shes half dressed

Changing the word “sir” into “bro” in every Hamilton song is hilarious, expecially in Say No To This

“I offered her a loan I offered to walk her home she said”
“You’re too kind, bro”

“I hid the letter and I raced to her place screamed how could you? In her face she said”

“Half dressed, apologetic, a mess, she looked pathetic, she cried”

I’m dying

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)

“Here come dat boi” shouted Yui to her sister from another mister Ricchan.

“O shit waddup” Ritsu responded before falling to the floor, clearly still messed up from the drinks she drank and the weeds she danked.

Houkago Meme Time; chapter I, @badartforrecess (2016)

Tales of Zestiria the X Ep 19 Reaction Post

Or maybe more like Tales of Zestiria the (Train Wreck) X(ing), am I right?

Anyway, where did we leave off last week?  Oh right, Rose became Sorey’s squire, even though it would mean she dies if he dies (somehow it always felt more like the other way around in game, I swear, the number of times Rose’s AI gets her killed … ).  Oh right, Pendrago’s clergy somehow dragged a huge-ass dragon into the basement (don’t ask me how, the thing literally can’t fit inside the hallways of Pendrago Shrinechurch without it being like, brought in in pieces), aaaaaand Alisha sent a “Please Sorey, help us!  You’re our only hope!” (telepathic) telegram.

And so, back to Hyland we go.  Bye Rolance!  It was nice (not really) seeing you!  Oh, and bye Sergei!

tl;dr: Not as much to complain about this week, although nothing really happened either.  Like, 6th episode from the end and this is what we’re getting?  Um, yeah, not sure this was the best decision ever, but hey, setting up Alisha and Zaveid to be a parallel to DezeRose is just fucking hilarious considering how he never has a shirt on, and Alisha has shades of being a proper lady.  Also, that next episode preview skit is honestly golden and again, I recognize Alisha and Zaveid more from that skit than the entire episode.

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sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

I’ve seen people before talk about how awesome a character Regina Mills is because she gets to be angry so often, which doesn’t happen often with female characters, and I agree, it’s awesome to see a female character having anger as a part of her personality.

But what I love about Regina is that she is violently angry. 

Usually, with women, we’re expected to be quite in our anger. We’re suppose to be the secret killers, “poison is a woman’s weapon” and all that. Our anger is supposed to be subdued, to be gentle, if that were at all possible.

So I absolutely love that, when Regina is angry, she is incredibly violent. She smashes mirrors, she throws glasses to shatter them on walls, she rips hearts out with her own hands and crushes them, she tears dresses in half, she screams at the top of her lungs, she completely loses control. And for a woman who is all about control, it’s amazing how much anger encompasses her, how much control it has over her.

Because for me, that kind of anger is real. When I’m angry, I want to smash something, I want to kick and scream and punch until the anger is gone. And I can’t do that, because it’s not right to lash out when you’re angry. So I love to watch Regina break shit when she’s angry, because she lets out her anger and, I dunno, I find relief in that.

Random headcanon

Harley is constantly wearing Joker’s shirts which often results in him having to dig around in her closet to find whichever shirt got stolen that week.

What Are You Looking At?

Sorry about the break, but we are celebrating!!! It has been a year since I’ve self-harmed!!! But anyways, on to the story. This is a Soulmate AU where you see in black and white until you touch your soulmate (initially it’s small things), and the longer you touch them, the more vibrant the world is.

Note: For the purpose of surprise, the pairing will not be revealed until at least part three but I think you guys will like it. This is set a little bit before CATWS. Feedback is still very much encouraged and requests are open as usual.

Thoughts are in italics. Nightshade is your codename.

You came around the corner doing something between a jog and a run only to bump into Natasha, who didn’t hesitate to laugh at your appearance.

“Y/N, where are you going half-dressed?” she smirked.

“Shut it. I just finished training and went to change, but then the emergency alarm went off  and I came down here, wait. Are you saying that wasn’t the emergency alarm?”

“Not at all. Stark was just testing the new weather alarm. Couldn’t you tell? The light that flashed was blue.” she laughed.

“You know I can’t see colors!”

“Your time will come. Maybe you’ve already met him. Sometimes you don’t see it until your ready.” she said reassuringly.

“If you say so. But really, Stark can install new alarms but not the audio I requested to go with them?”

“It would appear so.” said Steve who walked up and smirked. “But at least you didn’t run down here with one shoe on, your pants unbuttoned, and your shirt half on for no reason. Wheels up in 30. New assignment from Fury.”

