shes a real hard working mom

I was just thinking about my mom and got a little irritated. Not at her but how she is treated from a social standpoint. Her job is seen as easy, in fact it’s not even seen as a job but a break from the real world. As if raising children isn’t hard enough- most mom’s work part-time if not full-time jobs. My mom does exactly that while still raising children under the age of six. She never gets any sleep, she works her ass off, cleans most of the house by herself (Kids are messy as all hell) is a badass while doing it, and is still considered by society of  receiving the easier part of life. I’d like to beg to differ.

Mom’s are amazing and deserve so much more credit than this. Same goes to dad’s who stay at home, who are alone, and so on and so forth. This does include you, but the majority is women. Can we stop treating the idea of being a parent, single or not, is the easiest thing in the world compared to a real job? Like, give me a break!


Just some quick scribbling of Rory. Getting rid of her braids I’m her reboot. Giving her more of a mom look now. Her scarf will be removed but she will be seen wearing it when outside in Snowdin. Shells wear lots of pastel colors and mom sweater/vests.

Rory will be a more dedicated mom to her daughter Freya. Working real hard to keep her child happy.

Thoughts about Stranger Things

Will’s mom, Joyce Byer, is exactly how a mom would act. Just saying. She’s fierce, she’s a squeaky wheel, she’s trying (badly) to hold herself together so no one can judge her further for being crazy. She’s a single mom who works as hard as she can, and supports the interests of her kids, she’s loving and supportive and knows everything about her kids - just like a real mom. Her character is written so well. Everything she does, I would do. As a mom, I totally look up to her, because she’s gentle and kind to her kids and admits when she freaks out, she’s determined to make their dreams a reality even though she is doing it without support - even her community shuns her. She ran screaming from the Demogorgen, but then realised she was leaving her son and Fuck if she was going to leave him with a monster! She didn’t leave one monster (husband) just to have her son be consumed by another.
My only wish is that at the end she had known how to do CPR. I suppose it is within the era of the 80’s where it wasn’t common practice that everyone knew how to do CPR, unless you were a first responder.

The Chief, Jim Hopper is pretty badass. At first you’re like: oh man. What a mess. And then you learn more about him and you really want him to grow and heal. My only upset is that he has a typical misogynistic trope (female dies to advance his storyline) and that he over shadow’s Joyce’s storyline with his own issues.

Bonus is that there is no physical violence toward women shown, there are strong female characters, like Nancy Wheeler (Mike’s older sister) and even Karen Wheeler whom at first seems really status quo (but who protects her family by lying to the authorities and screaming in their faces that no, she wants them to take her seriously because they are saying her son is in danger). Also, she is the only supportive person to Joyce, bringing her casserole and listening to her, supporting her - and not for selfish reasons, but because she cares. She cares about the friends in her children’s lives, and her children. She gets told off by her daughter Nancy, that sex isn’t a big deal, and she takes a step back and goes: Okay, but are YOU okay? Hell yes to supportive mom’s in tv!

Some issues: there is one black character, but that being said he’s smart, resourceful and skeptical and cautious - and a strong personality to match his friends.

Overall I personally loved it. It would have been nice to see more POC representation. Bonus for the lack of violence shown toward women or the lack of gore - this is a horror, thriller, supernatural genre show, and they did an amazing job of not being grotesque and overly disgusting. It is creepy and suspenseful and dark and I think it does a good job of that.

Trend “No Arrow Without Canary” Spread the word.

Spread the word, tag as many people (who you know love laurel) as possible to be ready next week, those writers failed the show ever since season 3 we can’t just let them kill laurel, THE BLACK CANARY after all the shit treatment she got and the obvious neglecting and lazy writing from the writers

Laurel went through so much, she’s a real hero, she lost her sister, her boyfriend, her mom left, she had to take care of her alcoholic father, she worked so hard to be a lawyer, she didn’t choose to be any lawyer, she was working in the CNRI to help the people who couldn’t afford to pay a very expensive lawyer, she brought justice long before oliver did, she risked her life going against dangerous criminals like adam hunt and many others, then oliver came back, as hard as it was for her she didn’t constantly blame him for what happened, she helped thea even if she didn’t have to, she didn’t hold the grudge, then she lost tommy, became an addict, went through a dark period, knew about sara being alive, and then she fought her addiction, rose again, that’s how strong laurel dinah lance is, then she lost sara again, wanted to honor her, bring real justice, being inspired by her she trained and fought in the streets, became the black canary, it wasn’t easy but she made it, and then when THE GREEN ARROW LEFT STAR CITY TO LIVE HIS HAPPY LITTLE LIFE WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND laurel was the one with dig and thea who was keeping SC safe and helping people.

