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This is really late but, a while back I actually saw someone on TV Tropes trying to say that one of Lisa Simpson’s character flaws is that she’s ~~~“too positive/optimistic”~~~ (or something very similar)

and I’m just like

have we even been watching the same show?

There is literally an entire episode from very soon after the show’s conception which is called “Moaning Lisa” which is basically focused on Lisa feeling really depressed

Lisa has suffered SO MUCH throughout the course of the show - and it seems practically all of the people she cared about/really looked up to have left her behind in one way or another - Bleeding Gums Murphy and Mr Bergstrom being the prime examples. Hell, she’s even lost Snowball I, and then even Snowball II followed by all those other replacement cats in that one episode.

Lisa has consistently been shown to be ultimately alone - extremely isolated and very, very lonely. She’s too smart for her age, and she’s surrounded by people that don’t understand her or accept her for who she is. She’s often shown to be only a single step away from being extremely unhappy, if not already possessed by a deep sadness.

Look, she even made a chart!:

There’s even an entire episode where Lisa needs to go on medication to make her happy because of how depressed she is at the time.

In the episode where she has anorexia, by the end of the episode, the issue is still unresolved, and we’re basically told that yes, Lisa is still extremely insecure about her looks and desperately unhappy. And we’re told this by Lisa herself, no less.

In later seasons, her isolation from her peers has been shown to have reached such a point that Marge even goes to the lengths to pay someone to pretend to be her friend. Everyone is so against her and she feels so down in another episode that even Lady Gaga’s best attempts almost fail to improve her mood.

Lisa Simpson’s character might have changed over the years alongside The Simpsons itself, but the presence of Lisa Simpson’s struggles have remained constant, and the threat of falling into depression has always been there with her character. She is far from having “being too positive” or “optimistic” as a character flaw - if anything, when Lisa IS positive, and DOES show optimism, it’s a great thing, because despite all of her struggles, worries and insecurities, she has still managed to smile. She still manages to be at least a little happy, and to see the good. Those moments are precious and speak volumes, and are far from being considered “character flaws”, especially since Lisa is FAR from being a happy character.

In the Mary Poppins Sherry Bobbins episode, her lyrics in the “We Like Things Just The Way They Are” song are “I’m getting used to never getting noticed!”:

There’s a LOT more I could rant about when it comes to this, about how deep Lisa’s character really is, etc. and the sheer extent that she doesn’t fit the definition of “overly happy/optimistic”, but the short of it is basically that no, she doesn’t fit that definition. She lives in the midst of a crazy, hectic dysfunctional family, and the wacky adventures she must endure is of a similar nature. She’s an eight year old TRYING her best to find happiness and to BE happy, despite the overwhelming odds against her.