shes a real hard working mom

I was a bad little girl.

I’m the middle sister of three. We are one year apart.
When I was 18. My parents bought my sisters and I a car that we had to share. When we had a dispute on who got the car, my dad would be the one to decide. He would usually give it to the first one of us that flashed him our tits.
My older sister started dating at that time, and my parents didn’t like it very much because he was not a Mormon boy. I liked it because it was one less sister I had to fight to get the car.
After about a month that my sister was dating, my parents decided they should sit us down and give us the “sex” talk. We had never seen a cock before in real life, so my mom and dad thought it was a good idea to have my dad strip down and show us what it looked like, and how it worked. My dad started jerking off in front of us to show how the skin moved, and how it gets hard. Once he had a hard on, mom took over to show us how to make a man cum. She stroked it, spit on it, and sucked it. And just before he came she finished him off with her hand, so we could see what cum looked like coming out of a cock. I was so fucking turned on. And I knew what I had to do to always be the one to get the car. When I knew that I would have a dispute with my sisters over the car, instead of showing my tits. I would ask my dad if I could talk to him in private.
I would stroke and suck his cock dry just like my mom did, and I always got the car.


Avatar Korra cosplay
Hope Kutsche

Edit: Thank you all for the notes! I really, really enjoyed finally having a character who was real representation for me. Being half Chinese, I really don’t see any characters that look a lot like me. But not only does Korra look not completely Chinese or Asian, she is definitely not white. And she is bisexual, just like me. Korra is the first character I’ve ever really been able to see myself in, and cosplaying as her was the best thing I’ve ever done.

[image description: a collage of the books listed below with the text “Lesbian & Bi Books New In June!”] 

Motor Crush Volume 1 by Brendon Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr (Comics)

The team behind the critically-acclaimed revamp of Batgirl returns with an exciting sci-fi action-adventure series! By day, Domino Swift competes for fame & fortune in a worldwide motorcycle racing league. By night, she cracks heads of rival gangs in brutal bike wars to gain possession of a rare, valuable contraband: an engine-boosting “machine narcotic” known as Crush.

Cottonmouths by Kelly J. Ford (Fiction)

From a compelling new voice in LGBTQ and Southern fiction, a gripping tale of crime and desire amid small-town America’s meth epidemic.

This was Drear’s Bluff. Nothing bad happened here. People didn’t disappear.

College was supposed to be an escape for Emily Skinner. But after failing out of school, she’s left with no choice but to return to her small Arkansas hometown, a place run on gossip and good Christian values.

She’s not alone. Emily’s former best friend—and childhood crush—Jody Monroe is back with a baby. Emily can’t resist the opportunity to reconnect, despite the uncomfortable way things ended between them and her mom’s disapproval of their friendship. When Emily stumbles upon a meth lab on Jody’s property, she realizes just how far they’ve both fallen.

Emily intends to keep her distance from Jody, but when she’s kicked out of her house with no money and nowhere to go, a paying job as Jody’s live-in babysitter is hard to pass up. As they grow closer, Emily glimpses a future for the first time since coming home. She dismisses her worries; after all, Jody is a single mom. The meth lab is a means to an end. And besides, for Emily, Jody is the real drug.

But when Jody’s business partner goes missing, and the lies begin to pile up, Emily will learn just how far Jody is willing to go to save her own skin—and how much Emily herself has risked for the love of someone who may never truly love her back.

Echoing the work of authors like Daniel Woodrell and Sarah Waters, Cottonmouths is an unflinching story about the ways in which the past pulls us back … despite our best efforts to leave it behind.

Marriage of a Thousand Lies by SJ Sindu (Fiction)

​A necessary and exciting addition to both the Sri Lankan-American and LGBTQ canons, SJ Sindu’s debut novel Marriage of a Thousand Lies offers a moving and sharply rendered​ exploration of friendship, family, love, and loss.

Lucky and her husband, Krishna, are gay. They present an illusion of marital bliss to their conservative Sri Lankan–American families, while each dates on the side. It’s not ideal, but for Lucky, it seems to be working. She goes out dancing, she drinks a bit, she makes ends meet by doing digital art on commission. But when Lucky’s grandmother has a nasty fall, Lucky returns to her childhood home and unexpectedly reconnects with her former best friend and first lover, Nisha, who is preparing for her own arranged wedding with a man she’s never met.

As the connection between the two women is rekindled, Lucky tries to save Nisha from entering a marriage based on a lie. But does Nisha really want to be saved? And after a decade’s worth of lying, can Lucky break free of her own circumstances and build a new life? Is she willing to walk away from all that she values about her parents and community to live in a new truth? As Lucky—an outsider no matter what choices she makes—is pushed to the breaking point, Marriage of a Thousand Lies offers a vivid exploration of a life lived at a complex intersection of race, sexuality, and nationality. The result is a profoundly American debut novel shot through with humor and loss, a story of love, family, and the truths that define us all.

Grrrls on the Side by Carrie Pack (Young Adult)

The year is 1994, and alternative is in. But not for alternative girl Tabitha Denton; she hates her life. She is uninterested in boys, lonely, and sidelined by former friends at her suburban high school. When she picks up a zine at a punk concert, she finds an escape—an advertisement for a Riot Grrrl meetup.

At the meeting, Tabitha finds girls who are more like her and a place to belong. But just as Tabitha is settling in with her new friends and beginning to think she understands herself, eighteen-year-old Jackie Hardwick walks into a meeting and changes her world forever. The out-and-proud Jackie is unlike anyone Tabitha has ever known. As her feelings for Jackie grow, Tabitha begins to learn more about herself and the racial injustices of the punk scene, but to be with Jackie, she must also come to grips with her own privilege and stand up for what’s right.

