The Woman Who Stole Shane McConkey’s Heart (by redbull)

I shared a chairlift ride with Sherry at Squaw in 1998, not knowing who she was and just started talking and gushed at how excited I was to have seen one of my heroes Shane on the mountain that day. She took this as an invitation to introduce me to him. Sadly I didn’t have a camera to capture that moment but it is one that will always be with me.

i just had a beautiful night,
i had realizations
i babysat shane and sherri mcconkeys daughter & it was a really moving experience
ayla is a beautiful little being
she has such soul and a ginormous heart and wow… shes so wise
sherri is amazing and dropdead gorgeous, theyre house was lovely
filled with such history and memories

ive been noticing a lot lately that i feel like im dreaming most days
today felt like a dream
i felt like i was floating at work, on a cloud and every time im with tim, im floating on a cloud and im everything is so soft and fluent, and at the mcconkeys tonight, every aspect was so new, odd but also so familiar, the drive after work was interesting, i definitely could have been dreaming, the interaction with greg, very dreamlike, and then i showered and listened to janis joplin, amazing… tim came home rolling so heavy, and that sent it over the edge… am i dreaming?