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A Soft Spot (Montgomery De La Cruz, 13 Reasons)

There was an annual scavenger hunt that took place every year at a local park in your town. You’d gone every year in your childhood, and it was now your turn to take your three year old niece. You’d convinced your boyfriend, Montgomery De La Cruz to go with you. He didn’t want to go necessarily, but he had a self admitted soft spot for not only you, but young kids.

“Zach is taking his little sister, and Bryce is taking his little cousin. I said we could meet up with them.” He grabbed your hand. Your niece sat comfortably on his shoulders. She loved Montgomery. Or “Monty” as she called him after hearing you call him that quite a bit.

“That’s fine. Where are they though?” Montgomery gestured to an area a few yards away. Sure enough, there his friends stood. Bryce stood with a young boy who couldn’t be older than five, while Zach stood with his sister who was a few years older than that.

“I told you I was too old for this, Zach!” His sister crossed her arms over her chest, she looked embarrassed.

“Oh yeah? Stop acting like you’re two.” Zach said in a kidding tone, bringing her into his chest for a hug. This seemed to lighten her up, though she still rolled her eyes and pushed him away.

“Let’s go Monty.” Your niece jerked his head towards the sign in table.

“You’re letting a little girl order you around?” Bryce laughed. You sent daggers his way. He knew this was your niece. You two didn’t like each other, plain and simple.

“We came here to do a fucking scavenger hunt, we’re doing a fucking scavenger hunt.” Montgomery rolled his eyes at Bryce. They were friends, but not so much after you two had started dating.

“Language, Montgomery.” You said quietly and sternly. You didn’t need your niece running home and dropping F bombs after hanging out with you and your boyfriend.

“She has you by the balls, doesn’t she?” Bryce nodded in your direction. Monty looked like he wanted to lunge at him, but you simply grabbed his bicep and led him to walk in the opposite direction.

“You’ve worked so hard not be such a hot head, you can’t let someone like Bryce ruin this for you.” Montgomery mumbled something before nodding in agreement.

A few hours later, after finding a few things on the scavenger hunt’s list, you guys had reached the words “sea shell”

“I see it! I see it Monty! Auntie!” She chanted on and on excitedly. Once you and Monty caught what she was looking at, you both turned to walk that way.

“I want to get it.” She said quickly. Monty knelt down and let her off his shoulders. She trotted over to the shell. Just as she reached it, so did Bryce’s cousin. Luckily, your niece grabbed the shell first. She giggled happily, turning to walk back to the two of you.

“That’s mine.” Bryce’s cousin said with little to no energy, taking it, and turning to walk away. Your niece was feisty, however, and she never went down without at least a little bit of a fight.

“Give that back right now!” She demanded. She hopped up and down, as he held the white shell over his head. She finally yanked on his arm hard enough to where the shell went flying out of his hands. Before she could take off running for it, he shoved her to the ground and ran for it himself.

“You little shit!” Monty didn’t take any hesitation before picking her up and handing her to you. He took the shell from the little boy.

“What makes you think you can do that? Do you go around hitting girls a lot?” The little boy’s lip started to quiver before tears streamed down his pink cheeks.

“Did I seriously just see you take that away from my little cousin, Monty?” Bryce approached. He didn’t look angry, just annoyed.

“He stole it from her.” Monty said, shrugging and handing it to the little girl.

“Woah, I’m gonna have to ask you to give that back to him, it’s his after all.” Bryce approached the little girl. You whipped around, shielding her from him.

“Don’t come near my niece, Walker.” Your maternal instincts came out as you grew more protective of her by the second.

“You’ll be handing that over.” Bryce said simply. Montgomery scoffed at the comment, as though it was an unbelievable idea.

“Enough about the shell, who’s going to teach your cousin not to hit girls?” Montgomery approached Bryce.

“I’ve never met someone who’s fought more people than you, Montgomery.” Bryce let out a loud laugh before staring right at Monty.

“I may have knocked a lot of guys around, but never a girl.” Montgomery stated. He seemed to want to make that very clear to anyone and everyone who may have been listening.

“You’re telling me you’ve never knocked miss priss around?” Bryce smirked, pointing at you. Suddenly, a growl escaped Montgomery’s lips. You’d never heard anything like it.

“Absolutely-Fucking-Not.” And with that, Monty lunged at him. You didn’t stop him this time.

Long story short, you all got kicked out and only Zach and his sister finished the hunt. That night, after dropping your niece off, you sat, visiting with her parents.

“Did you need to eat dinner, baby?” Her mother asked her. The little girl shook her head.

“Absolutely-Fucking-Not.” She said in a sing-song tone, before prancing down the hallway.

You slowly looked at Monty, who was bright red and refusing to make eye contact with you, or anyone else for that matter.

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Harry #15 and/or 22 PLEASE! :)

15) “Baby, you’ve got to slow down for me”

I kiss my way down his jaw and neck, slowly making my way down to his chest. I poke my tongue out and drag it down the abs that he’s worked so hard to maintain. After leaving a trail of wet kisses, I finally make it to his boxers, pulling them down at a teasingly slow pace. I’m already fully naked and on full display, which is probably a reason why he’s practically begging for me to “Do something”. I’m not in the mood for foreplay tonight, I’m getting straight to the good part.

He’s been testing me all night with all that talk about his ex and how she was such a screamer in bed. He knew it would piss me off and that we would end up here; he had it all planned out. I tried to beat him at his own game and just ignore it but when he started telling me about the time they got kicked out of a hotel room for being too loud, I lost it.

I climb back up his sweaty body, pressing down on his chest with one hand and gripping his member with my other one. I swipe my thumb over the head to spread his sticky pre-cum along his shaft. His teeth are sinking into his lower lip, eyes fluttering as I work my hand to get him slick enough for me. I can feel my juices dropping down my thigh already so I know that this is gonna be a slippery adventure. This isn’t about getting myself off, though. This is about getting him to forget about his past sexcapdes and to look forward to some new ones, with me.

I sit up, lining his tip up with my core, and slowly sink down on him. “Fuck” he groans, his hands flying straight to my hips to guide me. I ride him slow, I know he likes that but then it hits me…he sat there and tortured me with all that ex talk so maybe, just maybe he shouldn’t be getting pampered just yet.

Just as I’m thinking up ways to make this agonizingly hard for him, his phone rings. His head turns to the bedside table, where it is, and then back to me as if he’s asking for permission. I, still sliding up and down on him, nod for him to answer. He takes a deep breath to compose himself and picks up the phone.

“H-Hello” he struggles. I can’t hear what the person is saying at all but I’m enjoying the idea of it being about something important. I’m enjoying the fact that his mouth his hanging open and his head is thrown back as he tries to contain his moans. This is my opportunity to get back at him. I reposition my legs so that I’m properly squatting over his dick and I start bouncing as fast as my body will let me.

“Oh! Ohh!” He’s panting and groaning, not caring about the person on the other line.

“Hold on a..fuck a s-second please” he chokes out before putting the call on mute. He lays the phone on his chest and looks up at me. All I can focus on is the sweat dripping down his temples and the way his Adam’s apple is bobbing as he breathes heavily.

“Baby, you’ve got to slow down for me” he says, his voice horse and strained. I roll my eyes before leaning down and kissing him deeply, I tease his tongue with my own and then pull away; I slow down a bit. He looks down at where we’re connected and it must have done something to him because it made him growl. It was a frustrated growl, almost like he almost came just by watching himself slide in and out of me. He cleared his throat and picked up the phone again, taking himself off of mute.

“I’m here” he greets. He continues to listen to the person and I decide take it up a notch by clenching around his thick cock. I’ll admit, he’s holding up pretty well, he’s keeping his composure.

I can tell he’s close by the way he occasionally stills my hips and breathes for a few seconds before letting me start again. I work him until I see him lose control. He puts the phone on speaker and puts it back on the night table. His hands find my ass as he throws his head back once more, this time he doesn’t hold his moans in.

“Fuck yes baby ahh” he hisses. “I’m cumming..fuck”

I can’t help but laugh at him. The person on the phone stops talking and hangs up, making me laugh even harder. He’s moaning and laughing; it’s strange and looks painful but I’m glad that he finds this all funny, too. I ride him through his high, milking him until I feel his hot spurts stop.

He’s panting below me, eyes still closed. “I fucking hate you” he chuckles. “That was-….that was Ben” he finished, finally opening his, now sleepy looking, eyes.

I gasp. I had no idea it was someone that I’d see a lot! I would’ve never done this if I knew it was sweet, little Ben Winston!

A Way to You Again: Part 2

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Mild Violence, Language

Word Count: 1570

Part One

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: 500 follower celebration! Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for requesting it! I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it’s coming out in multiple parts – I seriously can’t write anything short! 

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I woke up the following morning and stretched lazily. When my fingers didn’t find Bucky’s body beside mine I peaked through my lashes – a sudden surge of disappointment running through my body. I spied a note on the nightstand and stretched my arm out to grab it. It was written in Bucky’s hand – and hastily. “Y/N – Have a mission with Steve and Sam. Will take a few days at least. Didn’t want to wake you – B” I laid back down with a huff. I wished he had woken me up, but it didn’t matter now.

I rolled out of bed and headed to the shower where I quickly rinsed off. As I pulled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt I wondered to myself if Nat would be up for a workout this early in the morning. I decided that it was worth a shot and made my way out of my room and down the hallway as I pulled my wet hair into a messy bun. Once I reached Nat’s door I knocked and waited for an answer. When she opened the door she seemed surprised – I was obviously not the person she was expecting which seemed odd since we were close friends. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the gym with me?” I asked casually. For some reason her reaction was really rubbing me the wrong way.

“Um… yeah… sure. Let me just grab my things really quick,” she had a hard time faking her enthusiasm as she answered but quickly grabbed her things and followed me down the hallway to the elevator. I sighed to myself internally – I was already regretting asking her to come with me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong with our interactions, but they made me feel uneasy.

We entered the gym and headed towards the mat. Nat and I were about neck-in-neck on our hand-to-hand combat and only ever trained with each other because of it. As we started sparring she broke from me and danced around the mat. “So you and Barnes?” She tried to ask it casually, but I could immediately tell it was forced.

I sighed heavily. “Listen Nat, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it. We agreed to not tell anyone – Steve didn’t even know. We wanted to test it out, before… well you know…” I shrugged awkwardly. This was definitely not what I had in mind when I had asked her to come with me.

We lapsed into silence as we continued our sparring. I noticed that Nat wasn’t pulling her punches like usual. “How long have you?” She asked – cocking an eyebrow is question.

“How long have we what? Been whatever we are or been sleeping with each other?” I asked as I placed my hands on my hips. I was getting more than annoyed with her sudden interrogation with each passing second. “We’ve been spending time together for the last five months. We slept together for the first time last night,” I answered bluntly.

“Interesting,” she responded before jumping out of the way of one of my kicks and returning a roundhouse kick that connected squarely with my stomach – knocking the air from my lungs.

“What the fuck, Nat?” I asked angrily as I remained bent over – trying to catch my breath.

“I guess I’m just surprised is all – seeing as we were supposed to be friends,” she added angrily as she placed her hands on her hips and glared at me.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!” I shouted. I had finally caught my breath and I was angry as hell at the way she was acting.

“You know… I mean I never told you that Bucky and I had a thing, but I assumed when he told you that you wouldn’t have pursued it any further without talking to me. I guess I thought too much of you.” I was completely caught off guard. I had never known about them. Nat must have read my reaction pretty clearly. “Ah,” she smirked. “It’s because he didn’t tell you. Let me guess – you both agreed you weren’t going to tell anyone because you didn’t want to mess up the group dynamic so you kept it a secret, and he never really indicated when you would actually tell any of us? He’d wait until we were all asleep before sneaking into your room, and he’d leave before any of us woke up? Sound familiar?” she asked angrily. I had never seen this side of her before – she was being cruel and she was enjoying it. When I didn’t answer she smirked to herself again. “I wondered why he had stopped visiting me late at night…. Now that I think about it… it stopped about five months ago. He would never explain himself when I asked… I guess it makes perfect sense now. I’m sure he regretted not being able to have sex for five months though.”

She had finally gone too far. Her initial comments had thrown me off balance, but now her hostility and cruelty had caused something to snap inside of me. I had always been the calm, and silent one – never to raise her voice in a time of stress. I think that is what caused her look of surprise when my fist connected squarely with her nose causing a sickening crack which signaled the gushing of blood from it.

“Fuck you,” I mumbled as I turned on my heel and stormed to the elevator.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I knew for certain that I needed to get the fuck out of the tower…. And it needed to happen as soon as possible.

I wiped the tears from my face as I hastily packed my bags. Why hadn’t he told me? Probably because he knew I would wonder if the same thing that happened to Nat would happen to me. Or was he still seeing her when he started pursuing me? My heart sank at the thought. I had been so happy last night – so relieved that the truth was finally in the open and we didn’t have to hide it. In reality, Bucky and I had never said that we were in a relationship… It had just been implied to me. “You fucking idiot,” I muttered to myself. Why had I thought that this would work? I was just the shiny new girl on the team – eventually he would get bored with me and find someone new or go back to Nat – I couldn’t compete with her in a million years. I felt sick to my stomach. I had realized I was falling in love with Bucky months ago, but I didn’t really admit it to myself openly until last night when I thought it had been safe to do so. I grabbed my bags angrily from my bed, and left my room – slamming the door behind me.

As the elevator opened to the parking garage I knew exactly where I was going. My parents had had a small cottage on the edge of a tiny coastal town in Maine. They had left it to me when they had died. For years before I had joined the Avengers I had found solace in my visits there. It would put distance between Bucky, and I – giving me time to think. No one in the group really knew about it so I wouldn’t have to worry about someone from the team knocking at my door. As I pulled out of the parking garage and onto the busy New York streets I was desperate to get as many miles as I could between me and the people I thought were my new family.

My phone buzzed in the passenger seat as I drove out of New York City. I picked it up hastily to see “STARK” illuminating the screen. My immediate impulse was to ignore it – I really didn’t want to talk to anyone, but I knew if I didn’t answer Tony would be persistent in tracking me down and showing up unannounced and unwelcome. It was the Stark way. I slid my finger across the screen and held the phone to my ear.

“What Stark?” I tried to ask it casually, but it came out too forced. It was obvious that I was upset. I had never been great at hiding my emotions when I actually managed to get angry.

“Whatcha doing?” he asked casually.

“Driving,” I answered curtly.

“Where ya going?”

“Tony… I just need a few days to myself. I promise I will keep a low profile and stay out of trouble,” I felt like a kid trying to plead with my parents again. Part of me was annoyed, but part of me was relieved that someone cared enough to ask.

Tony let out an exasperated sigh on the other end. “Fine… Fine… just let me know if you need anything kid. We’ll see you in a few days,” he replied before hanging up.

I sighed completely relieved. It would buy me some time to be away without the constant barrage of Tony Stark’s questions. It left one last phone conversation to have before turning off my phone. I dialed the number and waited patiently until I heard the familiar voice.

“I need you – can you meet me at the cottage?” I asked nervously.


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Marichat May Day 8

Prompt Calendar hosted by yours truly and @marinette-sky

Day 1: Milk Day 2: Purring Day 3: Homework Day 4: ‘Romeo, Romeo…’

Day 5 The Baton Day 6 + 7: Game Night and Happy Pawing

Day 8: Fashion

“What’s up, princess?” Chat Noir asked. Marinette was all by herself, quite late at night in the park. She was listlessly kicking her feet back and on forth on the swing, not quite creating enough momentum to move.

“Oh, chaton,” she said, looking up. Her eyes were red, as if she had been crying. “Nothing much…”

“Come on, you can tell your friendly neighbourhood cat boy,” he winked. “Need me to beat someone up? Cataclysm a pretty face?”

“Nothing like that,” she sighed. “It’s just…we had a ballot today in class, to decide who goes to Paris Fashion Week, and I missed out again. That’s been the last three shows! I’m starting to think I’m cursed…”

“Is that it?” Chat laughed, ruffling her hair. “That’s an easy problem to fix!”

Marinette blinked at him. “Poor art student, Chat.”

The black cat tapped his head. “Ability to scale walls, princess…”


And so, they found themselves pressed against the glass ceiling on the night of Paris Fashion Week, a bird’s eye view of all the newest styles. Marinette sketched furiously while Chat took pictures on her phone.

“Do you want to go mingle?” Chat asked, once the catwalks were finished. “I can sneak us in.”

Marinette looked down at her outfit in dismay. “I can’t go like this!”

“No problem,” he winked. “I know where they keep the good stuff.”

And so they wandered around at the after party, Marinette in couture Gabriel, Chat Noir, de-transformed, but wearing large oversized black aviator glasses. She clung to his arm, gasping at seeing everyone and all the outfits up-close.

He was just preening at a job well done when his make-up artist walked right up to him.

“Nice disguise, Adrien,” she giggled, loud enough for Marinette to hear. Said girl gripped his arm tightly and squeaked. “Adrien???”

He swallowed. Busted.


Request: Can you please do one where the two of them have a fight and Harry kicks her out of the car in the middle of the night and she gets into an accident?

Hope you enjoy!

We were at a club, drinking and having fun when it all started. When we got to the club, there was already eyes everywhere on us. When your dating Harry Styles there always is. We had been there for about 20 minutes, chatting with some friends when some guy started looking at me. I wasn’t bothered, knowing that he was probably just some horny guy. I kept my focus on our friends and Harry until about an hour later when the guy came to talk to me. Harry was at the bar getting a beer with Jeff and I was left alone at the booth.

“I’m Paul.” I’d expected some cheesy pick up line instead of just a name but I introduced myself as well.

“So what’s a pretty lady like yourself sitting here all alone for?”

“Well my boyfriend and a friend are getting drinks at the bar.” I wasn’t trying to sound bitter, I just wanted the conversation to be over before Harry saw. It’s not like I was doing anything wrong, Harry just has a jealousy streak that I don’t want continued on into tonight.

“Awfully rude of your boyfriend to leave you here alone. I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s not like he needs to be with me 24/7. I can handle sitting by myself for a couple minutes.” 

