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Alrighty, I’ve finally had a moment to put this together, haha. End of the week we’re headed off to Anime Boston and here is who I’ll be bringing! 

Friday: Prompto, accompanied by @shes-an-iso as my Noctis, and Reno from FF7

Saturday: Emperor Hux (accompanied by Kylo Amidala) 

(probably Saturday night we’ll get sick of those outfits, so we’re bringing party-time Harry Potter and Ron Weasley (I’ll be Harry) 

Sunday: Casual Harley, we’re just doing kind of a punky street look (I will be with Ivy <3) 

Excited to see you all there! 

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Iris West Week is LIT. I'm so proud of our fandom <3 this week is about Iris and everyone is making these amazing gifs\fics\art <3 This is what happens when a fandom love a character because she is amazing and not because she iso a"self-insert" or for a crack ship :)


Sassy. Sweet. Green.


We’re both hardly on here anymore, but that won’t stop me from greeting the wonderful @bohemianrider​ and gifting her with a Happy Birthday Everlark drabble. ILY, BR, my dear, dear friend. xoxo

i. aperture

“Excuse me…do you understand what we just went over?”

Peeta slips his notebook into his backpack and turns around, wondering if the question was directed at him. He comes face to face with a girl he’s definitely noticed before – silver eyes, long, always-braided brown hair, never smiles…oh right…that’s probably why he’s never spoken to her. “I’m sorry, are you talking to me?”

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I will never, ever forget

This women who was cursing at no one this one time at the train station. Our train was delayed 4 hours, she was just angry at no one, cursing and groaning about how this is why she doesnt trust the transit system. Never forget how someone tried to tell her to calm down, and her responding with “You shut up. Next person to tell me to calm down i’m going to knock them the fuck out” Then she began to, basically, brag about how “This is why I dont buy train tickets in the first place”. Mumbling after a while “Man, I just wanna get high”

“The game has changed, Son of Flynn.”

finally got around to making this edit! pretty sure the first one is from like…PortCon 2012? and the second one is from Granite State Comic Con 2014 c: Since Quorra was cosplaying RedQ that day, we thought it’d be awesome to do the comparison picture where Quorra crosses over to the evil side xD

Quorra: shes-an-iso

Rinzler: me

Stealth Weeb "Iso" versus Scary Girl "Galaxy"

I attended Girl Scout camp for many years, and when I finally aged out of the programs I decided to become a counselor. However, I was too young for any of the paid counselor jobs, so I applied to the month-long “Counselor in Training” program and got in. Basically we were still considered “campers” by safety standards so we still had to go around in lines of two (buddy lines) and all that junk, but we could lead songs and help out, and during our fourth week we were assigned to other program units to help out with the younger campers. We didn’t have the authority of paid counselors but the little girls looked up to us since we were older and had “camp nicknames” like the counselors. I was Pepperkat, and the weeb in the story is Iso. There was also one horrible, horrible girl called Galaxy, who comes into the weeb story also and made my life hell besides. And a strange girl called Shell who was a little bit “special”. Some other girls were there too, but they aren’t so important. We were all fifteen or sixteen.

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