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What if in your Twins AU, there was a situation where Marinette and Adrien couldn't transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir, and Bridgette and Felix have to take over for them? But Marinette and Adrien sort of follow them around trying to help them figure out how to use their weapons.

i don’t think i posted anything about this yet, but both sets of kids share the identities between them already! whoever is closest to the scene of the akuma attack transforms, so the incident can be addressed as quickly as possible.  the kids will meet up in various combinations, but it’s usually bridgette/felix and marinette/adrien who end up working together. each of them think there’s only one chat noir and one ladybug respectively.

since bridgette and marinette are cousins for now i haven’t figured out how they manage it yet (maybe it’s as easy as just asking tikki if they can share the workload?), but plagg accidentally bonded with adrien and felix after locking onto one energy signature while looking for a miraculous host, which turned out to be twins - i.e. one singular person split into two.

felix hates being chat noir, but knowing a kiss from ladybug can free him and adrien he takes every opportunity he gets to try to “fix” their situation. adrien, who is head over heels in love with ladybug, takes every opportunity he gets to stop felix lifting the curse and screwing up his love life (which makes them both selfish, before the felix hatebloggers crash the party). neither ladybug is interested in either chat noir, and for the foreseeable future it’s staying that way.

i figure the first time felix and bridgette got out went something like this:

On the Companions, and How to Define Them

In my psychology class last year, we learned about an experiment that examined individualistic vs. collectivistic cultures, and I think it works as an apt analogy for how Davies and Moffat approach companions.

This experiment compared American and Japanese students. It asked them to describe themselves, first objectively and then how they saw themselves around different people. The Japanese students were puzzled by the first task, while Americans had a harder time with the second, the implication being that those from societies that prize individuality see themselves separate from the people around them, while those from cultures that value working together and harmony will view themselves in relation to the people around them. To reiterate: this is exactly what is happening in Moffat and Davies Who.

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How about how the paladins try to figure out if their crush likes them back? Like, who's constantly inviting them on adventures, who asks those risky questions during quiet moments, who follows them around, who gets nosy and nonchalantly asks the other paladins? Bonus! How quickly do the other paladins/alteans catch on?

Oooooooohhhh this is a cute request!!!

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  • feels embarrassed about having a crush and not knowing what to do about it
  • It’s almost like he’s in middle school again!
  • Like the crush he has for you is so pure and awkward!
  • But this man has gone through shit and has low self esteem when it comes to being someone’s romantic other
  • Please handle this man with care.
  • Will probably attempt to ask you nonchalantly about your love life
  • He THINKS he’s sly but..
  • “Sooooo the stars are beautiful tonight, hehehe…. kinda makes think about your boyfriend huh? Heh, aaaaah you have a Boyfriend right? Or girlfriend! That’s normal too….. are you single?”
  • This man is obvious, especially when you guys are alone
  • He will try to figure out if you like him back or not on his own.
  • He does NOT want to ask lance for dating advice
  • Bonus: if you’re crushing on him too, he won’t catch on and tell you have to spell it out for him
  • I can already imagine Shiro’s ear-to-ear grin when you tell this man you like him back


  • He’s the one dragging you on risky adventures
  • Try’s so hard to impress you by being heroic
  • Have you ever heard the suspension bridge affect?
  • Basically, it’s a theory where a girl falls in love with someone when they both survive a life or death situation
  • Because you’re already on his mind when he’s trying to sleep. Might as well make it even
  • Bonus- if you have a crush on this man, it’ll take him a gooooood, hm, two weeks till he puts the two and two together
  • If you drop hints, he’ll over analyze them
  • “Does THIS mean they like me!? Or just hungry?..”