Hunger by Roxane Gay (Memoir)

With the bracing candor, vulnerability, and authority that have made her one of the most admired voices of her generation, Roxane explores what it means to be overweight in a time when the bigger you are, the less you are seen. Hunger is a deeply personal memoir from one of our finest writers, and tells a story that hasn’t yet been told but needs to be.

My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness by Kabi Nagata (Comics)

The Practitioner by Ronica Black (Romance)

Canvas for Love by Charlotte Greene (Romance)

The Story of Lizzy and Darcy: A ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Adaptation by Grace Watson (Romance)

Where Love Leads by Erin McKenzie (Romance)

Huntress by A.E. Radley (Romance)

What the Hell? (1/???)

Originally posted by hollandoakes

A/N: This is my first imagine and it’s not the best and probs a little out of character for our friendly neighborhood vigilante but I live for the best friends fighting angst and the teenage drama so sue me

She doesn’t exactly know when her feelings for Peter Parker began or how. All (Y/N) remembers is looking at her best friend one day and liking the way he bit his lip as he worked on his geometry homework. Then she found herself staring at his lips entirely too long. She brushed it off until she found herself liking the curve of his nose and the light spray of freckles that ran across it and that the one piece of hair that was always out of place was falling in his eyes. And it kept happening with every single little detail she already knew so well but somehow never thought was special before.

(Y/N) ignored every single one of these things, writing them off as teenage angst bullshit. She’s known Peter since she was three years old; she was well aware that these feelings were bound to happen in a friendship as close as theirs but she knew she’d be able to push them to the back of her mind until she was sure they would never come about again. 

But here she was, six months later, and still feeling everything and more.

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PSA: I love Chloe Decker.

Minor spoilers for 2x15, but I love Chloe Decker so god damn much. She is one the best written female characters on television. She functions as a damn good homicide detective really great at her job, and there’s no “sacrifice”. It’s not that her kid is with a nanny all the time. It’s not that she sighs and says “Look honey, I’ve had a long day why don’t you go to bed?” It’s that she comes home after a long day of murder, bloodshed, danger, etc. and plays with Trixie’s stuffed toys and lays down to cuddle with her, even reads to her every night.

She has formed a meaningful, honest relationship with her daughter. She respects her daughter’s wishes. She simply asks what Trixie thought of the school, and even though it would be better for Trixie’s “future” it’s not what Trixie wants, so Chloe doesn’t force her to go into that school. She reads to her daughter, loves her daughter, is so vulnerable with her daughter. 

I love the parent-child emphasis on 2x15, because Chloe tries so hard to do her best. It was the first time we really see that insecurity and the worry that most moms face. Chloe is taken aback at how these people can look “so put together” while having a kid. She accepts that it is all smoke and mirrors, everybody has no idea what they are doing. Most importantly, she doesn’t want to raise her daughter or be part of an environment that emphasis money, snobby attitudes, and gossip. 

 She’s real. She lives in an apartment with a roommate, doesn’t own a house, is a divorced woman, works an okay job, and has a lot of emotional baggage on her plate. She doesn’t put a lot of thought into clothing, doesn’t focus on her looks or her “sexiness”. Yet she is beautiful, and people like Lucifer really love her and accept her for who she is. Chloe is still caring, honest, and loyal to everyone around her. 

So here’s to the moms  and female characters on tv like Chloe. <3

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Family — Wonho AU | Part Four

A/N: Here is part four for you lovely readers! Thank you again for your patience and interest in the story. I’m aiming for one more part but it may turn into two if I get too carried away. But for now, I hope you all enjoy this part! and quick side not: YA’LL THOSE MX TEASERS GOT ME SO SHOOK

Length: 4398 words

Parts: Prologue | One | Two | Three | Five | Six  | Seven 

You sit across from Ahreum as she browses the menu of the café you two have chosen. She catches you peeking at her and smiles. You return with a sheepish grin. “Sorry, it’s just…not weird but nostalgic to see you?”

Your words come out sounding more like a question as you struggle to find the word that fits the feeling. Even nostalgic doesn’t quite put all the emotions together. Despite your struggle Ahreum’s smile grows.

“I’m sure it’s jarring. Thank you again for agreeing to talk to me. I know it’s weird but I found you on social media and figured it was a sign for me to contact you.”

You nod not really know what to say to that and then Ahreum excuses herself to order the food she’s chosen. You sit with the cheese and fruit platter you’d ordered earlier. After running into Ahreum in the lobby you’d lost some of your appetite, and now sitting with her in the café you barely wanted to look at the food.

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Show Business

I used to be the star of a kid’s show called Lola’s Dollhouse back in the eighties. It was one of those that aired on a few local channels. I’d always wanted to be a movie star as a child, so when auditions were held, I begged my mom and dad until they caved. They made sure I knew there was next to no chance that I’d get the part. After all, dozens of little girls who had acting experience were already trying out for parts. The odds were not in my favor.

I proved them wrong when I scored the lead role of Lola. Lola was a curious little kid who had a big imagination with what went on with her dolls. Once her ‘parents’ left, her dolls would grow to full size as a full doll family and they’d go on magical adventures together. I know. Real ground breaking television right here.

The Doll Family were made up of Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister Doll. Sister Doll was a little girl whose name was Jessica Pearl. We were the same age, we both loved cats, and we both loved to be actresses.

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Supergirl star Odette Annable previews big bad Reign

A new kind of big bad is coming to Supergirl this season, one that doesn’t actually know she’s a villain.

