shes been in my house for 3 weeks

aries - you have to tear down your own walls first; love isn’t the kind to bleed through the cracks. she wants an ocean. give in.

Leo - i hope one day you can break free from your glass house.

Sagittarius- your love has thawed the ice in me; one day the sea levels will rise to drown my coastlines, and I will welcome your waves with all the love my arms can carry.

Taurus - i saw you in a dream once. i used to hold you when you would cry, but i know she’s stitched your wounds and you’re not crying anymore. i hope you’ve found your peace.

Virgo - they told you all roads lead home, but i know you lost yourself somewhere across the Atlantic when you left everything for something you weren’t sure you even wanted. i don’t know who you are anymore, but i hope you find it– whatever it is.

Capricorn - do you still see me in your skylines? i’ve forgotten what it’s like.

Gemini - they say you have another face hidden somewhere beneath your dress, but i’ve never known anyone who so unapologetically belonged to themselves. but tell me, are you really at war with the world? or is it all just a front? will you ever be caught late at night taking your mask off? i wonder what you think when you’re alone.

libra - i caught you once with your face in a book– did you ever catch me looking?

Aquarius - i worry about the way you love, but i envy it, too. there is beauty in always giving, but there is a loneliness so deep in loving what cannot be returned.

cancer - you are the light in every room, you are the beacon in every storm. you are my manna from heaven, you are the house that keeps me warm.

Scorpio - there are cobwebs in the corner where you used to sit, but sometimes I still see your footprints in the dust. you have a way of haunting the people you loved.

Pisces - your words are featherlight, but your actions are made of iron. one day I pray you learn the weight of what you have done.

—  the signs as I have loved them // mh
Resurgam: A Moriel Fic

Rating: E

Length: 9k

Summary:  Azriel returns from a mission after he’s been gone for a month and Mor is waiting for him, as always, to welcome him home.

Thanks to my dearest, @highfaelucien, for betaing! <3 


When Azriel winnows into their house for the first time in weeks, trying to mask how tired he is, how much the weight of his mission is pulling on him, it doesn’t take Mor two blinks to see right through him. She jumps up from the table, heart hammering suddenly in her chest with the relief flooding through her at seeing him in person for the first time in almost a month. It’s never pleasant, him having to leave like this, entirely alone for days, weeks, but it’s been… a particularly hard time.

Usually they can at least alternate when they’re gone so someone is always there, available for whatever the other needs. But Rhys had asked her to take a sudden trip to the Court of Nightmares and she’d panicked. She knows she doesn’t have to go. That if she told Rhys, he would send someone else, would go himself, but she goes anyway.

And it’s bad. It’s always been bad, difficult to deal with, shutting part of herself down like that, to crush part of the lightness in her at facing her family, her father. But it’s worse when her mate isn’t waiting for her back in Velaris. Or if he doesn’t go with her to the Court of Nightmares at all.

No one forces her to go. It’s her job. It’s not as if she doesn’t know it’s going to take something out of her the moment she steps through those great stone doors.  But usually Azriel is there to welcome her back when she’s done. She doesn’t have to hide with him, pretend like she’s okay with herself when she isn’t. He understands deeply enough that she doesn’t even have to say anything. Can winnow back and he’ll already have her favorite food prepared, have a bath drawn and waiting for her, still hot enough to steam up the tile walls in the bathing room.

But this time, she’d come home to an empty house, the ache of Azriel gone ringing hollow in her tight stomach. The darkness of being in that… that place piling on top of the uncertainty of having him gone in the first place?  The empty space beside her in that huge bed only has her curling in on herself more, hiding her pains when he’s gone like this.

And it had built, on and on over itself, as she’d tried to swallow it, to the point where she’d shoved it all aside. Had slapped on a polite smile and moved on, refusing to deal with it. She knows it’s not healthy. She can deal with one at a time. Can handle going to the Court of Nightmares as long as she has the reassurance that her mate is safe, that he’s not shoving down his own burdens. Can handle Azriel leaving if that means she knows she can be ready for him when he returns. Can be there, through the bond at a moment’s notice if he sends even just a sliver of a request.

So when she sees him standing there, brushing snow from his black hair, kicking off the bits clinging to his shoes, Mor barely registers the choked cry coming from her own mouth, can’t resist stumbling out of her chair, not even cognizant enough to think to winnow, practically throwing herself across the room and into him.

