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A Preponderance of the Evidence: Prelim (Part 3 of 3)

Author:  KatEyes224
Rating: R (For adult themes)
Timeline: Post-ep for Never Again and Memento Mori.

A/N: @piecesofscully, you are the peanut butter to my jelly, and I love you more than you know.  If you missed it, read part 1 here, read part 2 here.

Mulder tosses and turns as minutes trickle into hours, entertaining himself by memorizing the way shadows dip and swirl across the ceiling to the sound of traffic gradually overtaking the steady metronome of Scully’s breathing.  He kicks the sheets off at one point, frustrated when they cling to his legs with a crackle of electricity, his body still charged with the current of all the things he hasn’t said.  

Morning finally comes.  

The late winter storm has retreated overnight, leaving the sun and blue sky to glare into the room as if demanding the two of them acknowledge that day has dawned.  They’ve ended up facing one another on their respective beds, and Mulder is watching Scully’s face when her eyes snap open seconds before the alarm goes off.  He sees her focus as the haze of sleep retreats, and doesn’t bother to look away when she finds him staring at her.  

Slipping past one another in the bathroom and their room, they’re comfortable enough with the dance of the other’s morning routine that they don’t even need to speak.  Mulder shaves while Scully showers; Scully leaves the water running when she steps out with a towel wrapped securely around her body.  She finds that Mulder has wiped the fog away from the mirror in a perfect circle where she can stand to apply her makeup; Mulder discovers that Scully has hung his suit and tie from a hook on the back of the bathroom door.

They catch a cab to the courthouse and arrive almost half an hour before they’re supposed to meet with ADA Venegas.  At a small coffee cart out front, Mulder buys them both coffees and wordlessly hands a banana nut muffin to Scully.  He frets until she rolls her eyes and eventually nibbles the top off before handing him the rest.

They’re sitting outside a long row of courtrooms when Scully makes eye contact with a young woman in an impeccably tailored grey skirt-suit who’s speaking animatedly to a uniformed police officer.  The woman nods at them, and they both stand.

“Agent Scully?”  

Clicking her way towards them in towering high heels, the petite brunette smiles and extends her hand.  She’s even shorter than Scully by a good two inches, although her shoes bring them almost eye-to-eye.  

“I’m ADA Regina Flores-Venegas.  Thanks so much for coming down on such short notice.”

Scully nods and takes Venegas’s hand, shaking it firmly.  “This is my partner, Fox Mulder.”

Venegas looks up at Mulder and her lips quirk into a bashful smile.

“Ah, Agent Mulder.  Nice to finally meet you.  Sorry for being so curt with you on the phone the other day.  I was…a little stressed out.”  She shrugs and holds her hand out to him.

Mulder grasps it and narrows his eyes, frowning at her.  “Not a problem, I understand.  If you could get Agent Scully on the stand first thing, we’d really appreciate it.  She has a doctor’s appointment back in Washington this afternoon.”

Venegas looks back to Scully, curiosity flashing in her eyes as they study one another.  “No problem.  I can call you out of order and get you up on the stand first thing.  Have you had a chance to review your report?”

Nodding, Scully sips her coffee and waves a few stapled sheets of paper up as proof.  “Yes, I have.  I’m good to go.”

Venegas glances over her shoulder as the bailiff steps out of their courtroom and catches her eye, motioning to her.  “Great.  That’s me.  Just have a seat in the hallway where I’ll be sure to see you, and I’ll have you in and out of here in a jiffy.  You’re free to go once you’re done with your testimony.”  Tilting her head in close to Scully, she lowers her voice so that Mulder has to crane his neck to hear over the din of the hallway.  “And Dana, remember what we talked about on the phone.  Expect some pretty…intimate questions from defense.  I’ll be doing my best to make sure they don’t overstep their bounds.”

With a toss of her long, wavy brown hair over her shoulder, Venegas clips away and disappears into the courtroom.

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Missing You

Harry pulled his daughter closer while they walked towards the car, gravel crunching beneath their shoes as the wind whipped their coats forcefully. The seven year old sneezed due to her little cold causing him to hold onto her little hand tighter as she gripped her coat closer to her chest. Violet hid her nose behind the fabric to shield herself from the nipping cold

The two hurried towards the car and Harry held the door open for Violet while she scooted in before Harry quickly slid into the drivers seat. He let out an exhale as he rubbed his hands tighter, rings clinking against one another in the process.

“Wan’ some lunch bug” Harry mumbled as he turned on the heat.

Violet hummed happily feeling the hot air hit against her red little face. “Yes daddy” she smiled not looking up from the coloring book she always left in the car. “M’ starving!” She gushed.

Harry began driving while cranking up the radio to fill up the silence between the two. On this day every year Harry and Violet would go to mummy’s favorite restaurant after visiting her. Both would be usually quiet on this day, not having to say anything- not knowing what to say or what to do for that matter. They didn’t mind, they got to look back on fond memories they shared with y/n. Of course Harry remembered y/n more then Violet but she never asked him questions about her mummy and he dared not to start a conversation. It broke his heart knowing that he would have to tell her stories that mummy was supposed to tell her, he couldn’t bare to see sadness in her eyes as she tried to remember her mummy’s voice. — Scowling at the paparazzi that were outside the restaurant trying to get the perfect shot of the two, Harry had Violet’s back face the glass windows that separated them from the men with camera’s. Y/n always pressed about how she wanted Violet to be shielded away from the media and Harry took that very seriously but he couldn’t shield her away forever, there were always people trying to catch a glimpse of his little sunshine.

“Anything to drink” the waiter smiled making Harry’s eyes snap up at the boy.

“Two hot chocolates please” he smiled as he winked at Violet.

“With extra chocolate!” Violet giggled.

“Right away” the waiter smiled before walking away.

Harry smiled looking at his daughter, thinking how much she resembled her mother. The two girls loved chocolate- he remembered y/n would always say “Theres never too much chocolate!” Which always caused Violet to giggle in agreement. Resting his chin on the palm of his hands he couldn’t help but reminisce over the fact that Violet looked so much like her mummy. She got her thick wavy hair from her mum and the chestnut brown hair from her dad. The skin around her eyes would crease when she’d laugh just like her mothers, her cheeks would flush when she was angry, or embarrassed just like her mum’s. Violet’s big green eyes sparkled as her long eyelashes fluttered while she looked at Harry.


“Yeah petal?” He hummed.

“Can I have the grilled cheese?”

“O’ course” he chuckled as he looked down at the menu trying to figure out what he would get.

The waiter came back with the hot chocolates with an extra pump of chocolate, causing Violet to hum happily as she took a sip of the warm drink. The two ordered their food- Violet getting her grilled cheese and Harry getting his favorite lemon flavored chicken and mashed potatoes.

Violet sunk her teeth into the cheesy goodness making her eyes light up while Harry took a bite of his chicken, humming happily in satisfaction. Harry could sense something was on his baby’s mind as she gulped down her food and looked down at her plate as if she was hesitant to look up at him.

“What’s wrong love?” He asked worriedly.

“I- I er- have a question” she mumbled.

“About wha’ Violet?” Be raised his eyebrows up at her.

“Mummy” she nearly whispered.

Harry’s face instantly went soft as he sat back in his chair letting out a small huff realizing that this day would come sooner or later. Of course she would start to ask questions.. her mother passed when she was only four and she barely remembers her.

“Ask me anythin’ yeh want kitten” he smiled.

Violet took a deep breath and looked up at Harry with hopeful eyes. “How did yeh and mummy meet?”

Harry’s throat went dry- not excepting such a question. But who was he kidding? He was going to have to tell her sooner or later.

“All my friends know how their parents meet” she trailed off.

Harry sat up and nodded as he took ahold of his daughters hand “S’ a funny story actually” he chuckled making Violet smile proudly.


“Mhm” he laughed.

“I was walkin’ down the street- no- oh yea yea I was walkin’ down the street… in London” Harry nodded at her. “Mum was with you’re aunt Leah (y/n’s sister) and she saw me walkin’ towards them” he chuckled “an’ she was so scared to come say hello to me.. so you’re auntie pushed her into me and I nearly fell over” he laughed making Violet lean in towards Harry, hanging onto each and every word.

“Scared?” Violet asked in amusement.

“Yea! She was s’ nervous!” He laughed.

“wow” Violet giggled covering her mouth with her hands.

“So you’re mum asked for a picture and I… said yes” he smiled. “But I was runnin’ late for an interview so I was in a hurry” he sighed as Violet rested her chin on her hands. “You’re mum was somethin’ she was askin’ me all these questions that I had no time to answer so… so I have her my number” Harry said as his eyes started to water.

“Uh huh!”

“I gave her my number an’ I told her to call me whenever she’d like… an’ I’d answer any question she’d have” he sniffled. “Tha’ is how we met” he sighed as tears ran down his cheeks. “So a few days later… mum called an’ we met at a lil’ coffee shop” he sniffled.

Violet smiled and closed her eyes as she imagined what the sight would’ve been like causing tears to form in her eyes as well.

“Was she pretty?”

“Oh- she was gorgeous” Harry hummed “she was a sight to see” he smiled. “Almost as pretty as you”

Violet blushed as she slid off her chair and jumped onto her fathers lap. He sighed as she hid her face in his chest while he stroked her hair, kissing her forehead.

“I miss mummy” she whispered.

“M’ too love” he hummed. “But yeh know what?”


“She’s always with us” Harry smiled “in here”

He pointed to Violet’s heart making her press her lips together to hold back her tears.

“You think?” She trembled.

“I know so” he hummed.

“You too? She’s with you too.. I think” she gushed.

“Yes. Mummy is always with me too”

“Good” she whispered. “Even though mummy isn’t here with us… she’s always in our hearts” she smiled.

“Always” Harry smiled as he held her tighter and kissed her forehead.

Imagine: “Appreciation for the Missus”

Summary: The missus goes away on a business trip, leaving Harry to take care of the children alone. He comes to realize playing “mom” is a lot harder than it looks.

A/N: Not my best work but it’s all I can do as I suffer writer’s block. :( Help! x


This was a new experience for Harry. He had taken on the role of both mom and dad for the week while the missus went away on a business trip.

