shes a diva and we all know it

It’s International Women’s Day!

So there you go, favorite moments of women supporting women in Mass Effect:
-Ashley telling Shepard she’s going to talk to Liara as soon as she hears Liara might not be well after the fall of Thessia
-Kasumi telling Shepard to be gentle with Miranda
-Tali saying “I’m not staying, I’m coming with you” right after getting Rannoch back
-“We can’t pretend to be anything other than troubleshooting space divas” “You know, that does sound pretty cool.”
-Tali introduced in a mission as the one handling hacking and security and Liara complimenting her, saying “we couldn’t ask for a better expert”
-Kasumi saying she gets Jack after doing her loyalty mission
-Actually all of Kasumi’s comments because she always has something sweet to say about the women around her, about how cute and great they are and how it’s necessary to be good to them all. Bless you Kasumi!
-Samara about Miranda: “Miranda is undoubtedly a hard woman. I respect her strength and determination. She carries many burdens, and doesn’t share them with others.”
-EDI asking Shepard to keep Samantha on board because she’s “extremely effective" 
-That place on Aria’s couch, the one she keeps for Shepard if she drinks too much at Purgatory
-Diana and Samantha constantly talking to each other despite us never seeing them in the same room, and they’re both curious about what the other is doing
-EDI saying tmi information about Samantha in front of others and Tali trying to save Sam by immediately starting a conversation about the rarity of herbed dextro cheeses.
-Jack and Miranda bickering in the Citadel party, getting past their previous conflict
-Nyreen and Shepard bonding over their need to protect innocents
-Shepard complimenting Samantha a lot, telling her "good catch”, “good job”, etc, making sure Sam knows her hard work is appreciated
-Jack telling Shepard she won’t let her down
-Ashley and Shepard no longer keeping count: “Lost count of all the times you saved me”  "Almost as many times as you saved me, hero lady.“
-"It’s been an honor, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy.”
-Urdnot Bakara telling Shepard that “Urdnot Bakara calls you a friend”

Feel free to add more :)

Only Angel [h.s.]

A/N: this one shot has been in the works for a while and i finally managed to finish it up :-) i hope you all enjoy it! sorry for any typos! feel free to leave your thoughts by my inbox and happy reading! all the love, andrea 💝

There are a lot of things that Y/N loves in the world– enough to fill up entire pages of a book, possibly. Not a thick book, though– no, more like a short chapter book like the ones she used to read back in first grade.

She adores general things, such as her family and friends, along with more specific things, like her cozy knitted blanket and the new season of Supernatural. And then there were the detailed, intimate things, such as popping her sweaters into the drying machine for a few minutes before slipping them on so that they would be toasty for the road, or petting her two-year-old Burmese cat, Sybil, in the curve right behind his left ear and feeling his deep purring against her thighs.

Then there was Harry, which Y/N tended to file under all three categories. For general, she fancies him for his quirky sense of humor and lovingly idiotic personality. For specific, she’d state that she loves the size of his hands because they were huge– big enough that one of his could easily hold both of her wrists together. And for intimate, Y/N has always been fascinated by Harry’s ears. A tad odd, perhaps, but she could never live down how small and adorable they were, and super sensitive, too. Whenever she would bite at them he would always let loose something in between a childish giggle and an anguished whine, signifying how torn he was between the pain and pleasure that derived from that certain area.

However, there is one exact thing that Y/N doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to categorize because her attachment to it is simply too much to put into words: riding Harry.

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Troian’s essay on mental illness

We were swimming our second lap in the lake when I lost the feeling in my toes. When you first jump in water this cold you scream, gasp for air, but immediately laugh because it makes you feel extra-alive. You learn, after a few jumps, you don’t have to fear the cold. If you move around, it fades away. Soon, it’s as if you’re inside a house looking out at a snow flurry as it lightly taps the windows. You know there is cold, all around you, but it can’t hurt you.

For a while, this kind of numb makes me feel invincible.

But now, after maybe a half-hour in the water, the cold has returned, and not just outside the window, it’s in my skin. Beneath the surface, I probably looked like a chicken breast sitting under plastic in a refrigerator of a grocery store, pale and goose-pimpled. Then it’s in my joints, making it difficult to move. Soon, it’s in my bones, so much that even though I knew I was kicking my legs, I couldn’t tell you where they ended and the water began. I wasn’t even sure if I had toes anymore.

Suddenly, I’m in very familiar territory. I know I should get out of the water before I hurt myself or make myself sick, but I just don’t. I keep swimming.

Here I am, 31 years old, and I’m still denying my body the one thing it is asking me to do: take care of it.