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I don’t like to talk much about my personal life here you know?…

But I’ll try and make an exception today, because I feel like I really messed up last night…


8.3-9.3.2017 - (days 56-57/100) + week 9 + washi tape!!

when my sister was here last week she bought me my first washi tape rolls!! the other one i used in this spread but i looove matching colors with this one. buuut on the flip side of things, my habits have gotten spotty :\  my motivation dwindled a lot the week after we came back to the US, and i don’t think i’ve gotten it back completely

it is officially the last night of spring break, since tomorrow is a school night and doesn’t count. in this week, I 1) scrubbed my entire house clean, 2) pracitqué y mejoré mi español, 3) bought my cat a CAT TREE that she refuses to sit on because I think she believes it’s structurally unsound, 4) finished justified, a thing I have been putting off for a year, 5) COOKED A WHOLE LOT, and finally 6) wrote some stuff.

Here are some pictures of some of the pleasing things I did for myself:




Please Signal Boost This!!

Hi, my name is Trickster and I’m sixteen year old. I am mentally ill, transgender, gay have chronic pain and several other other problems at the moment! The biggest one is being that my mother is horribly abusive, and she has:

  • Shoved me down a flight of stairs.
  • Called the police on me several times (to shut me up, despite knowing my crippling fear of them)
  • Repeatedly has misgendered or has mocked my gender in front of police officers, despite me saying my preferred name and pronouns SEVERAL times.
  • Has been monitoring every text I’ve sent for the past 2-3 months.
  • Verbally abused me for years.
  • Has sent me to crisis on several occasions to get me away from her.

Now, she’s threatening to send me into Foster Care and kick me out of the house that I’ve begged her for weeks to let me stay despite her lying about a deal we made to let me stay. The deal was that she enrolled me into some sort of program where someone goes to our house to talk to us, but here’s the problem.

This program is for cis girls only, and I am not a cis girl. I’m a nonbinary dfab boy, and I don’t know how much longer I can last here.

I really, really need help. If you can send money to my Paypal, it’s and my Amazon wishlist is here.

If you can’t donate anything, please just reblog this post.

Wildthing pt 3 (Fenrin/Astrys fic)

Welcome to the third and final (and smutty) installment of my Fenrin/Astrys fic Wildthing! Part 1 is HERE! Part 2 is HERE! This ties into my Elorcan fic “It’d Been Three Weeks” and with my Manorian fic “The Beloved One” - but this should all make sense even if you haven’t read those!

[Wildthing Part 3]

The next day, Fenrys found himself volunteering to help nail down the supply house windows on the edge of town. Lorcan and Dorian were on the far side of one of the buildings. He took the opportunity to find an excuse to help Elide.

As soon as he handed her a nail, she stopped and looked at him.

“What do you want, Fenrys?” she said.

“Why do you assume I want something?” She cocked her head and eyed him. “Fine,” he said. “I need help. Advice.”

“Advice?” she said. He rolled his eyes.

“About women.” Elide threw her head back and laughed. And laughed and laughed. Fenrys worked a muscle in his jaw.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped. “It’s just–could you say that one more time. I’m not sure I heard you.”

He would not. So he said, “Yes, it’s hilarious. Almost as hilarious as you blacking out the first time Lori went down on you.”

That got her attention. He smirked. She hated when he brought that up, and when he used the pet name she reserved for Lorcan when they were in bed together.

“Fainted,” she spat. “I fainted.”

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cat emergency!

(not house related at all)

hey all, my dad had a tenant leave unexpectedly and he left his beautiful cat behind. she’s grey/blue and has medium length hair. not sure if she’s fixed or not, she’s under 3 years old. she’s been living alone in this apartment for 6 weeks (my dad has been visiting her and giving her food and water), but they want to clear out the apartment and call animal control in the next 48 hours. we really really want to find a good home for this sweet kitty. she’s currently in capitol hill (in Seattle) and you’d have to come to the unit to pick her up. i would obviously meet you in a public place first, the building owner will likely be there too.

please reblog this or send it to anyone you know who might want a sweet cat! she’s really frightened from being alone for so long. i’m opening up my inbox, or you can email me at if you are interested or know someone who is.


Four years ago today, Corgdad and I drove out to the wilds of the Virginia/West Virginia border and waited in the parking lot of a Burger King for a transport van bringing rescue dogs from New York to Florida. At close to midnight the van showed up and a nice woman walked out carrying a terrified, severely underweight, floppy-eared 3-year old corgi girl that the rescue organization had named “Camilla” when she had been surrendered to a shelter a few days before.  It took weeks before she barked, months before she played with Triley, half a year to get rid of all of her parasites and a full year before she was finally house-trained. She was amazed by the comfyness of our bed, baffled by our stairs, wary of everything and everyone, and, at 3-years old, very stubborn about learning any commands.  One of the best days of my life was when she graduated from Basic Obedience training: Corgdad, Triley and I all stood at one end of PetsMart.  We called “Katrina!” and from the other side of the store she came running to us SO fast and SO happy. She’d found her family!

