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So I actually had a gift for Stealths as a way to encourage them and something I had in mind since they had that bit of a breakdown and needed a break. This isn’t actually it because my computer restart on me and I didn’t save. But I’m still gonna redo it! So @stealthnerd is going to get 2 encouraging gifts for having such a rough time, but is still going and hanging in there! I hope you like this one!

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In your human au, would Jasper be Lapis' ex? One she dumped for a good reason?

I suppose you are talking about my Digimon Xros Wars AU :3c ‘cuz that’s kinda the only au I’ve been formaly working on (?)

With DarkKnightmon using Lapis for his own evil purpuses, Laz decides to use one of the armies to make an alliance and use them; The Crystal Gems are way to good for them so she chooses Jasper who is more violent and will do anything for the victory.  She refuses at first but end up joining Laz after she showed her how strong she was~

By the time they reach Forest Zone, Jasper discovers that Laz only used her brute force to get information and eliminate the ones in her way and DarkKnightmon attacks Jasper with this, their alliance is over and here we discover how abussive is the relationship between DarkKnightmon and Laz making Steven wanting to help her more and so Jasper.

But far from being “allies” at some point (to later being all together to fight the Death Generals), they never got that together~ buuuuuuuut after Forest Zone, Jasper started to develop this big crush on Laz which she and Steven might be aware thus if sometimes the Crystal Gems need help and Jasper is there, Laz asks for it and she can’t say no unfortunately for Jasper, Laz choose the dorito nerd over her

To be honest, the whole Blake vs Weiss racism drama was developed and resolved so badly it hurts. It was completly rushed and wasted.

Not only Weiss never really stopped being this racist douchebag, because lets be honest most of her racism is learned and unlearning that requires a lot of personal developement we never saw (because she became Miles’ weird mix of romantic hatesink). It was all over in an instant, the moment she did her shitty tsundere ‘’apology’‘, everyone forgot that Weiss is a racist, classist asshole.

But also it missed a giganton of potential on making Ruby (and Yang) have an actual opinion on this drama. Specially for MAIN CHARACTER Ruby, making her be 100% on Blake’s side (instead of the bland, apathic ‘’uhhhhh idk lets find blek’’) could have given her a lot of characterization as the ‘‘noble small soul’‘ that Salem speaks about, interactions with Blake (which she doesnt have since the first episode) and conflict with her supposed partner Weiss.

Then again, its Rooster ‘‘We will use racism as a cheap plot device but we are too mediocre and cowardly to actually do it in a non-offensive manner’‘ Teeth we are talking about.

Osana headcanons
  • she’s a tsunshun, not a tsundere
  • she’s actually really into fashion. she loves to read magazines, and watch makeup and hair tutorials online
  • really likes books, thats how her and taro became friends actually
  • her hair is naturally brown, but she dyed it orange after becoming enamoured with a book that had a protagonist with orange hair. maybe anne of green gables or something idk
  • the bow in her hair was a gift from taro before they entered high school. taro said it was a promise that they wouldn’t grow apart as they grew up. this was also the moment she realized she loved him.
  • she was teased when she was younger for liking “girly” things and being a softie, so she began to hide them under her rough exterior. 
  • she now realizes that liking “girly” things is nothing to be ashamed of, but old habits die hard, so she says harsh things and then regrets it.
  • her favourite colour is peach
  • she’s a big fan of shoujo manga
  • also enjoys playing otome games
  • she’s just a huge romantic softie that doesn’t know how to handle her feelings
  • she loves taro for his kindness. he never teased her about being a softie or being a bit of a bookworm. he’s patient with her harsh outbursts too. 
  • she used to be a lot softer with taro, but grew colder when she realized she loved him and didn’t want him to know about her feelings.

Fun Fact

Did you know Rie Kugimiya, who is best known as “The Queen of Tsundere” and for voicing the “Super Idol” Minase Iori

Is voicing two mascot characters this season? That’s right, Miruku-chan of Twin Angel Break and Vyrn of Granblue Fantasy. Will the “Queen of Tsundere” ever voice another Tsundere character?! Or will she be dethroned by a new fresh seiyuu?!