  • Keith would be the one saying risky things
  • Then try to play it off
  • “You’re really pretty.” “What?” “I said you look shitty!”
  • This boy is so clueless, he’ll ask everyone if they think you like him
  • You start to notice Keith fighting lance a lot more
  • “Hey! Y/n! Did you know Keith li-” *lance gets body slammed by wild keith*
  • At some point, this whole not knowing thing will frustrate him to no end and he’ll end yelling that he likes
  • Then blush and run for the hills
  • You won’t be able to find the poor boy for daaaaaays
  • You guys will probably have graves side by side each other and as ghosts he still has to ask “are you SURE you love me!?”
  • Give this boi lots of love, he deserves it


  • When hunk has a crush, he’s 140% more clumsy
  • Don’t go near him when he’s working with machinery, PLEASE
  • Something will explode
  • He blushes a lot and stutters sometimes
  • Though if he really likes you, it’s probably because you make him happy and comfortable so you don’t need to worry about him being too awkward
  • Will want to have rich conversations with you all the time.
  • Bonus: he’ll actually be the fastest paladin to figure out you like him back
  • He realizes it when your guys hands linger more than usually, how you pretend to fall asleep on his shoulders sometimes and how you actually take over cooking duty now and then to give hunk a bit of a break (this man is a mechanic, not a chef)
  • He’ll still beat around the bush for a while so you might have to extend the first date invitation because hunk is just content with knowing you care about him too
  • (I have to add this because I love hunk so I CALL DIBS PEOPLE HUNK IS MY HUBBY!!!)


  • ahahahahaha say goodbye to your privacy
  • If pidge has a crush on you, you won’t know it
  • But one of her mini robots, WILL be following you everywhere you go
  • Of course, she’ll try her best not to get caught by you or the others.
  • She knows she shouldn’t be invading your privacy BUT SHE NEEDS TO KNOW IF YOU LIKE HER BACK BEFORE SHE MAKES A MOVE
  • Cute flustered tech muffin~
  • Bonus: she will know you like her when her robots record you talking to one of the paladins about it
  • This child is hooting and cheering as if they won the lottery!


  • thinks humans are rather confusing
  • Especially their dating customs
  • Asks the other paladins for help
  • Immediately regrets it when a human ‘smooth flirt attack’ ended with her hair soaked in hair gel and multiple combs in it THATS SHE CAN’T GET OUT
  • She likes the leather jacket tho (lance tried to turn her into a greaser like from the movie grease)
  • Since she absolutely FAILED at human flirting so she resorted to flirting the altean way
  • And this women is RELENTLESS
  • She’ll kiss your wrist before you leave on missions for luck
  • She blows on the back of your neck (which is like the altean version of ‘guess who’ minus the coving the eyes part
  • She stands awfully close to you when talking (I mean like, her boobs….they’re like… right.. there..)
  • (I advice you not to do any titty grabbing)
  • Showers you with compliments in private
  • Combs your hair daily (sign of affection)
  • Bonus: if you’re the one in love, she won’t figure it out until she has hunk explains the symptoms of a human with a crush
  • Might try human flirting again,
  • she heard ‘hickeys’ are fun
  • (How much do you guys think lance has influenced her?)


  • Doesn’t know how to feel about his growing attraction to you
  • There is more than a 10,000 year difference in age and he’s rather self conscious about it
  • More so because he actually looks older than the rest of the voltron crew
  • It’s one things to be old, another to LOOK old
  • His logic is this, if allure dated any of the paladins, there would still be a 10,000 year age difference but no one will fuss because they both look young. If he were to date anyone younger than himself it would cause I few people to turn their heads and question their relationship and he doesn’t want that
  • So he kept he’s feelings for you under wraps for a really long time
  • But he stills wants to be there with you. Give you a shoulder of comfort in the middle of this war, he wants to talk to you, learn more about you. He wants to talk to you about Altea, he wants you to planets he found that are similar to both your planets
  • Pretty much wants to be close to you before you find a boyfriend to fall in love with and then he’ll have to step back and let you be happy
  • Bonus- if you’re the one with the crush, he also might not know it about first but when he does realizes it, HE WONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
  • Goes to lance because he seems the most confident about his knowledge of ‘romancing of the humans’
  • Fireworks don’t belong indoors
  • When you guys confess to each other, he keeps quiet about his insecurities and be a bit distant when you guys are out in public. Much to your disapproval

Fanspaz note: it’s not that lance gave bad flirting advice, it’s just that Coran and Allura took it a bit far, like Coran for 'a kiss like fireworks’ you don’t need actual fireworks ! XD I GOT TWO MORE POST IN STORE FOR TODAY

Pristin reaction to a fellow female idol flirting with them.

Prompt: Pristin reaction to a fellow female idol flirting with them?