“Want to tell me again why only the three of us are going in?” you inquired as you strapped on your harness.

“Because it’s a low-level op.” Steve replied.

“If it’s so ‘low-level’ why did twenty mercenaries commandeer the ship to begin with?” you raised your eyebrows.

“You’re impossible. You know that?” Steve questioned.

“Yeah. But you love me.” you stuck out your tongue. He shook his head.

The back hatch started lowering. “Well, that’s my cue. See you down there.”

You landed on the deck next to Nat as Steve walked up. “Natasha and I get the upper and middle decks. You’ve got the lower ones.” He said.

“Darn. And here I was thinking we could rock-paper-scissors for the floors we wanted“ Steve gave you a stern look.

“Fine, I’m going.”

The radio had been silent for about ten minutes before you heard Steve’s voice.

“Nightshade, come in. What’s your status?” Steve asked as you continued slowly move down the halls.

“Oh you know me. Just lurking in the shadows as normal.”

“Now’s really not the time for jokes.”

“Don’t you think I know that?”,you chided but stopped abruptly,” I think I found where the hostages are.I’ll radio back in when I’m done.”

You picked up a loose bolt from the ground and threw it. Giving one of the two guards a reason to walk away and check it out.

The guard that stayed didn’t see you coming and before he knew it, you had him in a headlock that was calmly sending him into a state of slumber. The second guard came back to be greeted with a shock from the spider bites that dropped him to the floor.

 Well,I see why Nat likes these so much. Now the challenge.

With a firearm in each hand, you kicked open the door and used their momentary surprise to your advantage. Four down, two to go. Ten hostages accounted for.

The next man came at you with a baton. You avoided his first swing, and when the second one came, you blocked his arm, kneed him in the stomach, took the baton and cracked him over the head. One more.

The last merc was messing with something in a box when you slammed his head onto the table and knocked him out.

“Are any of you injured?” you inquired of the hostages as you unbound them.

“Nothing fatal.” an agent piped up from the end.

“Good. I’m going to ask that you go up to the top deck and load the evac pods.” They moved at a shuffle towards the door.

“Nat? Cap? The hostages are okay. I sent them towards you.”you spoke as went to see what on the table had been so fascinating.

“Well that’s just great.” you said, looking a timer counting down from 8 minutes.

“Shade, what are you seeing?” Natasha questioned.

“An EMP”, you followed the cables to a wall panel and cracked it open,” And from what I can tell, they wired it through everything. If I don’t stop it, this whole ship’s getting blown to kingdom come.”

“How is that even possible?” asked Steve, who sounded slightly winded.

7 minutes

“The EMP will overload the ship’s power grid. Causing it to explode.” you spoke as you began the process of carefully returning the correct cords to their original placements.

“But why would they blow the ship if they’re still on it.” Steve inquired, still not completely following.

6 minutes

“Cyanide pill.” Natasha chimed in.

“I still don’t get it.” he concluded.

“Gee, I hadn’t noticed”, you remarked sarcastically, “ If they can’t have whatever’s in the cargo hold, no one gets it. Although, considering they somehow knew where to go to detonate the whole ship, I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume whoever these people work for are capable of swimming around our corpses and retrieving an item from the ocean floor.”

“That’s our Shade, always a ray of sunshine.” Nat said dryly.

“Well excuse me for not seeing the silver lining in the face of imminent death…nevermind I found it.”

“Does that mean the ship’s not being turned into a giant bonfire?” Steve asked hopefully.

5 minutes

“Give me a minute and it will. Did the crew get to the escape pods?”

“Yes. Some of them got pretty banged up, so we’re getting them in now.” Nat explained.

“Did you check to make sure everyone’s accounted for?” You’d hate for someone to be left behind after all this trouble.

“Hold on. Guys, headcount.” you said.

“Um that’s what we’re-” Steve began.

“No, I meant for the mercs. We said there were twenty.”

“I got six.” Nat answered. “I took out five.” Steve added.

“There were eight in here. I wonder where the other wen-”

“Get down!” You were tackled just as you heard two shots ring out.

The agent sitting on top of you raised her arm and put one between the last merc’s eyes.

4 minutes  

You nodded in approval. “Nice shot.Can I get up now?”

“Oh, right.” She moved off of you with what appeared to be an abnormal amount of effort.

“Are you alright?” you asked.

“Never been better.” she grunted.

