shes half dressed

Changing the word “sir” into “bro” in every Hamilton song is hilarious, expecially in Say No To This

“I offered her a loan I offered to walk her home she said”
“You’re too kind, bro”

“I hid the letter and I raced to her place screamed how could you? In her face she said”

“Half dressed, apologetic, a mess, she looked pathetic, she cried”

I’m dying

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

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47 and 71!!! :) thanks babe!

Thank you so much for the request, babes! This one was actually quite a bit of fun to write, since I’ve not done much angsty stuff (that’s published on here, at least. There may be something in the works). I hope you like it! As always, my inbox is always open for requests, either from prompt lists or just a scenario you want to see! xx

47. “When I picture myself happy…it’s with you.” & 71. “You are the single best thing that’s ever happened to me

Harry had been acting a bit off the last several days. Y/N had brushed it off at first, figuring it was just nerves for his fast-approaching tour. She’d seen him get like this before, back when he was touring with the band. Sure, he’d had the other lads to rely on and help dissolve some of that nervousness, but it still happened, regardless. She knew this was bound to be worse, though, considering it was just him now. He’d have his bandmates, and him, Sarah, Clare, Mitch and Adam had forged quite a bond, but she knew it was still nerve-wracking starting his first ever solo tour for his first ever solo album. 

But that nervousness was known to only last a day or two at the most. Harry seemed jumpy and on the verge of sweats for days now. Y/N was slightly concerned that he was coming down with something so soon before he took off to travel the world again, but he seemed fine otherwise. No coughing or sniffling or sneezing—anymore than normal, anyway. His eyes were clear and his breathing didn’t sound wheezy like it normally did when he got sick. He was just extremely out of it, and it was concerning. 

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Random headcanon

Harley is constantly wearing Joker’s shirts which often results in him having to dig around in her closet to find whichever shirt got stolen that week.

Me switching from angry Lin voice to needy Maria voice:

i hid the letter and i raced to her place screamed how could you in her face she said NOO SIIIRRR half dressed apologetic a mess she looked pathetic she cried PLEASE DONT GOOO SIIIIR she whispered the story was set up I DONT KNOW ABOUT ANY LETTER stop cryn goddammit get up I DIDNT KNO ANY BETTER i am ruined PLS DONT LEAVE ME I AM HELPLESS helpless how could i do this JUST GIVE HIM WAT HE WANTS AND YOU CAN HAAAVE ME i dont want u WHATEVER HE WANTS i don IF YOU PAY YOU CAN STAAAAAAAYYYYYY 

Niall-- Dancing in the Moonlight

“I’ve got it handled, don’t I Doodle Bug?” Niall said, tickling at his little girl who squealed and ran off, a giant grin on her face.  He turned back to his wife, love and adoration naturally slipping into place as he looked at his best friend.  “Go have your girl’s night, love.  You deserve it.”

And as far as Niall was concerned, she really and truly did. He had been doing promo and then touring for months which left his loving and strong wife to take care of their house and child by herself, all while still working and following her own dreams. She never once complained about all of the weight on her due to the rigors of Niall’s career, but he knew she needed a break and that she wouldn’t take one if he didn’t push her to.

It had been Niall’s suggestion that she take a day to spend with her friends and sisters.  It had been four months since she had done anything just for herself, not with their daughter or Niall in mind, and he was determined she would relax.  He had let her sister and best friend plan out a day full of spa treatments, nail appointments, a few nice meals, a movie, and shopping at her favorite mall, all funded by his credit card.

She was grateful for his thoughtfulness, but she couldn’t help but be uneasy.  “Are you sure you’ve got everything under control?  She’s going through a bit of a phase and you’ve only been home a couple of days…”

“Hey,” Niall whispered, cupping her chin in his hand.  “I love you, but you’re overthinking things.  I’m her dad, remember?  We all win today.  You get to rest, she gets to hang out with her daddy, and I get to spend time with my little princess.  Don’t worry about us, go enjoy yourself.”  Lots of kisses for Niall and their daughter ensued, but he could see how grateful she looked as she slipped into the front seat of her best friend’s car.  It was hard for her to turn off the full time mom part of her brain, even while she was at work, but that made it all the more important for her to get away.

Niall locked the front door and turned around to see his three year old daughter looking at him curiously.  “Daddy, where did Mommy go?” she asked, her thumb slipping into her mouth. 

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Cinder Block (Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Requests this fic covers:

Anyth Lin x gender neutral!Reader would be gr9 tbh ;D Thanks fam

may I please, please, please have a lin x reader kinky smut where you are in the show together?? Thank you!!!!! @the7thsilence

lin x agender reader where reader plays maria and lin gets to make out with them, and lin realises what a good kisser reader is and they fuck after the show?

Can this be considered Lin sin? Cause I wanna hop on that train. 

You were nervous. Beyond nervous, actually. Your stomach felt as if it was caving in on itself and you could barely manage to suppress the urge to continuously gnaw on your bottom lip. You were not a recent hire for Hamilton. In fact, you had done the show more times than you could count. However, this was the first time you played an actual named role other than dancing in the ensemble. Jazz was away on vacation, and her typical understudy was supposed to take over for her. Unfortunately, she called in sick this morning with a bad cough. You, being able to both sing like a bird and fit into the costume comfortably, was called in to perform the roles of Peggy Schuyler/ Maria. You immediately accepted, knowing both of the roles by heart.

 However: you were beginning to regret it. Playing the part of Peggy was easy for you, but the part of Maria was what you were sweating. Not that the role was physically or vocally too demanding for you, but because of the actions you had to perform on stage, and more importantly, who you had to perform them to. Everyone in the cast knew you had the hots for Lin. Except for Lin himself, conveniently. You were constantly teased for it, but you didn’t care. You were never going to act on these feelings of course; you preferred a fine line between work and play. But Lin made that a very difficult moral for you to keep. Ever since you had auditioned and met him in person, you absolutely adored every aspect of him. He was incredibly intelligent, quick witted, funny, kind, and undeniably handsome. You wanted nothing more than to impress and please him. You found yourself going to great lengths to get the part: practicing every audition dance for hours and hours every day, learning the track by heart, singing your heart out until your voice was raw and sore. You absolutely blew him away in the auditions, and were practically offered the part on spot. He absolutely adored you, but not in the way you wanted him to. After that, the days spread into weeks, the weeks into months, and your feelings never changed. Your love remained unspoken and challenged by your circumstances. But this could be your chance. For once you finally had the opportunity to be so close to him. You could finally do what you had been longing to do for months. To kiss him passionately multiple times without remorse. 

 And you had never been so nervous. 

 “Hey, (Y/N), you’re finally getting your chance tonight!” A giddy Oak hollered into your dressing room as he trotted down the stairs. 

 “Shut up.” You shot back as you checked yourself in the ‘Peggy’ dress out in the mirror, thinking of no better insult. It wasn’t like he was wrong. 

 “Awwwww, look. They’re blushing!” Daveed called out to you, hot on Oak’s trails. You grabbed a box of tissues lying idly on your makeup table and chucked them at him as they both laughed at you. You were never going to hear the end of this.