A/N: I’ve seen this request floating around on other blogs and I think its so funny that someone requested the same thing in loads of other places.

Also its like super hard to find gifs for pristin like I thought there would be more than there was. (So, sorry some of these gifs are huuuuuuge)


“Ahh, yes great cool.” 

This didn’t faze Nayoung. It’s not that she wasn’t listening or paying attention, she just isn’t interested. She’s very much focused on herself and group and doesn’t want to be caught flirting.

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“Oh how sweet thank you, *whispers* Yuha what do I say?!?!”

Roa really liked the idol that was flirting with her but had no idea how to flirt back. She would feel a little bit awkward but wanted to say something nice back because she liked the girl too.

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“I really like you too wow.”

Yuha loved being flirted with and had no problem attempting to flirt back. But instead she was very honest with how she felt because, her flirting skills weren’t working out.

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Eunwoo was lost for words. She was mesmerized by the girls beauty and the fact that she was actually flirting with HER. She would be searching her brain for something to say but instead came up with nothing and embarrassed herself.

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“You’re not bad yourself!” 

Rena laughed and joked with the idol and was very happy to be flirted with. She wasn’t looking for anything serious but she liked the girl so thought there was no harm in being a little flirty.

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“Awee, cute pick up line.”

Kyulkyung found the pick up line funny but at the same time gave her points for trying. She would never say no to a bit of flirting. She would smile and giggle and let the girl keep trying because she thought it was cute.

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“Shhhhhhhhh… my members are nosey.”

Yehana was very careful around her members knowing they would all make fun of her if they found out. She quickly took the idol aside so they could talk and flirt in private.

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“Flirt with me anytime.”

Sungyeon’s a little cheeky and would definitely flirt back. She has nothing to hide so saw no problem with a little bit of flirting. As long as it wasn’t hurting anyone she didn’t care.

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“You’re so nice, awe.”

Xiyeon was very excited that the idol flirted with her. Once the girl left she did a little happy dance and hoped she would come back and flirt again. She knew she couldn’t like it as much as she did but she couldn’t help herself.

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“Oh hi, that was cute.”

Kyla isn’t much of a flirter, she doesn’t feel the need to be flirty. She thought because she was young she didn’t need to flirt but being friendly never hurt anyone.

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BAEHEE!!! D, G, and U please~ 😁 Love you Mamapeño~ 😘💖

ILY2 !!

D: How they react to being flirted with?

She is so clueless it’s sad lol. She had no idea that someone is flirting with her. 

person: would you like to go out for dinner? 

jaehee: i’m not hungry at the moment but thanks for asking. 

G: How do they flirt?

Again, she is not that great at it. It depends on how long she has known you. If she hasn’t known you for very long and she isn’t super comfortable, her way of flirting is listing your good qualities and constantly being your defender. 

Like, she will be talking to you and just start listing amazing things about you and expects you to understand what she means by this. 

If she knows you for a long while, she will confess her deep feelings one night. It’s you guys going to a late movie and grabbing coffee afterwards, and her telling you on the walk home that she is the most comfortable she could ever be when she is with you. 

U: What’s their voice like?

Really smooth and soft, even when she is scolding someone. 

Courtroom Texting - Rafael Barba

A/N: This is bad and not requested. Also, I know this would never happen. Anything in bold and italics is the prompts that I used credit to Tumblr users. 

The case at hand was tantalizing for both Rafael and Y/N. The defense drew out their opening argument for what seemed like hours. Y/N sipped on the glass of water put in front of her just to keep herself awake. Rafael tapped his fingers on the desk impatiently as he tried to find some way to occupy himself. That’s when he thought of the perfect idea. Sliding his phone out of his pocket, he discreetly managed to pull Y/N’s name up on his list of contacts. He composed a new message quickly. 

‘This asshole shouldn’t even be a defense attorney.’ He wrote quickly before sending the message, keeping one hand on the desk so the judge or the jury wouldn’t be suspicious. Y/N’s eyes widened as she felt her phone vibrate from the pocket of her pants. Just as discreetly as her husband, she fished the device out of her pocket. She read the message carefully and shook her head at her co-counsel. Barba just shrugged, trying to keep the smile off of his features. She didn’t respond or look like she was going to so Rafael sent another text message. ’You know, those lips of yours are pretty distracting. I’m trying to listen to the argument.’ He sent. Y/N glanced at the message and her lips curled into a smile. She looked up cautiously and then started furiously typing away on the small contraption. The vibration of Rafael’s phone triggered him to instinctly look down. 

