sherwood brown


Since this post that Janel and I made, a few of you have sent me recommendations for LGBTQIA+ books so I thought I would make a kind of always growing list for people. (In bold are the books I have personally read and can give you details on if you message me). The list is sooooo long, which makes me super happy, and please make sure to message me if I am missing one you love! Also, currently working on adding Goodreads links and genre to all of these to make things easier.

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Do you ever just think about the fact that Alec has brown eyes and Jace blue ones, except for that part of brown in his left eye?
And how eyes are supposed to reflect souls but Jace’s don’t just reflect his own because he also carries a part of Alec’s soul within him?

Bless Dom Sherwood and Matt Daddario for their eye colors because my brain can interpret even that.
(But I am probably in to deep now)

Dunk City

The more I learn about Florida Gulf Coast the more I love this team. Not only are they located in a predominately football state, which seems to have changed this year, but the school and how they got this far is incredible.

The team held open tryouts at the beginning of the They didn’t even have a fully recruited team like 99% of the nation.

Their campus is located on the coast as the name mentions, but I mean it is right on the coast. Their dorms are on the beach, like I mean the foundation extends into sand.

They are the first ever 15 seed to make it to the sweet sixteen, and if they played how they did last night against San Diego State, I don’t see it being a problem for them making it to the elite eight.

Sherwood Brown is straight cash. The dude is unstoppable and can ignite in a second. He’s surrounded by extremely athletic players who can contribute in almost anyway possible.

I don’t even care that the single handedly blew up my bracket, I’m jumping in their bandwagon. FGCU-2013 NCAA Champs, you heard it here first.