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In light of Amy Schumer still being considered a thing against all conventional wisdom, I've decided to go around and remind people of a far more charismatic comedian: Rita Rudner. Even for those that don't find her material funny, she just comes off as too nice to actually hate, so she at least earns some sympathy laughter.

Ah!  I love Rita Rudner!  She was one of the comediennes that inspired me growing up.  I used to watch her on Comedy Central, back when the network wasn’t total garbage (I miss those days).  It almost seems these days that people forget that female stand-ups have been around for decades, and that there are many established comediennes in the business that are being overlooked in favor of no-talent hacks like Schumer.

There are a lot of funny ladies out there that have never needed to be forcefully gross for attention, nor needed to try to appeal to extremists in a pretend gender war.  They got by on actual talent, and never needed anyone to fluff them up with ridiculous articles about the first time they wore red lipstick.

Amy Schumer is a slimy tick bloated on fake, pumped-up media hype that’s being forced on the public as some sort of gift to both comedy and female representation. 

Go watch Rita Rudner instead.

morrigan was raised by an abusive mother. we know that she was emotionally abused and subjected to forms of neglect

although you may not like her, its important to realize the reasons behind her cold demeanour and somewhat harsh beliefs. flemeth was a horrible mother 

the warden, if befriended, is her first friend ever. she’s never before been in constant contact with anyone but her abusive parent

the way she grows with the warden is reason enough to reevaluate whatever previous thoughts you’ve had about “how much of a bitch she is”. she develops a sense of caring and loyalty. her growth is an important part of her character arc when you take into consideration her isolated and cruel childhood 

May we all live to see each of our favorite actresses of old play at least one (1) gay character

if you’re forever bitter that casserole clam didn’t have magnus’ dad take his immortality away so he and alec could grow old together when it was the perfect opportunity to do so and instead decided to give mortality to simon so one of her many het couples could have a happy ending raise your hand 🙋🏻


#thankyoubones week: day 2 → 11 temperance brennan character growth moments

↳ brennan + her changing views on love

If you were to look for a character who has grown so much from falling in love with her significant other, look no further than Temperance Brennan. She exemplifies the term “character growth”, and her changing views on love, sex and relationships comprises one of the many different things that has made her one of the best (IMO, THE BEST) character in the history of television. This gifset only touches on a small part of her character growth over the years, because she has truly grown in every aspect of her life, and I have loved watching her grow and truly flourish all these years. She also makes me believe that it is possible to find true love, and not completely change yourself and your morals for the other person, as when the time comes, nothing else will matter except for the person standing right beside you. Like always, and like they always will.

A vivid memory: October, early morning, age 13. I am camping with my godsister. The grass frosted over in the night and crunches under my feet. Everything glitters faintly with ice crystals. I build a fire with some difficulty - my godsister balances a cast-iron skillet on the logs. I wrap myself in a wool blanket and watch her deftly crack eggs into the pan one by one, tossing the eggshells into the flames.

“If you burn eggshells, they explode!” says a notoriously crass older relative, whose only form of affection is teasing. I maintain eye contact with him and purposefully shove an eggshell further into the flames.

He laughs. “Not so gullible now that you’re all grown up. You like to tempt fate, don’t you?”

I ignore him, entranced by the way my godsister is cooking eggs. I am envious of her skill and the ease and confidence with which she does such a simple task. Did she grow up without telling me? Someone has recently told her that she has a “strong feminine energy”, and she glows with pride and strength. I do not feel as though I have any sort of mysterious energy - just a thousand things to worry about and a growing sense that the world is full of chaos. I have a constant, gnawing suspicion that I am the butt of some great cosmic joke, and that the punchline will catch me off guard any moment now.

My godsister fries eggs. I chew my lip, bracing myself for failure, for rejection, for nuclear warfare, for the world to come crashing down. It doesn’t come, but the eggs finish cooking, and I eat them with gratitude and a fair bit of envy.


A three+ year evolution of my hair (and my face, and my fashion sense, and my makeup skills, and the effects of HRT, and…). There were many occasions where I abruptly shortened my hair length, and this was always to rebalance it as varying parts grew faster or slower than others. It could be much longer now if I hadn’t, but it wouldn’t look nearly this nice today. Think “slow and steady wins the race”. From day one, the decisions made were guided by my stylist based on my long term goals, with the objective of maximizing current appearance without sacrificing the long game. Despite the shifting sands that my goals have been (“I want to grow it out long,” “I want a wedge now,” “I want to grow it long again…”) she has done a fantastic job of keeping me looking my best and teaching me how to style it.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: If you’re transitioning, having a great hairstylist on your team from the start is going to make a huge difference. Don’t go it alone any more than you should with your HRT, or learning makeup, or mastering fashion. Let people who know what they’re doing help you to fast track your development. It’s crazy not to.

Happy Thursday everyone!
Kaydee 💕


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞


                         Fairytale AU: No happily ever after for…. Cinderella.
When the glass slipper fit perfectly, the prince asked to marry Cinderella but before she set off to the palace with him, she wanted to have a little chat with her step mother and step sisters. Despite of the fact they mistreated her and made her life pretty miserable, she ended up forgiving them and invited one of them (her less cruel step sister) to join her and live in the palace too. However, as time as days went by the Prince realized Cinderella didn’t turn out to be that sweet girl he met at the ball because once Cinderella started living in the palace and started living a lifestyle she wasn’t used to, within time she began growing greedy and selfish. — and due to the following events Prince Charming decided to postponed the wedding until further notice with the excuse of wanting to get to know Cinderella better but instead he found comfort in Ella’s step-sister and later on began to have a relationship with her behind Ella’s back. And obviously it was just matter of time before the Prince realized he choose to marry the wrong sister and decided to stood up Ella at their wedding and run away with her step sister.  


top 5 orihime relationships (as voted by my followers): #3. orihime & tatsuki.

“I became alone. I stopped talking, even at school. And become more alone, than ever before. The one who stopped me from being that way was Tatsuki-chan. She yelled at me for backing down, and she looked out for me. I could grow out my hair again thanks to her. I will never have short hair again, because my long hair is proof of my faith in Tatsuki-chan”. – Orihime.