Amc The Walking Dead S7E11

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D, we always said that if we get separated, I should come back here and wait for you. You’d show up with beer and pretzels. Remember that? I know. You probably don’t. You always said that, when we started dating, you forgot to tell me you had a shitty memory. You used to get frustrated by it, knowing you wouldn’t remember those good days. Those special days. I felt bad for you. I remember you said there was so much you wanted to hold on to and then it’d be gone but you’re lucky you don’t remember things, D. I wish I could wait for you now but I don’t know if you’d come with me or if you’d take me back there or you’d kill me. You didn’t want to live in that world and I made you. I did what I did because I didn’t want you to die. But now you’ve killed, and you’ve become everything you didn’t want to be, and it’s my fault. You were better than me. Most people are. I let Daryl go because he reminded you of who you used to be and I wanted to let you forget. I don’t think I’m gonna make it out here but you’re wrong. Being there isn’t better than being dead. It’s worse. I hope you realize that. I hope you get away. I hope you remember the good days, even just one of them, but I don’t think you will. I don’t think you’ll ever read this. I loved who you were. I’m sorry I made you into who you are. Goodbye, honey.
—  Sherry’s letter to Dwight

Characters AMC fucked up real bad:
• Sophia. She was just.. Kinda there? Then she died wtf (Enid is an appreciated replacement tho)
• Lori (did not be so fuckn annoying in the comics and was usually right)
• Carol (her character’s better in the show but no one got that storyline so here we are)
• Dale. Fukn Dale smh
• Carl (but they fixed it. So. Okay)
• The Governor (and Lilly)
• Axel. Only comic fans remember the real Axel and how wonderful he was.
• Andrea. All of it. (But they spaced out her character aspects and storylines real nice so maybe I’m just bitter abt my sniper bb)
• Rosita. The comics made me want more of her, then AMC did their magic of making me want less.
• Sherry. What the fuck.
• Negan. What the fuck.
• Dwight. What the fucking fuck.
• Paul Jesus Monroe. They didn’t even fuck up his character, but that Rovia shit will not be forgiven.
• Special Kill Off List: Sophia, Andrea, Dale, Denise, Lilly, Doc. Carson, Olivia, Nicholas,

Characters AMC is GONNA fuck up real bad:
• Magna (and her group). Don’t know how. But they will.
• Alpha (probably some part of the relationship with Negan part)
• Lydia (they’re gonna make her a villain or something)
• Beta. They’re gonna take away the “angry jealous POS wanting revenge” and make him power hungry or something.
• Dante. Don’t know how. But they will.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Season 11

Dwight find out Daryl’s gone/ Dwight having the shit beat out of him/ Dwight in  the black cells/ Sherry’s gone/Negan & Eugene/ Dwight tells a lie as does Eugene/ Dwight setting Carson up 

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Eugene playing easy street/ I’m Negan/ Find Sherry

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Sherry’s voice over/ Dwight leaving Sherry pretzels & Beer  

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Negan throwing Dr. Carson in the fire

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Sherry being the one who let out Daryl

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‘The Walking Dead’ Star on Eugene’s Negan Moment (SPOILERS)
Read no further if you haven’t seen Sunday’s “The Walking Dead.” Spoilers ahead… “I’m Negan.” Those words, spoken by Eugene (Josh McDermitt) even before Ne…
By Oriana Schwindt
I'm loving all of the theories about Daryl finding Dwight and Sherry's wedding rings in his angel wing vest

But I had a horrible thought. What if he does indeed find them and instead of thinking about could be with Carol and saving them, he gives them to a certain unnamed couple to use if they get married? Daryl is a great guy and that would be a nice gesture, but no…..that would not make me happy. These rings need to be ALL about Caryl.

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