'Is that so? Well, I won’t distract you anymore. Not tonight either ;)’ She wrote back to him. Rafael felt his heart flutter at the thought of the two of them being alone together. Quickly, he composed a reply. 

'You’ll already have my undivided attention.’ He hit send and Y/N stood up. Rafael had not been listening to anything that had just happened within the last 5 minutes. 

“Yes, your honor. Mr. Barba agrees that the prosecution is ready to proceed.” She smirked down at the man, whose face had started turning a shade of light red. He started typing another reply but a text came through. From Y/N. 

You owe me for that.’ The message read. Y/N didn’t acknowledge the fact that the prosecutor was looking at her. She simply paid attention as the defense attorney began ranting to the jury. She really couldn’t object, though. 

'Oh I promise I’ll make it up to you.’ Y/N’s phone indicated that she had received the message just as she got ready to stand to object. 

“Objection. Badgering the witness.” Barba’s voice was heard first and Y/N read the message discreetly. She bit her lip at the things that came to mind. Typing furiously once again, Y/N hit send on her message. 

And how are you going to make it up to me?’ She flirted again. Rafael didn’t waste any time. Y/N stood up to cross-examine the witness. Her phone buzzed twice and, when she sat back down, she looked at both of the messages, eager to see what was written. 

'I think I’ll keep that as a surprise.“You’d like that, right?’ The messages read. Y/N smiled down at the view of what was on her small screen. She looked up to make sure that no one was paying any real attention to her when she heard someone else call her name. 

"The prosecutors, Ms. Y/L/N and Mr. Barba, have been trying again and again to-" 

"Objection. Relevance?” Y/N questioned at the end of her objection. The defense attorney looked up at the judge with a sly expression on his face. 
“Establishing reasonable doubt, your honor. If Ms. Y/L/N would let me finish." 

He glared at the young prosecutor as she sat down again. The judge overruled the objection and the line of irrelevant questioning continued. Bzzz! Y/N’s phone went off once again. She glanced at the message sent from her husband. 

I love you beyond reasonable doubt.' The text made her smile and shake her head at the same time. Looking out into the courtroom for only a moment, Y/N typed a reply. She thought of one of the best law puns that she learned in law school. 

'Well, in that case, I’d let you hold me in contempt all night long.’ She sent quickly, focusing on the case at hand again. 

"Your witness.” The defense attorney sat back down in his chair, causing Rafael and Y/N to stand up at the same time. The two made eye contact and Y/N sat back down so that Rafael could effectively cross-examine the witness. One question was all it took for the two of them to bring out the truth from the witness. 

“Did you or did you not witness the defendant grab and drag the victim into an alley?” Barba’s eyebrows creased and the witness began to visibly sweat. 

“I-I.. I guess I did.” He answered, wiping his forehead with his sleeve. Rafael nodded and proceeded with another question. 

“When you approached the victim, she asked you to call the police, which you did.” He confirmed. “And then you stayed with her. She stated that she had been raped and you gave the sketch artist a description of the defendant, correct?" 

"Objection. Leading the witness.” The defense was quick on the one that Barba knew he walked into. 

“Let me rephrase. You gave the sketch artist a description of a man with features similar to the defendant. Correct?” The witness sighed.

“Yes. But it couldn’t have-" 

"So you can see why, based on this sketch-” Barba grabbed the sketch off of the table by Y/N’s arm and held it up. “People’s exhibit 2, your honor. Based on this sketch and the evidence, including DNA, detectives were able to pinpoint that the defendant was the man who raped Penny Trelanie. Is that the man that you seen in the alley that day?” Barba was fierce when it came to this line of questioning. 

“Yes, I seen him in the alley.” The witness answered. Barba nodded and walked back to the table. 

“No further questions, your honor.” Rafael took his seat next to Y/N, picking up his phone again. He glanced at Y/N’s text, snickering at what was written. 

“The defense would like to request a recess, you honor.” The attorney spoke hurriedly. 