Harry had found a new level of respect for the missus who made balancing her career, maintaining a household, and fulfilling her role as a wife and mother look so effortless and completely flawless. In a span of two days, the house went from clean and organized to a crowded mess of toys on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs on the table, and dirty laundry piled up in the laundry room. The missus cooked dinner most nights but Harry had been ordering food for lunch and dinner since she left. He had no time to whip up a decent meal; and frankly, he didn’t trust himself enough to cook and watch three children simultaneously. Harry realized he had underestimated the amount of energy it took and how difficult it was to multitask. When night time came, Harry fell asleep all too quickly and so soundly — often missing night calls and FaceTime — after a long exhausting day. His love grew deeper for his wife; she never complained but only showed love and compassion to him and the three children— Rose, Jude, and Darcy.

“We’re late!” Harry yelled out. He was scrambling around the house, grabbing clothes, toys and snacks and throwing them all inside a tote bag. “Rose, are you ready? Jude, come downstairs please!”

Harry raced up the stairs to his four years old son’s room and caught him still playing with his train set. “You’re not dressed yet!” Harry exclaimed. He rubbed his eyes in frustration and swooped Jude up in his arms. “Let’s get you dressed, buddy. We’re very late.” he said. “Rosy?”

Young Rose popped up by the doorway, “Yes, daddy?” She was dressed in her pink leotard with her long brown, wavy hair in a neat ponytail. “Good, you’re ready,” Harry said relieved, “wait for me downstairs.”

Harry grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt from Jude’s closet. He swapped the train in Jude’s hand for clothes. “Help me out, bud,” Harry said. Jude raised his arms so Harry could switch his shirts. After he got Jude dressed, they went downstairs and Harry attended to Darcy. He made one last check on the diaper bag. “We’ve got a change of clothes, socks, shoes, snacks, diapers…” he listed to himself. He transferred Darcy from her crib to her carrier.

When Harry watched his wife ready the children, it looked like a breeze. She moved swiftly and gracefully. She was definitely more efficient when readying the children. The missus had bags for everything— clothes, snacks, toys. She kept organized. She knew exactly what to bring and was prepared for every situation.  And she was always punctual.

Harry, on the other hand, was scatterbrained and running late. “Everyone strapped in?” Harry asked before taking the car off park. “Yes,” Rose and Jude replied. Harry’s eyes shifted to the clock in the car. “Shit,” he muttered quietly to himself.

“Shit,” Jude imitated.

Harry’s eyes grew wide. Through the rearview mirror, Harry saw Jude with a smug look on his face, proud to be copying his daddy. Jude definitely had a troublemaker side to him. “No no no,” Harry immediately said. “Don’t say that word.”

“But you say that word, Daddy,” Jude reasoned.

“Daddy’s sorry,” Harry replied, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“I’m telling Mommy that Daddy said a bad word,” Rose said teasingly.

Harry shook his head. “No no. There’s no need for that,” he chuckled nervously, “Daddy’s just a bit stressed out. Rosy, you’re already late for gymnastics and we’ve still got a twenty-minute drive.”

“We’re never late with Mommy,” Rose said.

Harry sighed, “I know, bug. I’m sorry. I’m not as good as your mom at this. She’s incredible, huh?”

“Yeah. I miss Mommy,” Rose pouted.

“Me, too,” Jude added. “When is she coming home, Daddy? We should buy Mommy something!”

“Tonight,” Harry said excitedly to his children. “We’ll pick her up from the airport after Rosy’s gymnastics. That’s a wonderful idea, buddy. We’ll do that.”

The four of them did just that.

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Fic: Summer Love

A/N: A zutara fic heavily inspired by Grease’s ‘Summer Lovin’ and One Direction’s ‘Summer Love’

Summer Lovin’: A Zutara High School AU

Zuko made it a point to jump out of the car the second his sister put it in park.

“Stop moping and move on with your life!” Azula shouted after him. “It’s your senior year!”

Zuko didn’t bother to dignify any of that with a response. It was the official start of a new school year, and he had every intention of actually following that advice. Only, it didn’t count as advice since he had planned to do just that way before Azula ever said it.

He nodded to his sister’s friends as he passed them by, hardly noticing the way they barely spared a glance at Azula’s sleek red car before choosing to follow him instead.

“Hey, Zuko!” Ty Lee greeted, her light brown braid bouncing as she popped up by his shoulder. “How was Ember Island? You look like you spent the whole summer locked away at the gym rather than the beach.”

Zuko scowled at her before remembering he was supposed to be moving on with his life. That probably meant being agreeable in a social setting and stuff.

“They had equipment down on the beach. And I wore lots of sunscreen.” He casted a pointed look at Azula’s approaching figure, hoping they’d notice how pale she still was as well.

“That sounds fun!”

“A total blast,” Mai added from Zuko’s other side, her dry tone throwing Ty Lee’s optimistic comment into sarcasm territory.

“No, I’m serious!” Ty Lee insisted. “Since it’s out in the open and at the beach, you probably got to meet a lot of interesting people.”

“Unless it was raining,” Mai pointed out.

Steam rose from his skin as he forced his body to finish the set of reps. The rain was freezing, but he didn’t care. It was the fifth fight he’d had with his father since they had started this stupid vacation and he if he didn’t work out his frustrations somehow, he was going to explode.

Once done, he stood and wiped the sand from his hands. He gave himself to the count of twenty to recover and eyed the high bar, wondering how many pull-ups he could do before forced to declare exhaustion and go home. Apparently, the number was zero, because when he jumped up to grab it, his grip slipped right off and he fell flat on his back, the wind knocked out of him.

“You’re kidding, right?” Azula demanded as she caught up with the group. “Being out at the beach while it was raining was the only way Zuko made any friends at all this summer.”

Mai pulled a face. “What? Like overly buff gymrats?”

Azula’s laughter was far too mocking for Zuko’s liking. He figured it was time to make his exit.

He didn’t even have a chance to contemplate just staying there, drowning in the weather while sprawled out on the sandy pavement before a face blocked out the rain above him. She had brown skin, thickly braided hair, and large pale blue eyes.

“Are you okay?”

“No, our little Zuzu met a girl!”

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A Thousand Years Part 1

This story was created for @wadeyourebarelyalive. She’s been there for me and always helping me out. Sorry it took forever woman, but you know me lol. 

Summary: Logan A.K.A The Wolverine as been on the road for years. He finally found a place to settle down and start a new life. As he drives to and from work, a young woman name Bri, catches his eye. Though Logan is a brave warrior, he finds himself too shy to talk to her. Till one day, she’s in a need of a hero. 

Logan - A Thousand Years

Warning: Very, very slight cussing.

Chapter 1

Logan’s POV

I’ve been on the road now, for what it seems to be centuries. Day and night, riding to from town to town, not staying longer than a couple of days. I didn’t know if I’ll ever find a place to call home or even call a temporary home. I always find trouble wherever I go. Will, more like trouble finds me.

Assholes from my past don’t want to say in my past. They track me down and raise hell for me each chance I get. I guess that’s why I’m on road so much. No point in unpacking if I got to pack right back up again. That was till one day, I found a small place where in was nice and quiet. 

It was a beautiful town out in the country, it was in the middle of nowhere and wasn’t really on any maps. It was a small community, pretty much everything you needed was in one area. Police station and fire station was one building. The park and the school were right next to each other, along with the library. The Hardware store, clothing store, grocery store were on the small block. 

Like I said, small community but it was nice and quiet. So I decided to settle here for while. I got a job as a lumberjack and got myself a small cabin right outside of town. I started to feel like maybe, I found some peace in this small town. But that’s not all I found.

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It’s Fine

Request:  (1) could you write about lynn gunn being mad at you then making a big scene at a party then making up for it at home + forgot to put in the last ask about lynn gunn. could ya make it a smut with the reader? (2)  PLS PLS MORE LYNN GUNN SMUT

A/n: I actually really enjoy writing about Lynn. I love her so much omg. But thank you for the requests! Also, I got a little carried away with this one xx

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Gravity - Part 6

Summary: Reader’s a young security officer (Lieutanent Junior Grade) who happened to be on an away mission and fall hard for a certain Chief Engineer. Both of them aren’t the most outgoing regarding their feelings and tend to just watch each other from a distance, which is going to change.

Wordcount: 1816

A/N: Hope you enjoy :) I originally planned on posting this a lot later, but I figured I could already post it today.

This fiction is set in AOS

Warnings: diabetes inducing fluffiness

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

„I …“ you stuttered and felt like this was somehow unfair. You had imagined this question, from him, from time to time, in a fashion. But the circumstances had always been a bit more … romantic. There was usually a dinner involved, when you romanticized about it. Maybe a friendly banter in the gangways, or a surprise meeting in the jefferies tubes (well, this situation did occur - but as you very well remembered did play out a bit differently then expected).
You certainly had not expected to lie in a biobed, a sedative running it’s course through your body and splattered with the blood of your best friend.
The thought slit through your mind, sharp and cold as a knife. Over all your girlish pining, you had, for a second, forgotten about her. You could see that the thought had made it’s way onto your face, as the Engineers jolly expression in front of you started to crumble with doubt.
„Yes, please“ you spluttered, your cheeks flashed red once more, hurriedly trying to reassure him. „I’m just …“, you started and hushed. „It’s just … Cas .. my friend …“, once again his hand found it’s way to your shoulder. Warmth swept over you. „She’s hurt, you know.“ - „I’ll assure ya“, he offered a warm smile. You wanted to bath and bask in it’s compassion. „Bones’ doin’ everything he can, and tha’ man can do a lot, lass. Your friend’s in the best hands in the galaxy“. A small smile crept to your lips. „I don’t want to press ya into anything in a situation like this, lass“, he continued and the notion of what kind of „anything“ he implied made your heart jolt with hopeful joy. „Thanks“, you mumbled in response. His hand carefully brushed over your shoulder, just lightly. Your eyelids felt heavy, the sedative and the last few hours finally taking their toll on your body. „I’ll leave ya to sleep, and then I’ll get ya in the evening“ - his voice was but a whisper on the horizon of your consciousness, accompanying you into deep, dreamless sleep.

