shes a tsundere

So I actually had a gift for Stealths as a way to encourage them and something I had in mind since they had that bit of a breakdown and needed a break. This isn’t actually it because my computer restart on me and I didn’t save. But I’m still gonna redo it! So @stealthnerd is going to get 2 encouraging gifts for having such a rough time, but is still going and hanging in there! I hope you like this one!

Sleep Positions & Personalities

They are not a perfect match with the personalities often associated with them, but here are some of the interesting ones:

First we have Rose in the yearner position - associated with usually being open with others, but also suspicious and cynical at times. Once they’ve made a decision, they will stick to it. 

Sorey’s sleeping in the soldier position - associated with having high expectations and moral standards for oneself and others. 

And then we have Mikleo in the fetal position - associated with being tough on the outside but sweet and sensitive inside. 

Concept: a yandere and a tsundere fall for the same senpai. They spend the whole year competing, trying to win his love. The yandere knows she can just eliminate this rival and no one would be in her way but she can’t bring herself to do it. Fast forward to the end of the year. Senpai graduates. The girls prepare for one last showdown for his love. But they realize something. All this time, all these schemes to get senpais love, all the time they spent with each other. They realize that neither of them want senpai. They want each other

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In your human au, would Jasper be Lapis' ex? One she dumped for a good reason?

I suppose you are talking about my Digimon Xros Wars AU :3c ‘cuz that’s kinda the only au I’ve been formaly working on (?)

With DarkKnightmon using Lapis for his own evil purpuses, Laz decides to use one of the armies to make an alliance and use them; The Crystal Gems are way to good for them so she chooses Jasper who is more violent and will do anything for the victory.  She refuses at first but end up joining Laz after she showed her how strong she was~

By the time they reach Forest Zone, Jasper discovers that Laz only used her brute force to get information and eliminate the ones in her way and DarkKnightmon attacks Jasper with this, their alliance is over and here we discover how abussive is the relationship between DarkKnightmon and Laz making Steven wanting to help her more and so Jasper.

But far from being “allies” at some point (to later being all together to fight the Death Generals), they never got that together~ buuuuuuuut after Forest Zone, Jasper started to develop this big crush on Laz which she and Steven might be aware thus if sometimes the Crystal Gems need help and Jasper is there, Laz asks for it and she can’t say no unfortunately for Jasper, Laz choose the dorito nerd over her

Ok, so what if Frisk from @determined-college-student​ suceed in college and get their diploma ? How would the goats parents will react at the ceremony ?

Random Headcanon : Frisk succed and get their diploma then before going to the ceremony asked all the big family to not cry or yell at the ceremony and try to stay discret as much as possible  

Guess what …

They all failled

Even Frisk … xD But hey ! They tried :)

P.S : Flowey didn’t cry ! They just cought something in their eye ! OK  ?! The only one that cried was Toriel who breack into tears when she saw Frisk just like Alphys, and Asgore nearly did !

“Knowledge is power, especially when you keep it to yourself!”

Glitch is a selfish corrupted file virus entity born from Data’s informations, the difference with Data, is that this one collect information for herself by force, and as she gets more information her powers grows. The instabilty of Glitch power prevents her to be too powerful, she gradually loosing strengh since she’s just a corrupted file forcing her to constantly feeds off knowledge of others..

Side note: Her weakness is that she still a big Tsundere like Data… A tsun that will crush your skull for complimenting her! ahah! (She has some Data infos, so she didn’t got all the bad sides!~)