“If you say so. What are you doing down here anyways?” You turned around to disconnect the last cable connecting the EMP to the circuit board when you saw a hole in the wall from when the merc missed.

Huh. Two shots…one hole…so where’s the other bullet?

“That’s new.” You looked back to see a dark stain spread across the woman’s shirt before she could answer. She started falling and you moved to cushion it.

3 minutes

“I’ve got an agent down.” you spoke.

“I thought we had all of them.” Steve said.

“Well clearly you missed one. But it’ll be fine. The ship’s not blowing up anymore. She’s not bleeding out on my watch. Speaking of which, what’s your name Agent?”

“Winters…and the ship’s still…gonna blow..”

“Excuse me?”

“This ship is…rigged to blow. The EMP… won’t just turn off…the lights… it will trigger the explosives…in the walls.”

“What on earth is this ship carrying that the whole.damn.boat. is set up to explode!?”


“Like hell it is. If there’s a chance I’m going down with this ship, I’m gonna know what for.” You stared Winters down.

“Fine”,she conceded,”It’s schematics for…Project Insight”

“What is that? Forget it. I’m gonna let go now. Can you keep pressure on the wound?” she nodded. You stood up and moved towards the box on the table.

2 minutes.

“Guys, please tell me everyone made it out. As luck would have it, if I don’t disable he EMP in the next minute and forty-five seconds, it all goes boom.”

“Don’t you just cut the blue wire?” Steve asked.

“Again with the blue”, you muttered,“ what part of color blind is NOT getting through your heads!? ” You started holding up the lines to compare.

“Then cut the the one with a darker shade of grey.”

“Thank you, Captain Smartass. What do you think I’m doing?”

30 seconds

“Fine. Just trying to help.”

“Sorry. It’s not your fault.” You decided which cord you were gonna cut and steeled yourself in case it was the wrong choice.

“You let out a deep breath. Look at that. Twelve seconds to spare. How you doing Winters?” Silence. You turned around to see the agent lying still with her eyes closed.

“No no no.” You checked for a pulse. It was faint, but still there. Her eyes fluttered open to look at you blearily.

“Stay with me. We’re gonna get you out of here.Just focus on me.” you urged.

“Shade, we’re coming to you.” Steve said.

“Any chance you can come a touch faster.” you said in a strained manner. There’s so much blood.

You applied more pressure. “It’s alright. Help is almost here. Hold on a little longer.”

You’d been on the roof for you’d forgotten how long.But you could remember how long you’d been washing off Agent Winters’ blood, and the smell of the blood particularly.

“Knew I’d find you up here.“You turned to see Steve step out onto the roof.

”Yep. You know me so well. “ you responded quietly.

“Hey, none of that. I came up to tell you that that Agent’s out of surgery. She’s gonna be okay.”

“Well, I’m glad to here it.”

"Stop that.” he said, causing you to look at him in confusion. “You’re blaming yourself and you shouldn’t be.”


“But nothing”, he continued,“ she’s alive because you kept her from bleeding out.”

“She wouldn’t have been bleeding out if I’d been paying attention.” you retorted.

“She took that bullet because you were trying to save all of us. Which you did.” He said forcefully.

“I should have been better.” you turned away.

“You were better. You took out eight men, defused a bomb, and saved every last hostage in that room.”

He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you into a hug. “Everyone lived. We can count that as a victory.”

The two of you stood like that for a while, and then you heard Steve gasp. It must be at the city lights turning on, or so you thought.

“What’s it like to see in color?”,you asked,“ This view must be fantastic.”

“Yeah, it’s beautiful. Wait…you mean you don’t see that?” He gestured towards the city .

You pulled away and glanced around. “See what? It’s just black and white.”

Part 2

Grim Reaper (J-hope, Angst)

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Suga // J-hope // Jungkook

Main series

HELLO, I AM BACK WITH PART 2 OF THE SIDE SERIES FOR NAMJOON’S GRIM REAPER SERIES. HOSEOK IS NEXT UP SO I HOPE THIS IS OKAY!!!  These will in no way change the main story. This side story is meant to let you know a little more about the boys and who their human loves were/are.

Main series

Suga // J-hope (side series)

(F/N)* = Female name (just trying to leave the names up to you lol)

Words: 2338

Hoseok opened his eyes at the sound of his voice being spoken softly. (F/N) was looking at him with heavily lidded eyes. Her body was under the covers, but he knew she was only half dressed.

“Mm,” he replied groggily, placing his hand on her bare back and rubbing circles with his thumb.