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D.C. Lesbian Slaves

I’d like to thank Maddie, Tumblr handle @unadulterated-adult for the story idea. One quick little thing of business, I mentioned last night about looking for women who are catholic schoolgirls. Forgot to mention, I’d also like to know what kind of trouble you got in in school.


Maddie was now working for a congresswoman as an intern. The congresswoman was mentioned constantly for higher office including the presidency one day. She was 22 years old, was 5'0", very nice curves(meaning of course nice titties and ass) and long wavy brown hair. She was also a lesbian and had girlfriend named Clare. Clare was 23, 5'10, very leggy and athletic with long darker brown hair and nice tits. Clare was a bit more of a tomboy. Whereas Maddie got dressed up for work typically in a dress and heels, Clare who worked as an IT worker typically wore jeans and a hoodie to work.

One night, Maddie was working late on a Friday night. She worked till 10pm. With the weather warm, she wore a sleeveless navy blue dress with pink and white flowers and the hemline just above the knees. And she had on a pair of black high heeled sandals and wore pearls. She was planning on meeting Clare for a drink.

It so happened our slave organization decided to do our hunting in that area that night. At just a little after 10pm we spotted Maddie. We started to tail her. Maddie then noticed our van tailing her and first started walking faster, then jog , then run(love seeing women run in heels 😜). Then we had our van speed up and cut her off and then opened the van door and grabbed her and dragged her inside.

“What are you doing!!! Let go of me!!!! Help!!!!! Helpppp!!!!!

Then we took rope and secured her wrists, elbows(behind her back), thighs and ankles together. Then another piece of rope placed her in a hogtie.

"Look take my purse. I got a good bit of money in. Just let me go.”

Then a minute later.

“Alright. Get it over with.” Thinking we wanted to rape her. At that point, we inserted a head harness ball gag in her mouth, followed by a hood to go over her head.

Then Rick advised her “oh sweetie, we will definitely rape you. In time.”

It suddenly occurred to Maddie, she had seen our faces. That meant we had no intention of letting her go.

We then went through her purse. Learned her name age and other vital statistics. Then we went through her phone. Through her contacts and social media. This was of course to see if there were other potential slaves. And we came up with a bonus. Her girlfriend, Clare. They had just texted her about going for drinks. I sent Clare a text.

“Having some car trouble. Can u pick me up.”

“NP. Anything I could fix?” Apparently Clare was mechanically inclined.

“If u can. Thanks ”


Hook, line and sinker.

“Your girlfriend’s gonna be joining us very shortly.” I told her.

We kept an eye out for Clare. About 10 minutes later, she showed. She was wearing a mint green jacket with black yoga pants and grey sneakers. She looked like she had just gone to the gym.

“Maddie! Maddie! Where are you!

She then looked in Maddie’s car. In the meantime, Maddie was in vain trying to warn Clare off. But the gag kind of silenced her. Then Bruce, Rick and myself grabbed Clare from behind. She was tougher to grab than Maddie so I took a tranquilizer syringe and injected it into her ass. She did manage to break free and make a break for it. But immediately, she began to get dizzy and fell. She tried to get up and crawl but after a minute, she passed out. We then dragged her back to the van and removed her jacket(she had a dark grey tank top underneath). Like Maddie, we placed Clare in a strict hogtie, ball gagged her and placed a hood over her head. Then it was a near 3 hour ride back to the slave training facility. We now bagged 2 new slaves.

Since Clare was knocked out, we gave our attention to Maddie, feeling her up, fondling and groping her. We saw, lifting up her dress she was wearing red thong panties with a bow. We also noticed the bottom of them were damp. Again speculation. Did she pee in her panties from being scared or was that cum and she, deep down inside, was aroused by this. We also wondered, being a lesbian, had she ever been with a man. Just in case, it was time for her first(of many) experience. We each took turns fucking her.


She obviously must’ve felt violated. But you could feel from her pussy muscles that she was aroused by it. And the humiliation that she felt that way.

As we got closer to the facility, Clare started to awake. We then decided to give her, what may or may not have, her first experience. She must have also felt a combination of being violated, arousal and humiliation from the arousal.

When we arrived at the facility, we grabbed a flatbed cart and placed both our new slaves on it and took them downstairs on the elevator, 3 floors underground. We undid their hogties and placed them on arch back devices. Securing their wrists, upper arms, necks, waists, thighs and ankles with metal restraints. We removed their hoods temporarily. That’s because we wanted them to see us use a utility knife to cut their clothes off. Then we removed the gags temporarily to give each cunt water. Then we placed the gags and hoods back on them. We added alligator clips for their nipples, wired metal dildos for their pussies and wired butt plugs for their assholes. And then we attached vibrators the shape of an electric toothbrush to their clits. The vibes operated on a timer that was programmed to go on and off every few minutes to edge the slaves all night. This was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation we subject our slaves to at the beginning of training. Also the water we gave them was laced with a stimulant that heightened their sexual urges. If they somehow managed to cum or dose off, wires had a sensor that would give a nasty electrical shock.

Finally, the slaves wore earbuds attached to a CD player that would play a cd with their orientation(disorientation?) tape. The tape was on a loop that would go all night. The tape would go as followed:

“Hello cunt. Comfortable? I suppose not. Not that it matters. What important is you’re now our slave. Your body no longer belongs to you. It belongs to us. Head to toe. You are now just property. Merchandise. A worthless brainless cunt. A piece of meat. A fucktoy. Just tits and 3 fuckholes for a man to use and abuse for his pleasure. There is no safe word. We don’t care about how you feel, except how we want you to feel. You have no human rights. We will enjoy your suffering and torment.

You will now go through your transformation from an independent woman to an obedient slave and a compliant fucktoy. Whatever you were previously, you no longer are. Once we feel you’ve completed your training, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. Welcome to your new life cunt.”

The horror went through both slaves minds. A slave. I’m not a slave.

Of course we pointed web cameras at both slaves. Their potential owners would immediately have the opportunity to make bids. We began bidding at $10,000 for each slave although we also started bidding at $15,000 for both as a set. Their transformation had begun.

To be continued

Anon Summary: In which our reader is the daughter of none other than Mick Rory who he’s been looking for for years. How will Mick feel about his daughter joining team Legends?

Anon Request: Part 1. Ho hey! I’ve been having this really strange idea about Mick Rory’s long lost daughter. Imagine that 26 years ago Mick has a daughter, who he loved and tried to be a good father, but he failed. When she was 2-4 years Mick was put in prison, so his daughter was put in orphanage in Starling City, where she was adopted by Lance Family. Years later, she became a canary and as Sara was kidnapped by Rip to become “a legend”.

Warning: None that I can think of!


“I tend to think about my life a lot. Like, who am I? Where am I going? Do I really like killing people for fun? Those are the kind of questions that keep me up at night.”

“And what about your father?”

“What about my father?”

“Well, you’ve been coming to me ever since you were adopted by the Lance family and now that you’re an adult, I just figured-”

“Figured what? That I would of gotten over my past? That I forgave my father for abandoning me when I was just a toddler because he couldn’t keep his sticky fingers to himself?”

“Is that what you think?”

“My father left, leaving my mother and I broke with no place to go until she couldn’t handle it so she drank herself to death. So it’s not about what I think Doc, it’s about what I know.”


“So, how did therapy go for you this time?”

You shrug your shoulders. “Same as usual. She’ll ask me the same questions about my well being and then that’s it.”

“And nothing about your dad?” Sara asked but you nod.

“It’s always about my dad.” You reply while you drag the dead body over to pile of bodies. “So what’s new?”

It was Sara’s turn to shrug. “I don’t know, you said you keep having these dreams about your past lately, so maybe it’s your subconscious way of telling you it’s time to seek out your father.”

You stand there in your all black outfit and mask, looking down at yourself and thinking, ‘My father won’t want to get to know me..’

Before you could answer Sara back you both hear the sound of a twig breaking before looking up, seeing a man with a bread and in a brown coat.

“Sorry for interrupting the party but we got a lot to chat about.” Before you and Sara could make your move, a bright light flashes before everything goes black.


You don’t remember much from your past, all that you remember was the smell of cinnamon and honey that aired through your house. You remember your mothers face clear as day. She had long, wavy brown hair that came down to her middle back and beautiful warm hazel eyes and your smile was always so nice and welcoming.

You remembered how much your mother stayed home a lot as well because she was always coughing or throwing up, even though you were little, you still remember the panic you felt when you walked in on your mother laid passed out on the bathroom floor.

You remembered your father pushing you aside to in get, kneeling down to help her up but she still didn’t move. At that point, you couldn’t hold back your tears and so you started crying because your mother wasn’t waking up.

“It’s okay honey, mommy’s just tried.” You remember your father told you but you still can’t picture his face but you remember the day that he left.

You were playing in the living room with one of your favorite dolls and you can hear your parents arguing down the hallway in their bedroom. You don’t remember what was said but there was a lot of yelling before your father storms out out the room with your mother following right behind him.

“Don’t do this, please. We’ll find another way.”

“This the only way, I have too!”

The door slammed and you watch as you mother fall to her knees, a sob escaping her. That was the last time you’ve seen your father.

After that, your mother started falling down hill. You were still a little child, you didn’t understand why was acting the way she was but you didn’t like it, you didn’t understand the feeling but when you got older you found out that you were feeling frustrated in her. She would always pass out from drinking to much on the couch every night, as if she was waiting for your father to come home but he didn’t, so she continued drinking herself to sleep until one day she just didn’t wake up.

You remembered the police coming to your home and taking your mother out.

“Is she going to be okay?” You asked one of the officer.

The officer only kneels down in front of you, places a hand on top of your head and you wait for hi to speak, but he says nothing.

The doctors at the hospital explained what happen to the officer who was looking after you who’s name was Quentin Lance who decided to take you in with his family.

At first you were nervous and scared because you were being taking into an environment that you weren’t sure of but the Lance family took you in with open arms and you couldn’t help but take advantage of that.

