shes a doll!

hONESTLY every time i watch wynonna earp and see the relationships it’s like waking up and seeing clearly all over again,,, like take wayhaught : they’re soft and they get to be sexy and they’re open and they talk, but okay that’s just me being a wlw and wanting rep let’s take the wynonna/doc/dolls triangle right,,, doc and dolls both listen to wynonna,,, those relationships are both built on trust and doc and dolls don’t hate each other (ok there was that time they tried to kill each other but they DIDNT) but hey lets not just look at romantic relationships, take waverly and wynonna : HOLY SISTERS like they love each other and take care of each other and when they fight they work it out together and eioth cjfhew thank you emily andras

Fun Fact

This beautiful model idol who is dubbed “The Beautiful Blade” but who is also bit of a Tsundere

Shares the same voice actor with the “ordinary” yet “I’ll do my best!” idol with a fantastic smile

Who also shares the same voice with this cute bear-like fairy mascot

Who also shares the same voice with this merciless, sharp-tongued gun wielding high school girl

Also sharing the same voice with this deadly assassin who hates yet loves her older sister who is also an assassin

Also sharing the same VA with this mysterious cute loli who somehow becomes a babe later on in the show

Who also shares the same voice with this cute normal middle-schooler who is the master of 5 “dolls” who came from cards

Same voice as this red head ribbon wearing novice Manga editor

Same voice as this man loving CG Anime girl animated by the dudes who did Kemono Friends

Sharing the same voice with this very gay and jealous blonde

Same voice as the less tsun version of Ran

Shares same voice actor with the “Cruel Princess” with fine legs

Who also shares the same voice actor with this cute yet overly kind drummer


Oho, a certain somebody arrived today! :D

I am so excited. My Wol is even more gorgeous in person. <3 She’s a stunning piece of artwork, and I’m so delighted to have had the chance to bring her home. It may be a little while before I can afford her body, but I’m going to see if she can at least borrow somebody else’s body for a little while.

Wol & her face-up are by @armeleia (Etsy). <3