 It was time. The show was gong great so far, but it was time to face the moment you had been dreading. The lights went low and the set changed as the scene began, and you stepped out as soon as you heard your crew. 

“…..longing for Angelica, missing my wife, that’s when miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life.“ You locked eyes on his, his character holding a somewhat surprised expression as you began to sing. The song was playing out well, and you were surprised with how comfortably sunk into your role. It was as if all of the stress fell off of you the moment you stepped out on the stage. Right as the chorus was about to begin, you took a daring step towards him and teased, your lips brushing his. 


 “Hey….” A wicked grin spread over your face.

 “Hey….” He then turned away from you to face the crowd as he continued to tell the story. You kept your eyes locked on him, pacing around him in an almost predatory fashion. He continued to sing out to the audience before you took your next cue. 

 “In my mind I’m tryin’ to go.” You spin him around to face you, drawing him close. 

 “But when her mouth is on mine, I can’t say…” Here goes nothing. You pressed your lips firmly onto his, as you both fluttered your eyes shut. Your lips moved in sync as the music played and the chorus shouted. You melted into each other, you wrapped your arms around his neck and and he placed his hands on your waste and tugged you closer to him. It was a great kiss; a lover’s kiss. Deep and passionate but for whatever reason, felt entirely sinful. You smirked as you pulled away, and watched him linger as you sauntered around him and then progressed offstage as Lin began telling the audience of the James Reynold’s letter. Your heart was beating out of your chest. As suave as you had to be to play the role of a seductive mistress, you couldn’t help but be absolutely ecstatic with your performance and blush over how good of a kisser Lin was. You rushed to the other side of the stage, getting yourself together and sinking back into character as you waited for your cue. You rushed on as soon as Lin’s voice raised in frustration. 

 “….screamed ‘how could you?!?’ In her face she said:” 

 “No sir!” “Half dressed, apologetic, a mess she looked pathetic, she cried:” You dropped to your knees and begged. As his irate expression actually helped you act more terrified. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought he was legitimately furious with you. The song continued on, you begged for him to stay and he refused, walking downstage to avoid you until you finally got to your famous note. 

 "If you pay, you can staaaaayy!” You sang as you followed him downstage, wrapped your arms around his torso. The next chorus began to play as you led him to a chair placed in the middle of the stage, and guided him to sit in it. Your progressions of “yes"s began as you sat on his lap, and lightly ground against him, closing your eyes and allowing your head to lull back onto his shoulder. You were surprised when he actually pushed himself into you, mimicking your rhythm as you slowly ground your backside against his hips, something you had never seen him do before. You continued as the both of you sang together, before you felt something pressing into the bottom of your thigh. 

Was he….? 

 You were soon distracted by the thought as he began kissing the nape of your neck; something that was entirely unscripted. You tried to keep yourself from blushing as he continued, and lifted yourself off of him as the song ended. His eyes locked with yours, and an expression you had never seen before settled on his face. Something that seemed to be a mix of desire, yet powerlessness. As the song ended you drifted offstage, and just like that, it was over. As you walked through the wings and back to the dressing room, Renee grabbed your arm, breaking your stride and stopping you. 

 "What was all that about?” 

 You shrugged and raised your eyebrows. “I have no idea.”


The crowd roared as the cast finally gathered together for a final curtain call, locked hands together and bowed. Shortly after, you all rushed offstage, with several off your cast mates patting you on the back and congratulating you on a job well done. You smiled and thanked them as you all began to part off and go to your respective dressing rooms.

 "(Y/N?)“ a voice called out as you were just through the doorway of your room. You turned to find Lin, still adorned in his costume, a smile on his face and a water bottle in his hand.

“Hey Lin, great show!” you called to him. 

“You too!” he responded, raising his water bottle as if making a toast. “When you’re done getting out of costume, do you mind coming up to my room for a second?”

What? Why would he want you up there?

“Sure! I’ll be there in a second.”

He smiled and nodded before trotting upstairs to his dressing room.

“Seems like he’s got some plans for you, (Y/N).” You felt an arm wrap around your shoulder and looked up to seek Oak smirking down at you. 

“He probably just wants to give me advice on my performance.” you retorted, squirming in an attempt to break free of his arm. 

“They’re blushing again!” Daveed chimed in, wrapping his arm around your other shoulder, sandwiching you between the both of them.

“(Y/N), I think he may be tryin’ to give you advice on more than just your performance.” Oak said as he raised his hand to your head and began grinding his knuckles into your scalp.

“Oak, stop!” you squeaked as Daveed laughed out loud and began performing the same motion.

You tried to pry your way out of their arms to no avail. They continued to noogie you and laugh as you whined until Renee came by and shooed them off as a mother would to her pesky sons.

“Thanks for that, I owe you one.” you said gratefully as Daveed and Oak shuffled back to their dressing rooms.

“No problem, sweetheart.” she said, throwing her bag over her shoulder in preparation to leave. 

“But if I were you I would get going. Lin doesn’t like to be left waiting.” she said with a wink.


You took a deep breath before placing three sharp knocks on the door. 

“Come in!” A voice called from inside the room. 

 You placed your hand on the doorknob and turned as you pushed the door open, revealing Lin standing at a filing cabinet, flipping through some papers. 

“(Y/N)! Please, sit.” He exclaimed as he gestured to a chair that sat next to his desk.

 You wordlessly complied and sat as he continued to shuffle through files. 

 “Can I get you anything? Water, coffee…” He asked with his back still facing you. 

 “No, thanks I’m fine. Did you want to talk to me about my performance?” You asked, trying to kill some of the awkwardness and cut straight to the point. 

“Yes, I did.” He replied as he turned towards you and grabbed his desk chair, sitting down next to you. 

 "Did you like it? I thought you may have brought me in here to go over some notes.“ You asked timidly. He let out a huff that transformed into a laugh. 

 "I loved it.” He said, eyes locking on yours, making your heart skip a beat. “Perhaps a bit too much, actually." 

 "Thank you, but what might that mean?” He let out another sigh and let his eyes drift a bit, seeking almost annoyed that you had yet to pick up what he was picking down. 

 "I guess what I’m trying to say…“ He let the end of the sentence hang in the air and he searched for words that he seemed to be embarrassed to admit. 

"Listen, (Y/N)." 


 "If you get uncomfortable at any point, just stop me, okay?”


 Your question was cut off by the sudden crashing of lips against yours. You were still surprised as two arms enveloped your waist and pulled you closer to him, to the point of almost straddling him. You sunk into the kiss quickly and deeply as your lips moved, eyes fluttered shut and body relaxed and melting into his hold.

His hands began to wander over your neck, then your breasts, the small of your back, your ass, and eventually to both of your thighs.

You nearly let out a squeak when he gave them a soft pinch, admiring how soft and tender they were.

His hands wandered to the buttons on your shorts, easily unbuttoning them and adjusting his hold on you so that you could comfortably slide them off.

You returned the favor, toying with his belt before tossing it to the side, sliding his jeans down before returning to his lips.