In your younger years and teens, you turn to a life a crime. With your adopted father being a police officer, you gotten away with a few things, much to Laurels disappointment.

It only gotten worse when your family found out that Sara was dead. It broke your heart since you two became close over the years and now, once again, you found yourself alone.

It wasn’t until you found out that Sara was alive and going by the Canary that you started to join in. At first it was Laurel who wanted to fight crime as the White Canary in honor of Sara but she wouldn’t let you in on it.

“You’re still to young and plus, if something happen to you dad would be devastated.”

But you didn’t listen but instead decided to go out on your own to fight crime. You didn’t go as a name at first because you thought that was overrated but when news spread around the city about you and your fighting style, it left the name, Demon Canary.

Unlike your other sister Laurel, you didn’t just hand over the guys to the police. You were smarter than that, so instead you found it easier to just kill them because most of the guys hand money and pull in the Star City Police Department and could easily get off but you weren’t going to stand for that.

“All bad guys must be punish.”

Laurel didn’t get it. She didn’t understand your need to kill but Sara did, after being resurrected she had her own bloodlust which she quickly got under control.

And now here you were, waking up on a stony roof top without knowing a clue where you were.

“Glad that you’re all awake.”

You hear a voice speak and notice that it was the same man who knocked but you and Sara unconsciousness. You look around the group, seeing both a man and a woman dressed up as warriors, Ray Palmer, which causes you to groan, a old man and boy a few years younger than you and two men, one with a blue parka and the other with a tan jacket.

Soon the man named Rip Hunter explains why he choose us to help him stop Valdel Savage and at first you were on board right away because it felt like something was telling you to go but later that night while you trained with Laurel and Sara you weren’t to sure but with enough convincing, you decided to go with.

After being on the ship for a week, you noticed a few things, for starters, the ship only had one bathroom which was not okay and two, the two criminals have taking a liking towards you and Sara but you notice the one called Mick Rory would stare at you.

“Maybe he likes you.” Sara said one day while you’re both in the bathroom getting ready.

“Gross.” You reply.

Sara chuckles. “Or maybe you just remind me of someone he knows or something, who knows. It doesn’t hurt to ask.”

But little did she know that the trust does hurt.


Disclaimer, this is only a part 1 to this story since the Anon that sent it in two parts to it so look out for the second half!

Summer Back

Sitting on the beach I sighed we were in Madrid for the next set of TMH concerts and I was alone on a beach. I looked out into the endless blue how could I be so stupid. Of course I had at one time loved Eleanor but we grew a part and then when Y/N came along it was like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t have to hide behind anything I could be just me. I ran a hand through my already messy hair. I thought back to last summer when El and I took a break and I met Y/N in California.

“Look Louis I can’t come I have stuff to do!” Eleanor said which caused me to roll my eyes.

“I haven’t seen you in two weeks. Can’t you just fly out to see me?” I could not believe it my girlfriend didn’t want anything to do with me.

“No, I can’t always bend to your needs Louis.” I heard her sigh.“I-I need a break from us.”

I ran a hand through my hair. “I agree.”

“So…..I’ll call you later then?”

“Whenever your ready.” I said and hung up on her and went for a walk down to the water. 

I walked down and ran into someone causing them to drop their things all across the beach.

“God..I’m terribly sorry.” I said retrieving the persons things.

A female voice giggled slightly. “Don’t worry about it." 

I looked up and was meet with the most amazing eyes and smile I had ever seen. I stuck my hand out to her. "Louis.”

She smiled and shook my hand. “Y/N.”

I pulled myself out of my flashback seeing as it could only cause me pain. I was back with Eleanor and Y/N was long behind me. I sighed and looked down the beach and saw a girl with long brown wavy hair wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses walking down the beach alone. I smiled because she reminded me of the girl who helped my find myself and taught me how to love who I was. As the girl got closer I realized she looked a lot like Y/N, until I noticed that it was actually her.  What was she doing here? Crap what if she notices me? Management will go ape shit, not like I really care but Eleanor will not be happy about this. I pulled my snapback down further in an attempt to hide my face.

After about a week after California I went back to visit Y/N we had been secretly dating for about three weeks and it was amazing. Eleanor had made no attempt to come back so I had nothing to worry about.

“Lou I don’t think this is a good idea.” Y/N said as we walked up to her parents house.

“It’ll be fine.” I said smiling and kissing her temple. 

“Mom?” Y/N asked.

“In the back sweetie.”

We made our way to the back yard and I noticed that it was only Y/N mom and not her dad. 

“Where’s dad?” Y/N asked.

“Work he won’t be making it.” replied Y/N mom.

“Oh. Well I will be right back.” Y/N said.

After Y/N left me and her mom and I sat in silence. 

“I don’t like you.” Her mom said to me.

It kind of stung considering Y/N meant a lot to me. “Why?”

“The way you look at each other….It doesn’t matter I mean it’s only a summer thing.” Her mom said before turning on her heel.

I guess I should have known that we would not have made it considering we came from two entirely different worlds. I noticed that Y/N just stood by the shore looking out at the Ocean. I smiled she still looked beautiful in an effortless way her curves made her perfect. She looked happy, at least from what I could tell. I sighed I knew there was nothing that I would change about the days we had together but sometimes I wonder what if I would have choose her. Would I be happier? Y/N turned around and as she did so our eyes connected. She seemed to freeze and not know what to do. After a few seconds she shook herself out of it and approached me. 

“Hello Lou. Long time no see.” She said while giving me a strained smile.

“Yes…Yes it has.” I croaked out. “How have you been?" 

"I’m good." 

I looked down at my hands. So she was happy that was good. "Good to hear. How’s college life treating you?" 

"Good I’m just glad freshmen year is over.” She said smiling a little.

I smiled at her. “Good…You want to sit?" 

She looked at me hesitantly. "I-I should probably go…” she trailed off. 

“Oh come on join me.” I said patting the sand next to me. 


We sat in silence for the longest time. 

“Y/N…"  I said quietly.

"Yeah Lou.”

“Do you think about us?”

She seemed to be contemplated over what she was going to say but after a long stretch of time I didn’t think she was ever going to reply. “Some day’s.” She sighed,“Sometimes I wonder what if you would have stayed and choose me. But most days I try so hard to go on and ignore that we ever happened. ”

My chest tightened. She regretted all that we had been? “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“Sometimes Lou I look through all of our pictures and it sinks in we actually happened. So please don’t think that I regret us. You were my first of almost everything and what we had was special but there is no us anymore so there is no point in reminiscing over something that does not exist.” Y/N said in a sad voice.

“I would change us.” I said.

“I know and I hope you’re happy with Eleanor. You deserve to be happy Lou.” Y/N said as she got up and walked off the beach. 

Happy? I wasn’t happy but I wasn’t sad either. I couldn’t remember the last time I was that happy. I looked next to me where Y/N had previously sat.  I groaned at myself and quickly got up and headed in the direction that Y/N went in. I looked all different directions and realized that she hadn’t got to far.

“Y/N!” I shouted.

She turned and looked at me suspiciously. “What Lou?”

“I’m sorry..But I have to know do you still love me?” I had to know.

“Are you serious Lou?” She was angry,“You packed your bags and you just left. You left me along. No calls. No text. Just a lossy note explaining that you went back to Eleanor. The worst part of it was that you didn’t even have the guts to do it to my face.”


“NO LOU! You want the bloody truth here it is. I thought we went good but now I realize  we really weren’t. ”

I saw the tears begin to fall down her face. I stepped closer to her. I just wanted to be alone with her just hide away from the world for a while. “I couldn’t I-I just couldn’t.” I had no excuse I left but I always cared.

“You promised me if things changed we would talk. You broke that promise Lou.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you.” I mumbled.

“So a note with a stupid cheap explanation on it was the best idea? Because guess what Lou it all hurts the same in the end.”

I studied her face.” Your absolutely right, but guess what it hurt me to. It killed me doing that to you.“

"Then why did you do it?” She asked.

I didn’t know how to answer her. Why did she have to make this so hard? Nothing was going to change. “Wasn’t the summer enough?” I asked her.

She shook her head. “No Lou, but now it really doesn’t matter.”

I ran a hand threw my hair. "I’m glad you said so.”

“What? Lou your confusing me.”

“Really? Because to me it’s finally clear.”

She raised her eyebrow at me as if to say go on.

“I was sitting here thinking of you before I even saw you. How you made me feel and I realized something. What me and El have is normal boring but what we had was exciting, unpredictable and most importantly everything I had ever wanted in a relationship.”

“What are you saying Lou?”

“I want you. Not just for the summer but every day.” I said while stepping closer to her. “I loved you then but I’m in love with you now." 

"What about Eleanor?”

“We’re done. Even if you decide you can’t be with me because I would rather be alone than ever be with someone who wasn’t you. Y/N this is me fighting for you.”

I looked into her eyes and saw the conflict and chaos that was wrecking havoc on her. “I-I don’t know what to say Lou.”

I stepped close enough to feel her breath on my cheek. “What ever you need to say.”

“I-” Y/N stopped in mid sentence and grabbed me. and intertwined our fingers together. “I want us to Lou but you have to prove it.”

I smiled before capturing her lips. I finally did it . I finally had someone who let me be me and I was going to prove to her that I was the one for her.

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My crush is so beautiful, she's not even in this world it seems. Her hair is long and brown and wavy in just the right way. It's messy perfection. And oh lord her eyes. I could look at them forever and ever. She's so smart and *swoon* The first time I talked to her, I felt like she got me. I was sitting next to her in class and I physically had to force myself to stop thinking about her to focus on the lesson. (Ah, in a bi girl by the way 😂) I hope she isn't straight..



MC x Yamato

Winner: hispouty

Prompt: MC’s father falls into financial problems and a wealthy family offers to save his business if the MC marries their eldest son, leaving Yamato. But they run into each other four months later!

Note: MC’s name is Akira.

“Dad…” Akira’s voice was soft, almost a whisper as she tried to grasp what her father just told her. 

“I know it’s sudden sweetheart but your mother and I…” He trailed off, agreeing with how crazy this all sounded. 