When I shot the pilot of Pretty Little Liars, it was December in Vancouver, and I was 24 years old. We were shooting a summer scene (the exterior of the funeral for Alison, the Queen Bee of Rosewood), and even though I don’t remember exactly how cold it was outside, I can tell you it was too cold to snow. The girls and I were dressed in skimpy black dresses with kitten heels and ballet flats. Later, in editing, they could push the saturation, add a golden filter, and BAM, it would look like we were sweating in July. But while we were shooting, well, it was December in Canada.

“Rolling!” yelled the assistant director, and wardrobe would rush in and apologetically remove the giant down coats from our shoulders. Everyone watched, hoping we could get the scene before our jaws locked or our shoulders unintentionally rose around our ears. Eventually, Leslie, our director, yelled “Cut!,"and the beautiful warm jackets reappeared.

Wanting to be the most professional I could be, I sniffed back the snot that was threatening to ruin every take and forced my shoulders to stay where they were, even though I could see my breath on the air. I looked around: Lucy, Ashley, and Shay all seemed cold but fine; they looked professional, powerful. Was I not cut out for this? I pushed that thought out of my mind. Suck it up, Bellisario, do your job.

There came a point when I mentioned offhand, "Huh, I can’t feel my feet.” “Stop!"a voice screamed, and an angel in the form of a crew member descended upon me and demanded I follow her inside the church we were shooting near.

She sat me down, removed my shoes, and began to rub my feet. She asked me to let her know when I had feeling in them again. "Don’t worry about my feet! They’re fine!"I tried to sweetly wiggle away from her, my eyes flitting to the crew that was waiting nearby. I was holding up production, a production that costs thousands of dollars per minute, all for my stupid comment about my stupid toes. I started to panic: Everyone is going to think I’m a diva, that I can’t hack it, that I’m a horrible actor, and they’ll never want to work with me again.

I am practiced at ignoring [my disease], for the most part, but it’s still there, finding new ways to undermine me.

But the angel remained resolute. She told me that she had worked with people who had lost toes to frostbite, and she wasn’t about to see me lose mine. Eventually, I announced (truthfully) that the feeling in my feet had returned, and she let me go.

I braced myself to be yelled at by someone, anyone, in a position of authority. How dare you hold up this massive production? How dare you be so weak? So demanding! But there was no punishment to be found, not even a sideways glance. Everyone just asked me if I felt better and felt ready to return to the scene.

Why did I need a complete stranger’s permission to take care of myself?


Seven years later (and wiser?), there I was, swimming in a lake for fun, and still I couldn’t do it. My friend and I had casually agreed to try for threetimes around the island in the lake. It was just a fun challenge when we jokingly announced it to the rest of the friends and family. But now, coming around the corner of lap two, I could feel my limbs shutting down. Just like in Vancouver, despite my body desperately needing something, I didn’t want to appear weak or let people down. Where was my angel to take care of me now?

So what? You might say. Don’t be crazy; you can get out of the water anytime. Who cares?Great question. I ask it of myself all the time. Who cares if I can’t swim that long in cold water? Who cares if I need to stop the scene to take care of my toes? Who cares?

I do, said a familiar voice inside my head. Oh, right. You.

My friend is a long-distance swimmer, and she seemed cold but ready to keep going.

"Troian, do you want to stop?”

That voice, that familiar voice in the back of my skull that tells me it cares. It cares if I demand things of a production, it cares if I quit early, if I fail. It is a voice I know intimately; it is my greatest and best of enemies. I know what that voice will say if I stop. I know the trouble I’ll be in.

“Nope,” I said, my teeth chattering with excitement. “I’m fine!” She wasn’t buying it, but matching my determinism, we went around again anyway. When we came in, who cheered for the cold and weary warriors? Who hoisted us up in honor and fed us warm drinks in celebration? No one, because this was a necessary challenge to no one but myself. There was no great competition, except between my body and my head.


As someone who struggles with a mental illness, my biggest challenge is that I don’t always know which voice inside me is speaking. My body voice, the one that says, Troian, I’m cold, get out of the lake, or my illness: You told everyone three times, so you can’t disappoint them. You are not enough. Who cares about the difference between two times around and three? I do.

There is a part of my brain that defies logic. Once, it completely convinced me I should live off 300 calories a day, and at some point, it told me even that was too much. That part of my brain is my disease, and there was a time when it had absolute authority over me. It almost killed me, and you can see that even though I have lived in recovery for ten years now, it still finds loads of fun, insidious ways to thwart me to this day. It was a difficult journey finding my way back to health. Through hard introspection, intense medical and mental care, a supportive family, friends, and a patient and loving partner, I survived, which is rare.

But I don’t want to just survive that part of my life. I want to create in rebellion. I want to stop looking at the clocks. I wanna get paint all over the floor and build a wall of feedback in the amp so loud that it starts a mosh pit as I scream back in the face of my disease: I AM ENOUGH!