“Want to dance to get your mind off of him?” This guy was forward. I was about to respond when Harry did for me.

“No she does not. Please leave.”

“I think the lady can answer for herself. And who are you I might add?”

“I’m her boyfriend. Now leave before I make you.” This was not going to turn out good.

“Harry stop. Let’s go.”

“No Y/N. Why do we have to leave when this bastard was just getting ready to?”

Paul spoke up saying, “Harry’s right, I was just leaving. But Harry, before I go. A little advice. You might not want to leave such a pretty young thing alone in a club. From what I’ve heard, she will go home with anyone who approaches her without her boyfriend around.”

Those rumors of me cheating on Harry with random men had been going around like wildfire. Harry of course knew it wasn’t true. Most of the stories that the press used couldn’t have been true, seeing as I was with Harry. When Harry was asked about the rumors he would always shut them down, so the media died down over the past couple of days. But Harry always got defensive when someone accused me of something. With the rage already within Harry, this comment added gasoline to the fire causing Harry to explode.

He charged his fist towards Paul’s face, causing him to fall to the ground. Harry was quick to get down to Paul’s level and hit him again, this time in his eye. I tried pulling Harry off of him, but it was no use seeing as he was considerably stronger than me and he was determined to keep Paul held down. I searched around the bar to try and find Liam, who I knew could get him out of there. After a minute I found him and Liam pulled him off of Paul and dragged Harry outside. 

“Thanks Liam. I think we are gonna go now.”

“No problem Y/N. ‘Night.”

Harry was already in the drivers seat when I walked back to the car. I knew he wanted to just go home without any talking and just peace and quiet, but I was to angry for any of that.

“Why do you always have to do that! I understand he was insulting me and you were upset about that, but you didn’t have to hit him!” I yelled.

“Are you kidding me Y/N? He was chatting you up treating you like a piece of meat and you think I just going to let him do that?” he countered.

“You have got to get over this jealousy thing Harry. You turn every little thing that a guy does in my general area as a bad gesture towards me and you take him out! This can’t happen anymore.”

“I’m not jealous.”

“Bullshit Harry. It’s like you don’t even trust me!”

“I do to trust you!”

“Then why are you so jealous?!”

“I’M NOT,” he roared. Sure Harry and I had gotten into arguments before, but he has never yelled at me like this.

“You are jealous Harry. I don’t understand why you are the one getting jealous all the time when you are the one with a history.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean you have womanized plenty of women over the years and STILL have women throwing themselves at you to this day and I don’t get jealous. I trust you completely. So why don’t you grow up and realize that I’m the person that should be jealous in this relationship.” I knew I had struck a nerve in Harry. He hated it when I brought up his past. I felt bad but I needed to get my point across.

I thought I had finally gotten in his head to help him realize that he has nothing to worry about, except I hadn’t. All of a sudden the car came to a complete stop on the side of the road and Harry just stared straight ahead.


“Get out.”


“Get out of the car Y/N. I’m not moving this car until you get out of it.”

I knew I had upset Harry but not to this extent. He had never actually kicked me out of his freaking car.



I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and fumbled with the handle until I was out of the car, standing on the side of the road. He quickly sped off leaving me alone. I was stunned. I didn’t think Harry was capable of this. I knew he could get angry with me but if he did, he would just leave our flat for a couple of hours then return and we would make up. I didn’t think this would happen.

So I started walking. I wasn’t to far from our flat, so I knew I’d be fine. I felt awful that I made Harry that upset, knowing that I pushed him to far, but he didn’t need to kick me out of the car to prove a point.

I was crossing the road to get to our flat complex when a tiny little squirrel ran into the road. A car was on the other side of the road, out of my way. When the car saw the squirrel, it hit me straight on, and everything went black.

I woke up to hearing beeps and seeing several machines all around me. I tried raising my hand to see what was attached to it, but it hurt to much. All of a sudden I saw a big green eyed head full of messy curls clouding my vision. 

“Oh my god Y/N,” Harry cried clutching my hand. I was still confused as to what I was doing in what I assumed to be a hospital. 

“What happened?”

“You were in an accident. You were walking across the road when a car hit you. I’m so sorry, I should’ve never kicked out of the car. This is all my fault.” Harry was full on crying now. The memories came flooding back to me. I felt awful for putting him in this condition, knowing that we both did wrong.

“Harry shhhh. I’m okay. We both said and did things that were not helpful towards this situation. I’m not mad. Can you just lay with me for a while?” I asked. 

“Of course, love.”

So we laid there, just taking in each others embrace. I knew we had some things to work out, but that didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was me, and him. 

Salmon- A BATIM Fic

I’ve been on a Bendy kick lately and @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU, specifically their head cannon involving colored inks seemed like something fun to explore, especially the mixing of colors. For all intents and purposes of this story: Salmon is (to me) a pinkish-orange color made from mixing the colors pink and yellow together. Enjoy!

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Creepypasta #1095: The Room At The Bottom Of The Stairs

Length: Super long

This is the story of what happened to my family when I was 14. It was the strangest series of experiences I’ve ever had. 

My dad was an abuser. He never really touched me - he mostly ignored me, like I was beneath his notice - but he was terribly cruel to my mother. He never raised his voice or hit her when we were watching, but he would just quietly criticise her in an almost unbroken stream of soft, matter-of-fact verbal abuse. Also, while he may not have done it in front of us, I know he definitely hit her. My mother was - and still is today - a graceful woman. The stories about her tripping on the stairs or slipping on the wet bathroom floor never rang true, and yet we all saw the bruises, the arm in a sling, the band-aids over grazes.

She left him when I was 14 and we were all relieved. I felt no love for him and I had become more and more convinced over the last couple of years that one day he would kill her, and maybe us too. Seriously, he was a frightening man - seemingly soft-spoken, but cold and intense. When stories crop up on the news about fathers snapping and murdering their families, I always imagine my dad could easily have been one of them.

So we left, and I was glad. There were three of us: me, mum, and my big brother Joseph who was a 16 at the time, only a few months off 17. Technically, he was old enough that he could have left home already, but like me he lived in fear of what dad might do without a tall, muscular 17 year old in the house. Joey was a rugby player, a hundred kilos of solid muscle, but the opposite of our father: gentle, sweet, generous. I think it was his growing resentment of our father that pushed mum to leave. She told me years later that she had nightmares about Joey losing it and beating dad to a pulp, ending up in prison.

Mum did her homework as thoroughly as she could. She got the court order in place so dad would be barred from entering the property or coming anywhere near it, and the very next day she had the moving truck and the self-storage unit booked. A soon-to-be homeless unemployed single mother has limited resources, so we had to do all the moving ourselves. That was a long, exhausting day, but it was good, too. Liberating. We knew we were leaving that bastard behind.

Most of our stuff was stored away and we lived for a couple of months with mum’s sister Bella and her husband Steve. Their apartment was small for just the two of them, so with five of us there it was insanely cramped. Mum’s plan was simple enough - get a job, any job, and then find a place to rent - but the job market wasn’t great for a fortysomething single mum who hadn’t worked in almost 20 years.

Thankfully, the government came through with some emergency payments. Between that and Joey’s income from his weekend job, we had enough money coming in that we could maybe think about moving into somewhere very cheap. It wasn’t just the cramped apartment, either. Mum didn’t talk about it much, but she knew that dad knew her sister’s address. A few times the phone would ring in the middle of the night and the caller would hang up without saying anything, so mum was starting to get spooked.

Our stroke of luck came in a matched pair. Mum got a job interview for an office admin position, and it went very well (the interviewer was a sympathetic older woman and mum was very honest about why she was looking for work after such a long break). On the way home on the bus, she saw a “for lease” sign. My mum has always been very spiritual but she was feeling very optimistic and decided the sign was, well, “a sign”. She jumped off at the next bus stop and ran back to check it out.

It was an actual house, not a unit or apartment. Most people in my mother’s position would have walked on, assuming it was out of their price range, but my mother was very observant. The road it was on ran along a kind of ridge between two hilltops, and the house was on the uphill side of the road, nestled in against a fairly steep slope. As such, the back yard was considerably higher up than the street, and the back door was on the same level as the upper storey out the front.

My mother noticed that the exterior of the house - stucco over brick, painted a creamy white - was looking pretty shabby. It was all surface dirt, the kind that would come off easily with a hose and a broom. The fact that nobody had bothered made mum feel certain the house wasn’t getting a lot of love. She took a closer look at the “for lease” sign, swinging from a wooden post in the front yard. Sure enough it was looking very weathered too. She jotted down the phone number and - she confessed to me later - almost skipped back to the bus stop.

Her instincts were good: an unusually frank agent admitted that it had been sitting empty for months and the owners were eager to get a tenant in. The rent they were asking was shockingly low and well within our budget. Mum got the rental approval and a new job on the same day, and we all felt like our troubles were over.

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[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony

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“What time is it?” I groan, awaking with the most searing headache I’ve had in ages. The cold tile floor of the bathroom is my only relief from the pain and I realize I must have passed out here the night before.

The last thing I remember is going shot for shot with a hopelessly foolish girl, wanting so badly to convince me that she could hold her liquor as well as me.

She may have been beautiful, but a drinker she was not. It takes time and practice to keep it all down as I have learned to do; I am surely one of the greats with a bottle in my hand.

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Wicked — Dancing Through Life  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Let’s dance!”
  • “Please try to understand.”
  • “I would do anything for you.”
  • “We’ll meet there later tonight.”
  • “But I say, why invite stress in?”
  • “Well, maybe, I could invite her!”
  • “Don’t you see? This is our chance.”
  • “Life’s more painless for the brainless.”
  • “Those who don’t try never look foolish.”
  • “So, I’ll be picking you up around eight?”
  • “Why think too hard when it’s so soothing?”
  • “You’re perfect. So, we’re perfect together.”
  • “So, here, out of the goodness of my heart.”
  • “Nothing matters, but knowing nothing matters.”
  • “So, what’s the most swankified place in town?”
  • “Come on, follow me. You’ll be happy to be there.”
  • “No! It’s because… because you are so beautiful!”
  • “They want you to become less callow, less shallow.”
  • “No need to tough it when you can slough it off as I do.”
  • “Finally, for this one night, I’m about to have a fun night.”
  • “It seems so unfair we should go on a spree… and not she.”
  • “Believe me, I’ve been kicked out of enough of them to know.”
  • “I thought you might want to wear this hat to the party tonight!”
  • “Oh… that’s so kind. But, you know what would be even kinder?”
  • “The trouble with school is they always try to teach the wrong lesson.”
  • “Now that we’ve met one another, its clear we deserve we deserve each other.”
  • “I hope you’ll save at least one dance for me. I’ll be right there. Waiting. All night.”
  • “I’ve got something to confess, a reason why, well… why I asked you here tonight.”
Secrets Don’t Make Friends

olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut || 1098 || more fics

summary: Felicity stumbles upon the lair after getting drunk at Verdant. She meets the Hood, but it doesn’t go as she expects.
a/n: alternative title Secrets Don’t Make Friends (They Make Fuck Buddies) lmao, okay but thank you to @geniewithwifi for the prompt! i hope everyone enjoys.

Felicity had had one too many cosmos. But those little pink things were just so good. She stumbled into a back hallway at Verdant, looking for the bathroom. It took her a moment to find it, but once she did she was so grateful. She stepped back into the hallway a few minutes later and immediately felt lost.

“Oh no,” she said to herself.

She turned the wrong way and wandered towards a door. It wasn’t one that she recognized, but everything was really blurry and spinny, anyway. She tried the door, but it was locked. Bending down, she saw a number pad.

“Hmm,” she hummed.

Steadying herself against the wall, she could see which numbers were used most often. Three tries later and she was in.

“Somebody doesn’t have a fail safe,” she said in a sing song voice.

She walked inside, finding herself at the top of a staircase. The door closed behind her and she started down the steps. It was dimly lit, which didn’t help her vision much at all. Felicity nearly tripped down the stairs, but caught herself against the wall.

“Woah that was a close one,” she slurred.

“What are you doing down here?” a growly male voice met her ears.

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Trying not to fall asleep

@lovers-on-call-13:  if you have time, I would like a one shot in which the reader was Spencer’s wife and is pregnant for 6 months and in a meeting of a case she ends up sleeping because the baby did not let her sleep at night and she gets a little embarrassed and hotch says it’s okay and send her home early with Spencer

A/N: I apologise for how late this but I hope its okay! Request are still open! 💕 

Tags: @hanny-bananny

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Reid and Morgan were walking back to their desks after grabbing another cup of coffee from the break room, talking about their plans for the weekend when they saw a tired Y/N falling asleep at her desk.

“Y/N honey, wake up your still at work!” Spencer said with a reassuring smile as he poked her gently on the shoulder.

“Wait its only 11:30?!” Y/N asked sleepily trying and failing to stay awake in front of her husband and co-worker.

“Yes its still the morning, did you think it was time go home?” Morgan asked jokingly has received a glare from both Y/N and Reid.

“I’ve been really tired the baby has been keeping me up awake all night whether its because of cravings or she’s kicking me in the stomach.” Y/N explained annoyed about how the pregnancy was affecting her already terrible sleep pattern as she put her hand on her stomach.

“Y/N I did say that you should stay at home rather than go into work today.” Reid explained sympathetically as he gave her a reassuring hug. Just then the three of them saw Garcia in her usual colourful attire walking up to them with some files in her hands.

“Hey guys, hate to break it to you but we have meeting.” Garcia said with a disappointment on her face.

“Please don’t tell me its another case!” Y/N exclaimed as she and the other agents got up and started heading to the boardroom.

“Don’t worry it’s just Hotch talking about the budget and what were doing this week and before you ask we are not going any cases for the next three weeks as Cruz took us of rotation!” Garcia said with a smile on her face as she and the others walked into the boardroom to see Hotch, JJ, Rossi and Emily sitting at their sits, as they all sat to listen to what their Unit Chief has to say.

As Hotch started talking about the plans for the next following weeks, Y/N’s eyes slowly started to close and Hotch’s voice slowly starts to get quieter and quieter until the whole world fades into darkness.

Originally posted by toyboxboy

“Y/L/N, Y/L/N, Y/N!” Hotch shouted trying to wake the pregnant women from her sleep as everyone stared at her as they saw slightly move her body.

“Hmmm….hmmm….wa….wait?…what happened? Did I miss anything?” Y/N asked as she slowly woke from her nap at the table, getting back into her normal seating position.

“You fell asleep Y/N, is everything okay?” Hotch asked, his voice full of concern for the tired, pregnant agent that was sitting in front of him.

“Yeah everything’s fine Hotch, just little tired, the baby’s been keeping me all night but I’ll be fine.”  Y/N said tiredly as she rubbed her eyes to try to keep awake in front of her boss.

“Look Y/N, I can’t have you working here all tired especially in your condition, I want Reid to take home so you can get some sleep.” Hotch said kindly, his voice still full of concern for her.

“Hotch I’ll be fine please, just let me get on with my work, I need to get it done” Y/N pleaded trying to convince Hotch that she is perfectly fine.

“Y/N, honey, you are in no condition to work today, you fell asleep whilst doing your paperwork today, there is no way you are working, paperwork can wait, let’s go home so you can get some rest.” Spencer said as she got up from his chair and went to the door to wait for her.

Y/N looked around to see all the agents giving her the ‘go home and get some rest’ look and the ‘don’t even think about’ look, knowing that there is no way she can convince her boss, her co-workers and her husband she got from her and chair and headed out of the door. “Fine you win, you can take me home Spencer, I guess your right I do need some rest.” Y/N said as she smiled and she Spencer walked over to their desks to grab their bags and headed to the elevator and saying goodbye to the team.

“I’m glad you took up mine and Hotch’s offer.” Spencer said with a smile on his face as they waited for the elevator to go down to the bottom floor.

“Well you are my genius!” Y/N said gleefully as she and Reid both laughed, while Reid held her close to him as they elevator reached their and they walked out to the parking lot.  

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anonymous asked:

Genji and Mercy celebrating their anniversary during her pregnancy

Ahhh it’s been a while since I’ve done a pregnancy prompt! Sorry for those of you kept in suspense!

…flashbacks are a cool and hip way of opening a ficlet, right?

…whoops this one’s 80% flashbacks.

Mercy’s grip on her caduceus staff tightened. “Are they still there?” she asked. She moved to look, but Genji put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. He peeked out from behind the wall they were both hiding behind, then instantly drew back as a section of the cement shattered right where his head had peeked out with sniper fire.

“Yes,” said Genji, trying not to think of what could have just happened.

“Ziegler, where are you?” Jack barked over the comm, “I’m down to my last biotic canister! We need a medic!”

“The sniper still has us pinned down,” said Mercy, bringing a hand to her ear, “Believe me Jack, I’d get to you if I could but—”

Mercy was cut off by the sound of gunfire on the other side of the comm. Her eyes widened and her hand went over her mouth.

“They need you,” said Genji.

“Well I won’t be much good to them shot,” said Mercy, watching the red dot of the sniper’s sight trail on a section of exposed wall.

Genji paused. “I can give you an opening,” he said.

What?” said Mercy, “No–out of the question.”

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There’s an intruder in her home

Hi guys! Here with a new one shot! This was a request and I really hope the person who asked for this is pleased with it! :) 

Summary: Harry comes home to find his girlfriend is being threatened by an intruder

Warnings: Some curse words, mentions of sex & just in general, if you’re not comfortable with the subject of break ins and panic, don’t read this.

Harry’s PoV

I hummed lowly under my breath as I unlocked the door to Y/N’s apartment. A sense of excitement still cursed through me at the knowledge that I had my own key to her home, a sign that she clearly wanted me with her as often as I wanted to be with her. Today had been a very long and very stressful day, but all in all, everything went well and I was excited to come home to tell my girlfriend about it. A completely mundane thing to do, but it was still quite a new feeling for me; wanting someone to come home to and to tell about my day. I smiled at the thought of maybe even getting her to massage my back, should I tell her about the knots I was painfully feeling in my shoulders.

