shes good at killing enemies

anime magical girls
  • aries: is usually very energetic and eager about fighting. doesn't take the whole fighting evil thing too seriously unless it's necessary. she enjoys a good fight and likes to kick bad guy butt; probably smirking the whole time while fighting. she has great physical strength and can fight with her fists. She is pretty proud of her powers. she works together in a cheerful and close friendship with leo. they often go on expeditions together just for the fun of it. has a cheerful yet badass transformation, includes lots of fire (of course). her outfit includes lots of red and velvet.
  • taurus: she is more graceful and ladylike than most magical girls. her outfit includes lots of the color gold and bronze. her weapons are mainly golden daggers, which she throws at the enemy (she would rather not get too up close). she is usually calm while in battle. in fact, she shows almost no emotion (much like the other earth signs). she is a pretty merciful fighter, but don't let this fool you; she's a tough fighter. works in a duo with virgo. her transformation is graceful and smooth. almost every movement seems planned out perfectly. one of the more professional and mature of the magical girls community.
  • gemini: always ready to do some magical girl action! super cheerful friendly. she is a skilled and quick fighter; it's impossible to catch her in battle. she fights with a simple silver sword and her bare hands. her sword is her pride and joy, she polishes it and cares for it all the time. she also has the skill of speed. her outfit is pretty simple, and includes lime green and lots of sparkles!! she works with sagittarius, libra, and aquarius. she doesn't take battle too seriously, she often just does it for the fun of it and helping others. her transformation is very energetic, light-hearted, and very quick paced! she likes doing cool tricks with her partners in battle.
  • cancer: she is a gentle and a very delicate fighter. however, when provoked she can be quite violent (similar to the rest of the water magical girls). she has a magical silver bow and arrow that she uses to fight the enemy. the bow and arrow is made out of fairy magic, so it can do more than just shoot arrows. the bow and arrow can also shoot any form of water. her outfit includes pastel pink, silver, and a lot of laces. she isn't very keen about fighting, but she does what has to be done to protect the innocent. she fights along with pisces, they are both really close friends. her transformation is sweet and light hearted. she is quite solemn while in battle.
  • leo: there is one thing this magical girl hates the most; losing. she is a powerful fighter and it is very hard to lose a battle against her. like her partner, she doesn't think too much about the fact tags her life is at risk, and sees being a magical girl as something fun. she loves the pride of defeating the enemy, and being looked up to for saving others. she can be a little hot headed when seriously offended, however. she is also not that much of a merciful fighter. she can easily kill. she wears a rather casual and bright outfit. it also includes fire patterns to go with her powers; which are manipulating fire and sparks. her transformation is upbeat and powerful.
  • virgo: her outfit is formal and includes the colors brown and gold. she can control plants and vegetation. she mainly uses vines and thorns in battle. she is practical and uses planned out fighting skills. she prefers to get rid of the enemy as quickly as possible; she wants to just get the job done. she hates fighting and finds it very irritating when people cause trouble, and she usually takes it out on the villain. she does know how to be merciful, so she doesn't necessarily kill the enemy. however, she can give them a good beating. she works in a duo with taurus, and is usually serious when it comes to fighting. her transformation is simple yet quite intimidating.
  • libra: like her partners (which consist of aquarius, gemini, and sagittarius) she doesn't take fighting ton seriously. similar to virgo, she just wants to get things done and get the fighting over with. however, that doesn't mean she can't have a little fun while kicking butt! she can control weather, she mainly uses wind and storms to fight. her outfit is frilly and cute, and involves the colors white and gray. she is one of the more mature ones in her partnership, but she is also one of the most energetic. she is merciful in battle, but she can easily kill. her transformation is very happy and go-lucky. and a lot of sparkles too!
  • scorpio: a very determined and serious fighter. she fights using her own hands and a sword. she is in a partnership with capricorn; they are both sisters. she looks down upon evil and her goal is to completely demolish it, even though she knows deep down she cannot. she isn't afraid to kill. in fact, she kills the enemy most of the time, which results in evil forces fearing her and her sister. she hates it when innocent civilians die, so she is always the first one there when people are being attacked by some evil magical being. her her outfit is a bit darker than the common magical girl, and it includes purple and black. her transformation is dark yet badass.
  • sagittarius: happy, go lucky, and a really badass fighter! she works together with libra, gemini, and aquarius. like leo, sagittarius can use sparks and flames. however, she also has a bow and arrow to help her out as well. she is a carefree fighter, but can really beat someone up when it comes to it. she is not afraid to kill, but she kills off the enemy quickly and swiftly; she doesn't want to watch the villain suffer. her outfit includes yellow and orange, and she has a bracelet to provide her with her source of flames. she is probably smirking the whole time while fighting, and hates to lose (especially when innocent civilians are hurt or killed). her transformation is much like the rest of her partners; happy yet intimidating.
  • capricorn: can control rocks and earth. she is a serious and determined fighter, and works along with scorpio, her sister. she is a talented and experienced fighter; people look up to her for both her wisdom and her talents. when fighting, she is swift, fierce, and overall a powerful and unmerciful fighter. her outfit is simple yet fashionable, and it includes the colors white and creamy brown. she is quite intimidating to her enemy, and both her and her sister are feared by villains. she does enjoy a good battle, but would rather not have the fight last long, she has other things she would rather do. she appears almost emotionless during battle. her transformation is dark yet classy.
  • aquarius: what better way to spend a friday night by kicking bad-guy butt? she is perky, badass, and a strange and intimidating fighter. she controls winds and storms, and she has a sword to assist her as well. she works along with sagittarius, gemini, and libra. her fighting tactics are quite random, yet always seem to work. she enjoys helping others, and loves a good battle; she isn't afraid to kill the enemy. she usually wears that classic anime cat face while fighting the enemy. she sees battling the enemy like a game, and she wins every time. her outfit includes the colors light blue and turquoise; she added a few personal touches to her outfit (patterns, sparkles, etc.). her transformation is exciting and badass.
  • pisces: like her partner, cancer, she is a delicate fighter, but not to be provoked. she can easily kill when pushed far enough. she controls any form of water, including ice. she is a merciful fighter, and hates to kill. she loves to save others, and enjoys being a magical girl overall. her outfit is similar to cancer'; pastel blue and laces. she uses rather random fighting tactics, yet for some reason they seem to work. villains can mistake her for weak, but they are instantly proven wrong. she fights from a distance to avoid getting injured herself. she starts off fighting slow, but uses more force as the battle goes on. her transformation is graceful, sweet, and calming.

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“I think your father would be pleased to hear this offer & it is also a offer that you must accept so you can always make sure these lands belong to you,” athena’s eyes slightly narrowed as she seated opposite the prince. “just think about my offer. these vikings are a menace to our lands & our kingdoms.” she had a lot of hatred towards the northmen, especially a particular shieldmaiden whom she had her eyes on.