At the close of season 2, it was revealed that another pod escaped Krypton’s destruction, housing a bio-engineered weapon called Reign, also known as a Worldkiller. In the comics, the Worldkillers are bloodthirsty, super-powered beings that set out to conquer Earth. But when Odette Annable makes her debut as the character in the season premiere, she is far from the villain fans know in the comics, appearing as a single mother named Samantha who has no idea about her true lineage. To get the scoop on Reign, EW sat down on set with Annable, who also reveals she initially auditioned for a very different Supergirl character:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Reign doesn’t actually know she’s a Worldkiller when we first meet her. Tell us about Samantha as a character outside of that.
ODETTE ANNABLE: Samantha is a single mother, she’s a hard worker, she’s very much a working mom in the sense that she’s trying to juggle it all, as one does, as I do in real life. She loves her daughter more than words can express. They have a really special bond. What I think is really special about this storyline is it’s a slow play and you’ll get to see this whole heartbreaking story unfold in a really — they’re taking their time with it, and we have the time to do it. I think the audience is really going to hopefully relate.

How will Samantha feel when she discovers what she actually is?
It’s great because I’m discovering her journey along with these scripts. I don’t know what’s going to happen in episode 8, or 9, or 10, or however many episodes I’m doing. It’s really exciting to see these scripts and see the little bits that start to happen and start to reveal who she really is. It’s creepy.

What is it like playing both sides of her? Is it a split personality?
For right now, it’s her discovering. Clues are coming up and she’s slowly discovering that something is happening. That’s all that I know so far.

What’s it like playing that duality?
It’s interesting. The great thing about it is I’m discovering it with her. There aren’t any big reveals that are happening. It’s tiny little things that are really catching her eye and making her pay attention. It’s not something yet that she’s going to go to the cops over. It’s a very, very slow burn and all the pieces are starting to come together as we speak.

Can you tease anything about her motivations?
No, mostly because I don’t necessarily know them myself. I know that everything she does is for her daughter and I know that they have this brilliant relationship and she’s this working mom, but I don’t know where the story is going to unfold or when that left turn is going to happen. I’m very excited for it, and I know that this is such a different character than they’ve ever had on the show. But that’s really all I know. I wish that I knew more, I’m excited to know more.

What can you tease about Samantha and Kara’s first meeting?
What I said at Comic-Con, which is the truth: I have been working with Kara and we will be working together very closely, whether that’s Sam or Reign, you’ll have to find out.

They’re both struggling with what it means to be human. Can they relate?
They can absolutely relate to each other on that, on very polar opposite playing fields, but they have so much in common — not just because they’re from Krypton and from the same place, probably came in on a pod, but absolutely. Their storylines are very parallel — one will go one way and one will, unfortunately, go the other.

Will Reign cross paths with any of our other main characters?
I don’t know. I hope so. I want to work with David and Chyler and all of them. I don’t know.

What’s been the most difficult part about playing this villain? 
I haven’t explored enough of her to know what is difficult yet. I haven’t even seen my suit. I’m not even trying to cover anything up. I really don’t know.

Can you talk about your casting and how this all came together?
It was really great in the way that I’ve been wanting to work with these guys for quite some time, for years now. I actually auditioned for the role of Alex, but even just in that audition that I had, I loved working with them in the room, so for this audition, I think as an actor, all your job is to portray your interpretation of the performance that you want to give, and that’s what I did and they responded to that. For me, I’m a working mom, I have a daughter, and this story is really specific to me and where I am in my life right now, so it’s a really special and important story to tell. I’m so happy that it’s part of the DC world and that I’m putting a toe in. These guys are so amazing. Andrew [Kreisberg] is so, so great to work with, he’s so collaborative, he’s so reachable, and he’s so busy and for him to make the time and for us to try to make this the best character she can be is the most important part. I think we’re doing that.

What has that training been like for this role?
Training as far as fighting? Nonexistent so far. As far as preparation, diving into the comics, there’s not much about Reign out there, so I think that we talked about this a little bit before where the pressure is off me a little bit, which is kind of nice so I can have my own interpretation of who I think this girl is.

Reign wasn’t the only Worldkiller in the comics. Is that something in the back of your mind? Have you asked if you’re the only one?
Or do I have a backup? No, that hasn’t come up. So far, it’s just me, from what I know, but it would be cool if I was fighting and had this epic showdown and all of a sudden my buddies came along to play. I mean, being bad is good. It’s always fun.

Supergirl returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

anonymous asked:

Would you be comfortable sharing your coming out story with us?

Oh for sure! It’s a good one.
I was extremely fortunate. I grew up in the South where stories like this are rare.
I moved off to go to college for my very first semester. The college was three hours away and I wasn’t ready. It was tough, as is often the case with freshmen who are away from home and family for the first time. To top it all off, I had finally come to the conclusion that I actually was gay. I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at myself, and saying “I’m gay” for the first time. I was in a pretty deep depression and moved back home to go to the college down the road from my house. A year later, just before Christmas, I started chatting with the guy who would be my first boyfriend. 
This is back when MySpace was a thing, so I was home alone one day on winter break and the rest of my family was at home. This guy found me on MySpace through a mutual friend and started messaging me. It actually took me a while to figure out that he was gay and that he was trying to flirt with me! I couldn’t believe it and I was so excited/nervous that this was happening that I sat at the laptop trembling head to toe. 
Anyway, he lived about an hour away, so when we started hanging out, my mom got suspicious. It was obvious something was happening because I had literally (and I do mean literally) no social life to speak of.
One night, I got home late from seeing him and my mom was standing at the sink doing the dishes when I walked in. She stopped me on my way through and said “You know, sometimes mommas just know things… If you ever want to talk” and I dismissed it and then immediately rushed to my room to freak out real hard. 
Later, after working up the nerves to ask her about what she meant, I went out in the living room and she was the only one left awake. I asked and it all came out and she just said “I knew it!” 
That was January 15th, 2009. My big gay birthday.
My family was really excited and happy for me. They said they thought I’d always just be alone because I’d be too shy to ever come out. 
They all already knew. They were just waiting on me the whole time.