It surprised me when they key didn’t turn, indicating that the door hadn’t been locked at all. Strange. Normally it was me who arrived at Y/N’s apartment way before she did and not the other way around. Frowning I set the keys on the small table next to the entrance and slowly slipped off my shoes, making sure to remain quiet just in case Y/N had gone home earlier due to not feeling well. She had complained about headaches only yesterday as I remembered. Perhaps she was in bed already, all cuddled up in blankets and ready for me to crawl up to her and kiss her before drifting off to sleep together. I loved nights like that, when either of us were too tired to do anything other than open our arms for the other to cuddle into and when the only words exchanged were quiet promises of love and affection.
I sighed when my tired feet slowly walked up the stairs and my head began to pound slightly.

Just when I was about to turn the corner to her bedroom I heard it. An unfamiliar, male voice. My heart dropped. Y/N had a man in her bed? Suddenly my mouth went incredibly dry and my fingers started to shake as fear and anger rushed through me. She couldn’t be doing what I thought, right? I slowly took the next two steps to walk around the corner so I had a clear view onto her bed. The sight surprised me. Y/N was there, but instead of sleeping or being with an unknown man, she was sitting on the edge of the mattress, facing me with her hands behind her back and her cheeks wet with tears. Her beautiful lips were covered by a silver colored duct tape and she was breathing heavily. Her eyes sparkled with fear as she stared at the man who stood in the corner facing her but with his back to me. He practically loomed over her and could only be little shorter than I was. His torso was clad in a tight black jumper and his hands were wearing gloves. Y/N whimpered as he continued to speak to her and I shook my head, trying to rid my head from the ringing noise as the shock cursed through my veins, leaving me in almost a drunken state. Trying to be as quiet as possible I took one step further, standing right behind the man, so close I could see him breath. I shuddered when I noticed the knife he held tightly in his right one and felt such a rush of anger I had never felt before. He was threatening Y/N. This man had dared coming into her home to frighten my girlfriend and to fucking tie her up. I saw red and never before had I wanted to kill someone as badly as I did in that moment, if only because he made her cry.
All of a sudden Y/N’s eyes moved from the man and to me, widening with surprise. My heart dropped and the sick feeling in my stomach increased as I quickly motioned for her to keep quiet. Y/N blinked twice, indicating that she’d understood me and though the situation still frightened us both, I could tell that my presence already eased her, even if it was only a little bit. Alright,I needed to keep calm for both of our sake.
The man crouched down and pulled a bag to his feet, still muttering low threats and insults and I took his distraction to raise my hands. I tried to form two guns, two which Y/N shook her head so slightly the man didn’t notice. Good. So the knife was his only weapon. My rapidly beating heart squeezed painfully before slowing.
Y/N’s eyes went wide in fear when I took a step back and I held up both hands for her to stay calm, then I turned around and gave my best to hurry down the stairs as quietly as possible. Though every inch of my body was filled with anger and though all I could think about was going back to Y/N and to kill the man threatening her, I forced my shaking fingers to pull out my phone and to dial 999, the english emergency number. My heart was still beating so fast I couldn’t breath and I cursed when the phone kept ringing.

Finally a quiet voice spoke: “999, what’s your emergency?”

“There’s an intruder in our house,” I whispered, before quietly muttering the house number, “Islington, London. Please hurry.”

“Sir, I need you to calm down. Police are on their way. Does the intruder know you’re there?” the female voice asked calmly.

“No, but he has my girlfriend. I’ll go make myself known though.”
“We advice you not to, sir. Is he armed?”

“Not aside from a knife,” I whispered, my eyes set on the stairs and my body tense, fearing to hear a noise of pain from Y/N.

“Okay,” the woman continued, pausing to type something, “Wait for police to-”

“Tell them to hurry,” I said quietly before hanging up.

The thought of Y/N up there alone with him had my blood turn cold and my hands shook still. I was scared. It would be stupid not to admit that, but I knew that Y/N needed me and that I would have to act fast. She hadn’t looked like he’d hurt her physically but there was no certainty he wouldn’t still do it. I took a deep breath and slowly walked to Y/N’s living room where I knew she kept my dad’s old baseball bat. Originally he’d given it to her when I’d told him she’d need it for a halloween costume, but since then I had made her keep it for just in case. Though her and my friends liked to call me overly paranoid, I’d never been more thankful for her listening to me. My eyes squeezed shut as I prayed for the wardrobe door to open silently and almost rejoiced when my fingers wrapped around the cold wooden handle.
With the weapon in my hand I slowly walked back upstairs. The room had gone silent and when I peaked around the corner there was no sight of the man, only my girlfriend, still sitting on her bed. Y/N’s entire expression relaxed when she saw me and I gave my best to form a convincing smile.
I pointed to the corner and mouthed the words “he there” to which she shook her head and nodded for me to come in. She was shaking when I reached her and my knees buckled the moment my free hand found her jaw, cradling her face and bringing it close to mine so I could press my cheek to hers.

“It’s okay, I’m here, baby,” I whispered urgently and kissed her forehead, “Please, try to keep quiet, yeah?”

She nodded and braced herself when I raised my hand to swiftly rip the tape from her mouth. Y/N yelped and whimpered at the pain and I quickly soothed her before hurrying to loosen the tight rope around her wrists.

“Where did he go?” I whispered.

Y/N was still crying and her quiet voice came out shakily, “I don’t know. I thought he went downstairs and had you!”

I came around to face her again and took the bat back in both hands.

“I’m here,” I reassured her and kissed her quickly, “All good. He didn’t see me and we’re both going to be safe.”


“I promise you, beautiful,” I interrupted her and gently brushed away the tears falling from her eyes.

“Now who do we have here?”

My body jerked when I heard the male voice behind me and I turned around to face him, getting to my feet quickly. I held the bat tightly and positioned myself so I was covering Y/N from the man’s view completely. My heart still beat rapidly and my tummy tingled with relief of knowing that Y/N was somewhat alright, but the rest of my body was tense with anger and hatred, both directed to the stranger standing in front of me.
I’d been right. He wasn’t much shorter than me and by the looks of it he wasn’t as strong either. He seemed to notice it too, because his entire body straightened up and he swallowed hard, before shaking his head and raising the knife he still held tightly in his hand.

“What do you think you’re doing, huh? Wasn’t done with her yet.”

“I don’t care. You’re done now. With all of this,” I hissed and tried to ignore the shudder running down my back at the sound of the man’s cold voice.

“Oh, really?” he asked and a humorless laugh fell from his mouth.

The mask he had on prevented me from seeing anything properly aside of his piercing blue eyes, boring into me like knifes.

“Really,” I bit, trying to keep from letting my panic show, “Stealing is one thing, I can forget about that, but you just fucking threatened my girlfriend!”

“Fucking hell,” the man suddenly cursed and I jerked when he leaned down to pull up his bag, “All I wanted to do today was earn some good money and be home on time to watch The Walking Dead.”

“S'a good show,” I muttered, my breath hitching when I felt Y/N taking hold of my shirt.

She fisted the fabric tightly and I could hear her breathing quicken as she began to panic.

“Isn’t it?” the man spoke loudly, “It should have been a calm fucking night for me, with neither of you home anyway! I would’ve been out before you noticed anything was missing in the first place!”

The stranger shook his head once more and kicked the bed angrily. His fingers shook the bag and he stared at it with a confused expression.

“And for what all this mess?” he shook his head, “Hardly any cash and some shitty earrings that aren’t gonna bring much money either!”

“Yeah, well, sometimes things don’t go as planned, do they? I intended to come here to spend a quiet night in with my lovely girlfriend and instead I find her crying because of you!”

“Now, now, don’t be cheeky,” he growled.

My head still rang and although I knew I was playing a dangerous game, I needed to make sure I’d keep him around long enough for the police to arrive. How long had it been since I’d called them? Ten? Fifteen minutes?
The stranger raised his knife and pointed it at me.

“I do not like your tone at all,” he muttered, “Don’t think I’d hesitate from silencing it.”

“I’m not scared of you,” I replied, covering the lie up with the certainty behind my voice.

The grin taking over his face was a reflection of pure evil and my fingers clenched as he looked back at Y/N.

“Maybe, but your lovely girl is.”

I swallowed noisely and repositioned myself so that he once again, could not see her.

“You love her, don’t you? Must make you nervous to know she’s terrified.”

“Fuck you,” I bit angrily and took a step forward and towards him.

Y/N’s PoV

A shriek fell from my lips and I sat up with a jolt. My body had been curled up on the couch in Harry’s living room where I’d attempted to get some rest after not having slept more than three hours a night in over two weeks.
It had been the same nightmare as always that had ripped me from my slumber. Memories from the night when someone had broken into my home kept resurfacing and tormented my mind until I woke up sweaty and panting.

“You alright?”

I looked up to find Harry standing in the doorway separating his living room and the kitchen. He was dressed in sweats and one of his white and soft shirts he knew I loved to sleep in so much. Harry’s arms were crossed and his forehead set into a deep frown as he must have heard, if not seen, my sudden awaking.

“I’m fine,” I muttered and gave him a short nod before rearranging the pillows behind me so I could sit more comfortably.

My fingers still shook a little and my breathing had yet to calm down. The all too familiar feeling of embarrassment rushed through me and I lowered my head, unable to look at Harry any longer. Whenever the nightmare returned to me, I was overcome by shame, certain that I was just a weak little girl for a) having needed someone to protect me and b) still not being over it. Two weeks had past since it happened. How was it troubling my mind still?

Harry sighed and within a few short strides he reached me, knocking my feet to the side gently so he could sit down as well.

“The same dream again?” he asked softly, one of his hands settling to rest on my knee.


I pulled up my knees and out of his reach, giving him more space to sit comfortably but also disconnecting any touch between the two of us. Harry bit his lip when he noticed and cleared his throat.

“Please stop shutting me out,” he pleaded.

His voice was so low I almost missed it and my head shot up immediately. He looked so upset. My tummy turned and my mouth went dry. I knew I was hurting him by being so cold, but I felt so lost.
Though I had come to his house every day since it happened and had spent every night with him, I’d never felt as far away from Harry as I did in the past weeks. We hardly spoke anymore and when we did, then only about what we’d want for dinner or if the other was okay with the TV being on. Nothing that was even remotely important.
There were no laughs or stories exchanged, no jokes shared and we only touched when we were asleep, as I would probably get no rest at all without having Harry’s arms wrapped around me. I needed to have him breathing into my neck and feel the pressure of hands holding me to something. My heart wouldn’t calm down if there was not at least one assurance that I wasn’t alone.

“I’m not shutting you out,” I lied, regretting the words the moment they’d slipped from my lips.  

It was a stupid and silly lie I’d just told, as I couldn’t possibly fool either of us. Harry shook his head, not even looking at me anymore and didn’t say anything. The disappointment practically radiated off of him and hit me like a wave. I didn’t want to cause him any further pain and I hated to shut him out, but what else could I do? Admitting my deepest fears to him seemed so impossible, regardless of how much I trusted and loved him. The truth was, I felt pathetic. And nothing terrified me more, than Harry seeing that too.

“Well,” Harry huffed and rubbed his face with both hands, “everything is fucking perfect then, isn’t it?”

Before I could answer, he got to his feet and stormed out of the living room and back into his kitchen. I scooted further back and wrapped my arms around my knees, waiting for the inevitable. I didn’t even flinch when I heard Harry’s fist knock over what must have been at least two of his mugs and I only whimpered when the first curse words fell from his lips. A sick feeling spread in my tummy and I felt like crying.

He’d had a handful of those tantrums in the past week, moments where Harry lost all of his patience and his nerves and could do nothing other than yell, shout and throw things around. Preferably things that made a lot of noise when they broke. It had been so many tantrums, that I’d gotten used to them, even though this sort of behavior was completely new to me. I’d never seen Harry get so angry. Never before had he thrown something or yelled around in my presence, always the calm and collected gentleman, no matter how annoyed he got.

“Harry,” I whispered, just when I heard one of the drawer doors shut loudly.

I didn’t like knowing he was angry, no matter what had caused it, but I hated it even more when the reason for his anger was me. I blamed it all on the intruder. I hated that guy. Hated how much he’d influenced my life and how much had changed since he’d entered my home without an invitation. Another clashing noise ripped through the air, followed by another one. This time, I was sure he was taking out his anger on plates.


A loud curse fell from his mouth and then the house went silent. My breathing came out loudly and erratic as sweat formed on my forehead. My nerves were acting crazy and my thoughts raced, unable to form any proper sentence. The only word coming to my head was his name. It was almost a mantra by this point. Only now did I notice how heavily my hands shook and how I’d been pushing the same strand of hair out of my face for the past few minutes.

“Harry!” I called out once more.

Immediately I heard his steps coming closer and when I looked up he was there, already hurrying to where I was, before falling to his knees in front of me. His eyes were wide and his lips moved, but I couldn’t hear anything he said. A ringing noise took over my ears, causing an immediate headache to rise and a sudden coldness paralyzed my entire body.
The first time I’d called out for him like this had been a day after the break in. Harry had been in a different room and hadn’t heard at first, so his reaction hadn’t come as quickly as it did now. He’d stayed away until I’d called out for him one final time, my voice breaking halfway through. By that point, all blood had vanished from my face and when he’d found me, I’d been crouched by the sofa and weeped into my knees, wetting the fabric of my jeans with tears whilst shaking uncontrollably.

“Sh, baby, calm down,” Harry spoke soothingly while his warm hands gently massaged and squeezed my thighs.

Sobs fell from my mouth as more and more tears spilled onto my cheeks. My entire frame was shaking and I looked anywhere other than Harry, my hot cheeks an undeniable proof of my embarrassment.

“Breathe, Y/N,” Harry whispered and let his head fall into my lap so he could kiss and breath against my legs, “Calm breaths, darling. Alright? You’re fine. S'all good, you’ll see.”

“Harry, I-”

A cry interrupted me and I squeezed my eyes shut as I tried to somehow gain back control over myself. These comforting gestures where the only times when Harry and I touched, aside from in bed. It had almost become a routine.

“You’re doing so well.”

My fingers gingerly moved from my lap to Harry’s head where they found his soft hair. I tried to set my entire focus on the feeling of the short strands between my fingers and how he moaned lowly whenever I scratched his scalp.

In this position with Harry half on top of me I could feel his chest fall and rise with each breath he took, the feeling so calming it didn’t take long for me to stop sobbing. Slowly, my heart stopped racing and returned to it’s normal speed.

“I’m okay,” I whispered, “It’s over. Thank you, Harry.”

My hands still pulled at the ends of his hair as I studied the side of his face. He kept his eyes shut as he nestled against my thighs, arms locked around my legs in a tight embrace. I could imagine it wasn’t the most comfortable position for him, but I’d discovered that Harry did whatever it was to have me calm down from and to keep me from having a panic attack.

“Better?” he asked me quietly.


He slowly pulled away from me, careful to make his intentions clear so I wouldn’t accidentally pull his hair too hard, and sat up. He looked at me for a moment, reading my face carefully to be sure I truly was stable now. Only then did he get up to his feet and sit back down on the couch, on the same spot he’d been moments ago. This time, I didn’t pull away from his touch, but welcomed it when he reached out to take my hand in his.


“Y/N, I don’t understand.” Harry’s green eyes found mine as he turned to face me.

I sniffled a bit and adjusted myself into a cross-legged position. Guilt crawled up my throat when I noticed how teary his lovely eyes were and I had to force myself to hold his gaze. It hadn’t been oblivious to me how much I’d punished him without having any reason to, but never did I think it’d taken such a tool on him.
Harry always seemed so certain and confident, even when I was the exact opposite. He’d been so patient with me and had never led on that he was anything but alright, aside from the sudden bursts of anger he’d had. Never did he cry and never did he panic.

“What did I do wrong that night? How am I the one to punish for what happened?”

His voice came out so utterly sad, it hurt me even more and made me feel like I was the biggest asshole in the world.

“Harry,” I tried again, “Don’t-”

“Was it because I left you alone with him? When I went to make the call? Because I’d understand if that hurt you, my love, but you must understand why I had to go and-”


His mouth closed and for a moment we just stared at each other. The quiet fire in the corner was the only noise as my heartbeat slowed and my mind tried to make sense of what he’d just said. He was blaming himself. Harry had gone to such lengths and played such a dangerous game to protect me and to make sure the intruder wouldn’t have a chance to harm me properly, and he was still blaming himself. His body jerked in surprise when I unexpectedly moved to crawl closer to him, but he was quick to welcome me with wide arms as I climbed into his lap. He scooted back so I had more room to sit, but he still made sure I was close to him.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered and pressed my lips to his warm cheek, humming when I noticed the short stubble on it.

My legs found the familiar place around his hips, pressing our crotches together and I whined when he hummed under my touch, enjoying the dearly missed closeness. Harry’s arms embraced me and pulled me against his chest closely, his warmth calming me instantly and his scent clouding my senses.

“I’m so sorry, Harry,” I repeated, “I love you so much, you must know that.”

“I do,” he hummed and hugged me tighter, “And I love you as well. With all of my heart, Y/N. Every inch of it is yours.”

A small gasp fell from my mouth at his heartwarming words and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. He was so perfect and it hurt my heart. I suddenly couldn’t understand how I’d been able to make it through the day without having him close and realized that I’d been punishing us both, by denying the connection between us to grow. What had I been doing to my lovely, kind and gently boy, when all he’d tried was to protect me and cheer me up.

“I didn’t mean to be gone for so long,” Harry continued to apologize, “But those damn people didn’t pick up any faster and I had to look for the bat, too. I know it frightened you, but-”

“You didn’t do anything wrong!” My voice came out a little louder than what I’d intended it to and he grimaced, rubbing his ear. I giggled and kissed the shel of it, before leaning back up so I could look at him.

“You protected me,” I whispered, “kept me safe. You still do.”

Harry’s eyes closed when my fingers traced his cheekbones and I smiled when my tips touched his lovely hair.

“You’re always there to calm me down when it’s dark, even when it’s something as simple as turning the light back on to prove to me that there really isn’t a person standing in the doorway.”