“The people have no objections.” Y/N spoke. She knew that they basically had this case in the bag. The judge granted the recess and the courtroom cleared out quickly. Rafael and Y/N were two of the last people there. As Y/N was putting things in the file folder, she caught Rafael looking at her. “Stop undressing me with your eyes.” She paused briefly. “I’d like you to use your teeth.She winked and finished what she was doing. Rafael smirked, gathering his things as well. 

“Oh, carino, that’s not the only thing I’m gonna do.” The growl in his voice caused Y/N to move a little faster. The two walked out of the courtroom, ignoring Olivia and Rollins as the two women approached the couple. Rafael opened the door to one of the numerous rooms around and barged in. 

“Excuse me. We need the room.” He smiled at the man, who quickly cleared out. Rafael walked in first and Y/N followed, closing and locking the door behind her. Setting both of their bags down, Rafael approached Y/N slowly. His hands found her hips and he pressed her against the closest bare wall. Her hands were suddenly above her head and Rafael’s lips were on her’s. 

“I’ve never texted in open court before.” Y/N commented as Rafael’s lips traveled to her neck. He hummed in response, smirking on her skin. 

“We should head back to the office.” Rafael hesitantly removed his lips from Y/N’s skin, much to her dismay. She sighed. The position that they were in remained. Y/N was still against the wall and her hands were above her head. 

“The courthouse sounds better at the moment.” Y/N shrugged. Rafael smirked and glanced at the younger prosecutor’s hands. 

You are in no position to argue with me, are you, counselor?” Y/N rolled her eyes, yet the smile was still on her face. 

“Let’s go, you big dork.” Rafael let go of Y/N and the two walked out of the door and into the hallway area, where Rollins and Benson were waiting for them. Once again, they managed to forget about the two women and the trial. They were onto bigger horizons. 

He Didn't Know
  • Ladybug: I don't like pushy guys.
  • Chat Noir: Hmm? But according to the movies you're playing hard to get.
  • Ladybug:, I'm not. I really don't like pushy guys.
  • Chat Noir:
  • Ladybug:
  • Chat Noir: *clasps her hand* Ladybug I am so sorry I had no idea it's kind of a long story why but trust me when I say I really didn't know any better and I'm so glad you told me because I respect you and I love you and the last thing I ever want to do is make you uncomfortable. I'll never do it again. *kisses her hand* See you for patrol tomorrow! *runs*
  • Ladybug:
  • Ladybug:
  • Ladybug: Did he just say he loved me??

Title: Duress

Fandom: Harry Potter

Word Count: 410

Characters: Draco Malfoy x Reader, Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini

Reader Gender: Not specified

Warnings: Jealousy, threats

Notes: Request from @canon-is-drarry for “Could you do 10 and 12 with Draco?? I’ve just found your blog and it’s amazing! I love it and your writing is outstanding!” (10. “You’re sexy when you’re angry.” & 12. “You’re an idiot.” “But I’m your idiot.”) Thank you very much! ♥ // List of prompts is here.

      According to everyone who knew you, you were an exceptionally calm, harmonious, kind individual. You always did your best to treat others with respect and kindness. However, you had one significant flaw: jealousy. The fact that you were dating the most handsome young man you had ever met didn’t help with that.

      Six months of dating Draco Malfoy had been going quite smoothly. In fact, you had never been happier. Until you entered the Common Room one evening to find Draco, attempting to play Wizard’s Chess with Blaise, and Pansy, blatantly flirting with Draco. She was seated far too close to him on the couch, giggling like a fool at anything even slightly amusing that he said. Numerous times, she would rest her hand on his bicep, batting her eyelashes so much that one would have thought she had something in her eye. Before you even knew what you were doing, you were storming over.

      “I’m gone for twenty minutes and you start trying to flirt with my boyfriend? I knew you were desperate, Parkinson, but my goodness, at least try to show some dignity.”

      Pansy stood immediately, a glare on her face and her mouth open to retort, but she froze when she felt your wand jabbing into her throat.

      “Try me, Parkinson, I dare you,” you snarled. Slowly, she took a few steps back, her eyes wide. “If I ever catch you so much as look at him wrong again, I won’t hesitate to break that already-hideous nose of yours. Is that understood?”