It’s just not that easy. Sometimes I still find myself being pushed by an invisible taskmaster, working to the point of exhaustion, swimming with numb toes. The voice of my disease is with me every day. I am practiced at ignoring it, for the most part, but it’s still there, finding new ways to undermine me. That’s partially why I wrote Feed. I wanted to channel that voice into a story and out of myself. I wanted to create a character who also wondered how she could be enough.

Writing, producing, and acting in it helped me to get one more degree of separation from my disease in what I know will be a lifetime of work in recovery. It is my greatest hope that someone watching it, struggling with the same challenges I do, might think, What if I were enough too? So with all the courage I can muster, I give it to you, I give it to that one person, in hopes that it could make them feel enough.

Maybe by the time you see it, I will have gotten out of the cold water and be warming myself in the sun.

trying to write hershel layton's biography
  • writer: so the ferris wheel... chased you around?
  • layton: precisely. you see, it was actually operated by remote control by don paolo
  • writer: ...and who is don paolo?
  • layton: he was my classmate in college, but these days he considers himself my nemesis
  • writer: your... nemesis. okay.
  • writer: let's talk about before all that. tell me about your childhood
  • layton: hmm... would you like to hear about my parents' kidnapping by a secret society?
  • layton: or perhaps the ancient robot mummies i defeated in swordplay?
  • writer: i was thinking we would focus more on your interest in archaeology, professor
  • layton: oh, of course
  • layton: did you know i once took part in a tournament to the death aboard a cruise ship disguised as an opera house which would travel to the fabled island of ambrosia?
  • writer: no
  • writer: i did not know that
  • layton: one of my former students performed the lead role in the opera, though she was actually possessed by the spirit of the composer's daughter all along
  • writer: possessed. i see.
  • writer: ...why don't we take a break
  • layton: oh good i'll make tea
Drag Race Predictions

If y’all haven’t watched last night’s episode just stop here, because I talk about who gets eliminated.

So, now that our sweet wailing princess Farrah is gone, (I loved Farrah, and I feel so bad she never got a chance to shine) it’s time to start eliminating some fan favorites. My predictions are of course influenced a bit by who I like, but I’m also trying to keep it objective.

Next week, I think Alexis or Valentina are going home. My money is on Valentina. The challenge is making a TV pilot, so it’s another writing/comedy challenge. Valentina’s humor is relatively one-note, and really hasn’t delivered. Last night’s challenge was rough for her. Her laughs came from the confusing mix of accents and affectations, not really from her wit. Her Snatch Game got me really excited because I thought it was one of the best concepts for snatch game in herstory, but it was really the same joke. She hasn’t really stood out in a while in this competition, yes she was top 3 in 9021-ho, but I was a little disappointed because I felt like she was just doing the valley girl voice she always does in untucked. I’m just not seeing a whole lot of versatility with her, and I think that comes from her limited experience performing in drag. I like Valentina a lot, I just think she’s showed us everything at this point unfortunately. Even the other queens are starting to see Valentina as kind of a place holder. All the reads about just standing there and smiling were telling to me. 

Alexis is my other contender to go home next week. This is a group challenge, and she doesn’t really play well with others. Also, her personality is very diva-esque (she’s a drag queen I know but she goes a bit further than the other girls.) She also knows she only has one win, and was just in the bottom. I kinda predict her making the entire pilot about herself to try to stand out, but as we saw last night when Alexis gives herself a big role she crumbles. Plus, we found out last night, she can’t write for shit, so I don’t actually trust her to come up with a funny role for herself. I’m also pretty tired of her attitude. As much as I identify with the jappy queen from New York, she’s been pretty bratty lately especially when things aren’t going her way. Now things really aren’t going her way since she was on the bottom, so I’m pretty sure she’s sunk.

I think Nina is also in danger, and could be a surprise elimination either next, or in between Alexis and Valentina. To me, Nina doesn’t really seem like she wants to be there. She’s been kind of over it all for a while, and my patience is wearing thin. I love Nina’s out of the box style so much, but she’s got a major attitude problem. Her little tantrum with Shea last night was over the line. Shea has done nothing but help build Nina up, and inspire confidence in her every week, so I think her shitting on her biggest ally was a subtle way of detaching and pushing herself towards the door. She also has done really poorly in the acting challenges. Even when she has her choice of character, she’s so uncomfortable committing to anything other than Nina, and it’s not looking good for her having to make a character after what she tried last night. I honestly think it’ll be her and Valentina in the bottom 2 this week, and I think Nina will survive that lip sync. I also say Nina for top 5 because she’s too good for ratings for the show to let her go any sooner. She’s been the main antagonist, and one of the most talked about queens for a lot of reasons.

That leaves us with a top 4 of Shea Coulee, Trinity Taylor, Sasha Velour, and Peppermint. Who makes it to top 3 is pretty up in the air, but there are a few things to consider. Namely, Shea is the only guarantee right now. She’s never landed anywhere near the bottom, and she’s clearly a favorite for the judges. Even the guest judges have loved Shea with such limited exposure. I don’t think there’s a clearer front-runner, and Shea is easily my pick to win. It’s about time a Chicago girl won, and She has navigated this competition so beautifully that I think it’d be a crime to give the crown to anyone else.