They start packing up their few belongings, the little food and water they have left. It isn’t a week’s worth, not even close, but they’ll find what they need along the way or die trying. Above them the sun moves inexorably toward the horizon, a clock they can’t turn back.

Will is organizing his mom’s remaining medical supplies when she says, out of nowhere: “We talked about giving you up.”

“Scully—” his dad says. A warning.

“He should know,” she says. “What we did. What we are.”

She’s sitting on the ground a couple feet away from him. Will looks at her, trying to keep his own voice as neutral as possible. “Why?”

“We knew you were different. We thought — we thought it would keep you safe. If you had a new name and a new family, somewhere thousands of miles away, they would never find you.”

“It wouldn’t have worked.” If he’d grown up with some other family, a family who lived in the light, who didn’t know that sometimes the monsters under the bed are real. There’s no way he would have made it this long.

Her voice is rough. “I would have regretted it every day of my life.”

Will looks away, blinking hard. “Mom, if you’d known. Would you still—”

Always,” she says. “Will. I love you. I’m so proud of you. No matter what. Don’t ever forget that.”

He starts to say I won’t, but his throat won’t cooperate, and anyway, that’s when the screaming starts.

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Ninjago Minifigure descriptions

the lego fb page released images of minifigs with descriptions to each, including new tidbits about the movie!

Volcano Garmadon: What do you get the villain that has everything? Volcano pajamas, of course.

Master Wu: He believes everything is about balance. Consider this piece of his powerful wisdom: “You can win the battle on the outside but lose the battle on the inside.”

Spinjitzu Training Nya: She’s always training to get her fancy footwork just right to unleash her true water ninja potential.

Lloyd Garmadon (hoodie): The son of the warlord Garmadon and secretly the Green Ninja? And you thought your teen years were difficult.

Sushi Chef: He’s the best in the business. His sushi is as fresh as his crazy knife skills.

Misako: Lloyd’s protective mom is all about hard work. She’ll work three jobs, battle an evil warlord, and still cook a mean waffle.

Jay Walker: He never dreamed he’d leave the outskirts of Ninjago to become the awesome, but very questionably dressed, blue ninja.

Shark Army Great White: After failing to take control of Ninjago for Garmadon he was literally shot from a volcano. Not even scorching magma will get in his way.

Shark Army General #1: This general is facing some real pressure. Seriously, if she doesn’t secure Ninjago for Garmadon, he’s going to sire her from a volcano.

Gong and Guitar Rocker: Even ninjas need a sweet anthem courtesy of a totally rad rocker: “We built this city, we built this city on rock and GONG!”

N-POP Girl: The Ninjago Pop music revolution has just begun. Meet your colorful dance leader.

Lloyd: The Green Ninja (aka The Chosen One) is honor bound to protect Ninjago. Even from his own father, Garmadon.

Garmadon: Four arms, red eyes, rides a giant robot shark. Clearly, he’s the coolest evil warlord ever.

Flashback Garmadon: While taking a break from his usual villainy, he loves to rock a classic dad ensemble. Cool shades included.

Kai Kendo: His Kendo gear perfectly illustrates the ninja of fire’s most important rule of fire ninjaing: safety first.

GPL Tech: At Garmadon Propulsion Laboratories (GPL) this brainiac is cooking up a wicked treat for the warlord himself.

/shark Army Angler: Is it a bird? A plane? No it’s a super sneaky Angler. Don’t underestimate the powers of misdirection this Shark Army member possesses.

Cole: He may seem too cool for school, but really he’s the super grounded ninja of earth who loves music so much even his subwoofers have woofers.

Zane: When he’s not fighting evil as the ice ninja, he focuses on his studies. He predicts that the ninja team has a 87.6666(repeating) chance of beating Garmadon.

Shark Army Octopus: Nicknamed “Four Eyes” by his boss Garmadon, this warrior loves to spred support for man in charge. He’s even known to add Garmadon to priceless artwork.

Fic Update: Any Four Walls: Bad Dream

Also on AO3


Bad Dream

The first thing Rose noticed when the turian lady led her out of the dark and into the hallway was that this spaceship was nothing like the Normandy. The lights were too bright and warm, for one thing, and instead of metal walls and metal floors, everything was fancier. Way fancier. It was even fancier than some of the ships they sometimes sent her dad on when he was working. She kept her hands at her sides because what she wanted to do was reach out and see if the panels on the walls were really wood. It wasn’t too hard to break wood. Or burn it. She could feel the turian lady’s eyes on her, and she didn’t want to give her any clues about what she was thinking.

Mom was real good at not telling too much on her face. Sometimes Rose tried to be like her, but mostly she wasn’t very good at it. Tyrra was better. Dad thought he was great, but Mom always saw through it, which made him laugh and say things like it’s always a competition with you, Shepard in the exact same voice he used when he said I love you.

“You’re awfully quiet now, little klixen. I hope you’re not plotting a foolish escape. Amusing as it was to see poor Jannus humiliated, it won’t happen again.”

Rose said nothing, not even to argue about using her name. She was too busy counting. She started with steps, but the numbers were too big to remember. Instead, she tried to keep track of turns. That was hard, too. It felt like they were going around and around in circles, and it made her feel funny, the way spinning and spinning with a blindfold on made her feel funny when she took it off after and the world was topsy-turvy. All the wood panels looked the same. All the doors looked like they could lead back into the dark room.

Besides, klixens could breathe fire like dragons or something. On a ship with this much wood, maybe being a klixen was a good thing.