      Pansy nodded quickly, then scurried off. You put your wand back into your pocket and sat down where she had been, a scowl forming on your face. Draco looked at Blaise and nodded in the direction of the boys’ dormitory. After Blaise had left, Draco turned to you with a smirk on his lips.

      “You’re sexy when you’re angry, you know that?”

      You scoffed, but a small smile threatened to replace your glower.

      “You’re an idiot.”

      “But I’m your idiot,” he replied, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. “And I will be up until you get sick of me. So, as amusing as it is, there really is no need to scare Parkinson half to death.”

      “If she flirts with you again, it won’t just be half,” you muttered. Draco chuckled, then pulled you into his arms, placing a kiss into your hair.

      “I love you, you envious little sweetheart.”

      “I love you, too.”

Manwhore - Part 11

Thanks to all the beauties that liked, shared and made such lovely comments about the previous parts:  Ramblings  You’re comments really make my day 😍

And usual thanks to the delectable @redprairielily for sorting all my bad grammar etc.😘

Warnings - maybe it needs warning I dunno but there’s some light smut in here.

Manwhore - Part 11

Rae kept a low profile on her first day at work.  It was mostly induction stuff; reading manuals and learning where all the fire exits were.  It was enough to keep her distracted from worrying about bumping into Finn.  She couldn’t believe the way he treated her the night before.  She was so pissed off that she went straight home just after Fiona returned from her phone call with her brother.  She said her brother would pass on the message to Jim to meet Rae at The Golden Lion on Thursday at 7:00 pm.  And then Rae went home to brood.

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Purple guy x phone guy - perfect in a glass box

//WARNING: murder *-*\

‘How dare she!’

The knife tore through flesh, wrenching a scream from the woman.

'How DARE she!’

Another stab, another scream, a large splatter of blood, a psychotic smile.

'How DARE she try to steal MY man!?’

The woman gave a final scream that quickly devolved into a gurgle as the knife cut through her throat. Vincent grinned wider as he saw to it that she could never flirt ever again. Or do anything for that matter. He tore out her heart threw it to the ground in front of her feet before leaving her in the dark alley. He casually walked back into the Pizzaria with the smile still on his face. The object of his affection looked up at him from the desk, taking in his bloodied appearance.

“Vincent, this has to stop,” Phone Guy sighed exasperatedly. “You’re supposed to be a security guard. To stop people doing this and not murdering people yourself! How am I supposed to explain this to our boss?”

Vincent just smiled.

“But she was trying to win you over~ How else am I supposed to protect you? You know I love you~” he crowed in a sing-song voice.

“And I don’t love you back.”

Vincent’s smile turned into a frown for a split second before returning.

“Well, if I can’t have you…” he raised the knife. “NOBODY CAN!”

And with that, he plunged the knife down into his love’s chest, watching blood bubble up from his receiver. Vincent picked up the corpse, cradling him close. He would look perfect laying still in that glass coffin at home.

Regarding Abigail - Part 12 (AU - Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Regarding Abigail
AUTHOR:  theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: In an alternate universe (of In Formal Wear), a terrible car accident robs Abigail of her recent memory. She doesn’t remember Tom or their relationship. Injured and alone, Abby can only put her trust in a man who claims to be her boyfriend. Tom has a second chance to make Abby fall in love with him - again.(Based on a request from missviolethunter from THIS LIST)
RATING: Mature (some mentions of sex in this part)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:  Based on the characters from UpstagedIn His KissIn Her ArmsWho Loves You, Baby?The Road to Something Better, Regarding AbigailTom/Abby One ShotsAll Tom/Abigail in chronological order 

Book Cover | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

Regarding Abigail

“Abigail,” I growled as the raw masculine energy took over my patience. She had been kissing me back, returning the affection with as much fervor as I gave to her. I initiated the kiss against my better judgment, but she’d given it her all. I felt her respond to me.

I closed the gap between us again, tipping her head back to look at me. Her fingers traced her lips where I’d been, but the haunted look in her eyes concerned me. Guilt? Regret? Her eyes, the perfect blend of innocence and wisdom, youthful purity and experienced heartbreak, searched mine. Bewildered she breathed, “You really do love me. I f-f-felt… it… in your kiss. I’m- I never felt that before.”

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