sheryl holmes

I think it would be cooler . . .

if in Elementary they also made Sherlock female, instead of just John. How awesome would that be? Sheryl and Joan, not just as fanart, but an actual show

That being said, I’m still iffy about the show. I don’t hate it, because I haven’t seen it, but I also don’t love it. Yet, at least, its starting to grow. 

What do you think?

Imagine genderbent Sherlock just imagine that. Just imagine demisexual Sheryl. Imagine Sheryl smacking down guys that try to pick her up in a very rude manner. Imagine Sheryl getting so much unwanted attention she wears unfitting clothes and tries to bind her breasts. Imagine Sheryl having to dress up for a case and Joanne being completely stunned bc she didn’t know Sheryl can look like that. Imagine Sheryl’s hair being messy and unruly and her not giving a fuck. Imagine Sheryl on her bra-off days whe nshe hangs around in a pajama and fries human liver or whatever. Imagine Sheryl not knowing how to wipe make-up off properly because she deleted it and Joanne having to do it for her. Imagine Sheryl. Do it.