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Best Laid Plans

Here is my first imagine y'all!! Be nice ok?!?! Special thanks to @come-join-themurder thank you doll you are the best and I love you!! Other shootouts @ouijaboardmystery @calumonoxide @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine @bluegrassgirldownunder (Reader x Juice) 

 This had been going on for weeks now. Well years really, but these last few weeks it had gotten bad. Juice and Y/N had been hooking up for a long time. Y/N wasn’t a crow-eater. She wasn’t any thing like that. She was, actually, quite the contrary. She was a business owner with a clean record a nice home and a “modest” wardrobe, by her mother’s standards at least. Despite all of this no man wanted to bring her home to meet their mom, since she was the daughter of the porn queen and SAMCRO lifer, Luanne and Big Otto Delaney. With a lineage like that, everyone assumed business owner meant porn business. Although her mom Luann helped her out by cosigning for the building, every thing else that had to do with the salon was hers. It was nice, and it was normal, nothing like you’d expect if you knew her parents. Gemma and her mom were in for some trims and highlights and noticed her odd behavior. 

 "What’s wrong baby?“ Luann questioned

 "Yeah sweetheart you’ve been quiet all day.” Gemma pushed. 

“Is it about Juice? Are you still hung up on that?” Luann knew it had to be that. Y/N had come to her about the situation almost as soon as it happened. Y/N’s mom was her best friend and Luann was her baby girl’s number one fan. That girl could do no wrong in her mother’s eyes and Y/N worked hard to not let her down. Just as Luann had worked hard to make sure Y/N had every opportunity to succeed in life despite her and Otto’s pasts. 

 "What about Juice…“ Gemma said flatly as if he had messed up and she just knew it. 

 "It’s not like that Gem and yes mom. I just don’t know what to do! This is beyond frustrating! Mom help me!! Please?” Y/N was practically begging for her mom to tell her what to do. 

 Luann stood up and turned to her daughter. “Baby look at me,” she took Y/N by the face a hand on each cheek forcing Y/N to look her in the eyes, “You have been going over this in your mind for weeks now. I can see you are scared and that tells me only one thing…” Luann brushed her girls hair back “that you love him honey.“ 

 Years ago Y/N and Juice started hooking up. The two of them never dated, they never really talked about what it all meant, but remained good friends. It was the perfect friends with benefits deal. They would talk about everything and nothing and would find comfort with each other in, what to an outsider wouldn’t seem like a lonely life, but actually was. She just wanted someone to want her without fear or judgement and he just wanted someone who wasn’t trying to fuck his kutte. 

 All of it changed a few weeks ago, maybe even before then. The guys were on a run when all hell broke loose and a stray bullet whizzed just past Juice’s ear and into Jax’s arm right behind him. It was all too much for him to handle and after they got back Juice found himself pulling up to Y/N’s house. Before he could even think he was knocking on her front door and as soon as it was opened he pushed his way in, backing her up against the wall and kissing her. As he scooped her up in his arms he kicked the door shut behind him and without words he brought her up stairs laid her down and tried in every way he could to say that he loved her without using the words. Saying it would ruin the moment, he couldn’t let his voice ruin that, not yet anyway. 

 The next morning Juice came down the stairs dressed and ready to leave. "Leaving so soon?” She had questioned. 

 "Maybe,“ was his simple reply. At the questioning look she presented him he took a breath and told her how he felt, how somewhere along the way he fell in love with her. How it seems sudden but that he thinks he always loved her but ignored it for fear of ruining what they had. Which is why he didn’t say it the night before. She simply stood frozen as he slipped on his kutte telling her to think about what he’d said, kissing her temple, whispered an ‘I Love You’ and walked out her door. 

 That was when she went to her mom. She told Luann about how he loved her wanted to be with her and only her. Maybe even have that family they had talked about having one day. Before, when they talked, the kids in the dreams weren’t THEIR kids, but now he wanted them to be. The problem was she was so afraid of a marriage like her mom and dad’s. It made her heartbreak over and over again to see two who people loved each other more than any book or movie could describe never be together again. That was because of the club, which is why even though she loved all of them, she vowed that she would not marry into the club. And yet here she was, faced with a choice; the life she planned, or him.  

Luann continued to stare at Y/N. "Look baby we have to go. Remember there’s a party tonight at the clubhouse. You still coming?”

 She snapped out of her thoughts, “Huh? Yeah 8 o'clock, I’ll be there. ” She responded absent mindedly. 

 As Gemma went to leave she took a hard look at Y/N before softening her face. “Sweetheart you want my advice? Real life and plans? They don’t actually work hand in hand. You understand what I’m saying?" 

 Later that night Y/N was sitting at the bar in the club house. The party was in full swing, filled with members from all up and down the coast. She had tried to avoid Juice. She was still wrestling with her own mind, heart, and gut over the whole situation. This turmoil was only made worse by the fact that every time she turned around Juice was there at the edge of her sight another girl hanging off of him. Granted he didn’t give them the time of day, just ignoring the fact they were there. He had even locked eyes with Y/N when she first came in, simply giving a tight lipped smile. 

 Juice had been fighting with himself to not ask Y/N where she was at with what he had told her. He knew why she would shy away because he knew everything about her. In their years together they had shared everything hopes dreams fears. Only recently did he realize they never shared heartbreak. She had told him every breakup but he realized all of a sudden that he hadn’t really done the same. It was almost as if he was subconsciously avoiding anything serious with anyone. How long had he been in love with her without knowing it? After telling her everything he had left and gone back to his own place to shower. Staring in the mirror, he stood, struggling with his own mind of how he had just lost his best friend. There he came to the realization that he did not want to live without her in his life. The only problem was he had already opened his damn mouth and now he was watching her fake smiles and fake interest in stories because he had put terrifying and confusing thoughts into her pretty mind.