“Don’t you need to go to work?” Her voice was still sleep induced, and Hoseok loved it. He grinned at her sitting up to pull her into his lap. She wasn’t half dressed, she was fully nude along with him.

“Do I? I could miss a day…or seven.” Hoseok gently placed some hair behind her ear. It was in disarray, but he couldn’t help but find her beautiful. Her cheeks blushed slightly, eyes unable to meet Hoseok’s.

“I should’ve been home last night…My parents will be upset.” Her voice was hushed, as if (F/N) was trying to keep quiet so nobody else could hear.

“It’s fine, you’re an adult now.” Hoseok’s hands held her waist firmly so she couldn’t move off of his lap. (F/N) didn’t try to resist, and continued to straddle him. She placed either hand on his cheek.

“Mm, an adult that doesn’t know how to get home from here…” She admitted, eyes directing towards the window, which had light streaming through. The clock on the wall let Hoseok know it was barely past 8:30 in the morning.

“I’ll take you home later. At least have breakfast here? I’ll cook.”

“Is this the perk of dating an older guy?” She grinned, kissing his forehead. Once she pulled away, Hoseok had gripped her thighs tightly and flipped her so she was on her back.

“There’s more than one perk…” He promised, lips latching onto her neck. She was giggling like a child, trying to push him away as he dug his fingers into her side. Hoseok was tickling her.

He’d never told her he was a reaper.

Hoseok hid the fact that he was not alive, and harvested souls for a living. He’d harvested the soul of (F/N)’s grandmother not even 4 years ago, before seeing her. She was unlike other human’s, hiding her feelings in public, while completely breaking down and crying herself to sleep almost every night. She had a younger brother, in which she had to be strong for always.

“Isn’t it a little too early to be doing this?” She was gasping for air once Hoseok finished tickling her. He pulled his lips away from her neck, looking at her face and grinning.

“Can you sleep over again?” He asked quietly, knowing she wouldn’t agree. Hoseok knew it was Monday tomorrow, and she had school. Being a freshman in college was a setback, and he just wanted to whisk her away so she didn’t have to deal with the pressure.

“Sure.” She replied, sliding off the bed. (F/N) was still shy, it seemed. She picked up one of the covers and wrapped it around her body to go grab her clothes. Last night had been the first time seeing her body in it’s full glory, and he had only just figured out he was the first one to touch her that way.

“Why are you still so shy?” He shuffled to her side of the bed, pulling her back against him.

“It’s still embarrassing…” She concealed her face with both hands. “Last night I was so…loud.”

“I like hearing you that loud. Especially since I’m the only one who’s heard it.”

“You do?”

He nodded, kissing the back of her neck gingerly. “Promise. If you’re still so embarrassed I’ll just go cook breakfast. Come downstairs quickly, okay?”

“Okay.” She responded, waiting a moment until Hoseok was up and sliding shorts onto his body.

“Hoseok,” her voice halted his steps. (F/N) was standing up, holding the white covers as if wearing a Grecian style dress. She stepped towards him at the door, wrapping her arms around him. The covers fell, but neither of them seemed to care.

“You want me to attack you again?” He warned, and she held him against her body. (F/N) laid her head against his shoulder.

“Let’s skip school tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” He wondered, pulling her away and holding her at arms length. She nodded her head, keeping her hands firmly on Hoseok’s shoulder.

“Don’t you know what day of the year it is tomorrow?” (F/N) cocked her head to the side, but Hoseok couldn’t recall.

“Wait, what year is it?” Hoseok wondered.

“It’s 1967, and that doesn’t matter! Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 21. Did you really not remember?”

No, he didn’t remember. How could Hoseok not remember it was (F/N)’s birthday tomorrow? “Of course I remembered. How could I not? I was just wondering what the year was.”

“Sure, okay. I’ll get dressed now.” She placed a peck on his lips, to which he returned twice as intense, holding her against him. 

“I love you,” Hoseok murmured, hugging her.

“You should’ve said it on my birthday… Go make food okay? I bet you’re hungry.”

He wasn’t hungry. Hoseok never ate, but she didn’t know that. He nodded, turning around and leaving the room. Once making it downstairs, Hoseok began to cook a simple meal that wouldn’t take long. 

She came down fully clothed, combing knots from her hair with her fingers and musing it so it went back to the natural waves. Hoseok was sliding the food on two plates, giving her more.

“Oh, it smells good!” She exclaimed, sitting herself in a chair and propping her chin on a hand. Hoseok smiled over at her, placing the plate down in front of her. Not a single human smiled at him like her.