On her end she played with the phone cord the fell from the phone. They both thought the same thing, how crazy this al sounded, and yet…

“Ok dad.” She said, taking a deep breath, “I’ll come back home.”

The other end of the line was quiet for some time before her father spoke again, “I’m grateful sweetheart but is this really-”

“Dad,” She cut off, smiling to herself, “I know how you feel and I know the position you are in but I would do anything for you and mom.” she confirmed. It was true, her parents were the ones besides her from the very start. Encouraging her to move to Tokyo, helping her throughout school and little things along the way. They were the ideal, loving and caring parents, how could she not want to help them now?

“We will be waiting,” Was all he said before the phone call ended. Sighing, she hung up and looked around her apartment she shared with Yamato. So many memories were here in the small home as she slowly walked to the bedroom, packing her things. She wasn’t sure if she should wait for him or not. Should she just leave? Should she explain things? 

What she really wanted for him was to be able to move on, even if he hated her for the rest of her life.

She wrote a brief note, stating that she went back home and was ending the engagement. Pulling out her sim card and placing it on the table so he knew he couldn’t call her to reach her. 

Taking another deep breath she pushed open the door, sliding the key back into the lock to lock it before shoving it under the door. 

That was four months ago. Since then, Akira had married Tatsumi Yuno, a world famous business leader of Yuno Corp who bailed out her parents business. 

She wouldn’t say she was neither unhappy or happy, but he wasn’t Yamato. 

He would come home infrequently, not that she minded. She simply went about her chores in the house, did the shopping and went to bed. Her life was dull in Tokyo, a place that was once full of so much life and vigor now was lackluster as she was confined to the walls of their huge home. 

Their relationship was awkward to say the least. The marriage was fast, the honeymoon never happened, and they both didn’t know each other at all to even develop opinions about each other. 

Walking to go buy groceries for the night, Akira decided to swing by her old supermarket to pick up some homemade things before heading home. Walking out of the store, her eyes caught a flash of red as she turned to look, meeting the familiar reddish brown hair she was so used to. 

Time stopped for them as Yamato adjusted his gaze on the woman before him. The same long, brown hair, slightly wavy, and brown eyes. She quickly looked away, as if to cover up her stare as she continued walking home, quickening her pace.

In those brief seconds she saw it. She saw the love that never left.

She couldn’t face that. 

She could hear him calling behind her, “Pouty…!” 

She could hear his footsteps, in a apparent run to get to her.

She could hear his breath as he got closer.

She didn’t want to see him. Not now. She wasn’t ready for this yet…

“Pouty!” He called, placing a hand on her shoulder. She whisked around, eyes wide, like she didn’t even notice him at all.

“Y-yamato?” She asked, trying to play innocent.

“I-I finally found you.” He said, letting his forehead fall on her shoulder. She stood there in shock, not sure what to do as he continued talking, “When I read you letter I tried going to your parents house once I got the time off of work but you all were gone and I-”

“Yamato.” Her voice was soft, but stern and demanding as if to tell him to get off of her.

He cautiously put some distance between them, waiting for her to speak. But she simply turned around and began walking. ‘Please don’t follow me, please don’t follow me.’ She repeated to herself as she felt the tears already falling from her eyes.

“Akira.” The gentleness of his voice caused her to turn around without him having to grab her. Her tearstained cheeks and puffy eyes caused him to choke on the words he was about to say, “Why are you crying silly?” He asked, pinching her cheek in response. The floodgates were let go as she clung to his chest, dropping the bags of groceries.

He held her close, savoring the warmth he missed for these past four months. Why did she leave? Where did she go? He wanted to ask so bad, he was so desperate, yet he bite his tongue as he stroked the back of her head. It was a conversation for another time, “Let’s just go back home Pouty.” He said, pulling back to look in her face. 

Akira felt her face cloud over as she looked to the side. If it was any other time she would have happily said yes but now she couldn’t, “You should just forget about me Yamato.” She said, putting her hands on his chest and gently trying to push him away.

He kept his grip firm, pulling her back in harder as he gazed into her eyes, “But we are engaged!”

The words hurt. She felt as if her heart had been ripped out and thrown on the ground. She lied to him, but worse, she had gotten married to someone not him.

He looked at her face, confused as to why she looked hurt as she began on shaky breaths, “I…I got married Yamato.” She watched his face as it held no emotions, no expressions. His mouth was slightly agape as she felt his fingers grip into her shoulder more and more.

“I-is that true?” He asked.

Akira looked at his face, the absolute devastation and hurt clearly written across it as she began to form the words that would send him away forever, but she couldn’t say them. Her throat felt hot, like she was suffocating from the intense conversation and her eyes were watery, with obvious tears threatening to come back out. She had to say it, she had to, but she couldn’t. She just couldn’t lie to herself like that and to him. 

“I-” She started, but she began to choke back on her words as Yamato gently wiped them away.

“It’s not true is it Pouty. You still love me.” He said kindly, leaning in to place his lips on hers. She reached up and grabbed his hand that cupped her cheek, his other firmly around her waist as they exchanged a long awaited kiss.

She missed him so much.

And couldn’t lie anymore.

“Yamato…” She whispered as they broke the kiss, their faces still close in proximity to one another.

“Let’s go home Pouty.” He said, pulling away and holding out his hand.

She thought about what she was doing and all the repercussions that would follow, but she couldn’t lie to herself anymore as she reached out and took the hand she missed so much. 

Black Keys (Baekhyun, OC) Part 1

Okay, so I was listening to Baek and Chen’s “Really I didn’t Know” from Immortal Song 2 and… inspiration hit :P 

OC- Leila

(Baekhyun’s POV)


The sound of the monitor woke me from another nightmare. A nightmare that’s been haunting me for the past few months; always the same one: me sitting on the cold stone floor, a girl—my girl—wrapped in my arms, and then slowly, so very slow…I feel her grip on me loosen; feel her body go cold until it’s only her lifeless form against my aching chest. 

I sat up straight in my seat, wincing as my back ached. I hate sleeping on this chair. I hate everything about it here: the white linen cloths, the small empty refrigerator in the corner, and the smell of medicine and antiseptic, which burned my nostrils like I’m inhaling gaseous fumes. I never liked hospitals. I never got really sick so I wasn’t one to go here often. The worse sickness I had was probably the flu. I never had anyone to visit in hospitals either, nor do I have regular check ups. This was the first and longest time that I had to stay in a hospital. And the reason for my stay in this horrid place is lying on the bed right in front of me.

Leila laid there sleeping, pale and unmoving, her chest heaving slowly. A series of tubes and wires are connected to her nose and arms, probably the only thing keeping her strong enough to wake up. I hate to think that way but that’s the cold hard truth. She has cancer, though you could hardly tell whenever she’s awake. She always has a smile on her face, talks too much, and tries to brighten everyone’s mood. That’s Leila for you, the flower girl. I could still remember the first time I met her…



It was a rainy Thursday afternoon when I entered the coffee shop in front of the rehearsals studio, where I’ve been practicing for the past eight hours. I was feeling horrible, considering the fact that I was completely blank and couldn’t write a new piece. My mentor was breathing down my neck like a hawk, saying things like: “You can do it. Just keep playing.”, as if that was going to help. And then there’s the weather, which was a freakin’ downpour, making everything worse. My favorite leather shoes were wet and I was shivering from the cold. I wanted to growl at the sky for giving me the worse day ever.

Once I got into the coffee shop, the heater hit my face like a warm embrace, the smell of coffee beans were comforting, lessening my sour mood. I removed my bonnet and shook my slightly wet hair as I made my way to the counter.

“A cappuccino please. Make it a Grande.” I said to the girl on the counter as I fished my wallet from my pocket.

“Coming right up, “ she smiled as she took a cup. “Can I have your name please?”

“It’s Baekhyun.”

“Come here often, Baekhyun?” the girl asked, flirtatiously. I so don’t have time for this, I groaned inwardly.  “Not really.”

“Really?” she smiled slyly, finding her grin a little too forced and unnaturaly; like she was trying too hard. “Cause I see you almost everyday going in and out of that building across the street.”

“Uh-huh.” Busted, I thought. “Must’ve mistake me for someone else, then.” I didn’t want to be mean, but I was just not in the mood. The girl seemed to get the idea and deliberately ignored me throughout the rest of my stay. I turned from the counter and looked for a seat. The coffee place was packed and there wasn’t a vacant table in sight except for one stool in between a girl and a guy on a long table lining the window.

“Grande Cappuccino for Baekhyun!” the barista called and I handed in my receipt, got my coffee, and went over to the stool.

The girl was hunched over the table, reading, while the guy was busily typing on his laptop. I placed my bag by my feet and sat down; my back facing the window, elbows leaning against the table. I took a sip of the coffee and sighed; immediately feeling better.

My phone started vibrating in my pocket but I ignored it. Knowing it’s probably my mentor calling for another practice session. I’m a pianist slash singer-songwriter. In training that is. I’m only twenty years old but I’ve already graduated from music school. They say that it wasn’t at all surprising, considering that my grandfather was one of the most renowned pianists that ever lived. Byun Baekhyun, whom I was named after. It runs in the genes, they say,

Thinking about my family background was starting to sour my mood all over again, reminding me of my writer’s block, so I changed course. I looked around to keep my mind occupied and found myself glancing to my right, my eyes meeting a silver chain on a narrow wrist. It was a simple bracelet but what caught my eyes were the charms on it. They were music charms; notes, piano keys, sharps, and the like. My eyes glanced higher and I saw her holding a hardbound book with a blue jacket. It was completely bare so I didn’t know what she was reading. I then moved to her clothes. She was wearing a yellow floral dress over a white cardigan; a sharp contrast to the current weather we were having.

Who wears a summer dress during the rainy season?

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” The girl said, not taking her eyes off her book. I blushed at her comment and immediately looked away, sipping my coffee as to hide my embarrassment. I could see the girl smiling from the corner of my eye. She was laughing at me! Oh dear god…

Turning a page, she suddenly looked over at me with a teasing smile. “What? Got tired already?”