Harry’s eyes opened and a sad expression took over his face, but I leaned in to kiss the tip of his nose before he could interrupt me. My tears were long gone and all I felt was an almost overwhelming sense of relief.

“You never make me feel stupid or silly for not being able to sleep in my own apartment anymore and not once have you complained about me coming to your house as if I’d live here too.”

Harry’s thumb gently massaged my knees and he squeezed my legs, telling me calmly to keep going.

“In that horrible night, you were the only thing that kept me somewhat sane. Even before you were there.”

I paused to swallow hard, trying to gather my thoughts. Harry looked at me intensely, his entire focus on nothing but my words. I shuddered, recognizing his expression as he studied me the same way I sometimes studied him. That was another thing that made Harry and me different than others. We were completely fascinated by each other.

“I kept thinking of you, Harry. While he was talking to me, threatening me and just being so awful,” I shook my head and Harry’s hand quickly reached up to cradle my face in his palm. My own fingers carefully wrapped around his hand, holding it to my cheek and I turned my head slightly so I could kiss it.

“You calmed me down, Harry,” I went on, “I knew you’d be there soon and that even if you wouldn’t, I knew you’d make it alright somehow. You can make everything alright. Like you did just now.”

My fingers traced his cheeks and he leaned in to press his mouth to mine, kissing me softly and only for a short moment.

“Please, stop thinking that what you did, was anything but heroic of you.”

“Heroic?” Harry asked, a slight blush rising to his cheeks.

I nodded, a smile pulling on my lips.

“Wouldn’t go that far, love, but I appreciate it.”

I chuckled at his words and kissed his cheek once more.

“If I didn’t do anything wrong,” Harry asked quietly, “then what is it? Why do I feel you slipping through my fingers?”

I shook my head. “I can’t explain, Harry, I’m sorry. It’s just… I don’t know. It feels as though my head is constantly under water. I can’t think properly and on most days it feels hard to breath. And then there’s you and you…”

“What about me?” Harry asked quietly.

“You seem so certain. Put together. Even when you freak out sometimes, you always know exactly what to do next. I feel like such a failure by your side.”

Harry frowned deeply. “You feel like a failure? How? Because you’re still shaken by what happened?”

“Partly,” I confirmed, nodding courtly, “But it’s not just that. I keep thinking about it and all I feel is so incredibly weak and like I’m the biggest baby there is.”

“Y/N, love, you’re being slightly ridiculous.”

Harry embraced me tighter and made me bury my face in his neck.

“I should have defended myself,” I confessed quietly, “I know how stupid that sounds, given what circumstances we were in, but it’s how I feel, Harry. I keep thinking it over and realize how there would have been so many moments where I could have done something.”

“Like when? Y/N, there was a strange man in your home, threatening you with a knife. You not doing anything has nothing to do with weakness.”

“Still,” I whispered shrugging.

“You were the strongest person,” Harry told me quietly.

He looked up at me and leaned in to kiss the corner of my mouth. I hummed and moved my head so I could connect our lips in a soft kiss, needing his touch.

“Do you really think so?” I asked timidly.

“Yeah, absolutely.”

Harry smirked and squeezed my fingers. “You didn’t panic. And you protected me so much in that moment, my love. You made sure I could enter safely and let me know how many weapons the guy had.”

“Seems like something so little.”

“But so important,” Harry assured and he squeezed me tightly.

I smiled at him softly. “I’m sorry I have been being such a horrible person to be around.”

“It’s fine,” Harry said and shook his head.

I shrieked when he suddenly jerked his hips forward, forcing me to fall off of him. Laughing quietly, he crawled over me, his arms positioned near my head so he could hover over my body. His face came closer to mine and I closed my eyes when he kissed my lips once more.

“We were a team that night,” Harry promised, “And we’re getting through this together. Okay? We will.”

I nodded. “You’re right.”

We exchanged another gentle kiss and reached out with our hands to touch whatever uncovered skin we could reach. I smiled when I felt his tongue glide along my bottom lip, deepening the kiss and Harry moaned when I bit his lip.

“Move in with me.”

The words had tumbled from his mouth in a mixture between a moan and a gasp.


“M'not saying it because of what happened,” Harry hummed against my neck before settling his mouth against my skin, sucking.

My eyes fell shut and a breathy gasp fell from my mouth as instant pleasure cursed through my veins.

“Even though my security system is better than yours. And I’m not saying it either because of how incredibly sexy you look right now, either.”

I giggled and my heart jumped when I felt Harry’s lips stretch into a smile. He moved up slightly so he could pepper more kisses to my jaw until he moved to my ear.

“Even when you living with me would mean I’d get to fuck you every night.”

His hands found the top of my leggins and slowly pulled them down, a cheeky grin on his face as his eyes locked with mine. I could barely think straight, my head too clouded with the scent, feel and presence of him.

“Want you to live with me so you’re always here. Hate being separated from you, my love.”

I reached up and gently poked his cheek, smiling when the tip of my finger fit perfectly into his dimple.

“I’d love to.”

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Someone New (Gabriel x Reader)

Someone New (Gabriel x Reader)
Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Someone New (Gabriel x Reader)
Word Count:  14,655

Summary: You are a hunter who is lured to a case where everything reminds you of your boyfriend Gabriel, who has been dead for 7 years. You’re forced to relive all of your memories with him. Inspired by the song “Someone New” by Banks.

Note: Reposting this with edits made to correct typos. 