“I have orange juice, if you want some.”

“Mm, okay.” She nodded, digging into the food. Hoseok turned toward the fridge, and (F/N) suddenly gasped.

“What happened to your back?” She blurted, noisily rising from the seat and coming towards him. Hoseok whirled around quickly, notably cursing the one soul that had given him a hard time a few nights before.

“Probably nothing…” Hoseok had no way to switch the subject smoothly without her bringing it back to his back. She turned him around again, her warm hands gliding down where she seemed to notice something was off.

“You have scratches every where…I didn’t do this to you. Hoseok…” She trailed off, and Hoseok felt her hand hesitating where she once confidently placed it. He turned once more, knowing exactly what she was thinking.

“It’s not that,” he promised, gripping both of her shoulders. By the look in her eye, he could tell she didn’t believe him, not one bit.

“You’re the only one,” he tried again, but she was shaking her head. (F/N) smiled weakly towards him, but failed to notice her own quivering bottom lip.

“Believe me, (F/N). I’m not cheating on you. We’ve been together for so long, now. It’s from my job, nothing else.”

“You’ve never told me what your job is, even after being together for so long…” She breathed, not meeting his eyes. No, he couldn’t make up an excuse fast enough. What job would require him to have scratches all over his back? 

“I-I work at a zoo… The other day, a monkey attacked me.” He stuttered on his words for the first time in his existence. Hoseok felt insecure, he was faltering every time he opened his mouth. (F/N)’s expression was showing only doubt, her body was tense with emotion. He couldn’t believe how hard he was ruining everything.

“A zoo, huh?” She nodded her head, as if suddenly understanding everything. She didn’t, he knew. Hoseok tilted her chin up towards his face, kissing her. He thought kissing would fix her feelings. If he put enough passion into it, she would know he only had eyes for her.

Still, (F/N) pulled away, balling her hands into fists at her side.

“Kissing doesn’t fix problems, Hoseok…” She was still smiling, concealing her emotions. Hoseok’s emotions were beginning to get the better of him, he could feel the power he’d been attempting to keep at bay surge within him. The way she’d said his name so sadly made him want to break a hole in the wall, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. It would scare her, it would make her run off and never speak to him again.

“(F/N), please…”

“It’s fine,” she lied smoothly. It wasn’t the first time she’d done this. Hoseok so desperately wished she’d open up to her true feelings. He wanted her to let him know everything on her mind. He didn’t want her to cry alone anymore, he wanted her to ask for help so he could give her the world.

“Why won’t you yell at me?” Hoseok’s voice rose, causing her to flinch. She backed up slightly. “Tell me you’re mad!”

“Hoseok, I…”

“Stop pretending your alright with everything! Tell me if you’re upset, so I can fix my mistakes!” He was now yelling so loudly he was sure the neighbors could hear him.

“Stop shouting…” She held up a hand, but Hoseok moved away from her. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, he wasn’t sure if his physical touch would kill her right at this moment. Flinching back, (F/N) sat back down. The reason reaper’s never let their emotion’s get the better of them was because they would no longer be able to secure the power they had. A loud clap of thunder sounded right outside the window. (F/N) covered her ears. Right, she was afraid of storms.

He was hurting her, and she didn’t even know it. She didn’t know it was Hoseok controlling the weather, or that his physical grip would cause her soul to slip from his body. Although she had no idea, Hoseok was simply writhing inside.

“Hoseok, can we stop fighting?” She buzzed over the sound of hail suddenly crashing. Just moments before their rush of emotion’s, the sky was utterly clear of clouds and the sun was singing a beautiful melody.

He was unable to reply, fear cutting through his anger. The expression on her face sent him reeling with so many emotion’s he couldn’t understand. Just the thought of him being able to hurt her so badly made him want her to run.

“I’m not mad…I promise. I believe you aren’t cheating on me.” Her voice was gentle, and (F/N) raised a hand towards his cheek. “I was just wondering if you were in pain…We could go to the hospital.”

The rain stopped. Hoseok covered his mouth, staring at her with wide eyes. (F/N) placed her hand on his cheek, and Hoseok began to pull her close. His lips met hers with a smack, and Hoseok couldn’t hold back. His whole body was stiff with feeling, and he ended up ripping her entire shirt instead of neatly unbuttoning it.

“Hoseok-” she gasped, planting both hands on his shoulders. He pulled away, only half hearing what she said. After noticing he had in fact ruined her shirt, a blush crept up onto her face.