I looked to my right and was completely blown away by the sight of her. She was beautiful. Pale-skinned with rosy cheeks like a porcelain doll. Her eyes were bright green with flecks of gold, her nose and cheeks were dusted with freckles, and her smile made my stomach churn—in a good way. Her wavy dark brown hair fell just below her shoulders, shrouding the edges of her face.

She looked at me expectantly so I guess I was staring at her too long. Though I think I said something like, “Uh…”

She giggled, “It’s okay. Don’t have to be embarrassed.”

I cleared my throat, “Sorry. I was just—“ I though of an excuse for staring and then I saw her book. “Just wondering what you’re reading there.”

She smiled. gods her smile was beautiful. “This?” she held the book, “Nothing special. Just something I pulled up from my Mom’s chest.”

“Ah.” I said. “Must be a classic, then?”

“Not really.” She shrugged. “Thought it’s nice enough. I started it and couldn’t stop.”

“What’s the title?”

“The End.”

I snorted, “Well that’s ironic. However did you start with it?”

She laughed, a sweet melodious sound like playing the high notes on the piano keys. “You’ll be surprised.” Suddenly, thunderclaps sounded outside and the rain poured even more. I scowled, now I’ll get my shoes wet even more!

 I looked back at the girl and was surprised to see a totally different expression gracing her face. It was an expression of pure and utter bliss. She looked at me, still smiling and I had the sudden urge to kiss her.

Sh*t Baek, I thought. Don’t be a creep!

“Don’t you just love it?” She whispered; a dreamy expression etched on her features.

“What?” I asked in a daze.

“The rain.” She gestured towards the window, still smiling.

“Uh, not really. It gets me wet, it cancels shows, and it disrupts my Internet connection at home.”

The girl looked at me and rolled her eyes, “Well if you look at it that way—“

“How should I look at it?”

“Don’t you love the way the water sounds when it hits the ground? That pitter-patter thing? Or the way water blobs look through the windows? Like dewdrops against the glass?” she said and as she touched the glass in front of her. “Ooh! There’s also the way the water feels when it hits your skin… like a sweet kiss.”

“A kiss?” I asked, giving her a weird expression.

“Yeah. A kiss. A Kiss from the rain.” She murmured as she looked out the window; a look of tranquil gracing her features. I stared at her, knowing I should be wierded out by what she just said but it turns out that I found her explanation quite wonderful. She saw things in a different way… a good… beautiful way, unlike me. In fact, after hearing her side, it kind of made me feel like Scrooge from A Christmas Carol.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

She snapped out from her reverie and looked at me, “Oh! How rude of me. It’s Leila. Leila Gray.” She reached out her hand and I took it; noticing how soft it was. “Ah. The ‘heavenly flower’.” I quoted, and she snorted as she rolled her eyes at me. “And you are?”

“Byun Baekhyun.”

“Like the pianist?”

“My grandfather.” I nodded, preparing myself for the usual response. The ‘Oh my god! Seriously?’ or the “No way?! You are?!’ By the looks of her bracelet and the fact that she knew my grandfather, she was probably a music enthusiast and the odds of her doing that was most likely.

“Nice to meet you, Baek.” was all she said, surprising me. And as she smiled, I swore I heard a melody form in my head.

End of Flashback


Seeing her this way makes me want to hurl a table across the room, or punch a hole in the wall. I hate it. I hate the way her eyes are closed, hiding her beautiful green eyes; hate the way her hair lay lifeless on her pillow, a sharp contrast to her now pale white skin; hate the way her expression is so blank and empty, like there’s no life left in her. I hate the way she looks like she’s dying even though I know she is. But I refuse to accept it.

She promised she would fight.

We would fight…together.

To be continued.


I just love writing Baek in these kinds of stories… keke~ Anyway, how was Part one? Do you guys want more? :P


Meeting The Dolan Twins for the First Time:

Your Name- Carly

Your Best Friends Name- Lauren

Meeting The Dolan Twins and more PART ONE:

You and your friend, lauren, got tickets to see ethan and grayson today. Lauren wasn’t really that big of a fan, but you were. You both did your hair, makeup, and each put on a cute outfit. You were wearing high waisted shorts with a black crop top, and your vans. You slightly curled your long brown hair so it was wavy. Lauren was wearing jean shorts, and a loose white crop top. She wore her “rainbow” flip flops, and straightened her long dirty blonde hair. It was in the middle of the summer, so it was soo hot out! Lauren kept complaining during the car ride about the heat, but you didnt, because you would do anything to meet the one and only Ethan Dolan. As you got in line to take a picture, you saw them posing, and signing stuff for all the other girls. You felt jealous in a way. You and lauren were almost up, and there were only a couple people in front of you. Finally it was your turn and Ethan looked at you. His eyes met your eyes. Your heart stopped. For a couple seconds you guys just stood there and looked at each other.

Ethans POV

Oh my god, shes beautiful. Prettiest blue eyes i have ever seen. She really stands out. SHIT, shes gonna think im weird staring alright enough fantasizing talk to her you dip shit.

Your POV

Why is he staring at me omg does he think im ugly or pretty, is there something in my teeth?

You go up to hug Ethan and unlike any other fan, he holds you closer and the hug was genuine and not just another “fan” hug. You both could tell. The moment you touched him, your heart sank and you couldnt help but to melt. After you hugged you guys smiled at eachother and he finally started talking.

Ethan: Hey, whats your name? *says in a flirty way”

You: Im Carly (: *you smile* …i definitely don’t know your name could you tell me?

Ethan: hahahahaa funny

*you both smile at eachother until a rude voice interupts*


You and ethan quickly pose for a picture. You gave him one last hug goodbye. All the sudden as you were walking away he runs back up to you and secretly hands you a note saying : “Meet me behind the building at 10:00 …You looked back and winked at him. After you got out of the building you screamed off the top of your lungs, jumped around like a kangaroo, and could wipe the happiness of your face. You go to your hotel room to quickly freshen up. In your bag you bring mints, chap stick, perfume, a hair tie, money, and your phone. Your hotel was right next to the building. When its time, you walk out, around the corner and find Ethan standing there. It was a little chilly so he had on a sweatshirt, and shorts. When he sees you he smiles with a smirk this time, and hugs you. You said whats up. He replied with:

Ethan: Hey, your different then any other fan..i can tell. I wanna get to know you better. Lets go for a walk on the beach

A couple hours later its midnight and you find yourself laughing, and having the best night with Ethan. Walking and talking and laughing, you guys hit it off. Suddenly Ethan pushed you in the water playfully and started running away. You got up and pushed him right back. He was so tall and strong that you failed, but you tried. Both you smiling, and laughing having so much fun. You jump on his back and try to push him down and this time it worked. You landed on his chest in the soft sand, under the dark sky lit up with stars, and you eyes met. He pulled you closer and your lips touched. The feeling of his arms wrapped around your back felt perfect. After about 10 seconds, Ethan pulled away and said “I want to be with you, only you”…You continued kissing, and the rest was all a blur. In the morning, you woke up with a blanket on you, but you were alone on the beach. The waves sounded so pretty, the sun was just rising, but where was Ethan? For a moment you thought he left you, but you turned around to see him just walking on the beach with breakfast he just bought. You were so happy to see him, and went in for a kiss. He got under the blanket with you and snuggled for a little while eating your breakfast. All the sudden, you just realized you never told Lauren where you were so you freaked out. Ethan said its okay, I called her myself telling her you were with me and that you were safe this morning. You finally felt better, and hugged him tighter.

Ethan: Hey do you wanna maybe spend the rest of the weekend at my place with Lauren?
Carly: Really? you would do that for me
Ethan: Of course..I’m leaving tonight
Carly: Okay, Yeah! that sounds fun
Ethan: Great I have to go now for another meet up, but ill text you later on whats happening *kisses you on the cheek* bye
Carly: Cya

After he left the beach you just kind of laid there and let everything that happened the past 12 hours sink in. You call Lauren and tell her the news. Lauren comes and picks you up and wants to know every detail. After telling her, you notice her jaw drop, and has been dropped ever since you told her about the kiss.

That night, you and Lauren packed your bags in complete excitement. Suddenly, you heard a knock on your hotel door. It was Ethan and Grayson. You were shocked and said omg hey. Ethan introduced you to Grayson, and you introduced him to Lauren. Lauren and Grayson were flirting with each other in that tiny moment you and Ethan winked at each other each thinking “there hitting it off.” Without Hesitating, Ethan runs into the room and starts jumping on the bed. Being your crazy self, you decide to join him. As your jumping you both are screaming at each other because its hard to hear.

Ethan: *Pushes you off bed*
Carly: *gets up and grabd ethan by his ankles making him fall on his face*
Lauren: Well these 3 minutes have been interesting.
Grayson: We will leave you guys alone to kill each other, come on Lauren lets go get some ice cream
Lauren: Okayyy
Carly: Nice Job Ethan, there gone (:

Ethan pulls you close and you guys start making out. You have an hour so you decide to turn on netflix and snuggle. The warm blankets, comfy pillows, ethan holding you; they all give you this feeling of completeness, and you love it.  Somehow Ethan ended up with his shirt off, and his toned arms were around you with your head on his warm beating chest. You felt safe, and comfortable and you both fell into a light content sleep with eachother other. Gray and Lauren woke us up by jumping on the bed. We had 5 minutes to get down stairs to the lobby until the cab leaves. Ethan puts his shirt on, and all of you grab your luggage and go. You guys made it, but you were all squished together in the back. You were in Atlantic City NJ and needed to get to Long Valley NJ and they were an hour and a half away from each other. The car ride consisted of dance parties, vines, pit stops, and naps. You and Ethan were still tired from the night before, so you guys did most of the napping, holding each others hands the whole way. The cab drivers voice woke you up in your nap/day dream. You finally arrived to there house.