You continued kissing, mouths open and tongues wrestling for dominance when you felt him grind his hips into yours, the both of you still covered by your underwear. You immediately pushed back, mimicking the rhythm. You drew your lips away from his, feeling his hot breath and seeing his eyes still closed shut, before fluttering open to meet yours.

“Did I make you proud tonight?”

He cracked a wicked smile.

“Oh doll, you made me more than proud.”

You lowered your hand to the fabric between his legs, palming him gently. His grip on you tightened.

“Can I make you even more proud?” you asked innocently, tilting your head sweetly.

His grin grew wider as he let out a slow nod.

You wriggled yourself out of his embrace, and tossed your hair out of the way before lowering yourself in front of his figure, still sitting in his office chair. You took your place on your knees before winking at him and grabbing his member, half-hard, and giving it a tug through the fabric of his boxers. He shuddered and sank into the chair, overcome with even the smallest taste of pleasure.

You tugged his underwear down, revealing his erection. He was larger than you had expected, and he looked incredibly smug as you eyed his size for a few seconds.

You finally reached up to grab hold, then shifted to let your mouth hover over it. You placed the tiniest of licks onto his tip, sending ripples through his entire body. He tossed his head back and grabbed onto the armrests of his chair, squeezing them as you sucked his first few inches. You began bobbing your head up and down, almost able to take in the entirety of his length. 

He let out a moan as you ran your tongue all around him, licking the underside of his shaft and driving him mad.

“That’s it…” he breathed.

You were surprised to feel him push you away, but only to stand up and snatch you, pulling you up and hooking his arms under your thighs.

You yelped as he lifted your legs around him and slammed you into the cinder-block wall of his dressing room.

He slammed his lips into yours once more as his fingers dug into your thighs, kneading them.


He stopped and locked eyes with you.

“Please.” you begged in a whisper.

He grinned and nodded as one of his hands traveled down to the midsection of your panties, slightly wet from the rough play. His finger wrapped around the cloth and pulled it to the side, then his hand traveled to his member, lining it up with your entrance.

He started at a comfortable, almost loving pace. Pushing his hard cock into you slowly and dragging himself out at the same speed as he held you up against the wall. It throbbed slightly and stretched you out, even though you tightened around him. He sunk his head into your shoulder and nuzzled you as he continued pushing in and out, in and out.

He suddenly came to a halt.

“Do you think you’re ready?”

You nodded.

He smiled.

As soon as he was given permission, he slammed into you, pushing his entire length in with all of his force, instantly smacking your g-spot. You felt your body go numb with pleasure and sunk into him; he was the support keeping your upper body up.

You had never felt this good.

He continued thrusting, hard and long. He began talking to you, murmuring into your shoulder in a low tone.



“Have no.”




“How long.”


“I’ve waited.”


“For this.”

He sunk his teeth into your shoulder, sending a shock of pain through you, but you didn’t mind too much. He was so incredibly passionate, treating you like a work of art instead of an employee. One of his hands stopped supporting you so it could glaze over your breasts, giving them hard squeezes and twists, all while planting kisses all over the bite marks on your collar bone. 

He continued pumping, making your arch your back and lean into him for support..

“Lin, I’m-”

“I know.”

He pushed you further up against the wall.

His hand traveled to your throat, wrapping his fingers around it and giving you light squeezes before continuing to your scalp and giving your sharp pulls on handfuls of your hair.

It was too much.

You came all over him, sending shakes through your body and leaving you with nothing but an indescribable feeling of success and short, heavy breaths.

He continued, able to hold out longer, but definitely getting close.

Your stomach still tingled from the dwindling orgasm as Lin’s pushes began to become sloppy and out of time.

Then, all at once, he let go. 

Breathes becoming short and heavy, he thrusted into you one last time before finally releasing. You relished the feeling of him filling your pussy with warm, hot cum. He pressed one final hard kiss against your lips before finally pulling out of you completely. Your sloppily breathing began to regain balance as he lowered you back onto the floor so you could stand. 

What followed next could only be referred to as the calm after the storm. You both dressed in silence, only exchanging little stolen glances in place of words.

The experience was great, but you weren’t sure that you felt comfortable now being in this situation. You had just fucked your boss.

You were pulling on your shorts when Lin finally spoke up again.

“So… that was a nice way to relieve some stress after a show.” he said with a small grin as he zipped his pants up.

You were silent.

After he realized that you had no intention of responding, he looked up at you, eyebrows raised with concern.

“Are you okay?”

“I just…” you trailed off.

“I’m sorry if I-”

“This just isn’t professional, Lin.”

Now it was his turn to be silent.

“I have a lot of feelings for you, and I don’t regret what happened a single bit. But I don’t think this can ever happen again.”

He said nothing.

“I really do care about you, but I can’t put my reputation at risk. I don’t want anyone thinking that you hired me so I could be your fucktoy.”

He seemed bewildered. Still concerned, but taken aback by the curveball you had just thrown him.

“Listen, I should go.” you said, turning to leave.


You stopped dead in your tracks, spinning back to face him.


“I love you, (Y/N).”


“I just wanted to say that. Before I couldn’t. You’re one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. You have this aura about you that always calms me down whenever things are way too stressful. You’re gorgeous and intelligent and… please just stick around. I don’t know how I’ll manage without you.”

You took a deep breath.

“I’ll stick around, Lin. But not like this. Not for this.”

He looked incredibly crestfallen and his eyes begged you to stay. He took a step towards you and began to reach his arm out to you, as if to console.

“…I should go.” you blurted out before blitzing through his dressing room door, cascading down the steps and back out into the busy street.

The city air splashed against your face, creating a chaotic mixture between the cold wind and your hot tears.

Caught - Muke

Originally posted by honeymalum

Just look at them…how can you not want both of them to take you at the same time?

“Where the fuck is she?” Calum asked impatiently desperately needing a cig. He looked to his watching huffing once again as Luke shoved his hands in his pockets, baseball cap on top of his head as he sent the girl another text asking where she was. The guys had asked y/n to come on tour with them, mostly for the week break they had now that they were spending in California knowing she had always wanted to go to Malibu.

“Luke, go get your girlfriend,” Ashton teased causing Luke to roll his eyes flipping his friend off.

“Suck a dick, Ashton. She’s not my girlfriend,” he muttered, cheeks turning a slight red color as the three boys snickered.

“Whatever you say there, Romeo,” Michael chuckled before nodding to the elevator. “We’ll go make sure she didn’t slip in the shower or something. We’ll meet you guys over there.” Luke followed behind slipping his phone into his pocket before fishing for the spare room key of hers he had. “What do you think she’s doing up there? Usually she’s the first ready.”

“I don’t know? Why are you asking me?”