Originally posted by fand0maniac

The nightclub was rundown, set in a dark, dingy part of Denver that Y/N tried to avoid when she could, but her job led her to this area more than she would like. She walked up the sidewalk, head down, not making eye contact with the locals until she reached the entrance to The Lemon Drop Nightclub and Cantina. The door was red wood with a giant swirly lollipop for a handle. Y/N shook her head as she pulled it open and walked inside.
     Her senses were immediately assaulted by loud pop music and bright colored lights spinning from the ceiling, the walls were covered with candy ornaments of all kinds from old vintage tin signs to neon versions of Kit Kats, Twix, and Butterfingers. Gabe would love it here. The thought came into her head unbidden, as did the quick, sharp stab of pain when she thought of him. Taking a deep breath, she wrinkled her nose to keep any tears at bay and focused on the task at hand. She was a hunter, damn it, and she couldn’t afford to be seen as weak.
     When she was sure her emotions were in check and her eyes had adjusted to the light, she made her way to the bar. The bartender was tall and muscular, his arms bulging out of a sleeveless Slayer t-shirt. His long black hair was slicked back into a tight ponytail. Wiping a glass with a questionable rag, he caught Y/N’s eye and gave her a backwards nod. “What can I getcha?”
     “I was looking for Jillian Banks?” A knowing look entered the man’s eyes as he grinned widely.
     “You a fan, then?” He raised his eyebrows and Y/N sighed.
     “I’m here to talk to her about the…problems…she’s been having here.” It was her turn to grin when his smile faltered. “You wouldn’t know anything about those, would you?”
     “Look, i don’t know what you’ve heard…are you a cop or something, cuz if you’re a cop, don’t I get to have my attorney present or some shit like that?”
     “Number one, I’m not a cop. Number two, you don’t look like someone who has an attorney on retainer.” The man stared at her and Y/N wasn’t sure if he was too nervous to speak or didn’t understand the word “retainer.” Sighing again, she pulled a business card out of the back pocket of her jeans and slid it across the bar to him. “I’m a paranormal investigator. She contacted me, If you could point me in her direction or let her know I’m here, that would be great.” He picked up the card, checked it out, and gave a her a brief, unreadable look before saying he’d be right back.
      Y/N leaned against the bar and looked at her reflection in the mirrored wall between all the bottles of booze. I look like shit, she thought, catching how her long Y/H/C hair fell from her head in lank, uninspired waves and her Y/E/C eyes were weary and sad. Not able to stand the sight any longer, she turned and faced the club, resting her elbows on the padded edge of the counter. She watched the patrons dance and laugh and drink, all seemingly having the time of their lives. I used to be like them, she thought wearily, as memories came flooding back.
      Memories of hustling pool in dive bars all over the country with the Winchester Brothers. Their favorite ploy was using the fact that she was a girl to make knuckle headed drunks think she was a pushover, when in fact the only person who had ever been able to beat her was Sam. Sam freakin’ WInchester, the man who texted her earlier tonight with this case. Sam Winchester, the man who held her and comforted her after she lost everything. It didn’t matter where he told her to go for a case, she would do it. She owed him her life. So many times over. She was thinking of texting him a picture of this godawful place when the music changed. Taylor Swift’s “All You Had To Do Was Stay” began playing and her heart constricted painfully.
      Everything she had wanted to forget came sweeping back. Gabriel. His ridiculous plan to leave her and fight his brother to keep her and everyone else safe. The fight they had about it before he left, the horrible, horrible things she said to him as he walked out the door.
     The look in Sam’s eyes when he had to tell her that Gabriel had been killed by his brother.
     This stupid song always made her think of Gabe. Some nights when she felt like wallowing, she would put it on repeat and cry into a glass of Jack Daniels. Most of the time, she simply avoided the song but here…there was nothing to do unless she wanted to kick the jukebox into submission. “Let me remind you this was what you wanted (Oh oh oh)….you ended it…you were all I wanted….”
     “Fuck, come on,” she said out loud, biting her bottom lip hard. She would not give into the memories. Not here, not tonight.
      Not here, not tonight, not here, not tonight.
      That had been her mantra since that night. Y/N would say 97% of the time it worked. Tonight, however, looked to be the time that the 3% reared it’s ugly head. She felt the despair and grief wash over her and she had to sit down on a bar stool so that she didn’t sink to the floor. Even after seven years it was strong enough to knock the wind out of her. She wondered if it would ever get easier; then she realized that deep down, she didn’t want it to. If it did, that meant she was moving on, forgetting Gabriel, the only man she had ever truly loved. She couldn’t do that, not to him.
       Y/N met Gabriel ten years ago while she was working a case in Springfield, Ohio with The Winchesters. He was deep in his Trickster persona and messing with Sam and Dean’s minds, causing them to fight more than usual. Y/N thought she could get the drop on the bad guy while they were bickering. She trailed him to his apartment after he left the university where he was posing as a janitor. With a stake dipped in his victim’s blood hidden in her oversized purse, she waited until he was inside before making her move.
        She had been watching him long enough to realize that women were a weakness of his, so she put on her tightest jeans and her lowest-cut shirt before fluffing her hair out and walking boldly up to his apartment door. He answered almost immediately after she knocked and she had to wonder if he knew she was coming. “Well, hello, pretty lady. How can I help you?” The trickster let his eyes roam up and down her body as he grinned and leaned against the door, still wearing his grey janitor’s jumpsuit but the front was unzipped, showing off a crisp white t-shirt underneath.
        “Um, hi, my car broke down outside and…I…uh…” when his eyes made their way back up to hers, she suddenly lost her train of thought. They were the most brilliant shade of gold, almost like sunlight streaming through a bottle of whiskey. She had never seen eyes like that before; she felt like she was drowning in them. Focus, Y/N, she told herself sternly, pulling her gaze away. That was when she saw the cocky smile, as if he could tell what she was thinking. “Uh…yeah, my car. It broke down and my phone is dead. Could I use yours?” She flashed him her most innocent grin and pushed her chest forward. His eyes flicked down quickly and she knew her ploy was working.
        “Not from around here, are you,” he asked, his voice smooth as velvet.  She shook her head. “And I’m on the third floor. What made you pick my apartment?”
        “I saw you pull in and I thought you looked nice,” she shrugged, raising her eyebrows and biting her bottom lip. “Please? I just need to call my friend so he can come pick me up.” The trickster stared at her for a beat too long, making her skin break out in goose pimples. Those eyes were dangerous. Then he stepped back and swept his arm gallantly.
        “Who I am to turn a pretty woman away in her time of need. Please, be my guest.” Y/N rushed past him and into the apartment, taking it all in quickly. It was small; a tidy living area held only a television set, a recliner, and a TV tray. It led into an open kitchen. She noticed the counters were covered in sweets: pies, cakes, and cookies were everywhere.
        “Having a party,” she asked, nodding her head to the bounty. He laughed, shutting the door firmly.
        “I have a sweet tooth and a love for cooking shows,” he laughed. “I end up cooking everything they make on there. Want a cookie or something?”
        “No, thanks, I’ll be out of your hair shortly if you’ll just point me to the phone.” To her surprise, he still had a landline hanging on the wall in the hallway. It was dark and she couldn’t see past where she stood. Hoping nothing jumped out at her, she dialed Dean’s number.
       “Y/N, where are you,” he barked in greeting.
       “I’m at an apartment building at 5th and Grant,” she replied. “My car broke down. I think it’s the carburetor.”
       “Is he there with you now,” he asked, his voice brisk with a touch of worry. He recognized their code immediately.
       “Yes, he was nice enough to let me use his phone.” She looked over her shoulder and smiled at the trickster, who was standing a few feet away. He raised his eyebrows at her.
       “Do you have a weapon?”
       “I do.”
       “Be careful. We’re on our way.”
       “Ok, thanks.” She hung up and turned around slowly. He was standing just a little closer than he had been. “Thank you. I’ll just go wait in my car now.”
       “Are you sure you want to wait out there? It’s chilly.” His eyes were back on hers and she felt her stomach flip. She didn’t understand her reaction to him. He wasn’t her type of guy at all. She normally went for the tall, manly, dark haired muscular guys who were teddy bears underneath. Like Dean. This guy was nothing like her hunter - shortish (she gauged him around 5’8”, 5’9”), with unruly honey colored hair, thin lips, and just the tiniest bit of a belly. Probably from all those sweets, she thought. Not to mention he was a monster. A trickster who had killed innocent people. She had no business even thinking about him the way she was.
        “So, uh, thanks again,” she stammered, walking towards him, her hand on the strap of her purse. “Maybe I will take that cookie. One for the road, you know?” He winked at her, turning to grab her a cookie from the kitchen. That was when she made her move, sliding the stake from her purse and rushing up behind him. He shocked her when he turned so fast, grabbing her wrist and forcing the weapon from her grip. It clattered uselessly on the floor. He pushed her up against the wall, pressing his whole body against her, holding her captured hand above her head. She couldn’t breathe, knowing for sure that she had failed and she would be his next victim.
       “You reek of hunter,” he said, his face inches from hers. She could feel his hot breath on her face and it smelled of butterscotch. Her belly fluttered against her will. He cupped her face in his free hand, running a thumb along her lower lip. “A sexy hunter, sure but a hunter nonetheless.” Y/N tried to tell herself that her heart was pounding a mile a minute because death was imminent and not because he was so close to her, those whiskey eyes peering into hers with a scorching heat. He had to be causing these sensations; he was a trickster, after all.
        “Stop it,” she ordered, trying and failing to sound authoritative. Her voice came out in a thick whisper.
        “Stop what,” he asked, all innocence.
       “You’re fucking with my mind. Just kill me and get it over with.” He chuckled and shook his head.
       “Oh, sweetheart, your mind isn’t what I want to fuck.” He never gave her a chance to react to that statement. His lips were on hers in a hard, wet kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth. She found herself responding even though she knew she shouldn’t. He tasted so good though and his body felt right against hers. When she moaned against his kiss, he pulled away just a fraction. “No, I can’t kill you. I’ll be seeing you around, though.” She heard a snap and suddenly everything spun out of control. A few seconds later she found herself in the passenger seat of Dean’s Impala as he sped down the highway.
      “Jesus Christ,” Dean yelled, swerving the car into oncoming traffic before gaining control and righting the wheels before pulling over to the side of the road. “Where the fuck did you come from?”
       “Umm….the trickster made me,” she said, still trying to get her bearings. She was dizzy from the trip to the car, not to mention her lips still buzzed from the kiss and her body was keyed up from his words.
       “So, what, instead of killing you, he snapped you here?” Y/N shrugged. “Maybe he figured you appearing out of nowhere would give me a heart attack and we’d both die.” She laughed at his explanation; it was better to let him think that than tell him what really happened, she decided as she ran her tongue along her bottom lip, still tasting the butterscotch from his kiss.
      As she sat at the bar inside The Lemon Drop, she bit her lip with her tongue, fancying she could still taste him. Knowing that she would never again feel his lips on hers broke her heart all over again. She could feel tears threatening but was saved by the bartender returning. “Okay, Jillian wants to talk to you but it’ll be a while. She’s getting ready for her stage show and she doesn’t let anyone back there while she does so.” Y/N nodded. “She asked me to get you whatever you’d like while you wait.”
      “Shot of Jack and…do you make butter babies?”
      “Absolutely I do,” he grinned.
      “Four of those as well, please.” Y/N knew she was hurting herself by drinking the one drink that reminded her of Gabe but this place seemed to lend itself to memories. Every song that popped up on the jukebox made her think of him. At that moment it was “Bubblegum Bitch” by Marina and the Diamonds. The lyrics always made her think of the different sweet-related nicknames he called her. At first she hated it but they grew on her and now whenever she heard the words “sugar,” “cupcake,” or “gumdrop,” pain squeezed a tight band around her heart.
         The night after the trickster spared her life, Dean tracked him to the university auditorium for the showdown. When the hunter returned with the news that he had killed the trickster, Y/N was actually a little disappointed. She didn’t know if his spell was still lingering but she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Three months later, she walked into her motel room in Los Angeles, dirty and covered in blood. The only thing on her mind was a hot shower and her bed. So when she saw the trickster standing in the middle of the room with a sassy smirk on his face, she stopped cold, not sure if she should be pleased or worried. “Dean killed you,” she said finally, shutting the door behind her. She could see he recognized the motion as she wasn’t going to call for help.
        “Trickster,” he replied, holding his arms out in a “ta-dah” motion. “You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to fool me.”
        “Are you here to finish the job, then?” Y/N hated how her body was responding to being in the same room as her again. She should be angry that he was alive, scared that he was here to kill her but instead she felt herself wanting to be closer to him, feel his lips on hers once more.
       “And which job would that be, cupcake” he asked with a cocky grin, taking a few steps towards her. Every instinct told her to back up, call for the boys, but instead she felt herself walking in his direction. “I already told you I couldn’t kill you. But if you’re referring to the ravishing you so deserve then, yes. I am here to finish the job.” By the time he finished his statement, they were standing inches away from each other. She was so confused. How could she be feeling this heat for a creature that she should be killing?
      “Tell me something and please be honest,” she said, her voice husky with the need to taste his lips. “What I’m feeling for you, is this your doing? Is this a trick?”
     “No.” His answer was so simple that it took her aback. She cocked her head and furrowed her eyebrows at him. His amber eyes were the most serious she had seen them.
     “No.” A thrill coursed through her body when he reached out and grabbed the back of her head, roughly bringing her lips to his. There it was, that butterscotch taste that she had been craving. With one hand she grasped the lapel of his army green jacket while the other hand snaked through his dark blonde hair, trying desperately to pull him closer. When he finally broke contact to let her breathe, he laughed.
     “What’s so funny,” she asked.
     “You’re a hunter, I’m a trickster. This shouldn’t be happening.” He shook his head before kissing her lips again, this time softly. Was it her imagination or did the softer kiss cause her toes to curl even more than the desperation? “It’s like someone is playing a trick on me.”
     “Maybe they are. Are there others like you out there?” He clucked her chin with his hand and grinned.
     “Sugar, there is no one else like me. Anywhere.” She returned the smile, amused by his cockiness. “There’s only one explanation then.”
     “What’s that?” The trickster slung an arm around her waist and pulled her tight against him. She exhaled an, “oof!” as she bounced off of his chest. She slid her arms up over his shoulders as he winked at her.
     “You were meant to be mine.”
      You were meant to be mine. Y/N had scoffed when he first uttered those words, she recalled, slamming down the last butter baby shot. She chased it with the Jack then let out a huge sigh. The bartender was watching her, asking with his eyes if she wanted another round. She nodded slightly even though her head was telling her to stay sober. Her heart, however, needed some help getting through the memories that were assaulting her non stop.
       “How can you not believe in destiny,” the trickster had asked after she told him his idea was silly.
        “I believe in free will,” she answered, pulling out of his grip. “I’ve seen so much bad happen to good people…I just can’t believe that things like that were destined to happen to them.”
         “Free will, huh? Ok, here’s a question for you, then.” He snapped his fingers and suddenly, laying on the motel bed was a wooden stake tipped with blood. Her stake that she lost that night. “There’s your weapon. And here’s the monster.” He spread his arms out wide, leaving his whole body vulnerable if she chose to strike. “If you’re not mine…if I’m not yours…if we aren’t meant to be together, kill me.”
         “Dude….what the….”
         “Do it,” he said, his voice gruff, his eyes hard. “Take that stake and plunge it into my heart. Finish what you started.” Y/N stared at him, her mouth agape. He was crazy. “Yeah, maybe I am crazy,” he said, startling her, “but I’m crazy for you. I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ve messed with a lot of hunters and I’ve had a lot of women hotter than you…don’t get pissed,” he smiled when she huffed angrily at him. “But you…there’s something about you. Like you were made for me. After all these centuries of just drifting around, suddenly some mortal, some hunter, shows up and I’m done. I don’t want to play tricks on you, I don’t want to kill you. I want to hold you, and kiss you, and…shit, I want to be with you, okay?” His voice had taken on an edge of desperation, as if he needed her to believe what he was saying.
         Y/N walked over to the bed and picked up the stake.  She turned it over in her hands, getting used to the feel of it again. “So if I kill you, like a good hunter should, you’re wrong about destiny?”
        “Dead wrong,” he answered, causing her to laugh. She approached him slowly, the stake pointing out in front of her. She poked him in the belly with the tip lightly.
       “But if I choose not to, emphasis on choose, then somehow that proves that we’re meant to be?”
       “You got it, sugar lips.” She stared at him as she reflected on how her body reacted to him, how that kiss had made her feel. Was he right? Was her person actually a trickster? How screwed up did that make her destiny?
       “God damn it,” she breathed, tossing the stake to the floor where it immediately shimmered and disappeared. “Why you,” she asked, cocking her head to study him.
       “God only knows,” he winked, dropping his arms to his side now that he knew he was safe. They stood in the center of the room, staring at each other for what felt like forever. The trickster had a smug yet pleased look on his face and the longer Y/N looked at it, the crazier it made her. The heat between them was palpable. When she could stand it no longer, she launched herself at him, kissing him with everything she had. He returned the sentiment, his hands twining into her long Y/H/C hair and tugging her head backwards so he could delve deeper into her mouth with his tongue.
       She was overcome with the need to feel him, feel his skin on hers and she started pulling at his clothes; she slid his jacket off then ripped at his black shirt, popping the buttons clean off. He chuckled at her earnestness and returned the favor by pulling her thermal shirt over her head and tossing it to the floor.  He bent his head and kissed the tender flesh above her bra, causing her to moan loudly while she ran her hands over his bare chest and stomach. Y/N grabbed the waistband of his jeans and thumbed the button open, shoving them to the floor. It made her giggle when she saw he was wearing rubber ducky boxers. “What the hell,” she laughed, as she trailed a multitude of kisses down his torso, sinking to her knees. Just as she went to yank the boxers off, she stopped and looked up him.
       “By the way, I’m Y/N.”
       “Yeah, I know,” he chuckled, his eyes hot as he stared down at her.
       “What should I call you?”
       “Gabe,” he replied, his face softening a little. “You can call me Gabe.
       “Gabe,” Y/N whispered, desperate as a prayer. She finished off her third line of shots, feeling sufficiently liquored up to remember the sex. The first few weeks were amazing; every time Gabe touched her, it felt like her skin was ablaze.  Not to mention that having to hide their relationship from Sam and Dean, whom she was still hunting with, made it exciting. The first time they were almost caught was when Dean showed up at the door, already half-drunk, holding a six-pack of beer and looking for some company. That had been part of her relationship with Dean from the beginning but now she didn’t even think of him that way at all. Her brain, heart, body, and soul was completely saturated by her trickster. Y/N kept the door open just enough to tell him she had someone in the room with her; understanding dawned quickly and he tried to peek in. “You gonna introduce me?”
     “God, no! This is fairly new and besides…you’re scary.” He laughed. “I will take a couple beers, though,” she said, snagging a couple before shutting the door. After that night, Dean would tease her about her new boyfriend, wanting to know details, wanting to meet him but she was able to put him off, distract him with liquor and, in desperate times, porn.
      After a few months, her relationship with Gabe cooled to where some nights they were simply happy to be in each other’s company. Y/N’s favorite thing to do was snuggle with him on a lumpy motel room bed and watch old movies. He would sneak himself into the movie and she enjoyed trying to figure out where he would appear. One night while Y/N and the boys were on the trail of a Rugaru in New Orleans, she was chilling with Gabe, watching The Thin Man when there was a loud pounding at her door. “Y/N, we gotta go,” Sam yelled as she padded barefoot across the room. “A body was found in the French Quarter!” She opened the door, peeking out as was her norm now.
     “Give me a sec, I’ll be right out, okay?”
     “That guy here again,” Dean asked from behind his brother. She nodded, starting to close the door. When a big, beefy, tattooed hand appeared above her head and flung the door open, it startled not only her but the brothers as well. “Whoa,” Dean breathed, craning his head back to take in the full view. Y/N turned around to see what the hell was going on and had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.
     Gabe had transformed into a giant biker dude. He was 6’7” and easily 350 pounds with long, black hair and a full dark beard. He was wearing ripped jeans, black boots with chains around them, a Megadeth t-shirt and a denim vest covered in patches. Every inch of skin that was showing was tattooed and he had huge silver skull rings on three fingers. “What’s up guys,” he boomed. “You must be Sam and Dean. Y/N’s told me a lot about you.”
       “Uh, yeah, hi,” Sam stuttered back, obviously not used to having to look up to make eye contact. Y/N would have bet her life savings that Gabe did that just to screw with him. “I’d like to say the same but Y/N’s kinda played you close to the vest. We don’t even know your name.” The trickster grabbed Y/N and pulled her into a tight side hug.
       “It’s Gabe. But you can call me Mad Dog. And, yeah, she said you guys were scary but you look like all right to me. Put ‘er there!” He stuck out his free hand to shake Sam and Dean’s, gripping tighter than necessary according to their grimaces. Y/N knew Gabe was enjoying this way too much and it was time to put an end to it.
       “Okay, okay, you know my big secret now…”
       “Emphasis on the big,” Dean muttered, earning a glare from Y/N.
       “Give me a second to get my stuff together and I’ll be right there, ok?” Both men just stood, rooted to the spot, staring at Gabe. “Okay,” she repeated, this time louder. The brothers jerked out of their trance and nodded, walking away as she shut the door, “And you!” She rounded on her boyfriend with hot eyes, her index finger poking him in his hairy, tattooed chest. “What the hell was that?”
      “They were starting to get suspicious of me so I let them see me,” he replied, laughing as he shimmered back to his normal form. “This way, when you say you’re with me, they won’t come around bothering you. I cut a pretty impressive figure, right?” Y/N sighed; it was impossible to stay mad at him when he grinned at her like that, the right corner of his mouth tipping up roguishly.  
      “Okay, yeah, I think you shocked the shit out of them, I’ll give you that.” Shaking her head, she rushed over to stick her feet into her boots and grab her hunting bag. “I gotta go. Will you be here when I get back?”
      “Absolutely.” She walked over to him, slipping her arms around his waist to hug him. He kissed the top of her head. “Be careful.”
      That was always the last thing he would say to her before she left on a hunt and she to him when he would leave to dole out just desserts to deserving humans.
