shes flipping him off as a joke


Despite the somewhat early hour on a now curfew free Friday night, Madeleine doesn’t feel much like going out, so she and Westley curl up together and flip on the television. After channel surfing for a while, West eventually settles on a long-running late night talk program, The Evening Show with Ray Simo.

“Ugh, his face annoys me,” Maddie groans and collapses back on to the bed beside Westley. “Maybe it’s his ginormous chin or those smug, beady eyes, but every time I look at him I get the heebie jeebies. Like he knows the punch line to the world’s funniest joke, but I have to take off my top before he’ll tell it to me.”

West smiles, interlacing his fingers with hers. “Yeah, I’m sure he’s an asshole. Wealth seems to have that effect on people. The more money you have the more distance it puts between you and the rest of the population. Like this guy,” he says as he motions to the handsome, well dressed man who just walked onto the stage. “Everything about him screams money, from that expensive suit to his pretentious smirk and condescending little strut. And how much do you want to wager he’s some well-to-do politician or high level businessman?”

“Not taking that bet,” she laughs without glancing up at the TV. 

“Oh, he’s from Bridgeport,” Westley frowns, scanning the caption at the bottom of the screen. “Theodore Davenport, newly elected governor and son of Thaddeus Davenport, the longest serving governor in Simington state’s history and the national vice presidential candidate in the elections of ‘28 and ‘36… I wonder if he’s related to Arabella from the museum?” he muses out loud.

“Gianna’s never mentioned it before, but she wouldn’t-” Maddie freezes midsentence as the man’s laughter spills from the television speakers and into the hotel room. “W-what did you say his name w-was again?”

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little things i like about luke
  • his lil ski slope nose
  • his broad as fuck shoulders
  • he pushed his own security out of the way to take selfies with a fan
  • he pinky promised a fan to wear the bracelet she gave him
  • he offered to buy a fan starbucks when she said she was broke
  • how he was so shy when he was younger that he’d hide behind his guitar
  • the nose brush thingy he does
  • he tries to tell a joke but ends up telling it wrong
  • he lets male fans kiss him on the cheek and vise versa
  • he has like such a perfect cupid’s bow
  • he’s the youngest in the band, but the tallest
  • he dropped his flip flop off the end of the stage during a soundcheck, and when someone threw it to him, he dropped it
  • he tried to catch a water bottle between his feet and dropped that too
  • the fact that he can’t draw. at all
  • how strong his love for good charlotte is
  • how he’s always singing, even during his down time
  • jeepies would have been cuter
  • when he waves, he kinda just holds his hand up and doesn’t wave
  • he presses his nose against the microphone 
  • he’s a momma’s boy
  • his tum
  • when a fan fainted, he made sure to let security know
  • his lil ballerina leg jump thing, you know what i’m talking about
  • the whole ocean is trapped inside his eyes
  • when he’s a tired bean, he can’t stop rubbing his eyes
  • his bunk is labeled ‘shit bag’
  • when he takes the mic off the stand, shit is about to go down
  • he has better legs than i do
  • he stole calum’s beanie, and then proceeded to say it was his
  • the pinky ring (rip)
  • the nose scrunch
  • he’s always playing with michael’s hair
  • how he curls into people when he laughs really hard
  • okay and his laugh is pretty cute too
  • his handwriting is atrocious
  • hence why he didn’t get his pen license
  • the lip ring
  • how he’s confident enough to post pictures of himself shirtless when it used to be an elusive thing
  • how the frets of his white guitar have birds on them
  • his weird love for penguins
  • in conclusion, he’s a giant fucking nerd

michael / calum / ashton