She’s the nicest character in that “show”, she was there for everyone, for thea, for her father, for oliver, for her sister, felicity, when she knew about oliver’s son she didn’t show how upset it made her or be rightfully angry, instead she chose to support samantha, erasure her, be nice to her, all she cared about is saving an innocent kid

and i can’t believe that after all that, an amazing character like laurel is getting killed without even getting the credit she deserves, the story lines she deserves, the praise and respect she deserves

the writers think that laurel isn’t loved or isn’t loved enough  to stay on her own show, let’s show them how wrong they are and by killing her they will kill arrow along with her

I have this theory that Maya gets so starstruck by the Minkus’ fancy and wealthy lifestyle that she starts acting differently (another version of the Cheese Soufflé accent, maybe?), and farkle has to remind her that just bc his family is rich doesn’t mean they don’t have problems.

Maybe his parents have trouble being REAL and genuine with people bc of their lifestyle. Maya and her mom don’t have that problem bc every single penny her mom makes she has to WORK really really hard for. Farkle’s dad is a hard worker, yes, but in a different way. He already has money and now he’s just working for more – more helicopters, more clothes, more fancy gadgets.

Hopefully Farkle is starting to understand that fancy/wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, and I hope he can help Maya realize that.

And more about Maya’s broken home: families that struggle immensely, and prevail through together, are sometimes the strongest. They learn the value of supporting each other through thick and thin, and they learn the true meaning of “unconditional love”

I have to tell y'all this real quick.

I don’t even know if I have enough Southern Black followers raised in the church to understand how hard I’m dying right now.

There is this little 5-year-old Black girl who just started coming to the shelter after school until her mom gets off work.  I don’t know her life like that yet, but she MUST have some ooooooooold Southern Black grandparents in her life somewhere.  Now, she’s supposed to be practicing her letters, and when I walked over there to check, she was just scribbling all over some paper.  So I asked, “where are your letters?”

She said, “I’m finished.”

“Ok, so what are you doing now.”

She ain’t even glance up.  She just said, “Jesus is watching, look busy.”

OMG I want to praise dance.  I’m deadass bout to queue up this Gospel playlist real quick and get every bit of my atheist heathen life.  She just took me back to Lancaster, South Carolina singing in the Old People Choir because my weekend babysitter was 80 and saved.

I think one of the main reasons people are so salty about Maddie’s success is because deep down they wanted her to fail.

I remember around season 2-3 of Dance Moms I read so many comments on the Facebook page on how Maddie will never make it in the ‘real world’ because she won’t be the favourite. So many people claimed no 'professional’ would want to work with her because she is such a horrible brat.

It must be so hard for these people now as every single professional, choreographer, celebrity, magazine (the list goes on and on) who has ever worked with Maddie ADORES her and have nothing but good things to say about her.

That is why I am so proud of Maddie. So many people want to see her fail and yet she keeps on proving her haters wrong.

So many things happened in the last 2-3 weeks.

I got a job that pays some bills and supports my education background. I’m also getting a management training, so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be a manager at the store.

Also last weekend I got a reliable car that will take me to work, a grocery store, library, or anywhere. Now I finally feel like I’m experiencing a real America, bahaha. No more being stuck in the house, yay! But driving is so hard, I’m still trying to practice as much as I can. I wanna be like a pro asap!!!
My mom is doing better with her really strong and painful (for some people, I heard) medicinal treatment after her surgery. This just makes me relieved and happy the most. I know my mom can do this cause she is a strong person!!! I love my mom so much. Want to say thank you guys who sent me such sweet messages about my mom. :) It feels really great and wonderful to get all the powerful and positive energy even from strangers. :-)

So with all these amazing things happening in my life, I’m only getting stronger although my work is some times hard, I have conflicts with the family, I’m broke, or Rockets are getting their ass kicked recently. Guys, if you are going through a lot at the moment and feel frustrated or insecured, just give yourself some time and never give up. If I, as a foreigner in the states, with the language barrier, cultural differences, some negative people around me, not a perfect financial situation, and lots of failures and mistakes in people relationships and my career, can do it, you can do it too! You can achieve whatever you want as long as you don’t stop trying but keep making efforts!!

Ahhh thanks for reading my blahblah! Hope everyone is having a great summer, Monday, Memorial Day, week, night, day, or May!!! Love you all!!

I’m at work right now and this little girl ran over to her mom with this big Jurassic World playset and asked if she could have it. Her mom said yes. Her older sister tried to take it cause ‘she should only play with girls toys".

This little girl stared dead at her sister and said, “If I had a real dinosaur i’d let it eat you.”

I tried so hard not to laugh.



Yesterday after work I had my appointment with my new stylist and she was cool and wonderful and so all is right with the world again. I showed her a picture and this is phase one of getting to that final look (lots of blonde in the bottom throughout) and for now my hair is lighter in color and she thinned it out! She curled my hair at the appointment which was new and made my Mom happy. (She and Kevin are the number 1 fans of my hair curly vs. straight)

I’m feeling more relaxed about work now that it’s the end of the week which is good.

Kevin has more help at work now too which means he isn’t working as much which is even better.

My 2 main KS squeezes ( abitofsilliness & thestoryofusplus) are busy this weekend so I’m going to try real hard to motivate myself to keep busy & be productive vs letting myself get lonely.

Tonight Needtobreathe are live streaming their concert so I have a date with them at 9:30pm! (On Tidal if you’re a NTB fan)

It’s Friday!! Have a good one!