       Except that last time.
       That thought had her opening her mouth to flag down the bartender for another round but was stopped by a sweet voice in her ear. “Hi, Y/N?” Turning around, she came face to face with the prettiest woman she had ever see. Tall and curvy with shiny blonde hair that floated around her cherubic face in a cloud, she had big blue eyes with lashes a mile and a half long and pouty lips painted blood red. She was wearing a gold dress that sparkled in the rainbow lights of the club and matching heels, giving her an extra five inches of height. Y/N figured that even out of the shoes, she would tower over her. As if I didn’t feel bad enough about myself, she thought, this woman looks like a goddess.
       “Yes, you’re Jillian?”
       “I am. Thank you for coming.” Jillian sat down on a stool beside her and nodded at the bartender. Without a word, he brought her a tall, fruity drink in a hurricane glass topped by a hot pink umbrella and a lime green twisty straw. She took a long sip, closing her eyes and savoring the drink before looking over at Y/N. “So, Sam said you could help me.”
       “I hope so,” she answered. “Why don’t you tell me a little about what’s been happening.”
       “Well, it feels like I’m being watched 24/7,” she started, giving a little shiver. Jillian rubbed her hands over her bare shoulders. “But the creepy stuff, the real creepy stuff only happens when I’m here.”
       “What’s the creepy stuff?”
       “Things go missing and then appear in a place they should never be…things hurl themselves at me.” She propped a shapely leg on the rung of Y/N’s barstool and lifted up the hem of her dress, revealing an ugly bruise on her calf. “This happened about five days ago…an amp came sliding across the stage during one of my sets and slammed into me.” She removed her leg, holding out her left arm for view. She pushed her thick diamond bracelet up; underneath it was a long, angry red scratch. “This happened yesterday. I don’t even know what caused it. Or what I did to cause it.” Jillian’s voice caught and Y/N looked up to see the singer’s eyes filling with tears.
        “Don’t cry, you’ll ruin your perfect make-up,” Y/N smiled, covering her hand with hers. Jillian sniffed and giggled. “It sounds like an angry spirit. But I can help you with it,” she hurried to say as Jillian’s mouth dropped in fear.
        “You can, you really can?” She gripped Y/N’s hand tight. “You can make this stop?”
        “I can. That’s what I do.”
        “Thank you!” The woman jumped up and threw her arms around Y/N’s neck. “Thank you so much!” The hunter couldn’t help but laugh and after all the sad she had been wading through, it felt good. “Where do we start?”
        “Well, I’ll need to check this place out when it’s empty, do a sweep with my EMF meter. I’ll need to do some research on this club as well, see if anyone died violently. And of course, I’ll need to ask you more questions, figure out why this spirit has linked itself to you.”
        “Wow, okay,” Jillian breathed, pulling away from the hug. “It’s time for my set but if you want to stick around and listen, you can question me afterwards.” She smiled brilliantly and Y/N grinned back.
        “Sounds like a plan.” The goddess sauntered away, taking her drink with her. With nothing to distract her now, Y/N’s ears tuned in immediately to the jukebox. Kelly Clarkson’s “Behind These Hazel Eyes” was playing and the hunter just shook her head. What were the odds that every song this place played would remind her of Gabe?
          They had been seeing each other for a little over a year when everything changed. She and the Winchesters were hunting a band of shapeshifters in New Orleans and had tracked them to an abandoned warehouse down by the docks. Y/N was going in as lead with the brothers flanking her about six feet back, guns drawn. As she passed through the first set of doors, she paused to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. The area looked clear and she could see a second set of doors just to her left. She slowly and quietly picked her way over the gravel floor, motioning for Sam and Dean to follow. She was about five feet away from the entrance when an explosion rocked the warehouse.
         Y/N felt herself flying backwards through the air; she landed on the ground hard. All the air left her body and she felt as if she were on fire. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t see, she couldn’t hear. She tried to call for the boys, make sure they were okay, but she wasn’t sure if her voice was working either. She tried to sit up, assess the damage but she couldn’t move. Fear started to wrap itself around her as she swiveled her eyes, trying to see someone, something…anything.
        Suddenly, Sam’s face was above hers. He was dirty and bloody but he was upright. His mouth was moving; it looked like he was yelling her name but Y/N couldn’t hear anything but the obnoxious ringing in her ears. Sam grabbed her shoulders and a whole new pain shot through her body; she think she screamed but she couldn’t be sure. He immediately let go as Dean appeared above her next to his brother. They both looked worried, scared. Sam had just pulled his cell phone out of his jacket pocket to presumably call for help when there was a brilliant flash of light and Gabe showed up behind them. “Gabe…” She couldn’t tell if the whisper actually came out of her mouth or not but he shoved the Winchesters aside and was kneeling at her side.
        “Y/N, baby, oh God, baby, hold on, I’m here, I’m right here.”  Through the fog of pain, she realized she was hearing his voice in her head. It was comforting, knowing he was with her. With her in her last moments. She had accepted this and was happy that she would see the face she loved before she died. She tried to smile at him, tell him how she felt. “No! You will not die, not if I can help it!”  It didn’t surprise her that he could read her thoughts. She started to tell him how much she loved him when Sam grabbed Gabe by the collar of his coat and yanked him up, away from her. She didn’t know what they were saying but Sam was angry, yelling at Gabe. Her trickster simply snapped his fingers and the boys were gone. He turned back to her, kneeling at her side again.
        “This might hurt but just hold on to me, okay, sugar? Just hold on.” Gabe put her arms over his shoulders as he leaned over her. At first all Y/N knew was the most intense pain she had ever felt. The bright golden light surrounding her pressed against her and put out a warmth that eked into every pore of her body, softening the pain molecule by molecule until it was completely gone. Y/N sighed and let her body go limp against Gabe’s chest as he held her to him. “Come on, baby, let’s get you somewhere safe.” She realized that she was actually hearing him talk now, it wasn’t just in her head.
       “Gabe, you….saved me.” Her throat was raw; the words scraped out painfully. He kissed her forehead, letting his lips linger there for a couple of seconds.
       “Of course I did. I couldn’t lose you. I love you, Y/N, you’re my world.” She was so tired, all she wanted to do was close her eyes and sleep for a year but her trickster just told her what she had been yearning to hear for months. He loved her.
       “You love me…Gabe, you love me?”
       “I do, I love you more than anything.”
       “I love you, too,” she whispered. She lifted her face to his and he kissed her lips gently.
       “Let’s get you out of here.” He picked her up, cradling her in his arms and carrying her out of the warehouse. As they walked outside, Sam and Dean immediately besieged them. “She’s okay, guys, she’s gonna be fine,” Gabe said before they could ask any questions.
       “Y/N, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I should have taken the lead,” Dean said, grabbing her hand in his.
       “Don’t blame yourself, Dean. It’s okay,” Y/N said weakly, trying to smile at him.
       “Put her in the Impala,” Sam demanded, his voice angry. “We’ll get her to a hospital.”
      “She doesn’t need a hospital,” Gabe answered firmly. “All she needs is me. I will take care of her.” He started to walk away from the boys then turned his head to look over his shoulder at them. “We’ll be in her motel room if you want to see her when you get back.” She heard the snap, felt the dizziness and she was suddenly in her motel room, Gabe laying her down on the bed. “Close your eyes and rest, cupcake,” he directed, his voice soft, smooth like velvet. She wanted to argue, wanted to ask him how he saved her but her eyes were heavy…so heavy….
       When she awoke, she felt like she had been asleep for a hundred years. But she also felt amazing; there was no pain anywhere and she felt clear-minded and alert. She lay there for a few moments, savoring the feeling before forcing herself to remember what had happened. The explosion, the pain, Gabe saving her and snapping her here.
       Gabe saying he loved her.
       She sat up slowly, pushing her hair out of her face. There was her trickster, sitting at her bedside, a smile on his lips. “Good morning sleepy head,” he said, standing from his chair and sitting on the edge of the bed. “How are you feeling?”
        “Good,” she answered. “I feel good.” She reached out and covered his hand in hers, squeezing tightly. “Thank you for saving me.”
        “You don’t need to keep thanking me, Y/N,” he replied, leaning in and kissing her temple. “It was a completely selfish act. I couldn’t bear the thought of existing without you.” Her heart melting, she threw her arms around him and kissed him thoroughly. Just as she pulled away, the door to her motel room flew open and the Winchesters barreled in, looking scared and pissed all at the same time.
        “Hey guys,” Y/N smiled. They pulled up short, obviously shocked at how good she looked and sounded.
        “Are you okay,” Dean asked gruffly, sending a hard look at the man sitting on the bed next to her.
        “I’m fine, I feel great.”
        “Took you guys long enough,” Gabe laughed. Y/N watched both brothers’ jaws clench and eyes narrow.
        “It felt like it took a week to get here,” Sam growled, “What did you do?”
        “Y/N needed her rest. She almost died. She didn’t need you two muttonheads bothering her.” He smirked at them. “And it was only two days, not a week.”
        “Give me one good reason I shouldn’t stake your ass right here, right now,” Dean grumbled, taking a step towards the bed.
         “Dean, don’t…” Y/N started but the trickster stopped her.        
        “One,” Gabe put his index finger up in the air. “I saved your precious hunting partner. Two, I’m incredibly handsome and three…well…okay, I can’t think of a third reason but…”
        “Three, if you do, I’ll never speak to you again.” All three men swung their eyes to Y/N who looked deadly serious. “The fact that he saved my life should be enough. Maybe you could try thanking him. Unless I don’t mean as much to you as you’ve always said I do.” Both hunters had the grace to look abashed at her words, mumbling half-sincere thank you’s. “That’s better,” she praised with a smile.
         “So, I’ve gotta ask, why would you save Y/N? I mean, she’s a hunter.” Sam looked genuinely curious while Dean looked annoyed at the whole situation.
          “Yeah, and why is a hunter defending a trickster,” the older brother asked, genuinely pissed off.
          “You chuckleheads haven’t figured it out yet,” Gabe asked, laughter tinting his voice.
          “Figured what out,” Dean huffed, narrowing his green eyes. Y/N held her breath as the shimmering started and suddenly Mad Dog the big burly biker was sitting next to her on the bed. He grinned and held his arms out in a “ta-dah” motion. Watching Sam and Dean’s reactions as the realization set in would have been hilarious if it wasn’t so terrifying. As soon as Gabe shimmered back to himself, the boys exploded.
       “What the hell?”
       “Are you fucking kidding me?”
       “All this time?”
       “You’ve been running around with this asshole?”
       “How could you do that do that us, Y/N?”
       Y/N found she would rather deal with Dean and his anger rather than Sam and his disappointment. She fixed her eyes on the older brother and said, “It’s none of your business who I see,” she yelled back.
       “He’s a monster! We kill monsters, we don’t cuddle up with them!”
       “Are you really going to play that card,” she shot back. “Benny.” She waited until Dean’s mouth hardened into a flat line before looking at Sam. “Ruby.” The tall man blushed hot and looked away. “I love Gabe. Love him. And he loves me. And that’s the end of this discussion.” The brothers looked like they both wanted to argue more but Y/N’s expression deterred them. It wasn’t often she got angry with them but when she did, they knew to back off.
       “How were you able to heal her,” Sam asked finally, his voice calm as he stared at the trickster.
       “What kind of a question is that,” Gabe asked. “I brought your precious brother back from the dead, why couldn’t I do something as simple as keeping someone from dying?”
       “What? What the hell?” Dean’s eyes widened as he stared at Sam. “What is he talking about, Sam?”
        “Later.” Sam shook his head without looking at his brother. “So, you love Y/N?”
        “With all my heart.” Sam sighed and shook his head. It was hard to argue with Gabe when he was so sincere. “You’re right, Y/N, we have no right to tell you who you can be with. Just….just be careful.”
        “I will. Thank you Sam.” She swiveled her eyes over to Dean who looked like a spoiled child who was told he needed to finish his spinach before he go out and play. He finally rolled his eyes and muttered, “whatever,” before stalking towards the door. He grabbed the handle then stopped and pointed at Gabe with his middle finger.
       “You. You even think about hurting her, I will stake you so hard.” Without waiting for a reply, he stomped out the door, followed by Sam who still looked baffled by their pairing. When they were alone, Y/N let out a huge sigh.
        “Well, that went well.” Gabe laughed and kissed the side of her head.
        “Thanks for standing up for me.”
        “Of course I stood up for you. You’re mine, remember?” She caressed his cheek and kissed his lips lightly. “So…what did you mean by you brought Dean back from the dead?”
         “Oh…I might have trapped Sam in an alternate universe where he had to watch Dean die every day.” Hs tone was flippant yet he was watching out of the side of his eye for her reaction. She gasped, slapped his chest, then starting laughing.
          “Why? Why would you do that? When did you do that?”
          “Mmm….it was a couple of months ago. I did it because that caveman wouldn’t stop flirting with you.” Gabe wrapped his arms around Y/N and shifted all his weight so that he fell on top of her. She screamed, startled at the sudden position change but settled underneath him, her hands sliding over his shoulders. “Plus, it was a good time to teach Sam a lesson. Dean’s going to die and he needs to know what life without him will be like. It’s getting closer, you know, his crossroads contract.”
         “Yes, I know. I’m trying not to think about it. Isn’t there anything you can do to save him?” Gabe shook his head.
        “Crossroad deals are binding. Even someone like me can’t break them.” He kissed the tip of her nose before pushing himself up and crawling off of the bed.
       “Where are you going,” she said, pouting just a little. He stood in the middle of the room and stared at her, his expression all kinds of serious.
       “Look, I need to tell you something. I’ve wanted to for a while now but tonight seems like the right time.” As Gabe took a deep breath, Y/N sat up so she could see him better. “An ordinary trickster, well, he can’t do the things that I do. I’m different…because…” A soft, golden glow began to emanate from his body, growing brighter by the second. His eyes began to glow blue and suddenly, a pair of golden wings unfurled from behind him. “…I’m an angel.”
       “Oh my God,” she gasped, unable to take her eyes off of the wings. They were huge, the feathers quivering with tiny electrical pulses, glowing with a light of their own.
       “Not just any angel, either,” he continued, taking a step towards her. “I’m Gabriel.”
       “The archangel,” she breathed.
       “The one and only.” Y/N stared at him for a while, taking everything in. Every time she opened her mouth to speak, she ended up closing it again because she didn’t really know what to say, how to react. “Are you okay? Is this too much for you?”
       “No….no….it’s, well, it is a lot to take in. You’re an archangel, for crying out loud. I grew up hearing about you in Sunday School.” She chuckled and shook her head, a baffled look coloring her features. “If I had told crabby Miss Parkerson then that Gabriel the archangel was my soul mate she would have stuck me in the corner for blasphemy!”
       “So. this doesn’t frighten you off? You still want to be with me?” Y/N was shocked to hear worry in his voice. She crawled off of the bed and walked up to him, sliding her arms over his shoulders and linking her hands behind his neck, careful not to touch the wings that were shooting tiny sparks between the feathers.
        “You’re mine. I’m yours. Forever. Wasn’t that the deal?”
        “It was indeed.” Gabe rested his forehead on hers, his eyes, now returned to the whiskey color Y/N loved so much, stared into hers tenderly. She could have stayed there, in that embrace, forever.
        The pain of remembering that night was still sharp after all these years and it cut her in places she thought were scarred over. She caught the bartender’s eye and signaled for another round. When Kelly Clarkson was done singing, the lights dimmed and the patrons of the club started applauding, gathering around the stage on the east end. A tall thin man with lanky dark hair dressed in a black suit with a shite shirt and red skinny tie came out and strapped an acoustic guitar around him. He started to play a soft melody that Y/N recognized as Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die. She grunted in disbelief at the opening song choice and downed the last of her shots. This was just getting ridiculous.
        When Jillian took the stage, the crowd went wild and it seemed like the number of patrons had tripled in the last few seconds. She smiled beatifically and walked the length of the stage, touching hands with fans before beginning to sing into the silver bejeweled microphone. The first note quieted the crowd as her voice floated through the air. The group swayed as one as if they were in a trance. Y/N immediately thought siren but shook her head of that silly notion; the siren’s song was transmitted through saliva and it wasn’t like Jillian was out there licking people.
       Y/N watched the crowd, looking to see if they all appeared human or maybe her vengeful spirit was wandering among them. She heard one girl say that she sounded like an angel, causing her to start laughing. The laugh caught in her throat and finished as a sob.
        Gabriel was not a singer. He tried but he sounded like Scuttle from The Little Mermaid. “Where did the expression ‘sings like an angel’ come from if you can’t sing,” Y/N would tease him. He would just sing louder at her until she covered her ears and begged for mercy. She missed those times most, the fun times when she could forget that she was a hunter and he was a trickster and an angel.
        Like her, he had a job to do. He still meted out just desserts to those who deserved them, even if it was her hunting partners. Almost two years after they discovered she was seeing him, they disappeared off the face the planet for a few days. Bobby couldn’t track them, Castiel couldn’t find them. And then Cas vanished as well. She called Gabe, asking if he had a hand in this and he told her he did, that they were fine, he’d send them back soon. They just had to learn a lesson. Again. So she waited.
         And waited.
        After three days, she tried to call Gabe but he didn’t answer. Now she was worried. He always answered, no matter what he was doing. She took a chance and dialed Dean’s phone. When he picked up, she wasn’t sure if she felt relieved or more scared. They wouldn’t hurt Gabe, would they? “Where are you,” he barked. “We need to have a conversation, you and I.”
        “I’m at The Bluebird on 4th, room 27,” she answered, now more scared then ever. She tried Gabe time and again with no luck until Dean pounded on her door. She pulled it open and stood back, knowing he was going to storm in and she was right. “Are you guys okay,” she ventured, shutting the door after looking behind him and seeing no Sam.
        “Oh, we’re just peachy,” he snarled, his voice on the brink of being a shout. His eyes were brimming with anger, his jaw was clenched and his hands were balled into fists. For a split second, Y/N had to wonder if she should be worried about her safety. “That douchebag boyfriend of yours is a freaking archangel!” Now he did shout. But she was more surprised by the fact that Gabe had finally told them his secret.
        “Yeah…” Dean rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air.
        “And you freaking knew! Of course you knew! How long have you known?” Dean kept his distance, maybe, she thought, because he was so angry he just might lash out physically at her and he didn’t really want that on his conscience.
        “Since the night he saved me after the explosion,” she answered quietly. Dean closed his eyes as he absorbed the fact that she had known for two years. His fists clenched tighter before he took a deep breath and opened his eyes.
         “And you didn’t tell us why?”
         “It wasn’t my secret to tell.”
         “It wasn’t your…Jesus Christ, Y/N, you could have saved us a lot of trouble by telling us this when he told you!”
         “He asked me not to,” she said, bravely taking a step towards the angry hunter. “Besides, you wouldn’t have believed me then. That was well before Cas showed up. You would have thought he was tricking me.” Dean opened his mouth to argue but she could see he knew she was right. The anger seemed to leave his body with a sigh. “Is he okay,” she asked quietly. “Is Gabe okay?”
          “Yeah, yeah, we left him in a circle of holy fire but he’s otherwise unharmed.” Y/N could tell that he was annoyed but she didn’t know if it was by her question or the fact that Gabriel was still kicking.
         “Where’s Sam?”
         “In the car. He didn’t really want to talk to you right now.”
         “Well, your boyfriend put him through a lot. A lot more than me, actually.”
         “I’m sorry. What was the reason for all of it?”
         “To tell us to play our roles in the apocalypse.” Dean was starting to get worked up again so Y/N closed the gap between them and grabbed his hands in hers.
          “Damn him,” she exclaimed. “I’ve asked him and asked him to see our side of things. But for eons he’s been walking around with the idea in his head that you’re Michael’s vessel and Sam, Lucifer’s. He’s stubborn.”
         “Yeah, we get that.” Dean sighed again and looked her dead in the eye. “So you’re on our side and not that angel’s, right?”
        “Of course. Till the very end.” He leaned in and kissed her forehead firmly. “I’ll tell you where he’s at so you can go free him…if he needs it…I turned the sprinklers on but…” he shrugged, “…but only if you try again to persuade him this apocalypse shit doesn’t need to happen. Tell him fate isn’t written in stone.”
         “I’ll do my best,” she promised. When she got to the abandoned paper mill, she heard the fire alarm ringing but no fire trucks were in sight. She pulled the heavy door open and saw the sprinklers that Dean had activated were spitting out the last of their water supply onto a very wet, very pissed off archangel who sat cross-legged in the middle of dirty, wet floor inside a blackened ring of ashes. “Hey, hot stuff,” Y/N greeted, hoping to get a smile from him. Instead he merely raised his head and looked at her, water dripping from his head. “Baby, are you okay?” She received a shrug in return. as she kneeled next to him. “Gabe, talk to me. Please?”
        “Your friend Dean really knows how to a cut a man deep, you know that?”
        “I’m aware,” she replied, thinking how many times she got pissed at him for his insensitivity and cruel tongue. “What did he say?”
        “He brought up things I wanted to forget. Me running away from Heaven when the fighting  between my brothers got bad. I wasn’t there when Lucifer was banished. Maybe if I had manned up and stuck around, I could have fixed it. Or stopped it.”
         “Gabriel,” Y/N tried to reach for him but he shied away. It broke her heart to see her trickster so upset. “If you believe in destiny, then Lucifer’s falling had to happen. There was nothing you could have done to stop it.”
         “Actually, that destiny was set on place after the fall.”
         “Really? So…you’re saying that something unforeseen happened that caused a new destiny to be put into place?” He nodded sadly. “And if that’s true then maybe something we do, you and I, or Sam or Dean, can change destiny again?” She let her words sink in; suddenly his whole body language changed as he realized what she was saying. He stood up, his eyes sparkling again.
         “Maybe…maybe!” He clapped his hands together and winked at her. “This is why I love you…well, one of the reasons. You’re smart, you’re always thinking.” She grinned at her angel and stood up.  
      “So, why didn’t the fire department show when Dean set the alarm off,” Y/N asked as she entwined her fingers with Gabe’s.
       “Because brilliant little me warded the place before I brought The Wonder Twins in here. I didn’t want anyone accidentally wandering in.” She tilted her head, and Gabe heard her unspoken question. “Nothing I do is ever warded against you, sugar lips.” She chuckled, allowing Gabriel to finally embrace her and press his lips to hers. “Thanks for coming to get me.”
       “Thanks for rethinking your position on this whole apocalypse thing.”
       And there was the rub, Y/N thought as she came back to the present where Jillian was now singing another cover, Better In Time. By now she expected every song to remind her of Gabe so she let this one roll on by. Although she realized that Time, something she thought she would always have with her trickster, was the one thing they, in fact, did not have.