As it currently stands, I think Trinity will be in the top 3 as well, so long as she pulls her shit together. She’s already lip synced once, and got real close this week. She does have 2 wins which helps, but if she’s in the bottom again, I think that’ll hurt her chances of making it to the final 3, especially if Sasha or Peppermint win another challenge. I like Trinity enormously though, which has been the biggest surprise of this season, and I’m kind of hoping she makes it to the final 3, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if she didn’t. 

I think Sasha is in a lot better standing than most people realize. Sasha won “Good Morning Bitches,” and made top 3 in the CUNT pageant, snatch game, and now the comedy challenge. She’s been in the top 3 for literally half of this competition, and I think after 9021-ho she kind of figured out her exact humor wont always work, and learned how to make her style more TV friendly. She’s playing this game really well, and she’s really smart. I think she could easily win another challenge and secure a spot in the top.

Peppermint is the dark horse of this competition. It’s weird to say that, because she’s basically been the narrator all season, so it’s hard to imagine this season without Peppermint. She has the best confessionals, and the most magnetic personality of the group. Another really good one for TV. Until last night, I was convinced Peppermint would make it to the top 4, then get sent home because clearly no one this season could beat her in a lip sync (except maybe Trinity so let’s all hope to god that becomes a legendary lip sync in herstory somehow.) If she wins another challenge, she’ll make it to top 3 easy. I also think Peppermint might pull a Naomi Smalls right now and just start kicking ass at the last minute. I love Peppermint, and it’d make me really happy to see her make top 3. In that case, it’d be whoever doesn’t have more than one win to get bumped from the top.

So, in summary, I think the elimination order is Valentina, Alexis, and Nina for the next 3 weeks. Then, the top 3 will come down to challenge wins. I predict the top 3 will be Shea, Trinity, and Sasha (with Peppermint winning Ms Congeniality) but my ideal top 3 is Shea, Sasha, and Peppermint. I’ve really loved this season, and I’m actually rooting for a lot of the girls which never happens. I just fucking love this show so much.

When In Rome

Pairing: Rob x Reader
Words:  862
Requested by @journeyrose:  Hello !! Can I request a Richard Speight Jr or Rob Benedict where he proposes to the reader while in JIB in Rome ?       

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site.

          “Man, you’re pretty,” Rob said as soon as your eyes opened.

           You looked over at him, “Are you watching me sleep?”

           “Maybe,” he shrugged, “You’re seriously beautiful. I just can’t help myself. I like looking at you.”

           “Such a creeper,” you teased, raising up on your elbow, “You’re lucky you’re cute,” you said.

           “I’m lucky I have you,” he said.

           You smiled and kissed him, “I do love you, Rob Benedict.”

           He grinned, “I love you too,” he kissed you again, “I can’t wait to see everyone today. You ready for the fun?”

           You nodded, “Always. I love being on a panel with you.”

           “You like teasing me in front of everyone,” he countered.

           “That is also fun,” you said.

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Daughter of the Shield Part 3

Type: Series 

Warnings: Swearing 


“Coulson had these in his jacket pocket, guess he never did get you to sign them” Fury tossed the bloody trading cards onto the table.  Jo got up and immediately left the room.

She stood there staring at the blood stain on the wall.  She froze.  How!?! She was trained for situations like that, hell, even Hydra had made sure she had been prepared for anything. She had failed her only friend, her only family.  Jo looked up as Tony walked in.  

“It wasn’t your fault”

“Shut up”

“Just thought someone should tell you”

“Don’t act like you aren’t blaming yourself too” Jo looked Tony in the eye as she spoke.  Tony and Jo had never been friends.  She had too many secrets and he was too full of himself.

