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Clone Wars and Rebels character summaries Part 4:



2. Purple lightsaber, because fuck your gender norms.

3. Not fond of Problematic Fave.

4. Badass.

5. Sam Jackson.

6.Decapitated Bubba Feet’s daddy.

7. Kind of a jerkass but still cool.

8. Doesn’t have as many spotlight episodes as you’d expect him to.

9. One of three important black people in the whole galaxy.


1. Didn’t deserve to die the way he did.

2.Brought Bisexual Disaster to the Jedi Temple.

3. Is sort of an unofficial second mentor to her.

4. Genuinely cares about his clones and thinks of them as people, it’s so sweet I can’t.

5. Cinnamon role.

6. I think he’s in his 400s or something.

7. Wears oxygen mask and goggles all the time because his species can only breathe the atmosphere of their homeworld.

8. I guess the mask helps him survive in space for a limited time as well.


1. Seriously, she needs help. you’ll find out why in the season 5 finale.

2. Free her.

3. Not to be confused with Wicked Witch Of The Outer Rim.

4. Almost always has her hood up.

5. Even when she’s asleep.

6. Bisexual Disaster’s ex-girlfriend. I mean best friend. I mean girlfriend.

7. Trained by Green Jedi Mum.

8. So fucking stressed out.

9. Goes from 0 to 100 really quickly.

10. Got posessed by a creepy brainworm once. It was terrifying.


1. Trained Needs Help.

2. Friends with Sassmaster, Problematic Fave, and Bisexual Disaster.

3. Honestly tho she and Sassmaster are prolly friends with benefits.

4. “I don’t care” she says, caringly, as she cares deeply.

5. Verbally owned Boss Ass Bitch once. But then Boss Ass Bitch almost killed her, so I guess it wasn’t a good thing.


1. Sexy facial hair.

2. My husband.

3. Seriously I’m so gay for him hELP ME.

4. Stands up to General Douchenozzle.

5. Becomes a Conspiracy Theorist in Season 6. 

6. Tuns out he’s not very good at it tho. :/

7. Bookworm’s best friend.

8. Breaks things.


1. Follows the rules.

2. Good at board games.

3. Six Minus One’s bestie.

4. Survived an explosion that he was literally inches away from, talk about badass.

5. Has OCD probably.

6. Instinctively repeats every order, even tho he knows everyone else heard it too.

7. After getting blown up he gets captured and experimented on by Water Trombone, or whatever his name his.


1. Grumpy.

2. Uncle Plo’s second-in-command.

3. Hates Life-Sized Oscar Award.

4. Boss Ass Bitch cut his eye out.

5. Won’t admit it, but Uncle Plo is totally a father figure to him.


1. The Ambiguously Gay Duo!

2. Comic relief.

3. Basically the Skywalker family pets.

4. Those 2 episodes from season 4, those were so weird but so hilarious, God.

5. Somehow everyone understands Sentient Trash Can even tho he speak in beeping sounds.

6. Life-Sized Oscar Award is such a fucking whiner, Jesus Christ.

Kid!Annie Daddy!Levi Rp w/ask-sassmaster-levi

It was cold and rainy out as Annie sat in her little cardboard box house. She was shivering as people walked past without even giving her a second glance. Her blue eyes were dulled as she stared… 

Annie nods, sinking into the couch a bit. It was soft. She began kicking her feet a bit, until her injured one hit the couch and the rock cut her again.“Ow!” She put her foot close to her face, getting ready to pull out the rock by herself. Luckily, she stopped herself. “I need help with this.” Levi was an adult, and adults were good at patching up kids. At least, that’s what she saw from the parents and kids she watched from her box. 

He scowls at the sight of her foot leaking blood onto the floor and returns to her side with a med kit. Upon inspecting the damage he finds the stone slicing deep into her skin and twisted at an awkward angle from the few steps she’d taken on it.
“Hold still, kid,” he grumbled, finding a pair of tweezers and bringing them to the girls foot. With a hand holding her calf steady, he frowns as he plucks out the little stone, making her bleed a little- “Ah, crap, sorry~”

Annie only grimaced slightly, not wanting to burden him more so. She inspected her foot. It was a slightly deep cut, but it would heal. She looked at the man as she bandaged it.

“Thank you, Levi. You’re a good doctor.” Annie gave him a small smile. It would’ve been adorable if she wasn’t covered in dirt.