes home early and overhears a conversation between his parents.

5 minute drabble: Andy’s back from London

Halloween Ficlets:

Tormenting employees of a haunted house: Andy/April mess with a zombie.

Carving Jack-o-lanterns: Andy/April and a very enthusiastic Jack carve pumpkins as a family.

Picking out pumpkins: Craig is stressing out about which pumpkins to choose, Jean-Ralphio is there to calm him down.

Picking out a costume: Ben dressed up as Daario Naharis.

Helping host a neighborhood “Safe Halloween” type event: Ann/Leslie, romantic.

Lost in a corn maze: Ben and Leslie can’t find the kids in a corn maze. Not the triplets, no, they’re fine. But Andy and April are nowhere to be seen.

Being anti-Halloween: Ron’s opinion on Halloween.

Hosting a seance: April/Leslie college AU, romantic.

Being anti-Halloween: The triplets each had a year they were against Halloween.

Playing cliché games: Tom and Lucy spending Halloween in Pawnee.

Picking out treats: Ann finds Chris’s veggie cookies in the handout bowl again.

Hosting a seance: April knows what she’s going to do with the money she got for her seventh birthday.

The list is kept up to date.


Katherine of Aragon’s ladies friends  (2/2)

  • Beatriz Galindo. She was a Spanish writer, humanist, and teacher. Beatriz was a woman respected for her intelligence and learning. She lectured at the University of Salamanca. She served as latin tutor to Isabel I of Castile and the Queen’s daughters, prompting Beatriz Galindo to note that Katherine surpassed her mother in Latin learning. Beatriz was also a friend and confidante of Katherine’s mother.
  • Elizabeth of York. She was Katherine’s mother-in-law. In 1501, Queen Elizabeth would help organize the wedding of her eldest son, Prince Arthur, and Katherine of Aragon. The pair was sent to Ludlow Castle. Less than five months after their wedding, Arthur and Katherine both fell ill. The Prince died, and Katherine took several weeks to recover from her illness. Queen Elizabeth sent an escort to bring Katherine back to London, as soon as she was well enough to travel, and herself provided a black velvet litter, with valances and fringes also of black made by her own tailor, to convey her convalescent daughter-in-law. When Katherine reached Richmond Palace, she was conducted at once to the Queen, with whom she shared a mutual sorrow. Elizabeth of York would play a mother’s part until such time as Katherine’s future was decided. After a short stay with the King and Queen, Katherine was installed at Durham House. Elizabeth sent Katherine books and the Spanish princess moved to the Court of Westminster, where she seems to have stayed several weeks. The kindness offered by Elizabeth of York dried up abruptly ten months after Arthur’s death. With Elizabeth’s death Katherine would have lost an ally, an alternative mother figure. 
  • María de Rojas. She was daughter of Francisco de Rojas, count of Salinas, and she was one of Katherine’s closest and most intimate of the ladies at court, first in Spain and later in London. Maria was part of Katherine’s original household, and anecdotes describe her as Katherine’s bedfellow, comforting the young widow princess after the death of Prince Arthur. María de Rojas’s social rank and closeness to Katherine made her a desirable potential bride, first for the son of the earl of Derby, and later, the son of Elvira Manuel. Neither marriage took place. At an unknown date, Maria returned to Spain and there married Don Álvaro de Mendoza y Gúzman. She had at least one child, a son named Luis. In 1531 she was included on a list of people to testify for Katherine during the King’s Great Matter.
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe (née Stafford). She was sister of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, and wife of Robert Radcliffe, Lord Fitzwalter, who was created Earl of Sussex in 1529. It was as Lady Fitzwalter, however, that she was at the court of Henry VIII. Elizabeth was a close friend and favourite lady-in-waiting to Katherine of Aragon. In May 1510, after Elizabeth informed her brother that their younger and newly married sister, Anne, was being courted by the king, Henry VIII himself forced to his furious wife to dismiss Elizabeth from her service. She was, however, in attendance at the Field of Cloth of Gold in 1520.
  • Inés de Venegas. She was daughter of Inés de Venegas, who was Katherine’s childhood governess and nurse. Inés was part of Katherine’s original household and accompanied her from Spain in 1501. She was one of the few Spaniards who remained with Katherine in England. Inés married William Blount, Lord Mountjoy, Katherine’s chamberlain. She was the stepmother of another of Katherine’s ladies, Gertrude Blount. King Henry VIII wrote on her behalf to Fernando of Aragon to claim a legacy from his late wife, Isabel of Castile. It is not known if she received her legacy. Inés died before February 1515. She had no surviving children from her brief marriage.
  • Maud Parr (née Green). She was married at around the age of 16 to Sir Thomas Parr. Matilda, known as Maud to her family, served as a lady-in-waiting to Katherine of Aragon. In between her duties at Court, Maud gave birth to three children who survived and a further two who did not. When her daughter Catherine Parr was born, she was named for the Queen, who acted as godmother at her baptism. In 1520, Maud accompanied the King and Queen to France and was present at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Maud developed a friendship with Queen Katherine and her will, which mentions the Queen a number of times, is a testament to her connection with Katherine. Even after her husband’s death in 1517, Maud served Queen Katherine and was a faithful friend until 1531 when Maud herself died, shortly before Queen Katherine was banished from court.
  • Isabel and Blanche de Vargas. The two sisters was Katherine of Aragon’s Spanish ladies. Isabel received several gifts from the royal wardrobe. Isabel and Blanche were both still with Katherine of Aragon when she died in 1536, alongside Elizabeth Darrell. The body of the queen was placed in the chapel at Kimbolton and watched over by the three ladies of her household, the two sisters and Elizabeth Darrell, as well as María de Salinas herself. In her will, Katherine left Isabel £20, but it is doubtful she ever received this legacy. 
  • Jane Seymour.  The date that Jane arrived at court is not recorded, although it would have been before Katherine of Aragon was finally discarded by the king and, probably, in the very early stages of the “Great Matter”, around 1527-1529. Jane greatly admired Queen Katherine, and later used her as her own role model when she herself became queen. When Katherine was banished from court, Jane and the rest of the household accompanied to the Queen in her exile to The More and Ampthill Castle. In 1533 Katherine’s household suffered a reduction, and the repudiated woman was ordered to move to Buckden. Jane was not amongst her ten ladies. After, Jane was placed as lady-in-waiting to the new queen, Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII married Jane  Seymour following Anne’s execution. Jane loved Katherine’s daughter. While Jane was unable to restore Mary to the line of succession, she was able to reconcile her with Henry. Jane gave him the one thing he wanted most, a male heir, the future Edward VI. Mary was choosen his godmother by the orders of Queen Jane, who died shortly thereafter from complications. She was only 28 years old, and had served as Henry’s queen for less than eighteen months.