“Because you’ve known her for fifteen years? I don’t know,” Michael said as the elevator doors slid open on the fifteenth floor. They took the long walk down the hall stopping at the last door on the right, Luke sliding the key card in opening the door to the sound of Bad Girlfriend by Theory of A Deadman playing in her Bluetooth speaker she had brought from home, y/n lying on the bed with her eyes closed, shirt pulled up to her chest, bottom half bare as she pumped two fingers inside of her, moans escaping her lips. She was half dressed, face full of makeup proving she had attempted to get ready, but somewhere along the way became too desperate to finish without getting herself off. Luke quietly shut the door behind him so no one in the hallway would see or hear her, neither boy removing their gaze from her body as blood rushed to their cocks.

“Do we stop her?” Luke whispered palming at himself slightly.

“Why not see if she needs any help,” Michael muttered back doing the same as Luke, their eyes raking over her body as she squirmed under her own touch desperately wishing it was their touch making her crazy. They made their way to the bed quietly, Luke’s hand covering her mouth as Michael grabbed at her hands, y/n screaming into Luke’s hand until she caught sight of both boys, a deep blush creeping onto her face. “It’s alright, sweetheart. We’re here to help.” Luke hummed in agreement climbing onto the bed kneeling by her head.

“When’s the last time someone gave you an orgasm baby?” Luke questioned caressing her face as Michael ran his hands along the inside of her spread thighs, a whimper escaping her lips as her eyes fluttered closed.

“I don’t remember,” she muttered not sure if this was a dream, but at this point she didn’t care. It had been too long since she got off on something that wasn’t her fingers. Her eyes snapped open at the feeling of something wet running between her folds, a loud moan leaving her lips at the sight of Michael between her legs, Luke chuckling as he kicked off his shoes, y/n’s eyes snapping to him watching him touch himself through his jeans. “Luke,” she breathed out, the blonde’s eyes snapping towards hers as she let out another desperate whine before making grabby hands at his pants. He shuffled closer to her as Michael made himself comfortable in front of her of her dripping core taking his time to clean up the arousal with his tongue. Y/n unbuttoned his pants, reaching into his boxers pulling out his hard on pumping it in her hands, a soft moan leaving his lips as he watched her. She slowly slipped his length in her mouth teasing him, the warmth from her mouth causing him to screw his eyes shut in an attempt to hold himself from a release so quickly.

“Holding up there, Hemmings?” Michael teased chuckling before going back to his mid afternoon snack, y/n moaning around Luke’s cock, Luke shooting his friend a quick look before closing his eyes again throwing his head back in pleasure as she sucked harshly at the tip.

“Fuck, y/n,” he moaned, her moans becoming more needy as her body started to thrash from pleasure, Michael grabbing her hips holding her in place continuing to get her off with just his tongue. Her legs started to shake on either side of his head, Michael humming in content on being able to get the girl off, her arousal falling on his tongue that was still inside of her lapping up her cum, humming once again at how sweet she tasted. He let go of her legs moving away from her as she flipped over onto her stomach to show a bit more attention to her best friend who’s dick was currently down her throat.

“Look at you, y/n just accepting a threesome like the dirty girl you are. I always knew you were kinky,” Michael said pulling off his hat and cutoff, stripping off his jeans and boxers as well leaving him bare as he fished for a condom in his wallet. “Or are you just that desperate and greedy that you want both cocks?” He ran his fingers through her folds causing her to moan again, fighting with Luke’s hands to remove him from her mouth to look at Michael for a moment, jacking off Luke’s length as she bit her bottom lip. Luke tugged on her hair bringing her attention back to him as Michael entered her slowly, not waiting for her to get used to him once they were skin to skin, snapping his hips quickly causing a throaty moan to escape her, Luke pressing her face as close as she would go so her nose was against his happy trail, the feeling of her throat contracting around him as she choked made his legs shake.

Of course, just as he wanted to shoot his cum down her throat, his phone started ringing the familiar ringtone that belonged to Calum, Luke knowing he couldn’t ignore it answered the phone with a small squeak for a ‘hello’, Michael laughing at how pathetic he sounded.

“You alright mate? Where are you three?” Calum asked, Michael pounding into y/n as she was practically screaming around Luke’s dick, skin slapping together filling the walls of the hotel room, Michael’s fingers digging into her hips leaving bruises.

“We…the hotel,” Luke said trying his best to sound normal, but it was hard when he was getting probably some of the best head of his life.

“You’re still at the hotel? What the fuck?” Luke’s eyes shut as he held it together trying to think of something else that didn’t have to do with the fact she was now playing with his balls, on top of choking on his dick. But, when he felt her teeth lightly graze the skin on his cock before she started to just suck at the tip, that was when he lost it letting out a low moan, pulling at her hair as he came in her mouth, the line going silent as he blushed embarrassed, y/n swallowing it all, licking the tip clean before licking at her own lips, a smirk on her face as she watched him.

“What…the fuck…was that…are you having fucking sex? Where the fuck’s Michael?” Calum’s questions came spewing out as Luke watched y/n’s eyes roll back into her head, eyes moving down watching Michael pound into her causing the blood to rush to his dick once again.

“I’ll call you back, Cal,” he muttered into the phone before hanging up. Michael thrusted into her one finally time, letting go of her hips as he thrusted into her, y/n collapsing onto the bed, her arms being too weak to hold her up any longer as Michael took off the condom, rubbing at his still prominent erection as she whimpered, being so close to her second orgasm only to have it taken away from her. “Flip over, sweetheart.” She did as she was told, rolling onto her back looking at Luke, only to have Michael grab her arms, pulling her to the edge of her bed so her head was hanging off as Luke entered her pussy, Michael taking her mouth this time. She gripped onto the duvet beneath them to keep her from falling, Luke’s arms gripping her legs holding them closed and over a shoulder as he thrusted into her roughly, the new angle making her seem extremely tight, both of them moaning loudly as Michael fucked her mouth carefully not wanting to choke her too bad, knowing the position wasn’t the most comfortable.

“Fuck, you’re good with your mouth,” Michael moaned as she started to suck harshly before letting him slide down her throat slowly until he was fully in her mouth, a low groan leaving him. “Fucking hell, y/n,” he muttered releasing down her throat, y/n humming at the feeling of his cum sliding down her throat as he pulled out, y/n letting out desperate moans as Luke continued to fuck her, switching positions again to be able to kiss at her neck, her hands getting tangled in his hair as Michael chuckled shaking his head watching them as he put his clothes back on.

“L-luke…I,” she started, being cut off by his lips on hers, a hand between them rubbing at her clit as she reached her second orgasm, the feeling of clenching around him being enough for him to reach his second orgasm, releasing inside of her, lips still locked as their tongues fought for dominance, Luke’s movements halting, holding her tight to him before pulling back slightly, the two looking at each other, lip between Luke’s teeth as he tried to catch his breath.

“I-,” he started being cut off by a pounding on the door, all three heads turning to the door quickly.

“You three are un fucking believable!” Ashton yelled, Calum agreeing with him as they all laughed.

“Nice fucking job, Luke. You got us caught.”

Put That Phone Down

Audrey Jensen X Y/N

A/N: It’s a little cheesy, but I hope you enjoy. I’ve been having a hard time getting myself to write lately and I apologize. This is a little fluffy and cheesy. This fic is basically about Audrey and her girlfriend hanging out. I apologize if the writing is a bit weird. Idk. I didn’t want to post this, but it’s done. have a good night.

