shes actually the cutest


More Trash-tastic! Because we’ve been gone for so long, here’s a quick introduction for those who don’t know her yet :)

She’s my 8 month old GSD puppy and came home with me in July as my new IPO prospect. She’s the cutest little whirlwind and yeah, her name is actually Trash!


The preciously adorable Kim Seul Gi dancing to Jay Park’s All I Wanna Do! Great to see these two SNL couple reunited and didn’t know Seul Gi could dance really well too! Haha…Jay creeping in at the back with that dab lol

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The full performance…..nice to see they kept in touch and that she actually learnt his entire dance choreo <33

the cutest ending poses hehe


“Sam, we can’t just keep ignoring this. I know you’re angry, but maybe this isn’t really a bad thing…”

“What?! It’s not a bad thing that I can’t even look you in the eye anymore? You are my best friend Y/N, and I screwed it up.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be best friends anymore Sam.”

“What the hell does th-”

“Sam! What we had that night… I want that. The two of us, together.”

Superhero | TWICE

anonymous: Can I have a Twice reaction to you being a magical girl? (think sailor moon or madoka magica)


She’d be so confused at your sudden transformation when you heard a cry for help, as you changed into your outfit. “Uhh, (y/n)?” she’d be so puzzled she’d blink her eyes repeatedly wondering if the person in front of her is really her best friend.

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Tzuyu would be so chill about it. She already knew about it and she was used to it. “Going to save the people again, eh? Stay safe.” she’d say muching on her cereal as you headed out.

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Just like the actual cutest dumping she is, she’d always get super excited when you transformed. And would always beg and pout to take you with her. “Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, can I come!”

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She’d flaunt off different outfits at you, getting you to agree which one would match yours because she decided by herself she’d be your sidekick.

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She’d support you and she’d be very happy to see you helping others and she’d always send you off, “Come back to me!” not as a request but a demand.

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Although she knew fully well how much she loved seeing you happy and doing your thing. She knew how much you loved saving and helping people. And she was happy for you. But when you were gone she’d be upset because she couldn’t hang out with you, because that’s all she wanted to do.

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She’d stare at you with an open mouth as you transformed in front of her for the first time. “WAIT, YOU’RE A SUPERHERO!? MY BEST FRIEND IS A SUPERHERO?!” From complete shock she would get so excited and bombard you with questions.

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She’d be so so proud of you and she would always brag to her friend and the members of twice and anybody who she meets she’d always say something like, “Did you know my best friend (y/n) is a superhero?”

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She’d always perform to her different moves she’d come up with as her signature move as being your sidekick, without your confirmation of being so.

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Poppy pecking Branch's lips and adding an "I love you" after each one. She's shocked to see him crying but its happy tears. Because she loves him so much and he loves her. And then she ruins it with a sexual pun.

This is actually the sweetest cutest thing ever but jesus Christ. Poppy…sweetheart….you had one job. Branch just laughs tho cuz really, what good are sweet heartfelt moments if Poppy doesn’t find a way to make it dumb and silly?