SaNa is a good ship

It’s time I make a proper post… It’s been too long and I really want to be a contributor to this fandom, I just can’t always make time for it.

I want to talk about Sanji and Nami and some pointers, if you will, about why shipping them makes sense. Now this does not mean that SaNami is a superior ship in anyway or that others aren’t free to ship whatever they want, because first and foremost shipping is supposed to be fun.

So, what I want to say are just why SaNami can make sense from a writing perspective, and also with some of my own added opinions on why it’s a good ship. This post will not cover all my reasons for shipping SaNa personally, but there will of course be bias, it’s not really anything any shipper can ever avoid. But I am trying to talk about things that still makes sense, so I still consider this an analysis. I hope you enjoy this.

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March 27th - Hanahaki Disease / Osoro

[Hanahaki Disease explanation and Ayano’s picture] / [Budo’s picture] / [Oka’s picture (+Process)] / [Pippi and Ryuto’s picture] / [Riku and Kokona’s picture] / [Kuu Dere’s picture]

“Wh-what…What the hell is this thing that I feel?! I shouldn’t be feeling like this..! T-to be in… love… Dammit!!”

If there is something important that I had in mind about Osoro, is that she is kind of a tsundere, not as extreme as Osana, but Osoro probably is tough and blunt on the outside but also has a soft side (considering that she does fall for senpai). At being the leader of the other delinquents in the school but also aware that she is judged too much because of her reputation, she always tries to look strong and cold, so when she starts to fall in love for senpai and also cough flowers, she would feel really humiliated for have the disease and those “weak” feelings.

The flower was kinda hard to decide, but I ended up choosing the Carnation, which symbolizes pride and beauty, which I think fits her, but with the color yellow it also represents disdain, rejection or disappointment, part that would be related to her delinquent life.

Luffy x Nami interactions part 2

Continuing on my quest to find all of the LuNa moments and whatnot. :D

13) Interaction from the cage. Luffy asks Nami for food

14) And she brings him some. ^^

15) Luffy noticed her hands are shaking and inspired courage in her

16) Which resulted in Nami attacking a guy

17) Even though she went all “tsundere” later

18) Revealing her reason for hating pirates in Luffy’s presence

19) And burning her hands to save the same Pirate

20) Refusing to run away, because she doesn’t really want the said pirate to die

And so Nami seems to slowly warm up to Luffy without knowing it herself. Maybe it’s a subconscious thing, or maybe Luffy’s secret charm who knows. 

Also, people who are saying Nami is Not brave, you should reread the manga. 

So it was my birthday...

And kitten, aka @huntertale-au, offered me a bunch of flowers.

Get to know them.

I present you Gwak, aka Spiky Ball or Boulekipik. He’s funny looking but don’t get too close, ‘cause he has a temper.

Here is FluffyButt. Nothing more to say, it’s soft but has its defenses too if you’re too pushy. What a lovely one.

Now here’s TsunTsun, short for Tsundere. She may look a bit imposing but in fact she’s longing for her soulmate.

And the last but not least, I finally can show you… MyDick™.
Which is fashionable as fuck. Look at this flower growing on it. So endearing.

And my absolute favorite one is this one.

I guess I’ll call them Sweetheart.

Ao No Exorcist: Rin and Izumo

With the new season of Ao no Exorcist out, I will say this because I have been thinking this over for months. I ship Rin and Izumo. It is probably the most obscure ship in the fandom since only manga readers knows how this came to be. I do ship Rin and Shiemi. It’s a very cute ship. However, although Rin and Izumo will probably never become canon, I will say that they are much more suited to each other than Rin and Shiemi. Of course this is just my own opinion. This will contain spoilers for non manga readers.