Music that inspired this update: Lost Kings - Phone Down ft. Emily Warren

You sat on the edge of Audrey’s bed with your phone in hand, everyone had become more obsessed with their phones over the year, more than the usual and with good reason. Mainly since your friends were getting anonymous texts that usually lead to a death of another friend or information about it. In anxiety you kept your phone above a 50% charge at all times just in case you were to receive another text or a call from a distressed friend. Today after school you were spending time with your girlfriend, it was a friday and plans were up in the air.
Audrey was moving around in the background. The room suddenly gets dark as she slides the curtains close over the large windows that exposed most of her room to the world. Little slithers of light sprinkle through out the room. You lazily plop down on to the bed and hold your phone up to eye and start to scroll through the usual social media pages. Brooke had posted another selfie with perfect makeup, Stavo another drawing, Emma had posted a photo of a leaf made with steamed milk in a coffee, and Noah had posted a photo of a horror movie poster that had just been added to the side of the theatre Audrey worked at. They all seem to be distracted from what was happening in town, but there you were anxious for more of it, more signs, more ways to solve who the killer was.

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Fluffy and smut HCs for Nobuyuki and Shigezane please?

Hope you like, dear anon!



1.Nobuyuki likes to take his MC into town and take her around to get to know the people around Ueda, especially the children. As heir to the clan he is very aware of how important it is to hear out the needs of the people he will one day help govern. Plus seeing MC fitting so beautifully into the role of mother as she plays with the children reminds him that it must be time for them to have their own soon…

2. He likes her to read to him, with his head on her lap, anything from childish stories to the letters and treatises he must go through. If she is running her hand through his hair, even better. Often times you can find them on the veranda in late afternoon doing just that.  

3. Often brings his MC flowers to wear in her hair. He also enjoys braiding them into her hair as she relaxes against him. Nobuyuki has an eye for fashion and style, so often he wants to do MC’s hair himself, and insures she is always dressed beautifully and properly for events (Plus it means he gets to dress and undress her).


1.The boy likes to be in control, no doubt about it, and prefers missionary, although he is not opposed to having her ride him every now and again. He doesn’t like doggy style, because he finds it a bit crude, and feels like it isn’t a good way to cherish his MC. That being said, he loves hickies and love bites, anything that shows that she belongs to him (especially on the inner thigh, even if only she is aware of those)

2. He likes to take his MC when she is half clothed, dressed in her best, the expensive silks a pallet underneath them. They have ruined and torn quick a bit of very expensive outfits this way, but he doesn’t much care. ;)

3. MC will sometimes initiate by coming up to him while he is reading or working and whispering in his ear something along the lines of him “performing his marital duty” and making allusions conceiving children. Nobuyuki, after years of being told his duty as heir to the clan, is pretty into it.



1.Shigezane is the type of guy to want to learn what makes his doll happy, so he and MC will cook together. Her showing him her family’s recipes, sharing her memories of her father and childhood as she supervises him. He loves to watch her, perched up, head tilted back and a wistful smile on her face as she recounts the tales that made her who she is.

2. Although it may be childish, he and his MC have a game going on that is essentially like tag, and although it is paused at appropriate times, if the day is slow and neither are busy they are generally racing after one another in the halls, giggles followed by loud laughter a clear sign they are up to no good. They believe that they have  somehow managed to avoid being caught by both Masamune and Kojuro, although that is debatable.

3. They sleep late if they can, snuggling all morning, casually kissing each-other slowly and letting the hours of the early morning pass favorably into early afternoon. These days are rare, as they are both busy, but when they get the chance, they take it. Days like that are the days that most of the Date clan knows to avoid their room.


1. All about variety. Shigezane has quite a bit of reading material that he wouldn’t mind trying out with MC. Luckily for him, she has no problem trying it. On top of that, they are both vocal. Like so vocal that their area of the castle is pretty much empty now.

2. MC likes to tease Shigezane, anything from gentle brushes in the hallway to full on stroking him in darkened rooms, but only for a moment. She’ll keep it up all day, so that at the end poor Shige is a noticeable mess.

3. More than once after an afternoon of training, with sweat still glistening on his muscles, MC hasn’t been able to stop herself from walking up to her man and telling him just how much she wants him before allowing him to pick her up and carry her off to have his way with her. Much to the chagrin of Masamune and Kojuro.

Back to School Bash (Pregaming) By: Preciousluv & Y. Black

Aye P. @preciousluv35 I think they vibin, what you think?


“Yo, Bro!!!” I assumed D was back in the dorm after the walk I had. “Yooooooo!!!” the further I trekked in I could hear rumblings. Oh shit my boy had company. I wonder if it was the same broad sucking him off in the alley. That boy was wasting no time getting it in, but shit I guess he could say the same for me. I had no chill the way I ate that pussy in the bathroom. I went in my room and figured I’d rest my eyes, since I was supposed to go to this Back to School Bash.  I wasn’t the party type so I knew I needed to power up before I stepped back out. I stripped down, grabbed my towel and made my way to the shower. On the way, I passed my boy’s room his door was cracked. There was a brown thing perched on his twin bed. Lil’ mama was racked up. Big ass titties, looked like she was sitting on a donk too. “Aight I see ya boy” I said in my head. After the graduation shit that boy took a fuck it attitude and approach. I was on the same shit. If they could do it to him they’d do it to me just as easy. Motto for the next 3 years was, “Fuck hoes, and Ball the fuck out”. Simple, do what we were born and cultivated to do while smashing bitches along the way. We had to be careful though, We weren’t trying to get trapped so we made a promise to stay strapped. I was a perv long enough to see the monster tittes be uncaged. I was also able to validate that 71’ Impala she was toting. I knew my nigga was bout to have fun with that. I got in the shower and it didn’t cross my mind again. Holly became the shower head as she rained down on my head, with thoughts of how she tasted. How she vibed with a nigga. Like, she felt like a smooth move this far. But I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket. I got out feeling refreshed and poised to hit that bed butt ass naked. That cool air on the sac was the best. Passing back by bro room, there was no denying he was in them guts. Her hair was fucked up, the sheets were pulled off the bed and all. I’m talking the fitted sheet. I smiled as I walked further past the door and he was walking that dick back into her jaws. My nigga was a savage. I wasn’t in the bed five minutes before my body shut down. That 6 a.m. workout had taken its toll.


