shes cute why can't i be this cute


I was having a bit of a miserable afternoon so i decided to draw some cute derpy fun with my @askundernet babies, SnapChat and Vine. I also wanted to make something for @butterapplego because she’s been such a big support and such a wonderful friend to me. I know this isn’t really a birthday gift, but i wanted to make something with your AUH uniforms and why not let the next generation of AUH kids wear them, eh? I love you lots Butters~!

So, i haven’t really officially announced it, but Snap and Vine are Yusebi and Medi’s babies. These two are their children, genetically fraternal siblings. I assumed that Vine would get in trouble for tormenting his brother and get sent to the principals office more than once for “doing it for the vine”

….I feel as though he got this attitude from Caesans….

also, Bonus….

@sansy-fancy you need to discipline your child, obviously Yusebi isn’t doing a good enough job…. XD 


well it was nice knowing you anchan


Laura Marling’s cover of “Colorado Girl” by Townes Van Zandt

Update: still gay.

So my sister is finally finishing Inquisition for the first time, and she’s miraculously unspoiled as to the ending. I asked her to describe Solas as a character, and she started saying some interesting stuff. Coming from someone who doesn’t know spoilers about the game, her impressions are really fun, and weirdly insightful… so I started writing them down

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Marceline in her every episode (26/28)

Stakes edition

711: Take Her Back

“Now my best friend is dying of poison because of me.”

I really wish all the royals had kids like I wish Camilla, Hinoka, Sakura, and Elise had kids like their brothers and Azura? That would be soooo cute omg

I imagine Camilla’s daughter would be the exact opposite of her like more of a Selena personality even though she would look just like her but she would dress down and be really modest and grouchy but secretly love Camilla’s affection. And Hinoka would have a son who would be the gentle healer type and he’s a pegasus knight but he just wants to fly around and softly heal people and feel the breeze in his hair and speaks softly and doesn’t like conflict and Hinoka would be like “LET’S FIGHT PICK UP THAT NAGINATA” and he’d be like “that’s alright mom I’d rather watch you. *sparkles*”