 "Go talk to him.” Gemma had come up behind Y/N and caused her to jump nearly out of her skin. 

 "Gemma, you scared the shit outta me.“ Y/N breathed out clutching her hand to her chest. 

 "Hmm tell me how is it I scared a girl in a room full of people?” Y/N just blushed sheepishly not looking Gemma in the eye. “Unless she wasn’t even really here..” Gemma mumbled under her breath. “Where’d your mind go darlin?" 

 "You really gonna talk like you don’t know?” Y/N snarked back. 

 Gemma smirked out a huff and looked across the room “Yeah. Been watching him side eyeing you all night. It’s actually kinda cute. Pathetic, but cute." 

"Gemma what do I do? I have worked so hard to have a quiet life but every guy I get involved with hears about my family and either books it or acts like he’s God’s gift and I need him to rescue me. I love all these guys. I mean, Bobby took me to a father daughter dance because my dad was inside. You have no idea what it’s like seeing your mom and dad, two people so in love with each other not be able to even touch. Not only that but she has worked so hard so I wouldn’t have to live that way. I’m not like my mom, she is incredibly strong, and I don’t think, no, I know I’m not that strong. I’m already to afraid to admit how I feel out loud because it will just become real.” Y/N took a breath realizing her rambling and trying to rein it in. 

Gemma took this opportunity to lay some truth on her goddaughter. “I get it sweetheart, you have a plan for your life. But like I said plans and life, they don’t always work hand in hand. I know you think you are going to disappoint them if you end up with a member." 

 Gemma wanted her to understand that she understood the struggle, but before she could continue the woman whose words mattered most made her presence known. 

 Luann had come up behind them and overheard all of Y/N’s fears, feeling terrible that disappointing her was one of them. "Baby?”

 "Mom! Hey.“ Y/N put on that brave face she had learned from Luann herself. 

"Baby listen to me the only thing I could be disappointed in is you missing out on the love of your life. If it’s him go for it. Yeah it kills me to not be with Otto but I would not trade him and the love we got for each other for any number of picket fences and 9-5 safe jobs in the world." 

 Y/N just stared at at her mother. After all these years she still couldn’t believe that her mom could read her mind so well that she said exactly what she didn’t know she needed to hear. All Y/ N could do was smile at Luann.

 Gemma jumped off her stool clearing her throat. "Come on Luann I need another drink. And you,” She turned to Y/N “get over this already you are never this serious, and I cannot believe I’m saying this but I actually miss the smart-ass version of you." 

 Luann chuckled at that and walked away with Gemma once again leaving Y/N alone with her thoughts. As she turned around she met her eyes with his across the room. 

 She was pulled from her trance when she realized that someone was trying to talk to her. "Hmm? I’m sorry did you say something?” She asked the man leaning next to her in a kutte. 

 "I asked if maybe you’d like to make this a private party, just the two of us?“ He looked her up and down biting his lip. 

 That was all it took for the smart-ass fire cracker that was Y/N Delaney to make her grand return. Looking him up and down she replied. "Sorry sweetheart, I like a little more… Puerto Rican in my wood." 

 Hopping off her barstool she beelined it to the only man in the room who fit the description. Grabbing him by his kutte she pulled him to one of the rooms in the back of the club house. 

 Once inside and alone with him her nerves set back in. Juice just watched her pace in front of him, not sure what was going to happen, but with his own heart currently in his throat he didn’t have a way to question her actions. "Y/N…” he started to say but she cut him off.

 "I love you too!“ She blurted out and instantly slapped her hands over her mouth. He was grinning that mega watt smile, the one that made his big eyes crinkle up on the sides, the one that she couldn’t help but return.

 "Yeah?” He questioned as he started to walk towards her. She removed her hands from her mouth nodding her head yes as he closed the distance and kissed her. Deep and sweet and right on the mouth. He slipped his arms around her and pulled her small frame up his body to hold her. 

Their kisses soon became more passionate but she pulled away allowing him to attack her neck, running hot open mouthed kisses along her throat and down her chest. 

 "Juice…Hey… Baby…. JUICE” Y/N tried to gain his attention becoming more stern with each breath. Finally he pulled his mouth away from her chest and looked up into her eyes where he had hoisted her up. 

 "Mmm?“ He questioned rubbing his lips together trying to take her seriously as her tone suggested he do. The only problem was she was the least serious person he had ever met. She was a smart ass, a joker, she made terrible puns and grade school level jokes when she was uncomfortable. 

 "I need you to understand something.” She pushed the subject, and poor Juice he was trying, he really was, but this had been killing him for 3 weeks now and the girl of his dreams just told him she loved him. They were alone, and currently her legs were wrapped around him and her chest was making eye contact with him, “well we need to understand… what are we?“ 

 "Well if you’re game, I’d like it if I’m only yours and you’re only mine. Maybe we don’t leave each other the next morning. I’m thinking we keep talkin’ about those futures only we picture each other in them instead of some Imaginary Mr or Ms Right.” She smiled at this and he dove back into her.

 "Whoa there, slow down what are you doing? I’m not done.“ Juice huffed out a growl and reluctantly pulled back and again schooled his face to attempt to take her seriously. Y/N untangled herself from him, she just had to get this off her chest, she needed the clarification. The only problem with that, however, was when she got uncomfortable she cracked jokes and asserting herself made her very uncomfortable. 

 "It’s just ya know…we need to be sure…about…ummmm each other’s…expectations. Like…what, what, what um do you want from,umm, me?” Y/ N stammered through her not-very-well-thought-out speech.

 "I just told you?“ Juice was confused

 "I know…." 

