shes a hairless cat

A new character i’m working on!¦'33
Presenting you: Amber The Hairless Cat!
I was thinking she could be Summer’s rival even her faker since they look a bite the same huhehe.
She’s basically a fashion thief steal all kind of jewellery, outfits and all fashion has to offer, she’s really shallow and selfless, will only think of her not others and shows barely any emotions except for faking it!

if you guys like her il try to do her a ref sheet if not bleh i did try!|’D

enjoy y'all!;3

Character belongs to me!

FIFA would be the fucking weirdest looking hairless cat. For one, she’s small as shit. Two, absolute gremlin with two different coat patterns. Three, T I N Y PEEPAWS.

She’d look like a flesh puppet


In any case, Friends is one of the greatest sitcoms ever created and that’s just a fact based on how popular it is. However, the writers kind of sucked in terms of continuation, because damn, it is riddled with plot-holes.

I felt like compiling these mistakes into a masterpost… yeah, honestly.

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To the one who loves her next:

She loves it when you take pictures of her. Do it. All the time. She is far too beautiful not to.

Most of the time, she won’t text you first. It’s not because she doesn’t care, it’s because she does. No matter how well you know each other, she’ll usually wait for you to text her first. Just go with it. And when you do text her, remind her that you love her.

Her mother tries to knock her down on a daily basis. When this happens, assure her that she is strong and help her to pick herself up. It’s hard for her to do that on her own, time and time again. But she can.

She is always expected to be the big spoon, but sometimes she needs to be held too. When you’re together, make sure you hold her sometimes. She needs that.

She takes like 2 hours to get ready. Sometimes it’s okay for her to do that so that she feels like she’s “presentable,” but sometimes you have to tell her that her natural curls are beautiful and you like her eyes better unlined anyway. She is more than presentable no matter how much time she spends getting ready.

She has the voice of an angel, but she’ll assure you she doesn’t. Don’t believe it for a second. Make her sing and play guitar for you. It’s almost impossible to get her to do, but fight for it. It is beyond worth it.

There will be nights where she tries to kill her sadness by drinking. You’ll worry about her. If you are not with her, make sure her friends are taking good care of her. Call her. Tell her you love her. If you are with her, have fun with her, drink with her, watch her dance for you. She loves to do that when she’s drunk on 8 beers. But make sure she doesn’t drink to her point of sadness. Once she hits it, there’s no going back.

If you can’t treat her like a princess, let her find someone who can. There are a lot of people in her life who treat her like she is nothing special, but god, she is special. Appreciate that or leave.

Spend time with her family, and try especially hard to make sure her dad likes you. He is her world.

She has a hairless cat. If you think he’s ugly, don’t. He is adorable and she loves him to death.

She will tell you her only asset is her dimples. That’s a lie. Everything about her is drop dead gorgeous. Her smile will light up your darkest night and her eyes are like pools of your favorite chocolate framed by infinite eyelashes. If you have any difficulty thinking any part of her is beautiful, leave.

She has scars. Lots of them. They represent everything she’s been through, because it’s a god damn lot. Most people give her a hard time for them, so for god’s sake do not. Acknowledge them. Tell her you love her not in spite of them, not because of them, but because you loved her before you saw them so you will love her after.

There will be days where she won’t eat a thing all day unless you make her. Make her.

Sometimes when she’s hurting, she won’t let you hear about it because she doesn’t want to be a burden to you. That’s bullshit. Make her tell you what’s wrong and assure her that there is not one thing she can do to make her a burden to you.

If you’re lucky, she’ll send you recordings of her singing your favorite songs, and she’ll tell you they’re horrible, tell you it’s okay to hate them. They are absolute gold, so if you don’t save every one of them on your phone and listen to them all the time, you’re doing it wrong. Her voice is therapy.

When she is happy, she is love and laughter and all the daisies that ever bloomed, but when she is sad, she is darkness and tears and “everyone treats me like shit.” A lot of people do. Be there for her during both, tell her you love her during both, and do not treat her like shit. Too many people do.

She gets jealous easily. Very easily. Remind her that she’s the only thing you will ever want and need. Remind her that you are hers and she is yours.

She will love you with absolutely everything she has. Give her the same,

‘and you will never have to ask the universe for anything again.’

—  I’m so sorry I had to let you go.

fourcornersofmuses  asked:

❛ What the hell is that thing? ❜ (Jeff)

Paige grinned eagerly as she held the kitten in her hands. “It’s a hairless cat!” She smiled happily, “Isn’t be lovely?” She cooed cradling the animal happily.

Captain Sass is having none of it today. No, she doesn’t want to be petted or picked up. No, dry food wont do. No, she will not be moving from her spot on the couch. Yes, she will watch you while on the toilet. Captain Sass does whatever the fuck she wants and does not answer to hairless humans, tyvm.

There’s nothing wrong with T.O.P and Sulli as people but they are the most irritating instagram users to follow. They post way too much and the most irrelevant (often times tmi) stuff. Again, I don’t think they should exactly be getting hate for it as bad as they do But come on there is no reason T.O.P should be at 400+ posts in the short amount of time he had his account. And sulli posting pictures of those hairless rodents she calls cats GOTTA STOP. I had to unfollow them *sigh*