Once you pull up, Ethan quickly gets out, and opens the door for you. Even after insisting he didn’t have to, he took your bags and carried them to his front door. His parents were expecting you and Lauren, so they open up and introduce themselves. They were welcoming and seemed to really like you. You, lauren, Ethan, and Grayson all went down into the basement. It was huge! It was pretty late, so everyone just threw a couple of blankets down, and turned on a movie. Towards the end of the movie you and Ethan noticed Lauren and Grayson were asleep. Out of nowhere, Ethan comes over to kiss you. His lips on your lips. You both were in sync. You didn’t realize the time passing by and it was already 2 am, so you went to bed. A couple hours later, you found yourself a couple feet away from ethan, and without a blanket. You do sleep walk sometimes, so this doesn’t surprise you. Ethan surprisingly isn’t asleep because he has a fucked up sleeping schedule, and he’s scrolling through instagram. He notices your awake.

Carly: How the hell did I get over hear
Ethan: I think you sleep walk hahah, omg you don’t have a blanket, come here.
Carly: *walks over*
Ethan: Here, come under mine.

You are body to body with Ethan and felt a lot better.  You look up at him and you smile, and say thanks. You were wearing a thin white tank, and grey sweat pants that Ethan let you borrow. Your boobs were hanging out of your shirt, but you didn’t mind, and either did Ethan. Ethan was shirtless and was wearing black sweats. Ethan kisses your forehead and says lets go to sleep. You and Ethan lay together until morning.

In the morning, your all woken up by Mrs. Dolan calling you up for breakfast. You were so happy to wake up next to your boyfriend, Ethan. During breakfast, Mr and Mrs. Dolan talked to you about your family, where your from, what you like to do,etc… They really liked you. They both left frantically, Mr. Dolan stuffing his third pancake in his mouth, running out the door for work. Cameron, there sister woke up a little late but finally met you and was sorry she was also rushing to go to her friends house. You, Ethan, Grayson, and Lauren had the house all to yourselves for the day.

Today was scorching hot and sunny. The past few months there has been a drought and it hasn’t rained in forever. After breakfast, you and Lauren go downstairs to get changed into your bathing suits. You had a black strapless bikini top on, with hot pink bottoms. Lauren had on a white bikini top, with blue bottoms. During the day you filled water balloons with paint and threw them at each other, squirted each other with the hose, swam in there pool, went on there slip&slide, jumped on there trampoline, and did a bunch of stupid, fun stuff. This was the best day of your life, and you were sure of it. Sun kissed skin, pale freckles, toasted golden hair, sun reflections off your eyes. This was summer. This was the best summer of your life. This was the start of something new, and everyone knew it and loved it. You were all just living in the moment. In that moment. You had each other, and thats all that mattered. At around 4 it was starting to get dark. Non stop laughing, and smiling this whole day all because of this one boy. Grayson made a little optical course thingy. Ethan and Carly vs Lauren and Grayson.  You and Lauren hopped on the twins backs. Then, go. Go was the start to the best summer of your life. In that moment it was complete happiness, and all you heard were the sounds of laughter. Ethan fell and gently landed. You were now on top of him in the middle of the street. A rain drop. A rain drop fell from the sky onto Ethan’s face. Then more. The drought was over. This time, you pulled in for a kiss, and their you were. Laying in the middle of the street, together, in the rain. Perfectly in sync. The rain dropped, and before you knew it, it was pooring. He got up, and picked you up, and carried you too his garage to dry off. Lauren and Grayson were still in the street playing around, they really seemed to like each other. Ethan gave you a piggy back ride into his room when you got somewhat dried off. He let you down, then looked at you.

Ethan: Your the most amazing girl I have ever met. In just the last 3 days I’ve gotten to know you so well. Your beautiful, fun, sweet, genuine, crazy, and a mystery. Your not predictable, because theres always something new with you. Im so happy I met you. *Ethan looks at you passionately*
Carly: *smiles softly…walks behind her to close and lock his door*

You walk back slowly to Ethan and he looks at you genuinely with compassion. You slowly wrap your arms around him and kiss him on his lips. He picks you up and gently throws both of your bodies against the wall. He takes his shirt off. His chest was so warm and you felt comfortable with him. You on the bed and he unhooks your bra. And so on….

Closed RP with flower-princess-morticia

It was another day that Morty was skipping out on school. He didn’t see the point in being there when he knew that he wasn’t going to be learning anything. Instead, he spent his time wandering around the Citadel, observing different Mortys and watching the expressions on Ricks’ faces when they realised that he was alone. At first they wanted him, then they realised that he was broken, damaged. He was another Rick’s leftovers, abandoned and damned to be a Rickless Morty forever. He didn’t mind all too much though. He had his freewill, which was nice. 

A he walked around, his eyes landed on a sight he had never seen before. A girl. A girl with a Rick. Not just any girl, this girl looked like him. She wore his favourite shirt, favourite jeans. Her hair was long and wavy, eyes the same shade of brown. Was she a Morty? He had never seen a girl version of himself. In curiosity, he decided to walk up to her. He began writing on his board as he walked, ‘Are you a Morty?’ he wrote. The moment he got near her, he tapped her shoulder and held the board so she could see. He was curious.

You forgot to tell me you love me

Summary: I’m a mess inside and you’re the only one that can fix me. [[Gruvia]]

Word count: 7300

Pairings: Gruvia, mentions of Nalu, Gale, JuviaXRufus

Genre: Romance/angst/hurt and comfort

Rating: Mature

A/N: I always wanted to try some angst, maybe I’ll fail with that genre but bleh—You know me, loves Drama and Drama and more drama. This is one of the dumps on my documents.

Available in [FF.NET]

Disclaimer: Shhhh, Me don’t own Fairy tail.  credits to the creator of the picture. Edited by me

You forgot to tell me you Love me
So it’s gonna be forever
Or it’s gonna go down in flames


At the young age of 17, Juvia Lockser had known what it felt like to fall in love. She got married at the age of 21, and a year after she and her husband was blessed with a cute baby boy they named Gabriel. She had never been so happy in her life, she thought nothing could ever break them apart.

And just like everything else, nothing was perfect and her fairy tale-like life suddenly got crushed when her husband asked for a divorce.


She watched him go to work with a smile on her face, she watched him smile at her with deceit, and she watched him be unfaithful.

Their life was so perfect. She married her first love and on the first year of their marriage they were blessed with a healthy baby boy, they named Gabriel, their little angel. He was so solicitous, he might not be vocal when it came to his feelings, but he always made her feel it. And she never failed to tell him how much she loved him, so what made him so cold to her?

What made him drift away from her?

What made him wanted to leave her?

“mummy sad?” her two year old baby asked, his big innocent raven-eyes blinked towards her as his chubby little hands held her face in between. Juvia smiled softly, tears still falling from her blue orbs, “N-no” her voice weakly trailing away. “Mummy is just tired.”

“oh. Okay, but no sad mummy.” he shook his head, his curly blue hair bouncing and his cherub face made her somewhat stronger.

“He thought I’m blind, he thought I’m deaf, he thought I’m numb….but I’m not, I’m a wreck inside.” She watched as her baby’s face turned into a questioning gaze and Juvia just hugged him tighter. For Gabriel, she would be strong.


“You should take a rest Juvia, I know you need it.” Lucy advised, as she followed the blunette’s frantic movements. Juvia was currently in a state of panic because she had to pick her son at school and she had to finish loads and loads of paper works.

Juvia turned her head towards the blonde. “Lucy-san, I can’t take a rest right now, Aquarius-san will be furious at me once she found out that I missed something and I have to pick Gab later from school.” Lucy just sighed as the blunette walked around the office arms full of papers.

“Why not ask Gray to pick Gab?” once her words came out, Lucy immediately cringed, because she knew how sensitive Juvia was whenever she heard her ex-husband’s name.

Yes, her ex-husband, that cheating no-good-of-an-excuse-of-a-man Gray Fullbuster. The famous Gray Fullbuster, the owner of the famous Ice Lance Corporation, with his money, even though he and Juvia were divorced, Juvia could still live with luxury and no worries, who would have thought that the beautiful 27 year old woman would be very adamant of not using the money that her ex-husband had been giving to her for sustenance.

Juvia stilled her movements and slowly looked at Lucy. “Juvia—I didn't—”

“No, it’s alright. You’re right.” Lucy’s chocolate brown orbs watched as Juvia’s long wavy hair that fell like springs of curls on her back bounced.

The older woman looked shocked; she could not believe that Juvia was not angry “I’m right?”

“yes. I’ll just call him.”

The blonde could not help but be saddened when she saw how Juvia’s face hurtled in pain. It had been two years since the two had divorced and up until now, Juvia would still cringe at the mention of that guy.

Once she was outside, Juvia heaved a heavy sigh she did not know where she got. Looking down at her phone, she searched for her ex-husband’s name. When it started to ring, she could not help the pain covering her heart, because she knew that she would hear his voice, and out of all the things she had loved about him, she hated all of him.

“Hello” his voice deep and husky, her grip on the phone got tighter, she rarely called him. Even though, they were not together he still gave her his personal phone number and not his business phone number.

“C-Could you pick Gab at school? I will be working over time.”

She waited for his answer, he seemed hesitant, “Juvia?” the way he said her name made her shiver and she hated it, two years, two years had gone past between them, up until now he had an effect on her and she hated it.

“Yes, it’s me.”

From the other line she did not want to believe it but he seemed to be smiling and she did not want to raise her hope up. “Uh…of course, I can pick him up.” There was a long pause between them. Neither of them wanted to speak up, just savoring the silence that had transpired.

“….Is there something else?” he suddenly asked. There was hesitancy in his voice that made her heart beat a tad faster. It felt like he wanted to prolong their conversation.

“..No, that’s all, thanks.”

And she hunged up.

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jillypickle prompted: How about single dad Kurt meets single dad Blaine because their teenagers start dating?

“Okay tell me again. You’re going on what with who now?”

Audrey sighs like the weight of the world is draped across her narrow shoulders and pushes her broccoli around on her plate. “On a date. With a boy. I told you like, a million times Dad, god.

“Okay, first let’s watch the tone,” Kurt says and she huffs, then stabs a broccoli with the tines of her fork. “Second, you are thirteen. Even if you were allowed to date, which you aren’t by the way because you are thirteen, where would you go? How would you get there? Bicycle? Razor Scooter to a romantic picnic under the monkey bars perhaps?”

