shes a cactus


Even when a creature is her enemy, her animal loving heart cannot help but be endeared.

Other notable Walani things:

  • She asks the bunny men if they give good hugs.
  • When she sees a mosling, she says “Don’t you just want to pick it up and squeeze it?" 
  • No animosity for the gobbler. “He’s a doofy little guy.”
  • She calls koalefants “big guy” and encourages them to hang ten.
  • Her catcoon quote is the GREATEST. “It’s very independent and loves garbage. Me too!”
  • She loves all the birds in the reign of giants world, unlike SOME so called bird lovers who reject the crows for being too creepy. *coughs at Wilson*
  • When she’s looking at the cactus armor, she says “How can I hug trees wearing this?”
  • Cat Cap: “I can feel the spirits of catcoons that made it.”
  • I could go on and on forever. She has a LOT of cute quotes about the animals and lot of hippy-like quotes. Walani is the number one animal lover. Let her chill out and snuggle her animal friends.

anonymous asked:

A regular customer from hell had her car rammed into while parked, and the driver sped off. I saw who did it, remembered the plate and everything, but I'm not saying jack fucking shit. She can sit on a cactus and twirl.


It was about time to present Zyta, my eldarya OC from the english account! Here goes:

- She’s a child between 8 and 10, who went too close to a circle of mushrooms in the forest near her home and then arrived in Eldarya (basic stuff)

- Problem is, she lost all her memory because of this

- Even forgot her name so when asked about it she could only state what she was, a little girl. Zita. Who people badly spelled as “Zyta”

- Her first companion is a Corko that she named Cactus, cause, he’s green, and she’s very original

- I illustrate two stories for her! First is what actually happens in the game but with her reactions, and the second and more important, is her actual story that I’m writing with a friend, that add their character! Basically, the guard of Eel didn’t get one but two human intruders in the same day who don’t get what’s happening and didn’t accept to be part of the guard so THEY JUST ESCAPED AND STARTED LIVING IN THE WILDERNESS, living adventures, becoming friend with the masked man, and adopting LOTS of companions because Zyta love them (and prob didn’t get the memo that this game is called Eldarya not Pokemon)

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Instead of insulting people's personal opinions on why Noctluna is one of the most dilapidated ships on the fucking ocean, you should open your mind to the substantial reasoning for why they feel that way. Square Enix tried to put these two together with children's glitter glue. Noctis was never, not once, EXCITED about his marriage to Luna. Not even a little bit, but he cried when she died. Total perfection. You're nothing but a sheep that goes where she's corralled, Cactus. Think for yourself.

He wasn’t aggainst it either. You speak as it Square Enix doesn’t own the characters’ fates but they do. They’re the only ones that can decide their realtionship. And they did decide as they were perfectly comfortable with each other without any means necessary to be together. I must say, you’re nothing but a rebel to the cause with few means to justify it.


Okay, so I’m still working on those memes (quickly getting distracted though as you can see but anyway) but can we just address this little police figurine Deb has sitting on her desk? I literally just saw this and started laughing LOL like she’s such a dweeb it hurts me.

I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom. 🌺