Such a flawless Clara/Eleven video made by sheryloh. I can’t believe Matt has only one episode left.


Jim Moriarty, Sherlock

Edited by  sheryloh


“Clara Oswald & Raleigh Becket | All This Time” by sheryloh

I looooved the manips in this; they make fantastic use of similar backgrounds to really center Clara and Raleigh in the same place and time! :D And who couldn’t love her expression at seeing shirtless!Raleigh, right? (I’m right there with you, Clara, honey… ;) )

It’s always a great treat to stumble across a vid for an unusual pairing like this and see it work in such a lovely way! :D I enjoyed this a bunch and if you enjoy it, too, be sure to leave the vidder some love at Youtube! :D ♥♥♥