shersmut asked:

I just noticed this too, but in that picture Sherlock's finger looks like a penis. The more you look, the more you notice I guess. Or is it just wishful thinking?

No actually it’s his misplaced eunuch bits. Transplanted onto the end of his arm. He couldn’t bear to part with them, you see.

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Okay, this requires all caps lock. caps lock is coming. brace yo'self. I WENT TO THE PLAZA AND SAW THE ROOM FOR THE FIFTH TIME AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE LIKE LITERALLY MY LIFE IS NOT THE SAME AS BEFORE I WENT TO THAT SCREENING. and would you like to join me the next time I go?

Hell yah!  When is it showing next?

shersmut asked:

Yay! THERE'S A MEET UP? I'm a cheap bastard and I'll just be wandering around as Nathan from Misfits, is there a way I can still go to that?


You…you may just have won my heart with that…

I think they’ve been really strict about people getting in without passes for the last couple of years, so it may be really difficult for you to get to the panel.  The meetup, however, will hopefully be someplace public that isn’t in a “pass only” spot.  Do you want to give me your #, and I can text you where it’s happening?   It’ll be right after the panel, which is supposed to end at 2 on Saturday. 

I’m so excited! Dragon Con is the best XD