Since we’ll never know her real birthday, we’ve always said that her Gotcha Day is also her birthday.  So, to my wild, sassy, silly Katrina, so full of love and wonder, I wish you a happy, happy 7th birthday!

We love you so much!


Good morning friends! I have someone I need to introduce you all to. This is Tali! She is the scrub that I have been planning for almost a year to get. 8 months of research, 3 months of physical planning, saving for adult cages and possible vet fees, research research and more research, I have finally made the jump into giant species. She got here of wednesday of last week, and this picture is from that day once I had put her in her cage to settle in(meaning this picture set was taken the day she got here, and she has been left alone for the past five days). Two more days of her being left alone and you guys can expect some more pictures of her :) She is incredibly calm and has a very polite demeanor, I was very surprised at how calm she was when I unpacked her from her shipping box.

To Kill A Heart #4

Summary= When the life of Heartfilia’s heiress is put in danger, Jude resorts in hiring the best hitman for bodyguarding. The problem? Lucy knows now her heart is the one in the edge of being destroyed. [Bodyguard AU]

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= M.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 2263.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

Thank you so much for your reviews on last chapter! You are my ray of sunshine <3 And I made a twitter account, if you want to check it out or me to follow you, just let me know! Thanks :3

chapter four: earrings

In the entire week after the threat, nothing changed in the Heartfilia’s house.

Except one thing: for Lucy, her room had suddenly become a room for two.

All the time, Natsu Dragneel found his way over without her noticing. He said it was easy since she always left the window open, but Lucy suspected he easily opened it, closed or not.

Like now, for example.

She had been sitting in her wooden desk in her room, trying to come up with a plot for the new chapter of her fantasy novel. Writing was hard, but she was willing to do anything to fulfill her wish to become an author.

So hard she was focusing on it, when a loud buuump interrupted her concentration. Lately, she’d been able to recognize it anywhere, anytime.

Sighing, she put the papers down and turned around on her chair, a frown in her face.

“Mr. Dragneel,” she said through gritted teeth. “It’s nice seeing you in my room, again.”

Sitting on the ground, next to her window, he offered her his biggest grin. “Yo, Lucy.”

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N*cole getting praised for her “game play”?

She’s coasted her way f7 not on gameplay but by doing literally nothing but be the ‘cute’ white girl in a showmance. If she was anything but white her ass would’ve been targeted week 2 for being “sketchy”, “aggressive”, or “scary”. Her social game has been the WORST I’ve seen in years. She’s made no bonds in the house other than that jar of mayo that’s been attached to her. 3/4 of the jury already hates her and legend Meech just walked in to shit on her forever. Day/Bridgette/Zakiyah/Michelle (and Natalie if she’s evicted) will all be a voting block and it will be for anyone NOT named Nicole.

She has literally zero chance of winning this game

I won't let you go (part 1/∞)

…Or how season2 should have been for Rae and Finn.

This is my first fanfic for Rae & Finn. I hope you enjoy it! I’ll have to tag my wonderful friend llexis for expressing interest in reading it <3. 

Let me know what you think I already have several parts written! 1200+ words

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抱かれてから始まった恋~青葉編~ (Dakaretekara hajimatta koi 〜Aoba Hen〜)

Bullet has announced yet another volume for the 抱かれてから始まった恋 series!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

It’s been about half a year since we’ve started formally dating, and my girlfriend comes to my place about 3 times a week now.

The fact that my girlfriend comes so over so often isn’t a bad thing—rather, I’m quite happy about it. However, she’s usually drunk when she comes over.

Actually, she’s drunk way too frequently.

“Hey Cacao*… I’m drunk today too, aren’t I? Is this place a hotel… or my family’s house…?”

Should we start living together? Is that even the problem?

I understand her actions, but I can’t help but feeling like I want to call her out on it.

Even our cat (Cacao) has it more together than she does sometimes.

At this point, there’s no choice but to discipline her… isn’t there?

And so, this is the continued love story of a couple who’s relationship has passed the phase of being grounded in physicality, and has now progressed to that of a love deep from the heart…

CV: 河村眞人 (Yamanaka Masahiro)

Release Date: November 25th, 2016.

Alrighty….. For all the Marrish haters out there I have 3 things to say. #1. She’s not underage anymore… Lydia’s mom in season 4 at the lake house said her 18th bday was a couple of weeks away… It’s been almost 6 months. #2. She could have graduated early and then wouldn’t have been a high schooler anymore but wanted to finish senior year with her friends. #3. Do you see the way he looks at her… It’s the same way stiles use too… With so much respect and care! With all the bad boys Lydia’s dated she really needs a man who is enamored by her!