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Hello everybody! I’m really getting into Cassandra Clare’s books after reading TMI which is why I’ve decided to read The Infernal Devices trilogy. I have to say, I enjoyed this series MUCH more than TMI. Overall, I gave the series 5/5 stars on Goodreads.

The story is set in The Victorian era, when Tessa Gray comes to live with her brother in London. As soon as she gets there, instead of her brother, the Dark sisters come to pick her up. But she soon realizes she is being blackmailed and her brothers life is on the line. Eventually, the Shadowhunters come to save her, bringing her to the London institute, where she meets two best friends: Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs. She is torn between the two but she soon finds out more about her brother’s disappearance leading her to a greater mystery than she thought.

OMG, this series is just so freaking good. It was such an emotional ride and I could not stop crying by the end. The love triangle is VERY different from others and is so much better. I absolutely loved Will and Jem’s bond. They always do what they know is best for each other even if it could hurt themselves. Pretty much ALL the characters were really good. Cassandra Clare is very good at writing and developing her characters, making them all so lovable.

SIDE NOTE: you will cry at the epilogue of Clockwork Princess and if you say you didn’t, you’re lying. :))

Home, Chapter 8

AUTHOR: Losille2000
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Tom returns home grouchy and exhausted from a cramped flight after four months on the road for work. Unfortunately, there’s already someone sleeping in his bed.
RATING: M (sex, language)
AUTHORS NOTES: Thank you all for your support! Please see the note at the end of the chapter.

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Appendicitis *requested*

samanthaofanarchy asked: Can you do a preference where you are Ashton’s sister, but you live in London, and you are dating Michael and your appendix bursts and you text Ashton to tell him and you tell him not to worry Michael with it, but he tells Michael anyway, and Michael gets upset but it’s all fluff at the end? Thanks :)

AN: I’m slightly changing this as an appendix bursting tends to rarely occur as if an appendix becomes inflamed it is removed before it can burst. So I’m changing it to an appendicitis rather than a burst one. I had an appendicitis. It was terrible!!
Words: 884
Warnings: None

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