She scowls and Kurt can’t help the teasing smile on his face. It’s too easy and she’s so cute when she’s pissed off at him. Well, sometimes. The door slamming isn’t his favorite.

“It’s not funny.” She takes a bite of food then looks up, big sad eyes and defeated posture and that does not bode well for his resolve. “He’s really nice and super polite and he said his dad would come and he even asked if I would accompany him to the movies like, who says that? He’s really cute Dad, all the girls in class think so. And Toby.”

“Well if Toby thinks so,” Kurt jokes again, but Audrey still looks put out so Kurt relents. “Okay. Get me his dad’s number and as long as he’s onboard and will be staying with you the entire time I’ll consider it.”

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An Angel


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*Gif credit to the wonderful person that made this!*

Stiles was walking to class when he heard the most beautiful sound to ever grace his ears. It was a mixture of piano keys being played and the voice of an angel singing their heart out without a care in the world, and god it was amazing. He followed the sound towards the music room and stopped in his tracks at the crowd surrounding the door. They all wore looks of complete astonishment on their faces and Stiles was just as mesmerized as them, so he tried to get a closer look.

Stiles ducked under some arms and wove through the crowd to get a decent view of the concert going on in the music room. And his heart got caught in his throat because what a sight. A girl was sitting on the stool playing keys and singing lyrics as she went, and she seemed to be completely unaware of the crowd that had formed outside of the door. It was absolutely mesmerizing and Stiles was so sure that she couldn’t be anything other than an angel.

Her golden brown hair was long and wavy, flowing down her back like a waterfall. Her eyes were closed and her entire body moved as she played, the smile gracing her face was contagious and Stiles couldn’t look away from it. Her fingers moved so skillfully among the keys like this was what she was meant to do with them and god her voice. It was almost intoxicating and from the looks of everyone else gathered in the hallway, it must’ve been.

Stiles recognized what she was singing and noticed that she was close to the end of the song. Instantly, he was a bit afraid of what she’d feel when she found out that she had just put on a show for all of the people in the hallway and he kind of wanted everyone to leave before she realized.

“Come on, let it go

Just let it be

Why don’t you be you?

And I’ll be me

And I’ll be me”

And now it was too late because she was done singing. And she was opening her eyes. And looking straight at Stiles and god he felt like he was going to throw up. Stiles did the first thing that came to his mind, which was leaving as fast as possible, instead it became more of a ‘flail around and push people out of the way’ kind of thing. He ran down the hallway and towards his class, the one that he was now 5 minutes late to.

Scott looked at him weirdly and whispered, “Where have you been?”

“I was watching an angel play piano in the music room, she saw me and I had to run away.” Stiles said in the most serious voice, pulling out his things.

“Oo-kay.” Scott turned back towards the front of the class and started taking notes.

Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 14

Photo not mine

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 

Warning: Talk about Cutting

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,663

I woke up the next morning giddy and ready for this date with Luke. Even though I was still a little uncertain about the story behind his reasons for “cheating” on me, I couldn’t help myself but feel a bit excited to spend time with Luke. Pulling my hair that had some curls in it from sleeping with it in a bun into a high pony tail that reached mid back, I stepped into some black jeans that ended a third of the way down my shin and a simple white t-shirt. I decided to leave my makeup to a minimal today only putting on a bit of conceal and mascara before making my way downstairs and grabbing an apple to eat.

About 20 minutes later, the doorbell went off sending me flying to open it.

“Hey,” I gave Luke a casual smile as he took me in.

“How do you always look so amazing even when you’re not trying?” He asked me though it wasn’t one of those questions you’re supposed to respond to. Instead I blushed, grabbing my purse and following him out into his car.

If the car ride had counted as a way to prove that he still loved me then I’d already be throwing myself at him. Both of us laughed at the other as we sang along to songs that would be considered to be the type that you’d put in your “Embarrassing Songs” playlist on your IPod. It took us nearly a half hour to get to the amusement park before parking and jumping out of the tiny Toyota. We made our way quickly through the gates and into the center of madness.

“Lets go on that one.” I pointed to what looked like the biggest roller coaster in the park.

Luke looked at me as if waiting for the punchline of the joke. “You’re joking right?” He finally asked once he saw how serious I was.

“What, are you scared, Hemmings?” I gave him a wicked smile before walking towards the lineup that hardly had any people in it. I heard Luke’s feet running to catch up with me.

“You just give off the impression of the type of person who’d want to go on the kiddie rides." 

Turning to him I felt another smile creep on my face, "Those sound like the words of a scared man.” I joked, “I thought bad boys weren’t scared of anything.”

His signature smirk made its appearance on his lips. “Just don’t be clinging on to me, Grey, when we’re being launched to the ground.”

With that we were already at the front of the line as we piled into the two seater carts. It was one of those roller coasters that had the track running over your head while your feet dangled helplessly below you. In that moment I felt a ting of uneasiness creep into my body causing me to go tense and double think my decision to come on this ride. Was it to prove to Luke that I wasn’t just some helpless girl who was scared of the world? To prove to him that if I could go on the biggest coaster in the park that I wasn’t as pathetic as what he might think?

A hand reached over mine, intertwining our fingers together. I looked over at Luke who was studying me. “You’re going to be fine,” He whispered to me. “I’m right here.”

My head nodded in understanding before we were shot forward, beginning our journey up the hill. My stomach was in my throat by now as I watched us approach the hill that was going to drop us back to the Earth.

“Look at me, Ella.” I heard Luke say from beside me as we continued holding hands. Swiftly, I turned my head to look at him then searching his eyes for the comfort I was seeking. “Think of this as if it was that argument that goes on in your head when you’re about to cut.” I stared at him, shocked that he knew that considering I’ve never actually went into detail about how I felt when I cut. “Think of how if you got to the top and jumped off onto the platform that you just fell into that dark pit. But if you continue going over the hill, being plunged down to the Earth that you’d be winning the battle against your mind. That today will be the day you won’t cut. That your brain doesn’t control you, you control yourself, Ella.”

I stared at him for a long moment taking in what he told me. I didn’t realize how close we were to the top before we got thrown forward and began racing downwards at a high speed. My grip in his hand tightened as he rubbing circles over my thumb in efforts of comforting me, reminding me that he was right there beside me. As the ride came to a stop, I felt a laugh erupt from my throat. Luke gave me a weird look before letting himself smile and letting out a small laugh too.

“That was awesome.” I smiled at him.

“See,” He began. “It wasn’t that bad.”

I just gave him a shrug once we finally got up from our seats in the cart. “Lets go on the next one.”


Luke’s P.O.V

It was nearly the end of the day by now and Ella and I have went on almost every ride at the park. I couldn’t remember the last time I had this much fun, it was probably one of the best days of my life.

“You should have seen your face,” She started. “You were absolutely terrified.”

“Was not,” I laughed. “I was just imitating other people on that ride.”

She hummed like she didn’t believe me only making my smile grow. Ella was so beautiful. She was perfect in every way from her honey brown hair to her olive skin to the band of faded freckles across both her cheeks and over her small button nose. But her perfection went further than what was just on the outside. She was a warrior, a person who was fighting a battle and trying her best to win it. She was strong and intelligent. And every single flaw about her only made her that much more beautiful.

“Why are you staring at me?” She asked looking worried and bringing her hands up to her mouth like she had something on her face.

“You’re beautiful.” I told her with a genuine smile. She turned from me but not quick enough to hide her deep blush that was creeping its way onto her neck.  

My eyes shifted from hers to ahead of us where I stopped mid step. Ella stopped walking once she noticed I wasn’t beside her, turning to look at me.

“What’s wrong?” She asked before she looked to where I was looking and went ridged telling me she was seeing what I was seeing. “Is this part of your plan to prove to me that you love me?” She asked coldly.

“No,” I whispered as both of us stared at Lux, the girl who Ella had spotted me flirting with the other night at the club. Her short blonde hair was hard to miss in the sea of girls with long wavy hair. She wore over sized shades that covered her chocolate brown eyes that reminded me of Ella’s and a shirt that looked more like a bra than anything else. With her being here triggered the thought of how close Jai must be. “Stay here.” I told Ella not waiting for her response knowing that she would only argue with me as I made my way over to Lux.

She spotted me when I was half way to her and smiled. She didn’t start talking though until I was only inches away from where she stood. “Got a new girl toy over there?” She nodded to where Ella was sitting on the bench not even trying to be secretive as she looked on at us.

“Where’s Jai?” I asked her completely ignoring her question.

“Luke,” My body went ridged when I heard that voice come from behind me knowing who it belonged to. Turning slowly, I met the eyes of Jai who stared up at me with amusement. “I was told I would find you here taking your little girl on a date.” He paused studying me for a while before saying with a smirk, “Does she know that you were flirting with, Lux? Oh wait, of course she does. She was there.”

Before I could think, I punched him. He had no right talking about Ella at all, let alone our relationship. I could care less that we were in a public place when I let my fist collide with his cheek though I was lucky the park was almost empty with it closing in a half hour.

“I can’t have you running around the streets you know, Jai.” I hissed in his ear as he tried to regain himself from the hit. “I need you locked up now and if not locked up then killed, because I have people to protect and knowing that you’re still here makes them unsafe. So I’m giving you the choice, either leave this city now or I’ll kill you with my own two hands.”

The smile that spread across his face was the reaction I was expecting him to wear, but not the words that came from his mouth. “If you’re so set on protecting people, then why didn’t you protect the one person who you care for most?”

I was about to ask him what he meant before he nodded his head to where Ella was sitting. But she was sitting there anymore. I did a full circle trying to look for any clues that she may be here. But she wasn’t. She was gone.

And then, everything went black.


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What You Gave To Me

Well this took on a life of its own. This is my contribution to Sexy Sunday, although I think it’s slightly more fluffy than sexy. I’ve never written anything like it before, so please be kind. Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated.

Pairing: Valdaya

Summary: After Zendaya, at the age of twenty-two, wins an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, she chooses to go see Val instead of attending the after party. 

Disclaimer: This is fiction, not reality.

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