        Y/N was working a rugaru case in Indianapolis a few months later. Sam and Dean were hightailing it out to help her after a demon possession in Smithfield, IN. Sam called her from the road to tell her that they were being delayed by a storm of biblical proportions and that they were staying the night at a place called The Elysian Fields Hotel. They would catch up with her tomorrow. As soon as she hung up her phone, she heard a telltale rustling behind her and her heart soared, knowing that Gabe was there. But when she turned around to face him, he looked serious, scared. “Babe, what’s wrong?”
       “Your boys are in danger,” he blurted out. “And before you say they’re always in danger, I mean serious, their ass is in the fire, they’re gonna die danger.”
       “What? How? I just got off the phone with Sam….”
       “Yeah, the hotel they’re staying at is only an operating hotel when they want it to be.”
       “When who wants it to be?” Gabe was pacing, obviously worried and it was frightening Y/N. “Gabriel, tell me what’s going on.”
       “Do you remember when I told you about that gang of demigods I hung out with millennia ago?”
       “You mean Kali and her cronies.” The tone of Y/N’s voice dropped a couple of degrees. Gabe had told her about his fling with the Hindu goddess shortly after they started getting serious. While she knew it was in the past, Y/N couldn’t help but be jealous. How could one compete with a literal goddess? Gabe stopped his pacing and gave her an exasperated, sideways glance. “Sorry. What do they have to do with Sam & Dean?”
       “They want to stop the apocalypse as bad as you guys do but they figure with Michael and Lucifer’s vessels in their possession, they can use them as bargaining chips. Zao Shen is already talking of killing them.”
      “We have to go then,” Y/N exclaimed, reaching for her hunting bag. Gabe stopped her with a hand on her arm.
      “No. You can’t.” His voice was hard, almost as hard as his grip. She flicked her eyes up to him in surprise. “Kali already has a blood spell performed on the boys. They can’t leave and I’m the only one who can get close enough to her to get their blood back. She’ll snap your neck the second you show up.”
      “I can’t just leave them to die, Gabriel!”
      “I know you can’t. That’s why I’m going. I just wanted to let you know what my plan was…you know…just in case…” He yanked her up against his body and kissed her forcefully. “I love you.”
      “I love you. Be careful, take care of my angel.” And he was gone. Y/N tried calling Sam back but the phone just went to voicemail. She hated being in the dark, waiting, wondering….and knowing he was with Kali, well, that just made her blood boil. She waited about an hour before Gabe popped back in. He looked ragged, tired, resigned. “Babe! Are you okay? Are Sam and Dean…”
      “They’re fine, we’re fine. Kali tried to kill me but I was too smart for her.” Y/N rushed up to hug him but her hands went right through him, causing his image to shimmer. 
      “Gabe?” He sighed and looked at her with sad eyes.
     “Kali is quick and I was distracted,” he admitted. “She got my blood so now I can’t leave, either.”
     “What do you need me to do,” she asked immediately.
     “Nothing. Stay right here where you’re safe.”
     “What are you planning, trickster?”
     “Look, my original mission was to go in a rescue the guys. But…things have changed.” He took a deep breath and didn’t meet her eyes when he said, “Lucifer is coming. He may already be here.”
      “Then you’ve gotta kill Kali, break the blood spell, get the hell out of there!”
      “No can do, sweetheart. I have a job to do…Dean made that very clear.”
      “Dean? Why is Dean suddenly in charge?”
      “Look, cupcake, if Lucifer is dead, this whole apocalypse nonsense stops right here, right now. And I’m the hero of the story. I have to stop running and do what’s right.”
      “Gabe, don’t be a fool!” Y/N wished more than anything she could grab onto him, keep him here with her. She could see the determination in his whiskey eyes, that he wanted to be the one to slay his brother. “You can’t take on Lucifer! He’s too strong! And this isn’t your fight!”
       “Dean said….”
      “I don’t give a fuck what Dean said!” Her scream shocked both of them. But Y/N was angry, scared that he was going to sacrifice himself this way because of some bravado Dean Winchester had spouted. “It’s not your place to kill your brother! If Dean wants him dead, he can damn well kill him himself!”
      “He’s tried.”
      “Gabe, please, please, don’t fuck everything up, please?” She reached for him, even though she knew it would do no good. “If you shimmer out of here intending to go for Lucifer, I will never speak to you again! Do you hear me?”
       “I love you, Y/N.” His eyes grew moist and soft, his lips turned up in a sad smile. He reached for her, too. “Don’t forget me. And don’t fall in love with someone new, okay?” He shimmered away before she could answer, leaving her standing there in the middle of the floor, hand outstretched, hot, angry tears coursing down her face.
       “I hate you, Gabriel,” she cried, sinking to her knees and praying for his safety. She didn’t know how long she stayed on the floor, crying, pleading, begging into the emptiness of her hotel room. At some point she fell asleep and dreamed of the devil coming for her, his red eyes glowing in the darkness, laughing about how he killed Gabriel and she was next. She awoke to the sound of pounding and yelling outside her door. Shaking the cobwebs from her head and pulling herself to her feet, groaning as her muscles stretched, she recognized Dean’s voice. Her stomach a mass of knots, she threw open the door to see the Winchester brothers standing with a tall, beautiful, dark skinned woman. “Gabriel,” she asked, hating the piteousness in her voice as the trio walked into the room.
       “Y/N, I’m sorry,” Sam started.
       “No,” she yelled, slamming the door behind her. “No! Don’t say it!”
       “He fought valiantly,” Dean said, his voice soft. “He saved so many people.”
       “Is Lucifer dead?”
       “No.” Y/N stood in the middle of her room and let the reality wash over her. Her angel, her trickster, her heart, was gone. Lost to her. Forever. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He was an archangel, he was supposed to be eternal. She snapped her head up and stared at the woman.
       “Are you Kali?” The goddess, not used to being spoken to that way by humans, widened her dark eyes in surprise as she nodded. “This is partly your fault!” Y/N strode across the room to face her, pointing at her. “You crafted that blood spell on him, making it so he couldn’t leave. If he could have snapped out of there…”
      “Whoa, easy there,” Dean said, cutting her off with both hands raised in the air. He stood in between the two women, his back to Kali. “This chick can kill you with her mind…like Vader. So I’d take it down a notch or two.”
      “Right now I don’t really care.” She was still upset but she turned the volume down.
      “I understand the role I played in Loki’s death,” the Destroyer answered, her voice smooth and even. She placed a long nailed hand on Dean’s shoulder and gently pushed him out of her way. Her eyes bored into Y/N’s unblinking. “I feel great remorse for the way it played out. Here…” She held out a small glass vial that contained a golden red liquid. “This belonged to your angel. I’d like to give it to you as a small token to acknowledge the wrong I did him. And you.”
      “I-thank you.” Y/N wanted to be angry at the goddess, rail against her, but she could see Kali was truly remorseful. She took the vial and held it tight in her hand.
      “I could sense how deep his feelings ran for you, mortal. Just as I can see you truly loved your angel. Again, you have my sincerest condolences.” She nodded at Y/N before doing the same at the boys and then simply vanished.  
     “Y/N, are you doing okay,” Sam asked, once they all took in the fact that Kali the Destroyer was gone. She shook her head in response, still staring at Gabe’s blood. The tall hunter came over and put his hands on her shoulders. “I’m so, so sorry.” She nodded and whispered her thanks. Dean walked towards her, arms outstretched to pull her into an embrace but she backed away.
      “You,” she spat, looking up at him with fire in her eyes. “This is all your fault!”
      “Excuse me?” Dean looked offended.
      “You filled Gabriel’s head with all that honorable death crap! Telling him to man up and kill his brother. What right did you have to tell him that, to force that burden on him?” Y/N could feel the tears welling, threatening to push through and spill over the dam she was trying to hide them behind.
      “I’m just trying to stop the freakin’ apocalypse,” Dean shot back, obviously wounded by her words.
      “And you don’t care who you use to do it!” She took a deep breath, so close to her breaking point. “I know you didn’t like Gabriel, you’ve made that abundantly clear over the years. Was this your way of finally getting him out of your life? Goad him into playing chicken with Lucifer?”
      “Y/N..” Sam tried to intervene but she was having none of it. She rolled right over him with her words.
      “Are you happy now, Dean? Huh? Are you happy? He’s gone! The one man I ever loved, will ever love, and you killed him.” The hunter opened his mouth to defend himself but he didn’t have the time. “Don’t you even say that it wasn’t you, it was Lucifer. You may not have been the one to stick that angel blade in him but you sure as hell put him in the way of it. He wouldn’t have been there, trying to play hero if it wasn’t for you!”
      “I’m not happy,” Dean replied after a few beats of shocked silence. “I’m sorry it worked out this way, Y/N.”
      “I need to go.” Y/N ignored Dean’s apology and started grabbing her things, leaving him a stunned statue in the middle of the room.
      “Where are you going,” Sam asked.
      “Home. Colorado. I can’t…I can’t stay here, I can’t be around…” she motioned vaguely at Dean and Sam sighed.
      “Let me drive you, at least?” Y/N stopped in the middle of throwing clothes in a duffel bag.
       “I can drive,” she grumbled testily.
       “No, I don’t think you’re in any condition to drive, nevertheless all the way to Colorado. Please,” he walked over to her, and pulled her into a tight hug. She dropped the bag and started to cry, arms limp at her sides. Sam didn’t seem to care that she was sobbing all over his jacket and shirt. He simply held her until she gained enough control of herself to look up at him and say, “Ok.”
       “Ok. Thank you. Dean can pick me up whenever he’s ready, right, Dean?”
       “Yeah, sure,” he grunted, keeping eye contact with the carpet. Y/N wasn’t sure if he was unhappy at the extra driving time or feeling angry over her accusation. She let Sam help her pack the Jeep and gave him the keys when they were done. She never said another word or even looked in Dean’s direction.
       As Jillian spoke to the crowd at The Lemon Drop, Y/N counted how many years it had been since she spoke to Dean. It was going on seven. Although she did help with the procuring of some items they needed when he had the whole Mark of Cain thing going on. Y/N thought about Dean, wondering if she should give up this grudge she had been carrying around for so long. Seven years was a long time to punish someone. Maybe it was the memories assaulting her tonight but she felt like she should call him, or maybe swing by wherever he was when she was done with this case. It was a shock to realize that she actually missed Dean Winchester.  While she was at it, maybe she should stop hunting alone. It had been nice to have a partner, someone who had her back. She was tired of rushing headlong into dangerous situations with the hope that whatever she was hunting would end her suffering. As she pondered this change of heart, she fiddled with the silver chain around her neck, twisting it so the clasp that had found it’s way to the front was back behind her neck. Hanging from it was the vial of angel blood. She hadn’t taken it off since she slid it on the chain; she couldn’t. It was all she had left of Gabriel now.
       Jillian started another cover song; this time it was Shakira’s Broken Record. Y/N rubbed her hand over her face in disbelief and was more surprised to find that she had been crying then she was that this was yet another of Gabe’s songs. She realized that she hadn’t thought about the archangel’s death in a very long time, at least not the details of that night. She had kept those locked down tight for seven years and yet tonight, everything seemed to scream at her to remember every painful moment. She grabbed a cocktail napkin and wiped the tears away, hoping not too many people had seen this display of emotion.
       Y/N dug her phone out of her shirt, deciding to research this place before the show was over; she was done reliving the worst time of her life. It was time to focus on the reason she was here. She googled Lemon Drop Denver and was surprised when nothing came up except a doughnut shop and a handful of places she could buy the candy. She modified the search by adding “nightlife” to it but it only pulled up the best nightclubs that served Lemon Drop drinks. “Hey, when did this place open,” she asked the bartender.
    “No idea. I just started working here.” Nodding, Y/N entered the club’s address into google. It came up as the Sleep-E-Tyme Motel. Following the links, she discovered that it had gone out of business three years previous. Not only were there zero indications that the property had been bought or converted into a nightclub, it also had a very non-existent history as a motel. No murders, unexplained deaths, or suicides connected with the property. Even after she used a little knowledge she’d learned from working with Sam all those years and hacked into the Denver County Assessor’s Office, she ended up with nada. The property was originally purchased 75 years previously and had been ten different motels over the years. Y/N, desperate to figure this out, tried a broad search for unexplained deaths in the Denver area but nothing matched up. Giving it one last try, she plugged Jillian’s name into the search engine and came up with a giant goose egg.
      There were results for people who had her name but nothing came up about her at all. No Facebook page, no Twitter or Instagram account. In this day and age, how could a singer garner so much attention without having a presence on social media? An image search also pulled up nothing. “All right, Sam, what have you gotten me into,” Y/N said out loud as she texted him to ask who passed along the case to him.
    “I’d like to sing a brand new song tonight,” Jillian announced, as Y/N waited for Sam’s reply. “It was written by my partner in crime, my guitarist Mad Dog.” She gestured to the long haired man standing to her left, who saluted the cheering crowd with a cheeky grin. “It’s dedicated to a certain someone out there in the audience tonight. She knows who she is.” Y/N scanned the mob of people to see if anyone reacted like they knew this song was for them but no one seemed to stand out. Her phone buzzing cut her search short.
       “What case are you talking about,” Sam texted back.
       “The possible poltergeist case in Denver. With the lounge singer? Jillian?”
       “I got nothing. It wasn’t me.” There was a short pause before a second text from him popped up. “Are you okay? Do you need help?”
       “I’ll let you know,” she sent back, her mind still reeling with possible explanations. If Sam didn’t send the text, then who did? Her phone buzzed insistently now, indicating she was receiving a call. She ignored it, knowing it was Sam being overprotective, and let the call go to voicemail.
       Right now, the song demanded attention, starting out with a slow, melodic guitar riff. Confused as to where to go from here, Y/N put the phone down and turned her eyes to Jillian, the reason she was here. The singer had her eyes closed as she swayed to the beat. When she opened her mouth, her voice was smooth and effortless.
    “Everything I do, I’m gonna think of you, don’t know what else to do…You got me, you got me, baby…everything I make, I only make for you…Baby, be patient for me, and please don’t fall in love with someone new…I promise one day I’ll come back for you.” Y/N’s heart stopped when she heard the words. Surely she heard wrong. She shook her head and leaned forward on her stool, determined to pay closer attention to the lyrics. “Oh, you say you hate me now, and you burn me with your words…Calling me a fool, saying that I’ve fucked up everything…and you’ll never forgive me, though I’m doing this for you…”
      “What the fuck,” Y/N whispered, her head spinning, her heart pounding. How was this happening. Why was this happening? Jillian sang the chorus again and she heard it clear as a bell: “Please don’t fall in love with someone new.” Y/N started looking around but for what or whom, she wasn’t sure. She just knew that someone was deliberately messing with her. She didn’t understand, though, how anyone could know that Gabriel had said those words to her. She never told anyone about their last conversation.
        “Believe in you, believe in me, we’re meant to be together…” Jillian sang the next line and looked right at Y/N. It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a song,” Y/N told herself as her eyes welled up. She didn’t want to cry again, not now. But these lyrics were meant for her. And Jillian wasn’t breaking eye contact. She stepped off of the stage and began walking through the crowd towards her. The fans parted like the red sea. It was like they didn’t even care that the woman they had been screaming for moments before was walking by. “Please don’t hate me,” she sang, causing the dam to break. Y/N couldn’t stop the tears if her life depended on it.
        “I don’t hate you, I love you,” she whispered, choking on her tears. The closer Jillian got to her, the more convinced Y/N was that she was going to shimmer into Gabriel. The vial of Gabe’s blood that she wore around her neck was starting to heat up; it was burning her skin where it hung underneath her shirt. Y/N pulled it away from her, knowing in her heart of hearts that her angel was here.
        “I promise one day I’ll come back to you…” Jillian smiled, extending a hand towards her. Y/N stood up from her barstool, holding her breath. The singer stopped in front of her, a beautiful smile on her face. “I promise one day I’ll come back to you.” Suddenly, everything around her shimmered; the neon candy, the crowd, the bartender. In a flash it was all gone. Y/N was standing in the lobby of an abandoned motel, facing Jillian. One lone spotlight remained, illuminating the beautiful singer. Y/N reached out to touch her hand, whispering her angel’s name.  
           But her hand went right through the songstress, who shimmered as well and disappeared. The spotlight shut off. “What? No, no! Where are you? Gabriel, where are you?” She spun around, seeing nothing but dark and street lights streaming in through grimy, boarded up windows. Everything was gone. Sinking to her knees, she sobbed Gabe’s name over and over, feeling as though she had lost him all over again. Maybe she was dead and this was her hell: reliving all the painful memories of him and thinking she had the chance to have him back. Or maybe another trickster had her in his sights.
         Her rational side flared up, yelling at her to get up and investigate the situation. This whole thing smelled fishy and the quicker she got to the bottom of it, the sooner she would have answers. It wasn’t doing her any good to lay in the dirt and cry. She reached for her phone, planning to use the flashlight to search her surroundings until she remembered she had left it on the bar. When the bar disappeared, did her phone follow suit? Y/N sighed, wiping her tear-stained cheeks and pushing herself to her feet. If she had lost her phone in this debacle, she was screwed. She turned around slowly as her eyes adjusted to the dimness. She could make out a couple of tables, one laying cockeyed because of a broken leg, and a scattering of chairs. She didn’t see a bar or any barstools. “Damn it,” she said out loud, her voice echoing in the darkness.
      Maybe it was on the ground, she thought, having fallen when the bar shimmered away. She crouched down and started feeling around with her hands. The floor was disgusting, covered in years of dust and dirt and, “Oh, God, what the hell was that,” she asked, praying it wasn’t animal droppings she just touched. Taking a deep breath and reminding herself she’s handled worse things during hunts, she crawled a few more feet before her hand touched something that felt like a shoe. A shoe that had a foot in it. As Y/N ran her hand up the shoe, she wasn’t sure if she wanted there to be a body attached to the foot or not.
      Suddenly a light illuminated the space above her. Peering up, she was startled to see Jillian’s guitar player standing there, her phone in his hand, flashlight app functioning. “Looking for this?”
       “I, uh, yeah, thanks.” As she started to pull herself up from the floor, he held out his free hand to help her. She reached out to take and it, half-expecting him to be a mirage as well. She gasped when her fingers closed around a real hand. “What’s going on,” she asked. “Why are you still here?” In the light of the phone, she could see him smile. A smile she knew like the back of your hand. “Gabe,” she whispered, her heart thumping hard against her chest. She didn’t think she could survive another letdown. “Are you real?”
      “I’m real, sugar.” He snapped his fingers and there was her angel standing before her. She didn’t move for a few moments, just stared at him, letting her mind adjust. He started to walk towards her but she stopped him, rapidly pulling a knife from her belt. “Whoa, whoa, cupcake, no need for violence.” He put both hands in front of him, his whiskey eyes wide.
      “I need to be sure I’m not in a Djinn soaked dream,” Y/N told him, drawing the large blade across her palm, opening her skin. Dark red blood spilled from the wound and onto the floor. Nothing happened, she stayed where she was, as did the man in front of her. “Okay, then,” she whispered, tearing her eyes away from the blood and looking up at Gabriel. “You’re really real. You’re really, truly real.”
       “I’m really, truly, honestly here.” He stepped up to her, bringing her hand to his lips. He kissed her palm lightly and the wound disappeared. When his lips touched her skin, Y/N gasped, the sensation so much more intense than she remembered. She looked up at him and burst into tears. He gathered her into his arms and held her while she sobbed. Seven years of pent up anger, grief, sorrow…it all came out right then. She didn’t know how long she stood there in his embrace but she finally was able to catch her breath and pull her head away.
       “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for everything I said,” she told him. “I don’t hate you, I never did.”
       “I know, I know. It’s okay.” Gabriel used his thumb to wipe away a couple of straggling tears from her cheeks and she leaned in to his touch.  
       “It’s not okay, Gabe, it’s not. I was cruel and I should never have said what I said.” Y/N grabbed his face in both hands and placed her forehead against his, standing on her tiptoes to do so. “You were so brave to take on Lucifer that way, saving all of those people, those gods. I should have encouraged you but I was scared. I didn’t want to lose you.”
       “You didn’t lose me, I’m back.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “I’m back.”
       “How are you back, anyway,” Y/N asked, not wanting to remind him of the seven years of torture that she endured when she did lose him.
       “Dad put me back together.” He stepped away from her and held out his arms. “Did a fine job, I must say.”
       “I don’t understand. I thought Chuck said…”
       “When Dad revealed himself to the Hardy Boys? Yeah, they asked about bringing my brothers and me back to help fight Auntie Amara and yeah, he told them archangels were too difficult to build in such a short time. But when the dust settled and everything turned out A-OK, Dean prayed to Dad and asked him for a favor.” He smiled sweetly and took her hands in his. “He asked for me to be rebuilt. For you.”
      “D-Dean prayed? For you and I?” Gabriel nodded, his honey colored hair flopping into his handsome face. “I can’t believe it.”
      “Believe it, doll. He felt guiltier about getting me killed then anything he’s ever done.” The angel winked at her. “He misses you.”
      “I…I don’t know what to say.”
      “You could start by thanking him.” Y/N laughed.
      “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do that,” she promised on a sigh as she hugged her angel again. “So you put this whole elaborate thing together just to surprise me?”
       “Of course. Would you expect anything less?” She shook her head against his chest. “I wanted to be sure that you wanted me back. I needed you to comb through our memories together and see how you felt about me. I didn’t want to intrude if you had actually met someone else.”
      “There will never be anyone else, Gabe. Ever.”    
      “I feel the same way about you, babe.” The look he gave her melted her insides. “I have to say, though, that watching you relive my death was pretty rough. I’m sorry I had to put you through that.”
       “I hadn’t thought about that night in years. I think it was cathartic, though, something that I should have done a long time ago.” He pulled her flush against him once again before holding her out arms length, looking her up and down.
       “Damn, I love you.”
       “I love you, Gabe. I missed you.”
       “Let’s get the heck outta this dump, shall we?”
       “Let’s.” Gabriel snapped them out of the building and into Y/N’s Jeep. As she started up the car, the radio came on, blaring Led Zeppelin. She turned the volume down and said, “You know, I really liked that song you wrote.”
       “Yeah. And Jillian’s voice was lovely. You should create her again, make her a star.” Gabe pursed his lips together, thinking about the idea as she pulled out of the motel parking lot.
        “I like it. We could make some serious cash.”
        “Better than hustling pool with the Winchesters,” she laughed. Gabe chuckled, reaching over and putting his hand on her knee. She smiled, feeling every broken piece of her knit back together.

