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Today’s Marco livechat was surprisingly satisfying and nice!

  • Star asked what everyone was going to be for Halloween, and one of the responses read aloud was “Princess Turdina or Star.” That’s just… nice. This is v. likely a little girl who wants to be a princess and is going to dress up as one of the princesses from this show that she loves, Star and Marco. Two beautiful and strong heroines.
  • The people in the comments were clamoring for Starco like always, but I also saw a lot of excitement over Princess Marco when the clip from Saint O’s played. Nice!
  • The six hundred and fifty dollars gag was used again.
  • Between this and the teaser released today, it really seems like someone’s making an effort to remind the viewers about Princess Marco before the next wave of episodes, so it must be important. Also interesting that these teasers all feature Spider with a Top Hat, as if he’ll be relevant too… maybe even in connection to Marco.
  • …PONY HEAD’S GROSS FASCINATION WITH TOFFEE. She. was really funny in this. “EW, GROSS! I love it; continue."  "WOW, it’s REALLY gross when you say it like that!! Keep going…” Pony Head.
  • We actually learned something about the future! If (when) Marco stays at the Butterfly Castle, there’s going to be some kind of orientation for learning the rules.
  • JACKIE!!
Swiss Clans Deities: Love & Fertility

The clans of Switzerland have several deities who are prayed to and given tribute. You can recognize the deities from size alone, as they are the twice the size of the average cat. But each one has their own unique appearance and personality. Below is a more in-depth look at one of them.

The goddess of love and fertility

is a queen who is eternally pregnant with cats yet to be born. She is the mother of all clan cats. 

Her body is surrounded by a soft glow and her appearance is constantly changing. Long hair to short hair, blue coat to tortoiseshell coat, green eyes to amber, oriental to…well you get the idea.

She is known as the kindest of the deities, almost always willing to show a gentleness and soft care to her children.

She is the most encouraging when it comes to following your heart and doing anything for love. 

Beware if you are the unlucky cat that has managed to anger her. For when she is angry, she is brutal, and merciless. She does not have sympathy to those she deems evil. Especially any cat who would dare harm a kit.

She is the sister of the deity of Death and mate to the goddess of starclan and the god of snowclan/leaf bare.

To find out more about Swiss Clans, click here!

A Story involving the goddess has been written under the read more

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anonymous asked:

Based on her comments in the guide book, unless she was just joking/lying/saying those things to mess with Star and Marco, it seems like Pony Head's got a thing for septarians, considering she calls both Toffee and Rasticore "hot" in her comments on their wanted posters.

And yet, later, when they’re playing Date Marry Make Disappear…

Where’s the truth, Pony?!