I know y’all probably think I’m loose as fuck. I ain’t even gonna sugar coat it. Nigga trying to get my stats up on and off the field. See, I missed out on bookoo amounts of pussy in high school, trying to preserve my career and dreams. Did that only to still be fucked in the game. They just made me a savage. So much for being humble. To be honest this broad that’s in my room right now I don’t even remember her name. But the pussy solid as fuck. I just want to see how far this broad will go. She damn near broke a heel chasing me down, and she had on flats. Cute girl, I’ll admit, but I wasn’t tryna find love, then again; she probably wasn’t either. Damn shame I should value myself a little more, but the media will make you feel like a piece of meat. The bathroom was still fogged up after Rome had showered. I knew he’d seen that lil thing on my bed as he walked by. I left the door cracked for that very purpose. Nigga swore he could pull more hoes than me. I knew my bro well, I knew his ass couldn’t hang so he was probably asleep, trying to recharge. Letting the suds cascade down my chiseled frame, I got the idea to fuck with him. He better hope lil shawty aint still in my room. I smiled under the water as the plan was already playing out in my head. It was crazy, I felt like in a sea of niggas Rome and I stood out like the pink and red Starburst. He was dark I was light, both had promising futures, handsome, smart. I mean a girl couldn’t go wrong with either one of us. I came out in just my towel. Lil mama was still naked in my bed. I didn’t like that shit, What the fuck she thought this was. Oh no that ain’t what this is lil mama. I approached her, grabbing her bra and shit on the way. Just as I was about to speak my phone rang. It was mom Dukes. “Hello.” I motioned to her ass to get dressed.

“Hey baby how’s everything coming along?” I missed my mom. She really got me through when all the shit was heavy, kept me focused and pushed me to shoot for SU.

“Hey mom, Its coming along. It’s not UF but we here on a mission. You know?” I muted the phone as Bianca, that was her damn name. She was half way dressed when I told her she should go top my bro off while he was sleep. She gave me a quick look, then I could see the inner thot in her come out. She grinned and headed to the door.

“Yeah baby, I know. I was just thinking about you. Hell, you and Jerome. Sitting here sipping wine with Sandra now.”

“Tell my other Mom I said hello, Jerome good though, he is sleeping. When he gets up I will tell him yall called. I’m about to relax myself. There’s this back to school thing going down tonight, you know how he is always falling asleep.”

“Yeah baby we know, Well I’m not going to hold you up.” Before I could respond Bianca was at the door winking at me.

“Ok mom, love yall so much.”

“Love you too.” “Love yoooouuuuuu” Ma Sandra was screaming in the backround.


    Walking up the steps I was in a melancholic mood. Darryl put me on his roster but I wasn’t confident I was #1. He was going to take more work. Though I had some dough, I needed a way to make more, to douse him with some pleasure trips and gifts. I was too temperamental to strip, however, I was certain there were some freaky professors that would put aside their academic morals and pay handsomely for it! If Holly had a few in her back pocket and I the same, we wouldn’t even have to touch the money we brought along with us! Granted her parents were still supplementing her funds but who would turn down some extra cash and a surefire A?! “Heeeeyyy… guuurrrll.” I wasn’t fallen for that act. I saw Jerome’s ass skipping down the steps. “You sure fall easy.” I brush past her as Ms. Jamison holds the door open, never breaking stride as I walk into the building. “Sam… you know you got your way of hookin’ and I’ve got mine. Let me do my thang.” I keep walking, resenting her choice of words. As I press the elevator button Ms. Jamison chimes in, “Ya’ll need to watch it these bruthas smarter than ya’ll think! These not no country backwoods boys they’ve been through some shit and a lot of hurt.” I turn around to face her. “A man’s weakness will always be free pussy… no matter what. The key is to get what you need from him without expecting to be his main chick.  No hurt no loss and no damn feelings. This chick think she’s ready for that but you got that nigga walkin’ yo’ ass home like it’s chemistry or some shit. Now he thinks he the shit and the next freaky bitch will knock you down if not off his roster. You makin’ stupid mistakes Holly! I’m not a babysitter. Do what the fuck you want but I don’t clean up messes either.” With that I step onto the elevator and Holly solemnly stands in next me. Ms. Jamison just stands shaking her head. “Sam… you are one scorned woman. Just be careful.” The door closes and Holly and I ride up to the 4th floor in silence. My cell chimes and I look to see Trevor calling. Nope not doing it. I text  him instead, ‘Not feeling well plans 2nite?’. I wait and he hits me back quick, ‘Just going to a poetry slam wanted 2 c if you wanted 2 come’. I don’t text back but he hits me again, ‘Monday lets meet 2pm go buy books’. I shrug my shoulders, alright… that gives me the whole weekend to prey on Darryl. ‘Cool English at noon then physics’ I watch the three dots on the screen and then ‘K I got both wit u just bring urself I’ll do the notetaking’. I smile…. Yes honey you do that. It wasn’t that I needed the help I just didn’t want to do the work when I had a man to do it for me! I wasn’t too sure how good he was in writing thought provoking papers but I knew I had physics aced with him in my court! Now that I knew he’d be busy tonight, I was in the clear to go all out for the party! The bell dings and the doors open as Holly and I step off, the silence continues as we enter the dorm. I start to strip to hit the shower but I gotta deal one last blow; “Don’t get all fucking defeated you can still fix this shit tonight. Just snatch your heart off Cupids bow and lock it back up.” She looks at me like she wants to defend herself but remains silent as I pick up my robe and wrap it loosely around me before going to shower. I had a sexy number ready for tonight that was sure to keep Darryl by my side all night and definitely in my bed!


    Goddamn did Sam read me! Fuck! I had to admit I had butterflies talking to Jerome and shit I did let him eat my pussy. I never let a nigga get it that quick but something about him was different… but Sam wasn’t hearing that. Maybe I was too prematurely sprung. As she disappeared into the shower I walked out to get a soda from the vending machine down the hall. It was in a little nook at the end of the hall with some chips and a tampon machine. I stopped abruptly when I got there from all the noise coming from the nook. “O… hey miss… I’m almost done.”  A Coca-Cola guy was filling up the machine. He was husky and cute with his cornrows neatly braided; he exposed a deep dimple in his right cheek when he caught me gazin’. “Freshman?” He said and I nodded. “Is it that obvious or you just use that line as an opener?” He smiled again and I walked closer to him as the wall hid my shadow I was determined to prove Sam wrong! I asked him minimal questions about his job just to ease his nerves as I waited for him to finish loading the machine. I caught his lips mid-sentence as he loaded the Dr. Pepper in the machine. Eagerly he kissed me back as I pushed him up against the machine. “Some…someone might …. Cccome down here..” he stuttered as I unbuckled his belt. I made it a point now to carry a magnum with me; and as his 5 inch dick greeted me I smiled knowing that medium condom would be the perfect fit! The door to the machine was still ajar so I knew he was making excuses but as long as he didn’t stop me, I was going for it. Anyone down below outside that looked up, would see my naked ass on the glass as I secured the condom around his dick, he surprisingly lifted me up pinning me against the window! I moaned loudly as his dick entered me roughly! Right away he began thrusting merrily as he kissed my neck I held on tight trying not to laugh at his enjoyment! How long had it been since this nigga got some? “Oooo baby… yes… damn you ain’t got nobody handlin’ this for you?” He shook his head “no” as sweat began to form around his hairline. He grunted and groaned as he dug deeper. He had me pinned so tight against the window I got scared for a second and said, “You gonna break the glass! Put me against the snack machine…” He did a 180 and began thrusting even faster as the machine rocked it banged against the wall behind it violently! “Nigga chill goddamn!” but he was in the zone as sweat trickled down his face I could tell he was about to cum! “Aaah… aaaah… aaaah….. AAAAAAAHHH!” he yelled out with one final thump against the floor the machine settled back into place. I wasn’t expecting such a fast session so I was a little upset I hadn’t caught a wave. He fixed his pants as I adjusted my skirt remembering now Jerome must have made off with my damn panties! I smile to himself imagining him sniffing Bvlgari off them.

