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Sleeping neji AU, the loveliest princess in all the lands + T10 fairies. TY gabzilla-z & matchaball for this treasure oh my god ……..I had to take like a 20 min break before finishing these drawings

dtodd I love capturing those moments in between the moments. Right before the next lyric….right before the next dance step….right before the next song on the set list…. I also like photographing dynamic artists offstage…when the lights aren’t shining and there aren’t thousands gathered.
Even editorial work and album cover work can be interesting. The goal changes from quietly watching & documenting many interesting images to creating & capturing that one best or specific few images that will resonate with many people. One day, I hope to work with Ms. Monáe on the latter. It’s ok to dream, right?
Image of @janellemonae by @dtodd |#DTodd #intlvizartist
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on friday when I met Emma Blackery for the first time she told us ‘if you have no plans for the future or have no idea what you’re gonna do with you life you should only plan your life until the next meal’ (or somthing along those lines) and I think that’s the most perfect life advice I have ever recieved and I’m definitely doing it from now on