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Do you ever just think about the fact that Alec has brown eyes and Jace blue ones, except for that part of brown in his left eye?
And how eyes are supposed to reflect souls but Jace’s don’t just reflect his own because he also carries a part of Alec’s soul within him?

Bless Dom Sherwood and Matt Daddario for their eye colors because my brain can interpret even that.
(But I am probably in to deep now)


A masterpost of YA books (and a few crossover MG titles) to be released in November 2014.  Check out this month’s new releases below.  Feel free to use this as a guide to this month’s releases, but please do not repost it in its entirety elsewhere.  If you found this masterpost helpful, a like, reblog, or link back to Paperback’d would be much appreciated! If you know of a YA book to be released this month that isn’t on the list, drop me a message and I’ll update it!

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