 "Tell me what YOU want,” he coaxed. 

 This was it, this is this was what had her uncomfortable. It wasn’t asserting herself, it was what she wanted, and now that she told him she loved him what if he didn’t want the same thing as her? What if he changed his mind…

 "Well?” He was watching her he saw the fear in her eyes

 "It’s just… I’m all in here Juice. I dont…“ She was struggling to find the words. "This life it’s not what I pictured from myself…" 

 Juice stepped towards her "I know baby, you’re scared and so am I, and I can’t promise that it’s gonna be perfect but I can promise that I’m gonna try to make it that way and if you work with me on that we will have a perfectly imperfect life. Together. " 

 That’s all it took, "Ok.”

 Juice’s grin had made its grand return lighting his face up once again “Yeah?" 

"Yes,” She said with more resolve “but I have one rule”

 "Anything baby” he nodded his head. 

 "This whole ‘what happens on a run stays on a run’ nonsense is bullshit. Your Dick belongs either in your pants or in my pussy. You got that? I ain’t sharing you with nobody. “ 

 Juice lost it, a full belly laugh escaping him, “Where do you think I’ve been trying to put it this whole time?” He laughed out once again taking her in his arms.

 "Not here?!“ She blurted out, "this place is disgusting." 

 "Fine.” Was all he said as he scooped her up throwing her over his shoulder and storming out towards his bike. 

 As he made his way out through the club house Chibs called out to him “Juicey Boy, what are ya doin lad?" 

 "Taking my Ol’ Lady home!” He announced. Before the entire club house erupted in cheers and whistles. The last thing Y/ N saw as Juice carried her through the door was her mom smiling and clapping along with everyone else. Then as she locked eyes with Luann for just a brief moment she saw tears in her eyes, this wasn’t an uncommon thing for her to see. She’d watched her mom cry many times over the years yet this was so rare of a moment because for the first time her tears were of joy. Her mom was happy for her. (GIF is not mine)

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Happy Veteran HCs

-Mike is a big ol hugger. He isnt very verbal obviously but with friends he tends to lean on them or rest his elbow on their shoulder or head depending on their height.

-Nanaba wouldnt be physical except with Mike

-Mike is the type to go around and ruffle everyone’s hair and smile at them

-If he hugs you there is a 100% chance he sniffed your hair

-Hugs with Nanaba last 10x longer than any other hugs

-He tried to do a group hug once or twice only Hanji went for it

-Levi gave up trying to stop him from patting his head but he also glares at him everytime he does it

-Erwin and him are more of resting elbows on each others shoulders and leaning on em kinda guys

-He rests his elbow on Nanaba’s head often

-Hanji tried to hug Nanaba once and was met with awkward back pats and awkward laughter. It was the thought that counted tho

-Aside from Mike, Nanaba considered Hanji her best friend

-Hanji and Nanaba knew each other as children although they weren’t close until they joined the military.

-Nanaba was intimidated by Mike at first until she learned he was just a giant puppy

-Nanaba can’t cook so Mike refuses to even let her try bc he can’t stand the smell but he plays it off by cooking for her and honestly hes an A++ cook

-Levi and Nanaba judge the new comers together but they aren’t exactly mean about it. Although it isn’t exactly nice either.

-They all cope differently with what they’ve been through but they’re all super supportive of each other and they try and keep their casual conversation positive.

-Nanaba teases Levi for how short he is but Mike turns around and does the same to her. She feels betrayed that he would hurt her in such a way

-Nanaba lowkey loves being the tallest woman. Although she also loves Mike being taller than her he makes her feel safe. Yet Mike also feels comfort in being around Nanaba because she has a very calm personality compared to the other three vets.

-Mike and Levi respect each other’s strengths a lot despite Levi taking Mike’s place as humanity’s strongest soldier because Mike ain’t a dick and doesn’t get petty like that.

-Erwin and Hanji sometimes ask Nanaba for help on strategizing just because she can look at things from different angles.

-Nanaba is highkey mom friend.

-Erwin respects the vets and trusts them all with his life.

-Mike and Erwin tell each other literally everything. They’re like teenage girls but they go about it calmly.

-Levi wasn’t immediately annoyed by Nanaba when they first met nor did he dislike her. He was indifferent but found she grew on him rather quickly with how dedicated and hard working she was.

-On the topic of Nanaba being mom friend, she takes care of any injuries they get while training. She also chides them for being foolish yet she does the same thing but like its just that mom mode kicks in and she can’t help but tell them how stupid they were for attempting whatever it was they did.

-Nanaba gasped out loud once when she saw a bunch of kittens once and they haven’t let her live it down but its all fun anf games. No real insults.

-Mike loves Nanaba’s muscles and vice versa.

Chris Evans Fic: Disney Princess Series Part 6 (Decisions)

If you hated Josh in the last one weeelllllll hopefully Lisa makes up for it in this!

PR recommended a complete radio silence about the whole situation. To address the reports would be to stir up more speculation, whereas the less that was mentioned about it, the less fuel added to the fire, the quicker it would all slide away.

So that’s what you did and, it seemed, it was what Chris was doing as well. You’d had a few pap opportunities set up for you, so you could be seen out and about alone, attending meetings or going to the gym and pretty soon, the story fell out of the tabloids. You had sneakily Googled Chris a couple of times, a queasy feeling in your stomach, and he’d done similar things: out walking Dodger, meeting friends at a bar downtown, gym sessions, all alone, all perfectly staged.