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I have to say this

I try to be as positive as possible when it comes to wrestling. I hate negativity and try my hardest not to push it forward. I’m not always able to restrain myself and this is one of those times. I have to say this. Have WWE bookers completely lost their minds? If the plan all along was to do Alexa/Nia then why did they give the belt to Sasha in the first place? Sasha is a 4x RAW Women’s Champion and has never successfully defended the belt, that is beyond RIDICULOUS. She’s an extraordinary talent and has proved her worth to the company time and time again. She had the best reign of all the NXT Women’s Champions, and we all know she could easily have a fantastic reign on the Main Roster as well. She deserves better than this. I can’t shake the feeling that wwe put the belt back on Alexa because they want to do a feud with her & Nia because of Total Divas. No disrespect to the show but I’m dead tired of WWE using storylines on the show to use for TV. Stop being lazy and write a fucking good storyline, don’t leech of TD because you’re too lazy to think of shit. No wonder the ratings suck, instead of actually going “hey we maybe should write something good” they go “oh random title changes will bring in ratings I’m sure of it” news flash no they don’t, they hurt credibility. Another thing I need to address the Reign fast tracking they do, I like Alexa and I think she’s a huge potential star but she’s been on the Main Roster for a year and is already a 4 time champion that’s too much, Beth Phoenix debuted in 2007 and wasn’t a four time champ until the END of her career, Trish debuted in 2000 and wasn’t a 4 time champ until 2003, Melina started in 2005 and wasn’t a 4 time champ until 2009. Before we know it Alexa will be an eight time champ and then realise she’s done everything and retire before 30. Im sorry if this sounds overdramatic but I have to get it off my chest. Imo the RAW Women’s Title is doomed af because it’s history is just effed up. No wonder Sasha is so upset half the time she can’t catch a break. She deserves better than this and so does every other girl on RAW for that matter.

Rant over.


So this night was such a normal like I got back from training, I had a dinner and all of that. But then something punched me in the face, roles.

Do you sometime feel like we play some roles in our life and that because of that we can not be our true selfs. Let’s talk about group of friends, pefrect example. Every one of them are individuals but they have their roles, like momy, sport guy… Well at least in my case. My firends, well they see me as cool, chill, truth speaker bitch, a little bit narcistic and selfie obsessed, and I’m not innocet, the truth is I’m that but also I’m much more.

Real talk, I blame myself for that cause I felt under the social standards in a different ways. I’m not the one to make excuses but I was bullied, and yeah I got over it and I’m fine now, I got confidence and I’m outgoing but my funny side kinda got left over. Also my love life, I don’t talk about it. Cause my friends made fun about me being gay and trans so I locked that away also. It got to that point were my best friend got a text from a girl and she asked him what am I to him? Boyfirend? Like you two guys are too close… So me being me, I want for him to be happy and I didn’t thing about it and made decission to get distant. You know I quickly deal with problems so I taugh that the problem was me and well I’ve done what I’ve done. We worked that shit out you know, and we’re again best friends.

So, my name is Marko and my role is to be a fuckind diva in my own squad, makeup, selfies and all that ( I enjoy and I love makeup it’s a passion of mine), no feeling, just whatever mood but I’m much more and so are you. 

Let your walls down and show the truth. Love you

^^^ (honestly this whole scene she was sexy af, and if you disagree, i’m sorry, you are incorrect)

Day 1: When you started loving Lena  [1/7]

Okay I’m going to cheat, because as soon as Lena walked into the damn room, I was like… HOLD UP. HOLD UP. But that was more a Katie McGrath thing than a Lena Thing. Still, though, I loved how sassy she was to Clark, and I loved how she pushed back on Kara about the alien device (I just loved her being strong in her conviction and not being a pushover character without being outright evil – cuz remember, at the time, we were all “not sure”). I live for strong women who know what they believe. Hello Lena.

I agree with other posts, where I came around was definitely ep 3 where we see her invite Kara into her office to discuss the article, and she praises her work, and is gentle and open and kind, even in the face of criticism. She could have written Kara off right then and there, and instead, she’s gracious, and shares her point of view and listens to Kara’s. I was like oh my god this sassy diva has a SOFT SIDE FOR DAYS I’m done. I AM FINISHED.

But I’m going to choose ep 4, where Kara busts into Lena’s office unannounced, and Lena straight up defends her, and gives her FULL ACCESS to her office. This HOT SHOT, SEXY AF, CEO BILLIONAIRE JUST GAVE KARA DANVERS, ROOKIE REPORTER, ACCESS TO HER OFFICE FOR NO EFFING REASON. Not to mention, she looked hot as fuck when she did it. It was also the time we got the little “I know you’ll be there for me when the time comes” which really made me think that she knew Kara’s identity and was just toying with her a bit. LOVE. (I know this is actually kind of late to be saying it was the first time I loved Lena, but I just wanted an excuse to put this sexy af gif on my post okay, fight me).

anonymous asked:

question: why do you think miku is the vocaloid that "made" vocaloid popular/is the most popular vocaloid. and why do you think she's been the most popular one while others (cyber diva/songman, v4flower, etc.) aren't as popular? thank you!


You know, that’s a good question. If you think about it, why IS Miku the most popular VOCALOID? She wasn’t even the first one. There are probably hundreds of VOCALOIDs out there by now, and nearly a whole decade later, why is SHE still the most popular?

To answer this, I feel like we kinda have to look at the history of VOCALOID as a software. In 2004, the VOCALOID engine was a very new thing, and thus lacked all the fine-tuning and changes that would be introduced in the years to come. The first three VOCALOID singers sung in English: LEON, LOLA, and MIRIAM. English is a very, very complex language and has a bunch of rules that detract from its consistency, and thus trying to make a computer application understand it in a systematic way was…not successful. The voices ended up muffled and difficult to understand, and as such never became especially popular. 