“I’ll…buy you a new one…” Hoseok mumbled, but she laughed. Her laugh was genuine, and her fingers dug into his shoulders where she held.

“Let’s go to the zoo together soon, okay?”

Hoseok stood outside of her school, wondering just why (F/N) hadn’t left yet. They both promised to meet at the front gates together during lunch, but she wasn’t there.

For some reason, he had a bad feeling. Over the small 4 year’s they’d been together, he’d never known her to be someone that showed up late. She always called his house line when she knew she wouldn’t be on time; hours in advance. No call had come in from (F/N), and he was beginning to grow worried.

“Hoseok, what are you doing here?” A deep voice caused him to whirl around, and it was none other than Namjoon. He had a grin on his lips, cracking his knuckles. He only did that after collecting a certain amount of souls.

“Do you have a job here?” Hoseok ignored his question, hoping that (F/N) didn’t decide to jump out at any moment and spot him. If he made himself invisible to the human eye now, Namjoon would know something was off.

“Something like that. You could say it’s personal business. You should probably step out of the way, you’re not going to like what you see.”

His eyes widened slightly at what Namjoon said. Personal business that he wouldn’t like? That only meant one thing…

He took a fist full of Namjoon’s shirt, readying himself to kill. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Namjoon?” He hissed. Namjoon merely pulled free his shirt and patting it down.

“It’s exactly what you think, now could you stop fucking creasing my shit? Damn.” He didn’t seem too bothered by the way Hoseok’s face twisted in horror after spotting 3 men pulling a stretcher with a body, people following them as tears streamed down their faces. He knew who it was. Even in a body bag, Hoseok knew that the girl he’d spent only 4 years with was in that bag, lifeless, with a lost soul he’d never find again.

He let out a scream, dropping to his knee’s. Hoseok could no longer control the storm that had begun in the middle of July. Hail smashed onto the ground in the size of golf balls, and Namjoon had disappeared entirely. The wind blew so hard that branches had begun to fly off the trees. Everyone around him has disappeared in a haste, attempting to flee from the weather that they merely thought was natural. He didn’t care. Hoseok didn’t care if Seokjin found out his powers were unable to be tamed. He didn’t care if Seokjin found out he’d fallen in love. He wanted to kill, it was what he was best at.

This painting is for my fantastic friend @snuggablesweet. I’m the Glinda, she’s Elphaba. BRITTA is the ANN PERKINS to my LESLIE KNOPE, say a word against her and I FIGHT YOU.  

She and her husband FINALLY moved back to Utah and how do I celebrate? By moving to China. So Britta, it well may be that we will never meet again in this lifetime…(just kidding, we’ll skype you poetic and noble land mermaid) but you’ll be with me. ilu.

@scelxs liked your post:starter call for kate tbh

“yeah,  yeah,  whatever;  just come in and close the fucking door,” she says, an easy reminder that she’s never been a patient woman. even her answer, a call that the door is open, just come in already, had come from her room, too impatient to head for the door, especially when she’s half-dressed. when she comes into view, she’s tugging a shirt over her head. “took you long enough to get here. i had time to hit an atm for some cash and a fucking shower.”

Nerds being nerds on a nerd holiday. Happy (belated!) Star Wars Day, and May the 4th (…5th… 6th…) be with you!

(they changed outfits whenever they changed movies) (amethyst pouted for like twenty minutes when pearl went with the endor outfit instead of slave leia)

It’s Friday, and it’s 3:30, and Sofiya is laying in the middle of her floor trying to conjour up a reason not to do this. She’s half dressed–she managed to find the energy to get into her trustworthy black skinnies, but hadn’t quite made it over to the breezy blush blouse or strappy black sandals. She doesn’t know why she puts so much effort into these things. The idea of bringing another shirt in her purse crosses her mind, but she scolds herself and resolves to actually get home that night.

Groaning, she sits up and sighs, and pushes herself into a standing position. She finishes her routine–slaps on enough makeup to look alive, loosely braids her hair, and actually puts her goddamn shirt on. Just in case she spills something, she shoves a t-shirt into her purse and rolls her eyes at her own messy fucking life.

She grabs a bottle of red wine out of the kitchen on her way out, says goodbye to her babies, and meets her Uber out front. In an attempt to circumvent the awkward restaurant argument from last time, she resolved instead to just visit him at his place–bottle of wine, maybe she’d make a quick dinner.

What could go wrong?

She turns up at 4:10 and rings the doorbell.