Most people simply do not understand Rin. Sadly, one of the people who understands Rin the least is Yukio himself. And several people are terrified of Rin. After the Amaimon incident, Rin is ostracized by everyone, even Shiemi, for various reasons. But Izumo just plops down in the seat next to Rin and puts all of his fears to rest. She tells him that she’s not afraid of him. He’s not the only person who’s the descendent of a demon. He’s not alone. She stands up for him and is ready to call others who avoid him fake friends and cowards to their faces. She cares and is a firm support for Rin who often pretends and behaves like he doesn’t need it.

Rin helped Izumo out once and since then, although she is the perfect tsundere, has been being kind to him in her own way.,Coming from Izumo, I feel is a big thing. I applaud Izumo and Shima in the Impure King arc the most. They were able to put aside the fact that Rin was Satan’s son and realize he was just their good old goofy friend. I believe, without this pep talk from Izumo, Rin wouldn’t have been able to stay strong and pick himself up the way that he did. So far in the manga, this has been my second favorite scene.

Shiemi is a wonderful girl and when she does learn what love is, I’m sure she’ll be fabulous with Rin. But…she will never understand the darkness Rin has experienced. A darkness, Izumo knows all too well. I believe, if Rin and Izumo could be together, they would be able to work together to pull the darkness out of each other.

When In the Izumo arc, Izumo asks for help, I was in awe of the look Rin had when he heard it. No doubt this was because Izumo never asked for help before and more like refused help. But why I find this scene so important is because, although Rin had been refusing to destroy the zombies because they were people, even though the zombies had hurt others, he burnt through all of them to reach Izumo after hearing her plea, deciding, there was no other way to save those zombies. It’s as if, Izumo keeps him grounded ans help him understand things about himself and his own beliefs in ways others can’t. Shiemi might be the girl he likes and could probably make him really happy, but a girl like Izumo would really compliment and suit Rin.

The way he stands in front of her absolutely infuriated about the way she has been hurt makes me sigh in happiness. This is my first favorite scene in the manga. And when he says:

Aside from the fact that fire is spewing from his mouth, what he says is pricelesx. It gives me the feeling he implies (although he probably doesn’t cause he isn’t really smart, but hey, Rin is pretty insightful sometimes) that no one has seen that Izumo has always been crying. She was always crying and lonely and she desperately wanted help. Understanding that the other person is hurting or having difficulties in a relationship is important, especially if like Izumo they don’t speak much. I would know…

Rin’s father died protecting him, Izumo’s mother died protecting her. This isn’t a very nice parallel, but the pain and guilt Rin once suffered alone with no one to understand him - not even Yukio - could become a hundred times lighter if he and Izumo tried to elp each other out. Of course, this could have opposite effects. It’s not a very pleasant thing to talk about so I’ll move on.

By reading her actions in the manga, I think Izumo already has a crush on Rin. But seeing how smoothly she handled Rin confessing to Shiemi made me think again. I think she might have a crush on him and not know anything yet. 

If we go with the ‘They fill in each others empty spaces’ idea with a couple, Rin and Izumo match a lot. I also like the idea of Rin having a strong girl partner. Not that Shiemi isn’t strong. She’s very strong…just a soft person. I’m not one of those Shiemi haters, I infact like her to a certain extent, but I definitely ship Rin and Izumo more.

Person: I don’t like MeiRat because ship where the basis is “she hates him and feels uncomfortable around him” is super iffy and toxic also the shippers always draw Mei as skinny walking boobs and are super racist having this white guy constantly disrespect or even sexually harass an Asian woman because she is “a tsundere”, those shippers always mock and harass people for not shipping meihem and blame the fandom toxicity on LGBT fans.

some of y'all: ppl hate meirat because is het, heterophobia hurts ://.

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I like how Touka and Kaneki's relationship didnt "really" change after they had sex. You get what I mean right? Lmao i cant find the right word it's at the tip of my tongue lol & them blushing is just so cute 😍 Kaneki is boyfriend goals he's so caring he'll be a good father 💓

i know!! i love that she keeps being tsundere with him and he’s still a dork around her&both still keep those old glimpses of their friendship, but with some additional special treatment winkwink, kaneki being so worried about her was the cutest thing, i love him