Japanese-singing VOCALOIDs MEIKO and KAITO from Crypton Future Media came next, and these had two big advantages over the first three singers. First, Japanese is a syllabic language: exact sounds are tied to exact characters and thus it was easier for a computer to understand. The result was a much more understandable voice! Second, the MEIKO and KAITO box art featured character representations of the voices, which actually helped their sales. People are more attracted to things the more they appear human-like. It proved to be a successful marketing strategy. However, KAITO sold fairly poorly compared to MEIKO, and it soon became an expectation that female VOCALOIDs would be more successful than male VOCALOIDs.

In 2007, the VOCALOID2 engine was released, which included many improvements to the original VOCALOID engine. The program had its own Japanese interface for Japanese-singing VOCALOIDs, setting the stage for even more Japanese VOCALOIDs to be produced. The first virtual singer using the VOCALOID2 engine was English-singing Sweet Ann, but she wasn’t especially popular as most people in western society and culture didn’t understand the creative potential behind a virtual singer. Additionally, VOCALOID was still very much a product aimed at professional audiences, so the market for it was rather small.

And then, on August 31, 2007, Hatsune Miku was released. Crypton Future Media had a very good understanding of the Japanese market and did everything to make her as successful as possible. She had a full character design and the memorable, recognizable feature that were her long, teal twintails. Her voice was not done with a particularly realistic approach, sounding light, cute, and very much like an anime girl. It caught many people’s attention, especially among Japanese audiences as highly popular things there often have a “cute” image. She was not aimed for professional audiences either, and thus had a much, much larger population of people that could use her voice. Being the first Japanese-singing virtual singer using the VOCALOID2 engine, her vocal sound quality was highly impressive. She quickly had a very iconic image and voice that helped her become the very face of the VOCALOID movement we know today.

She was practically an overnight success. Popular magazines published articles about this new technology at her release and helped generate awareness and interest in VOCALOID and Hatsune Miku. Crypton Future Media gave her no defined personality, encouraging people to use their own imagination, values, and background to make each ‘Miku’ unique and build a huge collaboratively creative atmosphere. Furthermore, Crypton Future Media used a very relaxed licensing model, allowing fans to create massive amounts of derivative work. The “lives” of many fandoms thrive on content output: as long as there is a fairly consistent stream of new content, fans have new things to anticipate, learn about, interpret, and participate in. With VOCALOID becoming an increasingly popular and widespread interest, more and more people were participating in the production of VOCALOID works and content could be produced at a rate impossible for any single human singer or popstar.

 Most songs with Hatsune Miku as vocalist were uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga, Japan’s most popular video sharing site, and that’s where the origins of the fandom really begin. With tons of user-generated content that could be easily shared through the internet, it became easy for many people to involve themselves in the expansive creative chain that VOCALOID started as songs inspired art, narratives, costumes, dances, covers, and much more. Of course, luck also played a bit of a factor: the “leekspin” meme featuring a Hatsune Miku cover of Loituma’s “Ievan Polkka” circulated the internet not even a month after her release and helped increase awareness and interest as well. 

Nowadays, there are many more VOCALOIDs than just Hatsune Miku. Since Miku, we have Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, Gackpo, Gumi, Maika, Luo Tianyi (and the other Vsingers), SeeU, Mayu, Lily, Yuzuki Yukari, IA, Flower, Galaco, Aoki Lapis, Avanna, Dex, Daina, Oliver, Fukase, Azuki, Matcha, LUMi, and the list goes on. VOCALOIDs sing in not only Japanese, but English (and a LOT better since LEON and LOLA), Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and possibly more. Other VOCALOID-inspired vocal synthesis technologies are taking off as well, such as CeVIO and Chipspeech. Awareness and interest about VOCALOID culture, community, software, and all-around phenomenon is spreading to and growing in the west, especially the United States. The world of VOCALOID has grown and changed a LOT since Hatsune Miku’s release, but so have the entertainment, technology, art, and music industries. It’s a different time altogether. A lot of the newer VOCALOIDs lack the history and origins that brought Miku to fame, despite arguably having much better vocal tuning and designs. Because of this, she remains the most popular and iconic VOCALOID to date.

(For example, let’s look at Disney animation studios. The first Disney character was “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.” Who’s that? Well if you look at him, it’s clearly a very early Mickey Mouse - just as MEIKO and KAITO were relatively early Hatsune Mikus. It was Micky Mouse however that became the face of Disney: toting the two round, black mouse ears that made him memorable and recognizable, and starring in Steamboat Willie, one the first cartoons with sound - using a recent technological development to create an impressive premiere into the public eye. Hatsune Miku worked off of the fine-tuned VOCALOID2 engine that helped her create an impressive image that fueled her popularity. More recent Disney characters, let’s say Nick Wilde from Zootopia, are clearly much more advanced than Mickey Mouse. Nick clearly looks a lot better than Mickey does, and sounds a lot more advanced and less goofy like Mickey, but Mickey still remains more iconic because of the big ears and goofy voice.)

