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Hilarious moment baby gorilla wanders into tourists’ safari lodge… and won’t leave..
This is the moment an inquisitive gorilla stunned visitors at a safari lodge by emerging from the jungle to climb onto the balcony and wander inside.
Instead of having to trek through Uganda’s ‘impenetrable’ forest of Bwindi to glimpse the elusive and endangered primates, this young gorilla paid the tourists a visit.
Shocked Sherry McKelvie was on the veranda of the lodge when the curious creature jumped onto the wooden railing.
It sat there long enough for Sherry to grab her camera and photograph it jump down, walk across the balcony and sit down in front of the patio door where it looked at its own reflection.
The juvenile even stepped through the open door to have a peek inside before rejoining its family group in the rainforest.
These gorillas can normally only be seen if you trek through the jungle with a special permit.
This one juvenile wandered over from the forest as there are some tasty bushes in the grounds of the lodge that they like.
'There was a large group which included the silverback, the blackback, females and juveniles.
'The Uganda Wildlife Authority are extremely strict about people not getting too close to them but luckily this gorilla didn’t know the rules.’
Sherry from Uganda, said people are expected to keep a distance of 30ft from the gorillas in the jungle.
She added: 'When they come close, one must keep completely still and never look them in the eye, especially the male as it can be seen as a challenge.
'Sometimes the little ones will get curious and come closer to feel and touch, but this is not common.’
Mountain Gorillas are incredibly endangered and it is thought there are less than 800 of them worldwide.

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