    “My name’s Carter.” I looked up and smiled wider. “Cherise” I said giving him my middle name. I didn’t expect to see him again and definitely not on campus but taking a page out of Sam’s book, anyone not a student got a different name from me! He leaned back and looked around the vending door before hoisting me up. “Nigga now someone will see me!” I looked down the hall over the door frame and was relieved nobody was there as I felt Carter’s warm tongue on my pussy lips I moaned closing my eyes. “Mmmmm…” I stretched my arms out across the top of the snack machine as he licked and slurped. “Damn Carter… yes…. O that feels gooood.” I couldn’t help but imganing it was Jerome instead as his tongue slid in deep I moaned excitedly swinging my legs as he pressed his head against me his hands made sure to keep in me in place! “Ooooooo! That feels good! O yes! Yes! Yes!” I grinded on his face as he fought to breathe, I was so damn close to cumming when I heard a group of girls getting off the elevator. “Shit!”  I said opening my eyes as Carter continued on his quest. “Carter….shit….fuck….aaaaahh…. aaaahhh….” He didn’t stop only slipping down till his knees were on the floor but his tongue still danced inside me! “O my God!” I moaned quietly as the girls’ voice grew louder then one by one they faded. They must have went inside one of the dorms as I placed my hands on Carter’s greased rows I grinded hard on his lips! “Fuck! Fuck!” I said hastily and he rose his lips and encased my clit tightly sucking on it! “OOOOOOO!” I yelled out before he stuffed my mouth with his bandana. I bit down hard on it as his tongue dipped in and out of my pussy before he thrusted it so deep I pushed back against the machine tilting it against this wall! He stroked me hard and deep with his tongue and my legs bucked wildly until finally, “AAAAAAAAHHH!” my muffled scream seemed to intice him as he continued my clit rubbed against upper moustache and I came again! “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” This time I squirted all over his lips and he finally released me! I fell to my knees in front of him as he smiled wiping his chin with his hand before pulling his bandana out my mouth and wiping his face. “You taste good momma… I fill these machines every other week. You be here every week same day same time and be my fix?” I nodded drunkenly as I got to my feet. What the hell happened to the nose wide open brutha a few minutes ago? He turns me around pressing my face hard against the large M&M smiling on the snack machine. “Wait…” I say as he fumbles with his pants and then I relax when I hear him rip open a condom and spit. I wait as he one handedly puts it on before thrusting his dick deep inside my wet pussy. “Oooooo… Carter….” I moan throwing my ass back on him as he holds onto my waist. The machine thumps against the floor as it rises and falls with each thrusts. “Shit you just made my job so fucking lit!” I smile as I pump my pussy on his dick meeting his thrusts. He picks up speed and I moan as his balls slap against my clit. “O fuck Carter! Anytime… any fucking time…”  I feel myself about to cum as my pussy grips him tight I fight against it but I he pulls me back towards him grabbing my tight by my breasts as he thrusts his dick… “Come on this dick! Fuck!” He bites into my neck as we cum together I grip the sides of the machine tightly as our bodies vibrate, pussy juice slides down my leg. “Fuck…. Please tell me you got a cell…” I moan as he slips out. As we get ourselves together he steps back and looks past the vending door. “Some chick comin’” he says and I hurriedly adjust my clothes and he hands me a Dr. Pepper. I open it putting it to my lips just as Sam comes around the door. “Figured. Cop me one you got $2?” I smile as Carter reaches over, retrieves another Dr. Pepper and hands her one. “She already paid for it.” He says looking me up and down before closing and locking the vending door. I take the pen out of his front shirt pocket and write my number in the palm of his hand. He smiles retrieving his dolly before putting his hat back on, bandana tucked in his pants pocket. “Have a good night ladies.” I smile walking off smartly behind him back to our dorm.

    I start stripping as soon as we’re inside. “Alright Ms. Goody Goody…” Sam’s says as I keep up my front. “That seems to be the consensus.” I say sassily as I brush past her naked to the bathroom.  Minutes later as I run the black soap across my skin I start to think about Jerome and his ambitions. Why couldn’t I be both? The perfect little girl my parents raised with a perfect guy like Jerome and have my fill of dick with bruthas that could only bring me momentary things? I had to be like Sam. I already know how the road ends when you pour yourself into a nigga. I couldn’t get played again. Ever. As I rinsed off and stepped out I kept thinking about what she said. I wiped the mirror and looked at myself. I need to shed the old Holly. Make Jerome think I was a good catch, the marrying type but not ever give my heart to him. I had to commit to this shit. He wasn’t the only nigga that knew how to eat pussy! I had to keep my head on straight and keep my heart out of it!

    I walk back into the bedroom and look at the dresses Sam has laid out on the bed. “Daaaammmmnn… these bitches gonna kill us….” I smile and Sam laughs. “Shit you think Ms. Jamison will let us out?” I laugh, “Shit I don’t know Sam goddamn! These niggas might think we professional escorts or some shit with these dresses! These other hoes might as well stay the fuck home!” I reach over and touch the fabric and shake my head. I can’t believe Sam shelled out this much money! This shit was expensive! I only wore fabric like this on my birthday! “C’mon girl let’s do our hair and makeup, the sun already setting.” I follow her to the other side of the room as we sit on the floor in front of our mirror and begin sharing stories about Jerome and Darryl. Maybe Sam was more of a friend to me than I thought. I needed to look at her more as a coach than an enemy… afterall…. We were in this shit together!

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Sofia "is a mom" and Oswald as we know had faith only in Gertrud. Oswald doesn't look at sofia like a girlfriend but like a mom. And she knows it, she's a fox. With Jim she's half dressed always trying to use her body (that sexual tension) with Oswald she's totally different: full dressed and innocent SHE HAS CURLY HAIR! the dress is full of flowers and those gloves, she perfectly knows what she's doing. There's no sexual thing between Sofia and Oswald because she knows it doesn't work with him.

All the yes!! I wrote my thought yesterday too like this is totally seem to going the Liza way. I like how smart she is and really see how to get to other people, that sex isn’t working for all guys, it ofc works for jimseypeynis but not ozzie. I don’t know if she meant to try at first, it wasn’t as implied as with jim. But when she went into his office and asked for lunch, she did walk up to him and touched him and Oswald looked so confused and just wtf, maybe then she realized like oh yeah he is no jeyseypenis like jimbo obvs, should have seen that coming. And then she took the Liza card. A trivial note is that she looked very much like Selene’s young Gertrude in her outfit and hair! I mean the writers and cast are very aware of Selene’s stuff heh so who knows ;).