So yeah! There’s your answer. A rather-lengthy look into the origins and history behind Hatsune Miku’s global fame. (:

lol I'm kinda pissed.

Someone on Instagram said their cousin tried to take a picture with emilia at Belfast and she said no…and he then made some idiotic joke about how if his cousin bent the knee then she would of taken the pic..IMPLYING emilia is some diva or whatever.

I didn’t like the tone of this guy cause can u imagine everywhere u go even if u have a busy schedule and have to b places people drag a phone to ur face to take a pic? It’s frustrating. We all know emilia is a precious little soul and she wouldn’t blatantly be rude for no apparent reason. And also….I heard the cast can’t take any pictures cause the producers told them not to (for any reason) so this boi needs to sit tf down or his about to catch these hands.


Okay so I’m not like @kenikenilife who can let our baby girl join the world of modeling and not get sappy…SO today was my baby girls first day of modeling and she did a scene with her other mom and I was so proud. Then this little monster had nerve to ask me to do a scene. Like I ever told her no in any of the years she’s been wanting stuff. I mean I watched her when she first joined the fam and she was shy and in a bubble. It took so much energy to get her to come out her shell. Once she unleashed all that she held in, my gawd was she a sight, she became my mini me. Like she was just becoming her own diva. And today, today I get to be the cry baby mom who miss the days where I didn’t have to share her with the world but we all know how that goes. Damn. Welcome to @mosecr3tzentertainment baby girl! I love you 

@momosecr3tz @mosecr3tzentertainment @jinxbefresh @miss-marijuana-mayham @kenikenilife @ravensspace @yelyahwilliams @myrexylove @ebonysandman @ebonydemon @wetwet19 @wrath115

At this point, I can’t do any more videos with men, so I’m going to have to do them with women….She’s just like the girl next door and she is really, I think, the sexiest woman I’ve seen. Hands down, because I can be sexy, but you have to give me a countdown. Like, ‘Shakira, be sexy. 3, 2, 1. Go!’ You know? But she’s sexy all the time! She’s so cool and mellow….Also, so down to earth. That’s nice, to work with someone, because it is intimidating to working with a diva, you know, someone who is so, so successful. You never know how they’re going to be…We’re both Caribbean and I think that’s sort of the common ground that we share and that’s why I think it made so much sense for us to be in this song together. This song has got that reggae, island feel and she’s definitely that. She’s so reggae. She brought so much authenticity to the song and to me, it was like a huge honor to be with her on this project. - about Rihanna and working on CRTFY


Team Bey

Angela Beyince (Vice president of operations,Parkwood Entertainment) “If Beyoncé had her choice, she’d rather take off her shoes and do cartwheels in the park. That’s really who she’d like to be.”

Jim Sabey (Head of worldwide marketing,Parkwood Entertainment) “That’s the great democratization of the internet—it exposes the frauds.”

Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood (Digital Strategy,Parkwood Entertainment)I think this album for sure is going to stand out as a major moment.”

Ty Hunter (Stylist) “I call Bey and Solange and all the girls in Destiny’s Child my sisters. The family is just, you know, humble—not what people think it is. The picture [of Beyoncé] is ‘diva, diva, diva,’ but I’ve been here this long because she’s not.”

Ed Burke (Visual Director,Parkwood Entertainment) “I learn from her everyday.  Mostly, it’s how to take certain things that we bring to the table and make it her own. That’s just amazing to me. She elevates everything. She elevates everyone around her. She’s absolutely normal. I don’t have a filter on what I say or do—especially creatively.“

Kwasi Fordjour (Creative Coordinator,Parkwood Entertainment)“She’s kept true to the people who have kept true to her. I think that’s amazing—you rarely see artists who keep hold of their A-team throughout their career.”

Todd Tourso (Creative Director,Parkwood Entertainment) 2She’s completely relentless in her pursuit of perfectionism. It sounds cheesy, but that’s why I’m willing to work so hard for her. When you have this type of leadership and muse and mentor, I think the sky’s the limit.2

Melissa Vargas (Brand Manager,Parkwood Entertainment)  “It was kind of like Survivor or The Real World. We slept in there. Everyone had a room. There was only a certain number of people that could come, so if you were vibing with her and everything was going great, you would stay for longer. We had a chef, and every single person in that house sat down at dinner with Jay and Beyoncé.”

Yvette Noel-Schure (Publicist at Parkwood Entertainment) “I saw a very meticulous 14-year-old girl. To be so in-the-know at that age—”

Lee Anne Callahan-Longo (General Manager,Parkwood Entertainment) “If you aren’t here for the passion and the ride, then you’d be miserable.”