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The Wager - Part 3

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Warnings: None at all

A/N: This is a shorter part but it’s fluffy and adorable because you know what, there’s not enough fluffy Logan! Yes he’s kind of an ass and yes he probably kinda is a jerk but I think he’s a character that has the opportunity to change cuz like most of us daddy issues. Actually have no idea if this is reflected in his character on the show anymore cuz i haven’t watched Westworld since November, its just the background story I’ve decided to live for him ha ha! At least in my head…..either way enjoy

Read the previous Part here

Logan watched you carefully as you chatted enthusiastically to the older couple beside you, sipping your coffee occasionally as you droned on about how you were able to see the great master chef himself bake the buttery croissants placed in front of you all. He knew the smile creeping on his face was a result of the way your eyebrows furrowed together as you listened intently to the older man drone on about how the community had changed, the way you licked your lips before taking a sip of your latte, the way you absentmindedly pushed your hair out of your face.

He had it bad. He knew he did and yet he couldn’t stop himself from pushing further into it. You had every right to call him out on his newfound affection. Though you were both comfortable with each other and you always tried to cuddle with him while you both mindlessly watched Netflix, he never crossed the line, respecting the men you decided to have in your life. 

But you were free now and he had started to notice small things. Like your perfume. The way it mingled with your shampoo when he was near. He wanted to bury himself in it. Then the way your skin felt, smooth and soft. He could spend hours worshiping it. Wanted to spend hours memorizing every inch of it.

You laughed, redirecting his attention and he groaned internally.

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Taking care of Bones

Leonard has been busy taking care of you and everyone else on the Enterprise for the past couple of weeks. Its time that someone makes sure hes taking care of himself.

Very first Imagine fic, actually very first fic in general. Be gentle. I am a delicate flower.

1,647 word(s) of fluffy goodness.

obligatory tags:

@outside-the-government @fandomheadrush @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @imoutofmyvulcanmind

You were lying on the couch half asleep when you heard the door to your quarters quietly swish open. You heard the all too familiar shuffling of boots heading toward the couch.

“Hey darlin’” Leonard said quietly. You could hear the tiredness dripping off of him in waves just from those two words.

“Hey Len… another rough day at the office”? you replied. Leonard chuckled softly

“You could say that. Seems like everyone on the ship decided to hurt themselves today”. He replied as he grabbed your legs and put them on his lap. He gently laid his head back against the couch.

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The other side of Mothers’ Day

I feel very motivated to write this post, and at the same time very scared. Motivated, because there is this thing I haven’t seen anyone else talk about, and scared, because a lot of people on Tumblr may find this Problematic, and when they see something Problematic, they turn into attack dogs. Anyway, here goes.

I have seen a lot of posts on my social media feeds about Mothers’ Day, addressed to people whose mothers were abusive, neglectful, or in some way inadequate to the work of parenting. These posts assure children of bad mothers that it’s okay not to love an abusive parent, not to want contact, not to forgive them; that you are under no obligation to take shit from someone just because she gave birth to you and gave you minimal care, at least, however many years ago.

And I approve this advice. My mother has been dead for thirty years. Guess what? I still haven’t forgiven her for being self-centered, childish, verbally abusive, physically careless of me, and probably an alcoholic. I don’t have pictures of her on my ancestor shrine, only of my grandmother and grandfather, my dad, my great-aunt who did so much for me.

But there’s another side to Mothers’ Day–the mom’s side. I am a step-parent. I helped to raise a daughter, not in place of her mother, but in partnership with her dad (my then husband) and her mom and later on her stepfather, too, and her father’s parents, and her stepdad’s parents. I was one of many adults who loved and cared for this young woman when she was a child.

She doesn’t speak to me any more. We had a quarrel over Facebook Messenger when her father was first diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to come and see him, since it looked like he was at death’s door; she didn’t want me to inconvenience her grandmother. I said, quite honestly, that since her father seemed to be dying, I didn’t give a fuck about her grandmother’s feelings. The only contact I have had from her since then was a long message imploring me to act like a real mother to her. She’s thirty years old. Her mom is still alive.

I will swear by any god or holy book you like that I did my absolute best for my stepdaughter. I tried hard to avoid following my mother’s example in parenting. I picked her up from school, cooked for her, nursed her when she was sick, looked after her when her dad was working and I was off, did all the parenting stuff. I was the one who had long talks with her about sex and relationships. (I was NOT the one who introduced her to Buffy fanfic. She did that on her own.) Did I screw up? Sure, I must have. Was I abusive? Never. But she has rewritten her personal history so that I am not even part of it. She refers to her father’s third wife as her stepmother, not to me.

So as Mothers’ Day approaches, I am thinking of the moms out there, and stepmoms, who did their best, who cared for their children, who weren’t abusive or neglectful, just fallible, and who are estranged from their children by no choice of their own. Take care of yourselves this weekend. Treat yourself. I’m going to. Go see a Marvel movie. Get a massage. And remember, you did your fucking best.

Life Swap Chapter 8

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well! Here is chapter 8! I saw all of Shawn’s birthday party post and it makes me want to write something about a drunk Shawn. Who seems so fun by the way! Only if we could all party with him. Anyways im super pumped cause i’m seeing him next week. So i’ll probably post chapter 9 next weekend! Hope you all enjoy and if any of you are going to see his shows have sooo much fun!

Chapter 8

           My eyes flicker open, to the sound of the TV playing in the background. I try to move but I didn’t realize that Shawn was using my body as a pillow. He looks so peaceful when he is asleep. The blanket is snuggled up to his chin and his hand gentle placed around my leg like it’s a pillow.

           I find my phone which is shoved inside the couch cushions. I just look through while Shawn is sleeping so I don’t wake him up. Since I had no service yesterday, none of my messages were received, so I didn’t bother to look at my phone. The red circle by my messages read the number seventy five. I never get this much attention but I have a ton group chats which always adds up when you don’t keep up.

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