Knot because I love you, just because I care (Part 4 of 7)

Her visa was up. He offered to help. That’s what friends are for -right?

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“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The ceremony had gone by quickly - their simple vows chosen as they were the most succinct - and if Killian had to hazard a guess he would have thought barely five minutes had passed since Emma had entered on David Nolan’s arm looking beautiful in a cream silk dress. Now it was over, the silver rings they had bought on their fingers, the registrar looking at them expectantly…. and a frozen expression on Emma’s face.

He’d found it almost charming when she had appeared at his door the night before, drenched and with so many questions. Since this whole idea had formed, his sole motivation had been to do a good deed for someone who sorely needed a break. Of course, when she’d mentioned a kiss, well, it wasn’t too much hardship to kiss a beautiful woman, was it? Now their friends were waiting, the registrar’s words hanging in the air and Emma looked like she was terrified.

He took her hand in his, running his thumb across the back of it, whispering, “Breathe, Emma.”

She looked quickly up at him, her expression softening as she gave him a little nod, her eyes flashing to his lips. Oh yes, he thought, you may kiss the bride.  Then, she leaned up onto her toes as he tilted his head to meet her until their lips aligned and touched for a second, just like the night before, the briefest of kisses, enough to satisfy their guests.

But as he went to pull away, she didn’t- instead, she reached up her hand to wrap around his neck, securing him in place as she increased the pressure on his mouth, teasing his lips open with a brief swipe of her tongue.

If he’d brushed off their kiss from the night before, it was impossible to do so now. She was kissing him; she led their actions, pulling him closer, her other hand resting on his chest, her lips so demanding- like-

Like it was real.

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Sunday Afternoon

Part 1

@butiaintgonnaloveem set an AMAZING challenge; Must be about Baby, our beloved Impala. So I picked the following song (please listen to it first) that I fell in love with and this fic is what resulted. It’s 6k words, so it’s in 2 parts… enjoy

Song: Groovin (The Young Rascals)
Characters: Reader, John, Dean, Sam
Warnings: fluff, angst, supernatural themes, death, blood…
A/N: Thank you to the marvelous @avasmommy224 for being my beta on this, you’re one amazing woman!
Summary: A shared love for an Impala brings people closer together, whether they know it or not… (shit summary but I don’t want to spoil anything)

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May 29th, 1967: I’d been saving up all my money for that bloody car. I knew exactly what I wanted. I’d even asked the bank about a loan so I could get it faster, but oh no… no loan for a travelling woman who didn’t have a solid job, or a home!
I finally had enough money for the car of my dreams, a 1965 Ford Mustang!
I almost ran to the car lot when I received my pay for the month.
I had walked past this car for the past year, the only reason it was still here was that i’d put a deposit on it last year, Gary the owner of the car yard knew me well by now. I was in every other week, just staring and mumbling to the precious baby.
3.27pm; when you’re whole life changes, you want to be able to pinpoint it when you look back.
I rushed into the car yard, looked to my left, two cars back, I already had my finger pointed and I said you’ll be all mine soon, baby, but all the cars had been moved around and it was out before I’d even realized. The sleek, shining, red, Ford Mustang had been swapped for a twinkling, black, brand new, Chevrolet Impala.
Did my world change or what?
Gary came out, waving the papers at me, but I ignored him. I went straight over to the car. I had to see her, had to touch her. She was a siren and I was caught in her song.
“YN, your car’s over here.” Gary tried to loop a hand around my waist but I wasn’t budging.
“How much is she?” I whispered. I was in a trance, I wasn’t leaving here without this beauty.
“Four thousand.” To give Gary credit, he did try and talk me round, he spent ages begging me to come over to the Ford, he mentioned the deposit more than once, but it wasn’t till I held my switchblade to him that he gave in.
And I couldn’t believe it either, she was cheaper than the Ford.
“She’s mine.” I whispered, nodding at my decision.
“But…” Gary tried again but one stern look in his direction and he got the point. He hurried off to the office for the paperwork.

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The Jerk Next Door: A Teenage Cliché

“mysweetbloodyrevenge: Can you do Frank smut where he’s Y/N’s new neighbour and she finds him really attractive, but he’s like really confident and stuff and she’s shy and later on he kinda bullies her at school and makes her angry to get her attention?”

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Fresh Eyes // Chapter 9

Georgina could feel her nerves biting at her skin as she waited in the room for Chris to arrive. The other members of the crew, the producers, writers and others all looked mighty relaxed compared to Georgina whose knee kept jerking against the table; it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Nigel who worked on script additions how jittery she was.

“Relax darling, he’s not about to fire you.” He laughed but all Georgina could think about was if someone had seen Harry leaving her suite at six am the other morning having stayed with her the entire night. She knew it had been a mistake asking him to stay and now she was going to pay for it. “Unless you’re fraternising with the cast and then he’ll kick you off the shoot.”

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Imagine being Bella’s older sister, and you and Carlisle fall in love - Part 2.

Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Carlisle x Reader (OC name, feel free to change it in your mind)
Warning: CURSING! Fluffy awkwardness! Overprotective Charlie!

Less than six months later, I am pulling up the Cullen’s driveway once more, running a bit late as I climb out, racing up the front stairs, where Rosalie throws the door open, pulling me inside as the scent of orange blossoms, lilacs, freesia, and roses envelope me as we hurry up the stairs. “She’s here!” Rosalie calls as Alice looks up from doing Bella’s makeup.

“Finally! You’re late!” Alice scolds, though she’s definitely playing as she shoots me a wink. “Go take a shower. Rosalie will get you towels and a robe.” I nod, hurrying into the bathroom. I strip off my tank top and sweatpants from the flight, climbing in the steaming hot shower,where I wash my body, then shampoo and condition my hair, before climbing out in record time. I dry off, before slipping on my bra and underwear, wrapping the robe around me, tying the sash as I walk out, Rosalie is in a stunning purple dress, her hair is pinned and curled down one side of her head, and she has a light layer of makeup on, she gestures to the chair beside Bella’s, where I sit as she sets to work, doing my hair is an intricate pattern, before she does a beautiful job on my makeup, before I stand off to the side, observing my sister.

“Did you find our daughters?” I hear my mother’s voice, surprising me.

“Are those… graduation caps?” I hear dad ask, causing me to giggle into my hand.

“Huh! What a fun idea!” Mom says. “Bella? Emma?”

“In here, mom!” Bella and I call in unison, she steps inside the room, her eyes instantly welling at the sight of Bella.

“Oh, honey you look beautiful!” Renee turns to the door. “Charlie? Charlie come look!” She turns as Alice provides a hanky, dad enters the room, looking dapper in his suit.

“Wow.” Dad looks at me, and smirks.

“I know. I look hot.” Everyone laughs.

“We got you a little something, for this day. Charlie?” Mom holds out her hand, causing dad to hurry, and lay a velvet box in it, which mom opens before Bella as I press off the wall, looking at the gift. It’s a hair comb, with blue sapphires along the ends of each tooth. “This was your great grandma Swan’s, your dad and I got the sapphires added. We just thought it could be your something blue.”

“And something old, besides your mother.” Dad says, earning a smack from both mom and I. Alice steps up, slipping the comb into Bella’s hair, perfectly.

“We have something from great grandma Swan, for you too.” Mom says. “You get it on your wedding day.” I nod, causing mom to laugh, hugging me. “It’s great to see you.”

“You too, mom.” I murmur.

“So, who wants to see the dress?” Alice chirps, Charlie steps out as Rosalie and Alice help Bella with the dress, over her head, before doing the lines of pearls buttons up her back. “Okay, so you have something old, something blue,” Alice beams. “your dress is something new, so here.” She flicks something at Bella, who automatically catches it, turning red at the garter in her hands. “There’s your something borrowed. That’s mine, I want it back.”

“And here,” I reach into my jeans on the bed, pulling out an very old penny. “here’s a penny for your shoe.” Bella stares at it, before Alice tucks it into the heel, which she slips onto Bella’s feet.

“Renee, will you get the bouquets. Rosalie, help Emma into her dress.” Rosalie grabs a dress bag from the closet, walking over to me as mom rushes out, and I watch in amusement as Bella toughters as Alice hooks the garter around Bella’s thigh. Rosalie slips the dress over my head, after removing my robe, just as Alice pops back up, the dress is the same purple as Alice and Rosalie’s, it’s a dress that ties up around the neck, laces that cross up the back, the top is smooth, tight until my waist where is billows out a bit, and has a sweetheart neckline. Alice steps up, clipping a golden locket around my neck, before I slip on my purple heels, and Rosalie slides a diamond pin into place in my hair. It’s after the wedding, during the reception, that I slip away from the hustle and bustle, my feet sore from the dancing, I make my way around the front of the house, where I lean against the banister of the porch, sighing.

A hand appears out of nowhere, a champagne flute in it, the bubbling copper liquid looks oddly tempting as I take the glass, looking up to find none other than Carlisle standing beside me, a gentle smile on his face, his hair is slicked back, styled in a way oddly fitting for his face, his tux is crisp, without a single wrinkle within it, his tie is the only thing that is the slightest bit off for him, causing me to smile, shaking my head as I set the glass on the banister, stepping up to grasp his tie. “You and Charlie both, is it a man thing? Even vampires.” I taunt as I straighten his tie, slipping the triangle up to tighten it as Carlisle looks slightly embarrassed.

“Was it like that throughout the entire wedding? How embarrassing.” He says as I drop one hand, using the other to smooth the silk white material down, before I turn to the banister, going to step back with my hand dropping, only for my head to whip around as he grasps my hand in his, he looks enamored as he reaches out, capturing a dark brown ringlet between two fingers, he twists it before tucking it behind my ear, finger lingering on the diamond pin in my hair, and I can feel heat burning my cheeks as he lets go of my hand, allowing me to return to my place against the banister, where I sip on my champagne. It’s a bad habit, not really something that I should encourage, but being in tokyo, where we have saki with every meal, I decide that it’s not going to kill me to have few sips of champagne. “Needed another escape?”

“Dad seems to think, if he keeps me occupied with dancing, that none of Bella’s friends will care to cut in, or ask for a dance.” I explain. “Or, he’s hoping to keep me occupied until Jacob’s friends show, and play matchmaker with them. It would not be the first time.” I explain, he is now leaning against the banister, though I do not miss the chunk of wood the suddenly splinters under his hand, crumbling away from the banister. Deciding against bringing it up, I turn to look in his honeycomb eyes, my sky blue eyes are sweeping over each of his features, studying them quickly. “What about you?” I suddenly ask, dropping my gaze to clear my throat, taking another deep sip from the crystal glass in my hand. “Needed an escape, as well?”
“Hardly, even though it is a party, weddings are more of a symbol of a beautiful union between two people, and I do enjoy them. Though,” He seems to pause, glancing back at all the couples and pairs dancing. “Alice does seem to have gone all out, this time. I wonder why.”

“You do not think she’d do so for anyone else’s wedding?” I ask, suddenly curious.

“I’m not sure.” He hums.

“Not even your own, give the chance?” I ask, causing him to frown, brow furrowing as he looks at me.

“The chance has not come, nor will it, I believe.” He states.

“You have yet to find your mate.” It’s not a question, much to my surprise.

“No, I have.” He glances out at the woods, his furrow seeming to deepen, I cannot help but reach out a hand, resting it on his elbow, causing his head to snap over to me.

“Carlisle, you are my friend. What is troubling you?” I ask softly.

“It is… a complication.” He answers, vaguely, causing me to frown as I withdraw my hand, he reaches out to it, grasping it in his. “My mate,” He says the word with a surprising amount of sadness. “I have not told her that she is such, I fear she will not reciprocate. It’s merely that.”

“Oh, my friend.” I frown, setting my glass of champagne on the banister, wrapping him in a hug, causing him to freeze under my touch, the both of us are rather surprised by my move, but he wraps his arms around my waist.

“I know you’ve been dancing all night, but would you mind dancing with me?” He suddenly asks.

“Can we stay over here?”I ask him, he nods, causing me to beam as I kick my heels off, becoming considerably smaller without the two extra inches, making his 6’ 2” sizes that much bigger compared to my 5’ 4” size, so the top of my head ends just under his chin, my arms rest around his neck, while his arms are around my middle, causing me to blush as I look up at him. “Sorry, I’m so tiny.” This causes him to chuckle, a low throaty sound in his chest, which then changes into a full blown, head thrown back, roaring laugh, causing me to flush enough to where my ears are burning.

“You are the perfect size.” He says, once he’s calmed down, causing me to give him a wide grin.

“Good.” I breath out, the music that flows from the backyard changes from a swift pulsating beat, to a slower, almost heartbreakingly beautiful song, causing him to nod firmly, he turns us in a circle, starting the dance in a much less awkward circle, than the one that Charlie had us moving in, Carlisle seems to know how much of a lack of balance my family is known for. My head rests on his chest as I hum softly along with music, it’s oddly relaxing to be in his arms, but I keep a reminder in the corner of my mind, that I am not his mate, that his love is given to someone, I have to keep telling myself, not to fall for him, no matter how much it hurts.

“Are you serious?!” Someone yells. “Both of you?!” I spin around to find Jacob standing at the foot of the stairs, a scowl on his face as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, a feeling of embarrassment makes itself known to me, in my chest. “Emma, they’re not even human!” Jacob hisses.

“I… They are more human, Jacob Black, than you at this point!” I hiss, slipping my heels on, and stalking over to him. “It’s not as those I’m his mate, I’m his friend! He’s upset, I am trying to make him feel better, that’s what friends do! That’s something you did at one point, instead of making your best friend cry.” He flinches, visibly, at my words, before I huff the same stray lock of hair from my face, turning back to the house, where I stalk up the stairs, snatching up the crystal glass on the balcony, I toss my head back, drinking the smooth champagne in one go, causing Carlisle to freeze. “I need more champagne.” I growl, starting back toward the party. I know this was a mistake, drinking, but at this point, I don’t, honestly, care.

Secret (Edmund x Reader)

Anon said: Hey! So I’d like an Edmund imagine, where the reader and Edmund “hate each other”, and call each other things like “dumbass” and “loser”, but secretly both have a thing going on and won’t admit it?? And at the end they do and it’s all fluffy and kisses?? Thanks!!

It is impossible for me to think of a time when Edmund and I got along. Our relationship was based on of one of us messing up and immediately having the error called out by the other. Is King Edmund ridiculously attractive? Yes. Do I love it when he runs his hand through his hair? Of course. Am I hopelessly in love with him? Totally. Does he know? Absolutely not.

Yesterday I was playing a quick game of chess with Susan in the library. We both enjoy the game because we both make our moves quickly. Normally I beat her, but my attention wasn’t completely devoted to the game. Edmund and Peter were sitting at the other end of the long table that ran the length of the room. I was putting more effort into eavesdropping than I was in the game, and before I knew it a smug Susan was sitting across from me.

“You’re quite out of it today, (y/n),” she smirked.

“I am not,” I replied quickly, looking down at the board.

“Yes you are. I have you in checkmate.” Susan tapped me on the forehead and broke out laughing. Her fit of giggles attracted the attention of Peter who, like me, listened to other’s conversations.

“Good job Su!” he cheered. Peter stood up and gave Susan a high five, but I was watching as Edmund pushed back his seat and walked past me out the door.

“You’re such a dumbass,” he muttered as he strode past me. I opened my mouth to reply, but he had already left the room. Rolling my eyes, I sighed and sat back in my chair.

I’d been stewing all last night and this morning when Lucy drug me out into the courtyard to watch Peter and Edmund practice their swordsmanship skills. I never did understand why she enjoyed to watch them, but I sat with her in the shade of a large tree as their session began. It only took two minutes for Edmund to have his feet kicked out from under him. When it happened the first time, Lucy and I looked at each other and smiled. By the third time we were rolling on the ground laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Peter was amused by our reactions, but Edmund wasn’t too pleased. When they both had had enough Edmund walked out into the garden while Peter took Lucy inside to grab a snack. I followed Edmund into the flowers and spotted him near the peonies.

“Good job out there today,” I called with a smirk. He looked up with the most serious expression I had ever seen on him.

“Why do you always make so much fun of me?” Edmund asked as I came to stand shoulder to shoulder with him. We were looking out over the flowers and there was a nice breeze picking up.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“But I asked first,” he paused and turned to face me. “Is it because you fancy me?”

“No,” I scoffed. Being the worst liar in the world, even I could feel the blood rushing to my face. 

“That’s funny. I think you have a crush on me, even though you act like you hate me so much.”

“I have never had a crush on you.” I frowned and looked up to see him standing with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“You wouldn’t be blushing so much if that were true,” he commented as he reached out and pinched my cheek.

“Stop it!” I swatted his hand away and shook my head. He grabbed my wrist in his hand and took a deep breath in.

“I have a secret, (y/n),” he whispered. I was already blushing, but when he leaned in so that our noses were half an inch apart I turned a tomato red.

“King Edmund keeps secrets? Who ever would have imagined?” I breathed, staring into his beautiful brown eyes. His nose had a light dusting of freckles across it that I had never noticed before.

“I’ve always fancied you. And, quite honestly, I’m sick of pretending I don’t.” He leaned in and closed the gap between our lips. It was a sweet kiss, and when we pulled apart he plucked a daisy from the garden and tucked it behind my ear.