shes an adorable bamf

Okay so I’ve only made one post about Fantastic Beasts and that was to shade some people but like honestly…

I’m emotional still. I’ve seen it twice and I want to watch it again. I want it projected onto my gravestone when I die. 

-Ok so Newt is the purest thing on this Earth and I just need to give him a hug and he’s such a little dork (’mummy’s here’ and remember it’s MUMMY bc my boy is as british as they come and if I see one more person write mommy I’m gonna flip)
-Jacob is a beautiful soft man and I need him as a friend thank 
-Tina is like.. 11/10 pls let her be my mum 
-Queenie.. The adorable BAMF that she is… is so pure (honestly i’m so gay she’s the best)
-And of course I have to mention my boy Credence (like wtf was that shit how daRE? I’m still so upset about it like what… Why? I honestly have no idea how to deal with these things bc he was just so… small) 
-Is the real Graves okay and alive omg where’s he at
-ew we all know what I’m talking about lmao 
-The actual creatures in the film tho they were all so magical and beautiful and so adorable (look I’m not saying I want them all I’m just saying it’d be great if I had 100% of them) 
-Collin Farrell (60/11 pls)
- credenceˈkriːd(ə)ns/noun1.belief in or acceptance of something as true (do you ever just cry about this?)
-Manipulation shown perfectly and although it was so painful to watch it was so good 
-(Grindelwald… why in the fuck was he american when he’s really not supposed to be and WHAT in the world did he mean like what was he talking about I bet Newt just stood there like???? bc me too???)
-lmao Ezra Miller being 12/10 somehow and making me cry like bitch excuse me 
-aaaay fellow gingers 
-I want someone to look at me with as much love as Newt holds for all his creatures
-Great haircuts (looking at u Credence bc tbh it looked okay? but that might just be the magic of ezra miller looking good all the time 
-A film with a Hufflepuff main character hells yeh (tho I am a slytherin but that’s not the point bc hufflepuffs are adorable) 
-Credence deserved better he better get better things later on (I swear if he gets hurt anymore I will cry)
-the beautiful everything except for that one blob of toxic waste near the end lmao

So yeh

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battedvalkyrie  asked:

Alt o:


     └ send me “alt!” and i’ll introduce you to a character i’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or am currently playing somewhere else!
          └ current muse: olivia benson

olivia fuckin’ benson. like what more do i need to say?? she’s an absolute BAMF and i adore her to bits. i also lowkey have a secret obsession when it comes to writing strong, independent, and maternal women ( i.e. selene, sonja, elizabeth, maria, olivia, pepper ) so yeah. olivia was kind of an obvious answer for me lmao not to mention i binged svu and watched all 400+ episodes to make sure i got her character right. i’ve been lazy on the blog ( @cliviabenson ) lately but i’m hoping that’ll change once summer comes around.


I am so here for the ladies of teen wolf.

All of them.

The current ones.

I am so excited for Braeden and Malia, they are so badass and interesting. Malia is already one of my favorites.

I love Kira and everything she is. She is kind and adorable and loyal.

Lydia is a bamf queen, as always. I can’t wait to see how she deals with everything that is going on.

Kate is killing people, ruining things, talking names. She is such a magnificent villain and I am so pumped.

I can’t wait to see any of the other ladies (like Violet) and see what happens with them.

I am here for the moms! They are all different and great, Melissa being so down to earth and loving, Noshiko is so powerful and knowledgable. Lydia’s mom is supportive and smart. I will always miss how scary Victoria Argent was.

I miss the ladies who are gone.

I miss Allison and I will always miss Allison. She was amazing, caring, thoughtful, and totally lethal.

I want to know more about Cora, and how she holding up away from her brother. She is such a great character and I wish we still had her snark.

Erica is and always will be my favorite. She was real and raw and I loved her.

I loved Jennifer and Kali, and I would have loved to know more about their backstory. They were amazing, strong and deadly.