shes bald


Someone save Solas from Miel.




this is bunny shes got a bald spot on the top of her head and she dribbles when shes incredibly excited. apparently when she was a kitten her old owners did something to her wars to make them stick on the top of her head but shes ok

30 days of Gillian (12/30) ❤️ she is such a small little nugget of love and this is an accurate representation of me standing next to anyone cause I’m a short little nugget! It makes me feel better that Gillian is short and cute too✌🏻️

This is Smudge, she goes to the loo whenever she wants, ignores you or over loves you to within an inch of your life, and she’s got a bald belly right now, but we still love her very much.


For the “Yana-san’s looks” anon! :)

Here’re the author notes from the first four volumes. As you can she, her demonic chibi self used to have hair, but Editor K suggested no longer drawing it that way. She agreed and thinks it works anyway, since she has a bald spot the size of a ten yen coin….

Comparison time bc why not. I don’t think I ever realized how dark Ivy-Barbie’s look was, I love it, tho her hair especially looks dull next to the vibrancy of new-Ivy.

Honestly kinda finding myself liking DC SHG a bit more, nostalgia can only make me ignore flaws so much. My older Ivy is great, but her hair likes to fall out (I’m very worried she’s gonna go bald one day…tho if it does I’m rerooting her with new-Ivy’s color), and if I move her at all her chest does not stay in her suit. Not to mention she was originally on a bend-n-flex bod. 

If nothing else I appreciate how far quality’s come. Maybe with some luck Mattel will take another stab at classic Ivy when Gotham City Sirens comes out. (I mean hey, they made dolls for BatmanVSuperman…)