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Day 3: An AU - Dancetale

*h u m a n

*d o n ‘ t   y o u   k n o w   h o w   t o   g r e e t   a   n e w   p a l ?

*t u r n   a r o u n d   a n d

*dance with me?

I know I am a day late I’m sorry hahAHAH //sobs ;-;

I like the idea of bowing and presenting your SOUL to your fighting/dancing partner as a form of respect before the battle. I imagine Undyne will not bow to respect the human, but presents her SOUL as a challenge in both the Pacifist and Genocide route. Sans on the other hand will not bow nor present his SOUL in the Genocide route.

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Can someone tell me, how this lovely lady here, can be so fucking hot?

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disney femslash moodboards // belle + esmeralda 

But I know so many less lucky than I
Please help my people, the poor and downtrod
I thought we all were the children of God 

Ok but I really want Neopolitian to come back in Volume Four.

I could imagine Ruby just kind of walking around in the woods by herself, just lost in thought, and then the camera looks over her shoulder and we just see Neo just standing behind her, their face just completely deadpan. Ruby does that anime thing where she knows someone is behind her and heel turns to face them.

And Neo is just. Standing there. Her parasol isn’t even on her shoulder, it’s just kind of dangling from her hand, the spike digging a little into the dirt. Ruby, not trusting this at all, draws her weapon, but Neo still doesn’t move.

And then, Neo reaches into her pocket and takes out her Scroll before extending it forward for Ruby to take. Ruby, after a moment hesitation, carefully takes it and looks at the screen.

It’s open on a messenger app, and in the typing field is this message:

“He’s dead because of her. I want in.”

And when Ruby looks back up at her, Neo is clearly holding back tears. “You mean Cinder?”

Neo’s face shifts into a deep scowl as she nods.

“I guess we need all the help we can get…”

This is an idea for Minako that I’ve always loved, which the anime, very unfortunately, never gets into: that a huge driving force for her is in not making the same mistakes they made before.


I’m not sure how far the manga will take it (certainly it wasn’t a factor in Sailor V), but as an idea, I really do enjoy it, and it’s implications for Minako. It’s not just about stopping the bad guys, it’s about ALL the mistakes they made, and I think that’s a fascinating concept to leave to Minako to determine about herself, her friends, and their world.

madegeeky replied to your video: No report card today, but here’s a video of Mina…

That puppy thing is the cutest fucking thing, how dare you spring that on a person with no warning.


For those who missed the tags in question:  #one of the guys told us today that because mina’s good with literally everybody  #and can go in with big dogs and little dogs and dogs who like to play rough and dogs who like to be chill  #sometimes they put her in with the new little puppies because she teaches them how to play  #MINA TEACHES THE PUPPIES HOW TO PLAY NICE YOU GUYS MY FUCKING HEART

Apparently she’s just so patient and gentle with them, and if they nip her she doesn’t snap she just corrects them, and she’ll lay down and let them crawl all over her AND I AM SCREAMING