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ya this is sherri and she likes 80′s aesthetics

Early birthday gift for thehappylandfill

We created our characters Mona and Chrome after the word ‘monochrome’ and wanted to make them opposites! We haven’t drawn them together, EVER, so I want to fix that!

This image has gone through numerous changes as I’ve always wanted to do a picture like this but switched characters in an out of it CONSTANTLY. The bare sketch of it was put off to the side until I figured it out. I’m so glad I figured out that Mona and Chrome would work for this, because it came out exactly how I wanted it to ^_^

I hope you like this, Kay!


Took a break in commissions to just draw some of my own homies! These were the OC suggestions I got from the pallet meme I reblogged :)

Chiyo the Lava Lamp and Frog Finger DJ were both suggested to me by my boyfriend, garveytofreeside and Genki, my lil strawberry boy, was suggested by chunk07! Thank you so much, you two! I had fun drawing these. It also made me thrilled that people wanted me to draw lesser known characters of mine ;~;

I have a headache after colouring Genki though, ahaha.


New bags for ConBravo this year! The coin purses are a brand new product for me, and I’ve designed another make up bag! These designs are only available in the sizes shown above.

I will have the magical girl bag available in both coin purse and make up sizes, though! This is just a post showing you the new designs available ^_^

Also the Majora’s mask bag has a blue zipper because they wouldnt let me pick a black one? They didn’t have purple so blue was the alternative.

Apple the Cat


Finished up that pixel art. I was going to go out but my hair is still super wet, and since everyone was being really nice about the wip, I was like BETTER FINISH THIS NOW.

It makes me laugh so much haha~~ I kind of want to do commissions like these, when I’m finished my queue. Hmmm!!…

Please do not use this. This is my character and for me only.

My second guest to the OC Ball 2013! This is Boom, and she is going alone, but by choice!

She saved up every last pay cheque to purchase this dress for the event, and I feel like it was well worth it for her :) She hopes to make new friends, and maybe take one home ;D

I decided to draw her hair down for once, because she normally does up-do’s for her job, and every day wear. Small glittery head band to accent her glittery top half!~

coty4th  asked:

Stitch, from Lilo and stitch cuz cute XD

One of ZL’s favourite Disney movies! Stitch is her favourite, so there was no arguing that she was going to dress up as him this year for Halloween :3 Made for a great couple costume with her pet, Earl the Squid!