Wouldn’t surprise me if she goes blondie soon and also will “discretely” sing the fire has gone out wet from snow above… lurking out every weak detail about Oswald, sniff. And he will fall for it like always. But then he will ofc get revenge later, the usual Oswald way. Ugh I just wish he could get some love :( At the same time with both Ed and Ivy he fucked up and treated them really bad. But ugh I still wish him just genuine love again. 

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4, please!

4. - One Chance

She wasn’t sure how long she stood, hesitant and shivering, outside his cabin. She’d been so certain when she’d tossed the covers off her legs in the crew quarters and hurried from her bunk, but now that she stood at his door, staring at the cold durasteel, the heated determination and wild, freeing recklessness of her desire and her fear were overcome by the misgivings that had been plaguing her since they left Hoth.

He’s leaving, Leia told herself, fingers curling her hands into tight fists. He’s leaving, and how will you feel after he’s gone? How could you recover from it if you do this right before he walks out of your life forever?

Her teeth bit into her lip. Every night trapped sublight with him had been torture–every longing glance he’d tried to hide a torment. It was obvious that he wanted her–she’d known that for a long time. It was even clear to her that he cared about her, but…

But she was in love with him. There was no denying that anymore. His kiss–oh, goddess, that first kiss–had leveled all her carefully compiled resolve to ruin. It had almost physically hurt when he’d kissed her, even though it was more tender and gentle than she’d ever imagined he would be. It had been agony, because it was too late. She’d wanted to scream at him, after. How could he have kissed her then, when she had to bear it and know that it was only a taste of what could have been–when she’d been waiting for it for years, falling for him for years? She’d finally begun trying to accept that she would never know his lips against hers–because he was leaving, damn him, he’d said he was finally going to leave–take off and never look back. Never come back. She couldn’t forget the cold slap it had been in the command center, to hear his casual goodbye. Still she half-felt the roiling hurt and devastation and anger that had rooted her to the spot in the south passage, after he’d left her abandoned and bereft, plastering bacta patches over a sadly bruised heart and bitterly wondering how he’d even gotten through the stalwart fortifications she’d so desperately built around it in the first place. It was cruel of him, to kiss her after all that. Cruel that he hadn’t kissed her sooner. Cruel that he’d kissed her while still planning to leave.

She wanted to resent him for that kiss, but her damaged heart had begun a frantic beat–a frenzied, yearning rhythm, and instead of hating him each day on their slow journey to Bespin, she found only that she wanted him more than she ever had. So much in fact that she stood half-dressed at his door, deciding whether or not she dared go in and…

And make love with him.

This could be your one chance, she argued with herself. Don’t you want to know what it’s like, just once, to be with him? To know how it feels to give yourself to a man you love? Don’t you want him? Isn’t that why you leapt out of bed? Because you want him, and you want him to be your first?

I want him to be my only, she answered herself, desperate and troubled and anxious. I want him to love me back, and it’s foolish to do this without knowing if he does.

Leia scrubbed her hands over her face. She’d be hurt if she slept with him and then he left her. She’d be hurt if she took that wild, vulnerable leap and it didn’t mean to him what it would for her. But she’d be haunted if she didn’t do it. She’d live every day for the rest of her life wondering how it would have been, what would have happened.

One chance.

No, a second chance. She’d thought she’d never see him again, and yet she’d found herself back on his ship, hurtling through space together for five weeks.

Her battered heart was pounding.

Leia opened the door.

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"Are fucking kidding me..."

Mike cursed as he hit traffic, coming to a complete stop and effectively making him late.  He hit the steering wheel, his car taking the beating for his frustration. Reaching for his phone on the passenger seat, the leather jacket he’d thrown on strained at the reach.  Checking for messages, the screen illuminates to a picture Ginny had taken last month, her mouth is quirked into some silly face, and he’s not even looking, his gaze completely on her, a soft smile hidden in his beard at her antics.

But no messages.

He tosses the phone back into the seat, running his hand over his face, exhaustion stretching over him as his lack of sleep last night catches up to him.

It had been a quiet night, he’d watched TV, periodically checking the time, trying to keep his eyes open as long as he could, before he reluctantly dragged himself to bed.  Settling his phone in the spot next to him, illuminating the screen every time he found himself rolling over to empty space.

When the alarm had sounded, he’d gotten little to no sleep, and the idea of functioning in the world seemed a heavy task.  And he should’ve taken the hint.

On his way to the bathroom his toe had caught on the edge of the doorway, letting out a litany of curses.  He’d squeezed too much toothpaste out, and spent way too much time trying to get the goo back in before throwing the whole thing against the wall.

The coffee maker hadn’t been set, so the timer hadn’t made anything, leaving him running on a caffeine-less morning, the clock on his oven mocking him, as he realized he didn’t even have time to quickly make something.

At that he’d thrown his head back, as if asking what he’d done to deserve this.

Stumbling to his car, he’d found his gas tank low, his stop to refuel serving him up just enough time to hit morning traffic.

Inch by small inch he’d finally made it to the stadium, late, angry, and annoyed with everything and everyone.

Entering the clubhouse, he’d all but thrown his bag at his chair, ripping off his jacket, and biting everyone’s head off who dared make a jab at him being late.

Blip takes in his disheveled state.  “Rough night?”

He literally growls at him.

“I had 13 boys running around the house and Evelyn and Ginny wine drunk, I should be the one in a mood.”

Mike just glares at him.

“You missed her, didn’t you?”

“Stop,” he warns.

“Admit it, man, you can’t sleep without her.”

His loud “SHUT UP” was heard, just as she walked in, the guys throwing her a warning look, that didn’t even have her smile faltering.

She saunters up to him, full grizzly bear on display, his growl scarier than his bite.  She leans against the wood of his cubby.

“So how was your night?” She teases, glancing down at his socks with a snicker.  He looks down and finds they don’t even match.

“Ugh, fuck,” he says, letting out a deep sigh.

“That good, huh?”

“It was fine,” he grits out the last word, making eye contact with a silent plea.

Blip raises his eyebrows at them.

Grabbing his hand, she drags the half dressed grouch into her closet.

He immediately plants his hands on her hips, as she moves to pat his face, her fingers running through his beard.

“You are such a mess without me,” she jokes, and he buries his head in her neck, a soft grunt of reluctant admittance to her claim.

“Don’t worry, old man, I’m all yours tonight,” she promises.

He separates from her, a grin on his face.  “You missed me, huh?”

“Maybe,” she says with a casual shrug of her shoulder. 

“Maybe?” He says, pulling her close again, his hands framing her face, and she grabs onto the belt loops of his jeans.

“No more than you missed me,” she murmurs, and he runs his finger over the indent of her dimple.

“Then you must have missed me a lot.”

“A lot?”

“A lot,” he whispers onto her lips.  

“Mmm,” she moans into him.

“Plus, it was too quiet without your jackhammer snoring,”he mocks. 

Fully accepting the teasing hit to the chest from her, in exchange for the cute blush she tries to hide.  

God he missed her.

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