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BBC “Sherlock” || Pre-series Au : Part I, Part II, Part II
    ↳ Part of the “Queen & Country” universe, in which there are four Holmes siblings, and 
        the island is called Cocytus.  
At the turn of the 21st century, a group of hackers tapped into the Amer-Euro financial market, resulting in an upward estimate of $1 trillion losses. Sherlock may not remember Eurus, but there is no doubt that he will never forget the day fifteen-year-old Sherrinford was taken away. Though thankfully, it was not to the island… 

Shaun Evans as Mycroft Holmes
Tom Hughes as Sherlock Holmes
Liam Aiken as Sherrinford Holmes

Jennifer Ehle as Lady Smallwood  
Bill Nighy as Uncle Rudy
Judy Dench as Olivia Mansfield aka “M”

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Just how many Holmes siblings are there anyway?

So, I’ve been thinking, hear me out:

We already know that there is at least one more Holmes sibling, okay? And we have been given Eurus, as the evil mastermind of season 4. Right? Don’t you feel like something is, I don’t know, missing?

I mean, look, I’m not sure it completely adds up. 

Are we to assume that Eurus is, in fact, Sherrinford?

Because I’m not sure it makes complete sense. What do we know about “Sherrinford” really? 

1) Sherrinford has done something that has caused Mycroft to deal with him, possibly locking him away (”You know what happened to the other one”)

2) We know that Mycroft knows (or knew) where he is (”Sherrinford is secured”)

3) We also know that he keeps in touch with him (the note on his notebook clearly reads “Call Sherrinford”)

4) In theory he’s suposed to be the eldest sibling (though that might mean little to the series)

What do we know of Eurus?

1) She probably caused some sort of trauma to Sherlock as a child, something he might have repressed, was made to forget (we already have evidence of memory supressing drugs this season)

2) She has been pretty much on the loose for some time, clearly contradicting anything Mycroft has said of Sherrinford.

3) The only mention Mycroft has actually made of her was, from what we heard of Sherlock himself, the infamous “The East wind will take us all in the end [..] It’s a story my brother told me when we were kids. The East Wind is a terrifying force that lays waste to all in its path. It seeks out the unworthy and plucks them from the earth. That was generally me,” story from his childhood.

4) We can assume that, most probably unlike Mycroft, Sherlock does not remember her which is extremelly odd as, judging from Siân Brooke’s (the actress who plays Eurus) age, she should be the youngest sibling. Memory altering drugs? I’m guessing yes?

So what can we conclude? 

Rationally, Eurus should be the third Holmes sibling we have been expecting. It is the easiest explanation. Ockham’s razor (Ockham’s sibling?) and all that. The name “Sherrinford” could be anything, from a code name to an alias created to make sure no possibly traumatic memories of Eurus are jogged in Sherlock’s mind.


We know that Mycroft is actually protective of Sherlock. We know that he has been keeping tabs on Sherrinford, possibly calling him semi-regularly, and assuring everybody he is secure. And though we know he has been keeping tabs on John too, trying to get him to help Sherlock, he does not seem aware of Eurus’ involvement with him. We might suppose that he’s trying to protect both his younger siblings in his personal, convoluted ways, but then why the cautionary tale about the East wind? Why the need to call “Sherrinford”, to check up on him? If Eurus is Sherrinford and Mycroft knows she’s dangerous (and he MUST KNOW, hence the cautionary tale) would he so casually risk John’s life by having them interact when he obviously knows John is crucial to Sherlock’s state of mind? It doesn’t seem likely.

So. Where am I going with this? I mean, is it completely out of the realm of possibility that there are FOUR Holmes siblings?

This is Sherlock after all. Every other line is symbolism and/or foreshadowing. Four cardinal winds. Four siblings.

And as we just found out: “people always stop looking after three

And this is Sherlock and Moftiss. So, all I’m asking is: Should we stop looking after three? Perhaps not.


BBC “Sherlock” || Pre-series Au : (Part I, Part II, TBC)
  ↳ Part of the “Queen & Country” universe

During the late 90s, Sherlock’s drug habit sent him into a downward spiral.    

Shaun Evans as Mycroft Holmes
Jennifer Ehle as Lady Smallwood  
Tom Hughes as Sherlock Holmes 
Harry Ford as Mike Stamford
George Rainsford as John Watson