Xiumin: Although Xiumin seems to be pretty cool with anything his partner likes to do, I feel that he wouldn’t be too keen with his girlfriend and her habit of popping his knuckles. She was always so quiet, Xiumin never noticed his Jagi grabbing his hand before he felt the sharp pain of the air popping between his bones. Baozi would not be happy. 

Luhan: Luhan would be scared of his girlfriend after he figured out her little hobby that she loved so much. He had been taking a nap of the couch when a quick bolt of pain went through his toes. Yelping himself awake, Luhan would see his girlfriend smiling at his feet. After a few more events like this, anytime Luhan heard his girlfriends, “Luhannie!!!” he would be running for the hills.

Kris: Kris tends to be a person that gets distracted by nothing really fast, so I think he would never see his girlfriend coming. He would be pulled out of his trance when he felt a quick pop in his wrists and knuckles. Slowly turning his head to his giggly girlfriend, Kris would just look at her in confusion. 

Lay: I think Lay would probably be the only one that would fully enjoy his girlfriend’s hobby. He would always be extremely sore from dance practice and nothing made him more relaxed then when his girlfriend would crack his tired joints. Lay could daydreams for hours about his girlfriend’s healing hands.   

Suho: Suho found his girlfriend’s little habit amazingly cute, and would probably offer his hands and feet for her to crack anytime she wanted. So much to the fact that Suho’s girlfriend would not enjoy her habit as much anymore, but she would keep it up because she loved to see Suho smile. 

Chen: Chen’s girlfriend didn’t really think it through when she started cracking Chen’s jaw. She didn’t know why she found it relaxing, but she did. That was until she popped Chen’s jaw a little too hard when he was sleeping, which woke him up in pain. Realizing what was going to happen next, Chen’s girlfriend started running. Anything Chen’s girlfriend did to him, Chen would give right back.

Chanyeol: Honestly Chan would always be a little freaked out by his girlfriend’s enjoyment of cracking his toes one after another. He never understood why it would make her grin so much, she loved it so much that she would always get him right after he had finish writing something or playing the piano to ensure his fingers would crack. Chanyeol thinks his girlfriend has been hanging out with Kyungsoo too much.

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would never understand why his girlfriend liked to crack his spine, how he could see his girlfriend visibly more relaxed afterwards. But Baekhyun didn’t see any reason to stop his girlfriend from her weird but cute hobby. Also, Baekhyun always felt really good later after getting a back massage from his girlfriend.  

D.O: We all know that cracking anything on Kyungsoo’s body would lead to a very annoyed D.O or possibly; Satansoo. Anytime his girlfriend somehow popped his neck or ankles, D.O would have to remind himself that his girlfriend was not one of his members and couldn’t just kick her until she stopped. So instead he told himself to be patient while padding his face.  

Tao: Tao is a diva and we all know that, so I know for sure he would not appreciate his girlfriend cracking his joints without his permission. Anytime she couldn’t help herself and did it anyway, Tao would scoff at his girlfriend’s immaturity and make some comment. But in reality, Tao would just be overreacting. 

Kai: Kai would just be really confused when his girlfriend asked him if she could crack his back. He would say yes in caution, but would grow more reluctant every time she asked again and again. Kai just didn’t understand why she got some much pleasure out of cracking his joints, but would just sit there slightly uncomfortable. 

Sehun: Although Sehun had a lot more annoying hobbies than his partner, he still complained when his girlfriend would try to crack his fingers or toes. She would always beg Sehun just to let her do it once every now and then, but anytime she got close to him with that look in her eye Sehun would start wiggling his body until she would give up. 

- Admin Jade



As we all know, the diva’s division in WWE doesn’t get much recognition as it is. But this girl right here has put in so much work and effort to become a woman’s wrestler and what does she get in return? A one minute match (without an entrance) where she gets made out to look weak which is anything but the truth. Emma (Tenille Dashwood)’s birthday is coming up on March 1st, and as a birthday present, I thought it would be nice to try and trend “GiveEMMAaChance” for her on twitter. Even if Emma isn’t your favorite diva on the roster, I think we can all agree that the diva’s are not treated fairly in the company. Getting this trend going would not only make Tenille estatic and most likely get her the big push she deserves, but it would show WWE that we care about the divas division and we want to see more of them. So please, spread the word!

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Robert Gray/Pennywise as a dance mom would be the one that fixs all the kids hair, even the kids that arent his and would make snarky comments to the other parents "You know, Helen, if your daughter practiced like mine did maybe she wouldnt have to be in the back row..."

Omfg, “Usually I’d embrace all of you little Trollope looking like goddamn trainwrecks but it’s too distracting, even for my children. We gotta fix that.”

Also, Helen honey just move! It’s not worth it to go up against a diva clown.