shes a rabbit

 Yet another Kira Kira Precure A la Mode leak has emerged.This one looks a lot more legitimate compared to the precious ones that we’ve seen.For starters it has the same quality as the Mahou Tsukai leak.Its a bit too blurry to tell yet but this just might be an actual leak.

The designs are very  childlike with the faces resembling Smile but the general artstyle resembling Ojamajo Doremi.The pink cure has these big pink ponytails of blob hair which kind of reminds me of gummy bears.She also has rabbit ears possibly showcasing an animal theme.Combining a cake/sweets theme with an animal theme would be very interesting.She has a little cake accessory on her head.Her outfit is primarily white with pink highlights here and there which is refreshing to see.This seasons cures seem to wear gloves with the pink cure’s resembling Cure Flora’s.I think I can spot her transformation trinket on her waist.

The blue cure doesn’t have too much for me to analyse based on her angle and the quality of the image.She has much wilder hair in comparison to her teammates. Her shoes seem to be designed to resemble paws and her hair accessory is a star plate and two pieces of fabric that look like animal ears.Her outfit seems to be primarily peach with blue highlights like the pink cure.This is reminiscent of the Yes!Precure 5 outfits.

The third Precure is the yellow one and her face reminds me a lot of Cure Lemonade and Cure Rosetta.I hope that the giant yellow blob next to her isn’t her hair as her short brown hair is really cute.Her hair accessories also seem to resemble an animal.

Now to address what a lot of us are wondering,Whats going on in the back there.Behind the three cures there are two more,a red cure and a purple one.The both have cat ears and you can even see the purple one’s tail if you look between the rabbit ears.Right next to the purple cat ear, a mascot character can be spotted.Its unclear as to why these two are behind the rest of the cures.They also look lighter than the rest of the image but this may just be the blurriness.I really hope that this leak is real.

Rumoured Cure names:

Pink:Cure MilleFeuille/Cure Cake

Blue:Cure Icing/Cure Gelato

Yellow:Cure Pudding

That face! I have no idea what she wants, really.

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